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Volume VI Issue VIII
June 2011

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CO’s Corner
Editor’s Corner
CCPC’s Message
Padre’s Corner
Bagels’ Corner - Spring activities
Cdn TravelOK!
Summer Travel Deals
Random Stats
Mission Info Line
Tech Talk
CanOkie Ladies Social Circle
From the Desert!
Rebuilding Together
C/MFRC Items
MFAC Teambuilding
Preschool Playgroup
Tinker Services
Summer Attractions
Summer fun for Kids
Farewell Mug-Out
Canada Day
2011 Grads
Community Information
           Coming in Sep
Newcomers Welcome
Canada Day Highlights
CanOkie Race
Bagels’ Kayaking
                                           CO’s Corner
                                                                 I need to apologize to everyone if it seems like I am writing articles
                                           to the community every week. CWO Nadeau has been on me to write another article,
                                           but I’m sure that it hasn’t been three days since my last one. He assures me that it’s
                                           been at least a month; however, I find that hard to believe…
           Newsletter Staff
                                           Wow! What a busy spring. PER season is complete, nine more people have deployed
                                           and we are now getting ready to say goodbye to 12 families that have been at the heart
           Sr Military Editor              of this community for the past few years. This Unit would not be the same without
         Sgt Andreena Clifford             their special contributions and with this in mind I would like to thank them, wish them
                                           well, and let them know that they will be missed.
 Civilian Editor/Publisher/Distributor     While there is much to say about every individual that is leaving, here are just a few
          Mrs. Corina Wappler              things that I will miss or remember about the Military members: MCpl Keown’s
                                           involvement; Sgt Clifford’s trumpet and professionalism; Sgt Joy’s tape measure and
             Photographs                   getting lost with the General; WO Heus’ computer articles and costumes; WO Pilon’s
            by Submission                  second language testing sessions (you can’t leave until everyone understands the
                                           difference between chit and sh@%!); WO Toll’s passion and dedication; Capt
                                           Hanselpacker’s poor wife who had to carry his child; Capt Johnson’s logic(the guy is so
                                           bright he’s like Spock with a sense of humour!); Maj Helfenstein deploying during his
           Submission Info                 wife’s pregnancy; Maj Marshall’s wife’s cakes; Maj Kosciukiewicz’ writing skills (he
                                           rescued several of your PERs!); and Maj Hoffman’s determination and dry sense of
                                           humour (does anyone else think he moonlights as a Pawn Star?). All kidding aside, your
If you have any articles, pictures, or a   individuality (family members included) is the cornerstone of our Unit’s character and I
good joke to submit to the CanOkie         thank you for it. Finally to the families, thank you for your sacrifices, contributions and
Times, feel free to send them to our       patience. I hope your experience here was a positive one and I wish you much success
email,              with your future endeavours.
Articles must be submitted by the 4th      Although the next few months will be hectic with departures, arrivals and summer
of Mar, May, Aug, Oct or Jan in order to   leave, let’s not forget about the families of our deployed members. This is critical in
be included in the newsletter. All         light of increased deployments and the consequent reduction of personnel at home
articles will be included at the           base to cover local requirements. Look out for each other and continue the great work
discretion of the Canadian Detachment.     that you are all doing.

                                           I would also like to thank everyone who participated in rebuilding together and helped
Please ensure you send all pictures in     make this year another successful year for this worthwhile cause. Special thanks go out
high-resolution format, as separate        to Sgt Joy and WO Heus for their coordination and leadership of this effort.
attachments (not imbedded
                                           Finally, congratulations to Capt Baker on her 1 May promotion to her current rank.
in a Word or PowerPoint presentation).
All articles need to be submitted in a     Thank you for everything you do.
Word doc. PowerPoint
presentations will no longer be            LCol P. Carpentier
accepted.                                  CO

The CanOkieTimes is a bi-monthly           Distinguished Graduate
newsletter published by volunteers, for
the enjoyment of the 552 ACW                To earn DG, student must:
Canadians. It does not necessarily          -- Maintain a 96% average on all test;
                                            -- Receive no less than Q1 on all evals;
express the opinions of the Canadian        -- Receive recommendation of all three
Forces, 552 ACW, or the Canadian            instructor units – DRG, 966th and TRS.
Detachment. Any business or product
                                            Please congratulate Capt Hobson on
mentioned is not necessarily endorsed       earning this prestigious distinction.
by the CanOkieTimes.

        Page 2                                                                         The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Editor’s Corner
Well, it’s June 2011 and my four years at Tinker is quickly drawing to     #3 – The pleasure to join in your family’s celebrations; whether it’s
a close. It feels like only yesterday when I arrived here. It’s been an    announcing a new member, a child’s graduation, a promotion,
honour to be part of this unit. I will definitely look back fondly on my   birthday, or anniversary. Thank you for letting me share your
time here.                                                                 happiness.

I’ve had a blast as the newsletter editor for these last two years;        I hope you have found something of interest within the articles we
some highlights I’ll remember are:                                         bring you each edition. Please continue to provide the newsletter
                                                                           with your inputs.
#1 – Chris’s unique find during Adopt-a-street in 2009! Surprised that
made it into print;                                                        This is not good-bye, just a
                                                                           fond farewell!
#2 – Can/OU hockey game cheque presentation at the OU Children’s           Thank you for your support,
Hospital in 2009. It was a great experience to tour the hospital and       ideas, and submissions.
I’ll always remember meeting a young patient, Brian, who graciously
accepted the cheque on behalf of Children’s Medical Research               Keep in touch.
Institute (CMRI); and,
                                                                           Sgt Andreena Clifford

CCPC’s Message
 As one might presume, the theme for this month’s issue of our             All Canadian Forces Military bases have a Military Family
 CanOkie Times newsletter is “Farewells”. As the summer                    Resource Centre (MFRC) location. This will be a vital point of
 months approach, we prepare ourselves to bid adieu to friends             contact with first-hand information of the local Canadian
 and colleagues alike; as well as welcoming new community                  community; including “Welcome to the Community”
 members into the fold. To each one of the families departing              information packages. There is also a great deal of
 this year, may I wish you all the best that life has to offer; well-      information that can be obtained at the FamilyForce (Force de
 being, success and prosperity in all that you do. As a                    la Famille) website (, which features
 vocalist/musician, I often feel the need to express such                  location specific information and contact information for your
 sentiments with music and words. There is a age-old song that             local C/MFRC. These contacts can be made prior to your
 has been re-arranged over the years, however, it’s meaning                move.
 remains the same … “May the Road Rise Up To Meet You …”
 Adieu to you all until we meet again.                                     As with your move to the US there are many details to
                                                                           consider when moving back to Canada. Be aware that some
 I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank-you to            administrative details may take longer in the US. Extra time
 many of my colleagues. A number of the US OUTCAN C/MFRC                   may be needed to complete the additional administrative
 CCPC’s are moving on this year. To each of you … it has been              requirements regarding Furniture and Effects (F&E), vehicles,
 my pleasure and privilege to know you and work with you.                  pets, plants, Canada Customs, liquor/wine import,
                                                                           Employment Insurance (EI), and so on.
 And now for an especially sad farewell for me. Our CanOkie
 Military Editor is also posted this year. Many thanks to Sgt              Start looking at getting an Oklahoma State driver’s abstract
 Andreena Clifford. Thank-you for your dedication and                      one month prior to departure to assist with car insurance. On
 expertise, as well as your desire to produce the best possible            the other end, begin looking at finding healthcare providers in
 newsletter for our local Canadian community. May you be                   your area immediately during and after HHT trips. In many
 richly blessed always.                                                    areas there are waiting lists for healthcare professionals
                                                                           (Doctors and Dentists). It may be beneficial to start looking
 On a note for the upcoming months … In the autumn of this                 early. Remember that the C/MFRC is here to assist with
 year I will begin preparations (lots of administration) for the           families arriving and leaving the area and we do have access
 next posting season which will include our own relocation. I              to information on all MFRCs upon your request.
 will be departing as your Program Coordinator later this
 autumn. Please stay tuned to your email, and the newsletter,  Amidst the excitement of moving back home be prepared for
 for information regarding this job opening.                   reverse culture shock. Your family will require time to re-
                                                               adjust to a new culture all over again and things may not be
 Since many of us are busy preparing for upcoming departures I exactly as you remember them. Your C/MFRC and MFRCs are
 would like to discuss the topic of returning to Canada.       here to assist you.
                                                                                                               Corina Wappler
        The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                                                            Page 3
 Padre’s Corner – Healthy Marriages & Children
                      The Early Church and Desert Fathers had a                                      Empirical evidence now shows that the children
maxim: “When the devil can no longer get you by your vices, he will           who demonstrate the best indicators of psycho-social development and
try to get you through your virtues.” The short translation of this is that   personal well-being in early adulthood are not the children who have
when evil and sin is no longer desirous to you, the devil then will try       been the most active in sports, social events or the like, but rather the
to trick you by tempting you to do a good thing at the wrong time or in       highest marks go to children who come from homes where there was a
the wrong proportion. The spiritual warning in this maxim can be              constant expression of marriage wellbeing. Yet, counter-intuitive to this
applied to almost all aspects of our lives. This month I would like to        fact, the marriage relationship today is often the one aspect left off the
use this sage saying as springboard for some thoughts on the care             complicated scheduling of family life. The goal here is not to add
and nurture of our children.                                                  something else to an already full schedule, but re-prioritize.
                      We want the best for our children. To that end,                                Your children will not suffer from one less sport or
parents today try very hard to give their children the best of                social event, so you and your spouse can have one “date” night a
everything. The good (or virtue) in operation here is that by investing       week when you take some time to remember the gift and mystery of
in our child„s development, we are seeking to promote their                   each other. They will suffer if you and your spouse become so
happiness, development and social potential for their future: sports          alienated from each other that a cold indifference settles
practices twice a week, sporting (league) games once a week, social           in. Conversely, as the marriage relationship grows or is maintained in a
events and studies, and as the children get older part time                   healthy expression of love, the security and developmental modeling
jobs. Modern family life has become a very complicated scheduling             benefits for the children are substantial and set a solid foundation for
event. I am often amazed at the skill and dedication of parents today,        their psycho-social development. In trying to love our children we
as they go from full work days to full schedules at home, and I would         must not stop loving our spouse.
not want to cast any sense of a shadow on such dedication and good                                   Today the challenges of modern family life are less
intentions. However, returning to the wisdom of our above maxim, I            a problem of too much bad, and more the need to have the wisdom to
would like to offer one balancing thought.                                    prioritize all the potential good. I pray that as you seek to be a blessing
                      The balancing thought is don‟ t forget to invest        to your children, you remember that the greatest window of such grace
time into your marriage relationship.                                         is to be found in the wellness of your marriage.

                                                                                                   God bless you.      Fr Todd Meaker, SSC

CAN/AM CUP – Tie-breaker in the Heartland
     On 29 April 2011, the 552 ACW American Component Hockey team took on the 552 ACW Canadian Detachment Hockey
     team in the Third Annual 552 ACW CAN/AM Cup Ice Hockey Game. Please congratulate the American team on their hard
     fought win; the Canadian’s tried their best. Better luck next year! Thank you to all who supported, organized, or played.

           Page 4                                                                               The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Bagels’ Corner                                                     Horseback Riding
Hi Youth and Parents,

There will be no youth programming this June or July. We will
resume monthly events and Youth Advisory Committee
meetings in August. Here is what’s to come!

Our next youth event:
                 What: Evening Kayak
                 When: August 13th
                 Time: 8:15-10:30pm
                 Where: Lake Hefner

No paddling experience is required to participate in this event.
It is a good idea to take part because it will serve as an
introduction to our October event, an overnight kayak camp.

An RSVP as soon as possible would be great, so I can send you a
waiver and directions in the mail.

Upcoming in the fall:

September 10 O.U Ropes Course
October 22&23 Overnight Adventure Kayak Camp/ Illinois

As always, event details will be sent by email several weeks
prior to the event. Please do not hesitate to contact me with
any questions. I hope you all have a wonderful summer and a
restful break. I look forward to seeing all the youth again in
                              Sarah Guilbault
                              Youth Programs Coordinator

Bagels’ Games Night
The time has come to say farewell to a large number of our
Canadian youth. To celebrate our time shared together we had
a games night and goodbye party in their honour. The night
was kicked off with a challenging game of Headbands followed
by Cranium. There was some fierce competition but the red
team took the win. We feasted on pizza and cupcakes,
watched some magic tricks and were victim to several practical
jokes as a result from the prizes the youth won.

I want to thank those youth leaving for their participation in
our group, you will be missed!

      The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                             Page 5
 Cdn TravelOK!                                                        McGee Creek State Park (Natural Scenic Area)
Welcome to the inaugural column of Cdn TravelOK! Almost               576-A S McGee Creek Lake Rd      Terrain: Slightly hilly
every weekend, I set off to complete day hikes and other              Atoka, OK 74525                  Scenery: Diverse forest
outdoor activities in the state of Oklahoma. All of these             Phone: 580-889-5822                Crowds: None
adventures will be summarized here! If you’re wondering what                                           Picnic areas: 1-2 basic
to do in Oklahoma or trying to decide where to head for a hike,                                        tables
camping trip or family picnic, read on and discover the different     Fee: none (sign in                Lake: very small, swampy
array of wilderness that this state has to offer! This month’s        at Ranger Station)               (not main reservoir)
adventures: Arrowhead State Park, McGee Creek State Park,                                              Wildlife sighted: bobcat,
Red Rock Canyon, and Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge &                                               deer, birds
Visitor’s Center.                                                     Rate: 3.5 out of 5 happy hikers

Arrowhead State Park and McGee Creek State Park                       Later that month, we made the three-hour drive to McGee
Both parks are located to the east of Oklahoma City. The              Creek State Park, located in Atoka, near Antlers. It is a
eastern part of the state is generally more forested as the state     beautiful, 2,600 acre park containing the southwest edge of
slopes from the high plains in the west to the low wetlands in        the Ouachita Mountain Range. We visited the “Natural Scenic
the southeast. The tail-ends of mountain ranges also stretch          Area” to the north of the park. It is accessible by permit only,
into east Oklahoma. This makes for a hillier excursion; a             which meant signing in at an unmanned box at the Ranger
welcome change to the flatness of the central city! Every state       Station. The trails were very well cleared and marked. Horses
park I’ve visited has maps that are excellent for a good overview     shared most of the trials, but none were sighted. In fact, not a
of the park, but not the most specific when it comes to trails        single person was seen at the entrance, on the trails, or
and directions; make sure that you have a good map or GPS.            anywhere we went in the park. The lake in this area of the
Wildlife was abundant, as were ticks, so insect repellant is a        park was more of a very large swamp, containing dead trees
must. As with anywhere in the southern US, it was hot! Hiking         and shallow, murky waters. Aside from our disappointment at
with water and proper hydration are integral to a happy hike.         the lake, the forest scenery was diverse and made for an
                                                                      enjoyable hike. We spotted a bobcat in the forest, deer on the
Arrowhead State Park                                                  trail, and a large tarantula crossing the paved park road. Ticks
HC 67 Box 57                         Terrain: Relatively flat         were numerous. For our next trip to McGee Creek, it would be
Canadian, OK 74425                   Scenery: Forest (mostly oak)     worthwhile investigating ‘Buster Height’ and ‘Potapo Landing’
Phone: 918-339-2204                  Crowds: 1 or 2 other             near the reservoir; the RV, camping, swimming, picnic and
                                    families                          other recreational areas are located there.
                                    Picnic areas: Easy access,
Rate: 3 out of 5 happy hikers        shaded and sunny tables,
                                    BBQ areas                                                                  Continued on Page 11
Fee: None                           Lake: Muddy
                                    Wildlife sighted: snakes,
                                    birds, deer

In early May, I took the two-hour journey east to Arrowhead
State Park. This 2200 acre park is located south of Checotah, on
the waters of Lake Eufaula, one of the state’s largest lakes. It
holds a beautiful golf course, and oddly enough, a drug
treatment center (off limits to the general public). It has easy
access by vehicle to the lake and multiple shaded picnic areas.
There are many hiking trails and the topography is relatively flat,
with some small hills. The scenery is basic forest, containing
mostly oak trees and some grassy clearings. Most of the trails
are shared by equine enthusiasts, so beware of ‘road apples’!
The trails were usually clearly marked and easy to follow. There
was one or two that just ended in the woods; so as usual, it
would be ideal to have a good map. Unfortunately, there were
plenty of ticks. We also sighted two snakes, including a large rat
snake. Lake Eufaula was muddy and not that enticing for a swim                                                         Submitted by
(well, not for this Canadian). During our visit, there were a few                                                     Denise Murphy
other families enjoying a picnic or swimming, and no one on the
          Page 6                                                                    The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Summer Travel Deals                                                                                Random Stats
                                                                                                             by Maj Jolette

                                                                                     Number of Canadian Detachment babies born (or
                                                                                     will be born) during this past fiscal year
                                                                                     -- 4

                                                                                     Number of Canadian Detachment babies born (or
                                                                                     will be born) as first child
                                                                                     -- 3

                                                                                     Number of girls born
                                                                                     -- 3 (thank you AWACS rotodome radiation!!!)

                                                                                     Number of pounds my wife gained during her
                                                                                     -- 29

                                                                                     Number of pounds I gained during her pregnancy
                                                                                     -- 15

                                                                                     Number of pounds she has left to lose (as of 04
                                                                                     -- 2

                                                                                     Number of pounds I have left to lose (as of 04
                           VIA Rail to Honour Canadian Forces                        -- 30
                           And National Defence Employees
                           With Free Travel This Summer                              Number of months of upcoming SWA deployment
                                                                                     -- 6
Halifax/Quebec City – VIA Rail Canada is proud to honour
Canada’s current and former Canadian Forces personnel,                               Number of spouses who found out deployment
National Defence employees, and their families, with a                               length during spouse brief
special appreciation fare during the month of July. During                           -- 2......oops!!
this time, members of the Canadian Forces and National
Defence employees will benefit from free unlimited travel                            Number of times my BBQ has flipped upside-down
in Comfort class anywhere on VIA’s network. With more
                                                                                     since January due to the wind
than half a million current or retired service personnel
eligible, the special fare is the first of its kind.
                                                                                     -- 5

                                                       TINKER AFB QUALIFIED RECYCLING PROGRAM
                                                 TINKER AFB QUALIFIED RECYCLING PROGRAM
MISSION: to reduce flow of waste to the landfill, to conserve natural resources and to maximize the net dollar return to Tinker Air Force Base. QRP began in
                         1985 with 2 NAF employees; program now operates with 9 NAF employees at no cost to the taxpayer.

     Paper Recycling and Cardboard Recycling operates on base almost all paper is acceptable, exceptions being shredded and brightly coloured paper.
Curbside Recycling operates with a 24-hour on base drop off site aluminum cans, newsprint, cardboard. Aluminum cans are also purchased at current market

Metal Recycling operates at the Recycling Center, accepting ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are sorted by material content. This is the primary source of
                                                                        QRP revenues.
                                                    Chief of the Qualified Recycling Program ~ 739-3610
                                                      Contact Us:

       The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                                                                        Page 7
Mission Information Line
Questions about Deployment? Call the Mission Information Line                      Avez-vous des questions à propos des déploiements? Communiquez avec
1-800-866-4546                                                                     un des intervenants de la Ligne d’information sur les missions au 1-800-
The Mission Information Line (MIL) has been helping families experiencing
deployment for over 18 years. Just as the nature of Canadian Forces (CF)           Depuis plus de 18 ans, les intervenants de la Ligne d’information sur les
deployments have changed over time, the concerns of MIL callers have also          missions (LIM) aident les familles qui vivent un déploiement. La nature des
evolved.                                                                           déploiements des Forces canadiennes (FC) a changé au fil du temps, et les
                                                                                   préoccupations de ceux qui composent le numéro de la LIM sont
This winter, the MIL was especially busy answering calls and updating              différentes.
messages about the deployment of CF personnel to Haiti for Operation
Hestia. An officer from the Disaster Assistance Response Team provided             Cet hiver, les intervenants de la Ligne d’information pour les missions ont
updates to an automated MIL message box almost daily so that families              été particulièrement occupés à répondre aux appels et à mettre à jour les
could hear firsthand how their loved ones were helping with the relief             messages touchant le personnel des FC déployé à Haïti dans le cadre de
effort.                                                                            l’opération Hestia. Un officier de l’Équipe d’intervention en cas de
                                                                                   catastrophe mettait à jour presque quotidiennement la boîte vocale pour
“Families called in regularly to hear about everything from the first baby         que les familles obtiennent un compte rendu direct des efforts de secours
born in the CF makeshift hospital, to how many litres of water they had            fournis par leurs proches.
made safe for drinking, to how the people of Haiti are doing,” says Robin
Whitford, MIL Manager.                                                             « Les familles téléphonaient régulièrement pour tout savoir, de la naissance
                                                                                   du premier bébé né à l’hôpital improvisé des FC, au nombre de litres d’eau
“Though this deployment happened suddenly, it was great that word of               purifiée pour la consommation, à l’état d’âme des Haïtiens », déclare Robin
mouth let people know where to call for information. During the two                Whitford, gestionnaire de la LIM.
month deployment, the message boxes dedicated to Op Hestia received
over 1000 hits!”                                                                   « Bien que ce déploiement soit arrivé soudainement, par chance les gens
                                                                                   savaient où téléphoner pour obtenir de l’information grâce au bouche-à-
The MIL provides message boxes dedicated to each military operation on             oreille. Nous avons reçu plus de 1000 appels à la boîte vocale dévouée à
deployment, and works with CF personnel to keep the boxes updated                  l’opération Hestia au cours des deux mois qu’à duré la mission! »
regularly. Families can call and listen to the recorded messages at any time
to get a sense of what their loved ones have recently experienced, and feel        Les intervenants de la MIL gèrent des boîtes vocales dédiées à chaque
connected even through they may be far apart.                                      opération militaire et déploiement, et travaillent de concert avec le
                                                                                   personnel des FC pour les mettre à jour régulièrement. Les familles peuvent
The message boxes can also provide updates for families on when to expect          appeler en tout temps et écouter des messages enregistrés leur donnant un
their loved ones back from deployment.                                             aperçu de ce que leurs proches vivent et leur permettant de se sentir en
                                                                                   contact malgré la distance.
“Deployment Support Centres can use their message boxes to record the
flight return timings of the soldiers returning from tour. As flight               Les familles peuvent également obtenir des renseignements à jour sur la
information can change right up until the last minute, the Deployment              date de retour de leurs proches à partir de la boîte vocale.
Support Centres are able to update this information with one simple
recording and hundreds of families are able to call as often as they wish.         « Les Centres de soutien aux déploiements peuvent utiliser ces boîtes
During this anxious time, many families call repeatedly!”                          vocales pour enregistrer les renseignements sur les heures des vols de
                                                                                   retour des soldats après une affectation. Puisque les détails sur les vols
In addition to the message boxes, the MIL also provides families with access       peuvent changer jusqu’à la dernière minute, les Centres de soutien aux
to a counselor from 8 a.m. until midnight (EST), Monday-Friday by pressing         déploiements peuvent mettre à jour ces renseignements à l’aide d’un
'0'. Callers can also leave messages for the MIL and all messages will be          simple enregistrement. Des centaines de familles peuvent téléphoner aussi
returned. Urgent messages will be returned even on weekends and                    souvent qu’elles le veulent. De nombreuses familles appellent
holidays.                                                                          fréquemment pendant cette période stressante! »

Whether callers are working up to a deployment, already have a loved one           En plus de l’accès aux boîtes vocales, les familles peuvent obtenir des
overseas, or the reunion has brought its own set of challenges, the MIL can        services de consultation en composant le « 0 », du lundi au vendredi, de 8 h
help make the transitions easier for families. The MIL’s services don’t start      à minuit, HNE. Elles peuvent également laisser des messages pour les
only when a loved one departs, and they don’t end when the planes land             intervenants de la MIL, qui réponderont à chacun d’eux. On répondra aux
back in Canada. Families are welcome to call the MIL anytime with their            messages urgents mêmes les fins de semaine et les jours de congé payé.
questions, concerns or even just to talk.
                                                                                   Les intervenants de la MIL peuvent aider les familles en transition qui se
Call 1-800-866-4546 or visit for more information.          préparent à un déploiement, qui sont séparées de leurs proches affectés
If you are living or travelling outside of North America, please call collect at   outre-mer, ou qui font face à des défis lors des retrouvailles. Les services
613-995-5234 during our office hours.                                              qu’offrent les intervenants de la MIL couvrent bien plus que la période du
                                                                                   déploiement et ne s’arrêtent pas dès que les militaires reviennent au pays.
                                                                                   Les intervenants accueillent les appels des familles des militaires en tout
                                                                                   temps et sont prêts à répondre à leurs questions et à leurs préoccupations,
                                                                                   ou à simplement discuter.

                                                                                   Pour obtenir plus de détails, composez le 1-800-866-4546 ou visitez le site
                                                                          Si vous êtes vivant ou voyageant à l'extérieur de
                                                                                   l'Amérique du Nord, s'il vous plaît appelez à frais virés au 613-995-5234
                                                                                   pendant nos heures de bureau.

          Page 8                                                                                    The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Tech Talk
It has been a blast; but this will be my final installment      Language learning
of “Tech Talk !”                                                with Rosetta Stone
Over past years we’ve talked about the importance of
software and hardware updates, hardware woes,
wireless networking, the importance of regular
diagnostics, Firewalls and Virus protection, and even
new market electronic items. I’ve enjoyed passing this          The C/MFRC has been allotted 14 Rosetta
info on to y’all … I hope it helped some of you before          Stone licenses for 2011-12. If you would
you found yourself faced with an electronic disaster. If        like to have your name added to the list
you continue to do these things regularly, a smooth             (one per family; spouses have priority)
running system should be the benefit.                           please email the C/MFRC stating the
                                                                following: First and Last name, email
Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is             address, and if you have had a license in
better that a pound of cure!” Well, when it comes to            the past.
the Electronics that hold value in our lives, and provide
our communication and networking needs, these                   Note that in order to provide licenses to
preventative steps should be important. Try to spend            the families arriving this summer, those
a little time to protect what you have and what you do;         who are posted out this APS will be
your security and peace-of-mind will benefit. Have a            automatically removed from the list of
great time in Tinker and Take Care.                             licenses effective as of the CF members COS
                                                                date. Please contact the C/MFRC at your new
                                                                location to inquire about their programs.

                                                              What does Oklahoma mean to me:
                                                                                   O Oh my lord it's hot!
                                                                                   K Know you snakes and bugs
                                            Stephen Heus                            L Laugh, it's all that will get you through.
                                                     WO                             A Anadarko, where in the HE%& is that?
                                                                                     H Hide from all storms.
                                                                                      O Okie is a term of endearment - most times.
                                                                                      M Mow the grass twice a week.

CanOkie Ladies Social Circle
                                                                                       A Absolutely wonderful
                                                                                                                      Maj Hoffman

                 On Thursday, April 21st, 2011, the                            Le jeudi, 21 avril 2011, le “CanOkie
                 CanOkie Ladies Social Circle was hosted                       Ladies Social Circle” a été accueilli à la
                 at the home of Suzie Larochelle-Nadeau       maison           de Suzie Larochelle-Nadeau; de dire
                 to bid farewell to all the Canadian ladies                    adieu à toutes les dames canadiennes
                 leaving Oklahoma this summer. A                               qui vont sortir Oklahoma cet été. Une
lovely variety of refreshments and appetizers were            belle variété de rafraîchissements et de hors-d'œuvre
provided by our hostess, as well as the CanOkie ladies.       ont été fournis part noter hôtesse, ainsi que, les dames
Each of our departing CanOkie ladies was given a gift (a
lovely arrangement of hydrangeas and a vase) and a            Chacun de nos dames CanOkie départ a été donné un
card (signed by all). Thank-you to our hostess, Suzie, as     cadeau (un arrangement belle d’hortensias et un vase) et
well as Carolyn Carpentier for these lovely gifts.            une carte (signée par tous). Merci à notre hôtesse, Suzie,
                                                              ainsi que Carolyn Carpentier pour ces beaux cadeaux.
** Heather McCarthy won the splurge for April.

      The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                                                 Page 9
From the Desert
                                                                    If you're reading this article, STOP. Put the CanOkie down,
                                                  poke your significant other, and have them read it to you because we'll be
                                                  back. :)

                                                                       What a tour. It feels like we've been stuck in a time capsule
                                                  watching the world re-shape itself around us. It will certainly be a different
                                                  home that we come back to. It's as if the uncertainty of the decade after the
                                                  fall of the USSR happened in only a few months. The Middle East is
                                                  experiencing a massive revolution; Egypt deposed it's long-time leader,
                                                  Mubarak; NATO is launching air and naval strikes in Libya; Syria is in military
                                                  turmoil; Osama bin Laden is dead, and oh! …Canada has a majority
                                                  government! It's as though our country is its own little Shire, isn't it? To be so
                                                  close to all these major events has embossed an extremely unique perspective
                                                  in all of us here - one that we will no doubt regale at Horton's once we've
                                                  retired and moved on later in life. "Well, let me tell you where I was the day
                                                  bin Laden died..."

                                                                     But those are stories for another day, as at this point, it's just
                                                  nice to be able to sleep in, wear something other than PT gear or a flight suit,
                                                  and put our sleep schedule back into some sort of recognizable form. Of
                                                  course, some medium rare inch thick steaks, baked potatoes, and a few beer
                                                  are not far down the list of things to do as well. After that, the list is endless.

                     We had a few interesting times here, including getting to vote (I'm sure WO Rideout thinks his vote was
the deciding one), introducing the Americans to playing hockey (and thanks to Capts Ouellet and McNiff's shots, leaving
more than a few bruises for them to remember as well), creatively deciding who would get to collect pop tabs on the next
flight, collectively tricking the co-pilot into thinking there was something wrong with the jet in flight (I still don't think he's
forgiven us for that one), or talking like pirates for an entire flight just because it was "Talk Like a Pirate Day." These were
just some of the really great memories that made this crew a fantastic example of how some 20 odd people from all over
North America came together, executed the mission, and had a blast while doing it.

                  So we're back, and whether we're getting up early, staying up late, sleeping in, or sleeping it off, we
immensely appreciated every little bit of news and mail you've sent us. From secret admirers on Valentine's Day, chocolates
at Easter, to updates of what's happening back home, it all helped to bolster our spirits to remind us of home, how much you
mean to us, and how much it makes the time together that much more important. Thank you so much for being there for us
while we were gone, and hopefully we can impart that same sentiment now that we're back.

                  Whether we get a chance to deploy again or not, there will always be those days when we were, without a
doubt, the best there was.

        Page 10                                                                      The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Rebuilding Together - Work Day 2011
Saturday, May 7, the lives of 33 local homeowners were improved by Rebuilding Together OKC.
Nearly 2,000 volunteers gave their time and talent to make home repairs during the 20th Annual
Work Day. Most seniors prefer to age in place, and Rebuilding Together OKC helps them stay in
their homes and remain independent. The focus is to keep them safe, warm and dry.

The Canadian Detachment volunteers successfully completed repairs to the home of Ms. Alice Taylor. They provided repairs such as painting
interior and exterior, replacing carpet, renovations to kitchen, plumbing and installing new windows and doors.

Rebuilding Together OKC improves the living conditions of low-income senior homeowners in the Oklahoma City metro area by making free
home repairs and modifications throughout the year. Individuals must own and reside in their own home, be 55 years or older and be
financially unable to make the repairs. Since 1992, Rebuilding Together OKC has worked at over 1700 homes and provided more than $18
million in value to the Oklahoma City community, and this year marks their 20th Anniversary.

On behalf of Ms. Taylor, Rebuilding Together and the Canadian Detachment itself to all of the men and women that volunteered their skills
for this project, thank you.

Cdn TravelOK con’t
Red Rock Canyon State Park and Wichita Mountains Wildlife
                                                                         Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
                                                                         Hwy 115 & 49 Junction
                                                                                                                 Terrain: small mountains and
                                                                                                                 vast plains
Refuge                                                                   Lawton, OK 73505                        Scenery: plains, ‘boulderous’
                                                                         Phone: 580-429-3222                     mountains
Both parks are located to the west of Oklahoma City. Western                                                     Crowds: Minimal
Oklahoma is mostly rolling flat plains, interrupted by canyons,          Rate: 4 out of 5 happy hikers           Picnic areas: numerous
mesas or small mountain ranges, like the Wichita’s, that dot the                                                 Lake: relatively clear
landscape. As forest cover is minimal out west, sun protection and        Fee: none                              Wildlife sighted: Bison, deer,
regular hydration is a must.                                                                                     armadillo, prairie dog
                                                                         This Refuge is one of the largest, and continues to be, one of the most
Red Rock Canyon State Park              Terrain: Slightly hilly          interesting places to explore. Located just an hour and a half from
Hwy 281 S                               Scenery: Diverse forest          Oklahoma City, near Fort Sill/Lawton, it contains an impressive 59,000
Hinton, OK 73047                        Crowds: Minimal                  acres, 22,400 of which are open to the public. The geologically unique
                                        Picnic areas: many along         Wichita’s and mix grass prairie of the Refuge are home to a great
                                        canyon floor                     diversity of species, including buffalo, elk and deer. Last year we saw
Rate: 3.5 out of 5 happy hikers         Lake: small ponds                the buffalo stampede across the road! The Refuge boasts 15 miles of
                                        Wildlife sighted: none of        hiking trails, opportunities for mountain biking, rock climbing and
Fee: none                               note                             fishing, and numerous campsites and picnic areas. The mountain trails
                                                                         are a favorite and offer a unique terrain of large rock boulders. The
One of the smallest parks state parks, Red Rock Canyon is a well-        prairie dog viewing area by the side of the road is also a favorite. For
hidden, sheltered, little crevasse in the rolling plains of Oklahoma.    those who enjoy the scenery, but not the exertion, you can drive to
Located in Hinton, just an hour west of the city, this park contains     the 2,500 foot top of Mt. Scott for a panoramic view of the Wichita’s,
RV stations and camp sites along a paved road winding along the          and Lake Lawtonka below. I have yet to visit the Quanah Parker
canyon floor. There is a small fishing pond, and some of the small       Nature and Visitor Center which claims to host displays and artwork,
canyon walls are used for rappelling. In the summer, the park            as well as provide wildlife tours by reservation. Be sure to check out
operates a swimming pool with a bath house and food stand. There         the unusual “Holy City of the Wichitas”; a church and religious
are plenty of picnic areas along the road and a couple of short, easy    reenactment area, complete with rock structures and eerie music. I
hiking trails. The scenery is interesting, including a winding ‘reed     am eager to return to continue exploration of this Refuge and
forest’ in the hiking trail situated closest to the park entrance. For   hopefully plan some overnight camping trips.
both of our visits here there were no park rangers, and no fee.
                                                                         Tune in next month when we review Great Salt Plains State Park!
      The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                                                            Page 11
Canadian/ Military Family Resource Centre          Military Family Advisory Committee (MFAC)
                (C/MFRC)                           The MFAC ensures that the community’s needs and wishes are
                                                   adequately represented when decisions are made. The committee
                                                   participates in the effective planning, delivery and evaluation of MFSP
Canadian Community Program Coordinator             services offered in our unique Canadian community.
                 Corina Wappler                    We are now recruiting volunteers.
                                                   If you are interested, please contact the MFAC Chairperson, Catherine
Youth Programs Coordinator                         Fontaine, for more information.
                 Sarah Guilbault
         Email:              Open to all CF members and spouses.

               OFFICE HOURS!

Monday / Thursday / Friday –
          09h30 – 14h30 (home office)
Tuesday / Wednesday –                                VISION:
           09h30 – 14h30 (Cdn Det)
                                                     Confident, capable and resilient families in a supportive Canadian
 ALWAYS FLEXIBLE TO MEET THE NEEDS OF                Forces (CF) community.
The C/MFRC office is co-located with the Cdn
Detachment:                                          To promote and facilitate community-based military family services
      7710 1st Avenue, Suite 37 (Bldg 230)           that strengthen CF families and communities.
         Tinker AFB, OK 73145-9012
                                                     VISIT; an online resource for CF families and
Phone: 405-924-9531                                  their loved ones.
Office Email:

         NEXT MILITARY FAMILY ADVISORY                                       The Canadian Tinker Home Email Network (CtHEN) is
                                                                            the vehicle with which Canadians at Tinker stay in
              COMMITTEE MEETINGS                                            touch and find out about time-sensitive events,
                                                                            promos or information that cannot make it in time
                                                                            into the CanOkie Times newsletter.
Wednesday, Jun 1 @ 7 pm          All MFAC meetings are open to the           For those families posted this summer, your contact
                                                                            information will be deleted from our records upon
No mtg in July or Aug            community unless indicated as              your posting.
Wednesday, Sep 7 @ 7 pm          closed. Please confirm your                 For the new families posted in this year, if you have
                                 attendance with the AC Chair,              not yet had the opportunity to provide the C/MFRC
                                                                            with your household contact information, please send
                                 Catherine Fontaine, 455-9001 or            me an email providing the following: your preferred
Classen Meeting Room                 home email & the names and dates of birth of your
2200 N Classen Blvd                                                         children; or, drop a note in the C/MFRC mailbox (#10)
                                                                            at the Cdn Det.

        Page 12                                                          The CanOkie Times – June 2011
MFAC Teambuilding Activity
In March, members of the Military Family Advisory Committee
(MFAC) took the opportunity to participate in our second team
building activity; rock climbing at Rocktown Climbing Gym.

In the coming months, the C/MFRC and MFAC will once again be
scheduling training sessions and team-building activities. If you are
interested in joining our team of staff and volunteers, please
contact the CCPC or MFAC Chairperson.

Reasons for Team Building include:
Improving communication
Making the workplace (volunteer organization) more enjoyable
Motivating a team
Getting to know each other
Getting everyone "onto the same page", including goal setting
Teaching the team self-regulation strategies
Helping participants to learn more about themselves (strengths
and weaknesses)
Identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
Improving team productivity
Practicing effective collaboration with team members

What are Team Building Exercises and what is their purpose?

Team building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to
develop group members and their ability to work together
effectively. There are many types of team building activities that
range from kids games to games that involve novel complex tasks
and are designed for specific needs. There are also more complex
team building exercises that are composed of multiple exercises
such as ropes courses, corporate drumming and exercises that last
over several days. The purpose of team building exercises is to
assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can
effectively work together to complete tasks.

Preschool Playgroup – Easter Egg Hunt
It may be a week after the official Easter Bunny visit, but that didn't stop the
preschoolers from looking for eggs at the preschooler Easter egg hunt. (The Easter egg
hunt prior to Easter was postponed due to weather.) Preschoolers; Ella, Owen,
Madison, Eric and Emma spent a windy morning looking for colourful eggs at Andrews
Park in Norman. Following the hunt was snack, play time and best of all nap time.
Thank you to the mommies for bringing their little ones to join in the fun!

      The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                      Page 13
 Tinker Services                                                  SELF-DEFENSE CLASS ON BASE!!
                                                                  6 - 22 June 2011 @ 6PM
Arts & Crafts Center                                              Protect yourself and Your family!
Bldg 478 734-5615
                                                                  By popular demand a Self-Defense Class will be offered on base! By
                                                                  Conan's Academy at the Gym Annex, Bldg 216 behind the HQ bldg starting
Some summer classes include:                                      MONDAY, 6 JUNE 2011.. SIGN UP AT BUILDING 3705 AND PAY THERE, IF
 Beginner Crochet class – 5:30-8:30 pm , Jul 7, Aug 4, and       YOU FORGET YOU MAY SIGN UP DURING THE FIRST CLASS.
Sep 8. Cost is $40 and includes supplies.
                                                                  The classes are MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 6-7PM, and class
 8 Week Dance Lessons – New classes start Aug 6 in either        graduation will be the 22rd of June 2011. You may use your fitness leave
Country Line Dancing, 10:30 – 11:30 am; or, Ballroom              for this class. The course will last for three weeks and will cost $65 per
Dancing, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. Cost is $50 for the full 8-wk       person, or $100 for two (You will need to let Conan know your coming in
session.                                                          as a pair to get discount). Each person will receive a Certificate upon
Crafts for Youths – one day workshops, noon – 2 pm; runs
from Jun 6 – Aug 15, every Monday and Wednesday. Cost is          The class will be taught by Scott "Conan" Mincey who is the owner and
$15 for youth ages 6 and up. Must register 3 days prior to        founder of Conan's Academy in Norman Ok. He has created a workout
class.                                                            system called "Mincey Combat System". He is a 4 time World Kickboxing
                                                                  Champion with 34 years experience in Martial Arts. He is a 3 time
Salsa Dance Lessons – five week sessions for $35 per             National Karate Champion and was inducted into the World Hall of Fame.
person starting Jul 14, Aug 18 and Sep 22. Salsa Level 1 @        He holds a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo, 5th degree black belt in
6pm, Salsa Level 2 @ 7 pm.                                        Kito-Ryu Jujitsu and a 1st degree black belt in Chuk-Kune-do under Chuck
R&B Swingout Dance Lessons - five week session for $25           Norris. He has taught Self Defense and Combat Training for over 15 years
                                                                  to individuals and many State and Federal Agencies. For more
per person starting Jul 12, Aug 16 and Sep 20 at 6pm. Must        information please visit
register/prepay 3 days prior.
Drawing and Painting – Oil Painting and Advanced                 During the class you will learn many techniques you can use on the street
Drawing classes; six week session starting Aug 18 . Thursdays     or in an enclosed situation, like car-hijacks, muggings, bully’s etc...
                                                                  Increase your self confidence and give yourself skills to defend. The class
from 6 – 9 pm. Cost is $55 and supplies are NOT included.         is open to anyone 13 and older. Conan also provides private lessons,
                                                                  please call the instructor for this option. Please call 405-823-5325 to
See for           ensure your spot in the class as space will be limited. Or send email to
a full list of available classes.                       

Summer Bash!
Don't miss the fun! On Saturday, June 4th Summer Bash is
coming, bringing fun in full force! The event will start at 10
a.m. and run until 6 p.m. on the Tinker Picnic Grounds
adjacent to building 6001! There's a little something for
everyone with food vendors, kids games, inflatable rides, a car
show, Survivor Tinker and a drawing for a chance to win a
door prize! (must have a base ID card and be 18 or older to
enter the door prize drawing) Admission is free and the event
is open to all DoD ID Card Holders and their guests!

Live Music!

Summer Bash will be featuring live music for most of the day,
from at 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. "The Bopcat Band" will be
performing at the car show area. Then from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
"Banana Seat" will be performing, so stop by and rock out
with us to celebrate the summer!

         Page 14                                                                   The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Summer Attractions
Some useful links to OK attractions and summer time deals:

Science Museum Camp In Looking for something fun to do
with your kids this summer? On June 24th, Oklahoma 4H
and Science Museum Oklahoma are partnering to offer             Blue Star Museums is a partnership among Blue Star
Oklahoma Operation: Military Kids Science Museum Camp-          Families, the National Endowment for the Arts, and
In. Please see Science Museum Flier 2011 ad on page 16.         more than 1,000 museums across America. First
                                                                launched in the summer of 2010, Blue Star Museums
White Water Bay Military Days Looking to beat the heat this
                                                                once again will offer free admission to active duty
summer? From 24-26 June, Oklahoma 4H and White Water
Bay are partnering to offer Operation: Military Kids Family
                                                                military personnel and their families from Memorial
Fun Days. Gain admission to the park during this period for     Day, May 30, 2011, through Labor Day, September 5,
only $15.50! For full details, please see OMK WWB ad on the     2011 to museums nation wide.
page 16.
                                                                See below for Blue Star Museums that will be
Frontier City:                                                  participating this summer in Oklahoma state:
Coupons for discounts available at:                American Banjo Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
                                                                Cherokee National Historical Society, Inc., Tahlequah, OK
Please Note: **No Mil discount this season:                     Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, Duncan, OK
Frontier City Theme Park We are not offering Military           Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman, OK
Mondays this season.                                            General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum,                  Hobart, OK
                                                                Guthrie Museum Complex, Guthrie, OK
Travel in OK: AMTRAK Travel deals                               Jasmine Moran Children's Museum, Seminole, OK            Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Shawnee, OK
fares-eight-tips-to-receive-cheap-fares-on-amtrak-train-        The Mustang Historical Society, Mustang, OK
trips.html                                                      National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma
                                                                City, OK
Arbuckle Wilderness                                             Oklahoma Museum of Telephone History, Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma’s Premier Exotic Animal Theme Park                     OK
*MILITARY DISCOUNT WITH MILITARY ID (cannot be                  Osage County Historical Society Museum, Pawhuska, OK
combined with any other offer or coupon). Visit                 PAWNEE BILL RANCH and MUSEUM, PAWNEE, OK for hours and admission              Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa , OK
details.                                                        Plains Indians & Pioneers Museum, Woodward , OK
                                                                Price Tower Arts Center, Bartlesville, OK
OKC Zoo 2011 Summer Concert Series:                             Price Tower Arts Center, Bartlesville, OK
                                                                Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman,
                                 OKC Zoo Amphitheatre           Science Museum Oklahoma, OKC, OK
                                 The Oklahoma City Zoo          Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History, Stillwater, OK
                                 Amphitheatre is                Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa, OK
                                 Oklahoma’s premiere            Stafford Air & Space Museum, Weatherford, OK
                                 outdoor concert venue          Toy & Action Figure Museum, Pauls Valley, OK
                                 since 1936. Enjoy the finest   Will Rogers Memorial Museum & Birthplace Ranch,
                                 in Classic Rock, Rock,         Claremore, OK
                                 Country and Alternative
                                 music under the stars at       If you are travelling to another state, check the website for
                                 the Zoo Amp!                   participating museums:

                                 Visit for
                                 details and tickets.           php?st=OK#list

     The CanOkie Times – April 2011                                                                            Page 15
Summer Fun for Kids

                      If it's summertime, that means two things; blockbuster movies and
                      the Harkins Summer Movie Fun program for kids (all adults must
                      be accompanied by children). For over 30 years, Harkins Theatres
                      has brought back some of Hollywood's best family films to keep
                      kids entertained and cool during the summer. Kids can enjoy a
                      movie a week for 10 weeks, for less than $1 per film. Make
                      Harkins Summer Movie Fun for kids an annual tradition for your

                      2011 SUMMER MOVIE FUN UPDATE:

                      Visit Our 2011
                      Summer Movie Fun lineup is set! Check back soon for calendars
                      and individual ticket sale information.

  Page 16                           The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Summer Farewells
                                                                    Family          New Post
                                                                    Helfenstein     Ottawa
                                                                    Hoffman         Winnipeg
                                                                    Kosciukiewicz   Greenwood
                                                                    Marshall        Winnipeg
                                                                    Hutt            Winnipeg
                                                                    Johnson         Winnipeg
                                                                    Hanselpacker    Bagotville
                                                                    Heus            Trenton
                                                                    Pilon           Greenwood
                                                                    Toll            St John’s NFLD
                                                                    Clifford        North Bay
                                                                    Joy             North Bay
                                                                    Keown           Bagotville

                       Canada Day Celebrations
                                       Lake Arcadia
                                      3:30 – 10:30 pm
                                   Saturday, June 25, 2011
                                       (poor weather date TBD)

                      Burgers, hotdogs, and beverages provided by our Mess
                       Committee. Salads, desserts and goodies by potluck.
                         Sarah Rosema-Seaton is the POC for the pot-luck.
                        Watch for emails to sign-up for your contribution.
                        Activities and games for the children (organized by
                      Bring: swimsuits and towels; your own lawn chairs and
                                         coolers (if desired)

  The CanOkie Times – April 2011                                                        Page 17
2011 Graduates


                               We are so
                               proud of you!!
                                                  Melanie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Health
                                                   Care Science from University of Colorado at Colorado
                               Love Mom, Jay     Springs (UCCS), and Mitchell graduated from Westmoore
                               and Amanda.        High School and is heading to Carleton University. We
                                                          are proud of you. Mom, Dad and Sean

                                                  Emilie graduates
                                                  from Widdlefield
                                                  HS, North Bay, ON
                                                  in June.
        Jasmine Holmes-Makcrow
    Graduated from Rose State College.            Congrats, we are all
                                                  proud of you.
         We are all proud of you.

  Page 18                                               The CanOkie Times – June 2011
Community Information
CanOkie Times – Online
Download your CanOkie Times newsletter from the Family
Force web-site at                                                                    The staff of the CanOkie
px. Please note that due to space limitations, once a new                  Times would like to announce the
issue of the newsletter has been uploaded by the system                    March winner to Find Harold:
administrators, the back issues will no longer be available on
the web-site. If you would like to obtain back issues of our
locally produced newsletter, please contact the CCPC.                             The Keown Family
Corina Wappler, CCPC, C/MFRC Tinker

Canadians at Tinker                                                        Change in C/MFRC Tinker email
Check out our own TINKER location at web-site                              With the evolution of the FamilyForce web-site, and the initiative of               this centralized portal of information for the Canadian Forces
(French, to be completed). Like all web-sites, Family Force will           families, our resource centre will be adopting a new email address.
continue to grow and change over time. We are continuously                 Effective 1 Jun, 2011, the email address for C/MFRC Tinker will be
updating out web-site to meet the “same-look, same-feel” initiative The CCPC will continue to read email
of DMFS. We welcome creative criticisms. Please visit the web-site         received at the old email address until Aug/Sep 2011. Effective 30
and let your C/MFRC know if there are any inconsistencies, as well         Sep, 2011, the old email address ( will no
as, any additional information that you would like to see on the           longer be monitored.
                                                                           Corina Wappler, CCPC, C/MFRC Tinker
Corina Wappler, CCPC, C/MFRC Tinker

                       S                  M              T                  W                  T                  F                  S
               CanOkie Running                                        1 MFAC Mtg,         2                 3    Mug-Out       4
               club on summer                                         Classen Mtg Rm                             BBQ, 1130
               break; they will                                       @ 1900                                     @ Can Det
               resume in the fall.

               5                     6             7 CF PT testing    8 BAGELS AND        9                 10                 11
                                                   Gerrity Fitness    COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                   Center             Roundel Mess


               12                    13            14                 15                  16 TGIT @         17                 18
                                                                                          1530, Roundel

               19                    20            21                 22 BAGELS AND       23                24                 25
                                                                      COFFEE, 0800 @                                           CANADA DAY
                                                                      Roundel Mess                                             at LAKE

               26                    27            28                 29                  30 TGIT @
                                                                                          1530, Roundel

      The CanOkie Times – June 2011                                                                                           Page 19
                  S               M             T               W                T                 F                S
                                                                                            1 ACC Family       2

            3                4             5               6 BAGELS AND     7               8                  9
                                                           COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                           Roundel Mess

            10               11            12              13               14 TGIT @       15                 16
                                                                            1530, Roundel

            17               18            19              20 BAGELS AND    21              22                 23
                                                           COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                           Roundel Mess

            24               25            26              27               28 TGIT @       29                 30
                                                                            1530, Roundel

            31                             Watch your email for activities to be
                                           “Get Canned”…..”Right Start Brief”

                  S               M             T               W                T                 F                S

                             1             2               3 BAGELS AND     4               5                  6
                                                           COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                           Roundel Mess

            7                8             9               10               11 TGIT @       12                 13 Bagels’
                                                                            1530, Roundel                      Youth
                                                                            Mess                               Kayaking Event

            14               15            16              17 BAGELS AND    18              19                 20
                                                           COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                           Roundel Mess

            21               22            23              24               25 TGIT @       26                 27
                                                                            1530, Roundel

            28               29            30              31 BAGELS AND    1               2 ACC Family Day
                                                           COFFEE, 0800 @
                                                           Roundel Mess

 Every edition, the CanOkie Times will be holding a competition to find Harold the Beaver who is hiding within the
 pages of the CanOkie Times. Find Harold and email your answer to for your chance to
 win. Winners will be announced in the next issue and will also receive a MFRC Prize pack full of goodies. Happy

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