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									  17th March 2011                                    Produced by Crystal Jade Swain & Michael Hanley.

                                           Bury East:
Attempt afternoon Burglary Bealy Drive, downstairs window smashed no entry gained
believed offender disturbed.

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Between 6.45pm and 7.15pm Thursday 10th March a vehicle was broken into by
smashing the passenger window on Coppice St, a Sat. Nav and a set of golf clubs were
Between 10am and 4pm Tuesday 15th March, a vehicle was broken into by removing the
lock and stealing tools from within on topping Fold Rd.
A set of number plates were stolen overnight Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th March
from Cornwall Drive.

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
A vehicle was stolen between 6.15am and 4pm on Thursday 10th March.

                                           Bury West:

Afternoon Burglary on Tuesday 15th March on Holme Avenue, entry by forcing rear door,
t.v. jewellery and x box stolen.
 Afternoon Burglary on Sunday 13th March on Toon Crescent, front door forced cash

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Overnight theft from a vehicle on Sutton St, vehicle was possibly insecure, cash stolen.

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
A green Kawasaki 650 motorcycle, was stolen overnight from Wash Lane terrace on
Tuesday 15th March
Overnight Burglary occurred 15th March on Bury Old Rd, entry via the garage, a fridge
freezer, oven hob and tools were stolen.
Between 7.30pm and 8.30pm a burglary occurred on Middleton Rd by forcing the
kitchen window, large amount of cash stolen.
Overnight Burglary Watkins Drive, unsure how entry was gained, handbag stolen
containing keys for B.M.W. that was also stolen from front drive.
A Burglary occurred between 5.50pm and 8.15pm on 10th March at Meade Hill Rd, entry
by forcing rear window, t.v and laptop stolen.

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Attempt theft of wheels and bonnet of a vehicle parked on Butterstile Close, on 15th
March at 11.50pm, two white males disturbed by owner.
A theft of Sat. Nav. from an unlocked vehicle on Bury New Rd. Early evening 13th.
Number plates stolen during the day 11th on Meade Hill Rd.
Number plates and tax disc stolen morning of 11th from Windsor Rd.
A vehicle was broken into overnight on Park Rd 10th March, a vans window was
smashed and a large quantity of shoes were stolen** If you are offered any shoes in any
strange places pubs etc please contact the police**

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
There have been no reported incidents within the past seven days.


Between 7am and 11.45am 14th, a burglary occurred on Bolton Rd, rear panel of rear
          door forced and jewellery stolen.
Burglary Other:
Number Plates stolen, Metro Link car park.
Number Plates stolen, Waverley Place, School Street.

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Tools stolen from vehicle, on Glenvale Close, Radcliffe, vehicle may have been left

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
Black Corsa stolen, Churchill Avenue, Ainsworth.
                     Ramsbottom/Tottington/North Manor:

There have been no reported incidents in the last seven days.

Burglary other:
Attempted Burglary of a shed, Holcombe Road, Tottington, door forced no items stolen.
Attempted Burglary Walton Drive, during the afternoon of Friday 4th March 2 offenders
were disturbed attempting to force bedroom window (vague description) on the
afternoon of Sunday 6th March the kitchen window of the same premises was also
attempted to be forced, again 2 offenders disturbed.
An early evening attempt Burglary occurred on Saturday 5th March on Palatine Drive
when an unknown offender(s) forced a porch window but did not gain entry to the
Overnight Burglary Bolton Road, Hawkshaw, entry gained by forcing rear ground floor
kitchen window computer and camcorder stolen.

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Tax Disc stolen from motorcycle, Elton High School, Walshaw Road.
At 3.20am Saturday 5th March 2 white males were disturbed inside the occupants
vehicle which was insecure on the driveway of an address on Bolton Rd West,
Greenmount the c.d. player was stolen.
Front and Back number plates were stolen from a vehicle parked on Bolton Rd West,

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
There have been no reported incidents in the last seven days.

Evening Burglary Tuesday 8th March, between 19.00 -21.00 hours offenders enter
insecure house on Egerton Rd and steak t.v and laptop.
Attempt evening Burglary Tuesday 8th March at 19.35 hours an offender was disturbed
trying to force a rear window at an address on Parkstone Avenue by the occupant who
was inside premises, occupant did not gain clear view of offender.

Theft From Motor Vehicles:
Number Plates stolen, Metrolink Station Car Park, Stanley Road.
Front Grill stolen from an Audi, Kirkman Street.
Car bonnet stolen from a black Ford Fiesta, Bury New Road.

Theft of Motor Vehicles:
There have been no reported incidents in the last seven days.
Police And Community Together meetings are held on a regular basis and there is a Police
presence at each one. They provide residents with a an opportunity to discuss any concerns,
meet local officers and find out what is being done to tackle crime in your area.

The latest P.A.C.T Meetings are:
16/03/11 at 6pm, The Phoenix Centre, St Mary’s Park.

14/03/11 at 7pm, Radcliffe Library, Stand Lane.
25/03/11 at 6.30pm, Ainsworth Library.
28/03/11 at 7pm, Y Zone, Westminster Ave.

Bury East
15/03/11 at 6pm, Topping Fold community centre, Topping Fold Rd, Bury.

21/03/11 1830hrs Elms Community Centre, Green Lane, Whitefield M45 7FD.

                                      Your Local Contacts:
                                                                           Your Local Area Partnership (LAP)
                                       Radcliffe North                                 Managers
Your Local PCSO’s                      PCSO Shelley Flitcroft
                                       PCSO Mike Mason                           Ramsbottom/Tottington
Ramsbottom                             PCSO Andy Crookes                         Christine Maksymowski
PCSO Tracy Kyle
         Community meetings are        0161
                                      held 856 8296                                  0161 253 7941
PCSO Neal Mason
                                       Radcliffe East                                  Bury East
0161 856 8181                          PCSO Wasim Tayyab                              Kim Griffiths
                                       PCSO Norman Taylor                            0161 253 6349
                                       PCSO David Taylor
North Manor                            0161 856 8295
PCSO Emma Aspinall                                                                    Bury West
                                       Radcliffe West                              Sofina Duloth Joy
PCSO Dave Johnson                      PCSO Phil Law                                0161 253 6845
0161 856 8181                          PCSO Rhian Hurst
                                       PCSO Crystal Swain                              Radcliffe
Tottington                             0161 856 4513                                 David Thomas
PCSO Gareth Price                                                                    0161 253 7455
PCSO Natalie Johnson                   PCSO Andy Calvert
0161 856 8181                                                                    Whitefield & Unsworth
                                       PCSO Sian Critchley                         Carran O’Grady
                                       0161 856 8204                               0161 253 7344
PCSO Sharon Roberts                    Besses                                          Prestwich
PCSO Douglas Tamumo                    PCSO Chad Strange                                Rose De
0161 856 8025                          PCSO Stephen McNee                            0161 253 7245
                                       PCSO Mandy Nelson
                                       0161 856 8204                      Got spare time on your hands? Have
PCSO Tony Bond                                                             you thought about Volunteering for
                                       Pilkington Park                         the Police or our Partners?
PCSO Susan Eckersley                   PCSO Christiane Rigg               Then please contact Ken Royles our
0161 856 8025                          0161 856 8203                            Volunteer Coordinator on:
                                                                                 0161 856 8146 or email:
Moorside                               St.Marys                                ken.royles@gmp.police.uk
PCSO Martin Dawber                     PCSO Mick Norbury
PCSO Amy Dawson                        PCSO Sofia Khatoon
                                       PCSO Damon Kirk                         Crime Reduction Advisor
0161 856 8127                          0161 856 4539                            Gaynor Mason – email:
Bury East                                                                    gaynor.mason@gmp.police.uk
PCSO Andy Bigland                      PCSO Juliet Cromey                          Public Consultation
PCSO Claire Diack                      PCSO Phillip Chadwick                bury.consultation@gmp.police.uk
PCSO Kim Rafferty                      0161 856 4538                      Victim Support & Witness Service 5 St
PCSO Shaun Broughton                                                        Mary's Place, Bury, BL9 0DZ 0161
0161 856 8127                          Sedgley                                          762 5317
                                       PCSO Ian Hurst                         info@victimsupport-bury.co.uk
                                       PCSO Kerry Hutton
Redvales                               0161 856 4538
PCSO Tom Derby                                                                     Trading Standards
0161 856 8127
                                                                                        Useful Phone numbers
                                                                                    0161 872 5050 – Main GMP
                                                                                         switchboard – all non
                                                                                        emergency phone calls
                                                                                  0800 555 111 – Crimestoppers
                                                                                   call anonymously about crime
                                                                                         (free phone number)
                                                                                     0161 856 8161 – Bury Drug
                Bogus Callers:                                                                Unit hotline
                There have been no reported incidents of bogus callers across       0161 856 8129 – Bury Police
                the Bury area the last 7 days.                                                  Station
                                                                                     0161 856 8229 – Whitefield
                                                                                             Police Station
                                                                                     0161 856 4532 – Prestwich
                                                                                             Police Station
                                                                                      0161 856 8291 – Radcliffe
                                                                                             Police Station
 However, we would like to make all members aware of the                           0161 856 8181 – Ramsbottom
 Following scam:                                                                             Police Station
 Trading standards colleagues in Wirral are warning people about telephone          0161 856 8015 – Bury Public
 calls from a company called Skipton Asset Management who are purporting to be               Service Team
 part of the Skipton Group.
                                                                                    0161 253 6606 – Bury MBC
                                                                                            Security Service
                                                                                  0845 746 1100 - United Utilities
**Skipton Asset Management is not part of the Skipton Building                            Password Scheme
Society Group and is not registered with the Financial Services                   0845 3030 900 - Victim Support
Authority (FSA).**                                                                     08454 040506 – Trading
If you are contacted by Skipton Asset Management please contact                       0345 602 1120 – Contour
0845 850 1700.                                                                                  Homes
The FSA maintains a list of unauthorised companies to check visit                  www.mynhw.co.uk- dedicated
http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Doing/Regulated/Law/Alerts/unauthorised.shtml            to Neighbourhood & Home
                                                                                         Watch across the UK
If you have been contacted by any unauthorised firms, you may also decide to
report this directly to the FSA. Call the consumer helpline on 0845 606 1234.      www.gmp.police.uk/wanted -
                                                                                   GMP’s most wanted criminals

**Never let anyone into your house unless you are expecting them, if they claim     www.crimestoppers-uk.org -
to be from a company/the council etc, telephone the agency yourself to check       Crimestoppers official website
their identity before even considering letting them into your home.**
If you are in any doubt, keep them out and phone 999!                              www.gmp.police.uk – GMP’s
                                                                                   official website which includes
                                                                                   your Neighbourhood Policing

                                                                                   www.immobilise.com- register
                                       **A number of recent Burglaries            your personal property in case it
                                      have been as a result of windows                       is stolen
                                        and doors being left insecure,
                                      please ensure that you don’t invite         www.crimereduction.homeoffice
                                         Burglars into your home by                .gov.uk- Home Office website
                                           presenting them with an                      on crime reduction
                                                                                        Victim Support

                                                                                     www.bury.gov.uk - Bury
                                                                                   Metropolitan Borough Council

                                                                                  www.b3sda.org.uk- Bury Third
                                                                                   Sector Development Agency

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