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					                     Y osemite G ateway P artners
 Volume 5, Issue 2
 April 2010

LA Times TrAveL show - LA ConvenTion CenTer - FebruAry 13-14, 2010
                        Y osemite G ateway P artners
                                                         our FirsT DeCADe
                                                             By Candy O’Donel-Browne
Volume 5, Issue 2

                        1998-2000                                            120 North, and Yosemite Park. That conference
                        David Whitcomb, retired professor from the           covered the following topics: sustainable tourism,
                    California State University system, conducted a          community visioning, building civic engagement,
                    visioning process in Mariposa County.                    building long term partnerships, land conservation
                                                                             tools, and action plans for each corridor.
                       April 12, 2000

                       The first informal get-together between                  January 9, 2006
                    Yosemite Park managers and concerned citizens               Approximately 39 participants attended a
                    from Mariposa County occurred in the Yosemite            workshop facilitated by Linda McMillan in the
                    Bank in Oakhurst. This group evolved into                Mountain Room at Yosemite Lodge, addressing
April 2010

                    the “Forum,” an informal group that still meets          the issue of what we hope to accomplish as a
                    monthly in Mariposa County.                              regional entity in communication and education,
                                                                             marketing, resources conservation, culture and arts,
                       September 26, 2003                                    recreation, and regional problem solving.
                       At the Sierra Business Council’s Annual
                    Conference held at Mammoth Mountain Ski                      February 16, 2009
                    Resort, twenty-six attendees from communities                A workshop was held in Mariposa’s
                    outside the four entrances to Yosemite met with           government center. Despite bad weather and a
                    Park Service management.                                  power failure, the group stuck with the project and
                                                                              came up with the following mission statement:
                        October 29, 2003                                     “Yosemite Gateway Partners is a partnership of
                       The first Gateway Partnership meeting was              government agencies, non-profit organizations,
                    held in the Mountain Room at Yosemite Lodge.              individuals and businesses that acknowledge the
                    A brainstorming session brought out the following         interdependence of Yosemite National Park and
                    reasons to continue meeting: develop a concept            the surrounding communities, and collaborate
                    of a Yosemite Region that includes its gateways;          on and address issues of importance to create
                    develop dialogue between the gateways and                 sustainable cultural, natural and economic
                    Yosemite National Park; open communication                prosperity.”
                    and collaboration between the gateways; mitigate
                    controversy; keep dialog going; create sensitivity         July 9, 2009
                    to the needs and preferences of each community;             The formation meeting of the first Board of
                    bring in a broader community; teach good                 Directors met in the Garden Terrace at Yosemite
                    stewardship; promote that Yosemite is open all           Lodge. See page 12 for a listing of Directors and
                    year.                                                    Officers.

                       October 18 to October 20, 2004                           July 31, 2009
                       Ed McMahon was invited to hold a                         The Yosemite Gateway Partners was
                    Conference in Yosemite’s Curry Village.                  incorporated as a nonprofit, public benefit
                    Approximately 50 participants attended, evenly           corporation in the State of California.
                    divided between Highways 140, 41, 120 East,
                                                   Y osemite F und
Volume 5, Issue 2

                         Over time, people’s                                                     Additionally, annual cost
                    passion for Yosemite’s                                                       savings will result.
                    towering granite walls,                                                          “This is a great
                    tranquil meadows and                                                         moment for Yosemite
                    stately Sequoia groves                                                       and for the thousands of
                    spawned two great                                                            people who care deeply
                    nonprofits, The Yosemite                                                     about its well being,”
                    Association and The                                                          said Mike Tollefson,

                    Yosemite Fund. Both                                                          president of the new
                    shared a similar goal:                                                       unified organization.
                    protect this treasure                                                        “Our ability to reach
April 2010

                    for current and future                                                       many more people,
                    generations. Now,                                                            directly in the park and
                    after overwhelming votes of support by both         through other communications, will help us
                    organizations, the two groups have joined as a      fund more projects and programs than ever
                    unified nonprofit.                                  before.”
                         Each organization will operate as they are         Both groups have deep roots in Yosemite.
                    now until early June, when a new name, logo         The Association was established in 1923 as the
                    and branding will be unveiled.                      nation’s first “cooperating association” with
                         “When discussions began, we put aside          the National Park Service. Over the years, the
                    the intricacies of the merger and asked a           Association developed a wide array of volunteer,
                    fundamental question: what is best for the          outdoor learning and educational programs.
                    park?” said Christy Holloway, vice chair of         Since 1988, the Fund has raised more than
                    the new organization and former chair of the        $55 million for over 300 projects that preserve,
                    Association Board of Trustees. “The merger will     protect and enhance the park.
                    create a stronger base of Yosemite lovers so we         Additional information on the merger:
                    can do more than ever to protect the park and       http://yosemitefund.org/consolidation.cfm.
                    enhance people’s visits.”
                         The merger makes supporting Yosemite
                    easier through a single organization.
                    Contributions fund a wider range of projects
                    and programs to benefit the park - from
                    wilderness, wildlife and historic preservation
                    efforts to visitor improvements, youth programs
                    and education opportunities. The combined
                    donor base will grow by 21 percent over the
                    Fund’s existing levels. Through the Association’s
                    existing retail outlets in the park, the new
                    organization will be to able reach 3.5 million
                    annual visitors.
                        Y osemite G ateway P artners

                                     LA Times TrAveL show — A suCCess sTory
Volume 5, Issue 2

                        The Yosemite                                                                           event the Yosemite
                    Experience makes                                                                           Experience was filled
                    debut to Travel Hungry                                                                     with attendees who
                    Consumers.                                                                                 waited in line with
                       Hard work,                                                                              anticipation to climb
                    outstanding planning                                                                       the rock wall, rope
                    and unprecedented                                                                          a steer, interact with
                    cooperation among                                                                          Zephyr White-water

                    Yosemite Gateway                                                                           Rafting, and the
                    Partners from key                                                                          Sugar Pine Railroad
                    tourism business                                                                           attraction. As an
                    segments pulled                                                                            additional incentive,
April 2010

                    together to unveil the                                                                     many making their
                    inaugural Yosemite                                                                         way through the
                    Experience at the LA                                                                       Pavilion registered for
                    Times Travel Show held February 13 & 14 at the LA         exciting travel prizes and giveaways. Many attending
                    Convention Center.                                        travel and destinations’ vendors came by the Yosemite
                    The turnout was very strong; and show organizers          Experience to comment how the Pavilion model was
                    were still finalizing attendance figures, but it is       going to be part of their 2011 strategy and planning.
                    expected the numbers will match or exceed the record      Virtually all promotional collateral was distributed at
                    2009 show event. Travel savvy consumers from              the event.
                    throughout Southern California came looking for             Planning is already underway for the 2011 LA
                    new and exciting destinations and travel products as      Times Travel event.
                    many were making final plans for their 2010 holiday
                    getaway. Most consumers attending the show came                Yosemite Gateway Tourism Partners Corner the
                    through the Yosemite Pavilion and experienced “hands      Market at the Go West Summit
                    on” multiple interactive Yosemite activities within the       Sacramento was the host city for the Go West
                    Yosemite Experience.                                      Summit which is a dedicated meeting and networking
                                                                              event between Western State and Regional Tourism
                        “The excitement and energy was building several       Boards, lodging/attractions and media, with tour
                    weeks before the event from all participants, and was     operators and receptive operators from around the US
                    reflected in the overwhelming turnout for all planning    and world. Over 150 buyers were in attendance for the
                    meetings and activities,” said Jeffrey Hentz, Executive   event and the Summit is generally known as a prelude
                    Director of Yosemite Tourism Bureau. Participating        to the industry’s largest show – International Pow
                    Tourism Partners include: Yosemite/Mariposa               Wow.
                    Tourism Bureau, DNC Parks, Tenaya Lodge, Yosemite
                    Resorts, Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, Tuolumne            The Yosemite/Mariposa Tourism Bureau,
                    Visitors Bureau, Mono County Tourism, Yosemite            Tuolumne Visitors Bureau, Mono County and
                    Pack Station, The Sugar Pine Railroad, Highway            Mammoth Mountain, DNC and the contingent
                    120 and Groveland Chamber Commerce, Merced                from the Gold Country Association met with tour
                    Welcome Center/YARTS, and Zephyr Rafting                  companies planning new tour series and group outings
                    Company. The Yosemite Experience featured an open         to the Yosemite region. Key evening sponsored
                    walk-thru area for show consumers to meet with the        events included great exposure for Yosemite and
                    Pavilion exhibitors and learn about their destination,    Gold Country members as the over 350 participants
                    hotel, attraction or travel product.                      experienced and treated their taste buds to fine
                                                                              wine from throughout the area and Mariposa’s own
                       From the opening bell, thousands poured onto           microbrewery.
                    the show’s floor and throughout the two-days
                        D elaware N orth C ompanies

                                             springTime openings in yosemiTe
Volume 5, Issue 2

                        To herald the arrival                                                         permits (typically starting in mid-
                    of spring’s thundering                                                            April), this tour is conducted in
                    waterfalls, lush meadows                                                          the popular open-air trams known
                    and a beautiful palette of                                                        as “Green Dragons.” Tours depart
                    wildflowers, we are pleased                                                       daily from the Yosemite Lodge at
                    to announce seasonal                                                              the Falls, and reservations may be
                    openings of lodging,                                                              made by calling 209.372.1240.
                    dining, and activities in

                                                                                                         The Bike Stand at Yosemite
                    Yosemite.                                                                        Lodge at the Falls –which
                        The Victorian-era                                                            features a fleet of 200 bicycles
                    Wawona Hotel opened                                                              for adults, youth and children,
April 2010

                    for the season on Friday,                                                        plus child trailers, helmets, baby-
                    March 26. Situated 27 miles from Yosemite Valley, this      jogging strollers and wheelchairs– opens for the season
                    National Historic Landmark boasts 50 hotel rooms            in early April. Rentals are available by the hour or the
                    with private bath and 54 rooms with shared bath. The        day, with early-season hours from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30
                    hotel’s intimate dining room is also open full-time,        p.m. daily. A second bike rental location at the Curry
                    serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with evening            Village Recreation Center offers similar rental options.
                    cocktail service in the lounge.                                 With nearly 1,000 miles of hiking trails and
                       Beneath the grandeur of Glacier Point, Curry             countless granite cliffs, the possibilities are endless
                    Village is known for the same warm, hospitable feeling      for hiking, backpacking and rock climbing in
                    instilled by its founders in 1899. Open weekends only       Yosemite. Adventurers can now take full advantage
                    during the winter, this popular lodging option with         of the extensive guided hiking, backpacking and
                    497 guest accommodations also opened full-time on           rock climbing services offered by the Yosemite
                    Friday, March 26.                                           Mountaineering School, located in Curry Village.
                        Just like camping, but without all the fuss,                Yosemite’s Wawona Golf Course opened in 1918,
                    Housekeeping Camp’s 266 units are situated in a             and has provided golfers challenging but rewarding
                    picturesque location offering great views of Yosemite       rounds ever since. Set near the historic Wawona Hotel,
                    Falls and Half Dome. Opening in early-April 2010,           this nine-hole golf course alternates between meadows
                    this accommodation is perfect for those who like            and narrow fairways lined with Ponderosa Pine and
                    all the highlights of camping –including cookouts,          Incense Cedar. The Wawona Golf Course is open daily
                    campfires and s’mores– without the hassle of setting        (weather permitting) through October. Amenities
                    up a tent. Units sleep up to six, and include two single-   include electric and caddie cart rentals, as well as snack
                    size fold-down cots, a double bed, table and chairs,        and beverage service.
                    mirror, light and electrical outlets. Central restroom         The Yosemite Valley stable will begin offering
                    and shower facilities, a laundromat and grocery store       saddle trips in early-May, weather permitting.
                    are nearby.                                                 Guests can enjoy a two-hour leisurely trail ride to
                       Informative guides interpret the wonders of              the picturesque Mirror Lake area in Yosemite Valley,
                    Yosemite during the two-hour Valley Floor Tour that         departing several times daily; half-day and full-day
                    takes guests to some of the most picturesque locations      rides will be available at a later date when conditions
                    in Yosemite Valley including El Capitan, Valley View,       improve. The stables in Wawona and Tuolumne
                    Tunnel View, and Bridalveil Fall. When weather              Meadows open later in the season, weather permitting.
                                              Y osemite                        Institute

                        Delaware North Corporation Parks and Resorts               Yosemite is My Backyard Day Camp
Volume 5, Issue 2

                    at Yosemite sponsors a Yosemite Institute experience           June 14-18, 2010
                    for Mariposa Middle School.
                                                                                   Ages: 7-9 and 10-12
                        A generous donation from Delaware North
                    Corporation Parks and Resorts at Yosemite (DNC)                For locals only! Attend our educational day
                    enabled over 100 students from Mariposa Middle              camp in Yosemite Valley. Learn the secrets of
                    School to attend a 3-day residential Field Science          Yosemite with our skilled educational staff.
                    Education Program in February. “Many Gateway                Learning adventures will begin each day at 8:45
                    youth don’t have the opportunity to have such an            a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. Program includes a
                    in-depth experience in the Park. We are thrilled            cookout and campfire at Crane Flat for the 7-9

                    to partner with DNC                                                                 year olds and an overnight
                    to make this experience                                                             at the Historic Merced
                    possible for Mariposa                                                               Grove Ranger Cabin for
                    Middle School,” said                                                                the 10-12 year olds!
April 2010

                    Leigh Westerlund,                                                                      Tuition: $175.00
                    Director of Yosemite                                                                    Volunteer as a parent-
                    Institute. Mariposa Middle                                                          chaperone! Volunteer for
                    School student Tierney                                                              the full week and your
                    Pretzer summed up the                                                               child will attend at no cost
                    experience this way: “The                                                           or volunteer for 2-3 days
                    Yosemite trip takes a lot of                                                        and your child will attend
                    effort, time, and expenses,                                                         for half-price.
                    but the rewards are abundant and created an
                    experience that the students will always remember.”            Yosemite is My Backyard Backpacking Trip
                    Thank you DNC!                                                 June 14-18, 2010
                       Summer Programs for Gateway Youth                           Ages: 13 and up
                        Registration is now open for our enriching summer          After a day of orientation, the group will
                    programs. Need-based scholarship assistance is available    depart on a four-day backpacking adventure in
                    for all programs.                                           the Yosemite Wilderness with our experienced
                      Field Research Course (includes 3 credits from            teaching staff.
                    Colombia Community College).                                   Tuition: $400.00
                       July 31- August 13, 2010                                    FOR MORE INFORMATION on the
                       Ages: for students entering 11th or 12th grade           Yosemite is my Backyard programs, call Program
                                                                                Coordinator Dena Staggs at 209.379.9511 ext 25
                      “This is probably the most interesting and fun            or dstaggs@naturebridge.org.
                    way to earn college credit I’ve ever known.”
                                                                                   Sponsor a Student!
                       -Logan, Palo Cedro, CA
                                                                                    Yosemite Institute offers life-changing outdoor
                       The Yosemite Field Research Course is a 10-day           science education programs for school groups and
                    backpacking trip during which students                                 individuals. Find out how to support
                    earn college credit for ecological course                              scholarships for local youth by calling
                                                                                           Community Outreach Director Marya
                       For more information contact Field                                  Carr at 209.379.9511 ext 19 or mcarr@
                    Research Course Director, Dr. Adam                                     naturebridge.org.
                    Burns at 209.379.9511 ext 33, send him
                                                                                   See our website for additional information
                    an e-mail to
                    aburns@naturebridge.org or check the website at
                                        Y outh                   in      Y osemite
Volume 5, Issue 2

                        Youth in Yosemite programs encourage park                   “My CCC experience refocused my life,”
                    stewardship.                                                said Anders, who today manages National Park
                                                                                Service and YCC trail crews in Yosemite.
                         The Yosemite Fund is raising $1 million for            “I wanted to work outdoors and to do something
                    youth programs to cultivate future park stewards            that showed tangible results that benefitted
                    through hands-on experience in Yosemite                     the land and people. The CCC’s gave me that
                    National Park.                                              opportunity.”
                         “These programs build knowledge, leadership                A Student Conservation Association (SCA)

                    skills and a love for the outdoors,” said Mike              program will have college interns removing
                    Tollefson, president of the nonprofit Yosemite              inappropriate trails and non-native plants, as
                    Fund. “In many cases, youth work side by side               well as scanning 18,000 images from Yosemite’s
April 2010

                    with National Park Service employees doing                  archives, preserving them for future generations.
                    projects that preserve,                                                            Junior Ranger educational
                    protect and improve the                                                            programs for children ages
                    park. Amid Yosemite’s                                                              7-13 and exhibits at Happy
                    grandeur, young lives are                                                          Isles Nature Center will
                    changed.”                                                                          expand, helping excite more
                         Donations will fund                                                           children with a taste of
                    a variety of programs in                                                           Yosemite’s unique natural
                    2010 for children and                                                              features.
                    young adults.                                                                           The Junior Ranger
                         Crews with the                                                                program helps children
                    California Conservation                                                            and young people forge
                    Corps (CCC), a program                                                             deep connections with
                    for young adults in their                                                          Yosemite National Park.
                    late teens and early                                                               Donor funding will keep
                    20’s, will repair several front country trails and          the Happy Isles Junior Ranger Center open nine
                    more than 60 miles of backcountry trails. Forty             months a year, seven days a week in 2010, and
                    members of the Youth Conservation Corps                     update museum exhibits. Last year, more than
                    (YCC), a program for 15-to 18-year-olds, will               27,000 children went through the Junior Ranger
                    spend eight weeks living in the park restoring              Program in Yosemite.
                    35 miles of trail, replacing 350 fire rings, and                “We’re providing programs to help show
                    taking action to reduce the potential for fires in          young people the magic of our national parks,”
                    meadows.                                                    said Victoria Mates, who manages interpretive
                         Erin Anders can be counted as one of many              programs for the National Park Service in
                    who found a new direction through youth                     Yosemite. “It’s a connection we hope they will
                    conservation programs. He grew up in a tough                carry with them the rest of their lives.”
                    part of Los Angeles working odd jobs before he
                    saw a CCC poster and applied for the program.

                                               Contributions to Youth in Yosemite programs can be made at
                                            http://www.yosemitefund.org or by calling 1-800-4-MY-PARK.
                            Y osemite N ational P ark
Volume 5, Issue 2

                       Highlights                                             New Chief of Facilities Management
                       Spring is in the air! Poppies, popcorn flowers,         Please welcome Ed Walls as Yosemite’s new
                    and red maids are starting to bloom in lower           Chief of Facilities Management. Walls has served
                    elevations. Get out and enjoy the spring blooms!       as Chief of Facilities Management at the Point
                       Yosemite was the third most visited national        Reyes National Seashore for the past nine years.
                    park in 2009 with 3.7 million visitors. Great Smoky    He has spent nearly 21 years working for the
                    was first (9.5 million) and Grand Canyon was           NPS at Yosemite National Park and Point Reyes,
                    second (4.3 million).                                  where he was the Chief of Utilities and Chief of
                                                                           Facilities Management. Walls was responsible

                       Comings and Goings                                  for managing the operations and maintenance of
                       Don Neubacher Named Superintendent of               all park utilities, park roads, trails, administrative
                    Yosemite National Park                                 and public use buildings, park housing, visitor use
April 2010

                                                                           areas, and campgrounds. Prior to his NPS career,
                        The new superintendent of Yosemite National
                                                                           Walls was a General Foreman with Mare Island
                    Park in California, Don Neubacher arrived in
                                                                           Naval Shipyard where he supervised and managed
                    mid-March. Neubacher takes over from David
                                                                           numerous construction projects with annual budgets
                    Uberuaga who has been acting superintendent since
                                                                           that exceeded $30-million. He received a Bachelor
                    Mike Tollefson retired last year. Neubacher was
                                                                           of Arts degree in Microbiology from Sonoma State
                    superintendent at Point Reyes National Seashore
                                                                           University. He also possesses a State of California
                    for the past 15 years. A 28-year veteran of the
                                                                           Contractors License and is LEED trained. Ed
                    National Park Service, Neubacher has previously
                                                                           Walls reported to work in February.
                    served as deputy general manager of the Presidio
                    of San Francisco, chief of visitor services at            Farewell to Dave Uberuaga
                    Point Reyes, education program administrator at           After 15 months guiding Yosemite, Dave
                    Point Reyes, seminar coordinator for the Coastal       Uberuaga is returning to Mount Rainier National
                    Park Association, natural resources lecturer for       Park. On March 10, park staff, partners, and
                    Humboldt State University, and park ranger at          community members held a lunch to honor Dave’s
                    Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Neubacher         15 months of service as Yosemite’s Superintendent.
                    is a graduate of the University of California-Davis    Presenters thanked Dave for his service, his
                    where he received a bachelor of science in planning    willingness to listen, and his leadership of the park
                    and management and Humboldt State University           during this transition period.
                    in Arcata, California where he received a master’s
                    degree in natural resource management.                    Road Projects

                       Kathleen S. Morse Selected as Chief of Planning        Wawona Road: Beginning April 2010, expect
                                                                           30-minute delays (1-hour delays from 11 pm to 6
                       Kathleen S. Morse brings diverse experience to      am) due to culvert and paving work.
                    her new position as Chief of Planning for Yosemite
                    National Park. A 20-year employee of the U.S.             Tioga Road: In July and August 2010, the park
                    Forest Service, Morse has worked at all levels of      will be conducting a chipseal project to resurface
                    the agency in Montana, California, Alaska and          Tioga Road between May Lake and Tioga Pass.
                    Pennsylvania. In addition to her Forest Service        Motorists should expect 30-minute daytime delays.
                    experience, Morse has worked as an economist in        The park is also conducting an environmental
                    the private sector. Morse has a Bachelor’s degree in   assessment (EA) to consider road rehabilitation on
                    Natural Resource Economics and attended graduate       the section of Tioga Road from May Lake to Crane
                    school at the University of Washington. She is an      Flat. The EA is expected to conclude during the fall
                    avid backpacker, peak bagger, back-country skier,      of 2010 and any road work to begin summer 2011.
                    and scuba diver.
                                    Y osemite A ssociation

                                              yosemiTe ouTDoor A DvenTures
Volume 5, Issue 2

                       The non-profit Yosemite Association (YA) sponsors this year-
                    round series of fun, educational field seminars; they’re a great way
                    to deepen your connection to our park.
                       April 10. Exploring the Foresta Fire - Natural history of last

                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Yosemite Association
                    summer’s burn.
                      April 27. Moonbow Photography 1 - Our camera quest for the
                    mythical lunar arc.

                       May 15-16. Merced Grove Overnight - A night in a historic
                    cabin in the sequoias.
                       May 20-23. Yosemite Valley Pastels - Your weekend of artistic
April 2010

                    creativity in the park.
                       May 26. Moonbow Photography 2 - Another chance to see this
                    ephemeral sight.
                       June 4-6. Miwok-Paiute Basketry 1 - The Parker women and
                    their unique heritage.
                       June 5-6. The Hidden History of the Chinese in Yosemite - Park
                    secrets revealed.
                       June 12. Birding Yosemite Valley - Naturalist Michael Ross
                    shares his favorites.
                       June 13. Foresta Birding - A quiet Yosemite gem with a
                    diverse avifauna.
                       June 18-20 - Waterwheel Falls Photography Backpack - An
                    astonishing aquatic display.
                      June 20 - Buffalo Soldiers on Patrol - How African-
                    Americans protected the park.
                      June 23-25 - North Dome Moonrise Photography Backpack - A
                    most unique photo op.
                       In July we have the wonderful “Family Camping Jamborees”
                    in Tuolumne Meadows, several backpack trips (including two
                    up Half Dome), a course on writing children’s books and much
                    Pick up an Outdoor Adventures catalog in the Visitor Center,
                    find all the details at www.yosemite.org, or call 209.379.2321.
                    Park entry fee and camping are included, motel rooms have
                    already been set aside for most of these courses. YA also arranges
                    Custom Adventures for individuals, families and groups who
                    want their own naturalist/guide. For information, pricing and
                    reservations send an e-mail to info@yosemite.org.

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Dave Wyman
                                     G eotourism P roject

                     nATionAL geogrAphiC CenTer For susTAinAbLe DesTinATions
Volume 5, Issue 2

                                                                By Nicole DeJonghe

                      Sierra Nevada Geotourism Project March 2010            almost 400 selected sites in the region. Each site has
                    Update                                                   its own landing page with pictures, description, contact
                                                                             information, mapped location, social networking
April 2010

                                                                             features, and suggested nearby and similar attractions.
                                                                                The focused nomination period for the Yosemite
                        In early 2009 the Sierra Nevada Conservancy          Gateways and Byways region has come to a close,
                    (SNC) partnered with the Sierra Business Council         however nominations can continually be updated,
                    (SBC) and the National Geographic Society to             completed, and submitted. Work is underway to
                    develop the Sierra Nevada Geotourism Mapguide            develop a print map of the Yosemite Gateway and
                    Project. The Mapguide Project consists of an             Byways Geotourism map, funded by the FHWA and
                    interactive website and several printed maps to          matching grants.
                    highlight unique and authentic tourism destinations
                    in the Sierra Nevada. The project works to enhance
                    tourism in the Sierra Nevada region while also              Going Forward
                    promoting the preservation of cultural and heritage         Additional local Geocouncils and a Sierra Nevada
                    resources.                                               Wide Geocouncil are being formed to guide future
                        The geotourism project has been divided into         phases of the project.
                    four phases covering the entire Sierra Nevada region        Site nominations for Phase 2 (Tahoe Emigrant
                    including three counties of western Nevada. Funding      Corridor) are scheduled for June 2010 through August
                    for the project has come from the SNC, SBC, the          2010. The nomination period for Phase 3, Northern
                    Morgan Family Foundation, El Dorado County, and          Sierra, is scheduled for November 2010 – January
                    the Federal Highways Administration (FHWA).              2011. Phase 4 (Southern Sierra) nomination period is
                       Current Status                                        anticipated to take place April 2010 – June 2011. The
                        Phase one of the project (The Yosemite Gateways      possibilities for developing printed maps for the phase
                    and Byways) has been completed after conducting an       2-4 regions are still being negotiated. Although we
                    extensive public outreach process yielding over 800      have established suggested nomination periods which
                    site nominations. A local Geocouncil, representing       involved focused outreach efforts, nominations can be
                    the geographic area of phase one, reviewed and           submitted at anytime.
                    evaluated all of the nominations before submitting       Please view that map and submit your nomination at
                    them to National Geographic for inclusion in the final   www.SierraNevadaGeotourism.org
                    Sierra Nevada Geotourism Website.
                      The web-based geotourism map can be viewed at               Contact us: sierrageotourism@sbcouncil.org
                    www.SierraNevadaGeotourism.org, which shows                                  530.582.4800

                         You are invited to celebrate the launch of Geotourism Phase I in our Gateways, from 2:30 to 4:30pm,
                            in the Cliff Room immediately following the regular Yosemite Gateway Partners meeting
                          Surprise Return of the MSO
                       Remember last year’s historic first symphonic-                 But the biggest surprise will be saved for the
                    orchestral concert ever presented in the history of the        concert’s second half. Marsden has chosen to present
Volume 5, Issue 2

                    landmark Ahwahnee Hotel? History is about to repeat.          “the greatest, most memorable, immediately crowd-
                       The Mariposa Symphony Orchestra returns to                  pleasing symphony you’ve never before heard - ”
                    Yosemite National Park on Sunday, May 2 with a                 obscure Russian composer Vasily Kalinnikov’s First.
                    1:00 p.m. matinee concert in                                                              Marsden describes
                    the Ahwahnee Hotel’s Great                                                            Kalinnikov’s music as infused
                    Lounge.                                                                               with “nearly indescribable
                       The Ahwahnee concert is free,                                                      Russian bitter comedic pathos.
                                                                                                          Black humor intensely flavored

                    with suggested donations only,
                    but seating is limited and only                                                       with deeply felt passion and
                    available first-come, first-served.                                                   fatalistic resolve. But always,
                    Patrons are urged to arrive early                                                     always: covered thinly in
                                                                                                          nervous, sometimes absurdist
April 2010

                    for seating as last year’s concert
                    was standing room only.                                                               and near-pathological humor.”

                       MSO Founding Music Director and Conductor                     Marsden claims “right out the gate: a very
                    Les Marsden notes, “Our symphonic concert is a                passionate, slightly morose original Russian-sounding
                    great centerpiece for a day or weekend park visit; last       15-beat tune is stated. What Kalinnikov does with
                    year the Ahwahnee dining room staff thanked me                that tune is audacious and intensely pleasing even
                    for the resulting all-day uptick in table bookings. I         to one hearing the piece for the very first time. The
                    extend my appreciation to the National Park Service           entire symphony has a sense of immediate-recognition,
                    and Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts at             immediate-comfort.”
                    Yosemite Inc. management and staff groups.”                      The second movement is a “beautiful little reverie”
                       The Ahwahnee will graciously donate a portion              anchored by an English Horn solo; a stormy middle
                    of the price of concertgoers’ Sunday brunch at the            section ensues, building to a discomfited climax before
                    Ahwahnee to the MSO. A voucher diners will present            the calming reverie returns. The third movement is a
                    to wait staff will be available from the Mariposa             wild syncopated dance in 3-quarter time contrasted
                    County Arts Council, Inc. (MCACI) in Mariposa at              by a wistful 2/4 interlude sandwiched by the returning
                    5009 Fifth Street; for information call 209.966.3155.         light-hearted, nearly comical dance’s closure of the
                         Marsden notes concertgoers will experience “a
                     couple of surprises.” The first? Joseph Haydn’s 94th            The finale movement begins, sounding exactly
                     Symphony, usually subtitled “Surprise” due to light-         like the melancholic opening of the first movement,
                     hearted Haydn’s manner of dealing with dozing                unusual tune included but then: the sun comes out,
                     audiences of his day. Marsden says “the second               blazing. What follows defies description, but Marsden
                     movement begins quietly, slowly and – perhaps even           notes “this symphony possesses one of the most
                     tritely: the strings play a simplistic version of the tune   phenomenally astonishing summary endings, ever. A
                    ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ and then, all of a sudden:     protracted apotheosis quotes moments from the three
                     BANG! Full-orchestral wallop, forte!”                        earlier movements to bring the whole work home, in
                                                                                  an absolutely dazzling manner.”
                        Haydn’s message? Don’t fall asleep during quiet
                     moments or you’ll receive a rude awakening. The                 The Mariposa Symphony Orchestra’s Spring
                    “Surprise” Symphony has become one of the most                Concert will also be presented on Saturday, May 1
                     beloved of Haydn’s 104+ works in that form. The              at 7:00 p.m. in the Fiester Auditorium of Mariposa
                     concert opens with Beethoven’s highly dramatic               County High School in downtown Mariposa. Tickets
                     Coriolan Overture; a dark, churning example of               for that performance only ($6 for adults and $4
                     Beethoven’s Sturm und Drang revolutionary musical            for students) are on sale at MCACI. Please call
                     style, and also the polar opposite of the bubbly Haydn       209.966.3155 and are also available at the Mariposa
                     symphony to follow.                                          County Visitors Center by calling 209.966.7081.
                            Y osemite G ateway P artners
                                         Our private Intranet: http://yosemitegateways.sharepointsite.net

                                                  boArD oF DireCTors AnD 2009-2010 oFFiCers
Volume 5, Issue 2

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April 2010

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                            Thanks to all the contributors for this issue. If you have any suggestions, comments or
                         submissions for our July 2010 newsletter issue, please send them to miguel@numinosity.net.







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