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									How To Earn Commendable Marks In Fourth Grade GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: (4) General Rules OVERVIEW: This sheet, along with several others explaining the year's program, is given to students at the beginning of the school year. The teacher and students discuss each item. Students are encouraged to ask for clarification of any item. A copy is sent home to parents. Teachers that make their policies and practices well known and consistent will find that they have few problems when it becomes necessary to discipline students. Parents will support your efforts when they are aware of your desire for complete fairness in dealing with students.

HOW TO EARN COMMENDABLE MARKS IN FOURTH GRADE Welcome to fourth grade! By following a few simple rules and always doing your best, it is possible that YOU can become a commendable student. Please read this and other papers carefully and be sure to ask questions about anything you may not understand. Good Luck! RULES 1. No toys allowed in class! A toy is ANYTHING played with at times when you should be doing something else. anything taken from a student will not be returned unless requested personally by a parent. all sports equipment is to be kept in the P.E. closet or at the coat rack. 2. Every student must be able to learn at all times. If you do anything which stops you or anyone else from learning, you will be disciplined. 3. The teacher must be allowed to teach at all times. If you do anything to stop the teacher from teaching, you will be disciplined. 4. All school rules will be obeyed including directions and discipline by other teachers and staff. 5. A person's personal property is to be respected at all

times. 6. If you believe you have been treated unfairly, please speak to the teacher and efforts will be made to resolve the problem. DISCIPLINE First Offense: Verbal warning or name on the board. Second Offense: 5 minutes after school with appropriate duties. Third Offense: 15 minutes after school and a call to parents. In rare cases a parent may need to come to school or the principal may need to be involved in severe problems. Parents will always be notified in such cases. GRADING All grades will be based on percentages and whether the student completed the assigned task. I will try to be as fair as possible. Always do your best work. If you do not understand directions or have a problem with an assignment, please ask for help. Your Fourth Grade Teacher

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