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									Making an Illustrated Dictionary with Geographic Terms

OVERVIEW: Students do not realize a complete understanding of new geographical terms by simply writing out a definition for each word in a list. GRADE LEVEL AND SUBJECT: Appropriate for grades 5-8 and may be used for all Social Studies' curriculums. PURPOSE: The purpose of this activity is to acquaint students, through left and right brain activities, with the new geographic terms that will be used during the course of study. If the activity is used in the beginning of the school year, it can be used as an "icebreaker" activity and to promote cooperative learning methods in the classroom. OBJECTIVES: As a result of this activity, the student will be able to apply geographic terms in describing and understanding the specific places of study in the world. RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Student dictionaries, glossary in Social Studies book, printed list of terms, paper, markers, colored pencils, book binder (optional, but students become more excited when they can produce a book of their own). An example I use is GEOGRAPHY FROM A TO Z by Jack Knowlton, Thomas Y. Crowell, N.Y., 1988. ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES: Students will work in small groups (2-4) to produce an illustrated dictionary of specific geographic terms. Each student should have their own finished copy (either by a copier or each student makes enough copies of their pages for everyone in their group). Be sure to have each group share their finished products with the rest of the class. TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: Students will have a personal copy of their illustrated dictionary to use during the year. Combining illustrations with written definitions of a word enhances the ability of the student to apply these terms to their studies.

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