Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles_

Were there different
types of hairstyles for
different ages and social
Hairstyles are different
with age and status. The
higher the status, the
more elaborate the
hairstyles, wigs, and hair
accessories would be.
The Egyptian priests         Egyptian Priests
would shave their hair
completely off and would
not wear wigs. The men
and women would adopt
different hairstyles.
Children (both boys and
girls) wore the “Lock of
youth”. The older men
and women dyed their
hair with henna.

                                      The Lock of Youth
What are some of the major hairstyles
in Egypt?
For the most part, women used
hair extensions and were
fashioned with a variety of clever
weaves and knots. Braids were a
favorite form of hair extension.
Ancient Egyptians hated gray hair
and would use any method to
eliminate it. Sometimes it would
even be dyed after death. They
used vegetable henna to dye their
Why did they do their
hair the way they
Rich or poor of both
genders treated their
hair as a means of self-
expression. They
considered their hair
as a supreme form of
self-art which had
endless possibilities. It
also helped the ancient
Egyptians with
cleanliness, protected
the shaved scalp from
the sun and kept the
head cool. It also
prevented head lice.
Did they use their
hairstyles to show their
personality like we do
Yes, they used their
hairstyle to show
their personality just
like we do! They
used their hair as a
means of
expression and
social status. We
express ourselves
the same way; with
a unique style to
show our individual
What did they use to style
their hair?
They used wigs, extensions, ivory,
braids, hair decorations, gold tubes or
vertical ribs of beads to form head
covers. Anything could be used as
decoration in the wigs, ribbons, flowers,
and jewels just to name a few. Combs
were made from wood or bone. When
shaving they used a stone blade at first
but later used copper and even a
bronze razor.

                                            Bronze Razor
 Did their hairdo’s show importance or different classes between the
Yes, hairstyles varied with gender and social status. Ancient
Egyptians hairstyles established the person’s status in society. As a
young child they shaved their hair off with the exception of a long
lock attached to the side of the head. With the onset of puberty the
boys would shave off the rest of their hair, while the girls wore their
hair in a ponytail. Women could maintain a hairstyle that was long
or short and they would decorate their hair with flowers or ribbons.
Poorer women would add berries or petals. Slaves and servants tied
their hair at the back of the head. Priests were cleanly shaven. Wigs
were expensive and therefore worn by the elite and wealthy. They
threaded gold tubes on each tress or gold rosettes between ribs of
small beads to form full head covers. When the common people
started to copy the same styles, the people of rank then adopted
longer and more elaborate wigs.

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