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									How to Make Money From Blogging
 by: Scott Brooks

Blogs are a great way to share facts, ideas and opinions directly between
people, but also, they are a viable way to earn money. In fact, earning
money with blogs is something just about anyone can do. Making money with
blogs is completely dependent on your audience and you’re ability to
attract people to click on the advertisements. Blogs are simple to set
up, and relatively easy to update. As many as 75,000 blogs are created
every day—almost one per second!

If you are looking to start making money on the internet and you have a
budget that is very small or zero, blogging is a great way to get
started. You can set-up a free blog and join advertisement programs for
free. The only cost involved in setting up a blog is your time.

Although there are many factors involved in making money with your blog,
there are a few vital keys to remember when setting up, maintaining and
promoting your blog in order to achieve success.

1. Your blog needs to have the right layout in order for your adsense ads
to be “clickable” by visitors. Choosing an advertisement’s location, size
and color is very important and is something you will need to constantly
test and tweak to determine which formats produce the most clicks. It’s
amazing how one small change can produce monumental results. There are
also many other ways to make money with your blog than with adsense
alone. You could promote affiliate products and implement contextual
advertising such as Kontera.

2. Your blog will need lots and lots of traffic. This is really a no-
brainer, yet it’s the greatest challenge of any website owner. The
encouraging reality is that there are more ways to generate traffic for
your blog than ever before. This is due to the emergence of Web 2.0 sites
like YouTube and social bookmarking sites. Many of these sites provide
great sources for one-way links to your blog. Getting hundreds, even
thousands of quality links is a must if you expect significant traffic to
your blog. There are also many SEO tools on the market now such as
directory and article submitters that will help you get thousands of
backlinks to your blog quickly and save lots of valuable time.

3. Your blog will need to be updated frequently. You cannot expect return
visitors if your blog is not a source of fresh information. You can use
RSS feeds to provide your blog with relative information, however you
will need to add personal posts as well at least once or twice per week.
This will increase your blog’s search engine rankings and also help brand
you as an expert in your niche.

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas online, but it’s
also a powerful money-making tool. Making money with blogs is fairly
simple if you know what to do and if you’re willing to invest the time
and effort necessary to make it profitable.

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