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					iPods, iPhones, iPads                               Call for General Inquiries
If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad you can
find the OverDrive App in iTunes, or from the       and Hours of Operation
link on the left-hand side on the OverDrive site.
The OverDrive App is a unique interface to          All Locations
OverDrive which makes it easy for you to down-      345-TBPL (8275)
load both eBooks and eAudiobooks directly on        Waverley Resource Library
to your portable Apple device.                      285 Red River Road
                                                    P7B 1A9
Help                                                Brodie Resource Library
On the OverDrive site you will see a number of      216 S. Brodie Street
useful “help” links which outline the download      P7E 1C2
and transfer process. Also, on the OverDrive
page on our Web site there are links to step-
by-step instructions for downloading eBooks
                                                    Mary J.L. Black Branch Library
                                                    901 S. Edward Street
                                                    P7E 6R2
to the popular Sony and Kobo eBook readers.
Included in OverDrive’s “help” section are links    County Park Branch Library                    eAudiobooks
to compatible portable devices for both eBooks
and eAudiobooks.
                                                    County Fair Plaza
                                                    P7B 1K6
                                                                                                     & eBooks
Your Library offers hands-on classes on How                                              Available through OverDrive
to Download eBooks and How to Download
eAudiobooks. Call the Reference Department
at 684-6815 for more information.

If you have any questions about OverDrive
please feel free to contact Joanna Aegard,
Head of Virtual Services, at 684-6819, or

                                                          345-TBPL (8275)                    345-TBPL (8275)
What are eBooks and                                 Why do I have to Login?                              Loan Periods
                                                    In order for OverDrive to recognize you as a         You may borrow up to five items from OverDrive
eAudiobooks?                                        Thunder Bay Public Library patron you must           at any one time. eBooks and eAudiobooks may
eBooks are electronic books, which may be
                                                    Login. First you’ll be prompted to select your       be signed out for 7 or 14 days. You can choose
read on a computer or eBook reader. eAudio-
                                                    Library and then sign in with your Library card      the loan period when you sign out items.
books are electronic audiobooks which may be
                                                    number and PIN. Once you are logged in you
listened to on a computer or portable device
                                                    can browse around OverDrive and find a book
such as an MP3 player or iPod.
                                                    you would like to sign out.
                                                                                                         After signing out items from OverDrive you’ll
                                                                                                         see a link to “Download” the item. eBooks
What is OverDrive?                                  How can eBooks be                                    and eAudiobooks require different software
OverDrive is the Web site where our main
                                                                                                         to be downloaded to your computer and then
collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks is found.      “out”?                                               transferred to a portable device (ie. eBook
                                                    OverDrive works on the “one book, one user”
                                                                                                         reader, MP3 player, iPod etc.).
                                                    model, so only one person can use an eBook or
How do I Access                                     eAudiobook at a time. This is due to agree-
OverDrive?                                          ments publishers have with OverDrive. If an          Software
To get to OverDrive go to our Web site at           eBook or eAudiobook is available its record will     For use with a personal computer (either Win- and click on OverDrive under            say “add to cart”. If it’s currently signed out to   dows or MAC) the software you need to down-
Quick Links. On the Web page you arrive at          someone else it will say “place a hold”.             load in order to use eBooks is called Adobe
click on this picture:                                                                                   Digital Editions. For eAudiobooks you need the
                                                                                                         OverDrive Media Console. There are links to
                                                    What Type of eBook
   download                                                                                              both on the left hand side of the OverDrive site.
                                                    Reader Should I Buy?                                 Instructions are also provided there. You only
                                                    There is a link from every page in OverDrive         need to download the software once on to your
audiobooks • eBooks                                 (and from the OverDrive page on our Web site)        computer, and once it is installed OverDrive will
                                                    to a list of devices (eBook readers, MP3 play-       automatically recognize it. After downloading
You will then link to OverDrive: The Ontario        ers etc.) which are compatible with OverDrive.       your eBook or eAudiobook to the appropriate
Library Service Download Centre. This is a          This list is updated often. You may consult the      software, it’s a simple process to transfer it to
collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks which          list to confirm that your eBook reader, or other     your portable device.
we share with a number of other Libraries in        portable device, is compatible.
Ontario. In addition to the shared collection, we
have been building a “local” collection available
exclusively to our patrons.
                                                    Place a Hold                                         Items you borrow from OverDrive are returned
                                                    If you choose to “place a hold” OverDrive will       automatically at the end of your loan period.
                                                    ask for your email address, and inform you by        You can return eBooks early from Adobe Digital
                                                    email when the item is available for you.            Editions, using the link in the drop down menu
                                                                                                         at the top left of the book covers in “Library
                                                                                                         View”. eBooks become “inaccessible” on your
                                                                                                         eBook reader once the loan period is over. In
                                                                                                         accordance with OverDrive’s copyright policy
                                                                                                         you are responsible for deleting eAudiobook
                                                                                                         files at the end of the loan period.

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