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Yosemite Institute (PowerPoint)


									Yosemite Institute

Van Nuys Middle School
    April 1-6, 2012
What Is Yosemite National
             • Yosemite National Park is
               one of the country’s first
               national parks (1890),
               located in the eastern
               central part of California,

             • It is about 1,200 square
               miles of scenic wild lands

             • It is known for its Giant
               Sequoias, glacially carved
               Yosemite Valley with
               impressive waterfalls,
               sheer cliffs, and unusual
               rock formations.
A Six Hour Drive

             Yosemite is here!

    We are
What Is Yosemite Institute?
             • Yosemite Institute is a campus
               of NatureBridge, a private,
               nonprofit organization
               dedicated to providing
               educational adventures for

             • It is a field science program
               that connects students with
               what they learn in the
               classroom with what they
               experience in the outdoors.

             • 13,000 people will participate
               in Yosemite Institute's
               residential Field Science
               program this year! You might
               be one of them!
Why Yosemite Institute Is
             • This is an extended field
               trip that relates to
               concepts students learn in
               school: science, history,
               and the arts

             • It helps students develop a
               positive learning
               community through
               interactive activities

             • It introduces students to
               an important national park,
               and challenges students to
               learn about themselves.
Who are the Yosemite Institute staff?
                  •   Yosemite Institute has 35 full-
                      time Field Educators. All are
                      experienced teachers and
                      leaders of groups in outdoor
                      settings. They bring great
                      diversity of experience, a
                      passion for teaching, and lot
                      of fun and energy to our

                  •   Yosemite Institute staff are
                      talented, dynamic and diverse
                      in their outdoor, educational
                      and personal pursuits. Many
                      travel the world to experience
                      other cultures and wild
                      places, climb some of the
                      world's most challenging rock
                      faces, and explore trails in the
                      high Sierra.
      What Will Students Do?
• Students, along with
   their teachers and a
   highly skilled
   Yosemite Institute
   educator, will spend
   one week doing the
--hiking through
--participating in team
   building activities
   themselves to reach
   the tops of waterfalls.
--And so much more!
Where Will I Stay in the
            •The one week program
            operates mainly out of
            Yosemite Valley's Boystown

            •Boystown is located in the
            main section of Yosemite Valley
            known as Curry Village.
   • Students will stay in cabins (girls
     with girls and boys with boys).

   • There are two single beds and
     one double bed in each room.
     Each bed will have pillows, but
     you should bring your own
     sleeping bag!

   • There is a shower/ bathhouse
     for both girls and boys--a short
     distance from all of the cabins!

   • Breakfast and dinner will be
     eaten at the Curry Dining
     Pavilion (main section of
What Will I Be Doing Each
              • All classes will take place
                outside on the trail. You
                will be asked to participate
                fully in a number of
                activities, challenges,
                explorations and
                assignments—very fun!
              • Students will be in the field
                hiking each day from
                about 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
              • Activities are linked by a
                theme or concept and they
                relate to the overall themes
                of Yosemite Institute’s
                Core Educational
 What Are Some of the Activities We
Might Be Participating in While Out in
              the Field?
                   • Exploring the habitats of
                     different plants and wildlife
                   • Learn about the cultural history
                     of early park pioneers and
                     Miwok Indians
                   • Sketching and writing about
                     field experiences
                   • Do a service project that
                     benefits the park's resources,
                   • Work with classmates to solve
                     group challenges.
                   • Activities each day vary with
                     student needs, the teaching
                     strength of the instructor, and
                     the weather
What Happens In the Evenings?
                  • Yosemite Institute
                    provides a 45-60
                    minute program each
                    evening. At these
                    programs you may
                    learn about a wide
                    variety of topics,
                    including: bears,
                    climate change, history
                    of Yosemite valley, or
                    endangered species.

                  • You may go on a hike
                    on which you discover
                    the world of the night,
                    debate important park
                    issues, or interact with
                    other groups through
  Evening Programs Continued
Campfires are usually
held on the last night of
the program. These are
often the favorite of all
evening programs. You
might get to participate
in skits about your
week at Yosemite
Institute, sing songs,
tell and listen to
stories, play games,
and eat S’mores!
                   Program Safety
• Yosemite institute is proud
  of our excellent 30+ year
  safety record and continue
  to maintain one of the
  safest, most successful
  environmental education
  programs in the country.

• Yosemite Institute relies
  on conservative safety
  policies and guidelines,
  combined with the
  experience and sound
  judgment of staff to
  effectively manage the
  safety of our students.
How Do I Prepare for a
 Yosemite Institute
 As a student, how should I prepare
both mentally and physically for my
                trip? • Have a goodto learn! and

                            • Be prepared for an
                              experience that involves
                              hands-on exploration and
                              learning, group
                              discussions, challenges
                              and games, journal
                              writing, active
                              participation in all
                            • Be in good physical shape
                              so hiking is all the more
                              enjoyable. We will hike 5
                              miles each day over
                              moderate terrain, at
                              elevations of 4,000 to
                              7,000 feet.
                            • Plan on breaking in new
                              hiking boots long before
                              you arrive!
   Steps In Getting VNMS to
• Registration for a total of 20 students by
  Wednesday, September 14, 2011 (forms filled out)
• Three to four chaperones
• A booking deposit of 25% by
  Tuesday, October 11, 2011
• Apply for a group scholarship after 25% deposit
  is made (we may get up to 50%!)
• Students attend weekly meetings
• Fundraising
• Hiking with VNMS Yosemite Institute students
• Getting clothing and equipment
• Make final payment to STEPS for Yosemite
Adventure Awaits!
• $465 per student
• $116.25 from each student by
  October 11, 2011 (A 25% deposit is
  required to guarantee our spot for
  Yosemite Institute)
• Equipment and supplies, which can be
  purchased at places such as Big 5, Sports
  Authority, Army Surplus, Salvation Army,
  Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Chalet, or
• Scholarships from Yosemite Institute will be made
  available according to financial need, the group’s
  commitment to program preparation, community
  stewardship and fundraising
• Awards are not actual cash gifts. They will appear
  as a credit on the final invoice.
• As a guideline, the maximum award per individual
  will not exceed 50% the published tuition for
  Yosemite Institute.
• STEPS will also be providing financial support
    Fundraising Suggestions
•   Back-to-School Nite
•   Recycling cans and bottles
•   Birthdays and holidays
•   Donations and fundraisers from local
    businesses and school staff
•   A-thons
•   Yard sales
•   Etc…
•   Any parent interested in helping with
    fundraising, please see Ms. Morales!
           Quick Review
• Dates: Sunday, April 1, 2012 to Friday,
  April 6, 2012
• Deadline Registration for a total of 20
  students by Wednesday, September 14,
  2011 (forms filled out)
• Total Cost $465
• 25% deposit of $116.25 due Tuesday,
  October 11, 2011
• Not being able to afford this trip is not a
  reason for not going!

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