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									Jose R. Yamamoto (Rick)
8215 Little River Turnpike, Annandale VA 22003
Phone: 703-386-6388 E-mail:
Dec 6th 2008

Dear Gentleman or Madam:

I hold a great deal of interest in attaining at this position that may help advance my standing for
future opportunities. I believe that a strong management experience, coupled with technical skills
and a personal aptitude, make me of value to your team.

I will take advantage of the opportunity to mention some of the skills that I bring support with:
Technology skills:
    1) Advanced proficiency with Office productivity tools like MS-Word including mail-merge,
         MS PowerPoint, MS Excel including macros, MS Access, Outlook, Outlook Express, MS
         Publisher, Lotus SmartSuite, Adobe Acrobat, and Internet Explorer.
    2) Advanced knowledge with Graphics Design programs including Corel Draw, Photoshop,
         and Macromedia.
    3) Advanced proficiency with Web page design and programming including HTML, CSS,
         JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, jpeg formats, and gif design.
    4) Advanced proficiency with E-Mass Mailing Campaigns, Email security including virus
         protection on server and clients' sides, spam protection and avoidance, and spam protocols
         and laws. Email recipient list creation (data acquisition), maintenance and management
         (Opt-out lists).
    5) Advanced Proficiency with Bulk Mail, Mass Mail of post campaigns including the use of
         US POSTAL SERVICE approved and certified Mailing Sorting software.
    6) Acceptable programming skills with C, Java, My-SQL, SQL, Visual-Basic, JavaScript,
         VBScript, and Excel Macros; and the ability to adapt very fast to any PC programming
         language and to bring you control of any existing PC program.
    7) Local Networks administration, Mail Servers administration, Domain Servers
         administration, Web Servers administration. Workstation configuration &
         Troubleshooting, storage solutions. Development, Security & Maintenance of computer’s
    8) Advanced proficiency in preventive and corrective maintenance of PCs hardware and
         software including troubleshooting, assemble of PCs, and parts of last technology.
    9) Knowledge of Programming and maintenance of office multi-line/multiplex (pbx) phone
    10) Advanced proficiency with Office’s hardware & equipment including faxes, scanners,
         printers, labelers, mass mail printers, modems, networking, including the ability to train
         people in the use of existing and new offices’ equipment, troubleshoot any hardware
         problem including repair & maintenance (Remote management and troubleshooting).
    11) Advanced proficiency with Popular PC Operating Systems like DOS, Mac, Windows 95,
         Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows
         Vista including Knowledge of Exchange Server, IIS, SQL Server, Apache, Merak Mail

Management skills:
   1) Management skills including the performance of company policies for fundraising, staff
      management, project planning, and budgeting; the development of strategies,
      implementing operations, risk planning, and budget variances.
   2) Strategic planning skills, intensely self-organized and the ability to help organizing others.
      Strong ability to communicate, energizes, and motivates individuals of all levels to achieve
      the organization goals by setting high standards and getting workforce to respond to their
      particular goals.
   3) Budget skills including assisting in the analysis and process of budgets and the submission
      of reports on a recurring basis; providing planning, scheduling, networking and
      coordination assistance to the organization.
   4) Adaptability skills including helping in the identification of changes in the work scope and
      proposing appropriate planning measures with minimal impact on cost.
   5) Logistic skills supervising the completion of departments' goals in adherence to timelines,
      track milestones, and timelines across projects and reporting the results to the superiors.
   6) Engineering skills including the proposal of business processes reengineering, assessment
      of current transactions, identification of potential methods of improvement, areas of cost
      savings, and added synergies; controlling operating costs by improving productivity.
   7) Financial skills including preparing analysis reports of past and present financial
      statements and formulating assumption for projected growth exceeding financial
      performance objectives; proposing of company’s important acquisitions, investments and
      new ventures.
   8) Human resource skills including helping in the reduction of labor costs through cross
      training and developed programs to improve team's efficiency. Redesigning and
      developing a defined and clear planned team oriented organization hierarchy saving time
      and reducing iteration stress between the personal. Introducing company-wide cross-
      training program with web-based support, reducing labor costs.
   9) Organization skills including developing new systems, policies and business processes.
      Installing new controls and workflow systems, turning around profitability and saving

Personal Skills:
   1) Problem solver skills. A natural problem solver whose primary concern is to implement
      the best feasible solution on every situation. Including Negotiation skills to get high
      expectation results on difficult situations like high steaks/high relationship.
   2) Superb analytical and logical skills developed in years of problem solving situations.
   3) Bilingual English / Fluent Spanish, verbal and written communication.
   4) Self-motivate, Overcoming obstacles and challenges with optimistic motivation, and solid
      communication among clients, team members, and directors. I have demonstrated self-
      motivation, discipline and capability of operating effectively in a challenging work
      environment that is dedicated to a high level of quality and success. Exercises exceptional
      judgment and works well independently or as part of a team
   5) Problem identifies skills including a superb ability to identify, focus, and execute missions
      on critical priorities.
   6) Redaction skills letter accordingly with the circumstances. Some Advertise redacting
   7) Support skills including knowledge of help desk information, and training of employees.
   8) Tax preparation skills including detailed work paper files for verification of tax return
      information by IRS, 1099's, W2's.

  1) Advanced proficiency in Real Estate Office's Management and administration.
  2) Advanced proficiency in Virginia, Maryland and Florida real estate laws, and regulations
     including offers, contracts, escrow disputes, etc.
  3) Real Estate Brokerage goals implementations including playing a key role in dramatic
     growth in the number of associates of a real estate Firm from 23 to more than 160
     associates in less than two years(in a 2 years planned time frame for a 150 agents goal).
  4) Real Estate brokerage management including escrow management and monthly
     reconciliations, contracts reviews and records keeping.
  5) Human resources management including design, create, maintenance and management
     agents accounts including emails address, phone extension numbers, zip-form online
     accounts, local domain accounts, realtors websites and public domain accounts.
  6) Liability reduction skills including improvements on legal liability by defining clear
     methods and control over transactions, and establish flexible policies. Improvements
     reduced legal liability defining clear methods and control over transactions. Developed
     new procedures and modified training to ensure compliance. Results were fewer errors,
     improved response time and increased customer satisfaction rates.
  7) Advanced knowledge of the Assets disposition market & guidelines, properties
     preservation, MSRs, BPOs, Asset Managers services. Worked listing properties for
     disposition companies like Owen REO(Chase), PAS Reo, American Home Mortgage
     Servicing, Banker Asset Manager, First American Reo Servicing, M.D. Webb Inc, Single
     Source Property Solutions and Financing Companies like IndyMac, Green River Capitals,
     Gmac Mortgages, Land America, and others.

I would very much like the opportunity to discuss how my experience can be utilized as a team
member in your organization.
Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speak to you soon


Jose R. Yamamoto

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