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21 by cuiliqing


									21.09.2002 – 30.10.2002

Posted by Schypher on 21.09.2002 at 15:56:

 Joys of Bureaucracy

Time had no meaning. Minutes passed like seconds, hours like rare flashes of shapeless
time. Curled up on the mighty black wing, the young woman sat in sacred silence,
thoughts drifting endlessly in the great dark sea of memories. She had close to no reason
to feel down, sorrowful or broken, but yet, she did. It did not matter that things were
looking better, that she had gathered good people around her, that life should have made
her smile. Her essence needed to feel terror and grief, just to shake her back to life. Who
was the fool who stated that all one needs for life is joy? Joy and happiness makes one
weak, unattentive and flamboyant, key to success was facing your own problems, maiming
them until you understand what was wrong and grow stronger through them. It was a
clenser, a ray of sun for the soul. Schypher Dawater had never been like „the others‟,
neither did she ever try to be one. She was herself, the proud, self-centered and resentful
maiden of blue, from both heart and soul. And it had always worked for her. Why let
anyone close when you know you could do better alone? Why love, if you can choose not
to? Why care…Why morn, why drown in cruelty…
Questions. Entire existence was built upon curious people and questions, races that
struggled, people that knew better than to quiet themselves. As a whole, it had worked
wonderfully. Great cities, sophisticated individuals, breathtaking sights and the ever
changing world of economics, science and culture. But was it all worth it? Crime, death and
anger sided glory and dignity, distress and pollution roamed the boundaries of mirth and
glee. Every person had fallen into the depths of emotional insanity atleast once in their
short lifetime, the majority of them kept eating their inners in silent fear for the future. Did
the hope and sunshine of the time at hand, with all of its new promises and upgrades,
overweigh the anger and infuriation that walked along with it, or was it the other way
around? Was it the overachieving nature of man that brought forth the sorrow that now
engulfed so many, even though their lives could have been near perfect?
Maybe the ever-striving lifeforms, inhabiting space and expanding its frontiers, should
have long ago clinged to the words of men like Rousseau, who was simply agitated by the
shallowness of his common souls. Maybe…
So many different thruths, so many unanswered questions…
Sadly, what was done, was done and could not be erased from the course of history. Each
heart had to make their own existence, each mind fight for their own beliefs and so it had
to be until the end of times.
Some walked through life with a grin and a pouch full of luck, a few with wisdom and
meekness, most with a growl and their mighty fists. Scy fell into the last classification and
she was quite content with such an arrangment.

Her legs, covered with a soft coat of black fabric, slid carefully to the floor, her head raised
higher and eyes glanced around wearily. By unfortunate circumstances, she had done like
Vaperial had demanded, rested, though probably not like the proud Valertrez had
imagined. What good did it all bring? Sinking deeper into her most pointless
contemplations, throwing off one lonesome thought just to be bartered for two fresh ones.
The neverending spin of the mind…
Pushing herself off the sleek contramption, the girl straightened herself and breathed in
deeply, followed by an uncomfortable shiver, that trotted down her spine. The coldness of
space seemed to have never hit her just so sharply. She breathed out, blankly staring at
the array of clouded white that formed before her, triggered by the warmness of her own
body. In the many hours that she had been perched on the fighter, the chilliness did not
seem to bother her, her features only mildly objecting, but each tint of weakness was
countered by a wave of uncaringness. The only viseable sign that she felt cold, was the
fact that her lips had taken on a feeble tone of blue.

Sighing once, Scy set off, determined to leave the bay before being spotted by a protective
crewmember or simply a person with too much free time on their hands. She strode down
towards the door, when reaching it, her fingers played over the controls with forceful
dullness. She carried on through the long halls, with significant strain, pulled herself onto
the second deck and equally as gloomily collapsed into her room. Sleep seemed like an
interesting option, but not one to be consider at the very moment, much time had been
wasted on her own mear self, time for work.

After dimming down the power beaming from the source of light in her room, even more
than usual, the bluehaired wonder slumped into the soft seat infront of the rather large
table, holding most of the females accessories and of course, the highly treasured
computer. The panel sprung to life with only a touch and after a seconds notice, followed
by an irritatingly high pitched ringing tone, the screen rose from the secretive insides of
the metallic table. Of course, it took little to no time for Scy to find the object of her
search, one of the more enthralling files that had been sent to the young hunter by the
most hushed group of agents –Was it justified to even call them that?- that she had ever
came to know of. Probably because the truelly „hidden‟ ones had the common sense to
stay away from the plain sight of the public.
The file opened with out hesitation and unwrapped itself to leave a flaring amount of
information to unfurl its secrets infront of the Xu-adey. Excessive reading, joy.

Again, time rushed by, untouched by the emotions that its creations hauled.
Scy had already read through an insane amount of data concerning various students and
followers of the obviously gifted doctor. She had to admit, most of them were talented and
by the looks of it, had great potential to strike fame in the field they had chosen for
themselves. But one thing kept running through her head, something that the ateva had
told her before. ”We are guessing that he will be returning to one of his old partners or
students, most of who have made a name for themselves as successful captains…” The
query was, where were all of those alleged captains? Around 50% of Lundquist's former
protectees were now working at a safe location or were dead, both equal in Schypher‟s
eyes anyway, but the rest of them interested her enormously. She had found 6 names that
seemed to be of the more outstanding breed, the ones that had embraced space as their
home: Anury Kasaur, Cineji, Robert Varendan, Erish-ka Vuri, Jun-Aren Serith and Rhihin
Taihern par tahar. Not a Valertrez in sight, how perfectly satisfactoring.

Scy was well aware of how she could get information about the group, but the means to do
it did not seem all that charming to her. Any captain or space-traveler with atleast half the
brain, would not put the information about their travels for the masses to view, no, there
was only one faction that knew everything about the many travels taken by the thundering
crowd of vagrants in space - Engreia. Certainly, Schypher had seeked an alliance with the
overpowering lawmen and had been granted one eagerly, as I-con was deeply interested
in the work of freelance hunters, and the possibility of using those die-hard stalkers as
their „weapons‟, was indeed, a tempting contingency. But Scy knew of the growing
confusion in the depths of the establishment, so she could never push herself as far as
trusting them. As long as they allowed her to do her job, she would kindly ignore them.
Though, their help would be greatly appreciated at this time.

Tiredly, her dark blue oculars slipped over another paragraph, before something else
caught her loosely placed attention - a message had found its way into her mailbox.
Slightly intrigued, she clicked on the attention-craving sign and allowed another window to
open up. The sight that greeted her, amazed her a great deal, a message from her happy-
go-lucky brother. Surely, a pleasant chance to the usual hord of unwanted adds for
different, unneeded products. After another touch of the keys, the mail popped open.


From:BacteriusSankdeft@Edvale.Ecto2/NN:Naza/Location CC:Forbidden
Subject:Setting the standards higher...

I know this is surprising, I know you didn‟t expect to hear from me this soon, considering
how fuming you were the last time we met, and I can promise you, this is no social
message. Sis, I need your help, badly.
See, thanks to the overwhelming stupidity of the captain of Contevia we were set a drift
in the middle of Nibus, a way off from Tirasht, which is our terminus. Anyway, after a
little raid on a particular Atevi based planet, followed by us getting our reactor almost
blown up and loosing half of our thrusters, we remain as a dead fish in the frickin‟ sea of
stars. Now, normally, I‟d tell you this as a joke, just to let you see what an idiot cap‟n
Veruca is, but this time I‟m serious, we‟re dying here. The problem is, approximately 3
days worth of travel away from us, a duo of I-con gun-boats are making their usual
check-ups on Tirasht, to see the perfectly innocent pirating kind.

Thanks to a few buddys in Engreia, we heard that they are heading straight for the
station on the near same route as us, and of course, the guys from the Experia House
are too chicken to come and pick us up before Engreia gets here. I sware, the whole
House is swimming through a downward spiral.
The ship has pretty much lost all of its manuverability now, just heading forth in a slow,
slow speed.

Now, I know you feel bad for me, or if you are not, start feeling „cause I‟m 3 days away
from getting grabbed by Engreia, again, and you do remember what happened the last
time, right? I really despise blasting innocent people away, you know that…
What I need from you, is, that you distract I-con from our tracks. Me and a couple of the
others around here put our heads together and figured that you would be he best, if not
the only, person to do this. Having connections in and out of the law side of things.
We did think up a plan, all you need to do is throw it in their faces, it‟s all in the file I
attached to this message…

Fer, please, help…

Nazaramu, your soon to be captive brother.

                                   -----End Message-----

Scy just glared at the sudden amount of new info that had been forced upon her.
Nazaramu was in trouble, quite usual when remembering what morons he worked with,
and he was not the most calm person these days either. The proud and the ignorant… She
mused, a grimace of desperation forming on her expression. How many times more would
it take, saving the young hackers ass, to get the point through his thick skull, he needed
to change the House he was working for…

Schypher did not even bother to check his plan, she knew very well that her brother was
intelligent and resourceful when needed and she was certainly accustomed to his style of
taking care of things. She was sure that the idea was good and would work. What
bothered her, was that she would need to prance into an Engreia controlled base and
blantantly lie to their faces.
Of course, her mild fears did not overcome the knowledge that the redhaired mess of a
Xu-adey needed assistance. Time to make a trip to the Scorpion Stations, the 7th one to
be more precise. Vaperial will be thrilled, no doubt…

Springing up from her chair, she headed for the comm-panel in the other corner of the
apartment and pushed down the needed switches, before speaking. “Paxton, meet me at
the bridge, I need a change of course issued…” Might have been unneeded, as Clint was
most probably settled in the control room anyway, but it never hurt to be cautious.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 22.09.2002 at06:57:

Before Calston had a chance to answer the ships speakers sprang to life, the captains
voice electonically transmitted throughout the ship.
“Paxton, meet me at the bridge, I need a change of course issued …”
Keying the console he was able to locate her transmission and speak to her directly rather
than broadcasting to the whole ship.
"Already there Captain." he replied as he moved to the navigational computer. Calling up
the appropriate menu's he was ready to enter the course change once Schypher gave him
their new destination."
As he waited he ran a complete system check and ran the scanners to make sure the
screens were clear. Taking the ship back to manual he again conducted and half turn for
the sensors to check the ships quiet spot. Clear.
With green readouts all round he switched back to auto pilot and awaited the Captains

Posted by Schypher on 22.09.2002 at13:58:

With a content nod, to no one but herself, Schypher‟s fingers slid off the panel and her
image retreated from the side of the wall, dainty steps carrying the still shivering form to
the storage locker. With a careless sving of her hand, the Xu-adey pulled open the door
and allowed her fingers to rumage through the piles of clothing until finding the object of
her search, a soft grey, simple patterned, jacket. Even touching it brought a slight smile
upon her blueish lips. She pulled it out of the cupboard, after noteing the poor state of the
shimmering grey cabinets insides. She had completely forgotten the fact that the two
other bags were still comfortably settled in one of the cargo bays. More activities for
later... Seemed that a line of random coincidences were helping the woman to stay up and
fight against the sweet invasion of slumber.

A happy murmur escaped her mouth as she pulled on the soft saviour, the comfortable
feeling of warmth steadily creeping over her. Pulling off the small black band, that kept her
raging strands of blue hair at bay, Scy shook her head quickly to loosen up the stiffened
locks, before binding them once more to a slightly looser tail. Now, she was ready to face
anyone of the crew and carry her oh so feeble obligations as a captain.
She scampered out of the room, whistleing a careless tune. Scy had seen enough worrying
people that day already, she found it wise to atleast act as if everything was perfectly
normal. The individuals around her were certainly not fools, she knew it well, and most of
them were very attentive and alert towards what went around them and the others that
sided with them on the Aurora Retentive. She had noticed the questioning tint in both
Clint‟s and Vaperial‟s eyes, she was most knowledgeable of the worry that fumed from
Taidyne, the rest simply seemed to keep an eye on her as any crewmember would guard
their captain. A good crew, if a little too careing, indeed.

The bridge was a mear 20-30 feet away from her and after rounding the first corner, her
eyes already graced the dull hatch that protected the interior of the room. Breathing out
deeply, she entered the room, as the door had opened infront of her young figure most
welcomingly. She summoned a soft smile upon her lips as her eyes flew over Calston and
Paxton, engaged in conversation. “Getting to know the new boys, Clint?” Scy queried with
laughter, she could hardly imagine anyone wishing to meet the cold and calculative John
Calston by free will.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 22.09.2002 at14:20:

Clint turned at her entrance and threw her a smile “Indeed we were, in fact Calston here
was giving me some navigational hints.” It was good to see her laugh a sound he hadn‟t
heard before.
“Mr Calston is most charming and I have taken his advise on board.” Clint said as he
nodded towards the man. “You have a new heading for us Captain?”

Posted by Schypher on 22.09.2002 at14:43:
“Yes, indeed I do.” She muttered, her smile degrading lightly as her form slumpened into
one of the chairs, behind a perfectly random station that was left without any attention
from the bluehaired Xu-adey. Scy rubbed her chin with her thumb, dark oculars settled on
the duo, as she silently contemplated over what to say to the two men, regarding exactly
why she needed to skip through the dangering Scorpion Station 7. To Paxton, she could
have most probably told the truth, but Schypher had close to no trust towards Calston,
who she had spotted giving awkward looks towards both her and the rest of the souls she
had gathered on the hunter vessel. But, she could have been paranoid, who knows, it
would certainly not be the first time. The fact that he was Valertrez certainly did not make
thing anys easier on Scy either. Better distrust and live, than give your trust to every
mortal that comes along and die through their ignorance, spite and carelessness.
Obviously, she needed to shield her intensions just a tad bit. Most people did not even
know of her beloved siblings grim line of work, no need to burst their bubble of intoxicating
suspense just yet.

“We need to make a small side trip to the Scorpion Stations, the seventh one, to be more
exact. I ran into a small problem with the data that I was rewarded and found a great
need for getting to know more of the crooked doctors former students. Sadly, the only
ones that can grant me that information are the I-con databases and I do think that
Scorpion 7 would be the best, not to mention the closest, well informed base we could
head to. I‟m planning to keep the voyage relatively short, not over 5 hours. If we get
lucky, I can most probably be freshly informed in 2 hours, we could leave and turn back to
our former course towards Stargazer Station. Besides, I doubt any of us would care to stay
in the vicinity of the stations for more than we need to…” Came out rather well, or so she
guessed. Her expression remained dull, her tone of voice with out a glint of worry or care
and her eyes settled calm and bright. Scy could tell a lie with playful ease and her lies
were hardly ever detected. All and all, she was telling the truth, just not all of it.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 22.09.2002 at15:01:

“Scorpion 7 it is” Clint replied as he moved to the navigational computer and called up the
original flight path and opted for course alteration. With the finger touch screen he brought
their new destination up and dragged their course onto it. From there it was a matter of
fine tuning the course settings as they moved through the various gravitational fields that
would alter a ships course. Even a fraction of a degree over the distance of space soon
ended up a huge course error.
Once the course was set and he rechecked it he locked it in to the ships system, getting a
green light as the alterations were processed. He then locked the system from anyone who
didn‟t have the pass codes and sat back smiling at Calston. The man could have seen all
the alterations he had made but the symbolism was there.
“Course laid in and locked.” He said turning back towards Schypher. “So far we seem to
have this quadrant to ourselves and all systems are running fine.” He added for her

Posted by Schypher on 22.09.2002 at15:20:

“Good. I do hope that we don't get caught in the never ending rants that those Engreia
officers tend to shoot out at random moments. But I guess I have my own secret weapons
to shove in their faces if needed…Will see…I don‟t think that giving such simple info would
scorch them or their pride much, I mean, I have sided with them, after all. And from what
I have seen, lowering ones intellect to the one of an insect, is not all that hard for most of
them. They‟ll forget everything even before I get to step out the door, not to mention
before we are safely off that blasted station…” The law did make her somewhat nervous,
but point out a person who would not feel atleast some angst when being forced into the
company of those slick people with more power than they could control. Oh well, each
sector had its ups and downs, Engreia was simply a constant down in most of them. Of
course, they had done much good and slowly started to stop the blooming bussiness of
smuggling and pirating, but lately, their mishaps had started to glow brighter in the eyes
of the viewing population.
Her former words were more to insure and remind herself of the very small danger that
her so called mission posessed. Blowing smoke in their faces would not be hard, knowing
how seasoned Schypher was at telling innocent, most of the time not so inoffensive, lies,
and the fact that any hunter was allowed to despise family that had turned to the wrong
track of things. Every law-abiding person could understand a sisters anger when her
closest family member turned to the exact opposite way than herself. Just this time, it was
all acted out.

“Tell me, Paxton, what do you think of our youngest impurity to the group? The teenage
stowaway…” Changing the subject of conversation was needed obviously and it was
interesting to know what the others thought of the scarsely yeared improvment. Scy could
easily inform the rest of the crew of the sudden change of course, maybe even make a
quick visit to her medicine obsessed friend, later on.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 23.09.2002 at03:02:

Clint listened to Schypher as she provided her view of the mental make up of the people
they would soon encounter. Paxton had encountered enough of these sort during his time
in the services and they all pretty much thought the same way. They had their own petty
power games going and were very often single minded and stubborn when faced with a
problem they could not categorise.
As to the boy Clint quickly scanned the panels before answering. “Young and full of beans,
in a nutshell” he replied. “Haven‟t had a long chat but I find him intelligent and keen. Mind
you if the lad has been surviving for a while on his own he could have picked up a few…ah
abilities shall we say.”
Clint didn‟t feel particularly comfortable discussing a crewman in front of Calston, it was a
matter for him and Schypher but she had asked. “From the small exposure I have had with
the boy I feel he could turn his hand to just about anything on the ship and learn quickly.
In general I like the lad and he is excited at being here, if that doesn‟t evaporate he should
be fine.”
Looking back at Schypher he asked “Did you intend employing him for a certain task

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 23.09.2002 at07:30:

The steam rose from the shower like the steam rising off a freshly poured cup of coffee; a
thick cloud of warm moisture looming over the shower head in the form of a rushing river
of vapor. The hot water ran down Vaperial‟s back and over his body coating him in a
wondrous sensation, temporarily relieving all of his aching muscles of their pain caused by
the vigorous work out he had just put himself through. The trickling of the water as it
rolled off his body and slashed down to the floor of the shower created a rhythmic beat, a
soothing tune that Vaperial listened to intently as he hung his head in the running water.
He was pressed up against the wall, his back resting against the warm, moist, foggy metal
of the shower with only his head still under the beam of water. The droplets of water
rushed through his hair which was hanging over his face and crashed down into the
puddles of water bellow like an endless waterfall. He had been in the shower for well over
a half-hour and wasn‟t ready to get out yet. He was allowing himself to relax, rest his
weary mind, and get caught up in the moment of comfort and joy. When he was in the
shower, all alone, the warm water running rampid over his body, no one to bother him, no
one to hurt him, he felt at peace. He let his mind go to rest and he just merely phased out
and let himself slip into a mysterious world of daydreams and ponderous thoughts.

But as his mind suddenly came back to the realization of where he was, and what was
going on, he forced his head out of the wildly flowing stream of water and unwillingly,
slowly, turned off the shower water. Letting out a sigh of relief, he pushed open the
shower door and reached out for a towel. Grasping the towel firmly in his hand he brought
it back into the shower and wrapped it around his body which was dripping with water. He
then allowed himself to step out of the enclosed shower and into the open space of the
shared bathroom. As he left the thick clouds of steam which he had created, his body was
immediately met with the cool air outside of the shower stall which sent a shiver shooting
through his body. He even momentarily saw the small goose bumps rise up on his arms,
but quickly died down as his body adjusted to the temperature like a chameleon adjusting
to its environment. Vaperial looked up across the room and saw his image depicted and
reflected in the mirror across the room. He looked away in disgust, not wanting to see the
man in front of his eyes, and turned to exit the small bathroom. He trudged out of the
bathroom and back to his room just feet away, leaving a trail of water behind, a small
ocean to signify that he had been there. Each step he took leaving a new puddle on the
cool metallic floor.

After punching the necessary code into the small control panel on the exterior wall of his
room, the door hissed open and Vaperial showed himself in, and shut the door behind him,
neglecting to lock it out of sheer laziness. He then released the towel which was firmly
locked around his waist covering the most vital areas of his body, and threw it around his
shoulders. He against saw himself in a mirror which had been conveniently placed on the
wall of his room above one of the tables. And again, he turned away from it, and this time
began to dry off. The towel passed over the beads of water and residue left on his body
from his ever lasting shower that he had just taken. Vaperial‟s noticed that his skin was no
longer the nice and smooth skin he used to have when he was younger, but was now more
crude and scared. He had various scars across his body from the countless wounds he had
endured over the years, as well as the several tattoos he has placed on the various parts
of his body. But he simply shrugged his shoulders and stumbled over to his storage area
where he pulled out one of his normal sets garments to wear for the rest of the day. He
pulled out a pair of faded dark blue jeans, a tight white muscle undershirt, a thin ribbed
navy blue sweater, his shoes, a pair of socks, and he was ready. He put everything on,
rather hastefuly, and the headed over to his mirror, bringing himself to look at his own
face, where he gelled his hair, and straightened up.

It was time to see what everyone else aboard the humble ship was doing, so he decided to
take a stroll out of his confined room and down to the bridge to see what was going on.
Exiting his room, he punched the code into the door, locking it, and began his short
journey to the control center, the brain, of the ship. Upon entering the bridge, he took
note of its occupants, and nodded his head to each of them. “So…may I interrupt and ask
how plans are coming along?” He was just curious, and his tone of voice clearly expressed
that. He was merely interested in finding out how everything was falling into place…and if
everything was going as planned. Not to mention he was extremely bored.

Posted by Schypher on 23.09.2002 at15:18:

With a slight chuckle, Schypher shook her head, before looking at the Valertrez with a glint
of amusment. “Actually, no, even him ending up in the crew was because of a sudden
whim. The boy reminded me of a friend of mine and I guess I felt a tad sorry for him,
never a good sight to see when a child is forced into this world alone and wit out friends.
So I decided to grace him with the chance to stay here, might not be the bestest place for
a teenager, but he'll learn how to travel and how to cope with others in confined spaces.
Not to mention that we‟ll most probably keep him out of trouble. I‟m sure he has some
kind of valuable skills, seems that nearly everyone, that has had the guts to stand up for
themselves and that I have met, has atleast one. Besides, I doubt that I‟ll ever meet
anyone that can not do anything atleast half-coherently. But, I‟m afraid that he is much
too young to be able to use any of his finer skills with accuracy and that he might proove
to be slightly dangerous for his own health. I‟d appreciate it if you‟d help me keep an eye
on him, make sure that he doesn‟t mess up very badly…” Scy obviously did not have a
problem with discussing the very being of her newest crewmember. Talking about such
delicate things had clearly never presented much of an obsticle before her. Besides, Scy
doubted that Calston would be interested in the teen anyway.

She wrapped the jacket around herself more protectively, still working towards forcing out
the sensation of cold, that so irritatingly remained within her, while sighing ever so softly.
Only a moment later, the „Lord‟ pranced into the control room, wearing a steady
expression of dullness and boredom. Horrid that people found it so hard to amuse
themselves. With a careless tone ringing through her voice and her bright, if a bit tiresome
and reddened thanks to the time-consuming staring at a screen, eyes flicked up to him,
she worded the statement that he had suddlely asked for. “Well, the only change up here
is that we are going to take a small trip to the Scorpion Stations. Just a few hour stay at
Scorpion 7 and then we will be on our way to Stargazer. I need some additional
information on doctor Lundquist‟s students. May I say, the plans are coming along just

Posted by John Calston on 24.09.2002 at00:49:

Calston sat back in his chair watching as each person entered into the control room. He
was quite curious when it came to the ship's operations. Even just a small conversation
between Captain and Navigator. If he was going to complete his mission he had to be up
to date on everything. The Valertrez listened as Dawater explained her reasoning on the
course alteration. John couldn't help but be amused. They had given her altered
information or at least left her in quite a bit of darkness. He wasn't really surprised, but it
was just humorous to know more about the mission than Dawater. She always seemed to
be a person who never wanted to loose hold of a situation. She needed complete control
over the situation or there was no need to complete it. Wait, why was this one different?
Unless she had come across something a little more interesting in that data. Even then
why would she risk contact with a Scorpion station. Especially, with Vaperial now on board.
She expects I-con to just let us come in and use their database?

"No, she's smart enough to know they won't let us do that. She has an alternate
reason for going to this station and I don't like not knowing." The Valertrez pushed
himself from out the chair and made his way out of the room. His stroll slowed as he
passed the captain, "Dawater, I wish to speak with you alone please."

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 24.09.2002 at01:39:

“Scorpion stations?” Vaperial‟s eyebrow twitched softly, and then rose up on his forehead.
Vaperial shot Scy a questioning look. “You do know where the Scorpion stations are
located don‟t you?” His words were mumbled and jumbled; he couldn‟t believe what he
was hearing. “And what goes on throughout these stations…” He took a few steps forward,
towards Paxton and the navigational computer. He peered over the man‟s shoulder and
notice that the course was indeed locked onto the quickest possible rout to Scorpion
Station #7. “I guess you know what you are doing then…” Vaperial said, pausing slightly
between each word, slightly hesitating.

Vaperial looked down at the metallic floor, away from the group of people and thought to
himself for a moment. “I‟m a dead man…” He mumbled, barely loud enough for the sound
to travel to his own ears. He then looked up again. “Scy…I don‟t know what your reasoning
is for going to this truly unpleasant place, but you do realize that I can not be a part of the
ship or it‟s crew when you enter Scorpion space.” He slowly took a step backward,
widening his view of those in front of him. His words were quick as they sprayed out of his
mouth, and Vaperial sounded completely unsure of himself, and what he was trying to say.
“First of all…I don‟t have the best of friends on ANY of these Scorpion stations. I‟ve been to
them all, plenty of times, and you and I both know that the people that reside in these
miserable places are not the kind of people we want to be dealing with. Not to mention I
owe a lot of money to various pirate clans stationed in the scorpions. Many if not most
people in this area want me dead, whether it is the law, or the hands of a blood thirsty
pirate…I really shouldn‟t be venturing back into this place. Not for my sake, but for the
sake of the crew and this newly and wonderfully restored ship…” Vaperial took a quick
glance around the room at all of the faces. “If the ship was stopped by law enforcements,
they‟d find me, and have you all arrested, or worse. Or if we were found by pirates, you
could simply lose the entire ship in one big burst of flames after refusing to allow them to
board your ship and ravage it.” He shook his head. “I have no doubt in your skills
Schypher, or those of the people you have wisely chose to place around you and in your
crew, nor do I doubt the abilities of this ship, however, in going to this place, you have to
know taking me is a mistake.”

Unfortunately, before he really had even finished speaking, John stood up and requested a
private visit with the captain. Vaperial would just have to sit, wait, and see what was going
to happen next.

Posted by Schypher on 24.09.2002 at06:41:

Calston. That constantly amused smirk on his smug face was slowly irritating the very
easily flamable captain. Maybe confront him one day and rid him of a much needed body
part or two, most preferably at the most tender locations? Would be fun, no doubt…And
rewarding! Plus, Scy could beat someone up. Or attempt to. There were always guns, and
it was clear that she was much more skilled in wielding one, than Calston could ever be.
Schypher simply sighed as those thoughts slipped through her mind. Murderous
contemplations were not going to take her anywhere, if to a short visit with I-con on a bit
different circumstances. What stung her, was that neither Vaperial or his up-stuck friend
cared to look at this all from her side of view. Did they honestly think that she would
endanger any of her crew? Even if one of them was a moderatly wanted pirate and the
other, a man that Scy knew little to nothing about, side from what was issued officially for
her reading pleasure. Oh well, another secretive duo to keep an eye on.

As for what Vaperial said, it simply made her smile slightly, as she looked up at him. Did
she seem brainless or did everyone have a rather messed up opinion of her? With all the
silent and voiced critisism that skipped towards Scy for being an oh so uncapable leader,
you‟d think that no one would bother joining up with her. Sad, that people only had
themselves on their near-sighted minds. Even if Vaperial said it was more for the crew and
ship, it was obvious that he was most worried for his own personal health and well-being.
“Vaperial, I have a very good idea of where the Scorpion Stations are and I am aware of
what goes on there. But, I don‟t care for much anything else, than the seventh station, as
I need the assistance of Engreia. If you would have any clear thinking at this point, you
would understand that I don‟t even intend of docking on the station, as it would take way
too much time and time is something I really don‟t have to sare. Ever heard of TPT‟s?
Those large, tube type of things? You know what they can do?” She asked jokingly. At any
rate, it was slightly entertaining, to see the proud pirate fuss about something so side-
tracked. “I‟m going to TPT down to the station alone, go about my doings and be back in a
couple of hours. If we don‟t get in the way of a random check, we should be rather okay.
And even if we do get to be a nuisance in someones eyes, we shall simply have to deal
with it. Don‟t worry, nothing‟ll happen, we will be away from there before anyone can even
susbect you being here. Besides, I‟m in grave need of that info, I‟m going there most
certainly.” Truth be told, she needed to do this and no amount of reasoning would snap
her out of it. No one would leave their family adrift in the middle of space with out atleast
trying to help…
Her dark blue oculars shifted upon John, a suddle frown following that motion. Private? Not
good, not good at all…Irriation was less easily contained when other people were not
around. She could very possibly end up knocking the lights out of the Valertrez and just
giggle sheepishly. With a careless shrug of her grey coated shoulders, the Xu-adey pushed
herself up from the chair and continued towards the door. “Ill be right back…” She
muttered excusingly to the others, and followed the Valertrez beyond the borders of the
bridge. One eyebrow arched high, she came to a stop before the inquisitive gunner and
leaned against the wall. “So, what was so important, that it was not allowed to reach the
others ears?”

Posted by Clint Paxton on 24.09.2002 at11:23:

“Of course I will keep an eye on our young protege. You never know what might lay
beneath the surface of our newest recruit.” Clint replied.
Clint looked up as Vaperial entered the control room. After so long without encountering
more than one person at a time, the room was absolutely crowded.
Clint was listened silently as Vaperial aired his reservations concerning the stopover at
Scorpion 7. He had not heard all that the man had gotten himself into but he enough to
know that his capture would please quiet a few on both sides of the law.
Then Calston was asking Schypher for a private chat, obviously trying to gain an insight
into the captains plans. Good luck to him Clint thought as he sat their with a smile on his
face waiting for a shot to ring out.
He turned back to Vaperial giving him a pat on the shoulder blade “We‟ll b there for you if
push comes to shove, you know that.” Clint couldn‟t help but chuckle “We only just got
you patched up, I don‟t think our medic would be entirely pleased with having to do the
job again.”

Posted by John Calston on 24.09.2002 at13:51:

The Valertrez stopped taking a posistion agains the wall just like that of the Xu-adey. She
wasn't one to be taken lightly and can easily think of a plausible excuse of this detour.
Calston, however, wasn't going to let this go until he found out just what her plan was.
"So, now that you are not around your crew. Why don't you tell me the real reason you're
heading torward this Scorpion Station." John's arms crossed over his chest and his smirk
dissapeared from his face. He took a look of complete seriousness in a matter of milli-
seconds. "You may try and hide the intentions from your crew in there, might I add that it
is a mistake to do so, but you're acting too dumb. I used to work for Engreia and I am well
aware of their procedures around the Scorpion Stations. You know as well as I do that we
will run into a patrol or two." His eyes searched the Xu-adey for any signs of flinching, not
that he expected to find any, but no harm is looking. "It's not likely that you'll go
recklessing risking this ship and the members of the crew with out a better excuse than
needed data. Especially with Vaperial on board, if we were to be caught then Engreia
would now see us as accomplices."

The Valertrez pushed himself off the wall and took a couple of steps torward the Xu-adey.
He reached her side and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "A captain is always able to
trust her crew. No matter what the situation. No foolish pride or arrogance need be placed
in a crew's captain. If you can't trust your crew with the real reason, then can you really
call yourself their captain?"
Posted by Schypher on 24.09.2002 at16:31:

Her eyes narrowed quite obviously and her eyebrows lowered to a frown, as she coldly
glared at the man. He had close to no right in prying into her bussiness and questioning
the commands she had given. For one, he was not even completely set in the crew and
second, he had done nothing to deserve Schypher's fragile sense of respect. Such an
utterly foolish thing to do, come demanding answers from her, he should have known that
it would turn out atleast somewhat ugly.

As the man leaned in, to whisper into her ear, a low pitched growl emitted from the Xu-
adey‟s lips. Ignorance, and she was surrounded by it, coming from all plausible nooks and
corners. Her hand shot towards the Valertrez‟s neck, her fingers wrapping around it with
surprising speed and strength, long fingernails forcing into the soft skin. As she had taken
the man by surprise, not giving him enough time to free himself from her grip, she pushed
him against the wall and held him back with both hands, the right one still gripping his
neck. From under her lowered eyebrows, Schypher peered at him, a peeved glint settled
deep within her blue eyes. “Yes, I can call myself a captain, a damn good one if everyone
would let me do my work with out unneeded bickering and bitching about things. This is a
fresh crew, I, Larouge and Paxton are the only ones that have been on this ship for a
longer time, meaning, I can not trust most of this crew. I wont go blindly commending
anyone, trust takes time. For now, I am figuring out who I like and who I don't, the ones
whos presence I don't enjoy, shall be casted out of the crew soon. And please, show me
one captain that does not have a fair amount of pride and arrogance inside him or her. My
pride and arrogance keep me going, as it keeps many others, even you, from what I have
seen. If Vaperial and the others want it, I can simply set apart from the group for awhile
and get what I need on my own. I am rather sure that I‟ll know about it all soon. But, even
considering that, you have absolutely no right to come necessitating answers from me. I
appreciate advice when I ask for it, but I don‟t recall asking for any from you, so keep your
mouth shut. If there‟s a larger problem and if all of you see going to the Scorpion Stations
as a true vexation, tell me, I am ready to go alone and get what I need. But as long as you
are on this ship, you are not welcome to question my authority, as the outcome of it would
most probably not suit either of us all that much. I‟m guessing we‟re done here…” Through
out her rant, her hold on Calston had loosened, thankfully, the man had had the wits to
stay put and not fight the disgruntled female. Knowing Scy‟s actions when angered, it was
the smartest thing he could have possibly done. Wouldn‟t have taken much from Scy to
simply blow a hole through him. She pulled back her hand and stepped back, quickly
glancing at the Valertrez‟s neck. Luckily, it seemed to be not too bad, not that she cared
much. Violence was a usual outcome with many situations, where Schypher Dawater was
involved. Adding her tired demanour, the breathtaking amount of information and worry
that had been thrown upon her shoulders and the various new individuals she had met, it
was surprising that she had managed to hold her cool for even that long. John simply
happened to be at the wrong place at the wrongest time he could imagine.

She turned her back on the man and headed back towards the control room, intent on
finishing her debate with the worried Valertrez. After slipping in from the hatch and fallen
back onto one of the comfortable chairs, this time infront of the armaments station, she
raised her eyes to meet the mechanics and Vaperial's. A blush of anger was still settled
inconsistently on her cheeks and the flash of hate still roamed the depths of her eyes. She
crossed her arms and glanced at both of the two men quickly. “Anyone else want to say
anything about us going to the Scorpion Stations?” Scy did know that it was uncomfortable
on the Lord to visit the Scorpions, but it was needed. Even though her brother loomed
much brighter in her mind, she found her search for the former students paths of travel
equally as important. What she had said was also true, Scy was ready to conduct her
search alone, with out the help of others. Often, she found working alone to be much more
satisfying, than with anyone else. Herself, was the only person she could completely trust,
atleast as far as work went.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 24.09.2002 at16:46:
Clint and Vaperial sat quietly after Schypher had left, each keeping company with their
own thoughts. In the distance they could hear the buzz of voices though there were
unintelligible. Then came the thud and the two looked at each other and smiled.
Not a blaster but obviously someone was not a happy camper and then Schypher came
back into the control room. Her eyes were alive and wild as she demanded anyone with a
problem let her know now. Clint‟s smile just got wider as he raised his hands in surrender.
“Not me Schypher, you tell me where you want to go and I‟ll get us there, you know that.”

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 24.09.2002 at21:58:

Vaperial turned to Paxton and grinned as the two of them heard the thud of a body being
slammed into…something. Naturally they figured that Scy was not interested in what
Calston had to say, or that Calston had simply pushed a wrong button like Vaperial often
does with the captain and found himself being tossed into some solid object. “Ouch…”
Vaperial mumbled, still grinning.

But the smile, the grin, quickly faded as the captain re-entered the room. Vaperial‟s eyes
met with the captains as her irritated glare burned into his retinas. He turned his head
away and looked back down at the navigational computer. He watched as the little beeps
and flashing lights on the screen indicated that they were getting closer with every second
to the scorpion stations. He looked back up at Schypher. “I am not stopping you from
doing your job…just merely…never mind.” He mumbled. “Besides, you KNOW that neither
Paxton nor I would ever let you go in a place like that alone.” He struggled with his facial
features to push out a smile. “I‟ll back down now. You are the captain of this ship, you
make all the decisions, you say we go, then we go.” He nodded his head in acceptance and
then began to walk forward in the control room to stand in front of the main view port. He
peered out into the endless heavens, oceans of stars, the see of eternal darkness. He let
out a sigh. “Well…here I come…again…” He whispered to himself. Not everyone knew the
true story behind his unwillingness to head back to the scorpion stations…none of them did

Posted by Schypher on 24.09.2002 at22:45:

“As long as you don‟t go around criticising my every step, I‟ll have no problem with you
two being around me…” She grumbled softly, shooting irritated glances at the now closen
hatch, dim light playing off of it in an endless tirade of mellowing shades. Ahh, the
stupidity and near-sightedness she had to tolerate, almost enough to ruin every good day
for the Xu-adey, who did not care to notice that she was the one to scold for most of it,
spraying arrogance and spite around herself. Atleast, she had a clear view of what she was
going to do that day. Spend a small amount of quality time with the two Valertrez‟s,
unpack her two bags and maybe even find her favourite skirt while at it, pay a short visit
to Taidyne, the sleepy medic extraordinaire and then take over the watch at the bridge, or
collapse in her bed, which ever came to take her attention away first.
Scy‟s dark blue eyes shot up from the door to peek at both of the men, half-questioningly,
she had become a tad bit touchy about herself and her most noteable skills lately. “But,
I‟m sure that I could handle myself fairly well alone there too, really don‟t need much
protection from either of you…I've been there and back, Scorpion Stations are not
unknown to me.” Simple thing was, she would probably maim anyone that dared to
question her readyness, and willingness, to fight for herself or anyone else she deemed
favourable. The strangest gift she had, was that she could fight until her body would not
move an inch anymore, from pain or exaustion, and still feel powerful, even though she
might have lost. But her mental problems always seemed to get the best of her. A battle
on two fronts, perhaps?
Projection declared to round it down quite nicely, there were two of her, different in more
ways than imagineable and yet, those two greated a whole that was known as her. Shame
that she had cose to no respect in it.

With a soft sigh, her small frame dissapeared even deeper within the chair, as she
carelessly pulled up her knees to rest on the chair, grey jacket wrapped tight around her
body and the black training pants still gracing her long legs. Lack of time, what a bother…

Posted by John Calston on 25.09.2002 at02:18:

Calston turned his head slowly watching as the Xu-adey re-entered the bridge. He rubbed
his neck a little more startled by the surprise than the actual pain. "I should have expected
no less of you Dawater. A captain orders being questioned by a non-crewmember. You
continue to hide your true intentions. To be so protective of the situation, must be

The Valertrez returned to the control room after he regained his composure. Just in time to
hear the two were planning on going in with her. John just shook his head at all of them
and returned to a seat at the navigations panel. "I'm not going to give any of you any
advice. Seeing as none of you will even try and take it. Vaperial, you watch yourself. One
wrong move and you will find yourself behind I-con bars. You know as well as I do,
Dawater will leave you there if you mess up. However, if you all insist on going then I
guess I will follow along. I suggest that you get the rest of the crew on the bridge to
monitor the situation when we arrive. As usual, do as you wish." The Valertrez pushed
himself up from the chair and slowly made his way to the door. "Dawater, I hope we get to
have another conversation like that soon. So forceful." The Valertrez winked at her and
then looked at Vaperial, "Oh she's a wild one." Calston made a quick exit out the door and
dissapeared from the halls. "I need to contact the Bureau."

Posted by Theo Donivan on 25.09.2002 at04:46:

 Finally.. back

Theo yawned and streched in his small bed, to which he had retired after his meal. Having
a full stomach was a rarity for the boy, and he had slept like a baby for quite some time.
He chuckled as he noticed that he hadn't even taken the time to get under the thin sheets
that were on the bed.

He sat up and swung his bare feet to the cold metal floor, retracting them quickly as the
touched to icy metal. He grabbed his shoes from the floor and slipped them on, not
bothering with socks, and certainly not with actually tying the laces. He snatched his
sweatshirt, a red hooded one that was at least 3 sizes to big, and pulled it over his head as
he stumbled out of the door and down the hall towards the lift. He punched the key to
bring him to the main deck, where he hoped to find the rest of the crew. He was interested
in what they would all be up to for a while. No sense in being on a ship and not knowing
where you're headed, right?

Running a hand through his somewhat bed-raggeled hair, he paused in one of the
corridors, trying to remember which was the bridge lay from where he was. Geographical
skills had never exactly been his forte.

After several minutes of confused wandering, he found himself at the enterance to the
bridge. He could hear voices coming from inside, and he quietly stepped in and off to the
side, doing his best to stay out of the way. Everyone seemed a little tense, so he paused
for a moment, trying to figure out wether this was a good time to talk. After a minute of
silent contemplation, he spoke up.

"Heya," he said enthusiastically, trying to brighten the mood. "Whats up?" He took another
step forward, glancing at the navigation screen. "Scorpion 7? What are we doing there?"

Posted by Schypher on 25.09.2002 at07:23:

She tilted her head to the side lightly, contemplating over all the pain she could inflict on
the crud of a Valertrez, while eyeing him most carefully with her darkly blues. What a
smart thing to do, irk the disgruntled female even further, no one could have accused him
of having too much common sense, rather, he seemed to lack any trace of it. Ah well, his
funeral. John Calston was certainly foolish to go joking about, when Scy was in a
particulary nasty mood, an inch from ripping his bland face right off. He must have seen
too little of the confrontations between Schypher and Vaperial, to even play with his life in
such a dangerous way. She glanced at the former pirate, with a wry smile, before noteing
Calston once more.
“If you promise not to hold back this time, I‟m game, hon…” She stated with an almost
purring tone of voice, forcing her voice to a much softer one. No good at all, to show
anyone the amount of her anger…
The Valertrez dissapeared beyond the bridge, the hatch closing behind him with a low-
pitched hiss, one could only guess where the wounded man would scamper off to.
Schypher had noticed that she had left rather fetching claw marks on him, Calston‟s first
battle wounds with the pretty captain, he should have been proud.

The attention that had been placed on the annoyance of the day, was quickly lifted upon
the small add-on to the Retentive, Theo Donivan, the person who Scy knew the least
about. Must keep an eye on the cheery little teen, as Clint had said, who knew what he hid
within him. The smallest people could mean the greatest things, maybe he was one of
them. Who knew, perhaps he would turn out to be someone grand and respected, maybe
he would simply burn through and dissapear from the scene. What ever the outcome, he
was Schypher‟s responsibility for now. “Yes, we are going to the Scorpion Staions…” She
worded, a ring of fatigue casting in her voice, caused by the day. “I susbect you have
nothing against going there? Because if you do, just tell me, so I could tie you up and gag
you…” Touchy, wasn‟t she?

Posted by Clint Paxton on 25.09.2002 at08:18:

Clint watched Calstons back as it retreated out the door, the sound of his boot fading down
the corridor. He glanced from Schyphers simmering eyes to Vaperials that had taken on an
introspective hue. Then he heard Theo asking about their destination and Schyphers testy
He looked at her again, seated in the chair with her legs drawn up. He smiled to himself as
he didn‟t think he had ever seen Schypher actually sit in a chair as was seen as the correct
fashion. But behind the flash in her eyes he could understand how she was feeling. Captain
of the vessel being questioned on her decisions.
His training was “The captain was god.” He had even heard of a captain that had once
asked his crew what destination they would prefer from a choice of two locations. Once
back in port the captain was relieved and never commanded a vessel again. A captain had
to be decisive and show confidence and leadership.
And rightly Schypher had not let anyone question her decision. Though the circumstances
had now placed unnecessary strain on the captain and crew while each of the individuals
on board were still to become a cohesive team.
Looking back at the instruments, they coldly told him where they were heading and at
what speed but it didn‟t hold any answers to the questions at hand. He as sure Vaperial
would come around and support her the best he could and didn‟t expect Theo to come up
with any major surprises but as for Calston……..?

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 25.09.2002 at19:57:

As Calston re-entered the room Vaperial‟s eyes drifted from Schypher‟s to his old friend‟s.
He nodded to the man as he walked in and couldn‟t help but noticed that rather visible
marking around his neck. He began to smile, and almost snickered at the thought of Scy
tossing the man and grabbing him by the throat. She is so vicious sometimes…well most of
the time. Vaperial watched on as Calston gave his little speech, then turned to Vaperial
and winked, and he couldn‟t help but burst out into laughter. It was one of the funniest
comments he had heard in quite some time. Vaperial cracked up but quickly tried to force
away his smile and his laughter as he noticed Schypher‟s glaring eyes peering at him. He
straightened himself up to a standing position and look back out of the main view port.
Gazing into the stars Vaperial thought to himself, the sound of Calston‟s boots retreating
down the corridor pounding in his head, became like faint background music in his mind.
“He‟s probably right…” He muttered under his breath. “She‟d leave me behind bars…it
wouldn‟t be worth it for her to risk her life, or the lives of her crew to rescue an old
battered pirate that isn‟t even a real member of her crew…” The thought did indeed upset
him, but not to the point where she‟d lose his support. He had made the decision to
support the captain, and he was going to stick by it.

Vaperial turned from the port and headed back over by Paxton where he placed his hand
on his shoulder and said, “If you need a break, and someone to take the controls for a
little while,” Vaperial smiled, “I am probably the most experienced pilot on this ship, so I‟d
be glad to lend a helping hand so you can catch some shut eye.” He then removed his
hand and gave Clint a gentle and friendly pat on the back as he walked away and over to
Scy‟s seat where he placed both his hands down on the chair‟s hand rests. Looking into
Scy‟s eyes, almost unintentionally he could see all of her pain and anguish pouring out of
them. He continued to stare into them before he realized that the situation was getting a
bit…strange with him just hunched over her looking into her eyes so he said something
before Scy began to feel uncomfortable. “Schypher…if I find myself behind I-con bars…I
wouldn‟t expect you to come after me.” He then rose back to a standing position and
turned for the exit. He exited the control room and like Calston before him, the sound of
his boots hitting the metallic floor could be hear ringing throughout the long dim corridor
as he disappeared into the belly of the ship.

Vaperial decided to head to the recreational area. The part of the ship that was designed
for kicking back and relaxing. Upon entering the room he took note of a rather
uncomfortable looking couch and plopped himself down on it, folding his arms, and kicking
his legs up onto a small table in front of the couch.

Posted by Schypher on 25.09.2002 at21:52:

 u.u *hate the post*

Schypher frowned lightly as the Valertrez lent in to peek into her dark blue eyes with his
own greens, leaving the girl wondering why he did so. Her hand twitched lightly, as she
gripped her knees tighter and pulled them closer next to her body. She found no point in
pushing him away, Scy was used to random bits and pieces of insanity and as long as it
was not going to sting her, she would allow it, to a certain degree. Besides, she doubted
that she had ever seen a pair of green eyes that close before, did no harm in sneeking a

As Vaperial retreated, leaving a single comment lingering in the air, Scy simply shook her
head lightly, before resting it back on her knees. How little these people knew of her…How
disturbing, and at the same time, thrilling it all was. She had the chance to keep both
amazing and saddening them, what an easily exploided gift had been handed to her, with
a neat bow of shadowed fear wrapped around it.
Besides Taidyne, no one on the ship had the slightest idea of the demons that scraped
through her mind, the torture she so willingly put herself and the amount of joy that the
simplest things could bring her. How she missed the past, how she feared the future,
fought with the presence and yearned for the peace of mind that only she could allow
herself. Stormy at both ends, outside and inside.

With a nearly inaudible sigh, Scy released her legs from the hold and let them slide to the
floor, before raising her eyes to Paxton. “I‟ll come around in a couple of hours and take
over here, I really don‟t feel like sleeping tonight…I‟m going to go and talk with Taidy and
Jeneva about the Scorpion Station thing also, better to know all of their views…I‟ll see you
later.” With that, she raised up and gave the pilot and teen a slight nod, before carrying on
out of the room, hands shifting to the pockets of her jacket. She knew where she was
going and what she wanted and needed to do, before she would forget about it again.
Scy‟s steps brought her through the corridors and forced her to a sudden stop infront of
one of the ladders leading to the first deck. She climbed down with ease, her lips
narrowing to a straight line when she finally felt solid land under her feet. Strolling down to
the cargo bay, her blue eyes slipped over the various parts and crates, all readied for any
sort of emergency. At one of the corners, she noted the duo of bags, holding her personal
posessions. Work, there was nothing better than that to end the mixed emotions…

Posted by Theo Donivan on 26.09.2002 at03:23:

Theo took a small step back at Scy's comment. He watched as she left the room, then
said, more to himself than anyone else "Jeebus, just wondering."

He looked over at Clint, who was sitting in his normal chair in front of the nav console. He
walked towards him and peered intently at the various displays, trying to decipher the text
that was as alien to him as Russian would be to an American. "How long will it take us to
get to Scorpion 7?" he asked. "I need to get out and run around or something. Gettin' all
stir crazy on this ship." He beamed a wide grin at Clint before he began pacing around the
small room.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 26.09.2002 at05:19:

Clint nodded back to Vaperail for his offer before leaving and then Schypher left leaving
him and Theo alone in the control room.
"Don't let her put you off" Clint said with a wink "Her bark is about the same as her bite
but if you follow the rules she doesn't bite too often." he chuckled
"As for our arrival, a few hours though I don't think Schypher would like you wandering
around. It is just to be an in and out mission."
Clint could see the inactivity was getting to the lad, young and full of beans. "We can go
through some of the systems to pass the time or there is the ships rec room or the training
rooms if you wanted to check them out" Clint offered.

Posted by Schypher on 26.09.2002 at21:36:
The trek back to her apartment was quite uneventful, slipping up to the second deck
thanks to the lift, passing by the recreational room, in fear of meeting anyone else who
happened to be in the mood to ask questions from her or insult her dignity even further
than it had already been today, while making sure that the two bags were secure, their
straps occupying both of her shoulders. Schypher fell into her room with a sigh of
happiness and closed the door securely after her, few minutes of complete privacy once
Unceremoniously, Scy plopped down on the floor and threw the two sacks on the floor next
to her and hastefully pryed into the depths of one of the sleek black things. Soon after, the
tall Xu-adey was surrounded by nothing less than mountians of clothing and smaller items,
which the vain girl had managed to collect around her in the many years of her existence.
The two travel-bags were carelessly planted on her bed and Scy herself was holding a
rather content grin on her smug features. Her stuff, the joy those worthless items brought
her was near unbelievable. What amused her a great deal, was that she had even
managed to find the old pistol, that was much too large for her hand, that she had stolen
off the hani warrior before his premature death. A trip to memory lane…Sadly, besides the
simple fact that she had gotten to actually shoot and kill some of her own agression, not to
mention a few souls unworthy of life, Schypher had nothing good to remember. Blood,
death, confusion, screams…Should have felt homey to her, considering how spiteful and
seemingly vile she was. But it felt odd and frightening. A glint of humanity in her, perhaps?
Probaby not, being tired could scramble anyones mind…

A half an hour passed, graced with the soft tunes that casted out of the small audio device,
that Scy had set up on her table. It was a miniature thing, small enough to easily fit her
pocket, but the quality of the sound and the clearity of the lyrics that were voiced, could
hve exceeded any common stereo system. Size did not always matter…Sometimes it was
the detailes that made a difference…
Pulling the large cabinet to a close, after tossing in the duo of bags, she stretched, her
expression still beaming with mirth. Another task done, what utter loveliness.
Giving her surrounding areas one more appreciative glance, as if making sure if she had
managed to get every last piece of her things put away orderly, she headed for the table
and closed down the small, yet incredibly loud-mouthed device, cutting off one of her very
favourite songs. She had never listened to anything but Xu-adey originated music and she
was quite happy with it, nothing could even bare to reach the level that her most favoured
artists were perched upon. Terran music? Horrid vocalists, just horrid. Atevi? Too politically
correct. Hani? Too politically incorrect. The only ones left were the minorities and for them,
Scy did not care much. Who could ever beat the mellow sounds of Kenjitza or the
emotional rampage that Segamatu Austus set off anyway? Some make-shift Valertrez
excuse for a band? Highly doubt it…

Her next order of bussiness was to skip towards the two other females of the ship and
make sure they had no objections towards visiting the Scorpion Stations. Not that the
controlling gunner would allow any…

Posted by Schypher on 27.09.2002 at21:29:

 You people move too slowly for my taste...n.n

Sigh. How annoying, searching through the ship for a safe route to take, at the same time
making sure that she would not run in with anyone who she currently wished to
decapitate. Calston‟s head would look mighty fine on a pike.
Grimly, Schypher‟s fingers skipped over her beloved pistol, currently loaded with filter #2,
less chances of killing anyone, much bigger probability to make someone feel horrible and
make them actually beg for death. Scy‟s style through and through. No fun in killing them
on the spot, seeing them squirm and suffer was much more satisfying and greatly more
amusing…And that was the female, who disgusted cruelty on her bounties. Moods come
and go.

Scy knew the general direction of Taidyne‟s room, as she had demanded to be placed near
the medical bay, which was almost in the center of the second deck and knowing that the
only rooms that the redheaded medic could have chosen from, were in the aft part of the
ship, so that was exactly where the tall Xu-adey scampered on towards. Grey and silver
casted soft shadows on her eyes, as the many tones softly shifted from corner to corner,
leaving a shimmer of light after them. Peaceful emotions seemed to sweep over the long
halls that graced The Retentive, a ship that had been sought after like none other.

In a mear minute, Scy entered the last remaining hall of the second deck, the cold metallic
wall meeting her eyes in the very back of the passway. Her dark blue oculars shifted upon
the hatch that was placed on her right. The lightest of frowns creased her brow, as she
neared the door cautiously and requested it to open, hardly expecting it to do so, as even
miss Larouge would have the common sense to lock the door, knowing that there were so
many new people drifting up and down the various halls. With out hesitation, the hatch
curled into the wall and left a gaping void before Scy, beckoning her to enter and retrieve
her friend from the dimly lit cave. So, apparently, the respected healer was not smart
enough to close the door. Pitty.

With a rather amused glint bouncing back and forth in her blues, as the light source
flitched gently, Scy strode deeper into the welcoming tunnel, constantly searching for the
petite frame of her companion. After a sight of a lone bag perched neatly on one of the
chairs in the room, her eyes met the curled up form of the usually so sleepless Xu-adey.
Scy tilted her head to the side for a moment, studying the tired girl, wrapped away under
the warm covers. The stress had finally gotten to her. It was a good picture to see, as the
captain had been worried for the dearest of her crewmembers for awhile, sleep was a
blessing, or so she hoped.
In any case, Taidyne being asleep, ment she could not object to going to the Scorpion
Stations, another name to tear down from the list. The manical one was about to leave,
before something glimmering softly on the room owners desk caught her attention, a
comm-device. The realisation that she had been meaning to talk, about linking all the
comms to the ships main communications core, with Clint, had slipped her mind
completely. But there was no time better, to fix the past errors, than the present. Scy
quickly grabbed the item and hid it in her pocket, before retreating out of the room,
making as little noise as possible. The last thing she wanted to do was to wake up the
slumpen redhead.

After she had made it safely out of the bland apartment, her fingers reached for the pad
on the right of the door and with haste, commanded the door to close and lock. Pure joy
that Schypher had all the codes to do nearly everything onboard the ship. Captains


Obviously, Jeneva was the next one to visit. Schypher scurried the few feet left to the next
door with disgruntled gloomyness, sleep deprivation pluss a significant headache and a lot
on her mind did not make the Xu-adey a particulary happy kitty, it just left her to hiss
inward at everything that was oh so messed up in the world around her. Irritation!
Scy guessed that Jeneva had set up camp on the second deck also, as she was a decent
gunner –from what Scy knew- and in that case, she would most definitely wish to be near
the armaments stations. Poor dear, she had no idea that no one but Scy would near the
controls for a long while. Her ship, her rules, her guns.
Letting her fingers skip over the wall at her right side, she trailed on, thoughts never
resting on any contemplation, but forcing from one to another. Slender fingers playing
over the surface of Taidyne‟s comm boredly in her pocket, she finally came to a stop
infront of the second door to her right. It was either Jeneva‟s or one of the guys‟ room, did
not hurt to find out whos it actually was. Again, with out bothering to seek out the owner
of the room through the all-ship comm, Scy simply demanded the door to open, which it
did, surprisingly. Did no one lock these things anymore?

The darkness of the room was pleasant for her eyes, which were much more fond of
darker hues than brighter ones. It was clearly Jesley‟s room, as Schypher doubted any
male to go through such troubles with decorating their apartment. Small trinkets, flashy
covers, a ridiculously large mirror that would break at the first sign of turbulance…Utterly
Of no surprise, the small-statured gunner had also found rest to be the most suiting of
activities at the moment and she had collapsed upon her bed. At such a sight, Schypher‟s
nose simply twitched, seemed that everyone were slowly loosing their strength onboard
The Retentive. Or maybe they were all just weaklings.

Scy grumbled softly under her breath, as she went to snatch the girls comm, she would
not miss it for now and thankfully, Jeneva would not be a problem when going to the
Engreia controlled base. Vaperial and Calston seemed to be the only paranoid ones. Oh
well, they picked the wrong ship under the most touchy captain they could imagine,
considering their slight problems with I-con.
Boredly, if a little dissapointedly, Scy retreated from the room, closing the door neatly
behind her. She did not bother to lock this one, Jeneva did not mean much to her and she
could not care less if any of the others happened to stroll into her room.
Now, to find her way back to the bridge and let Paxton, the resident watchdog, rest for

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 28.09.2002 at09:00:

After forcing himself to sit back and relax on the relatively uncomfortable and barren
couch, he pulled himself to his feet, struggling to an upright position, and gazed around
the room. His deep green eyes darting from one side of the room to the other in perfect
unison and rapid speeds as he scanned over the room. The recreation hall, as it was
called, did not really interest him and his current mood, so he once again made a push for
the exit. He slowly strolled to the hatch and exited the large room into one of the larger
corridors on the ship. He was restless, and didn‟t know what to do with himself. He had
already worked out extensively and his muscles were far too sore to even think about
pulling off another stunt like that. And the fact that doing so would be plain stupid and
unhealthy kind of ruled that option out. He had slept enough and surprisingly wasn‟t tired,
not even in the least. He had also consumed about three showers during the duration of
the day and though it might have been his most appealing option, he thought it was best
to save the water for later on and more important things.

“Bah…” He muttered as he began to trudge off through the sleek corridors back to his
room. Upon entering his humble abode he walked directly over to his desk where he had
placed his holster and whistler down earlier that day. He hung the holster and the belt
loosely around his waist, and slipped the tiny excuse of a gun into the holster. He saw no
harm in taking this time to further improve his gunnery skills. So in his head he devised a
trip down to the cargo bay where he would be able to practice using his side arm freely
and without having to worry about damaging something. Once the holster and weapon
were securely fastened, he once again exited his room through the door which was
receiving extremely heavy usage. He took the elevator back down to the cargo bay. Upon
entry he noted that the large bay, open area, was absent of other crew members. He was
the only one. Which is really what he was hoping for anyway.

After a quick trip to one of the far walls where he set up for himself a series of makeshift
targets and various items for him to shoot at and practice his horrendous gunner skills on,
he took position in the center of the room. He drew his weapon and narrowed his eyes
peering out over the bay at the targets. Concentrating heavily and holding the weapon
firmly in his grasp he pulled the trigger. With the first shot came a “ping” noise of the
wimpy whistler plasma bolt hitting the metallic siding of the cargo bay and bouncing off.
He had missed. He shook his head in disgust and then toyed with his grasp of the weapon,
and moved it slightly in an attempt to get the aim on target. He pulled the trigger again,
but again nothing but a ping noise as it spring back off the metal wall. He missed high. He
lowered his hand slightly, and fired. Miss. He again readjusted and again fired. After a few
more shots he was finally consistently on target. His shots were slowly becoming more
precise, and definitely more accurate. Once he was content with his work for the day with
his whistler, he twirled it around on his finger, blew the remained or smoke that was slowly
drifting, oozing out of the barrels, away and holstered the tiny gun.

With one hand wiping a bead of sweat off his forehead, the other pulled up his pants which
were beginning to ride down his legs slightly. He then made his way back for his room. Up
the elevator, and through the corridors. He entered his room with one sole purpose,
obtaining his leather jacket. He pulled it out of storage rather quickly and onto his body.
“Phew.” He sighed. He had previously felt naked without it on. He was just so used to it‟s
feel, it‟s comfort, the sense of security it gave him, that without it, there was a noticeable
change in the atmosphere for him, and Vaperial didn‟t mean the weather. He exited his
room and set course for…

Posted by Schypher on 28.09.2002 at18:50:


Schypher simply blinked as the third door to the crew rooms flew open, allowing the tall
Valertrez to trudge out. She did not know why she was so amazed to see him settled in
one of the second deck apartments, as he would have to share the hall with two females,
after all. Seemed perfectly fitting for him, though Scy doubted that atleast Taidyne would
be very thrilled about it. Ah well, males, they were only bareable when knocked out cold
on the floor.
By shear luck, Vaperial had exited his room a moment before the Xu-adey reached that
portion of the corridor, consolidating that the two did not bump into each other, which
would have just ended in Scy giving another one of her trademark rants and most
probably growled at the man for dareing to step in her way. Because it would have been
his fault, no doubt, it was always someone elses wrong doing.
She was just about to push the man out of her way and scurry on deeper into the ship,
before she remembered that Vaperial‟s comm was one of the many that she was still after.
With a slight pout, Scy pulled back her hands and raised here eyes higher. Pitty, no
violence. Seemed that Scy needed some serious training once more, with actual fighting
rather than simply trotting a gun. That feeble attempt to choke Calston, was a nice start to
her line of insuring bodily harm upon others. Or at the very least, trying to kill a
stimulation or two. As long as they had decent blood sims programmed in them, she‟d be

Sighing under her breath, she raised one hand and tapped the Valertrez on the shoulder
lightly, noteing once more the rather rattled and aged look of his favoured jacket. Such a
disgraceful thing, colours all faded and the simplistic leather worn out and dimmed, must
have been an emotional thing, as no one in their right mind should have kept such a thing
longer than they had to. Scy could never understand how anyone could be so attached to
a simple item of clothing. Just worthless pieces of fabric…
Forcing the slightly gloomy look off her expression for a moment, she waited for the pirate
to turn around before requesting for his comm.
“You wouldn‟t mind if I steal your comm for an hour or twenty, now would you?”

Posted by Theo Donivan on 29.09.2002 at07:44:

"Hmm," Theo said as he contemplated his options. "Training rooms, huh? Sounds
interesting. I'm gonna go check 'em out." And with that, he bounded out of the bridge with
all the youthful energy that every child possessed.

After some time of wandering around aimlessly, Theo was seriously contemplating
tattooing a map of the ship on his hands. All this wandering about was getting rediculous.
Finally finding the area with the training sims, he sat down at a small computer nearby. He
was delighted to learn that there was a hacking simulation in which the user had to
attepmt to hack "a network" that responded to try and counter with users various attacks.

Pulling his chair closer and hunching over the keyboard, Theo beamed with joy. "This
should be fun," he thought to himself. "At least I can kill sometime 'till we get to Scorpion
7." And with that he set to work on the sim.
Posted by Lord Vaperial on 29.09.2002 at07:58:

As he pushed out of his room he came to an abrupt stop as noticed the arrival of the
captain. Making sure he didn‟t come into contact with the fair captain, knowing that she‟d
probably kill him for accidentally bumping into her, he moved to the side to give her clear
access to the corridor so she could pass. But surprisingly she didn‟t. Schypher stopped
directly in front of him and proposed a question. Vaperial thought for a quick moment,
then understood why she was requesting for his comm. “Of course.” He said, the words
falling out of his mouth with no real emotion behind them. He fumbled around in his jacket
pocket and pulled out the comm. and held it out for her to take from his hand. He noticed
her eying his jacket, with one of those thoroughly confused looks on her face as to why
he‟d continue wearing this old thing. Truth be told, it really wasn‟t in bad condition, except
for a few battle markings that had been left behind by previous engagements in combat.
“Don‟t ask.” He mumbled as she pretended that she wasn‟t looking at his jacket. “I am
planning on getting a new one, a SL actually like you recommended. Just couldn‟t find a
black SL in this style that I liked on Capella.” He loosely shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe
I‟ll have better luck elsewhere.” His shoulders dropped back to their resting position and
he gazed into Scy‟s magnificent dark oculars. “I‟m sorry I stormed out before…” He
allowed his figure to droop back and slump up against the metal wall behind him. “It
wasn‟t to be taken personal. Nothing against you at all…” Changing the subject he moved
on. “Alright, don‟t let me keep you waiting. I don‟t intend to bother you. Unless of course
you need me to do something, or aid you in some way, then I‟m open for options.”

Posted by Schypher on 29.09.2002 at13:22:

Schypher‟s nose twitched lightly as she noted the oh so ragged - in her opinion, of course
– jacket, once more. Ah well, it was his and one could not expect a man to understand the
fine art of dressing correctly. If he wanted to plague gimself with that disgraceful jacket, it
was his choice. “I wont…” She muttered amusedly, glancing up at the former pirate with a
smirk playing on her lips. Hurriedly, she snatched the comm out of his outstreched palm
and stuffed it into her pocket, aside Jeneva‟s device. For now, they would have to do, Clint
could obtain the shear pleasure of tracking down the two elusive ones.
Slightly straightening her loose grey jacket, which was now burdened by a wide
arrangment of small items, Scy nodded lighy. “Thanks. And no, I think that there‟s nothing
I need done right now, so you should just scurry off and try to get some sleep. I‟m
probably smacking you up first thing tomorrow and letting you take over bridge duties for
me. I don‟t feel like resting today and doing nothing would keep me up rather nicely…I'll
probably just beg a stimpatch or two out of Taidy later on...” With that, she gave a slight
wave and retreated down the hall, turning around and coolly shifting off towards the
further corridors. Scy could tell that the man was bored, it was to be expected, as he
seemed to only amuse himself when he got to fight, train or slash others of their pride.
Horrid little man, most of the time.

Skipping to the control room did not take much of her time, as an opposite to a few
others, she had perfect knowledge of where everything was and where the doors and
hallways led. Scy had memorized the ship well, making sure that atleast the captain of the
vessle knew her way around the ship. There weren‟t very many female captains around,
even though the „weaker‟ gender had long ago fought for their rights and had indeed, won
the psychological battle. But still, it seemed that men were most dominant in close to
every field one could imagine. Atleast Scy was not the one to be trampled on by mear
men, she was much too self loving to let that ever happen.

Silently, she peeked into the large room before entering, noticing only Paxton still present
there. It was a relief, though, no annoying people to deal with, and Clint was by far not
irritating. He posessed a good understanding of others and did not bother them with
questions better left unanswered. It was quite obvious that he had made many friends
thanks to that attitude, people that trusted him.
Shielded with an expression of calmness, the Xu-adey walked in and unceremoniously, fell
onto the chair settled before the armaments station and only then looked at the mechanic
once more. “‟Bout time I got here…Sorry for the delay, I got swept up in unpacking.
Anyway, does your idea of tweeking around the communication devices and hooking them
to the ship still stand? Because I gathered some of the comms around here, mine, Taidy‟s,
Jeneva‟s and Vaperial‟s, and I can give them in your care, if you wish. Anyway, you‟re
excused to go and rest for now, I‟ll handle the bridge…” By her estimations, the pilot
should have been as tired as she was, though he probably posessed the power to sleep,
which Scy seemed not to have lately. So much to do, so little time…

Posted by Clint Paxton on 29.09.2002 at16:20:

Once Theo had raced out, Clint sat there in the silence that came to fill in the void. Before
him the instruments flashed, while numbers and words scrolled down the screens. But
through the viewports was space. Inky black and each shimmering dot of light represented
the possibility of life there on the planets surface or an orbiting spacestation.
Clint enjoyed the solitude at such times, looking out to a million, million stars twinkling as
they hurtled through space. Another shinning dot that another ship might be watching.
Then Schypher walked in and plopped herself into a chair as she offered him the job of
taking the comm-units and integrating them with the ships comms system. As always his
eyes lit up when presented with a challenge.
“Not a problem Schypher I can have these ready before we make Scorpion 7 and I‟ll get
the others and work on those too.” He accepted the comms-units she held and added his
own to the pile. Before rising from the pilots chair he once more scanned the readouts
arrayed before him “Nothing to report all screens are clear and green.”
He stopped at the hatch and turned back towards her seated form. “Just want you to know
I‟m behind you all the way Captain.” He said softly. “You are my captain and as such, I will
always follow your orders.” He stopped and took a breath “I just wanted you to know.”
Without waiting for a response he turned and headed for his cabin.
Along the way he calculated he could grab a few hours sleep and then work on the comm-
units before getting back to the bridge prior to their arrival at Scorpion 7. Reaching his
door he keyed the code to gain access and walked in and turning on the lights. He placed
all the comm-units in a small carry bag he had just to make it easier to carry them around
and then stripped off his clothes and slipped between the sheets. He set the alarm before
extinguishing the light and laying back against the pillow. Sleep quickly overtook him as he
wondered about the makeup of the crew now aboard.

Posted by Schypher on 29.09.2002 at18:57:

 *snickers at the meaning of the song and band*

Schypher handed the small devices, varying in both sizes and colours, to the mechanic
silently, contemplating on how many of their owners would actually stay around The
Retentive so long to see any use come of this small upgrade. It was a rather common fact
that the majority space travelers loathed moving around with the same group for a longer
amount of time, which was actually a rather saddening piece of knowledge. Scy liked most
of the people she had gathered on the ship, she was not particulary looking forward to
loosing any of them all that soon.
Looking over her shoulder to Clint, she smiled weakly, pondering how would be propper to
answer to that sudden burst of loyalty that beamed from the Valertrez. Someone actually
trusted the easily flamable Xu-adey, what joy! “Thanks…” She muttered softly, before the
man could dissapear from her sight and walk down the corridor, his steps sounding slightly
hollow before dimming down thanks to the closing of the hatch, cutting Scy off from the
others and leaving her adrift in her weary contemplations. The freedom that those devilish
thoughts posessed, skimming through her mind with unstoppable speed and unhealthy
strength. Her own slave, undoubtedly, she had the bestest master she could wish for.


Tap. Tap. Tap.
Grimly, she listened to the frantic tune her long nails forced upon the metal floor. For
atleast the last hour or so, she had been giving a solo performance of each and every one
of her favourite songs with only her nails and the accompaning grey floor. To achive such
closeness to the welcoming ground, Schypher had given up her try to sit properly, for
once, and fell back to her not so civil ways of being placed on a chair. Now, her legs were
resting comfortably on the back of the seat and her head hanged carelessly over the side
of the soft chair, right arm stretching over to the floor to allow her nails to continue their
rhythimic beating. Boredom, the soothing tune…

She was just finishing with Kurjus by Segamatu Austus, which was by far her most
favoured group, when a sudden thought hit her -time to wake up the slumbering Vaperial-.
With a slightly sinister smile upon her lips, she peered to the left and then to the right,
dark blue eyes glinting with mirth, as she inwardly made sure that there was no one
around to note her devious ideas. Scy slid her legs downwards slightly, while pushing the
rest of her body on the chair again. Finally, she was in a somewhat normal pose and
managed to stand up on her feet. Hurriedly, she dusted herself off and checked her
treasured claws for any signs of sudden breaking. Luckily, they looked as healthy and
lethal as ever. A cheer for the person who invented fingernail oil, was in order…

After she was finally satisfied with the way she looked, that being after she spent a total of
10 minutes to straighten her hair –it took time to look that good, after all-, she neared the
all-ship comm and with ease, ordered it to cast a message to the Valertrez‟s room, as she
now knew where he was placed and it took minimal time to scout out his settings.
“Vaperial, your turn on the bridge…” Was all she muttered, before the button was relieved
from the strain that Schypher‟s thumb had placed on it. Again, the Xu-adey retreated to
her chair and plopped down, waiting for the lazy man to drag himself up to the control
room and give the charming captain a chance to get herself ready for the visit to the
Scorpion Station. There were clothes to be picked out and weapons to hide, and for that,
she needed time.
Scy had spent the first portion of her watch, reading over her beloved brothers plan and
remembering both names and places, pluss forcing some info into her small datapad. The
incredible strain that was helping a clumsy brother…

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 30.09.2002 at02:51:

“Sleep?” Vaperial said as the captain darted away. “I‟ve slept all too much lately…I need to
do something.” He muttered to himself with Schypher already gone. He simply shrugged
his shoulders and turned his body towards the galley. He decided to take the short walk
through the darkened corridors of the ship to the galley. The ship had a gloomy
atmosphere. Everything was dimmed. He wasn‟t complaining, the dim lights suited his
moods perfectly most of the time. It was just a little depressing sometimes. Walking alone
through the dark funnels of the ship, in the cold depths of space, having to wear a jacket
just to stay warm onboard really isn‟t all that appealing to most people. But for Vaperial, it
was home, and really all he knew.

His hands were loosely tucked in his jean pockets as he trudged down the corridor. The
ship was filled with an overwhelming eerie silence, which crept out of the darkness and
filled every corner, every crack onboard. The only noises that reached Vaperial‟s ears were
the low humming noise which was a constant reminded of the running power generators
and engines, and the low thudding noise of his shoes coming into contact with the shiny
floor. Surprisingly, he was actually experiencing a strange case of the chills. Usually
Vaperial was used to the coldness of space, and life onboard a space craft, but for some
reason he was feeling quite chilly. Even with his tattered leather jacket on, he could feel
the cold penetrating to his bones. Small goose bumps rose up all along his arms as if his
body was trying to reach out to him and tell him that he was cold, crying out for warmth.
But he merely shrugged it off. Tried not to pay attention to it. He had learned that being
cold had a lot to do with your state of mind. If you didn‟t think about it, you wouldn‟t be as
cold. He merely rubbed his arms with his hands which were warm from being left in his
pockets and tried to push the little bumps and raised hairs back down.

Upon entering the galley he made his way over to the area that Scy and he had packed
earlier on. A low pitch whistle began to pour out of his lips as he whistled the tune of one
of his favored songs while searching through the mess of food rations and supplies for
something that met his fancy. He found himself some bagged excuse for a dinner and
placed it in a heating device, a microwave really, just a few hundred deccas more
expensive. Once it was ready he made himself comfortable at one of the tables. He placed
his light dinner down in front of him, threw his legs up on an empty chair, kicked back, and
relaxed as he consumed his meal. As he ate, random thoughts raced through his mind. He
didn‟t know what to think anymore. So much in his life had changed. Everything was so
different. Being with Scy and some of his old friends like Calston and Paxton was very nice,
but he wasn‟t sure if this was the right role for him. A mere mercenary if you will, being
hired by Scy to basically bag some bounty. He had to wonder what he‟d do after.

About an hour later, the man realized how long he had been spaced out, lost in his
thoughts as he tended to do lately. He muttered some foul language under his breath and
pulled himself to his feet. He gathered up the mess he had created and pushed it off into a
near by waste disposal unit…trash can. He then decided to make his way back to his cabin.
He reached his cabin but moments later and once inside sat down at the desk. The thin
wire metal chair was cold to the touch, and on his body. A shiver shot through his already
chilled body. He looked out over his barren desk and sighed. The pirating life sure was a
lot more intense. And intensity was a good thing in Vaperial‟s mind. He put his elbows on
the table and allowed his chin to come to rest on his hands. His dark green eyes slowly
began to fade and glaze over as the mins turned into hours and he slowly drifted off into
the wonderful land of slumber.

“Vaperial…” He heard his name boom across the all ship intercom and he practically fell off
of the chair as his eyes jolted open and he shuttered. Not hearing the rest of the
announcement, he decided to head to the bridge to find out what the captain needed. He
rubbed his green eyes, trying to rub away the weariness, and then pushed himself out of
the chair. Standing, he cracked his knuckles and stretched out.

“Coming…” He mumbled to himself as he punched the code into the lock subsequently
opening the door to his room. And then he made his way down to the control room, ever
so slowly in his tired state. But before entering the bridge he made sure to wake himself
up, or at least appear to be fully awake so that Scy would not be…angered for some
reason. He truly did like the women, in fact, he loved her to death. They had managed to
grow a strange bond over the few encounters they‟ve had with each other. Whether or not
it was a good thing, or a harsh rivalry is another story. He approached the captain with
caution from the rear, but made his presence obvious as the hatch to the control room was
loudly opened and he stepped in with a heavy foot. “Yes captain…how may I-” he yawned.
“Help you?”

Posted by Schypher on 30.09.2002 at06:20:

Scy‟s dark blue eyes shot up to peer at the Valertrez, moving from their current dullened
view of one of the many panels to the ceiling, as he pranced in through the hatch, wearing
his gruesome jacket and sleep deprived face. So she had woken him up, what sadistic fun.
It was greatly amusing to tease the former pirate and it could really only be seen as
countering everything that Vaperial did to her, from short comments to long tirades and
sometimes, even things like the one that happened on Capella Gateway Station a mear
few weeks ago. A rather public rivalry, it seemed, though Schypher knew very well that if
she wanted it, the man would be dead already. Or vice versa, naturally.

Pushing herself off the comfortable chair again, she turned to face the man and gave a
slight smile. “Your turn to take over watchdog duties. I need some time to shoot myself up
with some substance and maybe find something better to wear.” She glanced boredly at
her current apparel, the same she had been wearing since having that little shoot-out in
the cargo bay, only modified slightly with the warm grey jacket, to keep her from freezing
over completely. She needed another dose of her medicine, as the gravitation changes and
her sickness did no good to her Xu-adeyan form. It was a known fact that Xu-adey's took
gravitational changes very hard, sided with a nasty headache, did not make her all that
happy or healthy, for that matter.
Actually, Scy did not even know when they were going to reach Scorpion Station 7 and she
was much too lazy to try and find out, that fell under Paxton‟s grip. Besides, knowing the
busy Valertrez, she was sure that he would not forget about the bridge and the rather
feeble fact that they were nearing an Engreia controlled base with a highly wanted pirate
onboard who was not going to be sacrificed to the Gods of Law, for once. Vaperial was
bareable, as long as he did not go around irking the captain, as he seemed to have perfect
knowledge of what made the girl tick of anger and Scy was obviously not the one to leave
anything one-sided. It all ended up as constant bickering and fighting between the two. All
and all, both of them seemed to enjoyed it as far as it did not do much harm.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 30.09.2002 at08:43:

The incessant buzzing would not go away and finally Clint opened his eyes to the flashing
alarm. It only seemed like he had closed his eyes but he swung his legs over the side of
the bed and stretched. Stripping off his clothes he draped a towel around his waist and
went to the shower.
He turned the water on hard, a stream of hot needles sprayed against his skin as he
quickly washed with soap and shampooed his hair. He then took the time to just stand
under the hot water allowing it to massage his muscles. Finally he turned off the water and
toweled himself dry before returning to his cabin and dressing in clean clothes.
He quickly went about tidying his room and making the bed before grabbing the small bag
and heading aft to the engineering space. He moved quietly through the deserted corridors
until he came to the engineering hatch. As he stood there keying in the code he could feel
the ships vibrations coming up from the deck. The door opened with a hiss and it closed
behind him.
He moved over to one of the small workbenches and opened the bag laying out the comm-
units before him. From the ships computer he pulled up the various frequencies used
throughout the ship and started a sub-routine for the comm-units. The program would
interface between them and the ships comms thereby only a slight moderation was
required on the comm-units themselves.
The program was relatively simple and he had it written and debugged in an hour. Then he
opened each comm-unit and added the interface frequency to the internal circuit board.
Once done he used his computer to run a variety of tests through the comm-units arrayed
before him.
Satisfied they worked at optimum he pocketed his own and placed the remainder in the
bag before tidying up the bench and closing down the computer system. While he was
there he moved around the room checking the readouts and the various pieces of
machinery that hummed with energy.
With that task done he headed forward to the control room, the bag in his left hand. His
boots clunked along the flooring as he once again moved through the ship without
encountering another soul. He entered the control room to find Vaperial at the helm.
“G‟day Vaperial, I see Schypher has put you to work already.” He said with a smile. He
rummaged around in the bag for Vaperials comm-unit and handed it to him. “These have
now been patched into the ships comms so you can access the normal array of locations
within the ship as well as the others with the comm-units.“
Holding out his own comm-unit Clint demonstrated to Vaperial the new menu available
before popping his back into his pocket. “So how goes the watch?”

Posted by Schypher on 30.09.2002 at16:33:

With out another word, the Xu-adey carelessly scampered out of the control room, as she
was finally freed from her most boring experience of the day. To keep herself from
thinking about any unwanted subjects, Schypher had spent her time reading through
everything even halfway interesting before tireing and continuing her evening with the
small musical performance. Anything to keep herself amused, really.
A mear minute or so later, Scy was already planted in her apartment, rumaging through
her large –and very stuffed- cupboard, a steady frown embracing her expression. What to
wear, was the question… Finally, after weeks of having to feel that unwelcomed bandage
at her side and needing to worry for the long scar that ran down her stomach, she was
free to wear anything her heart desired, as Taidyne had allowed her to remove the strap
as long as she promised to make sure that the slowly degrading wound would not be hurt
further and tend to it every day. Being one to care for her appearance greatly, she had
done as the medic had requested and seen to it that her wound would be cleaned each and
every day. In just the last few days, the gunner had noted that the marking had finally
dissapeared from her features, mostly thanks to the fact that the redheaded healer had
reminded Scy to use the gel that was supposed to see to it that all mishaps upon ones skin
would slowly fade. Now, to celebrate such a grand accomplishment, one would most
definitely need to search out her more revealing clothing, right? Scy had never had
anything against showing off her well-trained stomach, truthfully, she adored the jealous
or somewhat slumpen glances that she got for it from the others.

With a shifty grin, she began to pull out her items of desire, placing them as a pile on her
left arm. After about a quarter of an hour of tearing and pulling out various different
clothes, she finally settled with what she had gathered on the moment, slammed shut the
cabinet and gleefully retreated into the bathroom.
It took the girl a good hour to finally be happy with the way she looked. After all, she did
have to take a shower, get her hair into a somewhat humane state of being and a million
other oh so important things. With a final peek into the mirror, Schypher gave herself a
grading look. The rather low-cut black pants, widening greatly from knees down, held a
thin pattern of embroidery, running down from about half-thigh, to her ankles, on both
legs. More of an accessory than anything else, a large black belt was set loosely on her
hips, hardly holding any point to it besides, that Scy liked it and she wished it to be
present. Under a long silvery jacket, which reached almost to her knees, was a rather plain
white top, nicely showing off her stomach and shoulders. The top was strapped together
from behind with a layer of thin, nearly transparent, white lines. Of course, the neccessary
black boots graced her feet, their metallic tips and heels shining off a small fragment of
light, and her blue hair was consolidated carelessly with a simple clamp, leaving most of
her dark blue hair to fall somewhat freely on her back. Indeed, she looked good and she
was happy with it, in her own mind, her looks deserved to be shown off atleast a little.
Beaming happily, a content smile on her lips, she stepped out into her room, before
pouting her lips for a mear moment. No music to welcome her. With ease, she scampered
to the miniature device on her table and with a few light taps at the awkward thing, got it
to cast a mellow tune.
Scy straightened herself quickly, before stepping to the cupboards side once more and
after opening it, quickly pulling out a simplistic black shoulder-bag. She couldn‟t very well
prance into an Engreia Station, with her gun at her hip. Thanks to another quick visit to
the bathroom, Scy managed to locate her Caster Pistol and Masker Device and stuff them
into her bag aside a small pouch, the datapad and a few other items. Scy was not used to
having to drag a bag with her, as she usually needed to keep her hands free, but this time
was different.

It took her a few more minutes to mess around with herself and to set the bathroom
another own apartment in a more tidier state, but after that, she simply fell down on her
bed and sat quietly, eyes closing, and listened to the soft music that lingered through the
air. In a bit, she‟d return to the others on the bridge, but for now, she would simply enjoy
the moment…

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 30.09.2002 at23:59:

Scy bid him but one sentence before she scurried off into the deep dark depths of her ship
without giving him a chance to say, or do anything before she bolted for the door. “Alright
then…” Vaperial mumbled as he looked out at the helm in front of him. The set up of the
bridge was a little different then it had been on his old ship, but most ships except mass
produced military ships were slightly different. He looked out over the various control
stations in the bridge and allowed his glancing eyes to slowly make their way to the main
terminal, the helm, and he headed right towards the seemingly comfortable chair that the
captain was draped all over not five mins. ago. He sat down in the chair, it was large and
soft, probably the most comfortable and humble piece of furniture aboard the entire ship.
Vaperial smiled with satisfaction of the chair‟s feeling, and adjusted it slightly for his height
and likings. He then took the time to look at all of the controls. From this position at the
helm he did have the ability to control any of the other stations and/or functions of the
ship. He grinned, and his eyes gleamed with joy as he slowly and gently placed his hand
down on the control consol. It was just radiating with a sensation of power out of each dial
and switch, every button and control stick, and Vaperial could definitely feel it. Everything
was intricate, and brightly lit up so that the user would have no trouble making out which
button was which. It was a vast sea of various colors, designs, and interesting looking
switches of different sorts. The ship had been placed on auto pilot, and Paxton had locked
the navigational computers onto a set location, then tinkered with it himself to make it
even more efficient, but apparently, everything was running smoothly.

Vaperial took a look at all of the different screams, and read outs to make sure that
everything was as it seemed, quiet, and errorless. Basically, his job now was to continue to
monitor the computer screens and view ports in front of him to check for errors, or
careless mistakes in the navigational rout that could lead them into an asteroid field,
comet, or into the gravity pull of a star. And, if they did happen to encounter a random
band of blood thirsty pirates, or bounty hunters, or law enforcements, it‟d be Vaperial‟s job
to inform Scy immediately before performing any actions on his own, once he was given
instructions, to go through with them, and then wait for further orders. The whole idea of
him not being able to make his own decisions if a situation did arise, was very displeasing
to Vaperial, but he knew he had to follow the rules, and it is what he‟d expect if he was the
captain of the ship. As captain, you don‟t want other crew members on your ship without
authority making key decisions that could result in harm to the ship, or a person on the

Time passed slowly. Everything was fine. Clint was a meticulous navigator and his work
seemed to be spotless, without mistakes. No stray comets were in their path, and no ships
were reported on radar…which didn‟t necessarily mean they weren‟t there. So he kept
watch. His eyes peered out the view ports as he watched the blur of stars fade by with
each passing moment. Occasionally a planet would come into view, or a moon. All things
Vaperial had seen countless times during his life time, yet each time he saw a star, each
time he happened to glance at an asteroid, or a nebula, he was awe stricken, and couldn‟t
help but note its uncanny beauty. From time to time he was forced to look down at the
computer screens, run systems checks, and print status read outs, but just for precaution,
and to make sure he was doing his job up to par so that he would hopefully please the
captain with SOMETHING he did.

For hours he sat there. Alone. He sat at the helm in the comfortable chair, gazing into the
heavens, peering into the splendor of space. And the time passed quickly. He had no
complaints, he loved sitting at the helm, and feeling important, or powerful, like he had in
his glory days. These chances and opportunities were become few and far apart. So he
savored the moment every time he was given the chance. He had wisely chosen to bring
his small head phones and music player to keep himself from growing weary at the wheel.
And when he could feel his eyes slowly starting to droop, and the cold feeling of sleep
creeping up on him, preparing to attack him with a wave of tiredness, he would simply
inject himself with his stimgun and be stimulated once again.


And then came Paxton‟s entrance some time later. Vaperial smiled weakly at his first
comment as he pulled the ear phones out of his ears and set them along with his player
into one of his jacket pockets. “Indeed she has.” Paxton held out his old comm. link which
he had tinkered with and modified to meet the standards of his new crew, and to match
frequencies with those of the ship and the ship‟s comrades. “Thank you Clint.” Vaperial
said as he took the device from the man‟s hands and looked it over. Vaperial watched as
Paxton showed him the new features, and then put his comm. in one of his free pockets as
well. “The watch…it‟s been quiet. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Vaperial then handed the
man a few sheets of papers, the ship‟s status print outs, so the #2 man of the ship could
have a look over them if he felt the need to check up on Vaperial‟s work. “She‟s been
ripping through the stars like butter. The engines on this thing are quite powerful…I‟m sure
if you toyed with them a bit, and threw some more deccas and a few spare parts into her
she could be racing through the galaxy as fast as any aurora out there.” He continued.
“How was your rest?” He gestured for the man to sit down in the co-pilot‟s seat. “Sit down
and keep me company.” He smiled. “Unless you have some pressing issues to attend to…in
that case, I won‟t keep you - ”

Vaperial‟s voice was suddenly cut off as the computer screen in front of him, and the one
to his side, the navigation op. screen began to flash and beep. The beeping was a low and
non-irritating noise, but the flashing, on the contrary, was extremely annoying. Vaperial‟s
eyes quickly diverted from Paxton‟s to the screen at hand and he drove all of his attention
to it at once. He tapped a few keys on the control panel and both the flashing and being
came to an abrupt halt. “It‟s all right.” Vaperial said, though Paxton was watching and
knew exactly what was going on. “Auto pilot just issuing a warning that we are nearing our
destination.” Vaperial pointed to the screen. “We are getting real close, we should prepare
for docking procedures…or rather wake up the captain and find out exactly what she wants
us to do.” Vaperial‟s eyes dropped to another screen, a digital clock. “She‟s only been
sleeping for about four or five hours at most, but we‟ve got no choice.” He looked at
Paxton. “Unless you want to make the decision as to what we do, it‟s just not my place,
you make the call.” He awaited „orders‟ from his new commanding officer…weird.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 01.10.2002 at05:33:

Theo rocked back in his chair, percariously balancing it on it two hind legs, as a yawn
escaped from his lungs. He had been working on the sim for a while now, not actually
getting anywhere, just as the program intended. "Like running around in circles," he
muttered quietly to himself as he brought the chair down to its normal position. He pushed
it back from the small console at stood up, intertwining his fingers behind his back,
bending at the waist, and bringing his arms as far over his head as he could. He heard
multiple pops, then slowly rose from his stretch. He looked around the training area once
more before retreating out to the corridor, from where he headed to his quarters.

The short walk was rather boring, but Theo was pleased to realize that he was finally
begining to get a hang of the ships maze of corridors. He tapped his pass-key into the
control panel next the door, and stepped into his small, and still undecorated quarters. He
removed his clothes and tossed them into a small box in the miniscule bathroom. He
punched a small button and listened as the cleaner began working. He smiled, thinking
about how nice it would be to actually wear clean clothes for once. He couldn't recall the
last time he had been able to wash them, and was even more confounded when he tried to
remember any other clothes he had ever owned in the past year.

He stepped into the shower and turned the small, polished chrome handle to the left,
letting the gentle stream of hot water relax him. He felt clean for the first time in a long
time, and he grinned as he stood under the flow of the water. Maybe being a "ship maid"
wasn't so bad after all. Hell, up to this point, he hadn't even had to really do much of

The cleaner chirrped and Theo killed to water flow with a quick turn of the handle. He
grabbed a towel of the small rack that hung above the toilet, wondering what kind of
designing genuis it took to fit all of these anemities into such a small space. He dried off
and snatched his close of of the small box, leaving the cramped bathroom, listening to the
hiss of the doors as the closed quietly behind him. He dressed quickly, then proceeded to
return his hair to its normal spikey-ness. He flopped down on the small bed, and streched
in a way that would remind almost any one watching of a cat. He closed his eyes and
rolled over, tapping to bedside light switch, and plunging the room into darkness. His last
thought as he drifted into a peaceful sleep was that he would have to buy some kind of
radio when they reached Scorpion 7. It was much to quiet in his room.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 01.10.2002 at05:45:

Clint listened as Vaperial described the engines performance and the possibility of
enhancing their performance to which he replied.
“Most of my time during the refit was spent checking their work but when I get some spare
time there are a few enhancements I do have planed.”
He moved beside the pilots chair “Rested pretty well but never long enough of course, he
replied with a chuckle. “No I haven‟t got anything….” Clint never finished the sentence as
the alarms started.
Clint slipped into the pilots chair and with a slight hiss moved it forward into the
operational position. Gripping the ships controls he dropped the ship out of autopilot and
instantly felt the ship respond to his every movement.
Checking the scanners were clear he pulled the ship around in a tight turn for the sensors
to check behind once again and then satisfied they were clear he resumed course. He
pulled back on the thrusters to just provide manoeuvrability for the ship and reached over
to the comms switch. He turned to Vaperial as he did so “This is the captains call, I‟ll
basically keep us at holding until she can come to the bridge.”
He then pushed the button to Schyphers cabin “Sorry to disturb you but we are just
coming up to Scorpion 7. I have reduced speed and holding, screens are clear.” He release
the button to await her answer.

Posted by Schypher on 01.10.2002 at07:50:

Apparently, the lovely captain had drifted to the welcoming world of sleep, the sensation of
tiredness had finally caught up with her. It was of no surprise, really, she had been in a
half-conscious state through out the day, only her willpower keeping her tall frame up and
about, when all she needed was to pass out at some quiet corner.
Scy shifted softly as the low voice disturbed her peaceful slumber. Wearily, she opened
one blue eye, then the other, before blinking abruptly, trying to compel her eyes to get
adjusted to the dim lighting of the room, which still seemed to sting her delicate oculars
after a hefty amount of sleep. She yawned lazily, before rolling onto her back to listen to
what else the mechanic had to say too her. Reaching the station? Already...? She
pondered incoherently, stretching out her hands over her head on the bed. Schypher had
faded out right where she had sat down, listening to her music playing ever so silently,
casting a series of mellow tunes over the rather barren room. She hadn‟t even noticed it
when she had fallen back upon the warm covers and closed her eyes from the onslaught of
colors and light that wanted to attack them.
Scy sighed softly, contemplating over her sudden need for rest, as it was unusual for her
to crave such a feeble thing when work needed to be done. But, no time better to correct
the past errors than now, so she compelled herself to stand up from the welcoming bed
and try to regain her sense of composure. Time to stride onto the bridge once more…

But, before she could leave, there were a few things needed to do. Her steps carried her
back to the bathroom, where she toyed with her hair until they looked fitting for her
current being, as they had been rather messy scarce minutes ago. Also, she devoured
another duo of pills to keep her headache and mind at bay, stop them from running amok
as they had been doing so often lately. With one last glance at the mirror ahead of her,
she pouted her lips softly and walked out of the room quietly, still struggling for a tight
grip of herself, to keep herself from slashing at someone like she used to do.
On her way out, she grabbed her bag loosely in her left hand before exiting her apartment
and locking the hatch behind her. With calm, calculated steps, Scy neared the bridge,
holding a dullened and slightly fuzzy expression. She walked in carelessly and leaned on
the wall next to the entrance hatch for support. Her eyes slipped over the two men and the
room in a questioning way, making sure that everything was still alright and they had not
managed to blow up anything while she was away.
“As soon as you reach TPT range, I want you to hold the ship and contact Scorpion 7, I‟m
going there through the TPTs, less chance for a routine check up and we‟ll get this done

Posted by Clint Paxton on 01.10.2002 at08:47:

Clint turned his head at Schyphers voice and did a double take. She looked stunning.
“Roger that captain, and might I say you look ravishing” He shook his head, a figure that
would drive any man crazy. But any man who tried to catch her better have good health
cover. He smiled to himself as he eased forward the throttles, increasing the engines
thrust and driving the Retentive forward once more.
He then leant forward and picked up the modified comms-unit “All done though I haven‟t
got the remaining units yet.
As they continued to approach a few blips appeared on long range scans, analysis showed
them as outbound freighters. Comms was erratic at this range but occasionally you picked
up comms chat with station control and outlaying craft. The chatter sounded routine,
always a good sign.
The distance slowly dwindled and Clint keyed the ships comm-system “For your
information we are now approaching Scorpion 7” he released the button and sat back. His
hand reflexively dropped to pat his Bo, neatly folded and stashed in the folds of his jacket.
More and more blips appeared on the screen as they drew nearer to their destination, he
looked over at Vaperial and could see his jaw clenched as he sat there silently. Amid
silence the Retentive continued towards the station, the air was certainly tense, you could
feel it from everyone there.

Posted by John Calston on 02.10.2002 at02:18:

 This is gonna be really short... nothing new.. right...

The door to the bridge slid open revealing Calston on the other side. The Valertrez slid in
and slowed his pace as he viewed the main screens. "I recommend keeping the sensors on
full alert. Engreia's patrols should not be too far away." He took a seat at one of the back
panels leaning back in the chair and watching the crew members standing and sitting at
attention. "Dawater, keep your wits about you. As much as a pain in the ass I am to you,
you might want to listen this time." The Valertrez made a notion torward her comm. "Keep
in touch with us and let us know where you're at. If you set off the alarm we want to have
a TPT lock on you. If we can't, then we'll have to bring the very ship in as a diversion for
your escape. If you can think of a better method you better tell your crew right now."
The Valertrez didn't know how she would react to his advice, nor did he care that much.
However, he wasn't going to let a situation like this go on without his advice.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 02.10.2002 at02:50:

Theo rolled over and slowly opened his eyes, blinking rapidly to clear his still blurry vision.
The room was just as he had left it, and he could barely see in the darkness. The only
illumination came from the small clock that was displayed in the lower left corner of the
computer display screen. He swung his feet around as he sat up, slapping at the wall
repeatedly until he finally hit the light switch. The bright lights came on instantly, causing
the young boy to screw his eyes tightly shut once more. After even more blinking, he
yawned deeply and stumbled across the small room and tapped the control panel that
opened the door. He stepped out into the deserted hallway and looked around for any
signs of the rest of the crew.

He padded quietly down the hall towards the lift and then took it to the main level,
heading for the bridge. He figured someone would have to be there, and he definately
needed someone to talk to. He never thought being on a hunter ship would be so boring!

Hearing voices as he approached the bridge, he picked up his pace and stopped in the door
frame. "Looks like the whole gangs here," he said brightly, the drowsiness evaporating
from his voive as he spoke. He stepped forward and peered at the array of contols. It
appeared that they were nearing Scorpion 7. "About time, I'm going nuts on this ship!"
Theo said, in the voice of a restless child who has been kept in the house all day. "When
we gonna get there?"

Posted by Schypher on 02.10.2002 at19:14:

 Internet fixed! n.n

Schypher glanced at the mechanic with a slight smile settled on her lips, it was always
pleasing to hear a positive emotion about her current appearance. Infact, the Xu-adey
enjoyed any comment which she could agree to. Scy had a rather high opinion of her looks
and she did not care to hide it, but showed it off freely and with out even a tint of
modesty. She knew that she looked good, was there truly a point in hiding it under false
“Why thank you, Paxton.” She stated with a soft chuckle ringing through her voice. Sleep
had left her somewhat unobtrusive towards what was going on around her and it took
much strain from the tall gunner to concentrate on anything at the moment. Rest was
good when it was handed in healthy doses, but it could be rather lethal when obtained in
short, disturbingly moderate, bits and pieces. So Scy would simply have to pay more
attention to waking herself up and making sure that she would not fade out in the middle
of everything.

She frowned slightly at the pilots‟ comment about the elusive communication devices,
though it was to be expected when taking note of their owners‟ sparse moments in public.
Scy was yet to meet any Terran or Valertrez who actually greeted spending time, under
the eye of the masses, with content. Mostly, those people just locked themselves away
from the others and carried on with their silent lives, especially the Valertrez kind, though
to her surprise, the younger individuals were going through a light change lately, turning
into more sociable creatures. Calston seemed to be the stereotypic man of his race, cold
and questioning when it came to other people, but Donivan came off slightly different. He
was young, cheerful and up-beat, not to mention highly talkative and constantly smiling.
What a pleasant change for the bored captains eyes and ears.
“I‟m sure Donivan and Calston will hand their comms in soon enough, or at least Donivan
should, if he has such a thing. I can‟t be sure, considering his fragile age. But when it
comes to Calston, I find myself questioning if he even wishes to link to the ship, seeing
how he acts like he has got a fork up his ass all the time.” She shrugged uncaringly, dark
blue eyes shifting from the respected man to the interior of the room, quietly studying
over each part of the familiar settings. Amazingly, she did not feel astray in The Retentive
anymore, even after the immense renovations. Now, she did not need to compel herself to
feel at home in the vessel, the sensation of warmth and familiarity wrapped itself around
her and kept her safe from doubts. This was home and everything else was to be looked
upon tentatively.

With haste, Scy peered at the array of info and signs on the navigation and sensor
screens, brow furrowing as she noted the amount of different vessels around and how near
they were to the station already. Soon, the time to swoop down into the ready arms of
Engreia would come and the fearless girl would be expected to stand eye to eye with a
particular investigator from I-con. How fun, exchanging info with someone who knew her
brother and his House better than she did. She was just left to pray that everything would
go smoothly and that she would not be left to flee the base with a nasty wound and a bad
tempered officer after her.
“We‟ll be in TPT reach soon, as I can see…I‟m still holding to the promise that I‟m going
alone, no need to drag anyone else with me on this. Vaperial, Calston, Jeneva and our
little stowaway are out of the question anyway, Taidy seems to be busy with endless
sleeping and for you, Clint…Well, I need someone to make sure that these hooligans don‟t
tear up my ship. I‟m leaving you in charge, please keep the crew at bay and allow no one
to scamper onto the station, I‟m not too keen on hunting down my own crew. Especially in
places packed with law-enforcement agents…” Scy gave a playful wink at the two, before
shoving herself from the dull wall and nearing them, intending to pick up her own comm
from the group of other. Must do it before she forgot.

She glanced at the other two that entered, letting Calston's words slip past her completely
as he tried to force on his advice once more. He should have known better not to judge
and give his opinion everywhere, it would only do him harm in the end. As for Theo, she
did not have much to say. "We're not even going to go on the station with the ship, the
only one who is entering the base is me and that is going to be through TPT's. You all will
stay put here and not go staggering off anywhere. Also, I'm a big girl, there is no need to
worry about me, Calston..." Her words were rather emotionless, as she knew fairly well
that they would not matter to Calston anyway, he still wanted to bitch about everything he

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 03.10.2002 at01:00:

Vaperial‟s deep green eyes were glued to the radar screen. His eyes followed the various
bleeps and images, tracking them, predicting their trajectories, praying that they weren‟t
heading in their direction. Slowly, he had managed to block out everything else. He was
oblivious to what was going on around him. The only thing his eyes could see, was the
screen, the bleeps of the potential threats on the radar screen, and the read outs of their
distance, and estimated courses. Everything else was but a blur to him. The only sound
that rang out through Vaperial‟s head was the constant and extremely annoying beeps.
The little blurbs that would sound off constantly as the radar device tracked the ships
through space. The sound rang through his ears, piercing into his head, slamming into his
brain as if they were a sludge hammer drilling into his mind each and every time. He was
not afraid of the ships. Vaperial sure as hell wasn‟t afraid of being killed. But he was afraid
of some how getting someone else on board killed, and then having that tremendous
amount of guilt on his heart. If he was captured by a bounty hunter, thrown into a prison
cell, he was completely confident that he could escape on his own, without the help of the
others. If someone tried to kill him, he knew how to defend himself. But if Scy‟s ship was
raided by some unfriendly ex-friends of Vaperial‟s, then he knew that he wouldn‟t be the
only one to die. And this was too much for him to think about right now.

Luckily, his mind was ripped out of its state of contemplation as the captain made her
entrance, and made it known to the two men. With his peripheral vision Vaperial could see
Paxton turn his head to great the captain, and watched as his jaw nearly dropped open.
Yet for some odd reason, he couldn‟t bring himself to take his eyes off the screens. His
vision of his surroundings, around the screens began to grow less fuzzy again, less blurry.
He was once aware to the things taking place around him. He then was able to bring
himself to look away from the screen and to turn his body towards the captain.

And then, his jaw, along with Paxton‟s dropped. Regaining his composure as fast as he
could, hoping that Scy hadn‟t noticed the look he gave her when he first looked at her.
“Well I must say…this is a pleasant change.” He grinned devilishly. He had to keep a cool
and clear mind in order to perform up to his ability. He rose to his feet, the polite thing to
do when a lady entered a room. Acknowledging the fact that Clint couldn‟t, since he was at
the helm, Vaperial gave him a pat on the back and took a few steps toward his captain. It
was truly amazing. She had transformed herself. Her body, her look…she seemed so
gentle, so beautiful, and yet still had that commanding personality fortifying her character.
“And don‟t think you‟ll be making any teleportation trips alone.” He smiled weakly. “I may
not be the captain, but I won‟t allow it.” He winked to let her know he was merely joking,
and the decision was in fact up to her. “But I really truly do recommend you taking
someone with you. I‟ll be glad to tag a long, even if you want me to stay in the
background, as long as I, or someone else could just watch you and make sure everything
went smoothly. And if for some reason something happened, you‟d have some back up
trying to get out of the sticky situation.” He looked to Paxton. “If you‟d prefer, you can
take Paxton, or even Calston down with you, they can handle themselves very well too.
And if you take Paxton, I will gladly take the helm for him in his absence. But again, as
always, you make the final decision.” He nodded to her and retreated backwards, taking a
few steps back. This left the beauty with her flowing silvery jacket with some space to
make a decision.

Unfortunately the captain chose to simply ignore him, and everything he said. Vaperial
lowered his eyebrow as she chose to just brush off everything he had said, as if he wasn‟t
even in the room. He hissed slightly as she continued on in conversation with Paxton.
Eventually yet another member of the humble crew managed to stumble into the thick
atmosphere of the control room. Calston entered, immediately throwing his opinions up in
the air, letting them be heard. But apparently, Scy chose to disregard him as well. Even
though Calston seemed to be thinking more along the lines of Vaperial. Who
knows…maybe it was just a Valertrez thing to worry about the lives of your friends, and
the passion did not extend to those of the Xu-adey race. Vaperial shrugged his shoulders
and decided to not let the comment get to him. He knew Scy was very opinionative,
though she hated when other people around her were, she was probably the most
opinionative and argumentative of all of them. He didn‟t blame her for it…he just accepted

But what really got to him was what the prideful captain had to say in response to Calston.
Again, Vaperial was being treated like a baby. He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh.
“Whatever. I‟m not sure why I was brought onboard if I will not be allowed to do anything
„cept be babysat by someone that used to serve under my command.” He frowned and
began to walk towards the exit. He was not in the mood to start an argument with Scy,
and he was SURE that she wasn‟t. Especially since they were so close to the TPT range. “It
just doesn‟t make sense. Pay me to sit around.” He added as he walked passed the raving
beauty. “You may be a big girl, but I‟m pretty damn sure I‟m a big boy too.” He just shook
his head and exited the bridge. His shoes could be pounding down on the cold metallic
flooring as he angrily trudged down the long, dark, corridor away from the crew, and the
party taking place inside. On his way out he managed to nearly knock over the boy, Theo,
who had also just made his presence notable to the other members. “Sorry.” He mumbled
as he continued on. Steam rising from his head as he prepared to explode. “This is
pointless.” He said to himself, in a agitated voice. “I am NOT sitting around.” His face
showed an expression of weariness, and unrest. He was very visibly upset.

Posted by Schypher on 03.10.2002 at05:53:
Scy simply blinked as the tall Valertrez trudged past her, quite obviously angered and
depressed for some reason. She knew very well what was wrong, or atleast had a rather
clear view of the reason. Seemed that a conversation with the pirate was in order right
about now.
Quickly, she snatched her comm away from the three remaining units and threw it
carelessly in her pocket. Dark blue eyes slit over the men in the room, expression
remaining slightly contemplative. She wondered, how long would these people be siding
with her in the first place, considering how short such alliances seemed to have become.
Schypher glanced to Paxton and gave a somewhat wry smile, such a messy day had
started. “Just contact me when we reach TPT range and you get confirmation from the
station, I‟ve got to catch the „big boy‟ now.” She sighed softly, before strolling out of the
greyish room herself, lightly stepping after Vaperial and where ever he might of gone to.
The Retentive wasn‟t that big of a ship, no one could be lost easily.

Scy was correct, in a play of mear moments, the pirates back came to her view, as he
walked onward, quite visually fuming of distress. Her steppes increased in pace as she
tried to catch up with the man and finally get to the bottom of everything, maybe even
stop him from acting like an overgrown child for once. Again, in only a few seconds, the
Xu-adey had reached the man and softly tapped him on the shoulder from behind. “Mind
telling me what‟s wrong, Vaperial?” She queried uneasily. It seemed that each time one of
them ended up going after the other, either of the two felt horrid in the end of things. And
at that point, that was nothing Scy would wish for. Besides, she had easily noted the look
she got from the man earlier on the bridge, she really didn‟t know what to expect from the
touchy Valertrez. Scy was not going to allow anyone tag along with her. Aside from being
potentially dangerous to who ever would come with her, it would be most bothering to
keep an eye on herself, the individual that was supposed to keep a watch over her and
hold a clear mind when it came to the Engreia…issue.
Ah well, everything was bound to work out the way she wanted, no?

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 03.10.2002 at06:39:

Vaperial heard footsteps pacing behind his own, and increasing in speed as if they were
trying to catch up with him. But he chose not to turn around and see who was trailing him,
because, he could honestly care less. But when he was lightly tapped on the shoulder, he
was forced to take a look. His grim green eyes lowered slightly to meet with his pursuer
who had tracked him down from the bridge. His feet stopped moving, the thudding sound
of the shoes clanking against the metal died out, the last few murmurs of them echoing
down the long corridor, and he mumbled out, “Yes captain?” She looked at him blankly and
proposed the question. “What‟s wrong? Hell…” He shook his head. “Look, I don‟t think this
is the time for this…you know you don‟t feel like arguing with me right now, and I don‟t
feel like having you hit me with something hard and forcefully in the balls. I do plan on
having children some day you know.” He uttered. “I am just basically sick and tired of
sitting around. We finally get somewhere, and I am ordered to stay onboard the ship, and
ordered to be babysat by a fucking ex-crewmember of mine.” He sighed. “I just didn‟t
think I was being brought into the crew to have my hands tied behind my back, and not do
anything. If you planned on doing it all on your own, you shouldn‟t have brought us.”

Vaperial‟s tone of voice was awfully harsh, and seemingly even cruel sounding. But as his
eyes looked deeper into her own, and deep down inside, through the many layers of selfish
pride, needless anger and overprotection, he could see her softer side. The side that
compelled her to follow him out of the bridge, and though she‟d never admit it, he could
tell that she actually had some feelings for those around her, even Vaperial. His own green
eyes slowly moved away from the lock of her own and skimmed over her figure. He
realized how he was speaking to her, and again shook his head. “Look…I‟m sorry. I don‟t
mean to be an ass. I sure as hell don‟t want to start a fight, and I REALLY don‟t want to
make you all angered right now. But I just don‟t see a point in me being here. Or Calston
for that matter. All we do is cause you grief, or at least that‟s how you make it seem. If we
are such problems, just kick us out. And if I‟m just going to be sitting around on this
„bounty‟ hunt, then stick my ass in a TPT and leave me on the Scorpion station. Because I
will refuse to do that.”

The shinny silvery jacket caught his eye as he again found himself gazing out over her
body, gawking at her…revitalized beauty. He brought his now softened green eyes back to
her own…and even went as far as placing his hand gently down on her shoulder. “Don‟t hit
me. And just listen.” He said in a calm and cool voice. “I do realize that I tend to get on
your nerves…often. I‟m sorry. I‟m working on that…trying to get better, and become
less…annoying to you. But when we finally reach our destination, and after all this hype,
my services will not even be used on the mission, it just kind of pisses me off. I mean…I
am just as skillful, or even more skillful of a fighter than anyone on this ship.” He allowed
his other hand to come to rest on her other shoulder, gently of course. Making sure he
didn‟t wrinkle her delicate looking jacket. And it was more a touch of insurance that he was
being sincere, and maybe had the underlying motives of holding her back if she tried to
knee him in the balls or something. “Scy, I just don‟t want you to get hurt. As crazy as it
sounds…” he leaned back and looked her up and down, “Just look at you…you may be a
kick ass captain, a vibrant and brilliant women, a excellent marksmen, and a whole
shitload more…but you are also a beautiful and delicate women. You are about to venture
off into the devil‟s den, hell‟s gate‟s, by yourself, looking like this…it‟s just not smart. Not
only will you have every damn pirate, convict, and serial killer on the damn station
following you around, but you will be vulnerable to attack alone. Any group of guys,
despite your great skills, will easily overcome you. If you allowed someone…even if it
wasn‟t me to just follow you down there and look after you…follow you in your footsteps,
remain in the shadows, I‟d feel a lot better about this. Knowing that you had some kind of
back up. And I realize you think you can handle yourself just fine, and you CAN. I‟m not
denying that. But it‟s just stupid to take the risk. If you don‟t trust me…” He paused.
“Which would be bullshit, but that just seems to be the way you are with me, and I‟ve
accepted it, then take Paxton and I‟ll tend to the ship while you guys are gone. Just don‟t
do it alone…” He looked into her eyes. “Please…”

Posted by Schypher on 03.10.2002 at07:34:

Through the first portion of his tirade, Scy‟s eyebrows simply lowered and her eyes took on
a darker shadow, glaring at the man in silent contemplation. Such disgrace that he was so
rushing about everything, finding even a day of just sitting and relaxing horribly boring
and energy consuming. Schypher had noticed how he walked around lonesomely, ready to
talk with anyone about anything, just for the sake of companionship. It seemed that he
was almost running from something. Himself, memories, thoughts, maybe even what had
happened to his friends by now? It was all familiar to Scy, she knew how he felt and how
he fought to drown his emotions most of the time, though he was less successful than she
was. Maybe he just had a bigger heart, finding it within himself to forget his own troubles
and reach out to a few others that were quite obviously in pain, not dwell in his own
worries. Any person that had gone through a period of stress in their life, knew that
mental pain was much more devouring and anguishing than physical could ever be. The
wounds of the body could be healed, but the scars on ones mind and thoughts would
forever remain. It wasn‟t hard to understand the Valertrez and it seemed to go both ways,
the man had a rather clear and righteous understanding of Scy also, as strange as it was.

As he carried on, the Xu-adey‟s eyes trailed slightly upward to meet his, allowing herself to
listen to his confused words and peer into those quaint dark green eyes of his. It never
stopped amazing her, how some people could feel so incredibly worried about her, just a
rather plain person amongst so many others that were both better and smarter than she
could ever be, holding actual importance, when she was just so...common. But, she was
not about to sink back to her insecurities and let the fact, that she was counted as nothing
in both her own -lately, atleast- and others eyes, get to her. There were people who cared,
might just concentrate on them. She smiled wryly as Vaperial mentioned the little struggle
they had had just awhile ago, causing her so much shame and on him, simplistic
discomfort and soreness. But back then, the cocky pirate had most certainly deserved
everything he got, if not more.
As his last word was left to linger in the air, Scy's hand raised and she placed two of her
fingers on his lips gently, just to keep him from talking more and ruining what he had
stated before. He had said everything the captain could stand at that point and she was
not in the mood to fight him, knowing that Vaperial would probably not do anything to her.
And frankly, she did not wish to cause harm on anyone at that very moment.

“Just be quiet, for a moment, and let me talk. I understand that you don‟t feel comfortable
with sitting around, even though it has only been one day. Patience is a virtue, may I
remind you. You‟ve just got to wait a little bit. I asked you two with me because I‟m rather
certain that I‟ll need help with everything later on and not because I wanted to bother you
or whine about everything you do, you're are not here as my personal boxing bag. If I
would have wanted, or thought it to be possible, I would have done everything alone and
with only the help of my current crew. I know that you are a very skilled fighter, believe
me, I have seen enough previews to last me for awhile. I‟m certainly not going to TPT you
anywhere or leave you adrift in an escape pod because I do need your assistance and you
aren‟t half bad if you for once stopped acting like a child. See, I don‟t want you to go and I
despise it that you think differently of my views about that. And for Calston, well, if he is
good with a gun, I have nothing against him either, keeps me on my toes and alert.
Furthermore, I know that you and the rest of the crew are concerned about me heading to
Scorpion 7 alone but I don‟t want to drag anyone with me on this because most of these
jokers have a much larger chance of getting hurt than I ever have. The only ones I trust
enough to take with me are Paxton, Taidyne and you, anyway. The first two are out
because I need them to keep an eye on the ship- they know the most about it- and you
don‟t seem to like that station, plus, you could get in trouble and I don‟t want to see that…
Of course, if you insist on coming along, I can‟t stop you but I don't not want to see you,
or anyone else from my crew, get hurt or disappear on the Scorpion Stations…Just calm
down and relax, I‟ll be okay and I can handle myself just fine, as you said…” Her fingers
trailed away from his lips, brushing over his chin. He must have understood that she hated
seeing the people around her worry, but it had to be like this, it was in her to question
them and demand to go alone. This was a matter of great importance to her, it would have
felt so much safer if she could have done it alone...Not risk with the others.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 03.10.2002 at08:11:

Clint sat at the controls as the room soon started to fill with people, a rare occurrence
since the ship had left port. At Schyphers request he nodded his head “Sure thing, I‟ll give
you a call as soon as we get clearance.
When she told him he was in charge of the ship till her return he sat there motionless for a
second, speechless. What could he say. He knew how she felt about the Retentive and he
was surprised she would delegate the task to him. He knew he could handle the job but
she caught him off guard.
“Sure thing Captain” was all he could get out. There was nothing more to say after all, just
do the job and be ready for her call if things went sour.
He remained on manual, his hands lightly holding the controls as he savoured the
moment. He was in control of this huge vessel as it barrelled through space. It responded
smoothly to his every touch and so far had not missed a beat. Behind him the other crew
members were discussing their thoughts on Scorpion 7.
Still they drew closer to their destination, an orb silently spinning in space. The outcome?
Clint felt he was ready for any sort of request made by the captain should things turn to
paste. He smiled to himself, the best layed plans always turned to mush the first second it
starts. He felt she was right, one person had a better chance to get in, do whatever and
get out. More people just meant more chance of ruffling someone‟s feathers.
Communications was relatively clear now and Clint listened as the stations control team
worked the variety of space craft coming and going. They were quick, precise and
authoritative. Not quite rude, but pretty damn close. Ships coming and going were given
their vectors or docking destinations with no questions asked.
But he had to hand it to them, they were moving the variety of craft efficiently as he
watched them track across his sensor screens. Well no time like the present to reach out
and touch someone.
“Scorpion 7 control this is the Retentive requesting permission to enter your operational
space.” He had only just finished his sentence when a woman‟s crisp voice replied.
“Retentive, Scorpion 7 control. What is your destination and business?”
OK so she is not one for small talk he though to himself “Request an orbital station,
crewmember to TPT aboard your station.” He waited for a response that was not long in
“Permission granted. Proceed to beacon V439” A dot on his screen began to blink as the
control activated the beacons transmitter. “Contact transport directly for the crew‟s
movements. Be advised you are now under Scorpion 7‟s jurisdiction.” The speaker went
dead, she had said all she was going to and her final words sounded like business.
Keying the comms to Schypher “Moving to our allotted beacon now having obtained
permission to orbit the station. They request you contact transport directly for entry to the
station.” As he spoke he was manoeuvring the ship towards the beacon flashing constantly
on the screen. Deftly he brought the ship to a halt near the beacon with her nose pointed
at the station. Smaller target and he didn‟t have to turn around if he had to rush into the
station. Of course if he had to run. Oh well, he thought.
On station he brought the Retentive to a complete stop and was going through the process
of powering down as he again keyed the comm-unit “Stopped on station but we will be
sitting hot so we can leave on your command.” With a smile he added “Remember to play

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 04.10.2002 at03:32:

As Scy‟s hands began to rise upwards towards his face, he nearly flinched. But he was
overwhelmed with a sense of comfort and repose as she gently placed her fingers on his
lips, a gesture intended to shut him up. But a nice gesture none the least, and the first
truly benevolent act that Schypher had issued or displayed in front of Vaperial since they
first met. To say the least, he was incredulous.

He listened to her words as she spoke to him, her cool and calm words falling out of her
mouth and whisking up into his ears. And he understood her. When she was done
speaking, and her fingers fell away from his lips, he brought his own to fingers up to his
mouth and rested them for a mere moment on the very same spot that Scy had just
recently had her hands. He then removed his fingers and took a long hard stare at them.
His dark green eyes, now filled with intrigue and contentment, rolled upward once again to
meet with the captain‟s eyes. He smiled, a real smile, not a false or enhanced smile, a
genuine grin. “Thank you…thank you Schypher.” He said, silently in a low voice. “I do not
wish to intrude on your business and plans for the Scorpion stations, if you would rather
go alone, you go alone.” His hands fell from her shoulders, slowly. Running down her arms
smoothly before he released his tender grasp on the beautiful young captain. “But do at
least one thing for me.” He looked down at her dress ensemble, and spotted a small bulge
in one of her pockets. He pointed to the pocket; know that it was her comm. stashed
safely away and out of public‟s view. “Keep that on, and if there is a problem, let ME know
right away. Don‟t get yourself hurt.” He smiled again, more casually this time. “We will all
be waiting right here for you on your ship. And I‟ll be waiting by the TPT incase I‟m

And then they were interrupted by Paxton‟s voice wiring over Scy‟s comm. “Alright then.
It‟s settled. You go alone. If you‟d like I‟ll accompany you to the TPT room, since that‟s
where I‟ll be stationed until your safe return anyway.”

Posted by Schypher on 04.10.2002 at04:23:

How very surprising, the Valertrez actually chose to understand and respect her decision
and wish. Such an overwhelmingly delightful change of pace, considering how salty he was
towards most of Scy‟s plans, on a daily basis. She smiled slightly, while taking Vaperials
amazement over her non-violent way of dealing with things into consideration quietly. This
must have been the first time they solved something with out bloodshed and it
With a careless motion of her hand, she hushed away the former pirates‟
acknowledgements, there was no need for them, before flicking her dark blue eyes up to
him again. The somewhat darker shadow had long ago faded away from her oculars and
they had now taken on their usual hue of blue. “Yes, I‟d rather go alone, besides
everything else, it might save us a considerable amount of time…I‟ll make sure that the
comm doesn‟t get dislocated from me, it will stay on my person at all cost. And sure, you
can walk me to the first TPT.” The last statement was clearly chiming with a much more
relaxed tone, incredibly pleasing that everything ended so easily and in a non-harmful

With a startling crack, even though it was quite lowly audible, the small communication
device blinked to life in Schypher‟s silvery jackets pocket. She twitched lightly of the
sudden fright that the overactive and much too loudmouthed item gave her. But her mind
settled within a brief moment or two and a mear sigh escaped her lips, as she compelled
her mind to pay attention to the statement that the miniature thing broadcasted. Clint had
done a marvellous job with the comms, Scy was completely sure of it. She had had weeks
to observe the mans‟ work and dedication to the ship while it was taken over by the mob
of twits with a supposed degree in ship mechanics and computer engineering. Truthfully, if
it hadn‟t been for Paxton, the crotchety captain would have long ago maimed someone, be
it due to her painful headaches or her streak of violence and pure anger going overboard,
one or more inoffensive souls would have gotten hurt rather badly. Scy didn‟t play around
when she was peeved and it should have been one of the very first things that anyone
noted when it came to her, it was much smarter to remain silent than object to anything
that the gunner thought or demanded. In that case, she just might not try to inflict harm
on anyone and save herself from a most unwelcomed guilt trip later on. Her mind worked
in mysterious and often confusing ways.

Proposing an apologetic look to the pirate before her, her hand shifted into the depths of
her right lower pocket and after a tense moment of rummaging through it, she located the
slippery black thing and hoisted it out of the silky inner of the pouch. At the pilots‟ last
comment, Scy couldn‟t help but smirk slightly. How quaint, everyone knew that she liked
to play by her own rules, play dirty. “Don‟t I always…?” She purred softly as an answer to
Paxton, an amused tint ringing through her voice.
Now, would be the correct time to contact the station, regarding her future trip through
the terrifyingly unstable tubes that were entitled as „TPTs‟. Many spacers tried to avoid
them at any cost, never having much trust towards the strange things, Scy was no
exception. Though she never lowered herself to a state of fear, an uneasy twirl went
through her stomach each and every time before she had to enter one of those eye-
catching things. But everyone had something they felt uneasy about…

Keying away at her comm, eyebrows lowered, she struggled to get the hang of its new
settings and course of action. It was professionally done, no doubts about it. In only a
moment or so, Scy had found what she needed and was now well on her way to contacting
the base through the ship. A feeble beep casted through the comm, stating its readiness to
serve. “Scorpion Station 7, this is the captain of the Retentive speaking, vessel SW-12881,
requesting permission to TPT onto the station.”
Momentarily, a ready female voice countered her with a question, it was all standard
procedure. Scy was certain that she couldn‟t of been much happier than the Xu-adey
herself was. “State your business.”
“Private.” Was all she uttered and it simply had to do, for it was all they really needed to
“Number of travellers?”
“Permission granted, we‟ll be ready to TPT you in 3 minutes. Please proceed to the security
check at the door when you exit the TPT.” And with that, the female voice disappeared and
the comm was left to die down alone.

“I think we can go now…” She muttered, throwing the device back into her pocket.
Posted by Theo Donivan on 04.10.2002 at18:06:

Theo moved over to the side of the bridge and hurumphed loudly as Scy made her decision
about going by herself. He was feeling the need to get off the ship, and soon. He looked
out the main window once more, staring at the various ships that flickered like faint specks
of light against the black void of space. The space station loomed in front of them, growing
more imposing as they neared. Given that Scy had headed for the TPT room, Theo figured
that they must be pretty close.

He watched as Vaperial stormed out, quite obviously irked about something, although
Theo wasn't quite sure what. He leaned against the side wall as he stared absently into
space, the dancing light of the stars leading him into a trance like state. He thought about
all that was going and that had gone on. He was still fuzzy about what their mission was,
and his puropse on the ship was just as unclear. All he had found out was that they were
looking for a doctor, but he didn't know why they were at Scorpion 7. He was pretty sure
that it wasn't the place the Scy had said she expected to find him. And as for his role on
the ship, all he had been told that was that he would be allowed to say on as the "ship
maid." But up to this point, he hadn't exactly done much.

Theo sighed deeply and walked to the back corner of the bridge, taking a seat against the
wall and staring out into space. Maybe Scy would give him something to do when she got
back. He was going nuts with nothing to do.

Posted by Schypher on 04.10.2002 at23:29:

In sacred silence, the two strolled towards the nearest TPT. The ship was as quiet as ever,
only the sounds of their footsteps hitting the grey floor with a thud, creating an echoing
ring through the halls, and the steady hum that the reactor forged far away from them.
The quietness graced Schypher, surrounding her with a mist of serenity, which she did not
dare to cut open, in fright of ruining the very special moment. The gunner had always
believed that things must be allowed to flow in their own way and be disturbed as little as
possible, lack of noisy interference was one such thing, better left to grow or dim in its
own time. When alone, she had often simply laid down and listened to the shrill of
complete emptiness, deaffening in its own way. Before you had felt complete in
nothingness, you could not feel at home anywhere else. Not in your thoughts, not in the

The large tube came to view in a slight moment, standing proudly alone near the entrance
of the medical bay, which had most probably remained barren even now, due to the
sudden illness, which the sarcastic little medic had seemingly caught. If Scy would have
had more time, the strength and courage to deal with her friend and most of the others on
the ship at the current moment, she would have long ago queried why Taidy had been so
withdrawn from outside life and others lately. But sadly enough, she was trapped in the
endless circles of inner contemplation‟s, that her incredible self love and hate brought on.
How could anyone expect her to think straight and clearly, when she was still pondering
whether she was a gift or a curse on society?

She came to a stop a mear 5 feet before the TPT and turned her head lightly, to meet
Vaperial‟s face. In a most usual way, she casted a light smile to him, a frail attempt at
settling the mans‟ worries and degrading his insecurities about allowing the young, and oh
so very eye-catching, captain into the welcoming, or strangling, arms of the station. Of
course, it was quite heart-warming, the worry that fumed from him, even though Scy
found it to be most unnecessary. But, let him reflect his anxiety on her, it was much
pleasing than seeing his anger, after all.
“I certainly don‟t demand or even expect you to wait for me here, but if you insist on
simply sitting around and waiting for my safe return, I doubt I‟ll be away for more than a
few hours. Take care…” And with that, her steps devoured the short gap between her and
the teleportation device and her form was confined in it. She gave a prompt wave and a
smile, before the hatch closed in front of her, cutting the Xu-adey off from the grim pirate.

Dark blue eyes closed softly, long delicate eyelashes falling to a rest. She breathed in
deeply, gathering her fading courage for the upcoming ordeal. Somehow, being placed in a
simple tube was greatly more horrifying than being cramped in a station full of dangerous
criminals and equally as treacherous officers from the laws side of things.
The thrilling sensation of fading away took over her tall form, as the device whirred to life,
piece by piece nicking away at her. Each and every time, the horrendous fright of being
lost forever returned to her, pulling the girl into a choking hold which she could not escape
from. Yet, still she struggled against it and smacked it right under all the other emotions.
Positive thinking, it must have helped…

The very first thing she noticed, when opening her eyes after a number of seconds had
floated by, was the brightly lit interior of a large room, stretching far, before being
countered with a grey wall. The sides of the room were lined with many TPT‟s, Mark7‟s as
it seemed. Apparently, the hatch of Scy‟s „tube of dislocation‟, as it had been known
amongst a group of the Xu-adey‟s friends once, had already skimmed open, thus allowing
her the sight that met her now. With a weary, though very short-lived, sigh, she grasped
her bag more securely in her left hand and stepped out onto the correct and thoroughly
cleaned floor. A quick shot of pain rushed through her body, compelling a shiver to run
through her with breathtaking energy. The gravitational settings of the station were a
complete shock to her, it had been so long since she last had visited this place and it had
slipped her mind, that they were so painful for all others than Terran's and most
Valertrez's. The level was forged after their likes, as they were the majority that had
greeted the base. It would most certainly take a small bit of getting used to from Scy, her
Xu-adey origin seemed to step in at the most uncomfortable times.

Oh well, time for another short adventure…

Posted by Schypher on 05.10.2002 at16:14:

 Writers block evilness. u.u Going slower than I hoped.

The sickening feeling of vertigo had casted in ravenously, compelling an ache to run
through the Xu-adey‟s frame at the very same instant that the shiver had started. How
very fragile she was towards the constant changes of gravitation, even the slightest
alteration could easily humble her to her knees in gruesome surrender to the insidious
force. One of the few flaws that she had ever found at being Xu-adey, such a meritorious
race as a whole.
Inhaling deeply, her eyes fluttered open and dashed about the room hastily, affirming that
no one had noticed her sudden failure at acting becomingly to herself. It was in no way
startling or new, that she cared for what others thought, looking proper and being
respected ment much to the young gunner.
Pushing back her silver topped shoulders, she straighten her tall semblance and shook her
head softly, brushing off the previous incident as mightily as possible at that moment,
there was no time to dwell in such a minor thing. Though an unappealing sting still
remained at the back of her head, she pushed on, cringing inwardly. Maybe it would have
been smarter to pull someone with her, to shelter her from the confusing atmosphere of
the station...But then again, would she truly be easeful with allowing somebody to witness
her feeble weaknesses? Probably not…

In the surgically clean chamber, there were two others beside the fairly disturbed female -
two Engreia uniformed males, eyes turned away from her respectfully. Scy was thankful
that they did not grace her with more fascination than needed or expected. Both stood in
sombre silence at a large opened hatch, wearing a standard and quite appealingly blue
apparel, which was behind an unobtrusive gate like creation, the grey coating of it
throwing off a dim sheen. The twosome seemed Terran or Valertrez, lacking the eye-
catching imprintings of the Xu-adey kind and the trademarks of either Atevi or Hani race.
It was to be expected, they were dominant in both Engreia and the base after all.
Flicking one long strand of blue hair behind her ear, she approached the men, her usual
look of self-respect and assertiveness returning to her features in full fervour. Upon
reaching the inferior officers, she was stopped with a succinct requisition for her ID and if
she was bearing any kind of life threatening weaponry. Swiftly, Scy handed the card and
declared that she was not holding anything out of the ordinary, besides a paining
headache, of course. The first of the two flashed a short smile to the leggy young captain,
before handing back the white plastic leaf and permitting her to pass through between him
and his partner and proceed through the entry. With out a moment of doubt, Scy walked
through the gate and portal, safely as one could be. She knew very well that both the door
and the makeshift gate held a sufficient scanner device, which skimmed over her body in
hopes of finding hidden armoury. But, with the masker device safely settled in her simple
bag, Scy passed through with out a care and was released to stroll around the rest of the
gigantic metallic lump of a station.

Schypher had been to the Scorpion‟s before, for a curt amount of time, granted, but it had
been enough to get acquainted with the general placement of most of the more important
locations. So, after a short promenade through the halls, graciously entitled as „streets‟,
she reached the central axis of the station. On her way through the heavily populated
areas, she had only noted so much, enough to prove that she had not become completely
alien to the place, but also showing that she had been horridly disillusioned. It had
changed greatly, loosing its once rugged charm to be replaced with tactful efficiency and
order. Everything looked much calmer than it had been a year ago, when she had last
came to visit. The business-like moving of the masses and the very few leers she had
attracted, reminded her of Capella, with out the staggering and overly serious flocks of
mechanics. It was a pleasant change, though Scy knew that under the disillusioning cover,
the people were still the same and had not transformed to anything less dangerous or
plotting. Vaperial had been correct, this was no place for any young woman to visit for an
extended period of time alone.

Not much time passed, before the ponderous girl managed to seizure one of the various
„cabs‟, that inhabited the endless sum of ritelanium pipes. Her travel started from C-deck
and carried upwards, each passing floor sculpting a breathtaking sight before the Xu-
adey‟s eyes. The magic seemed to beam from each and every piece that Scy‟s dark blue
eyes met through the clear glass.
Her trek forced her on after leaving the confinement of the elevator, now down a much
different corridor than before. It was smaller and duller, only a few others tinted the tunnel
besides Schypher, nothing out of the usual, considering that she was now in one of the
main I-con controlled levels and civilians were rare there. In a feeble number of minutes,
Scy was greeted by the view of a large desk in the middle of a spherical room, where a few
other passageways met. Bravely, she stepped closer to the console, the irritating clank,
that her heels made, now disappearing, due to the thin carpeting that engulfed the floor.

Before she could say a word, the curious yellow eyes of a lanky ateva met her, startling
her ever so flimsily. The ebony females dark hair were tied in a high pigtail, playfully
swaying back and forth as her head raised to scrutinise the new visitor. It was remarkable
that an ateva had chosen to work in such a demanding establishment as Engreia,
especially seeing that she had taken on such a menial task as acting as the receptionist.
Ah well, she was young, did not look much older than Scy herself was, she still had plenty
of time to make something of herself. “ How can I help you?” She questioned cheerily, a
dainty smile playing over her lips in carefree glee. The sensation of happiness obviously
engulfed the youthful maiden, the only thing to hope for, was that she had the ability to
clutch it for as long as possible, it was a comely feeling for anyone and it had to be
Unintentionally, a frail smile spread over Scy‟s lips also, she was affected by the joy that
gleamed from the ateva. “Yes, I believe you can…” She uttered, throwing the straps of her
bag over her left shoulder. “I am here in prospect of getting to talk with investigator
Keveth, from CTD. If he is available, may you contact him and announce that someone
with information about the Experia House wishes to speak with him, and point me in the
general direction of his office?” She queried, pleading for his presence in her thoughts. The
pain in her head refused to fade away, instead it kept getting worse with each trice she
spent in the vicinity of a rabble of people, the sooner she got away, the better.
The ateva nodded briefly, before her magnificent golden eyes returned to the screen
infront of her and her fingers started to tap away at the custom keyboard. Still studying
the illuminate screen infront of her, brow furrowed, she voiced. “Yes, he is available at the
moment…But I can not insure that he will communicate with you, not a very sociable man,
even when it comes to his work. I will inform him of your presence. His office is rather
close, take the first corridor on your left, when you meet the intersection, go to the right,
then left again and then straight on until the 7th door on your left, he should be there.”
“Thank you.” Scy stated, memorising the instructions she had been handed, before
retreating from the desk and the busy ateva.
"You're welcome, serel..." She muttered, not raising her oculars but working on. It amazed
Scy quite a bit, that the quaint female knew one of the more widely used indicators of
respect in the most used version of Xu-adey dialect. It was uncommon, that someone who
was not of the Xu-adey kind, knew the proper honorifics. If only there were more of such
mirthy and educated individuals…

The Xu-adey exited the circular room silently, eyes somewhat glazed over as she tried to
walk through the boxy tunnels unharmed and riot against the violent discomfort that
threatened to overtake her thoughts.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 06.10.2002 at17:45:

Clint sat there at the controls, ensuring the ship maintained it‟s position. Along side the
designated beacon the Retentive hung in space with it‟s powerful engines now silent.
Though the systems were not fully shut down and the ship could be underway in a
moments notice but to scans from the station there were no power emissions to signify
she was ready for a “fast getaway.”
He watched the internal sensors spike as the TPT system on board Scorpion 7 transferred
Schypher across the vacuum of space and reconstructed her matter inside the steel shell
visible to them through the main view ports. Well she is certainly alone now Clint thought
to himself, whether for better or worse only time would tell.
He set up the internal communications system and his personal comms-unit to monitor
any transmission she might make. He eased back the pilots chair to the rest position and
ran a check over the systems. He also kept an ear on the stations control transmissions as
the craft came and went. A station this size had a continuous stream of transports, military
and luxury craft. The control would administrate with every one and the first sign of
trouble could be a lock down of ship movements.
He was not about to leave the control room any time soon so he set about running a
variety of low level diagnostics on the various systems to ensure the maiden voyage had
not produced any small quirks. They were now at a point where they would need
everything to function at 110% and he was not about to let a small glitch cause a problem.
The various computer programs ran through the main computer that interfaced with the
internal power drives and propulsion systems. He would not run anything through the
weapon systems just to be on the safe side. Each test came back with a clear status but
Clint still varied the programs and rerun the simulations.
Not only did it ensure the ships was fully operational, it helped pass the time. Keeping
oneself busy was the key. Sitting there and waiting let your imagination get the better of
you. Thinking the worst because you hadn‟t heard anything in a while and then you start
to get on edge and that‟s when mistakes can happen.
It was what worked for him anyway.
He wondered how Vaperial was handling it. Certainly a man of action who didn‟t take
sitting on his hands very well. Theo sat quietly at the back of the control room with his
own thoughts, Calston near him having made his feelings known was now a silent statue.
Each one was an unknown variable, Clint had not seen them in a tight situation before and
was unsure how they would react. For that matter, they had not witnessed him either so
they would be just as unsure and dubious about him. Such situations made it hard for a
new group to work as a team and teamwork was essential to keep everyone alive.
Clint sighed and leant back in the chair as his eyes drifted towards the monolith floating
before their viewports. A floating city where anything could happen and Schypher was
there alone.
Posted by Schypher on 06.10.2002 at23:14:

Fingers slowly playing through the highly placed strands of darkly blue hair, falling over
her right shoulder and creating a dimmed contrast with the bright silver that was her
jacket, she scampered on towards her fate. The halls were excruciatingly long and dull,
even though brightly lit, nearly no shadows came to dance on the walls or sparks of light
to bounce from one location to another. The shells were covered with a sleek black tone,
devouring all that could have brightened the glowering mood of the intimidating base.
Pointless to say, Schypher didn‟t feel the most comfortable, confined within the walls of a
station controlled by the organisation she was ment to fear at the moment.
It was all quite depressing and the anxiety burning inside her only managed to make it
worse, as usual. If her brother, the dearest and most cherished person the young girl had
ever had, would be captured and most likely killed, she could never forgive herself. The
burden that had fallen upon her shoulders was too much to bear, each passing moment
wished to compel her to break under the pressure and trepidation. But she couldn‟t, the
one thing she had to do was keep calm, clear of mind and make sure that the pounding
ache in her head would not overcome her rational thinking. If only the medicines would
have been brought along…

After a stroll, lasting a total of a good 10 minutes, Scy‟s dark oculars met the door that she
was destined to enter. Breathing in deeply, she set closer, uneasily shifting her weight
from one leg to the other. Her fingers left the softness of her long hair and slid towards
one of the buttons on the panel next to the doorframe, intending to catch the attention of
who ever was in the office. She pushed it down gently, stalling only for a mear twinkling,
before pulling back her hand and waiting idly for the hatch to open. Mentally, she could
almost hear it, a high-pitched array of notes ringing through the apartment, querying the
mans‟, who was most probably seated behind the lone table, attention. Before a minute
could pass, the large black sheet skipped to an opening before the tall Xu-adey, allowing
her a glimpse of the chamber she was about to enter. The choice of colours could have
been counted as rather unique, a range from deeply red to the brightest of whites. It was
a disillusioning myriad of reds, whites and even a shy tint of black could be noted in the
unorthodox settings. It was inexplicable for the dusk approving gunner, but there was no
time to frown over the chosen colour scheme. What interested her more, was the solemn
figure behind the large desk. Prolonged carmine hair tied into a low tail, sedate, if a bit
mischievous, yellow eyes settled on the vertiginous female and strong hands resting
tranquilly on the wooden plate before him. He was a perplexing vision for Scy‟s eyes, a
man who simply oozed ascendancy. He seemed Valertrez, because of the startling tone of
sun in his eyes, which was a rare and extraordinary trait amongst simple Terran‟s, and the
simplistic calm and coldness that surrounded his well dressed self. He was enough to
trigger a series of disturbing thoughts in Scy‟s mind, wondering how very possible it was
for her to be seen through by the high-ranking man.

With a motion of his right hand, he beseeched the maiden to come closer and lower herself
to one of the two black chairs, which preceded the wooden excuse of a desk. Irascibly,
Schypher neared the seat on her right and sat down in an orderly way. Who would have
guessed it, she could sit properly.
The two people peered at each other with mild interest, studying over one another in a
most subtle way. At any other circumstance, Scy could have found the Valertrez mildly
attractive, shame that all the good ones were on the wrong side of things.
To her prevail, the investigator decided to be the first who spoke a word, relieving the
spazzed captain from attempting to start the conversation off. “So, what brought you to
my humble presence, miss…?” He queried, a ponderous twinkle glimmering away in his
optics. It was evident, that he was solely trying to get the discussion rolling, the gleeful
ateva must have informed him of his visitors expected data.
“Dawater, sister of Nazaramu Dawater, or Nehet, as you might know him. I am here,
because I have heard that you are the most capable person to turn to, when one has some
facts about the Experia House. And, thanks to the frivolity of my dearest sibling, he has
accommodated me with just that, info about his House and the ships…” She had managed
to push her state of mind to a more calmer one, thus her appearance had also composed.
She could almost feel secure again.
Keveth‟s eyebrow furrowed, as he laid back on the back of his chair and continued to gaze
at his newly acquired guest. It was not everyday, that someone came to offer him
something useful about the Experia House, a pirate grouping that he had perused for over
two years. “Undoubtedly, you have something to gain from this…May I be notified of what
it exactly is, that you are getting out of this, because I doubt that anyone could give out
their brother to the Engreia, with out hope of getting something for it?” He uttered, while
his hand reached towards the lower portion of the lectern, to force the door to his bureau
to close.
A light smile curled on Scy‟s lips, as she looked at the Valertrez. He was slightly amazed by
her willingness to share her findings. “I‟m a Xu-adey and frankly, I don‟t enjoy the fact
that my twin works as a pirate. Not only is he soiling my families proud name, but he has
deliberately gone against me, my views and has not cared about what this will to to my
reputation. To put it shortly, I have no brother anymore and that…that shell of a man and
his pathetic House deserves fitting actions taken against them. And yes, I am expecting
something in return. Namely, I need some knowledge about a few individuals…” She
sighed peevedly, her lips hardening to a straight line.

The man simply chuckled, it was such a common thing when it came to the Xu-adey folk,
strange people. Morals higher than the heavenly clouds and still they wanted more.
“Alright Dawater, simply cool down a bit and tell me what have you got, I doubt that a
little data exchange would hurt anyone. As long as the people who you want to know
about are not very prominent figures, I can arrange something. If what you give me is
good enough…” The smile retreated and gave way to a somewhat bland, but attentive
look. “May I treat you to some water?” He questioned carelessly, peeking at the
disgruntled femme.
Scy looked up moderately surprised, before shrugging her shoulders docilely. Everyone
had their quirks, even relatively pleasant I-con officers. “Sure. Anyway, about the Exteria
House. It has come to my attention, that a feeble click or two away from Tirasht, one of
the House‟s main smuggling vessels has been through an inner explosion, thus leaving it
practically immobile, as the parts that were harmed were mostly the main pair of thrusters
and the reactor. They‟re drifting only thanks to their life support cell and who knows how
long that thing will last…” With that, she pulled out the datapad, that had been safely
hidden away from the rest of the curious world. She threw it on the table with ease,
afterwards sinking back into the seat.
Keveth glanced at it hastily before nodding lightly. “Just a second…” Once more, his fingers
searched for one of the levers under the desk. A small panel rose up from the seemingly
tedious thing, a comm device of some sort. “Yerale, please get someone to bring a pitcher
of Ced water and hurry it up.” A prompt “Yes, sir.” Sounded through the link, by a voice
that Scy easily recognised to be the light-hearted ateva‟s.
The Valertrez picked up the pad from infront of him on the table and started to peruse it in
delicate silence, brow furrowed and thoughts completely distant from anything that did not
involve the material he was reading at the moment. So Schypher was left to pry at her
surroundings, inwardly still dazzled at the strange pick of colours. It was a rather rare
sight, when anyone from the respected Engreia did something so outrageous with their
The water arrived shortly, being carried by a youthful looking Xu-adey, who the gunner
nodded to curtly, before he managed to flee from the room. She was pointed to fill a glass
for herself, which she did, and let the sweet liquid rinse her dry throat. The „meeting‟ went
on in awkward silence for awhile, as the investigator was still busy flipping through the
pad. Finally, he looked up at his little informator and gave a content smile, finally,
something halfway trustworthy had landed on his doorstep. “I‟m thankful for this. Also,
there will be no problem with our trade, you have my word on it. Anything else you wish to
add?” Keveth uttered, rugged thumb rubbing over the sleek cover of the pad.
Scy shook her head lightly. Once again, her guts had gone on a vicious rampage, intending
to bring forth as much pain as possible. She wanted out, especially because she had done
everything in her power. All had gone smoothly, just as she had expected it to. “No, I
think that should be all, the pad has everything you need to know…As soon as you find
what I want, officer Keveth, please forward it to the Aurora Retentive, that is where I shall
be placed. If you do not mind, I would wish to retreat now…” She stood up a bit shakily,
her head and stomach giving a private concert just for her. She felt bad, incredibly bad.
Posted by Schypher on 06.10.2002 at23:23:

A sudden frown shaded his expression, as he eyed the captain. This was going slightly
different than what he had expected. She couldn’t…She wouldn’t…Soft-hearted little bitch…
He cursed wordlessly. His plans were altered and not by himself, naturally, he was not
thrilled about it. “If you are sure that there is nothing more, then yes, I guess you are free
to leave. I will escort you to the exit.” He stood up slightly after the Xu-adey, opened the
hatch once again, and slowly trudged out, walking grimly next to Schypher. He needed to
talk with someone, or rather, blow up in someone‟s face.
They reached the circular room in a while, the trip quite annoyingly animated by a
bombardment of pointless questions from the investigator. But the gunner simply
shrugged them off and carried on, the sickening feeling in her stomach had started to
grow, expand and the girl was not happy at all about such arrangements.

Bleakly, the two departed under the golden eyes of the ateva, Scy heading straight for the
corridor that promised her salvation from the cruelty that was Engreia.
Meanwhile, Keveth had his own business to attend to. Turning towards the receptionist, he
began to practically spit out a disposition of words, a menacing tone planted in his voice.
“You sent the wrong thing, Yerale…Again…What‟s your excuse this time?” His yellow eyes
were sternly glaring at the young figure, as his upper body was hunched over the desk she
was behind.
Her brilliant golden orbs dashed up and her lips pouted slightly. She knew that she had
done a mistake, but it was intentionally done, though she could never admit that to the
dreadful male. “I don‟t know what you mean, officer Keveth…” She stammered, cringing
“You‟re lying and we both know it. Even if I had said something wrong, which I did not,
you have gone to SQI, you would have known to correct my mistake and sent the correct
drug…I know that she has something to hide but thanks to your bleeding heart, I‟ll never
know, now will I… Eka, which is what I presume you sent, does nothing in the lines of
loosening someones tongue, when that someone is not Terran.” He was practically fuming,
anger rising sky high. He could sense that the girl had been hiding something, but
truthfully, he had no idea of what it could have been. If Keveth would have had anything
more solid than a hunch, the sweet femme would have already been arrested and properly
questioned. But alas, things did not always go the way they had to. Now all that was left,
was to return the favour to the Xu-adey and then scan the truthfulness of the information
he had been granted.
All and all, sir Keveth had obviously not heard about such things as civil rights.

Keveth might have been mad, but Schypher felt as if she had been ran over. Until finding
her way out of the I-con bastardisation of a base and slipping back to C-deck, this time
paying no attention to the view, she felt quite ready to collapse. Her head was swirling
worse than ever before, her limbs grew weak and her vision hazed, not to mention the
whirlpool that occupied her stomach. To keep herself on track, she needed to walk at the
very side of the metallic walls, one hand trailing over the chilly alloy. Only the need to get
back to her ship, where she could find some protection, kept the well-dressed woman
moving. In the same half-conscious state, she finally found the TPT homing area and with
a sigh of desperation, practically fell in one of the opened doors to the large room. A
steady male hand grasped hers in just the nick of time, saving the ill girl from tumbling to
the ground. The ID check went as painlessly as possible, the pitying guard going easy on
the pale Xu-adey, while his partner was giving out the request to send a TPT to the
Retentive, still in the vicinity of Scorpion 7.
Naturally, it was granted abruptly and the next thing Scy knew, was that she struggled out
of a cramped metal tube and downfell onto a clean floor, in a place much pleasantly lit
than at the location that she had just come from. Schypher could vaguely note her knees
meeting the unforgiving ground and a second later, her palms as well, though it generally
occurred to her awhile later. No pain, no understanding. Besides the fact that she was
down on her knees in the middle of a hallway, feeling like a truck had hit her a couple of
times and rolled back and forth over her just for fun, pressuring her to loose touch with
her body, she was completely clueless. Her eyes were only opened so much to make
difference between light and dark, though it all seemed to jumble together as a large pile
of grey anyway. Her skin was close to a marble white, a horrifying contrast to her usually
mildly tanned tone and besides her pounding head, she could feel nothing. Even her hands
seemed to be dislocated and handicapped in some horrible way. The lightest tap could
have caused her to drop face first into the ground below, the teleportation had eaten even
the last remaining specks of energy that she had earlier had.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 07.10.2002 at03:14:

As much as Clint tried to keep himself busy, time dragged. A number of times he caught
himself watching the seconds tick by on the clock or his eyes would drift to the view port
where they would stare out at the station, concern painted on his face. His computer
simulations had encountered no problems and he had finally given up.
Conversation among the crew was not forth coming either. Each sat quietly with their own
thoughts as second after second ticked by. The control room held the crewmembers in
silence, nothing but the occasional creak of a chair or Clint tapping commands on a
Then it happened with no fanfare or warning, the internal sensors showed the power spike
as someone was transported aboard. Clint let an audible sigh of relief escape his lips. He
sat there waiting for something, he would have expected Schypher to either contact the
control room by comm-link or she should have walked here by now.
Was it Schypher that had transported on board at all. An icy hand gripped his chest as he
rose from his chair and moved to the hatch. He jabbed the button to open the hatch, a
hiss of air as the hatch opened to reveal an empty corridor. He slipped the Bo from his
hiding place and held it in the palm of his hand as he slowly moved forward.
The silence of the ship crushed down on him as he advanced down the corridor, his senses
taught for any sign‟s that someone was laying in wait. And then he turned the corner and
Schypher was laying there on the deck. He ran forward as he sheathed his Bo. At her side
he took her in his arms and turned her over brushing her long locks away from her face.
She was breathing though soft and shallow, her face was pale and pasty. He quickly
scanned her body but found no sign of wounds. He lifted her easily, her petite form no
weight at all, her head cradled against his chest so as to not roll around and headed for
her cabin.
He gained access to her cabin and lay her on the bed. Holding her small hand he checked
her pulse, slow and light as a feather. What a time for the medic to be sick Clint thought to
himself. He tried to make her as comfortable as possible and wetting a corner of a towel
washed her face and neck. He watched for any signs of improvement otherwise he would
have to drag the medic from her sick bed after all.

Posted by Schypher on 07.10.2002 at20:21:

Schypher barely felt anything when she was hoisted into someone‟s arms with extreme
ease, her mind was simply too barren at the moment. All that was left, was an endless
play of paining visions, each stinging ever so slightly and swirling together with the dull
ache that had been so snugly placed in the back of her head for an agonisingly long time
already. She could not make out anything, not in her mind, not from what her half-
drooped eyes could note, only left to meet what was destined her way. With a barely
audible sigh, her head rested against her sudden saviour‟s chest and her deep blue eyes
closed softly, ebony eyelashes falling on the pale skin. The twisting and turning sensation
in her stomach would soon mould in one with the discomfort in her head and in only little
more time, they would retreat and leave her physique emotionless and weak. Both still
lurked in the shadows, but the Xu-adey‟s form was breaking and her body too frail to feel
even the greatest hurt.
She fell limply on the bed, mouth gaped slightly as she breathed slowly and shallowly, the
long strands of blue falling chaoticly over her neck and shoulders. Her fingers gradually
grasped the bed sheath that was lying upon her berth, fingers curled around it only lightly,
as she pulled her legs closer to her chest. With a fading gasp, the youthful gunner drifted
away from the world of consciousness. Maybe the awaited rest had finally presented itself
to Scy? Perhaps…
It was simply left to hope, that Paxton, the man who obviously was in charge now, would
have the wits to carry on with Scy‟s former wish and leave the Scorpion Stations‟ vicinity
as soon as possible. Stargazer was waiting.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 08.10.2002 at02:56:

Clint sat there on the side of the bed softly brushing a stray strand of hair away from her
face, her eyes fluttering closed. She drew her knees up and lay there like a child though
her breathing was regular, it appeared she was resting normally. Some of the colour had
come back to her skin giving her a more healthy hue. He watched the regular rise and fall
of her chest then pulled up a blanket to cover her and then dimmed the lights to almost
nothing. He activated her rooms comms and linked it to his personal comm-unit in case
she called out.
He stood at the doorway watching her, hoping he was making the right decision. She was
sleeping now and that was probably the best thing for her though he would have preferred
the medics opinion. With his mind made up he stepped back from the door and let it slide
shut with a soft hiss.
He turned and walked towards the command room, past those of the crew that had
remained and sunk into the pilots chair. “She‟s sleeping now, that‟s all she needs for the
moment.” He spoke over his shoulder, they needed to hear something without being told
the uncertainties.
The chair slid forward and clicked into position as he thumbed the comm switch. “Scorpion
7 this is Retentive, requesting clearance to depart for deep space.”
As before his thumb had no sooner left the transmit button than a voice was echoing in the
confines of the control room. “Retentive this is Scorpion 7. Permission granted.” The male
voice was curt and none of the usual pleasantries followed. No have a safe voyage or good
luck, not even a good bye. All business. The whole place seemed to Clint to be occupied by
a bunch of workaholics who had no personality. Well good bye to them.
Taking the controls Clint opened up the vent ports as he spun the Retentive around the
now silent docking buoy. She slide easily and quickly to her new heading and then he
started to increase speed. He would keep her under operational speed limits while in the
vicinity of Scorpion 7. No point pissing someone off when they are almost out of there.
He cast an eye over the various readouts, the ship had returned to life and all systems
were running green. The ship slid through space like a giant thoroughbred just waiting to
have its head, to leap forward at a gallop, it‟s great engines driving the beast through
space. Not today but Clint would soon have to put her through her paces. Just to see what
she could do.
With the scopes clear of traffic in their vector he reached across to the navigational
console and checked the settings. It still held the co-ordinates previously set for Stargazer
from their current position. In the rear view displays Scorpion 7 was now nothing more
than a dot of light like the million other dots around it.
Clear of the station Clint throttled up until the Retentive was running at her optimum
cruising speed. A blur of movement to anyone who was watching the black hull slip
through space. Happy with the system readouts he released the controls to auto pilot and
sat back in the thick chair. Now that they were clear and under way he had time to think
on what had happened and what was before them. He looked at his comms-unit and
thought of Schypher laying there and hoped for her sake he had made the right decision.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 08.10.2002 at18:05:
Theo had sat and watched as Clint had leaned over the display screen and hesitated for a
brief moment. He was barely aware of Clint's absence when he left the bridge, not uttering
a word to Theo. Theo sat and continued to let his mind wander idly through a myriad of
random thoughts, until he finally drifted back to the real world. He looked around the
bridge and realized that he was alone once again, and began walking around the ship,
wondering where everyone had gone. He remember Schypher going aboard the Scorpion
station, and Vaperial storming out, but after that point his mind had began to wander,
leaving him in his own little world.

As Theo wandered, he realized that Schypher must have returned. Why else would no one
be on the bridge? He continued his rather lazy search of the halls before returning to the
bridge. He took a step back as he re-entered and found Clint sitting back where he had
been just a little while ago. Theo was positive that he hadn't passed him in the halls, and
figured he must have been on the crew quarters level.

Walking back in and leaning agaisnt the wall adjacent to where Clint was seated, Theo
listened as he requested permission to leave Scorpion 7. That confirmed his suspicsion
that Schypher had returned. "Leaving already?" Theo asked brightly. He then noticed the
look on Clint's face. "Wait a minute... whats wrong? Where is Schypher?" The young boys
voice lost its usual youthful energy, slipping slightly into a more concerned tone.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 09.10.2002 at03:18:

Clint sat quietly at the controls deep in though, so many things to consider. Once more he
looked down at the comm-unit and hoped she was alright. He had watched Schypher push
herself with the Retentive‟s refit and now the mission. It would all have taken it‟s toll on
the captain. She is not one to reach out or seek help, it was all on her shoulders.
He heard the hatch slide open and saw Theo‟s reflection in the monitors. He heard the
concern in his voice. Well he had to push his own doubts down and reassure the crew.
He turned back to face Theo “She‟s fine.” He said keeping his voice even “She didn‟t cope
well with the stations gravity and is just resting.” That was probably it. He hoped that was
all it was. He turned back and checked the scanners. As the distance increased away from
Scorpion 7 the amount of ships on the screen was diminishing. More importantly, nothing
appeared to be following them.
Turning back to Theo “Perhaps after she has rested you would like to take her a light meal.
I‟m sure she will be hungry when she wakes.”
At the mention of food he felt his own stomach remind him that it had been neglected.
That could wait, he wanted a bit more distance away from Scorpion 7 before he left the
controls. Maybe if Vaperial relieved him he could grab a bite to eat and maybe get some
time to work out. If things did turn nasty he wanted to be at his best.
The sword strapped to his back felt comfortable though he had never used it in combat
yet. Never one for firearms he preferred to take on an opponent face to face with a contest
of skills. He rechecked the nav computer for an optimum run as he placed the Retentive in
the hands of the computer systems.
He sat back and watched the computers lights indicate green across the board, the ship
now steered through space by a mechanical AI.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 09.10.2002 at05:34:

"Woo hoo!" Theo said, trying to mask the tone of concern that lay beneath the surface of
his voice. "Munchies always help when you're sick! I woner if we got any chicken noodle
soup around here..." And with that, the youth bounded out of the bridge and down the
hall, heading for the galley. He arrived to find is deserted, and began wondering where
everyone was. He brushed the thought aside as he jumped up on the counter top and
began to rummage through the various cupboards, looking for some soup. He found some
hidden behind a couple of boxes, grabbed the can and then a bowl, and hopped back down
on the floor.

"I am Master Chef Theo! Fear my amazing cooking skills!" He said in an exaggerated voice
as he opened the cans pop top lid, pouring the soup into the small bowl. "Now watch as I
prepare my delicacy!" He placed the bowl in the small microwave next to the refridgerator,
and set the time for 2 minutes, doing it all with flourishes and exaggerations. The small
timer beeped, and he carefully removed the bowl and set it on a plate which he grabbed
from one of the shelves. He snagged a spoon from the drawer on his way out and headed
down the hall. He made his way to the crew quarters on the lower level, and made his way
to Schypher's room. Pulling the door open just barely over an inch, he peeked inside the
room. A thin beam of light slipped through the crack where the door was open, hitting the
wall and falling down across the bed. Theo could see that Schypher was obviuosly asleep.
He crept in silently, setting the bowl down on the nightstand next to the bed. He doubted
that it would still be warm by the time she woke up, but he figured she could reheat it if
she wanted. He quietly backed out of the room, shutting the door slowly so as not to wake

After heading down the hallway a little bit, Theo stopped. He looked around the crew
quarters, which were as desolate as the rest of the ship. "Where is everyone," he muttered
to himself as he continued down the hall.

Posted by Schypher on 09.10.2002 at19:52:

For Taidyne Larouge, the last few weeks had not been the brightest of times. She had
been quite busy with organising the crews‟ medical records, improving them, studying
about her oh so treasured Soul Dipper technique and simply acquainting herself a bit more
with various fields of the medical world, which she simply had to know of, if she wished to
become a top class medic. Of course, visiting Vaperial and Calston had been snugly fit into
her timetable also, for as long as it was needed. Often, the redheaded spark of life had
found herself drawn so deep within the fascinating world of work, that time had slipped by
unnoticed and the early hours of the next day had already began to show. But she could
not just stop, there was much to do, many things to learn. To help keep herself up through
the long and oh so exhausting nights, she had once again started using Kasas. The
stimulant had been of the greatest help back when she had still gone to school and had
needed to spend countless hours on reading horribly pointless materials for her demanding
teachers. It was completely harmless, as far as she knew, and the lonely bottle that had
been in her possession was rather quickly emptied. This, disgruntled the girl a fair bit and
she set off on a trek to find more of the treasured medicine. Knowledge awaited and she
was certainly not the one to disregard such an important thing as work, when potent
information was at risk. Tai had always strained to be good at what she did, near perfect,
one might say. And all because of the childhood, spent around grubby little mongrels, that
so arrogantly called themselves Xu-adey, how dreadful. Someone needed to act at least
halfway decent in such a mob, which‟ ringleader was undoubtedly Schypher.

The unsociable medic had strode off to the small lab/junkyard of a pharmacy that had
been responsible for selling her the highly cherished laser scalpel and that was ran by one
of her old companions. To her great shock, the apparent lack of Xu-adey fitting Kasas in
the mans treasures came to prevail and instead, she was literally forced into buying a
much more powerful replacement, a form of Kasas manufactured by the Terran race,
which made her quite questionable. It was nearly three times as strong and besides that,
pricey as well. But sadly, her struggle for wisdom overcame her usually prudent nature
and she paid what was asked.
From there on, things went on quite well. As she had close to no one on the Capella
Gateway Station that she was properly introduced with, Taidy‟s days were spent merrily
away studying, arranging data and so on.
But the last few days had gone somewhat downhill, a steady hum in her head was hesitant
to leave, as well as the sting her eyes felt. She found herself lowering the power level
constantly and she had started drifting off into the wondrous world of sleep much earlier
and often than she used to. Crowds, she avoided at every cost, the mayhem and rumpus
being too much for both her delicate violet grey eyes and touchy ears. Even Scy had
become an uninvited guest, not to mention anyone else. Work had been forgotten soon
after she had felt the pressure being too much for her feeble form and set forth on a
humble quest to find out why she had been so very tired. After an hour of busy
exploration, she had located the needed enlightenment. The wonders of DSRNet.


Skethera: A uniquely Xu-adey illness that stems from the mild over ingestion of Kasas, a
non-addictive, mildly sweet flavoured light stimulant capsule. While it is nearly
impossible to overdose, one can get slightly ill. However, a more potent Terran version
has been made--potent to 3 times the normal strength of the Xu-adey version. This can
only be bought in pharmacies--albeit over the counter--but unfortunately is near
identical to the regular Xu-adey version. Any Xu-adey who popped a couple to stay
awake would become rather ill and shun bright light and noise, as those who fall victim
to this illness tend to have a severe eye ache and an irritating buzzing in the ears, which
is aggravated by constant chatter, hence staying away from crowds. A light sense of
dizziness is also included, making it hard to function. Most Xu-adey spend a few days
sleeping off the effects, as there is no other known remedy.

None to her surprise, she had every last one of the mentioned effects, even reading had
become a task too hard for her eyes. Even though it did not please her, she had to retreat
from the hard working world and crawl into the welcoming softness of her bed, embracing
the warmth and soundless emotion that drifted over it.
Even when Schypher finally dragged her back on the Retentive, her fist task had been to
find a lone room and to curl up on the covers, silently and unnoticed. The constant ringing
that went trough the intercom bothered her only lightly, though she hushed it after a few
hours of listening to scarce commands being casted over it. Any noise was a sore.
She was in no state to even try and do anything that demanded more vigour and
coherency, than rolling onto her other side on the berth. If anyone would even try to wake
her up, she would have to deal with taking possession of his or her soul. So what if she did
not know how to present it back to the former owner…


Scy, on the other hand, was too drained of life to even think aggressive thoughts. She
simply rested, a noisy chatter endlessly going through her blue haired head. Her skin was
still as white as earlier, a gruesome difference to her usually so healthy tone, and her
stomach showed no signs of calming or giving her a well-deserved break. Though her body
was rattled by a shiver and her lips turning into a near light blue, she threw the cloth,
placed caringly on her ill form by Paxton, off of her with one weary hand. She was
positively burning up inside, a flame that seemed to spark from her toes and move up to
her chest, bothering the young gunner greatly. Her skin, however, was going through an
era of chill. Ah well, no one expected poison to give mercy on her victims…

Theo‟s slipping in and out went unnoticed, Scy‟s deeply blue optics remaining shut and
sealed off from the cruelty of the world. She was still very anaesthetised and was probably
going to stay in that phase for awhile to come. Unless she was treated to some coherent
medical attention, of course.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 11.10.2002 at03:09:

Clint sat at the controls of the Retentive deep in thought. His mind absently noted the
fleeting readouts that flickered across the screens. It was a reflex action that allowed him
to be aware of his surrounds though his real thoughts were somewhere else.
Right now his thoughts were a few feet away in the captains cabin. He had heard nothing
on the comm-unit from her so she must still be sleeping though the hours now had been
ticking away. Taidyne was still in her cabin and he didn‟t expect to hear from her any time
He glanced down at the nav screen for the thousandth time and noted their position. He
had already trimmed their route to save some time and was running the engines at the
peak of their optimum settings. The black shape was hurtling towards civilisation as fast as
Clint could safely get her their but still he worried.
Left alone with his thoughts his mind created all sorts of scenarios and many of them were
not nice. He would not let another woman die if he had breath left in his body. He thought
back to the first days on the Retentive when another female had taken her own life. There
was nothing he could do then but now would be different.
With a flurry of movement he checked the auto pilot and then stood from the pilots seat
and walked towards the hatch. It slid quickly open at his presence and he walked quickly
to Schyphers room. Her own door opened for him to reveal the dark inner chamber. He
stepped inside and saw he form still on the bed her chest rising and falling slowly,
He moved round and sat on the side of the bed and put a hand to her forehead. It was like
fire though he could see her form shivering. Some sort of fever he thought to himself. He
gently brushed the hair away from her face as he pulled the blanket back up and tucked it
in. Anger burned inside him, he felt so helpless. She lay there and he could do nothing
more for her.
He got up and damped a cloth and returned to wipe her brow, her skin was so pale. If she
were a machine he could do wonders but for her, right now there was nothing. His only
option was medical assistance once they arrived.
“I‟m getting you help Schypher, just hang on” he said in a whisper, then he rose and
strode back to the door. He walked out, he couldn‟t bare to look back and returned to the
control room. Once more in the pilots chair he sat there silently staring off at nothing. His
thoughts a whirlwind of emotions as he once more checked their position on the nav
computer. Not while I have breath he though to himself.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 11.10.2002 at07:38:

Vaperial walked slowly and ever-so-casually down the long dark corridors with the captain
until the reacted the rather small and cramped teleportation room. He watched in silence
as she stepped into the tubular chamber, his heart pressing him to force her to take him
with her, but his mind, knowing that Scy wanted him to remain on the ship, held him at
bay. As she stepped into the tube, and silently bid him farewell without the exchange of
any words, Vaperial‟s eyes drew to a closed position. And as he listened to the buzzing and
beeping noises of the teleportation chamber initiating its task, he couldn‟t help but let out
a long and drawn out sigh. “I should be with you…” He mumbled as he once again opened
his eyes, and took a step forward towards the tube. He pressed his body up against the
glass, he hand outreached upward and pressed hard on the surface of the tube, his eyes
gazing intently into the swirling electrons and neutrons as the chamber latterly took her
body apart and teleported it to the station. The intense and highly complicated process
occurring in the tube cast brilliant and vibrant colors onto Vaperial‟s face. Reflected in his
dark green eyes, you could see the swirling aura of purples and blues, beautiful colors. The
light emitted threw a romantic lighting into the room, changing it from a dim yellow light
to a much more romantic warm purple coloring.

But almost as suddenly as it all started, and as magically as when the colors first
appeared, the light died out and the colors disappeared. Of course along with the captain,
and Vaperial‟s hopes of safeguarding her on her journey. “Good luck Captain.” Vaperial
blurted out, a little too late. He remained pressed up against the glass for several more
mins. Hell, it might have even been an hour of Vaperial just standing there, leaning up
against the tube, lost in thoughts. He was kicking himself in the back of his mind for not
forcing her to take him, but he knew she didn‟t want his company, so he just had to
believe and tell himself that it would work out for the best this way. Though for some
reason he had an extremely bad feeling about leaving her alone out there in the scummy
stations. Slowly Vaperial pulled himself away from the tube. He reached into his pocket
and searched around for his comm. link. He pulled it out and with it nuzzled in the palm of
his hand he began to tinker with it, making sure that he had not missed any transmissions
issued to him by Scy. Once he was satisfied, he stuffed it back into his jacket pocket and
began to pace around the small room. He did intend upon waiting in that very same stop
until she returned.

Time ticked away exceptionally slowly. Eventually Vaperial gave up pacing the small room,
and was now found rested up against the two walls joined in one of the four corners of the
room. His posture was lackadaisical as he slouched in the small dark corner of the room,
his eyes still locked on the teleportation chamber, and now his comm. resting in his lap.
“It‟s taking too long…something‟s wrong…” He mumbled to himself, hesitantly. He again
checked his comm., but nothing; she had not tried to contact him. He shrugged his
shoulders and sighed. By now his stomach was issuing freakishly loud grumbles and
growls. He was hungry. And his stomach wanted to make sure he knew it. He could feel
his appetite beginning to grown in leaps and bounds at exceedingly fast rates, and decided
it was time to make a move. First he would trudge down to the galley and collect a meal
for himself, and then it would be over to the bridge to check on Paxton and the rest of the
crew. He looked once more at the tube, and then forced his body to its feet, and walked
out the door, turning down the corridor in the direction of the galley.

**When Vaperial leaves the room, this is when Scy returns, and Clint comes to
get her**

At the galley he threw himself together a real quick meal. Just something to hold him over
until the captain returned. And once his stomach seemed content, he made his way back
into the maze of corridors outside the galley. On his was towards the bridge of the ship, he
once again passed the TPT room and saw that it was still empty, nothing inside of the
room but the TPT and its lone shadow being cast dimly against the metallic wall and floor
plating of the ship. He continued on assuming that all was well and just as he had left it
before. Upon entry of the bridge, Vaperial noticed Paxton sitting at the helm of the ship.
He himself did not notice Vaperial enter the hatch, and seemed to be lost in his own world,
spaced out. “Paxton.” Vaperial‟s voice boomed, “How is everything on the bridge?” And as
he made his last statement he just happened to look up and out the main viewport, much
to his surprise to see stars whizzing by the port at blinding speeds. “And why in the HELL
are we moving without the captain onboard???” Vaperial voice became extremely serious
and sudden, “What‟s going on?” He demanded. His face twisted from the usually cheery
and smiling tone to his more solemn gray face as he awaited answers from the pilot.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 11.10.2002 at13:10:

Clint sat there feeling he was the only person left on the ship. The hours had ticked away
and had not seen anyone since Theo had left. He rubbed his tired eyes and ran his fingers
through his hair. There destination was approaching with agonizing slowness as he fought
down the urge to push the engines throttles to the stops just to get there.
And then the door hissed open and Vaperial cam in with all guns blasting. With a sigh he
rose quietly from the chair and moved to the hatch. With a touch of his fingers it was
closed and locked. What he needed now was some privacy. He looked at his former
captain, his usual smile gone. “She is on board.” He had to force the words out. He was
hurt that Vaperial would think he would ever desert a crew member.
“Right now she is sleeping in her cabin.” He held up a hand before the man could speak.
“She is” he stopped. She‟s what? Sick. Unconscious. Dying. Hell he still didn‟t know what
was wrong with her.
Taking a breath he forged on “I don‟t know what is wrong with her, I found her on the
floor unconscious. But right now she is burning up and has chills like some sort of fever.”
He stood there feeling like he should be doing more “She hasn‟t regained consciousness
since she came back on board and right at this point in time we have no medic.”
He shook his head “Taidyne has been struck down by some malady though I don‟t think
it‟s connected in any way.” That was all he needed, some sort of outbreak that had the
crew dropping one by one.
“So far only you and Theo know Schypher is unwell and Theo doesn‟t know how serious it
is.” He leant against the ships hull and crossed his arms. “I have made her as comfortable
as possible and I‟m making best speed for Stargazer and medical assistance. She‟s a
fighter so I just hope she can hang on till then.”
He pushed himself off the wall “Until then I want to keep a lid on this as best we can. I
don‟t want the crew going into a panic.” He looked Vaperial in the eyes, so there he had it
all laid out before him.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 12.10.2002 at02:19:

Shocked by the news he was receiving from Paxton, Vaperial almost involuntarily fell back
up against the metal wall behind him. He came to a rest with his back leaning on the
metallic wall and his arms crossed across his chest. He listened on as Paxton informed
Vaperial of the events that had passed and as he did his best to describe the captain‟s
current condition. “Right…” He said, the word tumbling out of his mouth, hanging on his lip
for a mere moment, and then collapsing off into the air left there too loom. “It really
doesn‟t make any sense…” He hissed. “She never contacted me…she promised she‟d
contact me if she encountered any kind of problem on the station…” Vaperial‟s face was
overcome with a dazed look that spelled out confusion. But Clint‟s calmness lapsed over to
Vaperial and helped him to regain his composure. Though the endless thoughts that tried
to run different possible scenarios as to what could have happened to his captain ran
through his mind, he was able to now keep a straight face. He pulled himself off the wall
and stood tall. “I understand Paxton.” He placed his strong hand on the man‟s shoulder.
“You did a good job here, and it‟s best to keep this on the down low for now.” Vaperial
glanced over his shoulder at the locked entry way to the bridge. “However, I am going to
pay a little visit to Scy to see if I can come up with anything…” He turned around quickly
and made his way over to the hatch, unlocking it. The door shrieked open and Vaperial
took a step off the bridge. Before his other foot left the room, he turned his head, “Paxton,
if you need me, or just need a rest, need to get away from the control room, just let me
know immediately and I‟ll take over.” He paused for a moment. “You are the captain now.
You make all the calls. After I visit the captain I will return to the bridge and corroborate
with you to make plans for what we shall do.” Vaperial issued the man a nod, and then
disappeared into the corridor, the hatch locking behind him.

He walked the short distance between the control room and the captain‟s quarters rather
hastily. He was truly in a state of shock. He was puzzled as to what could have gone
wrong. He was sure that if she had encountered a situation in which she didn‟t think she
could come out of unscratched that she‟d contact him…but then again, that wasn‟t very
like her at all. – Vap reached her room in no time at all, and quickly pushed his way in.
The room was extremely dimly lit. There was a faint hazy yellow glow that just touched the
edges of the room, the only proof that there was some sort of illumination present. Lying
ever so innocently in the only bed in the room was the gorgeous captain. She was curled
up in a cute sleeping position, and Vaperial couldn‟t help but let a smile part his lips.
Vaperial slowly made his way over to the side of the bed, he was cautious in the dark not
to trip over anything. He could see that Paxton had indeed tried his best to pamper her,
and had done a good job. She was nuzzled tenderly under her blankets and if it wasn‟t for
her pale face and off and on shivers, you‟d never know there was anything wrong. Vaperial
dropped to one knee, kneeling besides the captain‟s bed. Her face was even with his, eyes
at the same level, though hers were closed. “What‟s going on Scy…” He whispered. He
lifted his husky hand and placed it lightly on her forehead. She was warm…very warm.
Feverishly warm. He sighed. Fevers could be caused for all kinds of reasons. She could
simply be sick, or maybe injured somewhere and infection set in. Hell, for all they knew
she was poisoned. She didn‟t appear to be injured, but then again, they couldn‟t be sure.
She was a woman…and he was a man, it wouldn‟t be proper for him to go checking. He
figured he‟d check the best he could without imposing upon any personal space, so he
slowly and quietly pulled her blankets off her body. She was now curled up, lying in the
open. His eyes ran a zigzagged path over her body, he clothing, searching for a blood
stain, anything to indicate that she was concealing a wound. But he spotted nothing. He
got to his feet again and gently rolled her over, scanning the other side of her body, but
still, he saw nothing. “Damn…” He mumbled. “It‟s on the inside isn‟t it Scy…” He could see
the pain reflecting out in her pale face. The beautiful captain was not well, and Vaperial
had a sickening feeling that this was no ordinary cold. He had a gut wrenching feeling that
this was serious, and it really scared him. Vaperial then returned the covers to their
original position around her body, to keep the slightly shivering girl warm. He sat down on
her bed, the very edge, making sure not to disturb her rest. She was clearly breathing, her
vital signs were strong, yet there was a hidden weakness behind it all. A silent sound
crying out from the depths of her body for help. But he just didn‟t know what to do.
Without the telepath ability, he was helpless, no power to reach into her mind and see just
what was happening, and for some reason, he hated himself for it. Sitting on the bed, the
dim light, the yellow glow, lightly tinted her body. He watched as her chest went up and
down as she inhaled and exhaled, and placed his hand atop one of her own. “Don‟t give
up…whatever you are fighting…don‟t give up…please…” He peered down at her seemingly
helpless body. The light glowing on her priceless features, she was still skimpily dressed in
the outfit she had been wearing when she left, and her bare skin caught his curious green
eyes time and time again. But now wasn‟t the time to think about her beauty, that was
well established, now was to the time to think about getting her back to a healthy state.
Vaperial sat there for a few more moments with the captain. Holding her lifeless hand in
his own, hoping, wishing, praying that it would squeeze back, that she‟d come to. But she
didn‟t. And Vaperial remember that Paxton was waiting on him. So he reluctantly released
her soft, precious hand. “Come back to m-us…” He whispered into her ear, and then he
rose to his feet. Suppressing the urge to give her a kiss on the cheek, and get well soon
peck, he turned and exited the room.

Moments later he was back at the gates of the bridge. Unlocking the door, it shrieked open
and Vaperial entered. “So what‟s the plan Paxton, and what‟d you have me do?” He took a
seat next to the filling in captain. “She‟s not looking very good…”

Posted by Clint Paxton on 12.10.2002 at05:26:

Clint was still there in the pilots chair, there he felt in control and could cope with whatever
was thrown at him. But he couldn‟t come up with anything more to remedy the situation at
hand. Schypher was laying back their, very possibly dying and there was nothing more he
could do than what he was doing. The hatch opened and he watched the reflection of
Vaperial enter and sit beside him.
He turned to face his former captain “No she‟s not.” Was all he said as he turned back
towards the viewport. He took a deep breath. Ok Clint, get a hold of yourself and take
charge. OK there were things he could do and there were tasks for the others.
Turning back to Vaperial he said “Look after her. Keep her warm and if possible get some
fluids into her. That is my medical recommendation” a wry grin crossed his face but was
gone as quickly as it came. “Just stay with her and let me know if there is any change. As
for me I‟m making best possible speed and once we dock I want her out and on her way to
the nearest medical facility. Once in range I will contact the relevant authorities and have
them standing by with a priority clearance for the Retentive.”
It sounded very hollow to his ears but it was the best he could come up with and so he
would see it through. The ship was co-operating, it was running without a hiccup, the last
thing they needed right now. And as slow as it appeared to Clint they were drawing closer.
As for the rest of the crew, if they were to remain in their cabins and out of his hair, so
much the better.
The screens still showed clear, no pursuit and nothing ahead. That was something in their
favour. If it was foul play by someone at Scorpion 7, no-one was trying to catch the
Retentive while the captain was out of commission. He was not about to punch up the ETA
again. He had done it a hundred times before and the result was always the same. He just
hoped it was in time.
He turned back to face Vaperial, sitting their at his side. Funny how things change. It
wasn‟t that long ago and Vaperial was the captain of his own ship and seated at the helm.
And now. Life was always ready to throw you a curve ball when you least expected it.
“We‟ll make.” He said more confidently than he felt “Just be with her till we get there.”
That was all he could say.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 12.10.2002 at09:04:

Facing the newly appointed captain, Vaperial listened carefully to his orders. He was to
stay with Schypher and do his best to nurse her until they reached a real medical facility
which Paxton would take care of. “Roger.” He said, in a cool, calm voice. If for no other
reason than to ensure Clint that everything would be alright, though even he himself knew
that was not the truth. Vaperial got up from his seat and stood beside Paxton. “I‟ll take
care of her for now, do the best I can…lock the door to the bridge and it ought to keep
most of the pests out of your hair. Just raise the security clearance level on it and they
won‟t be able to get in.” He nodded to the disgruntled man. “Don‟t worry Clint…we‟ll make
it in time…” And with that he twisted his torso and turned away. Out the shrieking door he
went and down the long dark corridors.

Before he returned to the dormant captain‟s room, he made a pit stop in the galley. There
he gathered a few containers of water. Pure and simple water. He was hoping that he‟d
somehow be able to force some refreshing liquid into her, as Clint said, it‟d probably do
her some good. Once he was fully stocked with water, two full jugs, one in each hand, he
made his way back through the lonely, and especially gloomy corridors to the captain‟s
private chambers. Once inside, he set the jugs down on Scy‟s desk. Then turned and shut
the door with a quick hissing sound. The hiss was no where near as loud as the shriek
emitted when the hatch of the bridge is opened or closed. Then he turned back around, his
deep greens eyes taking some time to adjust to the low illumination of the dim yellow
lights. He let out a sigh, knowing that now he had no other choice but to sit alone with the
helpless captain, marveling over her beauty, and praying to the God above that she‟d
make it out of this one alive. Never in a millions years could he have ever possibly
imagined when he first met the young feisty girl that he‟d ever be in a situation similar to
this one with her.

Vaperial meandered across the metallic flooring of the room until he reached her beg,
bringing with him one of the water jugs. He set it down on the floor, making sure it didn‟t
make a loud thud when he placed it down. Then he took up his position again resting on
the edge of her bed. There he was able to look over her, see everything. He placed his
hand on her hips. She was lying on her side, facing away from him. He gently pulled her
body down so that she was now lying on her back. Then he scooted up on her bed a little
and took her head, cradled like a babies, in his arm and lifted it up slightly, and let it come
back down to rest on his lap. Then he took the jug and lifted it up, unscrewing the cover.
Scy‟s now slightly elevated head would enable her to drink if she was awake, but in this
state…he didn‟t know if she‟d be able to gulp it down involuntarily. He put the jug opening
to her lips, and with his hand, slightly parted her lips. He experimented by pouring an
extremely small amount of cool water into her mouth, and seeing if she‟d swallow it, of if
the body would reject it. But seemingly, the body, almost involuntarily as he had hoped,
swallowed it. He smiled and brought the jug higher up, pouring more water into her
mouth. His eyes couldn‟t help but catch a glimpse of her soft lips, parted beautifully. A
little stream of water escaped her mouth and began to run down her chin. He rose on of
his free hands and wiped it away. Unintentionally his fingers passed over her lips and he
paused for a moment. It had been a long time since he had been truly alone with a girl.
“Mikazu…” He murmured, the word escaping from its cage locked in the back of his mind.
But he had to get the thought out of his head; he had a task at hand. He pulled his hand
away from her lip and put the jug back down to the ground. Then he set Scy‟s head back
down on her pillow, and pulled the covers up nicely around her. He made sure to cover her
bare skin. Only her cute little head peaked out above the covers.

Vaperial looked around the room and noticed a chair. A simplistic chair under the desk. He
walked over to it, picked it up, and brought it over to the foot of the bed. There he placed
it down and settled himself on it. He‟d be there for a while, might as well try to get at least
somewhat comfortable. He locked his eyes onto the captain, and began his watch over her.
If anything changed, he intended upon alerting Paxton as soon as possible. But for now,
he‟d just watch her…made sure things went smoothly.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 13.10.2002 at13:06:

A steady hiss emitted form the speaker dialed up for Stargazers control frequency. The
hours had crept by but the Retentive was drawing close to her destination. Clint had heard
nothing more from Vaperial so he hoped that no news was good news. It also meant her
condition had probably not changed either but they were so close now, surely they would
make it in time.
Confined within the control room for the entire trip he had spoken to no-one since he saw
Vaperial and that was what…nearly 20 hours ago. He ran both hands over his face,
scraping over the stubble that was growing there and rubbed his tired eyes. They felt
gritty from the lack of sleep but time enough for sleep later.
He stood from the chair and stretched, as comfortable as it was after so many hours sitting
there in the one spot his muscles were cramping up. He moved around the control room,
stretching his stiff muscles and though how good his bed was looking to him right now.
Then there was a sound and he stopped, standing there like a statue. Then it came again.
Faint and distorted but it was someone on the speaker. He dashed back to the pilots chair
and slid it forward. Sitting there he strained his ears and hoped he was not starting to lose
it. But then it came once more. He could discern it was a male but it was still too distorted
to be intelligible.
As time passes the signal becomes stronger and intelligible words start to emit from the
consoles speaker. Continually checking the long range scan finally pays off as a single blip
appears on the screen. My finger reaches out and touches the bright orange blip and the
screen fills with information. Type, bulk, speed, heading. All of no interest to Clint at this
time but it was a sign and even as he looked another blip appeared on the screen.
The words from the Stargazer control were now intelligible as a variety of voices
communicated with the myriad of craft there were coming and going. All traces of
exhaustion were gone as hope flared within his chest. He reached forward and activated
the comms “Stargazer control this is Retentive do you read over.”
He waited, no response. The range could still be too great and as he reached forward to
try again a voice responded. “Retentive, this is Stargazer Control. We have you on our
scopes. Proceed on your current heading and await docking instructions.”
We don‟t have time for that Clint nearly screamed down the microphone. “This is
Retentive, I wish to declare a medical emergency and dock immediately.” He sat there and
could see the idiot scratching his head, unsure what to do. He had met this type before
and knew he would not make a decision, he would pass it up the line.
Sure enough a second, different voice came through the speaker “Retentive this is
Stargazer watch commander. You are to remain on course and awaiting docking orders.”
Clint‟s finger jabbed down on the transmit button, threatening to punch it through the
entire console. “This is Retentive our captain has been struck down by an unknown ailment
and is probably dying. We have no medical personnel available at this time and request
immediate docking clearance.”
Once more time dragged as he waited an answer, anything. He hated the bureaucracy that
ham strung their underlings so they can‟t make a decision.
“Retentive please forward you ship‟s registration. No one will be permitted to leave the
ship until security has cleared you.”
Well that was something, maybe even a step in the right direction but not enough. As he
called up the required files and transmitted the he once more activated the comms
“Control, at least have medical personnel standing by at the docking bay and allow our
captain to be transferred to them. As I have said before her condition is critical and
requires urgent medical treatment.”
As he waited he could now see the station on the screen. A large dot that offered Schypher
a chance to live. He would do anything to see her sitting in a chair her legs draped over
the side the way she always did. And will do again he told himself.
Finally the voice responded “Very well, you are assigned with a medical emergency and
will dock at collar Echo-97, medical staff will be standing by but no-on, I repeat no-one will
be leaving the ship except for your patient.”
Clint dropped back in the chair with a sigh. Surely hitting your head against a wall was less
painful that this but at least he had obtained a compromise that would see Schypher
receive some sort of treatment. “Thank you control, proceeding to Echo-97 for immediate
He fed in the docking code and a small light flashed on the nav computer which indicated it
was locked in for auto docking. As the Retentive closed the gap with the station Clint
pulled out his comm-unit and dialed up Vaperial. “Vap I have got us clearance to dock
immediately and we will have medical staff waiting for Schypher. We can‟t leave till they
have cleared the ship but she will be receiving help.”
“Roger that, I‟ll be waiting by the hatch” Vaps‟ voice came back sounding as tired as Clint
felt. He was close enough now that the stations bulk filled the view screen as craft buzzed
around like bees circling a hive. The computer showed his allotted docking collar and he
lined the ships approach with the rotation of the station. He kept her on manual and
worked the controls to both line up on the collar and keep pace with the stations
With agonizing slowness the gap decreased until there was the reverberating metallic
clang that indicated the clamps had locked the ship. A green light on the console lit up to
show the collar seal was safe and pressurized. Clint went through the process of shutting
the ships systems down and then dropped back into the chair as a sigh escaped his lips.
Vap would have Schypher through the hatch and in the medics hands by now. All that was
left was to wait and get through the stations security sweep. He rubbed his tired eyes
before heading towards the hatch to meet with Stargazers security team.

Posted by Schypher on 14.10.2002 at17:03:

 *kicks internet*

For Schypher, the last 20 hours had been as eventful as one could expect while being quite
unconscious. She was still distant from the rest of the cruel world and the only thing even
remotely displaying that she was alive, was the steady breathing and constant fighting
with the cover over her. Inside, she was literally burning up, though her shivers never
ceased, fashioning a false illusion that she was cold and in need of warmth. After every
thirty minutes or so, she violently threw off the most unpleasant afghan, before curling up
once more, creating that much more headache for the hapless Valertrez. Poor luckless
Vaperial, forced to fight the whims of the sickly girl. When docking on Stargazer Station,
shock bolted through Scy‟s trembling form, as the greatly unpleasant gravitational settings
met her with full force. The station was old, utterly obviously, and the Terran fitted G-
installations did nothing to grace the weakened Xu-adey. Her breaths grew sparse and
surprisingly shallow, as she turned her pallid face to the other side and buried it deeper
into the pillow, before her body was levitated from the berth by two strong arms, holding
her frail self safely. Uncomfortable? Why yes, that she was.


“Kill the men, separate the women from the children and remove all weaponry. Watch out
for any mystical skills…” A jejune and completely poised voice echoed from the front of the
cramped vessel. A tall man, around 6.2 feet by the looks of it, was tranquilly laid back on
the secure wall, carelessly screening the horrified mass of people in front of him. His
bleach blonde hair was short and ever so slightly spiked, the tips tinted a burgundy
carmine tone, childishly blue and mischievous eyes dancing over the frightened faces,
meeting many orbs filled to the brink with tears. He was greatly amused by the easily
deployed horror and pusillanimity that had taken over the various people in the small
public transportation vessel. Just a mear 10 minutes ago, the youthful and peculiarly
childish man had risen from his seat; his lead followed by 5 others. With a drolly smile
plastered over his expression, he had pulled out a pistol from under his jacket- where the
shoulder holster was conveniently settled, alongside a masker device in a hidden pocket-,
a marvellous Dereta-KX, and pointed it at the nearest persons head. “Ladies and
gentlemen, this is a hold-up.” The mocking words flowed over the room, said with an
indisputable shrill of laughter in his voice, blending with the shrieks of dread that had
started as soon as the gun had seen the artificial lighting of the salon. Soon after, a lone
shot rang in unison with the cries and the limp body of Arthur Anenda MacKenzie slump
into the lap of the person sitting next to him, who pushed him away with authentic
apprehension. Understandably, the various individuals were attempting to scoot far away
from the highly explosive young man, confusion and panic rushing through each and
everyone’s mind. A perfect example of a voyage gone haywire.

With a sigh, and a shake of his head, he signalled the other five males that had sprung up
alongside him and who everyone else seemingly forgot about. A content nod mirrored from
one of them, as each leapt to their formerly arranged positions, one disappearing into the
pilots’ cockpit ahead and the others scattering over the many lines of seats, keeping a
keen eye on the terrified folks. Four more pistols surfaced to meet the public, still trying to
flee as far as possible from the terrorists, who commanded them all to stay quiet and calm
in their seats. All seemed like a dream, so awkward and scary, yet far and unreal. Another
shot bellowed promptly, liberating an overachieving and desperate man of his gun, which
was aimed at one of the radicals’ head. His health followed the gun in a moment and was
soon splattered over the formerly unblemished floor in unsightly gobs of crimson. Of
course, that only upset the crowd further and triggered another wave of alarm and
distress, immediately hushed by an ear-splitting command, not to say threat, from the
blonde leader at the front of the room. Stating his willingness to personally butcher them
all if they did not shut up at once, he smiled, his hands playing with the firearm. Like a
child in the candy store, studying the next piece he was about to buy. Naturally, at such a
sight, the passengers calmed down as much as one could expect, no one was all that
ready to give up their treasured life.

Now, after his appalling behest to slay the male population of the travellers family and
segregate the mothers from their beloved children, an eerie silence took over for a feeble
second, as startled looks were exchanged between many. After that, several men bound
up from their comfy black chairs, in forlorn strive to save their condemned souls. In a
matter of moments, the nearly unarmed warriors- the weapons had been removed from
their owners even before they had been seen fit to enter the space ship- careered into
combat and were shamefully defeated.
At the very back right corner of the massive salon, a rather young couple of man and wife
were rapidly exchanging words, as the femme held a small girl in her lap. Cradling her
close next to herself, so only the seaweed green hair and dismayed face of the protégé
revealed from over her mothers hands, the girl was kept safe as best as possible. She
could not of been over 4 USC years old. Her quaint ashen eyes shifted from the gigantic
plight and subsided on her mothers’ soft brown features, as the maiden was pleading her
husband not to leave her and the small girl trapped in her lap. Confusion and worry had
long ago planted a seed in the girls heart, it only grew at the sight of her beloved father
shaking his head and her mothers’ frantic yell as the man raised from the welcoming
cushion, threw a quick apologising look at his remaining family, and vaulted at the nearest
criminal. He had a family to protect…
Tears ran freely down the cheeks of the woman, as she lowered her head and wrapped her
hands tighter around her precious youth.
An all-out war was unfurling right before the very eyes of the passengers of the blandly
named mass transportation unit “Starfield Seeker”, each twinkling taking away another
soul or hitting a deep clash in it. Gunfire, screams, cries of children, all twirling together in
a cacophony of sorrowing music, each note holding a dose of fear. The shivery grey eyes
of the girl opened slightly, though her body was still rocked back and forth by her mom.
Another shot blared through the chaos and the bloody physique of Paoule Lery’s pa fell
back into the chair next to her mother.

Posted by Schypher on 14.10.2002 at17:09:

”Doctor Lery? Doctor Lery are you there?

Blink. What a nice way to awaken one from her peaceful hibernation on a prototype of a
„soon to be‟ medical break through. Such a public joke, really. The earlier heard voice had
transmitted through a sleek black communication device, planted safely on the left wrist of
the fine doctor. Doctor Paoule Lery yawned softly, before blinking lightly and compelling
her eyelids to open, just so her grey orbs could welcome the sight of her cabinet up side
down. Pao neared her left hand closer to her lips, while fumbling with the few buttons on
the gadget with her right hands‟ fingers. After a trice and of course the traditional grumble
of hate towards the company that ever thought of those contraptions, she finally managed
to kick it to life. “Yeah, I‟m still here. Sorry for the absence, I was toying around with
doctor Derem‟s petite machine. You know, the one he and Lundquist designed and made
me one of the ill-starred test subjects…” She sighed again, of course Mellie knew of the
dire fate that had rained down upon the young doctor. Curse the fact that she was so
greatly liked by the elders in the field…
A melodious giggle casted through the transmitter, as the easily amused receptionist heard
the pleasant woman‟s sigh. “Of course, I know of the abominable machine, I‟m amazed
that you are still giving it a chance, though.”
I like to hear myself weep in my memories and see how my life got hoisted into Gloomy-
Land… She murmured inwardly, while perusing over her squeaky clean office, that was
turned around at the current moment. Ah well, she did not mind hanging down like a bat.
“Anyway, that is not why I contacted, and screamed at you for 2 minutes while you were
not answering. There‟s a medical emergency at the docking area, a ship coming in with an
ill captain onboard and they requested immediate medical attention. You are the only one
free at the moment, can I tell them that you are compliant and zealous to take the case?”
Her dark brow furrowed as she lightly swinged back and forth on her bizarre perch.
Zealous she was not, but duty called…”I‟m the only one? Don‟t tell me that Aorian is still
making rounds with the novices and Clamardi is busy…They promised to ease my burden
this week. Forget it, yeah, I‟m going. Give me 10 minutes to get ready and get me a car
with a driver at the exit. Be sure to give the motorist accurate directions this time. Now,
any amended information about the patient?”
“No, miss. And I will be sure not to mess up with the directions this time.”

Sure. We’ll probably end up circling the hospital grounds, rather than reaching the docking
bays… She grumbled in her thoughts, letting her hands leave the vicinity of her face.
“Computer, end sequence.” She barked, finally ready to leave the peculiar machine and
get her feet on solid ground again. An array of agonisingly long lived beeps emitted from
the thing, as the many small wires left her hands, cheeks and chest and a long needle
retreated from her thigh, stinging all but slightly. A metallic pole sank from the ceiling and
was soon low enough to reach the radiant doctors‟ waist. She grabbed hold of it and
hoisted her upper body upwards, while the computer allowed her legs to free from their
confinement and reach the door soon after, the straps finally releasing from around them.
Pao‟s fingers released the ingot and she stretched tiredly, feeling her muscles almost sigh
of happiness, as the unwelcomed pressure was lifted from them. It was a strange
contrivance, the Memory Collapser. Supposed to weave ones recollections into one and
piece by piece, mollify the more painful ones. Hadn‟t done anything to Pao yet, only
brought back her past in a bit clearer fashion. Everyone knew that Derem was nuts,
anyway, and Lundquist probably only helped him because they were old companions.

With a feckless push of a button, the large object died down, the steady hum of the
instrument vanished and Pao stepped back from it, heading towards her bag on the
demure table. She ripped it open carelessly, pulling out a pair of white pants, a dim yellow
shirt, a white medical coat, a pair of boots and a comb for her insubordinate green hair.
She slipped out of her grey pants and top and into the newly selected apparel. While
buttoning up her yellow blouse, she happened to glance at the comm link- that doubled as
a small calculator, calender and a watch- on her wrist. “Shit…” She mumbled gruffly,
noting the fact that she had spent a good 5 minutes more in the office than she had
originally intended. Hastily, Pao finished clothing, pulled the comb through her shoulder
length green hair, grabbed her small suitcase and darted out of the room, leaving the door
unlocked just to save time.

The tall Valertrezian doctor simply rushed through the only legitimate hospital of Stargazer
Station, pushing a few of her co-workers out of the way as she did so. It was a bother,
working in such a large place on a relatively small station. Firstly, most of the work was
research and Lery was greatly more interested in actual work concerning patients made of
flesh and bone. Secondly, most of the ill people that were brought in were usually mild
cases and did not demand for much work and consideration from the medical staff.
In record time, the maiden reached the vehicle and driver appointed to her and after a
swift exchange of courtesy, the hover-car was off, chasing down the metallic streets of the

It did not take long to reach the bay that The Retentive had docked in and none to her
surprise, she could already see the hurrying emergency personnel, zipping back and forth
in the bay. It was quite normal, that the emergency crew coerced to work in the docking
bays, checked over the patient before he/she was taken to the hospital. In a number of
cases, such readiness had saved a life, in other circumstances, it was not needed at all.
But one could never be too sure.
The large car fell to a stop and allowed the doctor and her driver, who was the most
serious male one could ever ask for, to leave its interior. With brisk strides, the disgruntled
medic neared the group and the patient in the middle of everything, sided by the tall man
who made sure not to loose sight of the woman. In no time, the doctor had fought her way
next to the blue haired ill one and was studying over her quickly, in hope to find an
immediate cause for her sickness. But alas, she found nothing and it was quite obvious
that the problem could not have been solved at that very moment.
Throwing a sidelong glance, she spotted a tall man, Valertrez by the looks of it. He was
standing at the hatch, carefully eyeing the commotion that took place in the bay, probably
a crew member of the ship. With a quick motion towards the man, she signalled her
'driver' to go and question him for a few closer details about the pale girl lying on the
stretcher. The man gave a nod before setting off towards the possible crew member...

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Posted by Lord Vaperial on 18.10.2002 at06:27:

Vaperial listened intently to his comm. as Clint relayed orders to get the dying women to
the main loading hatch and prepare her for immediate evacuation. “Roger.” Was the sole
word that Vaperial blurted out and left to linger in Paxton‟s ears as he closed up his comm.
unit and placed it haphazardly back into his jacket. And despite the uncanny wave of
tiredness that had swept over his body after sitting up watching over Scy‟s dying body as if
he was her guardian angel for over 20 hours straight. For 20 hours all he did was slave
over her body and take care of her as if she was a helpless baby, and infant…but a
beautiful one at that. Vaperial immediately rose to his feet after tucking away his comm.
and turned towards the rooms exit. He walked over to the hatch and entered the code
unlocking, and opening the door. Then he turned back to Scy, there was no time to worry
about getting her a stretcher, or a medical bed, the specialist crew would be waiting for
her as soon as they docked and she had to be there. So instead of rushing off to the
medical bay to find a portable stretcher of some sort, he bent over Scy‟s bed, eased the
coverers off her body, and heaved her rather skimpily dressed body into his arms. Cradling
her, her relative light weight, was easy, and he walked over to her built in storage
compartment which had conveniently been left open by the captain and he had noticed a
thick warm blanket resting atop a pile of, garments. He shifted the young woman‟s weight
into one of his arms and reached out with his free hand to grab the blanket, he then took
it down and carefully, and gently, wrapped it around her shivering body. He then rushed
out the door and into the long dark corridor.

Soon he could feel the warmth of the blanket up against his body, and he looked down
only to have his eyes meet with hers. However Scy‟s eyes were closed, innocently blind to
what was going on around her. He smiled, and even though everything inside of him told
him not to, he couldn‟t help himself, and bent down giving the girl a tender kiss on the
forehead. His lips were in contact with her skin for less than a moment, but it was
something he hadn‟t felt in some time. The smile on his face grew even wider by the time
he had reached the main hatch. And he was just in time to hear the clanking noises of the
ship docking at the emergency docking bay assigned to them. The ship impacted, lightly,
against the station‟s docking machinery as it always does upon a docking procedure, and
Vaperial could feel the vibrations run through the metal floor and up his legs dying out
somewhere just below the knee caps. “This is it…” He whispered into the girl‟s ear. He
knew she couldn‟t hear him, but why not try to comfort her anyway…
Clint unlocked the bay door and Vaperial watched on as the large mechanism slowly began
to squeak and squeal as it forced itself open. Just as it opened just a crack Vaperial could
see the much brighter lights of the station pouring into the ship. And at first, it was
blinding, but his eyes quickly adjusted to the change in lighting. They had landed the ship
within the bay, a hanger; they hadn‟t pulled up along side it and extended a loading ramp.
With the door open, there was a large drop to the floor before the loading ramp had fully
extended to touch the ground. Once the door was fully open, and the ramp lowered,
Vaperial lowered his head into the bright light, holding Schypher protectively in his arms,
and darted down the ramp. He looked up and was greeted with an ensemble of medical
workers who shifted her from his hands into their own, and then right onto a stretcher. It
was all up to them now…to revive her. As for Vaperial, he was instructed not to leave the
ship, and since he knew he was a pirate, or at least they‟d think he was if they checked his
record, he thought it‟d be best to just listen to them and stay onboard until the ship was
cleared by security.

Almost as quickly as Vaperial got off the ship and to the medical workers, security began
swarming onto the ship. Two columns of them entered the ship, each heading in opposite
directions down the ship‟s corridors. With them they carried plenty of equipment and
enough fire power to be considered a small platoon of soldiers. Vaperial did the wise thing,
and as Scy‟s body was lifted from his hands, he made his way back up the ramp, and took
a seat at the edge of the hatch. From his resting position he peered out over the
emergency vehicles and tried to track Scy‟s rout and maintain a visual on her for as long
as he could. But his focus was switched away from her as a man approached him with a
questioning look on his face. Vaperial rose to his feet and met the man eye to eye; they
were about the same height. The man began to open his questioning mouth, but Vaperial
raised his hand, “Not now.” He murmured. “I haven‟t slept in over 20 hours, and I and not
in the state of mind to be questioned. He name is Schypher and she‟s the captain of this
ship, the Retentive. A privately owned and perfectly legal ship.” He turned away from the
man and began to walk down the corridor. “We don‟t know what happened to her, my
guess would be poison, she doesn‟t appear to have external wounds…” He continued as he
walked away from the man. And when he was just about fifteen steps away he stopped
and turned. “Just take good care of her…alright? Once security clears us, we will most
likely send at least one representative from the crew to stay with her and monitor her
progress at the hospital. But until then, we can‟t get off this ship, so if anything serious
happens, PLEASE inform us…She‟s our captain…she‟s extremely important to us and I‟m
sure you can understand that.” He gave the man a nod of sincerity. He didn‟t feel like
talking, so he hoped what he had just said would be enough. Because with that, he
disappeared from the man‟s sight.

“She‟s with them. Security is aboard the ship.” Vaperial said in a dull tone of voice as he
entered the control room and sat down next to Paxton. “I guess now we…wait…”

Posted by Clint Paxton on 18.10.2002 at08:05:

Clint was still going through the shut down process, watching the read outs show powered
down systems and equipment locking down. The massive bulk of the Retentive now
housed within the station and a breathable atmosphere, the vacuum of space now locked
behind huge metal doors. The engines were still within their operating temperature and
would take hours to cool.
The various station umbilicals were attached by the berthing party and a green light
showed for each as it locked in. Immediately he started to pump fresh water aboard and
now that the station was supplying the ship with breathable air Clint shut down the ships
life support to back wash the scrubbers. A relatively quick process and was always handy
to get it done at any opportunity.
With the monitors he watched the security detail board the ship, breaking up into smaller
groups as they went deeper into the ship. Armed guards were stationed at strategic points
and the rest got to work with the assortment of electronic gadgets they had brought with
The hatch opened to allow Vaperial to walk in and slump into a chair. He knew Vaperial
would not leave Schypher till she was safe in the medics hands so now it was up to them
and their medical knowledge. A sight escaped his lips and suddenly he felt very tired.
Though he turned his head and gave Vaperial a weak smile “Damn, you look worse than I
Before he could answer another figure entered. Tall, armed and an air of „don‟t mess with
me‟ he stopped before the two men. A data pad clenched in one hand, rank insignia on the
uniform proved his identity as a security team member.
With a deep resonating voice the man announced “Security team leader here to inform you
that I hold all powers during the security sweep of this vessel. All interaction between
station personnel and yourselves will be through me.” His voice droned on, obviously he
had said this speech a thousand times before.
“Commander of this ship?” he asked
Clint stood to face the man and stepped up to face him, from here he could hear the small
earpiece in the mans ear mumble as other members of his team communicated with him
or each other.
“Schypher Daywater, the female patient your medical team just evaced. For now I have
assumed command of the Retentive.”
With the preliminaries out of the way he raised the clip board. Clint knew what was next
and dreaded it. Every station or planet had the usual guff.
“Have you or any member of this crew transported illegal substances?”
“To the best of your knowledge are there any prohibited items or substances on board this
The list went on and on as Clint rattled of “No. No. No.” He always wondered if someone
just said yes, you got me I give up. He tried not to smile and threw in a couple of more
no‟s to keep him happy.
Finally he came to the end of the list “Very well, please certify this document.” He said as
he handed the board to Clint. The word please was used but there was not doubt left in his
voice that there was no option. Clint took it, read through it to be sure and then filled in
his details and handed it back.
“Very good, we shall advise you if the ship and crew have been cleared once all procedures
have been completed. Until that time no one is permitted to leave the ship or communicate
with external parties.” He didn‟t wait to see if we cared, he turned on his heel and left the
control room. Clint turned and dropped back in the chair and turning to Vap “Asshole” he
said and laughed. It had been a long trek and it was not over yet.

Posted by Schypher on 18.10.2002 at19:03:

Pao, as her friends had started calling the young doctor teasingly, could be found at the
left side of the stretcher that held the patient. She peered over her form quickly, after
removing that nuisance of a blanket, making sure that there were no obvious wounds- one
could never know what kind of idiots roamed the halls of the current vessel and if they had
any idea of how to clean a wound- and gently rolled the femme on the stretcher on her
side, so she could check over her other side. Lery shifted the silvery jacket from covering
the patients back, trying to establish if her back happened to be plagued by an injury of
sorts, and much to her surprise, she found something that she had certainly not expected
to see. Namely, the pitch black markings of Xu-adey origin, classing the woman before her
as the representative of the formerly named race. It was rather bizarre to see a Xu-adey
on Stargazer Station, as it was commonly known that that race hardly made their way to
any miner stations and besides, this was a pretty Terran based place. A few Atevi‟s there,
a Hani here, didn‟t really change the prevalent sight. All and all, Schypher was one of the
first Xu-adey‟s that Paoule Lery had ever had the pleasure of meeting on Stargazer and
quite frankly, the green haired girl was amazed. This promised to be interesting from her
works point of view, as Pao had had only one Xu-adeyan patient before and curing
someone‟s common flu was nothing to brag about.

With a frown on her face, she desperately tried to remember what she had learned about
that particular kind, naturally, the first grain of data that appeared from the back of her
head, was their frailness towards sudden changes in gravity. She puffed annoyedly, before
motioning towards one of the four emergency medics that were in the bay at the moment.
“A shot of Agelyth-14. She‟s a Xu-adey and I doubt that her body is thrilled about having
to fight a wave of flimsy pain right about now.” Her outstretched hand soon met the small
pen-like device, filled neatly with the medicine she had requested. With the help of another
attendant, she laid Scy down on the litter gently and with out a second of thought, pushed
the acute tip of the gadget into Scy‟s lower neck, letting it empty itself freely until she
pulled it back and carelessly threw it in the waiting hands of her „assistant‟.
Most certainly, Lery was greatly interested in running a few tests on the currently zoned
out internally wounded one. “Alright, let‟s get her out of here…” She murmured. Beckoning
the stretcher to move forward softly via the petite remote she had claimed from one of the
chilly medical experts. Such a gloomy crowd, you‟d think they saw a bloodbath take place
each day by the shear look of disgrace and uncaringness that loomed on their faces. Pao
was yet to meet an actually light-hearted and cheerful person that worked in the
Emergency Rescue Compartment. Guess that place only attracted silent and serious types,
while the hospital had an array of strange individuals comfortably settled within its dusty
white walls.

Right after the levitating litter had disappeared into the large grey car, the doctors trusted
driver reached her and tapped her quietly on the shoulder, thus stealing away her
attention. Pao‟s lightsome oculars came to meet the mans‟ blues, one of her eyebrows
questionably arched. With an insignificant gesture towards the sleek ship behind him, he
began, his dull tone of voice ringing ever so softly in the compounds of the high and
mighty bay. “The girls name is Schypher Dawater, captain and probably owner of that
beauty back there. The crewman guessed poisoning to be the cause of her illness, but
that‟s about it, not the most talkative guy. If you want, I can find out where they were last
from their flight plan, but I guess that‟s all…” He shrugged his shoulders as an indication of
his own suspense, while eyeing the shivering carcass of the sickly maiden in the car.
Pao just lamented, shaking her head. It was such a bother, when she did not get all of the
info that was most certainly needed to conduct her work at top speck. “Alright then, let us
get Dawater here to the hospital and see what we can do for her. And you don't have to
check the flight plan, I'll find it myself if I need it. I‟m staying in the back….” She
murmured a twinkle before she hopped onto the vehicle and settled herself as cosily as
possible. For once, she did not have time to whine over the complete lack of room in the
small cubicle, as her mind was enthralled with ideas and thoughts concerning the task at
The tall male slammed the hatch shut and secured it with the up-most diligence and
carried on towards the front of the car, intent on getting the duo in the back to the

From there on, to anyone that isn‟t acquainted with the horrid load of medical terms that
come along with every sickness, skimming over what happened in the hospital would be a
bother. To make it short, the pale Xu-adey was inspected with stern care, prodded, poked,
punctured with needles in various places, fed a large pile of medicines of various sorts and
sizes and generally abused. The shear joy of being in a hospital, under the care of an
eager young doctor. The fact that she was poisoned, was established quickly, through the
trusty blood sample and a few other checks that Lery had ordered, after consulting with dr.
Meheres, the resident poison expert. He was a fun man, really, if you looked past his
obsession with brightly coloured liquids. As it came out, the toxin that Scy‟s organism had
come in contact with, was nothing but a mild drug, useful when in need of something to
open your opponents‟ lips. But there was a set-back, it served its cause only in a Terran
system and failed ghastly in any other. The Xu-adey inners were known to be especially
vulnerable towards that particular poison, mainly because of it‟s reigning ingridient,
Nehrega root. It worked just fine when it came to Terran‟s, but it could cause havoc within
a Xu-adey, capable of lowering a full-grown male into a painless state of sleep, while the
vile substance was slowly nicking away at his organs. Not usually lethal at all, but also
needed delicate medical care to overcome the illness. Usually, the patient is up and about
in a few hours after getting the antidote, though the strain will leave a mark on the person
for a good while if they did not rest properly.

So, hopefully, the fiery girl wont go hurting herself with working too hard...

Bright light shining down on her, an array of blissful colours playing silently on her face
and covered form, creating an illusion of serenity over the youthful femme. Dainty eyelids
opened slightly, allowing her dark blue orbs to shift over her surroundings groggily while
taking in the sting of radiance that attacked her weary eyes. Schypher did not even think
about forcing her eyes to open more or trying to haul herself into a sitting position, the
intoxicating twirl that went through her stomach constantly, stopped her from any such
foolishness. Scy groaned inwardly, her dry lips cracking open slightly as a sigh followed,
audibly this time. It seemed that every part of her body decided to go republic and leave
their former master with only the dull ache that scooted up and down her body, ravaging
the inner of the disgruntled Xu-adey.

Quite frankly, she didn‟t have the faintest idea where she was, all that she could feel and
sense was the blinding light and the soft sheets that were nuzzled close to her form. At
least it was warm and relatively comfortable, so what if it smelled like someone dumped
acid on the floor and cranked the lighting settings to the level of three stars… She was just
about to shelter her eyes from the forceful illumination, before her keen ears caught a
feeble ruffle in the background, followed by two short footsteps and then, a sudden burn in
her neck. She was too baffled to move, to object, so she simply peeked over her shoulder.
As she was lying on her side, Scy could clearly see a smiling face looking back at her, lined
by short strands of green.
With a content nod, the green haired wonder pulled out the small pen like device that she
had formerly punctured her patient with and tucked it away in her white lab coats pockets.
“So, Dawater, you finally came through. I must say, I was expecting you to wake up about
2 hours ago, the antidote I gave you was supposed to work faster…Ah well, it happens…”
She murmured the last part of the statement more to herself than anyone else while
frowning over the miniature datapad settled in her left hand. “Anyway, I gave you a
second dose of the antidote just now and I think it is safe to say that you should be up and
about in an hour or so. But you must take it easy for a week or more, not strain yourself
too much. Though you will feel better in a short amount of time, the remnants of the
poison still remain in you and if provoked, might start this vicious circle again…Oh, and
you‟re on Stargazer Station, in the only hospital around- „Doctor Caedynas Hospital‟. Your
crew called for emergency medical backup even before you docked and here you are.
That‟s basically all I know about it.” She grinned gently, noticing the twinkle of confusion
and questioning in her eyes, which had obliged her to try and clear everything up as much
as possible.

Scy nodded her head as well as she could, considering that it still ached as usual and
combining with the current condition that she was in, she really had no mood to go
tampering with her health any further. What she did want to do, was get out of that
hospital as soon as possible and rush back to the ship. She had no idea how long she had
been out and honestly, The Retentive was home. It was the place where she was safe and
protected from all that the universe deemed worthy of rolling before her feet. Besides,
would anyone be untroubled when someone else was handling his or her ship? Thought
All and all, the last thing Schypher could actually come to remember, was the fact that she
had entered a TPT on Scorpion Station, while being nauseous and as sickly as one could
be. From there on, it had just been an easeful sleep, her mind perfectly unaware of what
the rest of the body was going through. Ah well, at least she did not remember the pain.

“I‟ll come check on you in half an hour, perhaps you‟ll be more talkative and awake then…”
The young doctor uttered, before turning around on her heel and exiting the sterile white
Scy? She lazed on the bed, still pondering over what had exactly happened, what time was
it and how in hell had she managed to collapse…

Posted by Schypher on 20.10.2002 at21:36:

 Tired and weary...

A half an hour really is not much when one would take the time to look around his or
herself and note the rate of how things evolve. A half an hour is a mear minute repeated
thirty times, one thousand and eight hundred seconds…But as a wise man once said, time
is but a measurer of our deeds, each new act could give time a new meaning.
To one girl, lying silently in a petite hospital room, in an uncomfortable berth, thirty
minutes could mean a lifetime. Forever, dragging slower than anything she could have
ever imagined. Schypher had spent the excruciatingly long minutes in bed, glancing back
and forth over the room, compelling her eyes to adjust to the new found brightness in her
surroundings. Darkness was what those delicate blue oculars had become accustomed to,
thanks to the many hours of being engulfed by utter blackness, not a ray of light in sight.
Her head hummed, her stomached twirled, and her skin was a pale white, creating a sort
of mysteriousness, not to say sickly beculiarity, around the fragile form of the maiden. She
was not sure if she could move or if her legs would dare to listen to her commands, but did
she have any other possibility than to try? Scy could not bring herself to admit, that she
might of needed help, that a comforting hand would have ment the world to her and that
the only thing her body craved for, was endless hours more in the welcoming berth, with
no strain forced upon her frame.
But home was calling, waiting and craving for her. The Retentive was where she was
destined to be, no sickness could possibly change that. She would not allow it. Her ship
was sacred, her heart had stated that long ago.

Wearily, the grey blanket was lifted and because of fumbling fingers, casted over the side
of the bed and left to crumple into a mass of cloth, thrown uselessly away from the one it
had served and kept warm for what seemed like forever. But everything had to once meet
the point where it was not needed anymore, it was just the way that life was. Sad and
disturbing, that it was, but everyone and everything could once be replaced with
something better. Sadly, it was a common fact, yet only a few cared to notice it and give
their precious time to ponder over it. Ah, the ignorance of people, never stopping to think,
always rushing forward, towards their very own mountains of gold, rivers of delight and
sky‟s of blithe. To satisfy themselves, was the only thing that the greedy creatures could
think of.

Scy had never been an exception, why to spend her time on the worries and problems of
others, individuals that she did not know or care about, when there was herself that
needed to be pleased. Love thy fellow man? Cliché…
Another unused twinkle passed, before the star of security and courage managed to clasp
itself tightly around Scy‟s shivery heart, plagued by the worry of harming and making a
fool out of herself. But, if you did not try, how could you know that you would fail?
With the utmost prudence, her almost bare feet slid to the cold ground, the unexpected
frigidness sending an apt chill running up her legs and only dying down somewhere under
her ribcage. A soft sigh escaped her parched lips, as she closed her eyes for a moment, to
recompose herself and perhaps dullen the mayhem that was joyously stomping through
her mind. Her blue eyes flashed open again, with a tint of clarity to them this time around,
and she allowed them to sweep over the room questioningly one more time, trying to
make sure that she had not missed anything on her former searches. As to be expected,
she hadn‟t.
The one thing that had caught her attention from the start, was the diminutive grey built
in cupboard in the wall, almost unnoticeable if one was in a hurry. Scy had had plenty of
time to establish where everything was, though, so the cabinet did not have any hope to
escape the look of her alert eyes. It was only a few feet away from where the girl was
sitting at the moment, almost close enough to reach out and touch. With the help of the
cot, Schypher pushed herself up and wearily, still being unsure of the co-operation her legs
would give her, she neared the thing. As soon as her hands could grasp it, she pulled open
the door that kept shielding the inner of the locker, and to none of her surprise, the small
stack of her rather skimpy clothing greeted her from the second shelf. At least her
garments were located, that was a start…

She pulled them out swiftly and along with the stack of silver, white and black, fell back
upon her saviour of a berth. Driven by an extreme longing to disappear from the detaining
hospital it took her almost no time to pull on all of her clothes, as scant as they might have
been, and to feel just slightly better again. She was back in her own clothes, in her very
own belongings, not some cheap light blue hospital robe. Ugh, disgusting things…With a
new found hope, she dashingly pulled her hand through her hair to give it at least some
appearance and quickly searched through her pockets, making sure that the ID was still
there and that a few decca cards were still planted safely within the silvery jacket.

Just when she was reaching the last pocket –a small secret one at the lower edge- a
youthful medic scampered in, holding a rather diminutive sack in her right hand. With a
smile, the green haired little enthusiast acknowledged the Xu-adey and handed her the
unpretentious pouch, which Scy took with a short frown. “Your medications.” Pao
explained. “I threw a slip with all the instructions in there too, plus added a bottle of
Gravity Flux Treatments, because it didn‟t seem to me that you were using them and
space travelling Xu-adey‟s really should. Anyway, I checked your files, you have health
insurance by the Engreia, because you‟re classified as a legitimate hunter there, so that
wont be a problem and in all honesty, if you want to leave, you can do that now. I‟m
guessing you‟re anxious to get back to your ship, huh?”

Scy did not even bother to grace that tirade with a answer of any sort, naturally she
wanted back. So, with a curt nod, the woman rose from the cot again and even though her
body was objecting quite violently, she set off, stuffing the bag into one of her pockets at
the same time. Doctors, she never thought that they needed a 'thank you' from her, it was
their job, helping the ill, after all.
Pao? She was baffled, another lesson learned. Never act nice around disgruntled Xu-
adey‟s, it simply is not worth it.


Scy‟s trek back to the ship was uneventful, if one did not note the fact that she almost
collapsed in the middle of the street, after an obnoxiously petty punk smashed her into a
wall, while trying to pass by quickly. Teens, they should have all burned in hell.
One of the many rogue cabs picked her up soon after and transported her to the docking
bays, right to the one that The Retentive was docked in. Of course, that was only made
possible thanks to the locator in the taxi and the kindness of the driver, Scy personally had
no idea where her ship was at. Thank god for the generous heart of the old woman who
was the proud owner of the taxi…

As she had reached the bay, and paid her protector generously, Scy quietly slipped into
the large room and neared the duo of security guards that were standing watch there. She
guessed that it was safer to get her ID checked sooner than later. She was on her way to
her ship again in only a mear second or two, no problems at all.
Keying in the code at the main airlocks‟ locking panel, Scy grinned slightly as the door
opened with no objections. Back home.
Her steps took her to the second deck and on towards the control room. Who knew, maybe
there was someone there? Besides, that was the closest place where she could find out
about what day it was and how long she had been distant from the rest of life, considering
that she was too hazy to figure out that she could have done the same thing with the help
of her communication device. All heil the confused mind and weak body of a female who
had been out cold for much too long…

Posted by Theo Donivan on 21.10.2002 at03:38:

Theo, hearing all of the comotion going on both in and apparently outside of the ship,
bounded his way down the halls of the Retenitive and made his way to the bridge, where
he found Clint, still at his post. He listened as the echoes of someone elses footsteps rang
out from down the corridor that led to the airlock. Theo realized that they must have
finally reached Stargazer, and wondered how the time had passed by so quickly. He
snapped his attention back to the present, looking up at Clint.

"Whats going on now? Where did Scy go? And can I finally get off this ship for a little
while?" The questions poured out quickly, almost sounding like one giant run on sentence.
He looked out the main view port into the hanger bay, confirming that they were at
Stargazer. He looked back up at Clint eagerly, waiting for a response.
Posted by Clint Paxton on 21.10.2002 at08:20:

Clint sat quietly in the pilots chair softly rubbing his tired eyes. Problem was he was so
tired now he couldn‟t sleep if he wanted too. The security teams were still in board
clattering through the ship like a battalion of shock troops. If Clint looked down on the
control panel he could watch readouts showing the various hatches and compartments
being opened or checked.
Well sleep was out of the question for a few more hours now anyway. He would have to go
through the ship and recheck that everything is locked down properly, those goons were
so intelligent they would leave an airlock open in deep space. Vaperial sat silently at his
shoulder, too tired to speak. The two of them must make a sight.
And then the hatch slid open to allow Theo to burst into the control room full pep, vigour
and a hundred questions. Clint swivelled around in the seat and couldn‟t repress a smile.
“Schypher is now on the station with their medical people. I‟m sure she is fine” he hoped
he sounded convincing. He didn‟t feel it, they had still received no news of her condition
and no news told you nothing
“We have docked and the security teams are currently on board. Once we get the all clear
we can see about letting you loose on the station.” He said to the lad giving Vaperial a
Clint glared at the chronometer, it was taking these security guys far too long. He was
expecting them to come marching through door any second wearing rubber gloves and
asking us to bend over. He didn‟t know what had happened but obviously something had
put a bee in their bonnet.
Could mean the security would also be stepped up. Not good when we were expected to
find a man and „escort‟ him back.
Then the hatch opened, Paxton looked up expecting to see the grim face of the team
leader and there stood Schypher. He sprang to his feet and herded her towards a seat. A
beautiful woman normally but now she look terrible. He wasn‟t sure if she looked better
when she was unconscious. Putting his hands on her arms to guide her to a seat he could
feel the slight tremble and could see the determination in her eyes. She was using every
ounce of will power just to stay upright and not fall on her face.
A frown crossed his forehead. She was terribly proud and independent, Clint admired that
in her but he knew she would not listen to anyone who said she needed to rest. Even if she
was dead on her feet. He considered knocking her out and dragging her to her room,
might be worth the plasma round in the chest when she came around.
Still he had to try, she needed to take it easy for a while and regain some strength though
he could see the inner fire still burned bright. He knelt down on one knee to face her,
looking into those beautiful eyes and scratched the stubble on his chin.
“Schypher it is so good to see you, what did the doctors say?”

Posted by Schypher on 21.10.2002 at15:11:

 Yes, Aet's hyper today! n_n

No kidding? I look that bad? Hell, what day is it anyway? Sure, she looked that bad…
Scy blinked quite amazedly, as her gaze met the one of Clint‟s, who immediately plastered
a concerned frown over his features. Men, they always worried too much. Couldn‟t they
just mind their own business and leave the rest of the humanity alone? Huff…
Schypher being happy is a rare sight for anyone, this time she just managed to seem less
irked than usual. It was most probably thanks to the fact that she was still pumped up on
medications, though still disgruntled and unhappy, not to mention pale, ill and shivering.
Just another perfectly normal day in the life of Schypher Dawater, the Xu-adey disaster
Though she attempted to rebel against the guiding hands that gripped her shoulders, her
feeble attempts were worthless and after all, sitting was not that bad of an idea. Just
forcing her to do so was not the smartest thing to try, considering how utterly peeved the
girl looked under all that false silver shine. The thick bags under her eyes did nothing to
change the general view either. So, with out much more hesitation or another round of
fighting the inevitable, Scy plopped down on the chair, drawing her knees up. Confined
spaces were nice, especially when they were big, soft and smelled familiarly. Home!

Before willing to answer, her gaze slithered over the faces of the people in the control
room, none looked overly joyous, well, except for Theo, of course. My, my…They actually
look worse than me… She chuckled softly, noting the tense Vaperial and exhausted Paxton,
both looked like they were only capable of taking 10 seconds more of consciousness before
collapsing on the floor. Ah well, men, they were all weak and none to her surprise, the
foolish morsels had not graced their time with sleeping. Their loss, really.
“I‟m going to be fine, no reason to worry. I feel much better now that I‟m back on the
ship…” She uttered, turning her attention back to the mechanic, kneeling next to the seat.
“By the way, tell me, exactly how long have I been out?” An interesting question, indeed.
Scy was never good at guessing the time, as she usually didn‟t need to know it. But it
would have been nice to know if she had been in the land of blackness for a day or a week.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 21.10.2002 at18:38:

"Way to long!" Theo exclaimed in response to Schyphers question as wrapped his arms
around her waist. "This place gets really boring when people disappear!" He bounced
across the room and peered out the main view window, trying to see the security teams.
"How long can tehy possibly take!?" Theo promtply flopped down into a chair located on
the left side of the bridge, one leg draped over an arm rest with the other planted on the
floor, his head hanging over the opposite arm rest. He stared at the rest of the crew, his
vision tilted upside down.

"So are we ready to actually do something, or are we just gonna hang around some
more?" Theo asked. He rolled out of his chair and began pacing around the room. "Cause
either way, I gotta go take care of some stuff off the ship."

Posted by Schypher on 23.10.2002 at14:45:

Scy almost jumped back because of the surprise, as the arms of the little boy wrapped
around her waist and he smiled up at her cheerily, before letting go and bouncing on. It
took a moment for Schypher to recover and settle her feet on the seat more comfortably
again. At that point, Theo should have been grateful that he was just a kid, otherwise the
Xu-adey had most probably smacked him. Hey, she was sick, not dead. The only person
who was allowed to hug her at all, was Taidyne, but that was because the two had
practically grown up together and Scy counted Taidy more as a sister than anything else
anyway. A horribly sarcastic, cautious girl and most certainly a medic, but she was still
close and considered family.

Her eyes slowly followed the bouncy youth, who was happily spinning around in the room,
standing still at one point in one moment and at another spot a mear second later. Such
hyperactivity…In all honesty, it was a good sight to see, someone enjoying their life. That
had started to be rare around Scy lately, she was not happy so usually, she could not bare
to see anyone else being gleeful either. But Theo was just a kid, let him have his
fun...After all, he deserved it, the child was another one of those unlucky souls who did not
have the bestest of memories swimming around in his head, or so Scy guessed. He had
not told her much but from what he had uttered, the gunner found it better to just let him
be. "As soon as the security personnel end their activities onboard the ship, you can go
and run around for a bit. But not long, I don't know how long will we stick around here and
I wouldn't want to go hunting you down from the station." She had never been good with
teens or children of any age, really. That was why she never wanted to settle down and
have one of her own, the nasty little bugger would stress her out in the first couple of
days. Besides, she would loose her figure, even if it was only for a few months...A
disgrace. Scy knew how she was going to die. In a few years, she would get shot. It
always ended like that for people like her, why be different?

Scy‟s dark blues swam back upon Paxton and one of her eyebrows arched slightly. The
man had been awfully quiet, must have been because of the sleep deprivation. “If nothing
serious has happened on the ship that I should know about, you can take a few hours off
and go rest…”

Posted by Clint Paxton on 23.10.2002 at15:27:

Clint turned to Schypher shaking off the weariness “You have been out for around 24
hours, give or take. And right now we are currently undergoing a routine security sweep.”
He glanced over at the chronometer, “Been going at it for nearly two hours now.” The
console stilled showed the movement of the security time though they had now neared the
rear of the ship.
“The ship is fine, I just need to check it over once these security guys have finished
running around after nothing.” He watch Schypher and noted how washed out she was,
she hadn‟t said what was wrong and probably wouldn‟t. Now it was a matter of her getting
her strength back so she could lead them to this guy and escort him back.
The hatch slid open and the security leader stepped back in, his ever present data pad still
firmly gripped in his left hand. The expression hadn‟t changed, probably never smiled. “My
crew has just reported they have completed their sweep and the ship has been cleared.”
He stopped to annotate something into the pad, the electro pen looking small in his large
The silence started to drag until he reattached the pen and looked at those assembled
before him. “That now leaves the crew and passengers of this vessel.” His eyes swept from
one figure to the next, expressionless. A man who had done more and was now in a dead
end job with no hope of ever getting out. Possibly one mistake had landed him this
assignment and you could see it was slowly eroding his soul.
“Very well lets start with you ma‟am” his eyes locked on Schypher and the pad was once
more ready for the entry of data. “Let‟s start with name.” His eyes dropped to the pad, the
electro pen poised in his hands.

Posted by Schypher on 23.10.2002 at15:56:

“24? Hmm…Good, I was worried that it might have been more…” Scy uttered, more to
herself than to anyone else, really. At that very moment, the man with the datapad
scampered in, his steps quite heavy. He did not look much fresher than the crew, though
he probably had a good reason for it as well. Controlling a mob of people was never a job
to be taken lightly.
As he turned towards Scy with his shortly stated question, the gunner answered in the
same prompt manner, pulling out her ID from one of the pockets and throwing it in the
hands of the man. Her fingers had stopped for a mear moment while looting through the
fabric, as they had brushed over the small bag of medicines. She had al ready managed to
forget about those pesky things that the doctor had shoved in her not so willing arms. The
amount of medications around the girl had started to grow into quite an impressive
amount, especially considering the fact that Scy would have much rather kept away from
those things…

“There, officer. I would believe you can get all the information needed from that…? Also,
our medic has been struck down by a vicious illness and thus, is unavailable to
communicate with you at the moment. If you need to check her identity, please inform me
first and I will accompany you. I do have a much bigger hope of finding what you need,
than you could ever have…” She did not bother to push in a smile, just one look at her
would tell anyone that she was not in the mood to be overly polite to people she did not
know and care about. Not that she ever was in such a mood.

Schypher knew that the security people would find nothing of interest to them, it was
violently obvious. The only thing that did bother her slightly, was Vaperial. And he was just
the person who Scy‟s blue oculars caught next. She was hopeful that the man was
intelligent enough to have a skilfully made fake ID, it was a must for any pirate. At least
that was what Scy was led to believe, when noting the horrid amount of cards that her
brother owned. It had been a constant lesson, living around a young hacker and pirate.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 24.10.2002 at06:31:


After quickly scanning over Scy‟s ID, and then Paxton‟s following in suit, the Security
officer turned to Vaperial. Coolly and calmly he reached into his leather jacket and pulled
out a wallet. Opening it up he thumbed few a few cards and then carelessly tossed the
officer his “ID.” The large man caught the ID in his hands and looked over it. Though his
heart was beating rapidly, Vaperial said nothing, and acted just as cool as any of the other
crew members did when they were checked. Indeed his ID was a fake, the name on it,
even more fake. The officer eyed the ID, and hesitantly gave it back to Vaperial. Feeling
the lump in his throat beginning to dissipate, Vaperial smiled, nodded, and murmured a
polite thank you to the man before putting it back into his wallet and then jacket.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 25.10.2002 at18:16:

The security officer turned and looked down at Theo, who beamed a wide smile, the same
one he had used to weasel his way out of numerous situations, and pulled his data pad out
of his back pocket. It contained his fake ID, constructed some time ago right after he had
escaped. It listed him as one Damien Savera, a 13 year old Terran who had been
emancipated when he was 12. The ID had held up to several checks before, and Theo
wasn't too worried that it would fail him this time. The security officer looked at it blankly
for a second, then comapred the picture on the ID to Theo. They matched almost
perfectly, and the officer handed it back to Theo without saying a word. Pocketing the pad
once more, Theo resumed his aimless wandering of the bridge, occasionally glancing out
the window. He began humming a song he had heard back on Capella, and wondered how
much longer this could all possibly take.

Posted by Schypher on 25.10.2002 at21:58:

 Strange day, little time to write

Scy watched solemnly, as the man went through each and every one of the people on the
bridge, it all went pleasantly and no obstacles were met. It was such a thrill, when
everything went smoothly. Scy was a timebomb, ready to explode at any moment that
day, fewer things going wrong just kept her at bay for a longer while. No one liked a
spiked Schypher…
After the officer had went through his sweep of the others, thankfully leaving the two that
the gunner had had doubts about -Vaperial and Theo- alone also, he glanced at the
comfortably seated girl, one eyebrow arching slightly. Schypher had earlier pushed herself
on the man because of the unknown state of the other two females onboard the ship. It
must have been a burden, dealing with the obsessively protective captains each and every
day, the Xu-adey could not help but pity the man, just a little. Under his questioning gaze,
the woman slowly pulled herself up, letting her legs slide back down on the harsh ground.
She winced inwardly, raising was not half as comfortable as sitting down had been mear
minutes earlier.

Sighing softly and beckoning that serene look back on her features, she wondered out of
the bridge with only a slight wave to her siding crewmembers, and the tall man following
close behind her. Time to go bug the other femmes that had so conveniently hidden
themselves from the eye of the public.
Before the duo could leave, the man gave a slight look over his shoulder towards the
others and with his expression as dull as usual, he uttered “You are now free to go about
your activities. Permission, to leave ship, granted.”
The hatch behind, closed with a mild hiss and the only sounds left in the long hall were the
rhythmic beating of the feet hitting the floor and the few low pitched sounds that came
from somewhere lower. Presumably from the mans‟ „crew‟, who had settled themselves on
the first deck, waiting for their treasured leader.

The trek was short and uneventful, the only thing that Scy thought about was staying up
on her wobbly feet and the person behind her, well, who knew what he thought. He
seemed to have a certain lack of emotions.
As soon as they reached the small corridor at the near end of the second deck, Schypher
motioned the man to stop, while she herself set to pry on the first door that met the eye-
the one leading straight into Taidy Larouge‟s personal space. It was quite an easy task,
getting into the room, Scy herself had been the one to lock the hatch before and opening it
was not hard at all. The hatch slid into the wall with out objection and a familiar sight
greeted the gunners‟ eyes. Taidyne was still curled up in one of the beds, resting ever so
peacefully. So, the captain siply crept in and rushingly, plied through the still packed bag,
laying next to the medics bed. As if asked, the ID card was one of the first things that
Scy‟s long fingers found on their way and with a slight grin, she pulled the shifty thing out.
She gave the exhausted redhead one more look, before retreating out of the door and
giving her attention back to the man, who was waiting patiently by the door. Carelessly,
she flung the small badge into his hands before scampering right on towards Jesley‟s
room. Thankfully, her door was opened and as soon as Scy had managed to make the
feisty thing skip away into the sides, the cheery face of the short Valertrez greeted her.
“Yes, captain, is there anything I can be of service with?” The girl chirped, perched on the
lone desk in her darkly lit and ornamented room.

Scy‟s brow furrowed softly, as she noted the gothic look of the apartment and the obvious
time it must have taken. Busy girl... She did not approve of it, especially because most of
the little trinkets that were lying about, could have seriously hurt the small form of the
femme when something unexpected would happen in flight-like a gravity whole, a meteor
shower, etc. But, alas, it was not her place to say. Every female that had even the
slightest bit of sanity left in her, knew better than to criticise the taste of another of her
kind. Men, now they were the poor devils that got constantly nagged and gnawed at by the
overpowering opposite gender.

Her dark blue orbs flicked back to the petite carcass of the girl and she smiled slightly.
“There is. Come out for a second and take your ID with you, the security wants to check
it.” With no further words of wisdom, she turned around on her heel and headed out, soon
hearing a thud and a number of hasty foot steps, heading towards the hall. Soon enough,
the Valertrez had bounced into view and handed her card to the greatly taller man, who
eyed the maiden curiously, she was indeed short and catched many glances with that.
“Everything seems to be in order…” The male muttered, while handing back the ID to the
Valertrez, who promptly rushed back into her room. Socialising was clearly not her
strongest feature.

Scy, would have liked to follow Jes‟s lead, but she had much to do and who could possibly
think of resting at a time like that. ”If that is all, I would like you and your men to find
your way out and get the hell off of The Retentive. It is crowded as it is.” She snatched the
badge away from the baffled guards‟ hands and disappeared into Taidy‟s dark room,
grumbling softly under her breath. Mood swings, got to love them.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 25.10.2002 at22:16:

Theo actually bounced when he heard the guard say that they all had permission to leave
the ship. He bounced over to Vap and beamed a grin up at him. "I'm going out!" With that,
he bounded off hte bridge and towards the airlock. "I've got my comm-link, call me if
something comes up," he shouted as he ran down the halls. Even the short amount of time
htat he had spent on the ship had him getting a little claustrophobic.

The waves of sound washed over Theo as he stepped off the ship and into the hanger bay.
A quick walk and he was in the busy central square of the Stargazer station. He stopped in
the doorway and took in all of the sights and sounds as he slowly scanned across the vast
area. Various merchants and peddlers hawked their cheap wares in the center of the
square, while flashing neon and music emanated from within the myriad of stores that
lined to perimeter of the area.

His moment of awe and wonderment was quickly ended as a tall male Hani slammed into
him from behind, knocking the small child a good five feet ahead. While it seemed
apparent that the blow hadn‟t been intentional, the Hani made no effort to apologize as he
hefted Theo back to his feet. “Better watch yourself, kid,” he said through, his voice deep
and gravely. “Not a good place to be idly standing around.” And with that Theo watched as
the Hani disappeared into the crowd, apparently no longer worried about bumping into
people. Theo started walking forward, his small form slipping between the masses of
people as they bustled about their daily lives, all to use to the crowds and noise of the
busy station. Theo pulled out is comm-link and set the time to count down from 1 hour. He
figured that he should at least check in with someone from the Retenitive around then, so
they didn't think he had run off again. He felt like he belonged for once and his life, and he
wasn't about to lose that feeling.

He darted through the crowded square to the far left side, trying to locate the clothing
store he had seen listed on the map. His visual senses were assaulted by pulsating neon
and strobe lights as he finally managed to locate the small store, the entrance of which
was actually tucked in an alley between two larger stores. Music that was probably several
decibels to loud for the local noise ordinances blasted from the ceiling mounted speakers.
A rather bored looking Valetrez woman sat behind the small counter on the left side of the
shop, reading a magazine and apparently oblivious to Theo‟s presence, who began to
quietly make his way around the store. He inspected a black hooded sweatshirt with the a
red dragon emblazoned across the chest. He pulled the small price tag out from within the
shirt and cocked his head to the side as he read the miniscule text. The price wasn‟t too
unreasonable, and he would still be able to buy some pants and, hopefully, a portable
media player. He snatched the sweatshirt off the rack and resumed slowly pacing around
the store. He finally settled on a pair of denim jeans with leg opening so wide he figured
he could probably hide in them. He walked up to the counter and tossed his items up on to
it, waiting for some kind of response from the clerk, who remained sitting idly, reading her
magazine. Theo coughed quietly to try and get her attention, to no avail.

“Umm… excuse me,” he said quietly, rapping lightly on the counter with his decca card..
The woman looked up, looking severely annoyed at having been disturbed. She scanned
Theo‟s items, and picked up his decca card from the counter where he had left it. She
swiped the card and hastily stuffed his items into a black plastic bag and practically threw
them at him. She flopped back down in her chair and resumed reading her magazine
without saying a word. Theo sighed and headed back out of the store and into the busy
Posted by Schypher on 26.10.2002 at20:27:

She could almost feel the vibration created by the bewildered security guards‟ steps. Scy
sighed ever so softly, the nearly inaudible pitch rolling off her tongue after a short struggle
between the mind and the heart. How she wished to lay down and let the world drift by, be
just a spectator of the endless swirl that some dared to call life. The title was severely off,
life was meant to be something that kept filling ones soul with joy and freshness, only to
be tinted by a sudden mishap or two. But to most, „life‟ had become a burden they did not
wish to carry. Nights of agony, days filled with hate and pain, confused minds and close-
minded decisions day-in and day-out. How could they bare it at all? Will-power? Strength?
No, it mostly rounded down to self-love or at the extreme case, self-pity. They feared
death and as much as they despised life, it always seemed as a better choice in the end.
Better an existence filled with sorrow than infinity teeming with nothingness.

Schypher declared to have no such ill feelings towards her own mortality, though deep
inside, questions were boiling in sweet silence, spiced with the bitter taste of obliviousness.
For the last month or so, nothing had been kind to the shaken girl, one startling event
closely following another. One could not expect her to come out of it with her mentality
still completely intact, it was most certainly going to scar the depths of her mind for a
good while to come. Curse her hyperactive self, for pondering too much and beating
herself up for things that did not concern her at all. Or what should have only nicked her
gently, letting the gunner drift away from the cold grip of the reality and the dreams that
would haunt her in the future. She knew that it was her own fault that the recent ordeals
had paid such havoc on her, but in all honesty, she did not have the slightest idea of what
to do to fend them off. The Xu-adey had been around many great people in her short
lifetime, individuals who knew how to keep their emotions at bay and not let them play
over their sanity with full force, who could distance themselves from the harsh actuality.
Just, she never had the power to try and learn from them, thus creating that much more
problems for herself and her degrading health…

With forced calmness, Scy returned the miniature ID card back to Taidyne‟s luggage and
hastily retracted from the medics‟ quarters. Her humble steps carried her quickly far from
the aft corridor and back into the treasured confinement that her room generously
promised. She almost collapsed right on the floor after intruding into the serenity and
silence of the darkened apartment, the comforting calmness shocking her frail character
notably. The hatch closed behind her with a familiar hiss and the dim lights fluttered on,
issuing only a trifling change into the settings of the metallic hole in the wall.
Home…Maybe so.

Grimly, her hands set to peel of the layers of clothing that were protecting her dirty body.
She almost felt violated by the sickness, the past. She didn't know. The only thing that
kept sacredly looming in the distance was the need to get it all off, saviour the taste of
purity once more. The silvery jacket was the first thing to land on the floor, followed by the
magnificent pair of boots and the variety of other garments.
The next moment, the tall girl was already attacked by the numbing emotion of clean
water running over her features, washing away the grime and sweat that had gathered in
the 24 hours of unconsciousness that had rattled her body. The clean liquid flowing over
her form managed to compel her weary mind from the depressive line of thought, that had
managed to slither into her head, and give the moderately wasted femme a moment of
She spent quite a generous amount of time under the stream of water, until she could
hardly feel her body at all thanks to the warm sensation and judged it to be the just time
to leave the comfy shower. Her slim fingered hand reached out of the cubicle deemed to
be the shower and snatched a lone towel hanging on the wall. Promptly, Schypher ran the
smooth texture over her skin and secured it around her body. Thankfully, the thing was
large enough to cover her more…notable curves.

Carefully, she impelled the passage, which she had slightly pushed to an opening earlier
when grabbing the towel, to slid to the sides and give her a chance to leave. Her view was
quite hazy, partly from the banging headache and the exhaustion that she was
experiencing and partially because she had just spent a half an hour under an endless
prosper of water. Scy felt absentminded, dire even, as she set to exit the shower.
Her left foot was just about to leave the compounds of the cubicle, when she suddenly,
and rather melodramatically, slipped and fell to her knees right next to the chamber. Her
right hand darted to fasten the towel as her left hand settled on the cold floor. Not again…

She had grown weary from the everlasting mistakes and misfortune that had followed her.
It was hollowing and for the longest while, she had wished to escape…By words, by deeds,
by a show of emotion, she did not care. All she knew, was, that it was eating her inside
and leaving only a mechanical shell of the person she used to be. She felt crushed,
unworthy of her current status and the false glimmer that had been sprinkled around her
person. Did she deserve it? Who knew...Some said she did, many would simply laugh at
such a comment and shift in a few discouraging remarks about the overly trigger-happy
maiden. But what mattered, was what she felt deep inside, pass the self-love and
disgruntled nature. In her heart. And to her continuing dismay, that feeble part of her was
slowly crumbling under the troublesome burden that her mind had forced upon it.
A lonesome tear trickled down her cheek, leaving a warm trail behind. Such a long time
since she last dared to cry…

Posted by Taidyne on 27.10.2002 at09:20:

 Wee! (Glomps to everyone!)

(Tsk tsk tsk.. for shame on you all.. torturing Aet like this. n.u Ahh.. just a quick post
before I run off to sleep. |purr| If I royally screw something up, feel free to publicly
degrade my foolishness, and inform me of it, so it can be corrected. [I have been gone
over two months you know, I have good excuse for ignorance..] Lets just hope I
understood everything correctly...)

Taidyne lay on her bed, blanket curled up about her, the beddings messed up and crooked,
the innocent Xu-Adey woman's sleep undisturbed by dreams or any other foolishness.
Usually an extremely light sleeper, even Schypher's activities of coming in and out of her
room did not disturb her this once. Her hands clutched the underside of the blanket, held
tightly at her collarbone, barely touching her chin. Long shapely legs were drawn up, long
red hair falling behind her, spilling like satin over the bed.

Her consciousness slowly began returning to her. The medic's eyelids were heavy and
leaden with the feeling of to much sleep, he amount abnormal to the insomniac‟s regular
schedule. Her mouth, felt like if was made of cotton, another sign of the unusual amount
of needed rest bestowed upon her.

A faint ringing was in her ears, but that was ignored. Her eyes finally opened, against her
will, almost. The dark eyes, mixtures of a violet and gray, met the cold, blackness around
her. Barefoot, she tumbles from the bed, and over to the opposite wall.

Taidyne turned the lights on, and instantly regretted it. She squinted from the harsh,
glaring lights, long lashes protecting her eyes only just, barely a shadow of help. She
removed the annoying lights, and instead opened the door from her room. Light, just as
bright, spilled across her, and into her room, as if dawn were just hitting her sleeping
quarters. She glared at the door leading into her room, as if it were to blame for letting
her sleep, or for this rude light, which one was unsure. She had work to do, it was
impossible to slack so much. She sauntered over to her bed, grabbed some articles of
clothing, and crossed out of her room, across the hall to a bathroom containing a shower,
making sure both her room's door and the bathroom door were locked.

Having done that, she quickly shed herself of the rumpled, slept in clothes, and stepped
under the steaming water, blasting from the shower. The pounding heat against her slight
form was sufficient to wake her up. Her thoughts and memory cleared all to quickly.
"Damnable Terrans and their foolhardy medicines.." Tai shook her head, as if to rid herself
of the unpleasant memory. Trying to keep herself from any thoughts whatsoever, she
continued her shower, reveling in the peacefulness. It was with regret as she turned the
water off, wrapped a towel tightly around her body, and stepped onto the cold floor.

She grabbed the pair of black pants, and the softer gray shirt. Her clothes were usually
custom made, she didn't trust her possessions to come from just anyone. There was
almost always a specific supplier. Thus, custom to her body, the clothes were a nice
compliment to her appearance, even if she was almost completely oblivious to the
fact..such things were at most, trivial matters, best left alone. She toweled her long hair
slightly, then simply let the damp strands go.

Taidyne stretched slightly, grabbed her beloved daggers, fitting the one into her belt, and,
after putting her boots on (also custom, of course) she slipped the other onto her right
boot. Her right boot, left hip, it made no difference to her which hand. A great thing in her
favor. Most would exact the girl to use the one hand, yet the other was just as skillful.
Apparently, it was a nasty surprise, for those who didn't expect an ambidextrous person.
Keeping one arm would simply be a futile gesture. A soft sigh escaped Taidyne‟s lips, as
she gathered her towel and the clothes she had slept in. There was a direct assault of cold
air. The room had been covered with steam, the warmth of her shower contained. The
sudden change from that, to the freezing of the hallway was quite unwanted. Glaring
slightly, she opened her door, simply activate the lights, and tossed the things onto her

The room once again became bathed in darkness, as Taidyne left, planning to go finish
some of the work that had ended up having her take that medicine in the first place. Her
path was right down to hall, to the almost abandoned medical bay. As soon as the woman
entered, her eyes narrowed into slits. How was it possible that the supplies were all still
packed up? Shaking her head in amazement, she immediately started to unpack the
belongings. The medic of the retentive was indeed, someone who preferred to work over
being idle. It was no surprise that it had been several days since she had last eaten a
single thing. Her stomach demanded nothing of it, it couldn‟t be expected until she
remember to feed herself to simply keep from starving anyway.

Taidyne was still shunning the others on the ship, whomever else Schypher had decided to
pick up. At the moment, to the woman's point of view, Scy was going completely batty.
She still had the same precision she had displayed while the two grew up, yet even one of
her dearest friend's personality was a bit of a nuisance.

Although, on second though, it probably wouldn't have been to bad to go seek out
someone else on the ship. She was a doctor, and knew well enough it wasn't healthy to let
a body and mind go to ruin for the sake of work. If pouring of over her studies of the
medical field, and her unusual skill, the stealing of someone else's soul, were not over
working her mind, then the medic would have denounced her profession right then and
there. Still, a stubborn persistence kept her from leaving her work. She continued to
unload a crate, putting the things here and there, with precision. Her order had always
been clear cut, and easy to take in. Scy had made the grievous mistake of allowing
another medic on the ship.. normally, that wouldn't have been a problem.. but that
particular hani had the annoying habit of ruining her order, and replacing it with chaos. He
then had the audacity to call it organized.. Foolish kitten.

Taidyne's thoughts wandered slightly. Scy did have the habit of pushing new people onto
the crew anyway. Nothing should have surprised her. Even if some of them were like this
calston fellow here now, one rude and callous in his actions and manner, or like Kulkun..
insistent and refusing to adhere to a higher rank at the time. A cook.. screwing up her
lovely work.. hah.

She sat down for a few moments, and began sorting bottles containing various liquids. A
change of scene would do her good.. after she was done with these crates, she made the
promise to herself, she'd go somewhere unabandoned on the ship.. A change of scene and
a slight break wouldn't harm her to incredibly much. Not, at least if she got back to work
Posted by Lord Vaperial on 27.10.2002 at09:51:

((This post is HORRIBLE...but whatever. It is like 2 AM, so I have an excuse lol.))

As the guard disappeared from Vaperial‟s sight, he could feel himself begin to calm down.
The lump in his throat died away almost as suddenly as it had appeared, and the ever so
feeble trembling sensation in his hands disappeared. “Damn law, I hate it.” Vaperial
mumbled, his voice not directed towards anyone in particular, just anyone who happened
to be listening. He shook his head, let out a low and hushed sigh of relief, and then
plopped himself down in the co-pilot‟s seat. He watched the bouncing teen as he came up
to him, announced his plans, and then disappeared. He only gave Vaperial enough time to
shrug his shoulders.

Mr. Paxton, still at the controls, was seated next to him. “Clint, I think it is time that the
both of us get some rest. We are docked at the station, so we don‟t need someone at the
helm.” Vaperial pointed at the controls. “There isn‟t much to do when the ship is not
running.” He smiled weakly and then threw his strong hand on the man‟s shoulder. “It is
time for you to hit your bed soldier.” He gave him a good pat and then rose to his feet.
“I‟m actually going to get myself a meal, check on our flawless captain, and then get some
sleep myself. Good luck, and goodnight.” And with that, he was gone. Vaperial made his
way slowly through the dimly lit corridors of the ship towards the galley. He was starving,
and hadn‟t eaten for at least twenty hours. He didn‟t know what was calling to him more,
sleep, or hunger.

A few short moments later, Vaperial was indulging himself in the belly of the ship. He had
gathered a hearty try of various kinds of foods from different worlds and parts of space,
and sat himself messily at one of the tables. Knowing he was all alone, he allowed himself
to sprawl out, and the garbage from all the food he was rapidly consuming began to pile
up on the table all around him. Once he was done, he chugged a nice cool glass of water
to flush it all down into his system, and then got to his feet. He gathered his trash and
made waste of it by deploying it into the nearest garbage disposal. And once he was
satisfied, and truly full, he decided it was time to pay Scy a visit. He had not spoken with
her since before she came down with that violent illness and wished to know more about
what happened. He wanted to inquire why she became ill, how, who did it, ect. So he
beginning making his way back towards the bridge of the ship, in the general direction
anyway. The captain‟s quarters were close to the nerve center of the ship, for obvious

Upon his arrival, he was greeted with an unexpected welcome, an open door. As usual the
lights inside the captain‟s room were extraordinarily dimmed, and he couldn‟t tell if she
was in the room or not at a quick glance. And he was afraid that if he shouted in to ask if
she was around, that if she was sleeping he‟d wake her up. “Scy…” He whispered in a low
tone of voice. But there was no answer. “Captain?” He mumbled. Still nothing. He took a
step into the cold dark room. The room that had been his home for the past 20 hours or
so, while he watched over the captain while she was in her deep dreadful slumber. He
glanced over to her bed, and it was empty. His eyes darted across the room, but it was
empty. Apparently she wasn‟t around. He was just about to exit the captain‟s chambers
when he began to hear a faint, extremely weak noise. A…some kind of a pouting, or
sobbing. A lonesome, awful cry. And the sound was being emitted from behind a slightly
closed door leading into the captain‟s private bathroom. “Scy?” His voice boomed. But still
nothing. He took a few steps towards the door and the noise, though still faint, grew
louder. He raised one of his eyebrows and a puzzled look swept across his face. He placed
his hand on the door, it was a swinging door, and he gently pushed it open. Upon first
glance, it appeared as if the room was empty, but once the door had been opened more,
the sound grew once again louder. And much to his surprise as he looked downward, he
saw the captain. She was laying on the cold floor, right there, by his feet, all by
herself…crying. “Scy?” Vaperail said, a hint of intrigue and wonder in his tone. He
immediately dropped to one knee and knelt beside the fallen girl. “Did you fall? Holly shit
are you ok?” The young trigger happy captain had nothing but a towel drawn around her
frail body, and she was seemingly flat out crying on the floor in front of him. “Scy is
everything ok? What‟s going on?” He spit questions out at her without consideration, he
was trying to do what was best, but at the time, maybe if he was a little calmer, he would
have known that the best was to just not say anything at all.

Posted by Schypher on 27.10.2002 at20:55:

Minutes passing like hours, how familiar it all was. Time slipping through her clenched
fists, running from her frail form so naturally, so very unstoppably. The salty tears had
freely trickled down her cheeks for a seemingly long time, sided with sparse gasps for air
when it all seemed to much to bare. She did not have to force the tears to come, they
demanded and needed to see the light of day, while carrying the sorrow that the girl had
managed to gather in herself. What a foolish maiden, she herself was the one to blame for
all of her mishaps and the obvious fact that she was inwardly beating herself up for them,
unneccessarily may I add. She tended to take things to harshly, indeed. Schypher had
always been a grim femme, strong-minded and with a will surpassed by none. And
still…Small things…They did so much harm.

Slowly, her frame had slunk closer to the black tiles that graced the humble bathroom, her
body yearning for the emotion of peace that was so hesitant to come. Scy‟s cheek had
come to rest low on the dim cubicle of a shower and her shapely legs had stretched out a
bit from under her body. Both of her hands were gripped around her form, the endless
stream of tears still oozing down her pale cheeks. Her relatively long and wet hair had
managed to form a slight puddle of water around her, though she did not care to notice.
Let it be, it did not matter.
Scy‟s mind was blank as one could expect, her strength degrading and her senses
numbing, hollow blue orbs creeping stolidly over her dark grey surrounding. Ah, the
soothing charm of her favoured colours. Black and grey, both so dusky, so wordlessly
sharing their gift with the world. Safe, was how she felt when entrapped in them. None to
attack or mock her, nothing that felt aggressive or what she needed to shun. The
bathroom had been decorated with those two meaningless tones after Scy‟s incisive
demands. From the sidelines, she had smiled when seeing that her apartment was going to
be as black as she was.

She hardly noticed it, when a tall man peeked into the murky room and soon after fell on
one of his knees next to her slumpen carcass. Her hazy eyes shifted upon him after his
cutting words, that seemed out of place and exerted, caught her attention. Scy recognised
the ever-helpful Vaperial with a mear moment and her ears catched his worried questions.
She simply shook her head and turned away her eyes, shame seemed to follow her as a
predator those days. It was horrible, the amount of things that Vaperial and Clint had
seen, Scy was not usually that weak or easily defeated. The twisted ways of existence,
what a bother. She was surprised that she could still eye both of the men with out a wave
of mortification hitting her in the gut. Being egocentric helped, though.

“I‟m fine…” Scy uttered softly, her eyes turning to the ground as she wiped the more
apparent tears away with the back of her left hand. Sadly, she knew very well that
Vaperial would most probably not listen to that weak statement, who would. Schypher was
not one of those people who sobbed often, it was a rare sight to see her show pain in such
a visible way. She tended to keep it inside, where it belonged. A memory trudged out from
the back of her head and reminded the shaken gunner about itself. She had once before
been trapped in a similar circumstance with the Valertrez, that time back on Kargeshaan.
The man seemed to always be around lately, when something broke the girl down. Scy
didn‟t know what to think about the matter, should she be grateful that someone was
around to catch her when she fell or should have she been keeping her distance from the
pirate in fear that he might see too much. At that very moment, the emotions clashed
violently in her, partly wishing for a shoulder to cry on while the other half demanded for
the immediate departure of the man. What a messy mind the Xu-adey possessed…
Posted by Taidyne on 28.10.2002 at03:05:

 Just a quick little crappy post.. should prolly edit later..

The bottles were sorted and put away, most of the crates were empty, the med-bay was
almost completely organized. Her hand stole to her dagger‟s hilt idly, a frown creased
across her brow. Her task had somehow become tedious within its completion. There was
a feeling of discontent settled within her. She was almost done with her work.. She
dreaded the thought of having nothing to do, simply having to wait around for some sort
of action to take place. It galled the woman completely.. Taidyne was brought out of her
reverie quickly, and gave a derisive snort. How ridiculous! Dreading having a break? She‟d
worked herself into an illness just to get this very thing accomplished, and here she was,
attempting to think of a way out of it.

It only took a few steps for her to get to the door, and leave, on her way to the kitchen. A
slight gnawing was in her belly, if she went to much longer without placating her insistent
stomach, it would have gotten the idea her throat had been slit or some such. Usually, she
would have not gone, yes only just getting better from those damned medicines, she felt
uncharacteristically weak. Not a feeling she enjoyed.

Wasn‟t to long before she was in the kitchens, grabbing an orange.. She had a strange
taste for the Terran oranges. She held it in one hand, and started peeling it with the other.
She almost gagged in reflex as the tangy smell hit her nose, traveling to her, at the
moment, sensitive stomach.. a stomach that could usually have taken the smell of
anything foul.. but .. Her vision swam, and wave of nausea and dizziness enveloped her.
Taidyne leaned back, and braced herself against the wall until the wave passed.. Never
again.. She would be on her deathbed before she trusted those fools again. She tilted her
head upwards to the ceiling, as if asking patience from it.. asking it to keep her from going
to see ax and stabbing the idiot.. again.

Posted by Theo Donivan on 28.10.2002 at05:57:

Theo let his vision dance from store to store as he moved through the crowded market
place, trying his best to avoid getting run over by some of the larger shoppers. He made
his way to a slightly larger shop than the one he had just left, an electronics store with a
flashing neon sign mounted above the entrance. He stepped into to look around, the
flashing displays of computers and TVs assaulting his vision.

A sales clerk rushed up while Theo was looking the other way, staring at some news cast
about the apparent sabotage of the mining facilities in the Alkes Field. “Hello, can I help
you with anything,” the sales clerk asked in a cheery voice that seemed way to forced.
Theo nearly jumped with surprise as he spun around, finding himself staring at a boy that
seemed to be only a couple years older than himself. He was apparently trying to look
helpful and happy, but failing dramatically. Theo almost felt sorry for the poor guy.

“No, I‟m alright,” Theo responded, quickly turning and heading further into the store. He
stopped after a few feet to look up at the over head signs that labeled the various aisles.
He saw the one that pointed to the media players, and headed towards the aisle, which
was actually just an assortment of display boxes with a small counter at the end, behind
which were all the actual products. He browsed over the boxes, looking for something that
wasn‟t to expensive, but that would hold a fair amount of information. He finally found
something, a MST brand multi-media player with a removable data crystal and wireless
computer jack. It was priced as the cheapest with all of its features, and came with a pair
of noise-cancellation head-phones, similar to those worn by DJs in the big night clubs. He
walked up the counter and set the display box down as the clerk who had been sitting
behind the counter stood and approached Theo.

“An MST, huh? Not bad,” the clerk, a man who appeared to be in hid mid-twenties, said as
he rung up the item. He continued to ramble on about various aspects of music and audio
quality that Theo had no understanding of, and Theo simply nodded and pulled out his
decca crystal. The clerk, still going on pointlessly, swiped the crystal and handed it back to
Theo before turning and grabbing a box of the shelf behind him. It was identical to the
once Theo had just given him, except this one actually had the media-player in it. Theo
thanked the man and slipped the box into the bag with his clothes as he headed out of the

As he exited the store, Theo glanced down at his comm-links display. The timer read that
he only had 15 minuets left. Deciding that he should head back to the ship, mainly so he
could get some music on his new “toy”, Theo bounded off in that direction, slipping his
slight form between the gaps in the crowd. He began to wonder what everyone else was
doing, and decided that it was time they all had some serious fun.

Posted by Lord Vaperial on 29.10.2002 at00:44:

“Fine?” Vaperial shook his head. “You are not fine, you are visibly upset over something…”
He watched as the girl tried to wipe away and hide her tears, and couldn‟t help but smile
slightly. He reached his hand out and pulled her hand away from her face, and gently
wiped away her tears with his own. “You don‟t have to be ashamed of them Scy…most
people cry…it‟s only natural.” He dropped himself from a kneeling position, to a sitting
position, right next to the fallen captain. Then gently placed his hand on her back, and
caressed it softly. He knew she was not one that liked to act mushy, especially around
him, but he could also see the pain and torment in her eyes. It was not a common site to
see the might women actually break down to a weeping state. And Vaperial knew that
even though she hated it, it was something she had to do, and if she keeps always bottling
up her feelings, will always have to do. Upon his hands first touch to her back, still slightly
damp from the shower, she didn‟t react, or bite his head off, so he allowed himself to
continue. He had no hidden motives, merely the desire to try and help the weakened
women and get her back to her feet standing proud and tall.

“Scy…” He went on, “I know you hate this, you hate showing your emotions, you hate
crying, and you especially hate it when I come around when you are showing your
emotions.” He sighed. “But honestly, unless you start telling someone your feelings, and
why you are so sad that right now you are on the floor bawling, even if there‟s just one
person you trust and you tell them, then you wont stop going through periods of time
when your depression overtakes you.” He timidly lifted her chin with his hand so that she
was forced to look into his deep green comforting eyes. “You keep everything bottled up,
it‟s only natural that every now and again you are going to explode. Every time something
happens to you, it‟s like someone is shaking the bottle. You never let any of the pressure
out, you never talk to anyone about what you are going through, you let the pressure and
all your problems build up until they explode into a fit like this one.” Vaperial let her
brilliant face go, dampened with tears and the still warm water of the shower, and put his
hand on her own. “This has to be so uncomfortable for you, and I know that you hate it,
and I know that you hate talking to me, so if you want me to just go, then I will. No
questions asked.” He gazed into her beautiful eyes. “I‟m not going to force you to let me
try to help you. If you want to keep everything to yourself, and pretend that you are „fine,‟
then you can. I can‟t stop you. But if you want to actually solve some problems, at least
try to solve them, or maybe get some advice…hell even if you just let them all out, vent on
someone, it will probably make you feel better, and in that case, you know I‟m here for
you.” He smiled hesitantly. “So you make the call…do I stay,” He paused, “Or do you want
me out?” And before she could answer, he added, "I want to help you. There is just
something about you...I just...I want to help you get through don't have to do it
all alone... I didn't sit with you for the past 20 something hours and do my best to keep
you alive, only to see you when you are supposed to be back and in health back on the
floor again with tears streaming down your face..." He sighed. He had said MORE than
enough, but knew that if he didn't try to convince her, then the decision would be easy,
and she'd simply kick him right out. Deep inside, he was hoping, and praying that she
would want him to stay, that she'd open up to him and ask for advice, or even just tell him
what's wrong and why.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 29.10.2002 at02:54:

With the inspection completed and clearance obtained the crew members disappeared one
by one, each with different goals in mind. Vaperials suggestion of food and sleep sounded
very good but first Clint had to ensure the ship was ready at any time for departure. Firstly
he sat at the communications console and quickly set up a hopper program. It simply
hopped through the frequency spectrums, listening for a response. A simple but effective
way to locate tracking and listening devices that may have been left on the ship.
The computer churned through the process quickly and Clint watched for any signs of a
return. He was not concerned by the local security people, it was those who were earning
another income from someone more sinister that worried him. One tended to live longer
with a small dose of paranoia. The computer finally completed the scan with no echoes
detected and Clint gave a nod of satisfaction as he closed the program and propelled
himself from the chair.
Now came the tedious job. Slowly he moved through the ship ensuring all hatches were
secure and cover plates were replaced correctly. For the length of the ship and on every
level he trudged along checking the multitude of hatches, inspection plates, covers and
locking mechanisms. He found some that had not been secured properly and dogged them
down properly. Once more he was moving through an empty ship, his only companion
were the echoes of his boots.
With the check completed he made his way towards the galley, some warm food and then
bed. As he approached the galley he was surprised to see the door open and light spilling
out into the corridor. Walking in he saw Taidyne, the sole occupant standing there, a smile
spread across his face seeing the medic up and around again. “Hello Taidyne, hope you are
feeling better” he offered as he crossed the threshold and moved towards one of the
fridges. He grabbed a cold can from the door and popped it open, taking a deep drink and
savouring the cold sensation as it slide down his throat.

Posted by Taidyne on 29.10.2002 at07:09:

She opened her shady coloured eyes in response to Clint's remark. Feeling better? What a
laugh. "Yeah. I'm fine now, Thanks." She would have told someone who'd asked how she
was that she was fine, even if she was bleeding herself into her deathbed. At least the
wave of queasiness had left her. Tai looked down, she was still holding the orange. She
began peeling it again, deciding to eat it half just to prove to herself that some silly little
sickness wasn't going to keep her from it, and half to beat the orange itself ...losing... to
an orange. Such a ludicrous thought.

Tai pushed herself off the wall, and began dropping scraps into a little diminutive pile on a
counter top. It was a maddening idea, to have Clint, Scy, and whoever the hell else the
crazy captain had on the ship now, know that she had been sick. Ax really did warrant a
second scar.. The first time it had been an accident of surprise.. Guilt wouldn't bring her
far enough to not do it intentionally. She glanced at the man now in the room with her,
contentedly chugging away at his drink.

What a contradiction to some of the other characters Taidyne had seen Schypher
associating with. Bastards like Calston for instance. Clint had never seemed all that bad, or
rude, neither to her or Scy. Calston, on the other hand.. She wouldn't mind slipping him a
few drugs.. non lethal, so as to keep her records all clean, but something to make the man
miserable for a few days. The thought of the cocky man made the medic's nose crinkle up.
Memory of his first time on the ship flooded back. Such rude inaccuracy and complete
disregard made her resent him completely. Her eyes had narrowed following this train of
thought. Tai realized that she'd been losing herself into them, and mentally shook herself.

"Forgive me of the current lack of knowledge.." She frowned, if anyone had told her where
they were, she sure couldn't recall.. "But where are we at the moment, and for how long?"
She bit any more questions off.. She'd find out later, without giving even more evidence to
her complete inadequacy the past little while.. stupid.. taking that without checking it out…

Taidyne picked up the scraps of peel, and threw them away. She wasn't being quite
completely sociable, but she wasn't being rude or brushing the man off either. A queer
feeling once yet again hit the pit of her stomach, as she separated a slice of orange from
the rest. These were supposed to be good.. It was just the thought of eating.. once she
actually did the feeling would pass. Regardless, she didn't begin eating immediately..
"Terran fool medics.. blundering around half the bloody time.." The last thought had been
muttered aloud murderously.

The woman couldn't get over the reality. She was a medic herself, allegedly intelligent
enough to take care of herself, only to be thrown out of commission by a simple little
tablet. Supposedly it was like the harmless Xu-adey form.. meant to help one keep
awake.. supposedly... It was a huge disappointment in herself.. gave her pause to wonder
what she was doing to let things get like that. A flicker of a notion occurred behind the
candid eyes, mixtures of purple and gray. There were other ships. She used to try to keep
from one place for to long, and here, she‟d been on the Retentive just as long as
Schypher. Almost as quickly she dismissed it. Not the actual idea of maybe leaving the
Retentive, just letting it lie for now. Within a few weeks she‟d get Schypher into a position
to discuss it. Until then, she planned on letting peace, what little there was, lie still.

Taidyne pulled her long red hair over one shoulder, and sat down on one of the counters,
long legs crossed, one ankle kicking slightly.Usually she would have left the place by now,
seeking out another area, but so far, here seemed the most peaceful place.. and she didn't
like her currenct lack of knowledge.. their location would be a good start, at least. It had
only taken who knew how ever long, but Taidyne finally ate the piece of seperated orange.
Thankfully, her stomach eased itself to obey her.

Posted by Clint Paxton on 29.10.2002 at09:11:

Clint drained the last of the can and then threw it into the garbage receptacle where it
rattled out of sight. He went back to the fridge and cupboards to collect the ingredients for
a sandwich, he really needed sleep right now and he just wanted something light to tide
him over and stop his stomach from grumbling.
Clint quickly made a sandwich and then replaced the ingredients and wiped down the
bench top. As he worked he replied to her question. “Well first off we made a detour to
Scorpion 7 where we stayed on board allowing Schypher to slip on board and obtain the
information she required. When she returned she collapsed and we had no idea what was
wrong with her.” In his minds eye he saw her laying on the ground, no visible marks or
wounds to explain why she should be unconscious.
“She was burning up with an apparent fever while her body shook from chills.” Once more
he felt helpless with his lack of medical knowledge “All we could do was keep her warm
and force the fluids and we made straight for Stargazaer.”
The sandwich sat there forgotten and he went to the fridge to get another can and took a
large swig before continuing. “Took us around 24 standard hours to make port and we
obtained a special clearance because of Schyphers condition, the security here is pretty
tight at the moment.”
Clint leaned back against the wall as he took another drink, cold and refreshing though
what he really needed was sleep. “She was rushed off to the stations medical facilities and
she has only just returned, alive but still not looking the best.” He refrained from stating
that Taidyne was still not looking her beautiful self. “She didn‟t say what the cause was but
she appears to be on the mend.”
With a sigh he finished the can and threw it into the garbage receptacle. “And here we

Posted by Schypher on 29.10.2002 at16:19:

 >_> I feel like I have a hangover! Damn friends...

Slowly, her eyes started to clear and that observing spark hesitatingly returned to the
brilliant pair of gems. To her slight surprise, she did not mind having the pirate around her
at that moment, though it was quite awkward. There was no keeping him from seeing too
much, he had already seen more than enough and it disturbed Schypher to an extent. But,
just maybe, it was a good thing. After all, someone was bound to see her in such a state,
why couldn‟t it be the man who seemed to have his own truckload of problems to solve.
Scy glanced at him puzzledly as she felt his hand stroll up and down her back, but allowed
it to continue, sudden movements wouldn‟t have done her any good at the moment. In all
honesty, it took her every little piece of her puny strength to keep herself from laying back
on the floor and taking a few hours to rest her weary mind and body, though she knew
that there could be no such thing. The Xu-adey sighed softly, rolling back her shoulders
and looking forcedly back to the Valertrez, as he lifted her chin to peer at the sunken girl.
A wry smile crossed her lips as he went on. All her life, tears had been a sign of weakness
and that horrid stardom still rested upon them, Scy was ashamed of her faults and the
things she lacked, and sometimes-though awfully rarely- it got the best of her. Lately, her
gun had been settled more securely in the holster and her mood had been even more
varying than usually, which concerned her a great deal. It was not like her -the Caster still
being her bestest friend and all- and what was even worse, she had suddenly become way
more emotional than she liked or dared to bare. Confusion threatened to swallow her alive
as it had been gnawing away at her for a good while now. The Xu-adey didn‟t know what
to think, she had started taking everything harder and of course, she did not approve of it.
Accidents happened, she knew that, but she could not keep from blaming herself for them.
Living in the past, contemplating too much over things that should have been forgotten as
soon as possible…A few had accused her of such crimes and Scy knew better than to
disagree with them. They were right and she did try but it seemed to hold no change,
everything remained the same. Curse her overactive imagination and careful view on life...
Scy did not like it, it managed to hold her in its grip and she had all but given up fighting.
What was the point? It was a part of her and herself was the one thing she should have
not tried to change. Time will tell, days will show…

Another sigh as she shifted a damp and messy lock of blue hair, from her face, behind her
ear. It was time for her to get a few words in too, Vaperial always did the talking
otherwise. Sociable guy, nothing wrong with that…”I wish you could help…But you can‟t, I
doubt anyone could. It‟s just…All my fault, I am the one who is hurting myself and believe
me, if I knew how to stop, I would. It‟s not that I have big problems or such, small things
that ball up are causing this. And it is not even that they alone, separately, sting me, but
they ball up into one gigantic wave of stress and I have no idea how to rebel against it. I
hardly notice each and every thing that goes wrong but in the end, they join up and there
is this one big problem that I have to grasp but I don‟t know how. I can‟t tell what I don‟t
know…” her voice was soft, though a bit raspy from the dryness that ruled in her throat, as
she talked- her tone of voice slightly mellowing. The tears had stopped, only leaving an
array of slightly darker streaks on her otherwise pale cheeks. Random fits were a good
thing at times, a way of spilling out all those misplaced feelings inside with out harming
anyone else on the way. As much as she disdained weeping, letting the people see her in
such a condemned manner was ten times worse. Even with Taidyne, she could find herself
remembering only one time when she had seen the gunner bawling and that was because
of physical anguish many years ago. If she would have cared to think about it more
thoroughly, she would have understood that it was the same with Taidy, Scy had a hard
time recollecting if she had seen the redheaded medic show her emotions in a fashion
similar to that even once. If she had, it was a long time ago and was probably caused by a
childish little thing. Neither of them cried often, Xu-adey seemed to cry less as a whole.
Racial distinction, perhaps?

Exhaustedly, Schypher rested her head on the Valertrez‟s shoulder for a moment and
lightly trailed over his free hand with her fingers. “Thanks for trying, though. You‟ve been
around for me lately and I appreciate it…” He felt warm, what a nice feeling. For the last
couple of days, Scy had been exposed to either overly hot or horridly cold settings, or at
least that was how she had felt, struggling with that blasted illness and all. She pulled
back from him and gave a slight smile, „shy and beaten‟ as someone had once called it- a
smile that she gave when she was moderately fatigued and reasonably genial. At least
Vaperial managed to come out of this with no scars, he should have been thankful for that.
Shakily, Scy forced her on her feet and inhaled deeply, before hazarding to take the few
strides that would carry her into her room. The cool feeling of the black tiles under her
uncovered feet planted a slight tint of annoyance into her, causing her lips to twitch ever
so faintly. For a shivering, pale, sickly and wet girl, a cold ground was not a welcomed
As she reached the darkened apartment, her first goal was to find something to throw over
her fairly exposed form. She pulled open the door of her closet and artlessly dragged out a
soft bath-robe and wrapped it around her form, before letting the uncomfortable and
soaked towel slide off. Schypher knew that she could not sleep, so keeping herself busy
was the next best thing to do. Besides, she still needed to pay a visit to doctor Lundquist‟s

She picked up the sodden cloth from the carpeted floor and almost violently shoved it into
the laundry shaft hidden in her large cabinet. If she wouldn‟t get some fresh clothes on her
and accomplish compelling her hair to look halfway decent, she would probably scream.
Her brow furrowed as she set to close the cupboard, the misplacement of a blanket
catching her eye, that being besides the point that a good portion of her garments had
been piled into a large stack behind the messy bed. The whole room was a shame to look
at, really. As soon as she would feel up to it, some serious cleaning would be issued.
“Vaperial, do you know where the hell a blanket from my sideboard has gone? I could have
sworn that I put it in here…”And you did say that you were around for 20 hours, so... All
and all, she was doing a god job of shrugging her self-centred act, of breaking down, off.

Posted by Taidyne on 30.10.2002 at08:43:

(Either my computer is going to eat me, or I'm going to eat it.. Once it ceases clicking at
me, we'll find out.. disaster-prone thing.. deleting my post.. |hiss|)

Her head tilted as Clint relayed the account of what had happened. “Well.. That‟s typical.
Of course Scy‟s going to wait until I can‟t do anything about it to start collapsing…” She
rolled her eyes meaningfully. Actually, Tai wouldn‟t have put it past the captain to be a bit
more reckless with the medic incapable of doing anything. Of course, from what Clint had
just described, this didn‟t seem to be anything she could have prevented anyway. The
medics mind automatically started going through the symptoms Clint had just described,
trying to match them with possible illnesses that could have trapped her friend so quickly.
“I don‟t suppose.. any of you on board have any medical knowledge?” The tone and look
were hopeful.. doubtful, but still hoping. It would have been nice to know Scy had been
taken proper care of, diagnosed with at least some help.. Ah well. If none did.. there was
simply nothing for it.

”Thanks for the information Clint.” She leaned back into the wall, sinking into her own
thoughts. She was once again thinking of work, the immediate response she‟d always
had.. One of her friends had gotten hurt, the little red-headed Xu-Adey would tsk, stop
them as soon as possible, and induce them with her own little concoctions.. She certainly
had reason to. It‟s not as if she had ever enjoying watching her or her brothers fight,
almost everyone ending up bloody somewhere.. Of course, she despised her brothers for
what they chose to do with themselves, even from the little age.. It was simply lucky for
the family that the two who had some of the more ..‟disturbing‟ talents kept them at bay,
and never used them at each others.. Taidyne had never turned the black haired boy into
a zombie…she wouldn‟t have wanted his soul bothering hers anyway.., he had never used
his delirium against her.. not as a child anyway.. His one attempt as an adult was stopped
before it was even begun… served him right.. the foul creature she had for a brother
always would let himself slack on self training. There was a striking similarity in the two,
while in others, they couldn‟t be any more different. As a result of the violent childhood, in
the usually peaceful, and close Xu-Adey families, Tai tended to keep her friends better
than family. Thus, Schypher‟s illness was a large worry to her.

”She‟s in her room resting, I hope.” She hopped off of the counter, and pushed the long
hair over her shoulder. “I‟ll go and find her later, I suppose. Once again, thanks.” She
smiled gratefully towards the man, and rubbed one temple slightly. Wasn‟t she supposed
to be resting herself? She‟d have reprimanded anyone who‟d just been sick for being up
immediately.. But it wasn‟t as if she was doing anything Taxing.. simply.. sitting around.
She could tell how much she could take anyway, Tai began to reason with herself. It was
then she noticed Clint seemed to be suppressing a yawn. A slight wince came over here
features, half at the thought of keeping him up, and half at the thought of sleep.. she‟d
had more than the normal amount of that lately. “If your tired, I‟m sorry, Don‟t let me
keep you up.” Tai smiled fleetingly, before seating herself on the proper location, a bench,
and separating the last few pieces of her orange.

Posted by Schypher on 30.10.2002 at20:03:

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