Up Close With the Bill of Rights by steph777


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GRADES: 5-11
MATERIALS:  white drawing paper  colored pencils  American History textbook which contains a copy of the Bill of Rights  pen and/or pencil  ruler  notebook paper METHOD: 1. Each student will be assigned a number from one to 10 to represent the numbers of the amendments making up the Bill of Rights. They should keep their number a secret until the lesson is completed. 2. The students will use their textbook for a copy of the Bill of Rights. We will read and discuss each of the 10 amendments. I will simplify the amendments so that the students will have a better understanding of them. 3. Each student will draw a picture about the amendment he/she has been assigned. Upon completion of the pictures, each student will have the opportunity to display his/her picture to the class, and other students will guess which amendment is depicted. After all the pictures have been shown, they will be sorted by amendment number. Each student will then discuss and describe his/her picture to the class.

Each student will then write one paragraph about his/her picture. The paragraph is to contain a brief explanation of his/her amendment.

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