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S       T      R        E       T       C       H              M         A         R          K         S
Remove stretch marks easily and painlessly with the DTS-Skinroller

                                                         Results vary from patient to patient and
                                                         the duration of treatment is dependent
                                                         on the severity, depth and extent of the
                                                         scarring and the speed of the user’s
                                                         personal healing response time. Your
                                                         skin is naturally renewed every 40 days.
                                                         Using the DTS-Skinroller, miraculous
                                                         results are noticeable in 40-
                                                         80days.Rolling can be stopped when you
                                                         feel that your scars have sufficiently
                                                         filled in. Another benefit of sk in
                                                         needling is that your scars will continue
                                                         to infill naturally for up to 12 months
                                                         after your final treatment.

                                                         Skin Disk-Needling is also known as
                                                         Facial Mesotherapy or Collagen
                                                         Induction Therapy. It has similar results
                                                         to Laser treatment, Chemical Peels and
                                                         Dermabrasion but is far less invasive.
                                                         This translates to a significant decrease
                                                         and lower risk of complications,
                                                         improving recovery time.
                                                         [Stretch mark removal before and after]

T h e       D T S - S k i n r o l l e r                w o r k s          l i k e          t h i s :
Skin Disk-Needling, by promoting a wounding of the dermis and naturally stimulating healing can
increase the production of collagen fibres, elastin formation and other skin cells.
It lessens dimpling of the skin, improves skin color and texture and rejuvenates the skin.
FDA approved, this product causes the skin to thicken, tighten and restores elasticity.
The needles break the old collagen strands painlessly. The skin abrasion caused by the
DTS-Skinroller promotes the removal of damaged collagen, inducing a fresher collagen enriched
skin immediately.
Compared to other techniques such as acid peels, dermabrasion and laser treatment it does not
damage the skin nor is the epidermis removed. The process is suited to all skin types (including
laser-resurfaced skin).
75% of the dermis is made up of collagen. In healthy skin it is arranged in bundles in a “basket-
weave” pattern, which provides the dermis with its strength and prevents tearing. Collagen
decreases as the skin ages, therefore the skin becomes thinner and sags the older we are.
5% of dermis is elastin. Elastin maintains the skin’s tension and extensibility. Elastin
fibers decrease, fragment and loose their normal structure as the skin ages. In sun
exposed skin, elastin increases, and becomes thickened and dysfunctional.
Fibroblasts are the master cells of the dermis and are able to produce new collagen,
elastin fibers and the dermal matrix when stimulated.
The DTS-Skinroller induce such a dramatic amount of collagen in a short session that only lasts
10 minutes, there is scientific proof that the needling procedure triggers new collagen fibres, new
melanozyts, stimulates re-vas-colorization, hair growth even in scars (Camirand), re-pigmentation
of stretch marks, removes cellulite, fills depressed acne scars, softens scars and so on.
The benefits are unlimited!

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