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									Verizon Wireless Signs Agreement with Bridgewater Systems

Bridgewater Systems (TSX: BWC), mobile phone personalization
company (phone), today announced a four-year framework
agreement with Verizon Wireless where Bridgewater will provide
product and services for Verizon Wireless network expansion. Value
of the agreement between the two sides are about $ 56 million.

       "Verizon's 3G network operates the largest and most reliable in
the country - and starting this month LTE 4G network's biggest
large-scale world. We are committed to technology that will ensure
our customers get mobile broadband experience is optimal, safe, and
according to taste," said Ed Chan, Vice President of National Network
Operations Verizon Wireless. "Bridgewater has demonstrated the
ability to meet performance and scalability as we expand our network
to deliver advanced mobile broadband services."

       According to this agreement, Bridgewater will provide mobile
control solutions and maintenance services and support to all current
3G solutions and in the future. In addition, the agreement provides
the framework for Bridgewater to deliver new products and services
supporting Verizon Wireless' network expansion is taking place in
some network access.

      "Verizon Wireless is the old customers and we hope to support
them as they expand their network and continue to deliver mobile
broadband services and inter-machine market leading in their
footsteps," said Ed Ogonek, President and CEO of Bridgewater

      About Bridgewater Systems

       Bridgewater Systems, the company's personalized mobile
phone (cell phone), enabling service providers to manage efficiently
and benefit from mobile data services, content and commerce.
Personalized portfolio of market leading mobile phone company that
provides instantaneous and integrated view of customers, including
giving the title, equipment, network, billing profiles, choice and
context. Standards-based product portfolio of carrier-grade, which
dicantolkan by Subscriber Data Broker (TM) Bridgewater, including
Bridgewater (R) Service Controller (AAA), Bridgewater (R) Policy
Controller (PCRF) and Bridgewater (R) Home Subscriber Server (HSS) .
More than 150 leading service providers including America Movil, Bell
Canada, Clearwire, Cox, Hutchison Telecom, Iusacell, Scartel,
SmarTone-Vodafone, Sprint, Tata Teleservices, Tatung, Telmex,
Telstra, and Verizon Wireless use Bridgewater's solutions to deliver
fast service innovative move to the more than 150 million subscribers.
For more information, please visit us at

      Bridgewater, Bridgewater Systems, the Bridgewater Systems
logo, WideSpan, Smart Caps, myPolicy, and Subscriber Data Broker
are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bridgewater Systems
Corporation. All company, product names and any registered
trademarks or other unlisted is only used for identification purposes
and remain the exclusive right to their respective owners.

      Forward-looking statements

      Particular statement in this release are forward-looking
statements or forward-looking information within the scope of
securities laws and regulations. This statement is subject to
assumptions, risks and uncertainties specific. The reader is reminded
to not solely rely on the statement. This statement is provided to
allow foreign shareholders to understand the expectations of
Bridgewater on the date of this release and may not be suitable for
other purposes.

       Results, performance or achievements of Bridgewater actual
development may differ materially from the results, performance,
achievements or developments expressed or implied by the
statement. Risk factors that could cause results, performance,
achievements or the actual development of Bridgewater to differ
materially from the results, performance, achievements or
developments expressed or implied by the statement can be found in
public documents filed by Bridgewater to the authorities that govern
the letters Canadian securities, including, but not limited to the
Annual Information Form dated March 31, 2010 Bridgewater and
Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of
Operations by the Management Parties dated 2 November 2010,
available at, and include things following:

      - Bridgewater operate in a highly competitive market and
continues to grow, and if not able to compete effectively, it is not
possible to continue to expand its business as expected;

       - Bridgewater relies on a small number of customers for most of
its revenue, and losses, or significant deficiencies in the business of,
an important customer to reduce their income significantly;

      - Bridgewater must continue to develop their business models
and platforms for delivery of products and services to respond to the
needs of its customers transaction capacity;

      - Involvement of Bridgewater with customers involve complex
arrangements and the size, timing and contractual terms for product
orders Bridgewater could affect when income is recognized;

      - Bridgewater has a sales cycle is long and varied, and
       - Bridgewater to engage in future acquisitions that could disrupt
its business and affect our financial condition and results of

       Bridgewater has no obligation to update or revise any
forward-looking statements or forward-looking information, whether
as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as
required by law.

      For more information:

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