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					                           CAR News
                         V O L U M E   3 ,   I S S U E   1                                       M A R C H    2 0 1 0
                                                2010 Training Day
                                                    At CCBC
                           On Saturday, February 27th, WMDA/                vanced Engine Performance (L1); Rela-
Training Day               CAR held their annual Training for Techs         tionship Marketing, sponsored by PPC
                  1        and Execs at CCBC (Community College             Lubricants/Castrol;  Toyota     Hybrids
                           of Baltimore County), Catonsville Cam-           Overview, and Ford Escape Hybrid Over-
                           pus. Training Day is a one day event held        view, both sponsored by Metromedia
 Right Time                annually,    where                                                   Power; and GM
 for Right to    2, 3      for one low regis-                                                   Duramax      Diesel
    Repair                 tration fee, own-                                                    DPF and Common
                           ers, managers and                                                    Rail     Injections,
  Tech Tips       4        techs can spend                                                      sponsored by First
                           the day learning                                                     Merchant Services.
 Ingle Angle               and networking,
                           and receive a con-                                                   During the lunch
    The                    tinental breakfast                                                   break, which was
 Secretary        5        and lunch.                                                           sponsored by MTD
   Says                                                                                         Services and Kelly
                           After the continen-                                                  Benefit Strategies,
  Maryland                 tal breakfast, spon-                                                 WMDA/CAR staff
 Lobby Day        6
                           sored by Benjamin                                                    members held a
   2010                    F. Brown Insur-                                                      50/50 raffle. The
                           ance Agency and Jasper Engines and               lucky winner of the $130.00 pot was
Training Day
                  7        Transmissions, attendees were off to their       Mike Warshauer of Rising Sun Motors.
   Photos                  various seminars. Classrooms were filled
                           with technicians, managers and owners!           WMDA/CAR would like to thank the
  Industry                 The seminars offered on Training Day             sponsors who helped to make Training
  Updates         8
                           were: Servicing Tires on Tomorrow’s              Day 2010 such a success, and the instruc-
                           Cars, sponsored by Benjamin F. Brown             tors who so generously gave of their time
Technological              Insurance Agency; Become a Maryland              – Kevin Rohlwing of the Tire Industry
 Challenges       9        Safety Inspector, sponsored by Ferguson          Association, Matt Winslow of ATI, Dre
                           Corporation; Chassis Control Systems,            Solomon of MotorWatch, George Pattee,
   TPMS                    sponsored by Brandywine Automotive;              Harold Babb, Tony Prescott, Tom Hartel,
                12, 13                                                      George Dettor, Chris Walker and Jack
   Charts                  Advanced Marketing with Electronic Me-
                           dia, sponsored by ATI; ASE Test Prep for         Davis of CCBC.
                           ASE Engine Performance (A8) & Ad-
  Schedule       14

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                                   2010 - The Time for
                                Right to Repair Legislation
                                                                                             By Roy Littlefield
                         Former Republican Congressman and          Today’s modern vehicles are very com-
                        the 2008 Libertarian Party nominee for      plex machines. Computers and electron-
                        President Bob Barr has joined forces        ics control nearly every vehicle function
                        with Ralph Nader in support of H.R.         from safety and emissions to ignition
                        2057, the Right to Repair Act of 2010.      keys. Although these computers provide
                                                                    many benefits to motorists through im-
                        When announcing the government’s            proved fuel efficiency, comfort and
                        plan to save the Big Three automakers,      safety, they also provide increasing op-
                        President Obama said, “The United           portunities for car companies to lock out
                        States government will stand behind         access by car owners and the independ-
     This bill,         your car warranty”.                         ent repair shops where they choose to
    H.R. 2057,                                                      obtain service for their vehicles.
                        Said Barr and Nader, “While it’s
   would allow          unlikely many car owners would trust        The need for Right to Repair legislation
   independent          the Federal government with an engine       has become a necessity in order to pro-
   repair shops         overhaul, a bi-partisan bill in Congress    tect the rights of car owners to decide
 to compete for         would in fact make it cheaper and easier    where and how they have their vehicles
                        for millions of consumers to have their     serviced, whether at a new car dealer or
  business now          cars repaired – the Right to Repair Act     an independent service facility. Right to
  guaranteed to         of 2010.While similar legislation has       Repair ensures that the person who
      dealer-           been introduced in previous Congresses      bought the car and not the car company
                        but not voted on, it takes an additional    can decide where that vehicle is re-
    controlled          urgency in these tough economic times,      paired and maintained.
   dealerships.         especially with the closing of many auto
                        dealerships”.                               Urge your Representative          to   Co-
                                                                    Sponsor H.R. 2057
                        This bill, H.R. 2057, would allow inde-
                        pendent repair shops to compete for         Ask your Senators to Support Right to
                        business now guaranteed to dealer-          Repair
                        controlled dealerships. Barr and Nader
                        correctly observe that this is important    Modern cars and light trucks contain
                        because car manufacturers can severely      advanced technology that monitors or
                        limit the number of independent repair      controls virtually every function of the
                        shops that are allowed to have the tools,   vehicle including: brakes, steering, air
                        diagnostic codes, and updated repair        bags, fuel delivery, ignition, lubrication,
                        information essential to being able to      theft prevention, emission controls and
                        repair late-model cars.                     soon, tire pressure. Car owners and in-
                                                                    dependent shops need full access to the
                        This restriction dramatically limits con-   information, parts and tools necessary to
                        sumer choice and significantly increases    accurately diagnose, repair or re-
                        the cost of repairs.                        program these systems. Vehicle manu-
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           CAR   NEWS
VOLUME       3,   ISSUE    1                                                                 PAGE   3

             2010 - The Time for
          Right to Repair Legislation
Continued from page 2                          •Restores the right of consumers to have
facturers are making access to such vital      their vehicle serviced and maintained at
information increasingly difficult to obtain   the repair facility of their choice; and
for the independent aftermarket and its        Authorizes the Federal trade Commission
customers. Without access to critical infor-   (FTC) to enforce requirements in order to
mation, parts and tools, motorists are         protect competition in auto maintenance
forced to patronize new car dealerships,       and repair.
which may not be convenient or easily
accessible to a car owner.                     Right to Repair would not:
                                               •Affect the dealer’s warranty agreement
A nationwide survey of over 1,000 inde-        with the vehicle manufacturers; and
pendent repair shops conducted by Opin-        Require manufacturers to disclose manu-
ion Research, Inc. found that either much      facturing processes or trade secrets unless
or some of the data needed to repair vehi-     that information is made available to the
cles was not provided by the vehicle           new car dealer.
manufacturers. Further, the survey found
that the manufacturers never or only some-     It is time to finally move this important
times provide capabilities in their tools      and necessary legislation through Con-
needed to complete repairs. The difficulty     gress.
in accessing the needed tools and informa-
tion has caused a 5.6% loss in productivity
per month for independent repair shops,
adding up to a whopping $5.8 billion loss                Please contact our delegation today and
of revenue per year for the industry.                       ask for their support of H,R. 2057
The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to               Senator Barbara Mikulski (D)                   202-224-4654
Repair Act (H.R. 2057) is critical to en-        Senator Benjamin Cardin (D)                    202-224-4524
suring that the independent vehicle after-       Congressman Frank Kratovil (D)                 202-225-5311
market have access to the service informa-       Congressman “Dutch” Ruppersberger (D)          202-225-3061
tion and tools necessary to repair today’s       Congressman John Sarbanes (D)                  202-225-4016
computer controlled vehicles.                    Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D)                202-225-8699
                                                 Congressman Steny Hoyer (D)                    202-225-4131
The Automotive Aftermarket Industry              Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R)                202-225-2721
Association urges lawmakers to support           Congressman Elijah Cummings (D)                202-225-4741
“The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to              Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D)               202-225-5341
Repair Act” for the following key rea-
sons:                                            Delaware
•Requires vehicle manufacturers to pro-          Senator Thomas Carper (D)                      202-224-2441
vide the same service information and            Senator Ted Kaufman (D)                        202-224-5042
tools capabilities to independent shops that     Congressman Michael Castle (R)                 202-225-4165
they offer to their franchised dealer net-
work to repair and maintain late model           District of Columbia
computer controlled vehicle systems;             Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton                 202-225-8050

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                       The Ingle Angle
                              A Repeat --- Where Has All the Business Gone?
                        By Mike Ingle
                        WMDA Director of Membership & Training Development

      It was just 3 years ago in March of 2007 that my old          all the business gone?”
      buddy Harry Murphy wrote an article for our news-
      letter titled “Where Has All the Business Gone?” In           It seems that now, in 2010, the new car dealers are
      that article, Harry talked about talked about how 25-         losing market share because of the recession and the
      30 years before, cars broke down all the time and it          restructuring of their industry. There is opportunity
      was our job to get them back on the road. He goes             now for our members to recapture that market share
      on to report that new car dealers were able to capture        as dealerships (and their repair centers) close or scale
      their share of auto repairs to the point that they pos-       back. Take advantage of that opportunity by invest-
      sessed 22% of the market share. Another point Harry           ing in your business. Make sure you become up to
      touched on was the addition of quick lube stores into         date ASAP with your equipment, great employees
      the auto maintenance mix, and the “do- it- yourself-          (customer service is one of the most important rea-
      ers” turning wrenches at home and how that was                sons a customer keeps coming back), knowledge of
      affecting our members’ businesses. Harry pondered             the industry, (current laws and regulations, industry
      just how we could recapture our fair market share of          trends, etc.) and constant training. Your techs need
      the auto repair/maintenance business.                         to be able to service the vehicles that come to your
                                                                    shop – turning customers away because you can’t
      Three years later, we still ask ourselves, “Where has                                                 Continued on page 11

 Tech Tips
 BMW 525i Dead Battery

 Incorrect routing of the alternator belt causes the belt to slip and the battery to go dead. The belt must be checked
 for correct routing and proper tension. The smooth side of the belt goes against the flat pulley and the grooved side
 runs against the notched pulley. Charge the battery with the battery cables disconnected from the vehicle, and then
 test the battery and the charging system. Follow all safety and manufacturer recommendations.

 Audi and VW Computer Problems

 Loose ground wires could cause the computers on Audis and VWs to instantly burn themselves out. When doing any
 engine work--such as valve covers, water pumps, engine mounts, head gaskets, etc.--always check that ground
 straps are properly insulated and tightened. The ground straps, mounting screws and threads must all be cleaned
 and tightened properly or a voltage drop will occur. If there is an excessive voltage drop, the computer will be dam-

 Acura Legend Transmission Problem

 A leak from the sunroof on the Acura Legend could cause a TCM (transmission computer module) to burn out.
 Plugged drain tubes cause water to accumulate and leak down to the floor where the TCM is located. The repair is
 to clean up any debris, and check the plastic tubes for clogging: they're located at the front mud flap and trunk quar-
 ter panels
                                      Have a tip you’d like to share in a future newsletter? Email

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        The Secretary Says...
                         Internet Marketing
                                           By Ken Quasney, Auto Sense, CAR Secretary
Like most shop owners I’m kind of old          reviews. If you have some bad ones, ask
fashioned in my advertising. I decided to      some of your good customers to post
attend the Advanced Marketing with             some good reviews about you and you
Electronic Media seminar during Train-         will see your rating sore.
ing Day at CCBC. The Instructor was
Matt Winslow from ATI. Matt started             Google, did you know you can see your
the class by asking a question -has any-       shop internet activity from Google on the
one checked out their shop’s presence on       web for free? You have to sign up with
the internet search engines lately? I have     Google and attach or claim your site on
to admit I hadn’t. I guess I figured that it   Google. After you claim it, you can
kind of takes care of itself. WOW, was I       check to see how many people have
wrong.                                         viewed your shop on the web and if they
                                               are going to your web page for further             “...has
I pay for a website like most of you. I        information. You can also find out how
was surprised to find my shop was              many people requested Google Map in-              anyone
hardly on the front page under a local         formation about your shop and what area         checked out
search in my area. Some of the informa-        they are searching from. This is really         their shop’s
tion was wrong. I often wondered why I         good information. At the last CAR meet-
didn’t get many new customers from the         ing, I cornered Lewis Schnauble from
internet, and now I know why. I wasn’t         Schnauble Automotive in Westminster. I             on the
paying attention. TAKE A LOOK AT               knew Lewis was really into web adver-             internet
YOUR BUSINESS ON THE WEB TO-                   tising. Lewis loaded me full of informa-           search
DAY.                                           tion. I have doubled my web presence
                                               since that meeting and I’m far from
First off make sure your information is        done. I’ve actually had some customers            lately?”
correct. Check every place your shop has       call from finding our shop on the web
a listing and claim it. What does claim it     and it hasn’t cost me one more cent. I
mean? There are sites that have your           hope this helps some of you.
shop listed that you probably don’t even
know about. Find them, and click on             TWO STEP’S FURTHER. Ok now that
them and somewhere you will see a little       Lewis has set me in the right direction, I
spot that says something like “are you         figured we need to take this two steps
the owner of this business” or “claim this     further. Maybe some of us could use
business” something to that effect. This       some training on this web advertising
is your opportunity to fix problems about      stuff and we’re going to research the
your listing. These are listing you don’t      possibilities of having someone teach a
even have to pay for. Make sure the            class (step one). Next we are in the proc-
Categories and Tags are correct (this is       ess of putting a CAR website together
how people find you on the web search          with a video on the benefits of going to a
engines). Some of these sites will allow       CAR Certified Repair Center (step two).
you to put pictures or videos next to your     The idea is that CAR member shops who
listing for free. Check out other listings     want to participate can have a zip code
that your shop is not in and add your          search right from the website. We can
shop to it. Most are free. Also check your                           Continued on page 10

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                          Maryland Lobby Day 2010

                   Maryland Lobby Day was a very busy         chael Busch, President of the Senate
                  day in Annapolis for all of the WMDA        Mike Miller, and Maryland State Comp-
                  and CAR members who were able to            troller Peter Franchot.
                  attend. Because of the blizzard, we were
                  forced to reschedule the event from the     At the Reception, legislators mingled
                  10th of February until the 24th of Febru-   with members in a relaxed, informal
                  ary, and there was still plenty of snow     setting. It was the perfect setting for
                  on the ground as everyone made their        members to relay their concerns to those
                  way to Annapolis.                           legislators who represent their districts.

                  The day started out with a Board of Di-     WMDA and CAR would like to thank
                  rectors meeting at Loew’s Annapolis         those members who took time away
                  Hotel, and ended with a Legislative Re-     from their businesses to participate in
                  ception at Loew’s that evening.             Maryland Lobby Day 2010. It was ex-
                                                              tremely important to have our members
                  In between those events, there were vari-   there to tell their own stories.
                  ous meetings scheduled, which kept
                  members on their toes. Starting at 1:30,                Thank you!
                  members met Speaker of the House Mi-

           CAR   NEWS
VOLUME   3,   ISSUE   1                                       PAGE   7

                                 Our 2010
                            Educational Partners
                          Benjamin F. Brown Insurance
                                 Agency, Inc.
                            Brandywine Automotive
                                Ferguson Corp.
                            First Merchant Services
                               Jasper Engines &
                            Kelly Benefit Strategies
                            Maryland Pump & Tank
                              Metromedia Power
                                 MTD Services
                            PPC Lubricants/Castrol

                                                        CAR   NEWS
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                           GM in Favor of Data Recording
                                Devices in Vehicles
                  GM is in favor of legislation from Rep.          Chrysler started using the devices in
                  Gene Green, D-Texas, that would man-             2005, but GM had been using a predeces-
                  date event data recording devices in vehi-       sor to today’s device in their light-duty
                  cles, and additional ‘reasonable’ legisla-       trucks since 1995.
                  tion. Though not currently required by           “There can be a discrepancy in what a
                  law, the devices are standard for certain        driver claims happened and what (the
                  automakers, including Toyota. Not all            National Highway Traffic Safety Admini-
                  Toyota devices record pre- and post-crash        stration) concludes happened. This would
                  data, but by the end of 2010 all ToMoCo          mandate equipment that would remove
                  vehicles will be equipped with devices           any human emotion or bias to provide
                  that record both.                                much more precise data,” Robert Fergu-
                  By 2005, 64% of vehicles came with the           son, GM’s new VP for government af-
                  devices, including all FoMoCo cars.              fairs said.

                               Once Lowly Four-Cylinder
                               Gains Market Dominance
                                 over Bigger Engines
                   Back in 2008, skyrocketing gasoline             2008 numbers of 51.7 percent, the four-
                   prices sent car buyers in search of efficient   cylinder engine displayed market gains
                   four-cylinder vehicles. As the numbers          unheard of in previous years. In addition,
                   show, sales of V6 and V8 engines dropped        the once-dominant V8 now represents
                   from 63.9 percent to 57.1 percent during        only 4.9 percent of the passenger car mar-
                   the gas price hike. This was part of a          ket, way down from its 88.9 percent share
                   trend, as sales of V6- and V8-equipped          back in 1969.
                   models have shifted downward, falling
                   from a five-year high of 76.2 percent back      Larger four-cylinder engines have slowly
                   in 2004.                                        replaced V6 and V8 models. Four-cylinder
                                                                   engines with a displacement of 2.0 to 2.9
                   With gasoline prices dropping, surely           liters encountered the largest increase in
                   2009 would be a better year for the large       the passenger vehicle category, while
                   displacement engines, right? Nope. The          smaller four-cylinder engines, those below
                   numbers show yet another decline. The           2.0 liters, saw a slight decline.
                   latest data is in and, in the car segment;
                   the four-cylinder has become the engine of
                   choice.                                         There was a time when owners bragged
                                                                   about their powerful V8 engine, but now
                   At 61.9 percent of total passenger car          the numbers show that most are content
                   sales, the once lowly four-cylinder is now      with just the lowly four-banger.
                   on top by a wide margin. Compared to

           CAR   NEWS
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         Technological Challenges Loom
             for Auto Repair Shops
 Automotive service technicians and me-           would require automakers “to provide the
 chanics around the country face an uphill        same service information and tools to inde-
 battle in 2010, as proposed legislation over     pendent auto and maintenance shops, as
 technological upgrades in auto manufactur-       well as to consumers, that the automaker
 ing and its effect on car repairs is provoking   dealership service centers receive.” The
 a battle between car manufacturers and auto      Right to Repair Act essentially would pro-
 repair shops.                                    tect car owners and drivers by allowing
 “What’s changed significantly in the last        them to completely own the repair informa-          No longer are
 few years in how cars are built – technologi-    tion when they purchase their vehicles, new          repairs on
 cal advancements in automobile manufac-          or used, so that they can choose where, how
 turing means that car sections are now geo-      and by whom they have their vehicles re-
                                                                                                         just the
 metrically connected,” says Chris Greulich,      paired.                                              front, back
 who owns Greulich’s Automotive, a full-          But automakers are opposed to such a meas-           and sides.
 service multi location auto repair business      ure, claiming it steals their intellectual prop-      Front end
 based in Scottsdale, Ariz. “No longer are        erty rights. But a consumer rights group
 repairs on just the front, back and sides.       called the Right to Repair Coalition asserts         collisions,
 Front end collisions, for example, can bring     that “Most car owners would be surprised to         for example,
 about damage to back end systems, purely         learn that they are increasingly losing con-          can bring
 because of the way cars are now being            trol over who can diagnose and service their
 built.”                                          car. By using computerized components in
                                                  virtually every aspect of the car, auto manu-        damage to
                                                  facturers are systematically acquiring a far          back end
 And that’s got Greulich and other auto re-       greater say in who repairs your car than you          systems,
 pair industry leaders concerned about the        have.”
 changes in their businesses. As new vehi-        A new study conducted by John Dunham
 cles continue to get more ever more ad-          and Associates for the Automotive After-             because of
 vanced with multiple computers controlling       market Industry Association (AAIA) and              the way cars
 everything from the brakes to the steering       the Coalition for Auto Repair Equality                 are now
 wheel, automakers hold the upper hand in         (CARE) shows that consumers greatly
 determining eventual vehicle problems.           benefit from a competitive vehicle repair            being built.
 When auto mechanics need to repair a part,       marketplace. According to the study, inde-
 that usually requires reprogramming the          pendent auto repair shops save American
 computers — a difficult task without the         consumers nearly $26 billion annually or
 software codes or diagrams of the vehicle's      $360 per family. The data is available not
 electrical wires. For instance, some of the      only by state, but by congressional district,
 newer hybrid vehicles are virtual computers      and       can       be       viewed           at
 on wheels. The Prius, for instance, has 14
 computer systems in it.                          According to First Research, about 70 per-
 And for mechanics, keeping up with tech-         cent of industry revenue comes from me-
 nology is now mandatory to auto repair.          chanical repair and 30 percent from colli-
 And that means auto shops must continue to       sion repair. Mechanical jobs include repairs
 invest precious dollars to get the right tools   to mufflers and exhausts, transmissions,
 and online manuals for each model.               brakes, and shock absorbers, or in so-called
 Under discussion now in the U.S. House of        "underhood" systems (engines, electrical
 Representatives, the Right to Repair Act
                                                                           Continued on Page 10

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                               The Secretary Says...
                  Continued from page 5
                                                                   contacted Autonet TV, and we can also
                 collectively afford to have the CAR web-          have professional videos for information on
                 site ranked in the top of the search engines      car maintenance and repairs, etc.
                 where people will find us. Even if you have
    “The         a sponsored link now, this will be another        The possibilities are endless. This will
 possibilities   place for potential customers to find you         without a doubt increase your visibility on
                 without going through hundreds of other           the web. We haven’t worked out the exact
     are         listings to find your shop. On the front          cost yet, but we believe we can get this
  endless.”      page of the site will be “CONTACT A               done at a really inexpensive rate to shops
                 SHOP” on the top of the tool bar. After a         who want to participate. The more shops
                 customer clicks this, they will come to a         that participate, the less expensive this will
                 page with zip codes listed that are closest to    become. You will probably receive an
                 them. When they click on a zip code, shops        email from Marta in the near future I urge
                 that are in or closest to that zip code will      to look at this and participate. MOST PEO-
                 pop up. A map showing where that shop is          PLE DON’T USE YELLOW PAGES
                 located will appear, and there will be a          ANYMORE!!! This website will cost pen-
                 place for a picture or video (you choose).        nies on the dollar for acquisition marketing
                 There will be the normal information like         and be a lot less work. If you are interested
                 business name, address, telephone number          contact Mike Ingle 301-390-0900 ext 101.
                 and your website address that will link           I honestly believe this kind of co-op adver-
                 them right to your website. We also plan a        tising will help increase car count.
                 place for you to put a short bio or tag line. I

                                 Technological Challenges Loom
                                     for Auto Repair Shops
                 Continued from page 9                             According to "Economic Impact of Fran-
                 systems, radiators).                              chised Businesses: Vol. 2" by Pricewater-
    “More        As the numbers of cars on the road contin-        houseCoopers, (March 2008), the automo-
                 ues to grow, the demand for expert auto re-       tive franchise industry, excluding dealers,
 entry-level     pair is still high, which means job opportu-      generates around $25 billion in sales annu-
 workers will    nities for skilled mechanics, but in a slowed     ally and employs over 175,000 people in
 be needed       down industry. Recent statistics from the         35,600 franchise establishments. The study
                 U.S. Department of Labor shows that em-           also showed that the automotive industry
 to perform      ployment of automotive service technicians        contains more individual franchise compa-
    these        and mechanics is expected to increase by 5        nies than any other franchising segment ex-
  services,      percent between 2008 and 2018, slower             cept food.
 such as oil     than the average for all occupations. The         And as independent auto repairs shops like
                 Labor Department’s “2010-2011 Occupa-             Greulich Brothers Industries continues to
   changes       tional Outlook Handbook” notes                    grow slightly year on year, they face larger
     and         “Continued growth in the number of vehi-          obstacles in the battle with automakers over
  replacing      cles in use in the United States will lead to     technological advancements and customer
     worn        new jobs for workers performing basic car         choice. But Chris Greulich is hopeful that
                 maintenance and repair. More entry-level          the legislation will bring about clarification
   brakes”       workers will be needed to perform these           to its industry challenges. “Let’s figure out
                 services, such as oil changes and replacing       what the rules are – and let’s learn to win by
                 worn brakes.”                                     the rules.”

                                                                                 CAR     NEWS
VOLUME    3,   ISSUE    1                                                                   PAGE   11

   The Ingle Angle
   Continued from page 4                       your customers, your first-rate cus-
                                               tomer service will become the right
   service their vehicle will wound your       “bargain”.
   business tremendously. (That customer
   tells another customer, and so on).         When it comes to the do-it-
                                               yourselfers, we are finding that that         You are
   Why do people keep going back to the        the public is doing their own repairs
   new car dealer? Well, think about it.       less and less. These luxury “all-utility
   Nice waiting rooms with amenities           computer-on-wheels” that we drive          professional”
   like TV, clean restrooms, and free cof-     are, “oh so complicated” to fix, and to    – so be sure
   fee. Knowledgeable techs (public per-       maintain. Each year, because of their         you are
   ception – think Mr. Goodwrench!),           complexities, new vehicles will defi-
   loaner cars or shuttle service, knowl-      nitely need to be serviced at a shop.         ready to
   edgeable service writers, and more –        Why not let that shop be your shop?          take care
   create a package deal that makes cus-       You are “the professional” – so be             of your
   tomers feel more secure about going         sure you are ready to take care of your     customer’s
   back to the dealership. Now take a          customer’s needs.
   look at your business. How can you                                                         needs.
   compete? Other than sprucing up the         Always remember that you are a
   place, one of the best attractions you      member of CAR, and the availability
   have is the ability to have a close rela-   of brotherhood is right at your finger-
   tionship with your customer - better        tips. As an Association, we would be
   than any new car dealership would           happy to help you in any way we can.
   ever dream of. You want that repeat         In addition, our fellow members are
   business? Build that relationship by        always there to help you with any
   investing in your business! (That cus-      thoughts and advice you may need to
   tomer tells another customer, and so        consider changes and or improve-
   on...)                                      ments in your future business.

   And let’s not forget that the quick lube
   stores have done a very good job of
   marketing themselves. I believe they
   have pretty much peaked in their mar-
   ket share - as long as we don’t let
   them go any further. Let’s face it, we
   could all probably put up signs that
   say “we fix $37 oil changes”, or “Do
   you know where your oil plug is?”,
   and the public would know what we
   are talking about. They are fast, but
   they do not retain loyal customers.
   They thrive on “bargain shoppers”,
   but if you build that relationship with

               CAR   NEWS
     PAGE      12

               Want the Best TPMS Relearn Chart
               On the Market? This Is It!
  Forget the competitor’s TPMS relearn information. The TIA Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Relearn Chart serves
  as a valuable, comprehensive, and quick reference guide that technicians can easily navigate through to service any vehicle –
  Foreign AND Domestic –
  equipped with TPMS.

  Your organization won’t
  want to be without one! It
  will save you time and
  money the first time you
  use it.

  The TIA Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Relearn Chart is divided into two sections: domestic and imported vehi-
  cles. In each section, vehicles are listed by make, model, and year.

 The TIA TPMS Relearn Chart includes:
 • The type of TPMS, whether direct or indirect.                  • The sensor manufacturer.

 • Three columns of data that indicate when a system relearn • OEM sensor part number, Schrader replacement sensor
   is necessary, i.e. after a change in air pressure, tire rota-   part number, Schrader service pack number, Dill replace-
   tion, or tire/sensor replacement.                               ment sensor part number, Dill kit and band number, Conti-
 • A relearn summary – this includes a reference number            nental replacement sensor part number, and Continental
   that corresponds to the vehicle’s procedure for initiating      kit and band number.
   sensor relearn mode. The vehicle relearns are located in
   the back of the corresponding section, either domestic        • The torque specifications for the sensor nut, torx bolt,
   or import.                                                      worm gear, and lug nuts are listed.

           CAR      NEWS
Order the TIA Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Relearn Chart Today!
                                    See the back of this flyer for ordering information.
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     WMDA/CAR                                   301.390.0900                  301.390.3161
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     Quantity                                   Member                                  Non-Member
      1-10                                      $85 ea.                                   $185 ea.

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Item Ordered                             Ordered                Price                         Cost

TIA Tire Pressure Monitoring System
(TPMS) Relearn Chart                     __________        x    __________         =          __________

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     Phone: 301-390-0900
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