Roll Up Bag Fall Holiday

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					                 Set #1

         Basic Skin Care Set
      Time Wise 3 in 1 Cleanser
    T/W Age Fighting Moisturizer
     Mineral Powder Foundation                               -A-                                                  Personalize your bag
                *Velocity Set -                                                                                         with any
Cleanser, Moist, MP Foundation & Brush ($50)
                                                                                                                   combination of the
                 Set #2                                                                                                sets below.
         Day/Night Care Set
   Time Wise Day Solution w/SPF 25                          Set #7
      Time Wise Night Solution
                                                       Color Finishing Set
                                                         Ultimate Mascara
                 Set #3
                                        $55         Signature Highlighting Pen                      Queen of Everything!!
     Microdermabrasion Set                              Signature Lip Liner
                                                        Signature Eye Liner
         Time Wise Microdermabrasion                                                            *Choose ANY 6 sets and receive the 7th
                Step 1: Refine                               Set #8
                                                                                                              set 1/2 price
              Step 2: Replenish                                                                 *Plus receive the Travel Roll Up Bag For
                                                       Glamour Brush Set
                                                                                  $48                             FREE!!
                 Set #4
                                               Glamour Brush Set
             Eye Deals Set             $60     with Travel Case!!
    Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover
          Firming Eye Cream
                                                             Set #9
      Indulge Soothing Eye Gel
                                                                                   $50           Princess of Quite a Lot!
                 Set #5                             Timewise Vitamin C Boost!
                                        $46                  Timewise Replenishing                   *Choose ANY 4 sets and receive
      Timewise Body Care Set                                     Serum Plus C                       the Travel Roll Up Bag For FREE!!
    Targeted Action Toning Lotion
     Hand and De’collete’ Cream
                                                                                                                       Or Choose
                                                                                       Set #10                          ANY item
                 Set #6
                                                                                                                        from the
           Girl on the Go Set           $79                         Create Your Own Set of $50 or More!                Look Book!!
  2 Eyesicles (Island Bronze & Vanilla)                                            Recommended Sets:
   New MK Custom Compact filled with:                                       Satin Hands & Lips Set - $52
         -Bronzing Powder Desert Sun                                  Even Complexion Essence & Mask Set $55
         -Bronzing Powder Sandstone                                  Custom Compact Filled with Color! - $65.50
               -Compact Brush
                                                                Your choice of Fragrance, color...or anything else in our
      -Nourishine Lip Gloss of your Choice
                                                                       LOOK BOOK that adds up to at least $50

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