Just Rollin Along Worksheet Day 1 by steph777


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									“Just Rollin’ Along”
1. Look at the round objects provided by your teacher. Without touching them list them in order from heaviest to lightest. 1.________________________________ 2.________________________________ 3.________________________________ 4.________________________________ 5.________________________________ 6.________________________________ 7.________________________________ 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Estimate their mass in grams on the chart below. Weigh each object using a balance and record your findings. Subtract to find the amount of error between your guess and the actual mass. Find the ratio. Compute the percent of error.

Round Object Ping Pong Ball Nerf Ball Softball Tennis Ball Marble Baseball Golf Ball

Estimated mass in grams

Actual mass in grams

Error (difference)

Ratio: Difference Actual

Decimal Diff/Actual

Percent Of Error Decimal x 100

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