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									My list 2010
   NYC
   Division chair – Tim Baldenius
   Ph.D. coordinator – Andrew
   Sudhakar     Tim Baldenius    Edwige Cheynel    Trevor Harris   Urooj Khan

Nahum Melumad      Partha         Doron Nissim    Stephen Penman   Gil Sadka

                Andrew Schmidt     Julian Yeo       Yuan Zhang
                        • Performance measurement, corporate governance and
Sudhakar Balachandran     valuation

                        • Managerial accounting: decentralization and performance
    Tim Baldenius         evaluation

                        • Financial disclosure, auditing and managerial accounting
   Edwige Cheynel         with a focus on analytical models

                        • Most areas of the use of accounting information for valuation,
    Trevor Harris         investment and management decisions (global aspects)

                        • Fair value accounting, standard setting, and voluntary
   Urooj Khan             disclosure

  Nahum Melumad         • Management control systems and performance measurement

                        • Valuation of stocks, corporate disclosure and earnings
  Partha Mohanram         management
 Doron Nissim    • Equity valuation and accounting quality

                 • Valuation of equity and the role of accounting information
Stephen Penman     in security analysis

                 • Equity valuation and the relation between financial
  Gil Sadka        reporting and product market competition

                 • Financial statement analysis, the role of taxes in equity
Andrew Schmidt     valuation and tax policy

   Julian Yeo    • Accounting-based equity valuation

                 • Financial accounting and reporting, the use of accounting
  Yuan Zhang       information in equity valuation and securities regulation
 Shira         Helen
                          Jon Kerr   Hanna Lee
 Cohen        Hurwitz

                          Xiaojing    Beatrice
Hagit Levy    Meng Li
                           Meng       Michaeli

 Hyung Il                              Oded
             Bugra Ozel   Nan Qiao
   Oh                                Rozenbaum

                   Weihao Xu
 Courses:
  • Theory Seminar (B9110) – analytical methods
     Contracting within the firm, accounting-based
      valuation, disclosure
  • Empirical Seminar (B9110) – empirical methods
    (Large sample archival research; Small sample
    non-parametric methods; Field-based research)
     Stock market valuation of financial information,
      contracting, corporate governance, auditing.
  • In statistics, economics, econometric, finance,
   Bloomington, IN
   Ph.D. adviser – Dr. James Pratt
   Messod Daniel Beneish  Laureen Maines
   Jason Brown            Malcolm McLelland
   Terry Campbell         Brian Miller
   Mark Evans             Robert Parry
   Joseph Fisher          Marc Picconi
   James Grandorf         James Pratt
   David Greene           J. Kenneth Reynolds
   Max Hewitt             Geoff Sprinkle
   John Hill              Jerrold Stern
   Peggy Hite             Mikel Tiller
   Leslie Hodder          James Wahlen
   Patrick Hopkins        Teri Lombardi Yohn
   Thomas Kennedy
Messod Daniel Beneish   •Detecting Financial Statement Fraud, Managers' Trading Incentives, Mergers
                         and Acquisitions

     Jason Brown        •Managerial Incentives, Managerial Control, Performance Evaluation,
                         Experimental Economics

   Terry Campbell       •Decision making under uncertainty,Global Governance, Managing/Using
                         Technology, Financial Reporting in its Broadest Sense

     Mark Evans         •Capital Markets, Corporate Disclosure & Governance, Auditing

    Joseph Fisher       •Managerial (strategic) Control Systems, Budgeting Systems, Costing Systems,
                         Target Costing, Activity-based Costing

   James Grandorf       •Mangerial Accounting, Best Accounting Practices, Procurement Card Systems
                         Design and Management

    David Greene        •Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Accounting for Income Taxes, Experiential

     Max Hewitt         •Financial Accounting, Investor and Analyst Decision-Making Processes

      John Hill         •Business Valuation, Law & Health Care, Risk Management, Financial Disclosure
                         and Statement Analysis, Activity Based Management, Business Ethics

     Peggy Hite         •Taxpayer Compliance, Tax Education, Preparer-Client Relationship,

    Leslie Hodder       •Risk Measurement and Disclosure, Measurement Issues in Accounting, Options
                         and other Financial Instruments, Organizational Form, Financial Institutions

   Patrick Hopkins      •Professional Judgement, Decision Making, Human Information Processing,
                         Financial Accounting, Effects of Accounting and Auditing, Capital Market

  Thomas Kennedy        •Federal Corporate Income Tax
 Laureen Maines       •Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Behavioral Decision Theory

Malcolm McLelland     •Financial Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Asset Evaluation Methods

   Brian Miller       •Capital Markets, Financial Disclosure, Managerial Reputation

   Robert Parry       •Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Earnings Management

   Marc Picconi       •Pension Accounting, Earnings Management, Business Ethics, Capital Markets

    James Pratt       •Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis

J. Kenneth Reynolds   •Accounting

  Geoff Sprinkle      •Managerial & Cost Accounting, Motivation and Coordination Problems within
                       Organizations, Performance Evaluation and Reward Systems

   Jerrold Stern      •Tax Aspects of Investing, Tax Planning, Tax Curriculum

   Mikel Tiller       •Financial Accounting, Eastern Europe, Education Research,
                       Managerial/Behavioral Accounting

  James Wahlen        •Capital Markets Consequences of Financial Accounting Information

Teri Lombardi Yohn    •Capital Markets, Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis
Andrea Astill    Devon      Adam Esplin   Kenneth
                Erickson                   House

Betsy Laydon    Matt Sooy    Patrick Vo   Hsin-Yo
   Course work
     • Accounting seminars
        A601: Capital-markets based research in fin. acc-ng
        A602: Experimental research in accounting
        A603: Selected topics in accounting research
     • Research methods and statistics:
        X610: Statistics for research
        X611: Statistics for research
        Z798: Seminar in research methods
        One other relevant class
   Minor: at least 3 courses
   Teaching:
     • 12 hours (1-4th year) or 6 hours (5th year)
        X630: Teaching development seminar
   Research:
     • Summer papers (2)
     • Research assistant assignments
   Qualifying exam: 2 parts
     • I part: A601-A603 material (6 hours)
     • II part: working paper formal review (24 hours)
   New York City, NY
   NYU Stern Doctoral Office
    Tisch Hall
    40 West Fourth Street, Room 826
    New York, NY 10012
    Phone: 212-998-0740
    Kashi        Eli Bartov       John       Mary Brooke     Frederick
Balachandran                   Bildersee       Billings        Choi

   Daniel       Alex Dontoh   H. Dov Fried    April Klein    Baruch Lev

Joshua Livnat      Ajay        Christine     Joshua Ronen   Stephen Ryan
                Maindiratta    Petrovits

                              Paul Zarowin
Kashi Balachandran     • Activity Based Costing, Efficiency in Cost Management, Intra-firm
                         Transfers and Costing, Business Measurement

     Eli Bartov        • Executive Stock Options, Executive Compensation, Insider Trading,
                         Accounting Fraud, Equity Valuation, Financial & Cost Accounting

   John Bildersee      • Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Reporting

Mary Brooke Billings   • Securities litigation and insider trading, Voluntary disclosure and
                         information asymmetries, institutional investors sophistication

  Frederick Choi       • International Financial Reporting and Control, Foreign Exchange
                         Accounting and Changing Prices, Capital Market Effects of Accounting

   Daniel Cohen        • Financial Reporting and Disclosure, Corporate Governance, Financial
                         Statement Analysis, Security Analysis and Valuation

    Alex Dontoh        • Analytical Issues on Demand, Financial Accounting, Managerial
                         Accounting, Supply of Accounting Information

    H. Dov Fried       • Accounting for Investors and Decision-making, Financial Statement
                         Analysis, Information-sharing, International Accounting
   April Klein        •Corporate Governance, Corporate Control, Financial Accounting, Financial
                       Statement Analysis, IPOs

   Baruch Lev         •Corporate Governance, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Accounting,

  Joshua Livnat       •Auditing, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Accounting, Managerial
                       Accounting, Relationship between Accounting and Security Prices

Ajay Maindiratta      •Managerial Accounting, Management Control Systems, Production Modeling
                       and Productivity Measurement, Information Economics and Agency Theory

Christine Petrovits   •Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Earnings Management,
                       Nonprofit sector

  Joshua Ronen        •Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Disclosure Equilibria, Agency
                       Theory, Capital Markets

  Stephen Ryan        •Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting,
                       use of Financial Accounting Information in Securities Markets

  Paul Zarowin        •Financial Accounting, Relations between Accounting Data and Security Prices
Karthik Balakrishnan = 2009 graduate. The Wharton school, UPenn.

Richard Carrizosa

Jamie Diaz

Lucile Faurel = 2008 graduate. Associate Professor at UC Irvine

Kalin Kolev = 2009 graduate. Assistant Professor at Yale School of Management

Koren Jo

Alina Lerman

Seda Oz

Sorah Park

Aimee Shih

Emanuel Zur
   Fall:
    •   Empirical research in financial accounting
    •   Financial theory I
    •   Microeconomic theory
    •   Research practicum
   Spring:
    •   Analytical models in fin. and manag. accounting
    •   Financial theory III
    •   Regression and multivariate analysis
    •   Microeconomic theory II
    •   Research practicum
   Summer:
    • Summer paper
    • Research practicum
   Fall:
    •   Equity Valuation and Accounting Data
    •   Market Microstructure
    •   Econometrics I
    •   Research Practicum
   Spring:
    •   Empirical Research in Financial Accounting II
    •   Financial Theory II
    •   Empirical Corporate Finance
    •   Research Practicum
   Summer:
    • Comprehensive Examination
    • Research Practicum
   Year 3:
    •   Dissertation seminar
    •   Dissertation proposal
    •   Summer semester
    •   Doctoral teaching workshop
    •   RA/TA requirements
         1 course – 1 semester
   Year 4:
    •   Dissertation seminar
    •   Proposal defense
    •   Final defense
    •   RA/TA requirements:
         1 course – 1 semester
   Chapel Hill, NC
   UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    Doctoral Program
    McColl Building, Campus Box 3490
    Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3490

   Faculty areas of expertise
Jeff Abarbanell    Ed Blocher     Linda Bowen     Robert Bushman     Joe Bylinski

  Courtney         John Hand      Ashraf Jaffer   Wayne Landsman     Mark Lang
  Edwards                                         (Associate Dean)

 Ed Maydew         Jana Raedy     Kevin Raedy     Doug Shackelford   C.J. Skender

                  Steve Stubben   Sean Wang          Eva Labro
 Jeff Abarbanell   • Fundamental analysis and earnings management, financial statement
                     analysis, analyst forecasting

   Ed Blocher      • Cost management and auditing

  Linda Bowen      • Financial statement analysis, financial and managerial accounting,
                     financial and estate planning and federal taxation

Robert Bushman     • Information in capital markets, performance measurement, incentive
                     compensation design, corporate governance

   Joe Bylinski    • Cost-effective auditing of management fraud, auditing and financial

Courtney Edwards   • Employee stock options and taxes as well as taxes and business strategy

   John Hand       • Intersection of finance, accounting and entrepreneurship

  Ashraf Jaffer    • Issues of incentive compensation design, issues of information in capital
                     markets, corporate finance and market microstructure

Wayne Landsman     • Role of accounting information in capital price formation: pensions,
                     employee stock options, asset securitization, fair value accounting
   Mark Lang       •Stock market valuation of accounting information; international accounting and
                    analysis; employee stock option valuation, taxation and exercise behavior

  Ed Maydew        •tax strategy, financial accounting, corporate taxation, economic effects of
                    taxation, and the role of accounting information in valuation

   Jana Raedy      •stock market trading strategies as well as price pressures in the stock market,
                    topics related to international accounting issues

  Kevin Raedy      •Dean of the Master of Accounting Program

Doug Shackelford   •Taxes and business strategy.

  C.J. Skender     •CPA, CMA, CCA, CIA, ChFC, CLU, CFP, AIAF, CFE, CFM and CBM.

 Steve Stubben     •Accounting standards, firms’ application of these standards, the quality of the
                    resulting accounting information

   Sean Wang       •Capital markets, behavioral finance and the behaviors of arbitrageurs,
                    earnings management and intangibles

   Eva Labro       •Management accounting interface with economics, operations research, and
                    purchasing and supply management
                                                UNC: Accounting Ph.D. Students

Dan Amiram     Elicia Cowins   John Gallemore      Jeremiah Green    Justin Hopkins
 (2007 - )        (2009 - )        (2009 -)            (2005 - )        (2008 - )

Sangwan Kim    Mark Maffett     Kevin Markle       Katie McDermott    Jenna Meints
  (2008 - )     (2007 - )         (2006 - )            (2007 - )         (2008 - )

 Ed Owens     Hyungshin Park    Derrald Stice       Jake Thornock    Qi (Susie) Wang
  (2006 - )      (2005 - )        (2006 - )            (2006 - )         (2008 - )
 Asset pricing
 Corporate finance
 Econometrics
 Game theory
 Information economics
 Accounting theory
 Empirical accounting research
 Taxation
 Market microstructure
 Microeconomics
   Austin, TX
   Contacts:
    • Ph.D. Coordinator – Linda Yancey
    • Ph.D. Adviser – Dr. Robert Freeman
   Professors:                                Assistant Professors:
     •   Urton Anderson                          •   Carlos Corona
     •   Rowland Atiase                          •   Jeffrey Hales
     •   James Deitrick                          •   Linda Krull
     •   Robert Freeman – Ph.D. Adviser          •   Volker Laux
     •    Michael Granof                         •   Michael Williamson
     •   Eric Hirst                              •   Yanfeng Xue
     •   Ross Jennings – Department Chair        •   Sunny Yang
     •   Steve Kachelmeier                       •   Yong Yu
     •   William Kinney                        Emeritus* Professors:
     •   Lisa Koonce                             •   Anna Fowler
     •   Stephen Limberg                         •   Frank Graydon
     •   Bob May                                 •   Charles Griffin
     •   Paul Newman                             •   Kermit Larson
     •   John Robinson                           •   Jack Robertson
     •   Joseph Wells – Adjunct                  •   Ed Summers
   Associate Professors:
     • Michael Clement                           * Emeritus = ‘person of importance in
     • Lillian Mills                                a given field who retires’
     Research Method               Topic               Faculty Member

                            Man-al, Fin-al, Audit          Volker Laux
                             Managerial, Audit           Paul Newman

                                                        Rowland Atiase

                                                         Shuping Chen

                                                      Michael Clement
                                                       Robert Freeman
                                                          Ross Jenings

                                                          John McInnis

                          Assurance, Managerial        William Kinney

                               Tax, Financial            John Robinson

                                                             Eric Hirst

                                 Financial                 Lisa Koonce

                                                      Nicholas Seybert
                             Managerial,Audit           Urton Andersen

                              Financial,Audit        Steve Kachelmeier

                                Managerial          Michael Williamson

                                 Financial                Jim Deitrick

         Other            Financial, Governmental      Michael Granof

                           Financial, Managerial              Bob May
Brian Bratten = 2009 graduate. 2009 – Present: Assistant Professor at University of Kentucky

Brett Cantrell

Michael Crawley = 2010 graduate.

Isaac Goodwin

Brent (Yi Yi) Lao

Tracie McDonald Majors

Bernhard Reichert

Casey Schwab = 2009 graduate. 2009- Present: Assistant Professor at University of Georgia

Marcy Shepardson

James Smith

Todd Thornock

Erin Towery

Tina Wang
 Accountingbackground
 Mathematical background
  • 2 semesters of calculus (M408C, M 408D)
  • 1 semester of linear algebra (M341)
 Non-accounting     core requirements
  • Microeconomics I (ECO 387L.1)
  • Probability (M 362K or ECO 492L)
  • Mathematical statistics (M 378K or ECO 492L)
  • Econometrics I (ECO 392M.2)
 Contemporary   Accounting Topics
 Research Methods in Accounting
 Empirical Research in Accounting
 Analytical Research in Accounting
 Behavioral Research in Accounting
 Supporting fields:
  • Topical in nature: 4 or more courses (e.g. financial
    economics, psychology)
  • Specialized analytical skills: 2 or more graduate level
    classes (e.g. econometrics)
 Teaching   seminar: 1 per program
   Seattle, WA
   Accounting Area Faculty
    Coordinator = Dr. Mark Soliman
    • 206-685-2813
Robern M         David           Roland E       Weili Ge      Frank Hodge
 Bowen         Burgstahler     (Pete) Dukes

 S. Jane         Dawn           Shivaram       Lisa Sedor       Stephan E.
Kennedy        Matsumoto        Rajgopal                          Sefcik

       Terrence J.      D. Shores     Mark Soliman    Lloyd John D.
        Shevlin                                           Tanlu
Robern M Bowen
 • Financial reporting, managerial accounting, decision-making using accounting data,
   management's incentives and accounting choices, alternative performance metrics
David Burgstahler
 • Managerial accounting, financial reporting and disclosure, earnings forecasts, statistical
   methods in auditing, econometrics
Roland E (Pete) Dukes
 • Financial accounting, financial statement analysis, managerial accounting, bank management.

Weili Ge
 • Financial statement analysis, accounting issues related to leases, earnings management, and
   internal control over financial reporting
Frank Hodge
 • Financial reporting and financial statement analysis.

S. Jane Kennedy
 • Behavioral decision theory and cognitive psychology as it relates to uses of financial
Dawn Matsumoto
 • Financial reporting and disclosure; the role of financial intermediaries (e.g., financial analysts
   and institutional investors) on disclosure decisions; earnings management and forecast
Shivaram Rajgopal
 • Accounting and disclosure issues related to derivatives and risk management, financial
   reporting issues
Lisa Sedor
 • Cognitive and social psychology applied in auditing and financial reporting

Stephan E. Sefcik
 • Financial accounting and reporting

Terrence J. Shevlin
 • Financial accounting, employee stock options, taxation.

D. Shores
 • Corporate reporting, accounting choices, role of accounting in equity valuation and
Mark Soliman
 • The role of financial information in capital price formation; Valuation and Fundamental
   Analysis; Financial Reporting and Selective Disclosure.
Lloyd John D. Tanlu
 • Budgeting, performance measurement, incentives, management control systems,
   management accounting, conflicts of interest
 Bradley Blaylock
 Elizabeth Chuk
    Ed deHaan
Alexander Edwards
  Jared Jennings
 Urooj Khan, PhC
  Allison Koester
  Yu Li (Valerie)
  Amanda Winn
ACCTG 579 (4) Special topics in Accounting Introduces faculty's areas of

ACCTG 580 (4) Introduction to Accounting Research Includes positive
accounting theory

ACCTG 581 (4)* Seminar in Managerial Accounting Analytical accounting

ACCTG 596 (4) Seminar in Financial Accounting Capital markets

ACCTG 597 (4)** Seminar in Managerial Accounting Behavioral
accounting research

ACCTG 599 (1) Accounting Research Workshop Weekly accounting
workshop series

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