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									FLEXIBLE THINKING-SQUIGGLE ART GRADE LEVEL/SUBJECT: K - 5 PURPOSE: It is very difficult for some students to be flexible thinkers. They feel stifled in the creative mode due to various messages they have received from parents, teachers, peers and, even themselves. The purpose of this activity is to create an atmosphere and a feeling of success in creativity. OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to: 1. Demonstrate flexible thinking using their drawings. 2. Feel more comfortable with their creativity. 3. Continue honing their brainstorming skills. RESOURCES/MATERIALS: White Paper (8 1/2 x 11), White Paper (12 x 18), Crayons, Pens, or Colored Pencils, Overhead Projector and appropriate pens, or a chalkboard ACTIVITIES AND PROCEDURES: 1. Put a "squiggle" on the overhead. Have the children look at that line and brainstorm what they see in the squiggle. After a few minutes of this activity, have one of the children come up and draw his/her idea on the overhead. The drawing has to include the squiggle. Repeat activity a few times until you see that the children are ready to do this on their own. 2. Pass out a piece of paper that has a squiggle on it (the same for each child). Give the children about 10 minutes to "create" their drawing. Encourage the children to turn the paper around for different perspectives. Remember that white space should be limited. 3. Pass out 12 x 18 paper and have the children divide it into six parts. Have them draw a simple squiggle in each section. Then, they are to look at the squiggles for similarities. Each can find a theme for their squiggles and draw pictures in each section. They could write stories for the six pictures or label them (younger children). TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: 1. By not "putting down" children for their ideas, you model the proper way for creativity to be nurtured. 2. Talking to the children about what went on in the creative mode-flexibility (the ability to look at something in a different way). 3. You show children that everyone can be creative by nurturing an acceptance of varied ideas.

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