Two Native American Activities by steph777


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MATERIALS:  shoe box  construction paper  glue  scissors  markers/crayons  straw  shells  tooth picks  cloth  any other materials the students want to bring in for their dioramas METHOD: 1. The teacher explains that the dioramas should show examples of their tribe's lifestyle, for example, their homes, food, and clothing. It should also show what the terrain is like, for example, Calusas are found on the southern coast and Apalachees are found in the northern part of the state. 2. The students then use a variety of materials to complete their dioramas; they need to use more than just construction paper. 3. Students work on their own in class creating their dioramas. They should have at least two class periods to work on them.

They should work individually and should be able to use their notes, textbook, and other resources (provided by the teacher) to assist the accuracy of their creation. 4. The dioramas are then displayed in the classroom or school after the are completed.

MATERIALS:  construction paper  crayons METHOD: 1. The lesson is introduced by the teacher having the class choose a tribe other than the one they researched for their diorama. 2. They are given construction paper and asked to think of a "scene" for the tribe they choose. The scene should be of the village and will show the tribe's lifestyle and at least one custom. 3. Each paper needs a sentence at the bottom that provides a decent detail about the tribe and has the tribe's name. 4. Each student will have to have their paper facing the same way, so that it can be made into a quilt. 5. Since time is extremely limited, the teacher should punch holes in the papers and string them together to form a quilt. The teacher then can hang the quilt in the classroom for everyone to enjoy.

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