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Dayco's New “ela” Serpentine Belt


Stretching band is doing yoga exercise when one kind of auxiliary products. For example, a surface type, two buckled reach, can use stretching band transition; make the dance Wang Shishi, hands reach can use stretching zone transition.

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									  Dayco’s New “ela” Serpentine Belt
The ela or “stretch” belts are specifically
designed for 2 to 4 point drives that do NOT
require tensioning. These specially designed
belts have self-tensioning capabilities
required by specific OE drives designed for a
“stretch” belt
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  Next Generation of Belt Technology
EPDM Cushion Rubber:
A highly elastic EPDM rubber that surrounds the
tensile cord, providing ultimate adhesion and
flexibility between the cord and outer layers of the

  Polyamide Tensile Cord:
  A specially developed nylon tensile member which
  allows for high elongations required for installation,
  while providing the proper tension maintenance
  properties throughout the life of the belt

                EPDM Rib Material
                A wear-resistant and long lasting (durable) EPDM
                rubber compound
         Installation Tool & Instructions
                                   Universal Installation Tool:
                                   •Dayco ela belt installation tool is sold separately
                                   •Universal tool for use with specific belt part
                                   •Tool includes reusable mounting bolt along with
                                   tri-lingual installation instructions
                                   •Video instructions on
       ela Installation Tool
         Part No. 93875

•Tri-lingual installation instructions are printed on the
back of the “ela” belt sleeves
•Two types of instructions that are part number
           •Zip Tie
           •Universal Install Tool

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