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					Volume 1, Issue 2
December 2008

Horn Farm Center for
                                        Around The Horn . . .
Agricultural Education                                 News from the Farm
4945 Horn Road
York, PA 17406
Coming Events:

Winter Farm Days:
February 21, 2009 , 10 am
to 4 pm, Agricultural &
Industrial Museum, 217
W. Princess St., York
Book Discussion:
March 2, 2009
                                                         Holidays at the Farm
See below for details
                         Join the Horn Farm Center for an evening of
                         education and cheer as we celebrate the season
              LOOK       with Holidays at the Farm on Friday, Decem-
             HERE!       ber 12th from 6:00-8:00 pm. The event will
                         explore what the holidays were like in the 19th
 Join us on March 2nd
 at 7 PM at the Kreutz century and feature a bonfire with storytelling
 Creek Presbyterian      and an overview of historical holiday tradi-
 Church Social Hall as tions. Children can help to create ornaments
 we partner with         that will feed an array of wild animals and then
 Kreutz Creek Library
 for a discussion of     they will hang their ornaments on the Horn
 Animal, Vegetable,      Farm Center’s very first Christmas tree. Tradi-
 Miracle by Barbara      tional carols will be sung while guests enjoy
 Kingsolver.             hot chocolate, mulled cider and cookies. Next
 Horn Farm Center        we’ll bundle up for wagon rides around the         lutely fantastic inaugural year for the Horn
 members will lead a     farm. On the rides, local Girl Scouts will lead    Farm Center by joining us on Dec 12th for
 discussion of this de-  modern day carols that are sure to appeal to all   some good old-fashioned holiday fun at the
 lightfully written book ages.                                              Horn Farm. For more information contact
 (now available in pa-
 perback) by noted       Admission is just $5 per adult and $2 for chil-    717.757.6441 or
 author Barbara King-    dren 4–12. Help us end what has been an abso-
 solver, with contribu-
 tions by her biologist         Coming Next Spring!
 husband and two
 daughters. It docu-
 ments the challenges,
                                           Community Gardens at the Horn Farm
 joys and benefits of
 growing, buying and
                                In 2009 the Horn Farm Center will be offering community garden plots for rent.
 eating only local,
 fresh foods for an en-         This is a great opportunity to save $ by growing your own food!
 tire year.

 We will also share a           A 20’x20’ plot can be rented for a reasonable amount, with the option to add up to
 tasting of some of the         four additional plots per renter.
 delicious seasonal
 recipes included in
 the book.                      Garden plots will be open from April 15 through October 15.
 To register for this
 event, contact the             If you love gardening and eating good fresh food, but have limited space for growing
 Kreutz Creek Library           your own food at home, call the Horn Farm Center at 717.757.6441 now to reserve
 at 252.4080 .We will           your garden plot(s) for next year and for more information.
 also share a tasting of
 some of the delicious
 Page 2                                                                                Around The Horn . . .

                                   Local Bounty Feast a Success!
                                          friends gathered to share their in-   State Representative Keith Gilles-
                                          terest in the Horn Farm Center        pie emceed the program that fea-
                                          and in locally grown and raised       tured Doug Kilgore from the PA
                                          food.                                 Dept. of Agriculture as our key-
                                          The gourmet meal was prepared         note speaker. The program con-
                                          by Master Chef Drew Barnes.           cluded with toe-tapping enter-
                                          Guests enjoyed dishes of roasted      tainment in the bluegrass style of
                                          pork loin with persimmon chutney      The Cultivators.
                                          and chicken breast stuffed with       The silent auction was also a hit
                                          wild mushrooms and spinach, all       as unique items and local
                                          complimented by a wine selection      “experiences” generated funding
                                          from Moon Dancer Winery. The          for the Horn Farm Center’s future
 Guests at serving tables helping them-   meal ended with paw-paw bread         programs.
 selves to local bounty feast.            pudding with vanilla crème ang-        Many thanks go to the efforts of
                                          laise. The best part about this de-   chairperson, Judy Bono, the Spe-
On Sunday, September 21st,                licious meal was that it consisted    cial Events committee, Chef Bar-
the corn barn at the Horn Farm            of all locally grown food. It was a   nes, event sponsors, auction do-
was bursting with activity. It was        great way to promote the whole-       nors and guests. $5,000 was
a successful day as a sold-out            some food that we have available      raised through this first time
crowd of 100 supporters and               right here in our area.               event.

                  The Most Innovative Small Farm in America
 By David E. Gumpert                       nure to create compost.         $150 per acre for typical small and
 (Reprinted from BusinessWeek)                                             medium-sized farms that empha-
                                      It's all part of a plan that the     size grazing. “We can feed the
 A Virginia farmer is attracting at-
                                      owner, celebrity farmer Joel         world with this technology,” says
 tention with his unconventional
                                      Salatin, carefully honed over the    an exuberant Salatin, who has
 farming techniques that emphasize
                                      past 25 years to maximize produc- written several books describing
 the self-sufficiency of a closed
                                      tivity of his 100 acres of farmland his techniques and offers popular
                                      and 450 acres of trees. He says the weekend seminars to farmers and
                                      mobile approach enables him to       wannabes.
 Small farms typically offer quiet
                                      produce not only much more beef,
 pastoral scenes of rolling pastures,
                                      chicken, pork, and eggs than he
 grazing animals, weathered barns,
                                      could ever have done using con-
 and a chicken coop or two.
                                      ventional farming techniques, but
                                      better-tasting and more nutritious
 Polyface Farm, a 550-acre spread
                                      products as well.
 in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley,
 is different. The rolling pastures
                                      The goal of the mobile approach is
 are there all right—but quiet
                                      to systematically use the manure
 they're not. Each day, men move
                                      from his animals as fertilizer for
 fences, roll portable henhouses,
                                      his pasture, thus reducing his en-
 and redirect cattle from one area to
                                      ergy and feed costs. It's his secret
 another for grazing. Trees are cut
                                      quality-improvement ingredient.
 down for lumber and pigs set loose
                                      He figures his farm's revenue at
 to roll in wood chips and cow ma-
                                      about $3,000 per acre, vs. about
                                                                                     Polyface Farm, Virginia
                                                                                                 Around the Horn . . .                      Page 3

October 4th was a beautiful day and more        side in all of the fair-goers, especially the
than 300 guests enjoyed all the festivities     face painting, the T-shirt, the flower pot and
and activities this fall event had to offer.    the stone critter painting. Demonstrations of
Our young visitors participated in Farm         beekeeping, spinning wool, basket making,
Fun Games that combined physical fitness,       paper pot making and garlic growing and
fun and farming. Thanks to our friends at       how to make and maintain a compost bin
Unique Physique, youngsters joined events       captivated old and young alike. Senior Girl
such as a sack race, pumpkin squat and          Scouts made four scarecrows to raffle off as
corn shucking. The FFA group from East-         well as demonstrated how to make and dress
ern High School challenged everyone’s           a scarecrow.
sense of direction by guiding guests
through a straw bale maze.                      The Corn Crib was transformed into a café
                                                and housed an amazing variety of foods:
Throughout the day, visitors learned about      Porky’s pulled pork BBQ and sides, freshly         Youth enjoyed making paper plate masks as one of
agriculture with a series of demonstrations     popped popcorn, Smitty’s soft pretzels, a          the activities at Farm Fun & Games Day.
and fun walks. Professional storyteller and     baked goods table laden with home made
local author Judy Wolfman entertained her       goodies to buy, and cider and coffee. And in
listeners. The miniature horse, the Nigerian    dozens of decorated brown paper bags
Pygmy goats brought by the Reed family of       packed by a nutritionist, you could count on                           Quotable Quote:
Felton and the two calves brought by their      having a low calorie sandwich, yogurt, car-
Dairy Princesses attracted kids of all ages.    rots and dip, an apple, granola and 100%
The variety of crafts taught by the York Art    organic juice. All of this delicious food was                  What I stand for is what
Association artists brought out the creative    available throughout the day. People kept           I stand on. -Wendell Berry, farmer,
                                                asking, “Will you have this event every
                                                year?” The answer was, “Yes, we will.”
                                                                                                    author (b. 1934)
            HFC WISH LIST
Small tools: hammer, pliers, screwdrivers
Aluminum extension ladder
Circular saw                                                   Recipe for Bounty Feast Collard Greens
Shop vacuum
Large dust pan                                  By Chef Andrew Barnes                                Use a large braising pan (a large flat-bottomed
Interior paint (neutral color)                                                                       short-walled pan). Put the pan over a high
Ext. cords, surge protectors                    Yield: 10 servings                                   flame and throw a little clarified butter in the
Watering cans                                                                                        pan. When the pan is good and hot, add the
Gardening hand tools                                                                                 onions and bacon and saute´ them until the on-
Large and small hand trimmers                   2½ lbs collard greens
                                                                                                     ions start to turn translucent, about 3 minutes.
Sledge hammer                                   3 tbsp apple cider vinegar                           Reduce the heat and add the collard greens
Garden hose, nozzle and holder
Metal or wooden shelving units                  1 tbsp malt vinegar                                  which have been rough chopped. When all the
Free standing interior fans                     1/3 cup brown sugar                                  greens have been added, add the vinegar and
Dehumidifier                                                                                         brown sugar, and simmer until greens have
Electric stove                                  1½ oz. bacon                                         totally wilted. Serve hot.
Ductless range hood                             3 tbsp red onion, julienned
Mailing supplies: postage, envelopes,
mailing labels
Copier paper—white& colored
Misc. office supplies, paper clips, thumb                                                                                     Horn Farm Center
tacks, staples, rubber bands, pens& pen-         PA House Adopts Resolution for HFC                                           Board of Directors
2” binders, dividers
Sanitary items: paper towels, toilet paper,     Introduced by State Representative Keith                                  Rob Wood - President
hand sanitizer, garbage bags                                                                                              Warren Evans - VP
Cleaning supplies                              Gillespie and others, the Horn Farm Center                                 Deb Livingston –Secy
Paper products, plates, bowls , cups, nap-
kins, plasticware
                                               for Agricultural Education was entered as                                  Tom Brant
Plastic serving bowls with lids                House Resolution No. 847 by the Pennsyl-                                   Eileen Campbell
Serving utensils: large spoons, spatulas,                                                                                 David
                                                                                                                          David Dietz
tongs, etc.                                    vania House of Representatives on October                                  Zachary Flaharty
Plastic storage containers
Dish towels and dish cloths                    6, 2008 in recognition of its commendable                                  Edna Moore
Plastic plates and cups (reusable)                                                                                        Jeff Myers
Bath rugs
                                               role in providing agricultural opportunities in                            Carolyn Pugh
Paper towel holder                             the Commonwealth.                                                          Barbara Rooney
Gift Cards (Lowes, Staples, Target, etc.)                                                                                 Nick Stein
4945 Horn Road
York, PA 17406

                       Debbie Takes New Position with Heritage Trust
With sadness we said goodbye to Deb-        as far as participating and success!      you luck and success in your new posi-
bie Krout-Althoff last month. Debbie                                                  tion and look forward to your continuing
served as the Horn Farm Center’s first      How far we’ve come in such a short        interest in our goals and mission. We
Executive Director, and under her ener-     amount of time!                           extend an invitation to you and your fam-
getic leadership the Center got off to an                                             ily to join us as we move forward with an
amazing start. Debbie has taken a new       I would like to personally thank each     exciting agenda of activities for 2009.
position with the York County Heritage      and every one of you who have sup-
Trust as their Special Events and Rent-     ported me and the Center these last 12
als Manager and in that role she will       months. Without your support, guid-
certainly be partnering with us in the      ance and participation, the success of
future.                                     the past year would not have been pos-
                                            sible. I have met so many wonderful
In her farewell note to the Board Deb-      people who are remarkably dedicated
bie said:                                   to the mission of the Horn Farm Cen-
                                            ter. I know that it is these people who
“It’s hard to believe that it’s been over   will continue to grow the organization
a year since I became the first Execu-      into a thriving and essential part of
tive Director of the Horn Farm Cen-         York County’s agricultural commu-
ter. It has been a phenomenal year          nity.”
filled with special events and programs
that exceeded even our wildest dreams       We will miss you, Debbie. We wish         Debbie, second from left, with family after Bounty
                                                                                      Feast dinner on September 21, 2008.

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