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									                                                                                                              Summer 2002
                                                                                                                   Volume 22
                                                                                                                      Issue 2

An Evening to Remember!
Over 220 joyful friends of hospice came to
the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club on
April 6. The place sparkled. The
merriment included dinner, silent and live
auctions, and lively conversation. They
were there to celebrate 20 years of hospice
in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. And
they were there to benefit the coming new
inpatient unit.
     The 20 th Anniversary Gala brought us nearer        Ernie Carnevale grants artist Eugene Smith his
our goal of $5 00,000 for the new unit. “W e are         wish for lobster (and Lowenbrau).
half-way there,” says CEO Ernie Carnevale.
     As m aster of cerem ony a nd auction eer, radio
personality Paul Draisey kept the crowd laughing—
and compe ting for high bids!
      Background music was provided by the Irene
Carrasco Quartet and Ernie recognized special
guests including the core group that nursed Blue
Ridge Hospice through its formative period 20
years ago. A huge picture display constructed by
the staff and volu nteers represented a veritable
who’s who of hospice workers and friends

                                                                    “Going once, going twice...” Master of
                                                                    Ceremony and auctioneer Paul Draisey.

                                                            Special thanks for hospice was exp ressed in
                                                       remarks by She nan doah U niveristy President Jim
                                                       Davis. “W hat you are doing to help provide
                                                       comfort at a difficult time in life is like none
                                                       other,” said D avis.
                                                            A very excited Frank Patton of Winchester
                                                       learned that he was the new owner of a vintage
                                                       sports car. His raffle ticket earned him a 1976 Fiat     The Newsletter
                                                       Spyder d onated by Art R ink of BA E System s.            of Blue Ridge
The silent auction table.                                   April 6 w as truly a night to rem emb er.               Hospice
                                                                                (continued p. 3, see GALA)
Page 2                                                                       The Companion

          Board of Directors                 A Note from Ernie

   Su Webb

Vice President
                                             A Grand Slam!
   John Devlin
                                             “I think you hit a home run,” said a friend
Secretary                                    attending our 20th Anniversary G ala. In fact,
   Jane Beaudoin
                                             he said, “I would classify this one as a Grand
Treasurer                                    Slam!” These sentim ents and others w ere
   Cheryl Ringer, CPA                        shared with me throughout the evening. The
At Large                                     common theme expressed was that everyone
    Helen Zebarth                            said they had a fun time, the place was
                                             beautiful, and the food was great. I couldn’t agree more.
Ex Officio
   Tim Gano                                           A huge thank you to our Gala Com mittee mem bers for working so
                                             hard to put on this wonderful event to celebrate our 20 years. It was truly a
    Susan J. Buchanan
                                             group effort.
    George Caley                                      Thank you to all our sponsors and a special thank you to Paul
    Mike Costello                            Draisey, our Master of Ceremony who kept the evening rolling and helped
    Brenda Finley
    Wanda Gilbert                            to raise those live auction dollars that will go toward the creation of our
    Katherine Gustin, MD                     inpatient unit.
    Floyd Heater
                                                      Speaking of our inpatient unit, we are halfway toward our goal of
    Kathleen F. Marino
    Larry Omps                               $500,000 with the help of the proceeds from the Gala and the generosity of
    Richard A. Orndorff Jr.                  Valley Health System and the Blue Ridge H ospice Board of Directors.
    Tina L. Royston
    Deborah Rutter
                                                      Thank you for your support and generosity as we continue our fund-
    Phyllis Stoneburner                      raising efforts. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Chief Executive Officer
   Ernest J. Carnevale Jr.
                                            Su Webb Named Hospice President
                                            At its annual meeting in March, the Blue Ridge Hospice Board of
Medical Director
  Robert A. Ancker, MD                      Directors appointed Su Webb as the new hospice president. Su replaces
                                            Tim Gano who will serve ex officio as the immediate past president. The
Assistant Medical Director
   Kathleen Stewart, MD
                                            board also named Jane Beaudoin to serve as board secretary, the post
                                            that had been filled by Su.
The Companion Editor                        A champion of the hospice cause, Su does      the duties of secretary for the past year.
   Linda Kurtz
                                            not foresee any major changes during her           Jane Beaudoin is a registered nurse
                                            tenure as president. “The staff and board     who retired as the Director of Health
                                            are doing an outstanding job,” said Su.       Services and Nursing at Westminster-
                                            “They have the best attitude of any group I   Canterbury in W inchester.
          Mission Statement
                                            have ever worked with.”                            She is involved in extensive nursing
! To make quality hospice care                    “Cancer related issues are very         volunteerism and has been a director on
  available to all persons with a
                                            important to me,” says Su. In fact, she has   the BRH board for the past 18 months.
  terminal illness, their families, and
                                            compiled a 32-year record of volunteer
  those affected by death and dying
  in our community.                         service for the American Cancer Society.
! To advocate effectively for patient       Her service has included being chapter
  comfort, dignity, and choice in           president and a member of the Society
  end-of-life decisions.                    State Board.
! To be recognized as a leading                   Su is Director of Community
  resource, based on current                Development for ARCOM Publishing,
  national and state standards in           publisher of 18 newspapers in Virginia
  education and palliative care, for        including the Clarke Times Courier.
  clinical, ethical, and spiritual issues         She had served as a director on the              Su
  of dying and grief.                       BRH board for one year before taking on                Webb
The Companion                                                                                                 Page 3

GALA (from p.1)                                                                                   Businesses and Organizations That
                                                                                                        Helped Plan the Gala
                                                                                                BAE Systems                   Old Town Development
                                                                                                Bank of Clarke                Omps Funeral Home
                                                                                                Branner Printing              Piccadilly Printing
                                                                                                Brite Ideas                   Polyone
                                                                                                Court Square Copies           Fonda Sundeen
                                                                                                First Union Bank              Valley Health System
                                                                                                Jones Funeral Home            Winchester/Frederick
                                                                                                KBK Communications               County Chamber of
                                                                                                Kimberly’s                       Commerce

   Core group of founders George Caley, Farley Massey, Dr.
   Charles Huber, Gail Rodgers, and Helen Zebarth.

                                                                                Sharon Wright, Bridget Blevins, Lee Braithwaite, Peg Jackson,
                                                                                Linda Kurtz, and Heather Jadot (front).

         Appreciation is expressed to board member
         Susan Buchanan who is departing the area.

                Gala Committees
Honorary Chairs                 Dr. Kathy Gustin
                                                               Around every table were smiling faces.
  Gail Rodgers                  Margaret Huber
  Helen Zebarth                 Peg Jackson
Auction Committee               Nancy Omps
  Lee Braithwaite               Gail Rodgers
  Judy Carty                    Denise Salmon
  Tina Combs                    Kinberly Sowers
  Meg Guirguis                  Carol Schutta
  Dorothy Harriman              Nancy Thomas
  Linda Kurtz                 Sales & Advertisement
  Linda Largay                  Ernie Carnevale
  Joanne Lloyd                  John Devlin
  Kathy Marino                  Jackie DeWitt                                                                               Shenandoah Valley Golf Club
  Janet Michael                 Stephanie Jones-Dorr                                                                        marketing director
  Sarah Mosher                  Paul Draisey                                                                                Mary Jane Adams,
  Kendra Tolley                 Barry Lee                                                                                   auction donor Bambi Duvall,
  Judy Whipp-Mills              Lee Mangene                                                                                 and Jef Lindstrom.
  Sharon Wright                 Johnny Milleson
Program Committee               John Morrison
  Jean Barbour                  Lynn Sayles
  Jane Beaudoin                 Helen Zebarth                       Classic sports car winner
  Bridget Blevins                                                   Frank Patton
Page 4                                                                             The Companion

V     alentin e’s Da y is for lovers, and did
      we ever show our love for our
volunteers! Our annual Volunteer
Recognition Dinner on February 14
attracted 12 5 hap py volunteers, staff
members, and guests. We were wined and
dined an d entertained. Certificates were
                                                 We conversed and we dined.
presented to 27 volunteers who
contributed 100 or more hours in 2001.
An nual aw ards wen t to three. And to
every one of our volunteers, we say You’re
the Heart of Us!
    Our special thanks to Shenandoah
Fine Arts Gallery, Debbie’s Ivy Garden,                                                             Allen Byrd and Dorothy Harriman
and Abrams Creek Card and Gift Shop for
the wonderful door prizes they donated.
And our gratitude to Dale and Ken
Moulde n for again contrib uting their
super sound system.

                                                Mike Huppm ann and Leisa Houston
                         Dianne Fleet,

                                                                                            Jim Clark

                                         Eloise M artin and E rnie C arnevale

                                                                                                   Allen Byrd
                                                                                                   Patient Care Volunteer of the Year

                                                                                                   Michael Huppmann
                                                                                                   Administrative Volunteer of the Year
                                                                 Allen B yrd and his new shades.

                                                        Singers Robyn Baker
                                                                                                   Jim Clark
                                                        and Mark G oldstein                        Founders Award recipient
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Planning for Your Pet’s Survivorship

Don’t Be Robbed of the
Joys of Pet Ownership
         Virtually all pet owners have a relationship with their animals. It                     caregivers and be sure to discuss what
tends to be stronger and indeed vital for certain segments of our                                is expected of them and that they
                                                                                                 understand the large responsibility
population: the elderly, single adults, the disabled, and people suffering
                                                                                                 they may be undertaking.
from chronic or serious illness. I have witnessed countless examples of                        ! There are a few organizations that for
how when folks lose a cherished pet and do not replace it with another,                          a fee or donation will agree to find a
their lives spiral into a sharp and often irreversible decline. While there                      home for your pet or care for her as
are many reasons for not replacing a pet, a frequent one is the very real                        long as she lives. Pets, however, are
                                                                                                 com pan ion anima ls wh o need not only
concern that if the owner’s health fails, the care and well-being of a
                                                                                                 care, but affection as well, and may
surviving pet would not be assured. But with careful forethought and                             suffer from long te rm confinement in
planning there should be no reason that anyone should ever be robbed of                          such a facility. Pets do not want to be
the many benefits from this all-important human-animal relationship.                             institutionalized an ymore than their
                                                                                                 own ers would like to be. Rem emb er,
      For me as a veterinarian, the human-        the caregivers each other’s telephone          most humane societies are not funded
animal bond, or the human-animal                  numb ers. M ake sure friends, family           or staffed for long term pet care,
relationship as it is mo re ap propriately        and, neigh bors kno w how m any pets           although some may be able to care for
called, is my stock and trade. It is all the      you have and who has been designated           a pet temporarily until he can be
more so since m y practice is limited to          as emergency ca regivers.                      transferred to his designated caregiver.
companion animals, which is the 21st            ! Carry a wallet “alert card” listing the      ! Some people request that their pet be
century w ay of saying pets. With the death       names and phone numbers of the                 euthan ized for fear that no o ne else
of that friend, many people no longer have        emergency caregivers. Post current,            would be able to care for the pet
the general sense of wellness and, of             removable “in case of emergency”               appropriately. When an own er puts
course, the companionship that goes along         notices on your front and back door            this request in his will, that provision is
with pet ownership. I once heard a                listing how m any and the types o f pets       often ruled invalid by the legal system
disabled person speak about the value of          and the appropriate contact names              when the animal is young or in good
service animals, and he mentioned that            and ph one numbers.                            health and when other humane
the day his first service dog died was the      ! Make formal arrangements covering              alternatives are available. There are
worst day o f his life. The worst day o f his     the long term care of your pets. Do not        some cases when euthanasia may be
life—think of that.                               presume that a casual conversation             appropriate; old age, for example, or
    So how doe s one begin to m ake these         you may have had with someone long             extensive trea tmen t for a health
arrangem ents? Th e following tho ughts           ago will suffice. Work with an attorney        condition. With thorough disclosure of
and considerations have been gleaned              to draw up a special will, trust, or other     your animal’s condition and nee ds, a
from several professional journals and a          document to provide for the care and           responsible caregiver can make the
wonderful pamphlet published by The               ownership of your pet as well as the           best decision after you are gone.
Human e Society of the United States.             mon ey necessary to care for her.
                                                ! Remem ber when you choose a                      Finally, seek professional help when
! Remem ber that in the event of an               permanent caregiver, that new owner          making formal arrangements for the long
   accident, un expected illness or death         will have full discretion over the           term care for your pet. Speak to a lawyer
   the pets will need imm ediate attention.       animal, including veterinary care and        about which documents best suit your
   Find at least two responsible and              euthanasia, so choose someone you            needs, wills verses trusts, as well as issues
   trusted people that can serve as               can trust im plicitly to do what is best     involving giving someone power of
   emergency caregivers for your pets.            for your pets. Work through your             attorney. There is no substitute for careful
   Provide them with keys to your home,           decisions carefully; consider, for           planning. It will give you peace of mind
   feeding and care instructions, the             instance, w hether mu ltiple pets sho uld    and your cherished companion a secure
   name of your veterinarian and                  be split up or not. Also name alternate      future.
   information about th e perm anent care         caregivers in case your first choice                                Peter W. Schmitt D.V.M.
   provisions you have made for the               becomes unable or unwilling to take                           Linden Heights Animal Hospital
   animals. It is also a good idea to give        your pet. Stay in touch with the                                             Winchester, VA
Page 6                                                                                  The Companion

Staff Happenings
                                                                                                 January—M arch 2002
Nikki Hill Contributes Her Expertise
in Setting National Standards                                                        IN HONOR                          Dr & Mrs W Clayton
                                                                                                                       M s B etty A nn W hite
                                                                                     Blue Ridge Hospice
It was a privilege to spend two full days in Pittsburgh working on                     Volu nteers                     Thomas Ash
the Scope and Standards of Hospice and Palliative Nursing                            Mrs Ruby S Bailey                 M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty

Assistant Practice. There were 13 of us, five nursing assistants and                 Bernie Demski
                                                                                                                         Fa m ily

eight registered nurses, who discussed the role of the certified                     Mr & Mrs B Thomas
                                                                                      Dem ski
                                                                                                                       Lee Bachrach
                                                                                                                       Mr & Mrs David R Brosnan
nursing assistant in end-of-life care and worked together in setting                 Mr & M rs Gregory J               Sheila & Gladys Douglas
the standards.                                                                        Dem ski
                                                                                     Mr & M rs Kevin W Dem ski
                                                                                                                       M s M arga ret M Em m art
                                                                                                                       Mr & Mrs Jeffrey
We have long known how important         reco gnize the im portance of the role      Mr & M rs Edwin E Wh ite Jr         Fahnestock
the role of the C NA is in health care   of the CNA in hospice care. Now              & F am ily                       Mr & Mrs Lewis E Gleason
                                                                                     Mr & Mrs John Whitener            M ary lou & Pe ter H ill
at home and how mu ch of a               that standards and competencies                                               Mr & M rs Stanley J
difference it can m ake, for both        have be en set, an ex amination to          Ter ry & Pa tty                     Hoffman
patients and families, to have           certify C NA s for proficiency in             Funkhouser                      M r & M rs A rthu r M Jolliffe
                                                                                     Mrs Betty M Funkhouser            Ms Eleanor V Palumbo
someone providing personal care on a     hospice and palliative care will soon                                         M r & M rs S am Pitt
regular basis.                           be available.                               Ray E Hockm an                    M rs G ay M Sh ultz
  The development of the standards         Our C NA s at Blue Ridge Hospice          Mr Paul Hockman
                                                                                                                       Bill Bailey
was made possible in part by a grant     are the best.                                                                 M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty
                                                                                     Terry Hudson
from the Fran Fox and Leslie R.            I feel honored to have b een ab le to     Stephens City Lions Club            Fa m ily
Samuels Foundation obtained by the       help in the recogn ition of their skills
                                                                                     Sue Lebeck                        De nn is B ald win
Hospice and Palliative Nurses            and caring.                                                                   Re ssie J effries E lem enta ry
                                                                                     Ju dg e R ob ert K W oltz
Asso ciation which has its office in                                                                                    School
Pittsburgh.                                                        Nikki Hill, RN    Albert "Jack"
                                                                                                                       Ro be rt S Ba rbo ur III
  By setting the standards we                    Director of Patient Care Services     Lineweaver Jr
                                                                                                                       Mr & Mrs H Paige Manuel
                                                                                     M s A dele Ra tchford
                                                                                                                       R i ch a rd D B e a rd S r
Mary Rockwood                            BRH in Relays for Life                      Larry Omps
                                                                                     Shenandoah Valley
                                                                                                                       Special Made Goods &
                                                                                                                          Services Inc
Attends Crisis                           Under the leadership of Leisa                 National Bank
                                                                                                                       Stewart Bell Jr
                                         Houston and Grover Giffin, a team of
Counseling Program                       BRH staff members was formed to
                                                                                     Lawrence & Christine              Green Inc
A workshop on crisis counseling in       participate in the annual Relay for         M s B etty C offe lt              W alte r Jo se ph Be ll
February was in part a response to the                                                                                 M r Stev e B arry
                                         Life at James Wood High School.
                                                                                     Helen Sev ers                     Ms Nancy Jo Bell-London
trauma of September 11, says BRH         Team members will set up an                                                   Mr John E Bender
                                                                                     Mr & Mrs Charles Coleman
Bereavement Coordinator Mary             overnight camp while assuring there                                           Mr Mark Benedict
Rockwood. After attending the full-      are BRH walkers at all times in the         He len Z eba rth                  Mr Jason Chasse
day program in Arlington, Mary says                                                  Mr F Dixon W hitworth Jr          Ms Lisa Deluca
                                         two-day event beginning on May 31.
                                                                                                                       Mr Tim Dennison
it was a wonderful opportunity to            BRH will also be in the Clarke                                            Mr & Mrs Willie Lea Gano
                                                                                     Ro ger Zeb arth
supplement what she and other            County Relay for Life on May 18.            M rs H elen H Z eb arth           Mr Jerry Hochreich
practitioners already know.                  BRH participation in the relays is                                        Mr & M rs Whitney T
    Participants were told that                                                                                          Jackson
                                         our way of giving to the communities
                                                                                                                       Mr & Mrs Mathew J Largen
because practitioners like Mary are      we serve.                                   IN MEMORY                         Ms Shelagh S Long
often the lead responders to crisis                                                                                    Ms Marsha Malone
situations, an understanding of the      Staff Changes                               Marianna G Addison                M s M arth a M as on Fa m ily
                                                                                     M s Ju lia R Co rne lis           Mr Ryan McKinney
dynam ics of a crisis is essential.      • Robin Hull was hired as our
                                                                                                                       NARFE #180
    Appropriate techniques for             afternoon receptionist.                   Mary A Addison                    Ms Svetlana Ottey
assessment, listening, and acting in     • Michele Moore, RN became full-            Ms N orma Grimes &                Mr Chuck Screen
                                           time and Mary Hussong, RN                  Fa m ily
crisis interventions were discussed.                                                                                   M s A ng ela S m ith
                                                                                     Mr & Mrs Paul D Grimes            M r & M rs W illia m L
Sensitivity to gender, ethnic, and         became part-time.
                                                                                                                         To m blin
cultural issues that can impact how      • Jennifer Martin, RN has                   Orvil Albright                    Mr George W allace
individuals respond to a crisis            transferred to be an assessment           M rs O B A lbrigh t Fa m ily      Mrs Alice C Welsh
situation was also a topic. A              nurse for Shenandoah County.
                                                                                     Frank & Marie                     Martha J Betson
conceptual model for crisis counseling   • Carol Henderson, MSW will join              Allanson Jr                     Mr & Mrs John Benson
was also presented.                        Medical Social Services in May.           M s S he rry L Sm ith             Mr & Mrs John R Marker
The Companion                                                                                                               Page 7

                                                                 Gifts (continued)

Clara T Blakeney                David Box                        M s K risten H C rutc hfield           Mildre d Cla rk                  Mr & M rs Elroy W
M s C laire F Ba rne tt         Mrs Betty B Schutte Box          East Forsyth High School               Fra nk & A rlen e W olff          Somm erfeldt
Ms Margaret H Barthel                                            Ms Peg gy A Finch                                                       Mr & Mrs Ralph Weaver
Mr W arren Brooke Fleck         Brady Boyer                      M r & M rs J am e s A                  Lou ise C lonts
Mrs Donne H inke                Mr & Mrs J M Showalter              Fo ster III                         Ms Florence S Baker              Melissa & Helen DeMoya
McKinley Chapter Order of                                        Mr & Mrs Robert Y Frazier                                               Mr Peter P DeM oya Jr
  the Eastern Star                                               Mr & Mrs George A Froom                J F red Co ffelt
                                Paul J Brandofino
M s H az el G M ills                                             M s Ja n C Fu lk                       M s B etty C offe lt             Irvin R Derflinger
                                M s A nn B L ew is
Mrs Gladys E Stephens                                            Mr & Mrs B F Garber                                                     Bennetts Chapel United
Sunnyside Presbyterian                                                                                  Rose Cona
                                                                 Mr & Mrs Edward A Garber                                                  Methodist Church
  Church                        M arth a A Br en dle                                                    Ms Michele T Cona
                                                                 M rs C aro le S Hiv ely                                                   Wom en
Sunnyside Presbyterian          Mr & Mrs David M Jenkins
                                                                 Mrs Mary Ann Jenkins                   M arth e C on so li              Mr & Mrs Raymond L
  Church Women                                                   Mr & Mrs John S Jordan                                                    Bryant
                                                                                                        M r & M rs C hristop her M
M s E loise B T ate             Leyburn R Brill Jr               M r & M rs H arry M Ka ble                                              Mr & Mrs Joe A Casteel
Ms Elizabeth N Theiss           Mr & Mrs William F Barker        Ms Patsy J Karns                                                          Fa m ily
Mr Frances Theiss               M r & M rs. E rne st B rind le                                          Willard J Corrigan               Ms Shirley L Hauch
                                                                 Ms Catherine A Keister
Mrs Elsie B Tracy               Ca pon Bridg e E lem enta ry                                            Mr & Mrs Eugene                  Mr & Mrs Gary L Holder
                                                                 Ms Jessica Richman Lee
Mrs Ann S Trageser                Sc hoo l - Bus Drive rs                                                Gaughan                         Ms Doris D Miller
                                                                 Ms Joann Liskey
                                Ms Lucile L Jones                                                                                        Loreen Novak
                                                                 Rev & Mrs David Lohr
Sy dne y B latt                 Mr & Mrs Richard A                                                      J ea n B C ru m p                Ms Sarah M Talbot
                                                                 Ms Eileen Meyerhoeffer
Ms Louise Stieg                   Luyster                                                               Mr & Mrs William Cooper          M s D an ielle A W indle
                                                                 M r & M rs C hristop her X
                                Mr & Mrs Niel May                                                       Mr & Mrs Carlysle C Crank
Thomas P Bligh                  Mr & Mrs Dennis Miller                                                  Lo is R D E lia Fa m ily
                                                                 Mr & Mrs Clarence E                                                     Anna Dicks
Ms Ellen Grataski               M r & M rs G eo rge Ne wlin                                             Mr & M rs John J Rinky
                                                                    Mumpow er                                                            Ms G olda D Leake
                                Mr & Mrs Dennis Norrod                                                  Mr Robert F Wakem an
                                                                 L arry , G lo ria & A m y
Dorothy Blosser                 Mr & Mrs Benjamin R
                                                                    Preslar                             Mary T Cupp                      Neda Baker Downey
Mr Donnie Blosser                 Pinner
                                                                 Mr & Mrs Clarence L Pugh               Th e F ad ely F am ily           Mr & Mrs Philip A Baker
                                M r & M rs S tr ot he r R
                                                                 Susan Costello & Pam                   Mr & M rs William Nedrich          Fa m ily
Bob Boden                         Shiley Jr
                                                                    Simpson                                                              Ms Sandra M Burner
Mr Donald S Cline               Ms Julia Snyder
                                                                 M r & M rs D en nis M Sm ith           Dian e M Curry                   Centeral Area School Bus
M r & M rs C ha rle s R         The Exchange Club
                                                                 M r & M rs G reg ory A S m ith         M rs Irene M C urry                Drive rs
  Duvall Jr
                                                                 M r W ayn e A Su m m ers                                                Mr & Mrs Monte Fisher
M r Pe rry D uv all             Donald L Brinkley
                                                                 Sunset Drive United                    Vo nd a D av is                    Fa m ily
M r & M rs W illiam P H all     Sondra A Dike & Ally
                                                                    Methodist Church                    Co l & M rs W alter L D av is    Ms Laura M McAfee
Mr & M rs James H                 McMurray
                                                                 M r Ch arle s W Su tph in                                               M r Ge ne T P olk
  Royston                       Ms Margaret A Brophy
                                                                 Joyce & Bill Taylor                    LTGM C lyde D Dean               M r & M rs M elvin D P olk
                                M s Ch ery l A G ra ha m                                                                                 Ms Patricia Poplar
                                                                 Mr & Mrs James                         LtGen & Mrs Norman H
D M Bo uld in                   Dale Hankins
                                                                                                          Sm ith                         Ms Carol F Ridout
Mr & Mrs Richard A              Mr Addison E Johnson                Thompso n Jr
                                                                                                                                         Wake mans G rove Church
  Sum inski                     Mr & Mrs David J Munger          Va lley F arm Cre dit
                                                                                                        De ce as ed Fa m ily               of the Brethren
                                Mr Henry Street                  Mr & Mrs D Peyton Yancey
                                                                                                          Me mb ers
Alice K Bow ers                                                                                         M r & M rs T ho m as M alco lm   Hap Dunlap
M r Da vid A Bo we rs           A lb e rt R B r ow n             Eltha V Butler                                                          Ms Nora Garber
                                Ms Etta E Salley                 Mr Lee A Butler                        Deceased Members of
Linda Sue Bow ers                                                                                         Whitacres                      James D Dunlap
Mrs Betty Eckman                                                                                          Homemakers Club                Mr & Mrs Maurice W
                                G r ac e E B r ow n              Richard W Butler
Mr & Mrs Leonard &                                                                                      W hitacre s H om em ake rs         Proper
                                Mr & M rs Samuel F Artz Jr       Dr & Mrs Alessandro G
  V irg in ia Ne w co m e                                                                                 Club
                                                                   Basso                                                                 L o h r E D u n la p S r
                                Frank Bryant                     Ms Mozelle R Bowser                    Paul B DeHaven
James Bowm an                                                                                                                            Mrs Jean Dunlap
                                M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   M r & M rs M icha el H                 Ms Hazel D Mason
Mr & Mrs Wallace B                Fa m ily                         Cu llers                                                              Katherine Dutton
   Bowman                                                                                               Otis Carl Dellinger
                                                                 G & C Business Services                                                 Mr Paul D Crosen
M rs B etty J ea n F aw ce tt                                                                           Mr Marvin Burner
                                Sheila M Burgess                 Ms Virginia B Lloyd
First Bank                                                                                              Ms Mary C Coffman
                                M s S us an na M W hite          Ms Adolene S Long
F re d er ic k Blo c k C o                                                                              Mr & Mrs Paul Cook               Maurice Eckman
                                                                 Mr & Mrs Conrad D
Mr & M rs Robert L Frye                                                                                 M r & M rs R icha rd D av is     Mrs Betty Eckman
                                                                   Puckett Jr                           M s Lu cy C Gra bill
Mrs Mary K H umphries &         Wilma L Bushong
   Fa m ily                     Ms Mary Ann Alexander                                                   Ms Pollyanna B Hepner
                                                                                                                                         Orlan P Elsea
Mr Burt Kaplan                  As hb y H erd He alth            Cancer Patients                        M s A lm a F Ho ttle
                                                                                                                                         Mr & Mrs Stephen D
M r & M rs J D on ald             Services Inc                   M r & M rs E ve rt                     Mrs Margaret G Jones
                                                                                                                                          Ra tcliffe
   Shockey Jr                   Mr & Mrs Charles W Baker           Beekm ann Jr                         M r & M rs T h om a s E
Three Bends Hunt Club           M r & M rs P hilip L Be nn ett                                            Keeler
M r & M rs Ja m es T Vick ers   Mr & Mrs Lanny L Branner                                                Ms Ruth S Keller                 Th e M cC an dlis h F am ily
                                                                 Hild a C arn ev ale                                                     Ms Rebekah S Burckmyer
Virg inia C om on we alth       Bro ad wa y T im be rville                                              M r & M rs L loyd R N eff
                                                                 M r E rn e s t J C a rn e v al e S r
   Financial Corporation          Young Farmers Club                                                    Mr & Mrs Harry S Rudy
Woodgate Petroleum              Mr Gary Bushong                                                         M s B etty T Sc ott              R o b e rt A Fa r m e r S r
   Company                      M r Jo hn O C am pb ell          Vivian Choha                           Mr & Mrs John D Smoot            FEM A Disaster Finance
Yount Hyde & Barbour            Mr & Mrs William S Craun         Mr Deforest D Choha                    Mr Charles B Snyder                Branch
Page 8                                                                                                 The Companion

                                                                    Gifts (continued)

NARFE #180                     M r H K Be nh am III                 Mr & Mrs Richard R               David A Keller                   Mr & Mrs Dennis W Graver
Jeraldine & Cletus             M s S h ir le y G ar m an B ro w n    Runyon                          Mr & Mrs David I Fincham         Donald & Dorothy Huffman
  Whitmer                      M r & M rs W i ll ia m A             Mr & M rs Glenn D Welsh          Mr Nelson N Isenhower            Ms Page F Huffman
                                 Bryarly Jr                                                            MD                             Ms Thelma V Largent
Thurman Fishel                 Mr & Mrs Roy A Cartier               Iva Hib bard                     M r & M rs R obe rt H K irk      Mr & Mrs W Thom as
Mr & Mrs David M Jenkins       Mrs E E Casey                        M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   M s M arie M alco lm               Patrick
                               M r & M rs M icha el W                 Fa m ily                       Ms Rene Norman                   Mr & Mrs William H Peffer
                                 Clayton                                                             Mr & Mrs Robert D Shelton        Ms Mildred Shoemaker
W illiam J F og le
                               M r & M rs Jo hn De vlin             Max R Himelright                                                  Mr & Mrs Edward G
M r & M rs N o rm a n E
                               Ms Katherine M Dodd                  Ms Alm a A Boyd                  T he lm a Ke m p                   Sinkoski
  B u tl er S r
                               Mr & Mrs Floyd E Dodson              M s N ellie M Gre gory           The Winchester Star              M r R on ald E W illia m s
                               Mrs Joan Goode                       Mrs Carolyn S Himelright
Joh n L F oltz                 Mr & Mrs John Goode                  Mr & Mrs Ray R Himelright        Dallas Kibler                    Robert Lee Linaweaver
City of Winchester             M s G rac e H olt                    Moose Lodge # 1283               Mr & Mrs Richard W               Mr & Mrs Devin Alexander
  Employees                    Mr & Mrs Clint Johnson               Mr & M rs Tony S                   Barker                         Am erican Leg ion A uxiliary
M r & M rs L eo na rd F oltz   Da vid a nd M idge Ke ll               Rosenberger                    Mr & M rs Larry K                  #216
M s C hristin e R Ho we ll     M r & M rs R obe rt S K ern          M r A rth ur N S tu m p            Bennington                     Mr & M rs James I
Clowe C Nicholson              M r Ern es t F L an gh olz                                            Ms Louise S Buckley                Brumback
Mrs Pamala S                   Mrs Virginia J Lanham                Floyd Jack Hoff Jr               M r & M rs S tep he n C an ty    J T im oth y D alke Fa m ily
  Peacemaker                   Em m a M ilford F am ily             M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   Ga ry & De bb ie                 Ms Shirl Eaton
Mr & Mrs Hugh Thompson         Dr Robert C Nothwanger                 Fa m ily                         Funkhouser                     Ms Myrtle K Fisher
                               M r & M rs H arry O very             Mr & M rs Leroy J Hirst          Mr & Mrs Glen Funkhouser         Mr Benjamin C Hollar
Mary Fowler                    Ms Joanna E Reagan                                                    Ms Helen Funkhouser              M s A lm a F Ho ttle
Sh en an do ah Co un ty        M s A nn Sh ee ts                                                     M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   Mr & Mrs Chuck Jones
                                                                    Addie Holloman
  Republican Womens            Mr Charles H Sm ith Jr                                                  Fa m ily                       Ms Marie A Jones
                                                                    M s B arba ra D iLan dro
  Club                         Mr & M rs Roy E Sm ith Jr                                             Mrs Sharon L Kehne               Ms Ruth S Keller
                               M rs Lo retta C Stew art                                              Robin & Joan Kibler              Mr & M rs Gary V Kutsch
                                                                    Erm a P Ho tt
Osby Carl Frazier              Mr & Mrs James M Thorne                                               Ms Tina Larrick                  Ms N aomi E Kutsch
                                                                    M r & M rs J am e s H
Mr & Mrs Jack Jenkins                                                                                Mr & Mrs James W Lupton          M s D oroth y La m bert
                                                                      Adam s Jr
                               An ita G oo dw in                                                     Mr & M rs Charles M              Mrs Isabelle Linaweaver
                                                                    Ms Mary E Miller
                               M r Ke nn eth Go od win                                                 McKay                          Nancy & Ida Mae
Laura B French                                                      M rs S ylvia J P etrie
Lindy and Pat Mason                                                                                  M s E the l Orn do rff             Linaweaver
                               Elizabeth Peake Greene                                                Ruritan Club of Clarke           M r & M rs Ed w in M
Ms Isabelle G Olsen                                                 Mrs Lesta Hummer
                               Mr William G Greene                                                     County Inc                       Markel Jr
Mr & Mrs David T Yereb                                              Mr & Mrs Robert Humm er
                                                                                                     Mr & M rs Roy E Sm ith Jr        Mr & Mrs Ira Markley
                               Daniel T Grimes                                                       Urb an La nd Institu te          Ms Elsie Marston
Jam es E Fretz                 Mrs Audrey O Grimes                  Rebecca R Hyman
                                                                                                                                      Massanutten Post
Ms Martha Cooley                                                    Ms Betty H Dodson                Dick Kibler                        Auxilliary #2447
M rs P au line F retz          Lucy E Groah                         Mr W ayne T Grove                Ms Loring L Pingley              M r & M rs H ow ard
Mr & Mrs Gil F Hamilton        William & Judy Groah                 M s M ary Jan e R us se ll
M s B arb ara L M etz                                               Ms Julia Snyder                  Goldie E Kibler                  D r & Mrs Ha ro ld W
Mr & M rs Patrick E            Lillian Estelle Gunter                                                M arle ne F K ec kley Fa m ily     Miller Jr
  Wagner                       M r & M r s A n dr ew                Ch arle s & Ka tie In sk ip                                       Mr & Mrs Walt Morgan
                                 Ca m pb ell                        Mr Donald L Ashwood              Dot King                         Mick Cindy and Susan
Ruth & Cahrles S Fuller
                                                                                                     Mr & Mrs Robert Humm er            Seal
Miss Mary V Rosenberger        Alice P Haines                       Florine Jenkins                                                   Rick and Kathy Seal
                               Mr Leroy E Baker                     Mr & Mrs Jack Jenkins            Joh nnie M Kirk                  Mr & Mrs Wayne Snow
Ka the rine C F us se ll
                                                                                                     M rs H ilda C Kirk               Star Tannery Volunteer
Mrs Duncan C Gibb              Dorothy D Hamrick                    Maxie D Jenkins                                                     Fire Department & Aux
                               Mr Mary Jo Zimpfer                   M r & M rs Ja m es E E llis      Lo uis a M aria Kle in           Woodstock Volunteer
Go rdo n & Eliza beth
                                                                    M s N orm a L H enry             Ms Katherine Hafferman             Rescue Squad
 Garrison                      Ruth C Hansucker                     Woodbine Farms Inc
Mr Cal C Hallock               Mr Robert Hansucker                                                   M i le s A K u m p S r
                                                                                                                                      James F Lindamood
                                                                    Elizabeth Jones                  Ca pon Sp rings & Farm
James G Garrison               Laura V Harrison                                                                                       Mr Grover C Helsley
                                                                    Mr John W Jones                      Inc
Mr R Justin DeForge            M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty                                                                         M s V irginia L O rnd orff
Ms Cecil L Garrison              Fa m ily                                                                                             Mr & Mrs Gary W Ryman
                                                                    Ralph Jones                      Bobby Layman
M r & M rs Pa ul F S narr                                                                                                             Ms Imogene Ryman
                                                                    M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   M r & M rs W illiam Zirk le
                               Stanley Hash                                                                                           Mr Joseph F Ryman
Francis Stewart Geigan                                                Fa m ily                                                        Mr & Mrs Joseph Lee
                               Mr & Mrs Bienvenido P                                                 Mitchell Lee
Mrs Dixie E Geigan                                                                                                                      Ryman
                                 Eu ge nio                          Roger A Jones                    Ms Patricia Lee
                                                                                                                                      Mr & Mrs Walter E Stokes
Rush “Jack” Gibson                                                  Ms Patricia A Colton
                               Lloyd Heltzel                                                         Elizabe th Jea n Le ona rd       Zion Christian Church
Ms Joyce H Koziol
                               Mr & Mrs Linden                                                       Mr Robert G Leonard Jr             Wom en
M r Ste ph en P M etz
                                 Wakem an                           Eleanor Joyce
Ms Lucy F Payne
                                                                    M r Ja m es J H ea ly            Ch arle s R Le wis               Katherine D Lindsey
Richard U Goode                Howard E Hem sley                                                     Mr & M rs Loyd W Am brose        Ms Evon Clater
Mr & Mrs John H                M r & M rs R ob ert B                Pearl L Kays                     Circ uit C ity                   M r Da niel C Da ly
  Ba rten stein                  Patterson                          Mr W illiam K K ays              M r & M rs B J Fra m e           Mrs T A L Lightner
The Companion                                                                                                             Page 9

                                                                  Gifts (continued)

Russell B Lloyd                  M s A lm a F Ho ttle             Jacob F Moreland                 Deborah Barbour & Victor            Mr & Mrs Aaron
Mrs Helen J Lloyd                Ms Catherine M Hutton            M r & M rs R u d y E               Riggleman                          Zuckerman
                                 M r & M rs H aro ld J K itchin     Rodgers Jr                     Mr & Mrs Alfred M
Robert Benson Love               Ms Kathleen O Kruetzer                                               W illiam s                       Alexina Riddleberger
Mr & Mrs Manfred J Elsner        Mr Robert E Lee                  Le ste r M ull                   Ms Charles Wine                     Mr William Ament
                                 Ms Susan C Lee                   Pa tricia M ull                  M r & M rs D enn is W olford        Mr & Mrs Walter H Carter
Je an ne Lu dw ig                Mr & M rs Robert H Lloyd                                                                              Mrs James V DeBergh
Mr James Ray                                                                                                                           Ms Katherine M Dodd
                                 M s H elen L M cD on ald         Ru th A nn S N ellis             Clifton Pe rry
                                                                                                                                       Mr & Mrs John W Evans
                                 MCV Foundation                   M r & M rs W ilbur S             Ms Gladys Funk
                                                                                                                                       Mrs Lelia R Hockman
Je ss e L Lu ttrell              Ms Diane Parlow                    Johnston
                                                                                                                                       Ms Maurine O Hockman
Mr & M rs Mickey E Justice       Ms Kim Pietschman                Ms Frances S Mason               C h a rl es A P in e S r            Mr & Mrs Gary L Hooper
  & Friends                      Ms Evangeline M Seibel           M r Ch ristop he r Ne llis       Pine Realty Inc                     Kibler Furniture Co Inc
M r Do na ld F Lu ttrell         Ms Donna Setzer                  M r & M rs C lare nc e L Oliff                                       M r s G e n ev ie v e B M a th e w s
M rs G reta Lu ttrell            M r Gu y W Sh ack leford         M r & M rs R ob ert              David A Plauger                     Mr & Mrs James P Morgan
Mr & Mrs Harry F Miller          M r & M rs R ob ert W              Richard Jr                     Ms Carol B Olson                    Ms Dorothy Riddleberger
Mr & M rs Harvey L Pence           Sma lley Jr                    Ms Bethel Strosnider             Ms Ruth A Rinker                    Mrs Martha F Spangler
Mr & Mrs Linden                  M r & M rs R ob e rt R           The Winchester Star                                                  Pat Taylor
  Wakem an                         Sm ith III                                                                                          Mrs Arlene Lauck Wake
                                                                                                   Janet Porter
                                 Mr & M rs Philip R Walsh         John Paul Nesselrodt                                                 Mrs Jean M Wilson
                                                                                                   Ms Edith W Angus                    Miss Mary M Wood
Dora Lutzenhiser                 Dr & Mrs Jam es R Yo rk          Ms Elenora Nesselrodt
Miss Eula Lutzenhiser
                                                                  Eugene Newm an                   Le on ore Po wn all                 N Marguerite Ridgeway
                                 L ois M ea de m a
                                                                                                   M r Ro be rt C P ow na ll           M r & M rs Ja m es J La ntz
Richard Mack                     Ms C arol De Marco               N Lee Newm an
Ms M ary Giangrasso              Ms Carol B Kearns
                                                                                                   Iva Presgraves                      Ruby Ridgeway
                                 Mr & M rs Louis J Korenich       Cornelia Niemann
                                                                                                                                       M r & M rs W Ed wa rd
Dixie Lou Markley                Law Library Association of       Mr Donald E W Niemann            M s M arie N Da rr
Ms Sandra Markley                  MD Inc                                                          Ms Mam ie G Eaton
M r Ge ne T P olk                Qu ynh & M ichae l Mc Gu ire     M on roe Nix                     Ms Metka H Hansen
                                                                                                                                       Madeline W Riley
                                 Mr & Mrs H Larry Simon           Mr & Mrs Lester L Miller         M s S ina B Ke lly
                                                                                                                                       M rs Sh aron M B yrd
Jon T Mathews Jr                 Mr & Mrs Paul C Wessel                                            Mr & Mrs Wilmer E Mason             Dr & Mrs John E
Mr Harry H Mathews Jr                                             William F O Connor               Ms Mary E Miller                      Munzenrider
                                 Ev ely n L M ich ae ls           Mr & Mrs Frederick McKay         Ms Oleda N Nicholson                Mr & Mrs C Bryant
Do roth y M cC all               Ms Anna Kenney                                                    M r & M rs T ho m as M W hite         Nickerson
M r Ea rl K M cC all             Mr & Mrs Richard C Miller                                         Ms Dorothy V Wright
                                                                  Jo se ph R O ’ Do nn ell
                                 M r & M rs Ve rnon C P ark                                                                            Ken neth R ineard
                                                                  M r & M rs F ran k M ap his
Charles S McCandlish             The Winchester Star                                               T eo filo A Pu ra y M D             M r & M rs E rne st B rind le
                                                                  The Summ it Book Club
Ms Mary Scully Riley                                                                               Mr & Mrs Lloyd W Ebaugh
                                 Mr & Mrs Charles P Wilson        Tuesday Bridge Group of
                                                                                                                                       Jean F Rinker
                                                                    the Su m m it                  Nell Carter Putman
Isabe lle McIn tyre                                                                                                                    Mrs Donald J
                                 James F Miles Jr                 VF W Lad ies A uxiliary          Mr & M rs Jeffrey A
D a vid Zo ntin e M D                                                                                                                    Druckenmiller
                                 Ms Sara D Bailey                   #10256                          Kraemer
                                 Mr & Mrs Frances G Clyne         Mr & Mrs Paul J Walter
Floyd L McWilliams Jr                                                                                                                  Arlena Ritenour
                                   Fa m ily                       M r Ja m es A W orre ll          Margery Raikes
Mr & M rs Ivan R Armacost                                                                                                              Ms Ruth A Rinker
                                 Mr & Mrs Paul Cowins                                              Mrs Joan Goode
Ba nk of C larke Co un ty
                                 Mr & Mrs Raymond R               Ro be rt O ’ Do nn ell                                               Cec il C Ro ark
Mr & Mrs Richard W                                                                                 Mam ie Reed
                                   Da vis                         M s Lind a L H end erbe rg                                           Mr & Mrs Martin Drees
  Barker                                                                                           M s M ary C O Co nn ell
                                 Th e R ay Ed wa rds Fa m ily     Westvaco                                                             W its En d Fa rm
Ms Margaret H Barthel
                                 Mr & M rs Rico Ronci
Mrs Patricia W Benton                                                                              Clara Reeder
                                 M r & M rs W illiam J R on is    Ruth K Pacl                                                          John T Rudolph
M r Ch arle s A Be rreth                                                                           M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty
                                 M r & M rs R ob ert S im on iz   Mr & M rs Henry M                                                    Mr & M rs Lohn E Lenyo
Ms Marsha C Boden                                                                                    Fa m ily
M r & M rs S teve F B oo th                                        Mengelkoch                                                          Ms Barbara McKenna
  Fa m ily                       Orville Miller                   Mr & M rs Thomas R P acl         Shir Lee Rennoe
Mr & Mrs William L               Ms Doratha Miller                                                 Bluemont United                     Charlotte W Ryman
  Boyce Jr                                                        Sue H Patterson                    Methodist Church                  Mrs Barbara S McAleer
Mr & M rs Clyde Brumback         Eliz ab eth M itch ell           Mr Paul L Barbour                Mr & Mrs Bill Kelley                Ms Patricia Wakeman
Ms Susa n H Cross                Ms Cam illa S Ogint              Ms Betty H Dodson                Mrs Sallie Major                    Mr Robert F Wakem an
M r & M rs P hillip                                               M r & M rs R ob ert C            M r & M rs Fra nk M yers            Wake mans G rove Church
  Cunningham                                                        Eckman                         Stoneburner-Carter Ins               of the Brethren
                                 Ro lan d M itch ell
M r & M rs Jo hn De vlin                                          Mr & Mrs Gary L Fletcher
                                 M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty                                    Alvin F Rich                        W illiam Sau ers
M r Ja m es L D ix                                                M r & M rs W illiam H G rim
                                   Fa m ily                                                        M r & M rs. E rne st B rind le      M s M ary H enry
F & M Trust Company                                               Mr & M rs Steve Haines
                                 Shepherd Ford Center                                              Ms Inge K Fraley
M r Earl L Ford                                                   Mr Vernon Haines                                                     Wilma Sayko
                                                                                                   M r & M rs W i ll ia m E
Mr & M rs Charles Greeb Jr                                        Mr & Mrs Roy A Hawkins                                               M r & M rs G en e B en ne tt
                                 Charles C Monday                                                     Gifford Jr
M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty                                    Lisb on Co nc rete                                                     Fa m ily
                                 Ms Agnes A Monday                                                 Ms Janice Hoover
  Fa m ily                                                          Corporation                    L a rr ic k La rr ic k & D ro w n
M s C ynth ia He ldbe rg         Mr & Mrs Gregg S Monday          Ms Mary Ellen Pope                                                   Richard L Schloegel
                                                                                                   M r & M rs W m H
M s K itty S H enry                                               M s Lo u A nn e P urn ell           Louthan Jr                       M s D ee Ets ch eid
M s V ev a S Hill                Ruth Monnington                  Toll Brothers Inc                Dr & Mrs Roland O Meyer             Mr & M rs Patrick M
Mr & Mrs John D Hoban            M s E lean or R app apo rt       M s R uby Tren ary               Mrs Louise P Speakman                 Finnegan
Page 10                                                                                               The Companion

                                                                  Gifts (continued)

Ms Lynn C Hansucker              William Sirbaugh                 M s S uza nne Mo ntgo m ery      Frances Strosnider                Mr James D Dickinson
Mr & Mrs Joseph A                Ms Catherine E                   Lt Col & Mrs Gordon E            Mavis M Humm er                   Mr & M rs Thomas M
  Kirkeeng                        Ransbottom                        Morse                          Ms Eleanor Lloyd                    Dic kins on III
M s S us an D P aige Fa m ily                                     Muhlenberg Motors Inc            Mr & Mrs James W Lupton           Mr & M rs Thomas M
Mrs Mary Ellen Schloegel         Mary H Slaby                     M r Ke eler Ob en sh ain         M s M arga ret G P erry             Dickinson
M r & M rs M icha el A           M r & M rs D av id H aislip      Ms Evelyn H Peer                 M r & M rs S tan ley D Sm ith     Mr & Mrs Floyd E Dodson
  Se rrato                       Henry & Dottie Hartman           Mr & M rs William J                                                Michael & Veerle Foreman
                                   Fa m ily                         Pence Jr                       Mary F Strosnider                 Mr & Mrs George W
LaVerne Screen                   Ms Mary Elizabeth Pingley        Ms Lynne C Sayles                M rs Ja net D eav ers               Glossner
M s B arb ara N A ng ell         Mr & Mrs Bruce Rowland           M s B etty T Sc ott              Mr & Mrs Robert G Fiddler         Mr & M rs Charles N
                                 Television Clinic &              Mrs Joanna G Shaffer             Ms Sha ron W Glasscock              Gulosh
Fe nto n M Sc ully                 Appliance Center               Sh ena ndo ah F ord              Mr & Mrs Floyd W Lofton           Handley High School
Green Inc                                                         M s M arie M Sm ith              M r & M rs H arold L Ma llory       Social Studies
                                 Ce cil Sm ith                    Mr & Mrs John D Smoot            M r & M rs Ja m es R P uc ke tt     Department
Raymond D Seal                   Ms Donna K Kerns                 Mrs Frances Stebbins             M r & M rs W illia m L            Ms Gail M Johnson
                                                                  Mr & Mrs Tom Tilghman              To m blin                       Ms Jean U Johnson
Ms C arole Lovelace
                                                                  Mr Robert F Wakem an                                               Eileen Martelli & Gregg
Ms Dorothy V Wright              Eula W Snapp
                                                                  Ms Betty J Wolverton             Ric har d M Su ddu th               Ku jala
                                 M s Te resa J Bo we rs
                                                                                                   Ms Sandra Ramey                   Ms Barbara Lafever
M r W a r re n S e ib e l S r    Mr James H Madden
                                                                  Joyce R Speelman                                                   Dr & Mrs James C Laidlaw
Mr W arren B Seibel Jr           Mr & Mrs C Bryant
                                                                  Mr Robert Speelman               D a le V S w a in S r             Ms Elisabeth W Lindon
                                                                                                   M rs R ac he l Sw ain             Mrs Pauline S Manuel
Helen A Shade                    M s P atricia Le e P arre tt
                                                                  James M Spillane                                                   Mr & Mrs Frederick McKay
Ric h P rod uc ts                Sh en an do ah Ap ple
                                                                  M r & M rs N eal H erbe rt       William Swayne                    Na nc y & Bo b M itche ll
  M anu facturin g C orp           Blossom Festival
                                                                                                   Mrs Lydia Marie Swayne            M r & M rs G eo rge H M orris
                                 Mr & Mrs Charles Snapp
                                                                                                                                     Mr & Mrs Harold B Phillips
                                                                  Richard T Spurling
Beth Shank                                                                                         Andromahe Thom as                 Ms Ram ona L Pressley
                                 Dorothy H Snellings              Susan Fields
M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty                                                                     Ms Elaine A Lailas                Mr & M rs James W
                                 Mr & M rs Sidney L               Mrs Zetta P Garber
  Fa m ily                                                                                                                             Rhodes
                                  Snellings Jr                    Mr & M rs Dennis J
                                                                                                   Julia Thompson                    Mr & Mrs Robert A Sciegaj
Arthur T Shearer                                                                                   Ms Julia Thieriot                 Mr & M rs Thomas N
                                 Paul Snow                        H H O mps Inc
Fabritek Company Inc                                                                                                                   Tarrant
                                 M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   Ms Teresa S Legrys
                                                                                                   Evelyn Throckmorton               Mr & Mrs John A Taylor
                                   Fa m ily                       Ms Betty A McCoy
Alice Shenk                                                                                        M s Je an M Do nn elly            Ms Cheryl Truban
                                                                  Linda Payne
Mr & Mrs Wayne                                                                                                                       Mr & M rs Douglas R
                                                                  M r & M rs R u d y E
                                 Beverly L Snyder                                                  Ch arle s E lwo od To m blin        Widener
  Lancaster                                                         Rodgers Jr
                                 Dr & Mrs Richard N                                                M rs Jo se ph ine T om blin       Mr Preston Williams &
                                                                  M s C aro lyn S ag le
                                   Atkinson                                                                                          M ari-J an e K rull
Thomas A Shockey                                                  M r & M rs J oh n A
                                 M s B etty J Bly                                                  Tru em an Tre m ble               M rs H elen H Z eb arth
M s Be rn ad in e S A da m s                                        S h e p he rd S r
                                 M s A lice B Brill                                                Mr & Mrs James Winget
Mr & Mrs H Lee                                                    Ms Ruth Shupe
                                 Rev & Mrs Joseph B                                                                                  Bud Vanden Hock
  Bru m ba ck III                                                 Calvin S. Simm ons
                                   Clower Jr                                                       Ro bert B Tren ary                M s M arle ne Kle in
Ms Ethel M Carnes                                                 Ellen Turner
                                 Ms Mary C Coffman                                                 Mrs Betty Eckman
Ea rly Gre en H om eow ners      M r & M rs W illia m H                                                                              Ruth C Vann
                                                                                                   H H O mps Inc
  Association                      Coffman                        Ad a B Ste in                                                      Mr & Mrs Thomas H Vann
                                                                                                   Ms Frances S Mason
FEMA N etwork Operations         J T im oth y D alke Fa m ily     M r & M rs H arris Ste in
Esther T Romick &                Mr & M rs Peter A Dalke                                           George E Troxel                   Helen M Vorous
  Dorothy M Fleming              Th e R ob ert P Ec ho ls         W illiam Stic kle y III          M r & M rs Ja m es F S wa rtz     M r & M rs A lber t M
Furstenau Surveying                Fa m ily                       Mr & Mrs Fred E Clem                                                 Nicodemus
M r & M rs A sa D L ew is        Ms Betty M Farrand               Mr Donold O Downey                                                 Virginia Dept of
                                                                                                   An na Tu ttle
Mr & Mrs Stephen Schmidt         M s B etsy S Fish burn           Ms Suzanne L Estep                                                   Transportation Employee
                                                                                                   M r Ha rold M Tu ttle
M rs L inda Se tliff             M rs E lizab eth P F raim        Mr & Mrs Ray R Loving                                                Benefit Assoc
Mrs Barbara Shockey              Ms Mildred I Gochenour           M s A nn Ru sse ll
                                 M s Lu cy C Gra bill             Ms Mary V Thompson               Charles Uplegger                  Colleen V Walker
Mr & Mrs Howard Shockey
                                 Grubbs Chevrolet                                                  Mr & Mrs Linden                   Mr & M rs James S
M r & M rs J D on ald                                                                               Wakem an
  Shockey Jr                     M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   Sylva A Stimm el                                                    Alexander
                                   Fa m ily                       Lou dou n V eterina ry                                             Mr & Mrs William H Peffer
Mr & Mrs Ralph D
                                 Mr & Mrs William D Hollar          Service Inc                    Charlotte T Uthman
                                 M s A lm a F Ho ttle             M r Fran k S hak esp eare        Mr & Mrs Stuart B Allen           Sander Walker
Mrs Elsie H Stickley
                                 Ms Ann D Hurder                  Mr & Mrs George O                Mr & Mrs Woody W Baker            Mrs Joan Goode
Mr Marshall A Stine
                                 Mr & Mrs L G Johnson               Trav ers                       Mr & Mrs Joseph A
Dr & Mrs Craig C Stoner                                                                              Be au do in
                                 M r & M rs W illiam K irk                                                                           Nellie F W ard
                                 Mr & M rs Frederick R            Madeline Storey                  M r s B e rn ic e A B ro w n      Mr & Mrs Robert Humm er
Bette D Simpson                    Kirsch                         M r & M rs P hilip               M r & M rs R ec to r S B ro w n
M r & M rs S am ue l E           Mr Kirby Lloyd                     Christensen                    M r & M rs W illia m G B ro w n   D H arding W hitacre
  Simpson                        Mr & Mrs Howard C Lucas                                           M rs Sh aron M B yrd              M s W inifred D W hitacre
                                 M r Ca rl C M ark off            Hen ry Stow ers                  M r & M rs Jo hn C Ca peh art
Margaret E Sirbaugh              D r & Mrs Ha ro ld W             M r & M rs Jo hn D H ard es ty   Mr & Mrs W H C lement             Ve ra H W hite
Mr & Mrs Robert C Cooper           Miller Jr                        Fa m ily                       Mr Paul D Crosen                  Mr & Mrs David M Jenkins
The Companion                                                                                                             Page 11

                                                                    Gifts (continued)

William E Whited                 M r & M rs S tr ot he r R          Ms Eun ice P Floyd                 Mr & Mrs Rolf H Mielzarek          M s P rudy Sq uire
Mary & Ann Cavanaugh               Shiley Jr                        Fort Valley Friendship Club        Virg inia & Pa ge M itche ll       St Peters Lutheran Church
                                 Mr & Mrs Jimmie L Shipp
                                                                    Ms Kathy Kearney Foster            Montague Ave United                S te p he n M Ze b ar th D D S
Roger E Wiley                    Mr & Mrs Robert Slonaker
M r & M rs Ja m es E E llis      Mrs Louise P Speakman              Lillian S Fox                        Methodist Church                   PC
                                 Mrs Gladys E Stephens              Ms Jeanne D French                   Wom en                           M r & M rs Ph ilip O S tew art
James Grant Wilkins              M s. M ary M W olfe                Mrs Joyce Freund                   Ms Terry Lyn Moon                  Ms Phyllis C Stoneburner
Mrs Helen A Hahn                 Mr & Mrs Aaron
                                                                    Ms Sandy L Garrison                Moose #1865 Wom en                 K are n L Stra us M D
James & Mary Wilkins                                                Mrs Elizabeth Glascock             Mount Carmel United                Dr Lilburn T Talley
Mr & Mrs Bruce E Downing                                            Mrs Joan Goode                       Methodist Church                 Th e Ja co bs on Re vo ca ble
                                                                    Grace Episcopal Church             W illiam & Sh irley M oye rs         Living Trust
Elea nor L W illett
                                                                      Wom en                           Mt Jackson Lioness Club            Ms Lynn A Tilley
M rs R uth M Da ily              DONORS                             Dr & M rs A de l B G uirg uis      Mrs Debbie Mudge                   Mr Leo F Timbrook
P h illip L W illia m s                                             Drs. H Nelson & Kathy              Mr Mike Myres                      Ms Stacey A Trentham
                                 Ab ram s C ree k C ard & G ift
ABC Salvage Corporation                                               Gu stin                          M r W Gle n N icho ls              Trex Company
  Inc                              Shop
                                                                    Ms Linda K Haley                   M s T wila No ble                  Mr & Mrs Daniel Troup
M s Lind a B etan cou rt         Alfred Souder Trust
  Washington                     Mr Ronald W Allanson               M r & M rs Jo hn F H arris         Opequon P resby Church             M s C hris U m bre it

                                 Mr & Mrs Joseph A Allen            Ms Jane C Harrison                   Outreach                         VF W of C larke Co un ty
Leonard B Mike Wilson                                               Floyd & Amy Heater                 Ph ilip M orris M atch ing G ift     9760
Shenandoah Region                American Background
                                   Information Services             Helping Hands for Hospice            Program                          VFW of Edinburg #2447
  An tique Au to
                                 American Foundation                Henkel Harris Company              Piccadilly Printing                VFW Post Auxilliary #
Nora Jean Wilson                                                    Mrs Donne H inke                     Company                            1860
                                 Mr & Mrs Scott F Andres
Mr & Mrs J M Showalter                                              Hites Chapel United                Mrs Dorothy T Pifer                Villa ge Sq ua re C afe
                                 Anonymous Donor
                                 APW U Local of Winchester            Methodist Church                 Ms Ethel H Pitcock                 Mrs Lea Walker
Marlen E Wines
Mr Ronald Lee Wines              D N Bauserman                      Ellen E Hoskins Trust              Ms Patricia Poplar                 Beverley Warrick

                                 Mr William M Biggs                 Mr & Mrs William G Huehn           Mr & Mrs Albert R Pugh             Waterbrook Brethren
Ha ze l W ing field                                                 Mrs Frances Hughes
                                 M r Ro ge r Bla ke ne y F am ily                                      Mr Walter Pugh                       Church
Ms Patricia Wakeman
                                 Ms Betty Bowman                    Mr Louis M James                   Mrs Jane Resovsky                  Waterloo Electric Service
Su sa nn a W oo da ll            Mr & Mrs Barry F Brandon           John S Solenberger Trust           Re yno lds S tore                  Lynn & Liz Weakley Jr
Estate of Susanna L              Mr & Mrs Richard                   Ms Sydney P Johnson                  Ho m em ake rs                   Mrs. Lillian L Weaver
  W oo da ll                                                        Mr & Mrs Harry C Jones             Mr Charles S Ridings               Ms Jade C West
                                 M r By ron A B rill                JV Arthur                          Mrs Cheryl Ringer                  M s Ja ne t M W hite
Sta nle y L W oo dd ell
                                 M s J oa n na H B ro w n           M r & M rs R ob ert M Kim ble      Ms Jean L Robinson                 Wilbanks Smith & Thomas
Mr & M rs Jennings P
  Stollings                      Mr John C B rubaker Jr             Ms Jean Klinge                     M r & M rs R u d y E                 Asset Management LLC
                                 Mr & Mrs Charles Leon              Ms M ary Kosloske                    Rodgers Jr                       Woodstock Garage Inc
Jessie Wright                      Burns                            S Moody Laing                      Ro ya l Pla za M erc ha nts        Mr & Mrs Thomas S Young
Mr & Mrs Dale Kuhn                                                  Ms W inona Lawrence
                                 Mr & Mrs Scot Butler                                                    Assoc
                                 Mr & Mrs Robert W Claytor          Ms Beth Layton                     Ms Tina L Royston
William Wright
Ms Joyce R Fincke                Mr & Mrs Ralph E Coates            Mr & M rs Calvin R Lem ke          M r Llo yd N R us se ll
Ms Doris R Wray                  Ms Rosemarie Cohen                 M rs D ea nn e M Le ntz            Sa m Sn ea d R ea lty
                                 Ms Tina Combs                      M r Da vid P Le wis                M r Jo hn S S cu lly III               “Thank you
Sadie Yost
Mr Herbert Yost
                                 M r & M rs C ha rles T Crim        M r & M rs S tep he n G Lo be ll   M s S tep ha nie S erv ais           so very much
                                 Mr Philip J Daley                  Mr & Mrs Gary K Lyon               M r Ro bert E Se wa rd
                                                                                                                                              for all your
Frederick R Young                Dr & M rs Ja m es A D av is        M a dd ox Fu ne ra l H om e        M r & M rs G eo rge Sh ee tz
Mrs Judith R Anderson                                               M r & M rs R eu el M               Sh en an do ah Fin e A rts
                                                                                                                                                 help and
                                 Mr Rickie C Davy
B P O Elks # 867
                                 Debbies Ivy Garden                   Madigan                            Ga llery                                supp ort.
M r & M rs M a rt in L Br ow n
Mr & Mrs David J Daylor          Ms Ruth Delawder                   Ms Elaine F Magee                  M r W es ley S hifflette                There we re
Mrs Duncan C Gibb                Ms Betsey DeLoache                 Ms Lee Mangene                     Mr & Mrs Donald H Shirley             times when I
Ms Lois Jetter                   Mrs Marjorie J Digges              M r M a h lo n M a rc u s S r      Ms Lelia S Sirbaugh
Ms Marian R King
                                                                                                                                              don’t know
                                 Mr & Mrs H Smith Dorsey            Dr & Mrs John Marino               Mr & M rs A Mackay
Ky se la P ee re E t Fils L td                                                                                                              wh at I w ou ld
                                 Mr Paul Draisey                    Mary Kay Co smetics                  Smith Jr
Ms H elen K Larrick
Mrs Eleanor Monahan              Mrs Jane Duane                     M r Philip T Mc Intire             M s Lu cille W Sm ith                   have done
Marian J Partch                  Mr & Mrs T Patrick Dulany          M r & M rs R ichard Mc Intyre      M s M arth a M Sm ith                witho ut y ou .”
Mr & Mrs Harold D Patton
                                 M r & M rs T ho m as P E ve rly    Ms Marilyn G Harman                N o rm a n J Sm ith M D
M rs Je ann e S Po we rs
Mr & Mrs T Livingston            First Union Securities               M cL au gh lin                   M s S hirley Sn aith
  Ro dge rs                      Fisher Diagnostics                 M s Je an M etca lf                Solid Woods
Page 12                                                                   The Companion

     Calendar of Coming                                       We Are Looking For
                                                              not the “few good men” whom the U.S. Marines seek—but

                                                              rather people and groups interested in sewing. There are tasks
                                                              for everyone, non-sewers to expert seamstresses. The only need
                                                              is a willingness to help Blue Ridge Hospice.
!   “End of Life Issues” Radio Program                              One of our volunteers has easy-to-follow directions for
                                                              making custom-fitted sheets for mattresses of the rented hospital
       WFTR, 1450 on AM dial, every Friday,                   beds for our patients.
       12:35 to 1 pm (Front Royal area)                             She also has patterns for making items such as roomy
                                                              gowns and nightshirts that provide comfort and preserve the
!   Apple Blossom Parade, May 4                               patients’ dignity and hand y bibs for adults.
       Winchester, 1:30 pm                                          She w ill provide these pattern s and direction s for the sheets
                                                              and has offered to meet with sewing groups to provide help,
!   Sunday in the Park and Annual Butterfly                   advice, and encou ragem ent.
    Bush Sale, May 4-5                                              Person s or groups interested in a sewing project shou ld call
       Jim Barnett Park, Winchester                           Bridget Blevins, Volunteer Coordinator, at 540-536-5210.
                                                                                                            Joyce Freund, volunteer
!   Nurses Week, May 6-10
!   Clarke County Relay for Life, May 18-19                   20th Anniversary Poster and Note Cards
        Clarke County High School, Berryville                 are on sale now. Both the poster and the all-occasion note cards
                                                              are graced with a beautiful watercolor by noted artist Eugene
!   Flower, Home, and Garden Show and                         Smith that captures the Blue Ridge Hospice slogan “Brightening
    Annual Butterfly Bush Sale, May 18-19                     Life’s Journey.” W e are
                                                              extremely grateful to Eugene
        Old Town Mall, Winchester                             for his distinguished artw ork
!   Frederick Co. Relay for Life, May 31-June 1               and his generous gift of
                                                              permitting its use by Blue
        James Wood High School, Winchester                    Ridge Hospice.
                                                                    A set of five cards costs
!   Shenandoah County Fair, August 24-31
       Woodstock                                              $10; th e 16x 20 poster is
!                                                             priced at $20 . They are
    BRH Bereavement Conference, September 13                  available at A Butterfly’s
       (Please note date change)
                                                              Tou ch G ift Shop in
Would your church or organization like to know more about     W oodstock , at our Cork
 Hospice? For information, contact Linda Kurtz at 540-536-    Street office, by calling 540-
5210. We would love to share information about Blue Ridge     536-5210, or from our
Hospice and how we can help individuals and families facing   website at www.
                 life-threatening illnesses.        

Blue Ridge Hospice
333 West Cork Street                                                                                               NO NP RO FIT
                                                                                                                  U .S . P O S T A GE
Winchester, VA 22601                                                                                                     PA ID
540-536-5210                                                                                                      Winchester, VA
                                                                                                                  Permit No. 120
                                                 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

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