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									                             eveshamjournal.co.uk/news   EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL 1

AUGUST 23-25, CROWN MEADOW                               OFFICIAL PROGRAMME

2 EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL                                                           eveshamjournal.co.uk/news

                                                                LEW HAMMOND and DAVE PACKWOOD

I hope you enjoy the festival
and good luck to all anglers

 Warm welcome: Lew Hammond.

             EAR visitors and
             This is the fifth year of
             the Evesham Angling
             Festival in its present
form and I bid you all a welcome,
particularly our hardy visitors that
return year on year.
  We welcome too the families that
support the anglers.
  We do try to make this a family
event where we keep the prices of
the food and drinks down to normal
town levels and not charge ‘County
Show’ prices, because we want
families to be able to share in the
Festival and afford to do so.
  I extend my welcome and thanks
too to our sponsors, David Hall
Publications (Match Fishing),
Shakespeare Angling (UK) and our           There are plenty of fish in the river, quite sizeable ones too, and it may be that our anglers will need to be become more resourceful his year!
own Wychavon District Council,
without whom there would not be a         more. It will take time to recover        comes back to us through our taps!        and the Wychavon Championships             My thoughts also go to Jeff
Festival.                                 from this. The Festival Working             Re-stocking is also a possibility but   later in the day, keeping the Match      Baguley who has been unable to be
  David has been associated with the      Group working in collaboration with       this too does not come with any           Fishing Championship, using Joker        involved with the Junior
Festival and the qualifiers for many      the Environment Agency is actively        sustainability guarantees.                & Bloodworm, as it is?                   Championships organisation, as he
years, originally as a competitor and     working on options to safeguard             I ask all our loyal anglers to be         It may be that we need to use          would have liked, due to illness.
frankly, I do not know what we            future generations of fish against        patient with the river, it has been       stretches of the river that are more       Thanks too to Dave Harrell for
would have done without his               future flood events and predators.        through horrendous times.                 productive?                              supporting and promoting the
support!                                    One option, which may prove               There are plenty of fish in the           Your views on this would be            Festival again.
  Despite nature’s worst efforts we       difficult to deliver, is that a Fishing   river, quite sizeable ones too, and it    appreciated so please visit the            I know Dave has concerns about
have managed to give the                  Lagoon be built on Corporation and        may be that our anglers will need to      Information Point by the                 the lack of make-weight silver fish
riverbanks and the river a pretty         Ferry Meadows.                            be become more resourceful!               commentary stand and make your           but I just have a feeling that Dave
thorough clean-up over the past year        Another is to create riverbank            Dave Packwood, The Bait Box,            views known in the visitor book or       will be on the podium this year and I
and they have never been in better        refuges for the fish at the edge of the   Evesham, has written a piece that         in the tick-box survey available.        might just have a punt on that!
shape.                                    river.                                    will help enlighten anglers of the          Huge thanks to Diana Raphael,            Please, do enjoy the Festival and to
  My thanks to Wychavon and to              Neither will provide a quick fix but    situation. One option is to fish in       Ferry Meadows.                           our anglers, good luck and no dry
Evesham Town Council for making           will help to generate a better supply     the evenings rather than the                Without Diana the qualifiers and       nets!
this possible.                            of fish for the future, particularly      daytime – no great surprise there         the Festival would be non-starters.                               LEW HAMMOND
  Is has been a difficult year with the   Roach and Chubb.                          but this would test the attraction of       Thanks also, to those stalwarts of              Lew is Chairman of the Evesham
fishing with four flooding events           It is a complex issue not unique to     the Festival as a spectator event,        the E&DAA who make it work on                   Angling Festival Working Group. He
occurring.                                the River Avon, not least due to the      which it is!                              the day and a special thank you to            would be pleased to hear from you if
  The 20th July 2007 flood was            clarity and purity of the river.            People like to see fish being caught    Cyril Thompson who has worked                  you have any comments or ideas to
catastrophic as we lost a complete          In essence the River Avon’s water       but it may be that we will should         tirelessly to support junior fishing            make, on 01386 565518 or e-mail
generation of silver fish fry and         flows down to Tewkesbury and              consider running the Shakespeare          for forty years or more.                        lewis.hammond@wychavon.gov.uk

Fish for what’s in your peg and you may get a pleasant surprise
GOOD morning and welcome to the           else they have done for the anglers                                  The             We now find the ecology of the         pegs that have won section money,
Wychavon fishing festival. I would        that has made my life so much                                       town and        river has changed that dramatically      so in my humble opinion this is
like to introduce myself as Dave          easier, and the fishing so much more                                ferry           that we are now catching many            likely to be the fairest festival yet
Packwood, match secretary of              comfortable for them.                                               waters          transient species such as bream,         with the winner coming from just
Evesham and District Angling                Since the terrible battering the                                  have been       barbel and carp interspersed with        about anywhere!
Association.                              floods of ‘07 gave our beautiful river,                             the mecca       lots of eels, perch and hybrids.           If anybody would like any more
  Firstly, before I give you any          the fish stocks, wildlife and the                                   of angling.       I’m not saying the river is perfect    detailed facts or figures please do
information or assistance with fish       whole town in general has suffered                                                  but what I can say is ‘fish for what’s   not hesitate to come and find me
and fishing, pegs on the town and         immensely.                                country that has constantly thrown        in your peg’, you might be in for a      today. All the best.
ferry waters, I would personally like       However, contrary to popular            up double figure-winning weights.         pleasant surprise.                       PS: If anybody has any ideas or
to say a very big thank you to Lew        belief and opinion, I think our river      For many years the town and ferry          Getting back to a more factual         suggestions on how we can improve
Hammond and Lyn Stevens of                had fished very well since the start      waters have been the mecca of             point of view, of the matches that I     the matches or festival whether man
Wychavon District Council.                of the season, considering it has had     angling. With exceptional catches of      have run there have been no fewer        or woman, six or 60, please come and
  Thanks to their invaluable help         the constant pressure of four             chub in the eighties and numerous         than 20 different pegs that have         tell me. You never know you may
and support with the parking              matches per week.                         bags of roach in the nineties all but a   framed or won matches and there          find your ideas implemented next
permits, the gates and everything           I don’t know of another river in the    distant memory.                           have been no less than 37 different      year. Many thanks.
                                                                                    eveshamjournal.co.uk/news                                               EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL 3

                                                                        WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR
                                                    WITH DAVE HARRELL, EDITOR OF MATCH FISHING

Signs that
roach are
back after
floods of
last year
Dave Harrell, editor of Match Fishing magazine, looks
back at last year’s festival and tries to pick out a few
winners you can have a flutter on this time around…                             Dave Harrell, editor of Match Fishing magazine, says with a bookie in attendance there’s a chance to win cash.

L                                                                              SHAKESPEARE JUNIOR AND INTERMEDIATE CHAMPIONSHIP
        AST year’s festival was
        affected badly by the big
        July flood which had a
        devastating effect on the
                                                                                 THE junior winner was
        fishing for the rest of the
                                                                                 Alex Clements of
                                                                                 Farnborough with a 6-7-0
  Roach became conspicuous by
their absence and when this season                                               barbel from Peg 23, two
started anglers wondered whether                                                 swims below the Abbey
they would show again or whether                                                 Bridge.
they had been wiped out completely                                                 Second place went to
by a river that was 18 feet above nor-                                           Maxine Hiscock with 3-8-12
mal at its peak.                                                                 from Peg 7 and third was
  Unfortunately they haven’t shown        Anglers will be hoping for roach.     Richard Pullis with 2-7-4
in any numbers although there have                                               from Peg 29.
been signs of a few being caught in      some money over the weekend – so          In the Intermediate
the two weeks leading up to this         which anglers are worth having a        competition top place went
festival.                                flutter on?                             to Martin Mines from
  Hopefully there will be more             I’d go for each way bets on Wayne     Woodford Halse with 5-7-8 of
showing over the three match days        Swinscoe, Leigh Gardner and Steve       chub and perch from Peg 56.
otherwise it looks like being a big      Ashmore as all three know the             Second place went to
fish-dominated Bank Holiday              stretch well and always come up         James Lewis with 5-2-0 of
weekend.                                 with the goods if they draw a           chub from Peg 51 and third
  With a bookie in attendance            decent peg. Here’s what happened        was Sean Simms with 3-13-4
there’s a chance to win yourself         last time out…                          of chub from Peg 36.          All the finalists from the Shakespeare Junior and Intermediate Championships.

                                                                                                                     THE second Ladies
                                                                                                                     Championship was won in
                                                                                                                     convincing style by Marina
                                                                                                                     Sylvester, from Studley, with
                                                                                                                     10-1-8 from Peg 70 at the bottom
                                                                                                                     end of the Café Meadow.
                                                                                                                       Using strong pole gear close
                                                                                                                     in, Marina landed two quality
                                                                                                                     tench plus perch on worm over
                                                                                                                     bait droppered chopped worm
                                                                                                                     and caster to win the coveted
                                                                                                                       She also picked up £500 in
                                                                                                                     cash and a Shakespeare float
                                                                                                                       Second place went to Jan
                                                                                                                     Williams who went one place
                                                                                                                     better than her third placing
                                                                                                                     last year with 5-1-0 of tench
                                                                                                                     and perch on swimfeedered
                                                                                                                     worm and caster from Peg 58.
                                                                                                                       Third place went to Lucy
                                                                                                                     South with 2-10-0 of eels from
                                                                                                                     Peg 52.
                                                                                                                       There was a tie for fourth
                                                                                                                     place between Lisa Didcote at
                                                                                                                     Peg 63 and Anna Blyth at Peg
   The top three from the Ladies Championship were Marina Sylvester, Jan Williams and Lucy South.                   68, both with 2-4-0.
4 EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL                                                                    eveshamjournal.co.uk/news

                                                                                     WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR
                                                                WITH DAVE HARRELL, EDITOR OF MATCH FISHING

Geoff sees
off strong
to land title

               EOFF Ife from Bewdley                  hours so he switched to a blockend
               saw off the strong                     feeder fished well across the river,
               competition in this 50-                with pellets, to take two barbel –
               pegger to win the first-               the best a whopping 11-13-0!
               ever Veterans                            The victory won him £500, a cut-
  Championship with 18-14-8 from                      glass trophy and a Shakespeare rod.
  Peg 3 at the top end of the Town                      In second place, from Peg 29, with
  Waters.                                             15-3-0 of barbel and chub also taken
    On a river carrying a few inches                  on a pellet feeder, was Don
  of extra, coloured water, Geoff                     Slaymaker and third spot went to
  started off by catching small perch                 Roger Martin at Peg 28 with one
  and roach on stick float and                        pellet-caught barbel, which
  maggots. Bites dried up after two                   weighed 6-10-0.

 The top three of Geoff Ife, Don Slaymaker and Roger Martin.                                 Geoff Ife saw off the strong competition in this 50-pegger to win the first-ever Veterans Championship.

                                                          SHAKESPEARE CHAMPIONSHIP
   Journal                                                                                       ITALIAN international Milo
                                                                                                 Columbo came out on top at a very
    See our                                                                                      tense and hard fought final that
   new-look                                                                                      was fished in far from ideal
  website at                                                                                       A very clear River Avon, coupled
eveshamjournal.co.uk                                                                             with bright sunshine brought out
                                                                                                 the spectators in their thousands
                                                                                                 but fish were hard to come by and
                                                                                                 Milo needed just 6-10-0 from Peg 15
 Hampton Ferry                                                                                   on the Town Water for a victory
                                                                                                 which earned him £5,000.
  Evesham’s Natural Beauty Spot                                                                    Most of his weight was made up
   RAPHAEL’S                    THREE POINT                                                      with a 5lb tench, which he caught
   LICENSED                       TOURS                                                          with strong pole gear close in with
  RESTAURANT                    Pre-booked tours for                                             worm and caster hookbait.
      Sunday Carvery                   groups
     - Extensive Menu             from five to fifty                                               A few small perch topped up his
  Private Parties Catered      Walking Tour of Historic                                          catch.
  For - Coaches welcome               Evesham
   TELEPHONE: 01386                                                                                In second pace was former
                                 River Avon Cruise -
                                 Reserved Catering                                               winner Tony Skinner who worked
 E. W. HUXLEY & SON                                                                              hard for 6-0-0 of small fish on the
 Excellent Fishing - Private
                                  TELEPHONE:                                                                                            Milo needed just 6-10-0 from Peg 15 on the Town Water for victory.
       Boat Moorings               01386 45460                                                   long pole with pinkie hookbait at
 Secluded Holiday Caravan      CAR BOOT SALES                                                    Peg 50 on the Hampton Ferry           6-0 barbel from Peg 30 and fifth         2 Tony Skinner (Shakespeare)
                                                                                                 section.                              was Denis White with 4-3-0 from                                6-0-0 (peg   50)
    01386 442458           Wednesdays and Sundays                                                  Third was Match Fishing             Peg 22.                                  3 Jon Arthur (Shakespeare)
   Hampton Ferry, Boat Lane, Evesham,                                                            Deputy Editor Jon Arthur with 5-      RESULT                                                         5-8-0 (peg   19)
               Worcestershire                                                                    8-0 of eels and perch from Peg 19,    1 Milo Columbo (Italy)                   4 Mark Sutton         5-6-0 (peg   30)
       w w w . h a m p t o n f e r r y. c o m               Italian international Milo Columbo. fourth was Mark Sutton with a 5-                             6-10-0 (peg 15)   5 Denis White         4-3-0 (peg   22)
                                                                                    eveshamjournal.co.uk/news                                             EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL 5

                                                                        WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR
                                                   WITH DAVE HARRELL, EDITOR OF MATCH FISHING

Surprises in store as Pete
lands the £2,500 top prize
                                                                   WYCHAVON CHAMPIONSHIP

                                                                             VESHAM angler Pete Dutton got
                                                                             two surprises in the 25th
                                                                             Wychavon final and they both
                                                                             came in the form of carp, a
                                                                             species that is never usually
                                                                   caught on the River Avon at Evesham.
                                                                     Setting his stall out for big fish at Peg 68
                                                                   in the Café Meadow at Hampton Ferry,
                                                                   Pete’s best fish went 14lb, enough to win
                                                                   the match on its own.
                                                                     But just to make sure of the £2,500 top
                                                                   prize he topped up with another of 6lb to
                                                                   finish with 20-3-0, well clear of runner up
                                                                   Wayne Swinscoe from Nottingham.
                                                                     Wayne, a regular winner at Evesham,
                                                                   drew fancied Peg 4 at the top end and set
                                                                   out his stall for big fish that he knew
                                                                   lived in the area.
                                                                     It was a long wait though as he had very
                                                                   little to show until the last 30 minutes
                                                                   when an 11lb barbel finally took a fancy
                                                                   to his 8mm halibut pellet hookbait giving
                                                                   him a total of 11-3-8.
                                                                     Third place went to Tony Atkins at Peg
                                                                   22 with a maggot feeder caught 7-15-0 of
                                                                   perch, a catch which included three 2lb
                                                                   fish. Fourth place went to Dave Harrell
                                                                   with 5-3-0 of small roach, perch and
                                                                   gudgeon from Peg 47 and fifth was Don
                                                                   Slaymaker with 4-10-8 from Peg 19.
                                                                   1 Pete Dutton (Stuarts Tackle) 20-3-0 (peg 68)
                                                                   2 Wayne Swinscoe (Trabucco) 11-3-8 (peg 4)
                                                                   3 Tony Atkins (Pete’s Tackle) 7-15-0 (peg 22)
                                                                   4 Dave Harrell (Match Fishing ) 5-3-0 (peg 47)
 Pete Dutton had drawn fancied Peg 4 at the top end.              5 Don Slaymaker (Peg One) 4-10-8 (peg 19)  Evesham’s Pete Dutton made sure of the £2,500 top prize to finish with 20-3-0.


   Proud: Dean Barlow.

  IN their last ever
  competition together as a
  sponsored team, Van Den
  Eynde Essex signed off in
  style with a brilliant
  performance to win the
  prestigious title and the
  £3000 top prize.
    The five-man team scored a
  total of 60 points in this       Van Den Eynde Essex signed off in style with a brilliant performance to win the title.
  bloodworm allowed event
  against some very strong          Both teams have qualified      roach from Peg 68 ahead of          4= Evesham & District 45 points
  opposition and also secured     for this year’s event, though,   Eric Yeomans with 8-2-0 from
  the top two individual places   and will be hoping for better    Peg 20.                             Individuals
  through Dean Barlow and         results this time round.           Fourth was Pete Scott with        1 Dean Barlow (VDE Essex)
  Wayne Swinscoe.                   Individually, Dean Barlow      7-12-0 from Peg 15 and fifth                        8-15-8 (Peg 26)
    In second place in the team   turned in a display that his     was Ricky Teale with 7-7-8          2 Wayne Swinscoe (VDE Essex)
  stakes was the ever-            father, the late, great Frank    from Peg 46.                                        8-13-0 (Peg 68)
  consistent Saints team with     Barlow would have been                                               3 Eric Yeomans (Shakespeare)
  52 points ahead of Daiwa        proud of as he recorded 8-15-8   RESULT                                                8-2-0 (Peg 20)
  Trentmen with 47.               of small fish on pole and        Teams                               4 Pete Scott (Daiwa Trentmen)
    The biggest shock of the      bloodworm from Peg 26.           1 VDE Essex County    60   points                   7-12-0 (Peg 15)
  day was the relegation of the     Essex skipper Wayne            2 Saints              52   points   5 Ricky Teale (Saints) 7-7-8
  Shakespeare Superteam and       Swinscoe rounded off a great     3 Daiwa Trentmen      47   points                           (Peg 46)
  local stars W B Clarke.         weekend with 8-13-0 of small     4= Kamasan Starlets   45   points
6 EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL                                                   eveshamjournal.co.ukonews

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                                                                  eveshamjournal.co.uk/news                        EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL 7

                                                             LIST OF COMPETITORS
                                  SHAKESPEARE CHAMPIONSHIP, SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 2008
Prize money is: 1st: £5,000 2nd: £2,000 3rd: £1,000 4th: £800 5th: £500 Plus 7 x 10 peg section prizes of £150 outside the main list
PEG NO.       NAME                   REPRESENTING                                        WEIGHT   FINAL POSITION          BOOKIES PRICE

1             Addy Mark              2008 Veteran World Champion
2             Allerton John          Former Kamasan Matchman Of The Year
3             Arthur Jon             Deputy editor - matchfishing magazine
4             Ashmore Stephen        2007 Shakespeare superleague champion
5             Avery George           Alcester Sports
6             Badham Rob             Studley Roma
7             Barlow Dean            Kamasan
8             Bench Tony             2007 Hampton Ferry Winter League champion
9             Candy Richard          Cardiff Nomads
10            Chalk Trevor           Local expert
11            Columbo Milo           2007 Shakespeare Championship winner
12            Cox Darren             England international
13            Curtis John            Daiwa Gordon League
14            Davies Darren          Drennan
15            Downes Mark            England team co-manager
16            Edwards Lee            Welsh international
17            Gardner Leigh          Mr Drawbag
18            Girdlestone Terry      Gloucester veteran
19            Glenfield Paul         2007 Thames champion
20            Goddard Robert         Independent angler
21            Hodson Ian             Match Fishing magazine competition winner
22            Hague Charlie          2005 Shakespeare Championship winner
23            Harpin Dave            Fox Match Isis Oxford
24            Harrell Dave           Editor - Match Fishing magazine
25            Hemingray Steve        England international
26            Hobson Keith           Maver Barnsley Blacks
27            Jarvis Bryan           Former Avon ace!
28            Jayes Pete             The hempseed king
29            Jenkinson Chris        Van den Eynde
30            Kaye Timothy           Lincoln & District A.A
31            Kirk Dave              Fox Match Isis Oxford
32            Larkin Nick            Nisa’s ‘Mr Feeder’
33            Marshall Tony          Quorn VDE
34            Middleton Rob          2006 Wychavon champion
35            Murphy Andrew          Shimano Team Wales
36            Narbeth Adrian         Trabucco VDE
37            Pallett Steve          Trabucco VDE
38            Parrott Steve          Tewkesbury
39            Peel Tony              Maver Barnsley blacks
40            Pembridge Pete         Hereford & District A.A.
41            Pierpoint Steve        Trabucco VDE
42            Pickering Tom          Fomer World champion
43            Pollard Brian          Daiwa Gordon League
44            Pollard Mark           Fox Match/ Dynamite Baits
45            Price John             Garbolino Banbury Gunsmiths
46            Proctor Bradley        Evesham Junior
47            Reynolds Richie        Leicester Sensas
48            Rich Kieron            Daiwa – 2005 Wychavon Championship winner
49            Robbins James          Shakespeare Superteam
50            Seadon Gary            Evesham & District A.A
51            Shepherd Ian           Daiwa Gordon League
52            Skinner Tony           Shakespeare Superteam
53            Smith Jim              Bait Box
54            South Rob              Sensas Portway
55            Spiers Jeff            Bait Box
56            Stephens Alan          Alcester Sports
57            Sutherland Ian         Independent angler
58            Sutton Mark            Bait Box
59            Swinscoe Wayne         Trabucco
60            Toone Steve            1988 John Smiths winner
61            Vandervleit Chris      Van den Eynde
62            Villik Peter van der   2007 Dutch Matchman of the Year
63            White Denis            Maver Barnsley Blacks
64            Whittle Hadrian        The Bionic Bleaker
65            Willsmore Simon        Milo
66            Wilson Paul            Kidderminster
67            Woodward Paul          Premier Team Woodys
68            Young Nick             MAP
69            Samantha Sim           Worthing/Shakespeare Ladies Champion
70            Veterans Champions     Wednesday, August 20

                         WYCHAVON CHAMPIONSHIP, SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2008 (continued on next page)
                          1st: £2,500 2nd: £1,500 3rd: £1,000 4th: £500 5th: £250 Sections 7 x 10 £150
1             Mark Addey             England Team Manager
2             Jon Arthur             UK Champion 2006-2007
3             Stephen Ashmore        Shakespeare League Champion 2007
4             Rob Badham             Studley Roma
5             Dean Barlow            Top gun from Warrington
6             Colin Beech            Quorn Van den Eynde/ River Soar Champion
7             Tony Bench             Evesham & District Fur & Feather winner
8             Brian Bennett          Former Wychavon Champion
9             Darren Bickerton       Wychavon Champion 2006
10            Trevor Chalk           Trabucco / Local Ace
11            Milo Columbo           Italian International
12            Darren Cox             England International
13            Richard Derrington     Former Festival Organiser
14            Mark Downes            England Youth/ England Team Manager
15            Pete Dutton            Wychavon Champion 2007
8 EVESHAM ’08 ANGLING FESTIVAL                                                  eveshamjournal.co.uk/news

                                                                          LIST OF COMPETITORS
                                    WYCHAVON CHAMPIONSHIP, SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2008 (continued)
                                 1st: £2,500 2nd: £1,500 3rd: £1,000 4th: £500 5th: £250 Sections 7 x 10 £150
PEG NO.           NAME                    REPRESENTING                                                  WEIGHT   FINAL POSITION   BOOKIES PRICE

16               Leigh Gardner             W.B.Clarke Van den Eynde
17               Paul Glenfield            Garbolino Gunsmiths Banbury
18               Gavin Griffiths           Evesham & District Disabled A.C.
19               Charlie Hague             Shakespeare Champion 2006
20               Andy Hammerton            Stuarts Angling Club
21               Dave Harpin               Sensas A4
22               Dave Harrell              Matchfishing Editor
23               Jamie Harvey              Evesham Intermediates A.C.
24               Steve Hemingray           England International
25               Keith Hobson              Maver Barnsley Blacks Johns Smiths & Wychavon Winner
26               Chris Jenkinson           Van den Eynde
27               Timothy Kaye              Lincoln
28               Paul Kelly                Evesham Summer League Winner
29               Ben Leach                 Daiwa Dorking
30               Rob Middleton             Shakespeare Superteam/Wychavon Champion 2005
31               Pete Morris               Hampton Ferry Winter League Winner 2007
32               Graham Mytton             Evesham Jubilee A.S.
33               Mark Newman               Swan A.C. Worcester
34               Steve Pallett             W.B.Clarke/Fed up Open Qualifier
35               Steve Parrott             Tewkesbury/ Qualifier
36               Steve Toone               W.B.Clarke
37               Tony Peel                 Maver Barnsley Blacks
38               Colin Perry               Former John Smiths/Wychavon Champion
39               Tom Pickering             Former World Champion
40               Steve Pierpoint           WB Clarke Van den Eynde
41               Brian Pollard             Daiwa Gordon League
42               Mark Pollard              Foxmatch
43               Phil Preston              Evesham WMC A.C.
44               John Price                Garbolino Gunsmiths/May Vince Vase Winner
45               Bradley Proctor           Evesham Juniors A.C.
46               Rich Reynolds             Leicester Sensas
47               Pete Rice                 Garbolino Fishomania Qualifier
48               Keiran Rich               Daiwa/Former Wychavon Champion
49               Tony Skinner              Shakespeare Superteam
50               Don Slaymaker             Qualifier
51               Jim Smith                 Bait Box/Centenary Cup winner
52               Rob South                 Tom Pitcher Memorial Cup Winner
53               Jeff Spiers               Bait Box/Pairs Cup winner
54               Barry Stayte              Bait Box/ Pairs Cup winner
55               Alan Stephens             Alcester Sports Tackle/EDAA Champion
56               Mark Sutton               Bait Box/ EDAA Qualifier
57               Wayne Swinscoe            Trabucco/Van den Eynde
58               David Underhill           Stuarts Angling/ EDAA Leage winner
59               Nick Vaughan              Worcester & District Champion
60               Tony Walters              Bidford-on-Avon A.C.
61               Kian Wardle               Home International/Garbolino
62               Denis White               Maver Barnsley Blacks/England International
63               Hadrian Whittle           Kamasan Starlets
64               Peter Van der Willik      Dutch International
65               Paul Wilson               Cock & Magpie A.C.
66               Nick Young                M.A.P./ Leeda
67               Jake Gallagher            Mozella, Farnborough/Shakespeare Junior Champion
68               Samantha Sim              Worthing, Farnborough/Shakespeare Ladies Champion
69               John Gaylard              Peatmore, Swindon/Shakespeare Intermediate Champion
70               Dave Angell               Qualifier

                              MATCHFISHING TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP, MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 2008
1st team: £3,000 1st individual: £750 2nd team: £1,500 2nd individual: £500 3rd team: £1,000 3rd individual: £250 1st in section wins £150
                 Cardiff Nomads            Richard Candy, Clive Roberts, Clive Branson, George Avery,
                                           Alan Stephens
                 Daiwa Dorking             Milo Columbo, Simon Willsmore, Gary Pook,
                                           Steve Hemingray, Ben Leach
                 Daiwa Gordon League       John Curtis, Mark Brush, Brian Pollard, Steve Long,
                                           Ian Shepherd
                 Daiwa Trentmen            Rob Perkins, Pete Scott, Jason Scrivener, Lee Richmond,
                                           Lee Wright
                 Drennan North West        Mark Addy, Richard Oconnor, Stuart Conroy, Ian Hughes,
                                           Darren Frost
                 Evesham & District A.A. Paul Norledge, Andy Hammerton, Ian Jennings, Mark Malin,
                                           Jo Walkden
                 Kamasan Starlets          Mark Downes, Kian Wardle, Adrian Whittle, Darren Cox,
                                           Simon Fry
                 Maver Barnsley Blacks     Keith Hobson, Denis White, Tom Pickering, Tony Peel,
                                           Brett Clarke
                 Quorn                     Tony Marshall, Pete Jayes, Richard Hall, Richard Reynolds,
                                           Colin Beech
                 Saints                    Derek Bennett, Ricky Teale, Paul Hughes, Jimmy Hines,
                                           Rick Hines
                 Shakespeare               James Robbins, Steve Williams, Tony Skinner, Nigel Davis,
                                           Tony Bench
                 Shakespeare Super Team Rob Middleton, Eric Yeomans, Jon Arthur, Mike Buckwalder,
                                           Paul Bick
                 Van den Eynde             Wayne Swinscoe, Dean Barlow, Chris Vandervleit,
                                           Gary Miller, John Whincup

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