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Saint Joseph Hospital of Atlanta


									                                                                          Malpractice                Issues         in Radiology



      Detecting       breast     cancer    in its earliest        stages    can make           a          you. Like on-site         readings      with quick      results.     Physician
      big difference.        And chances          are it’s time for you to get                  a         consultations.        Radiologists        specially   trained      in mammog-
      mammogram.             We encourage          you to take advantage                of     the        raphy.     A reference       library.    Support    groups.      Even mobile
      quality    services      and convenience             found at the Breast                            mammography            services.      And it’s all available          in a warm,
      Health     Center       at Saint Joseph’s          Hospital        of Atlanta      -     a          comfortable                  environment.
      fully accredited         facility   designed        by women,         for women,                       For           more information          or to make     an appointment,
      with a highly trained             medical      staff of all women             who                   please            call 404-851-7470.          The Breast     Health    Center    at
      understand  your unique concerns   and needs.                                                       Saint            Joseph’s   is conveniently       located     at 1-285 and
        The Breast Health    Center knows what’s important                                   to           GA             400.

                                                      t                 Saint Joseph’s



                                                                                                   for a physician
                                                                                                                    is our
                                                                                                                                       of Atlanta


                            Fig. 1-Hospital      advertisement     for mammography.          (Reprinted           with    permission        from Saint Joseph’s   Hospital   of Atlanta)

AJR:173, November       1999                                                                                                                                                                    1163
             American                                                   Roentgen                                                  Ray Society

  Visiting Scientist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
PURPOSE          The American      Roentgen     Ray Society    (ARRS)  will sponsor  a Visiting                                                                                   Scientist  to work                  at the
              Armed  Forces   Institute   of Pathology    (AFIP) for a period of 6 weeks.     The                                                                                 ARRS-appointed                      Visit-
              ing      Scientist            will      register          with       the     American              Red       Cross        at Walter           Reed              Army      Medical             Center          and
              will        have       the status              of a Red             Cross         volunteer           while            at the AFIP.                The          ARRS-appointed                        visiting
              scientist            will      serve          in a teaching                and     clinical          and      research           position           to further            the     commitment                     of
              the ARRS                to radiology                  education.              This       position           will enhance                the radiologist’s                      study       of a focused
              area        of pathology                  while         adding         support           to the education                      of radiologists                   attending          the Radiologic
              Pathology               courses               at the AFIP              and       those         at the radiologist’s                     home             institution.            The       educational
              role of the scientist’s                         material            will be considered                       for inclusion                in future             AFIP      courses.

                     This        program             is meant            develop            a strong          relationship                 between          the        ARRS           and      the     AFIP          and       to
              continue             the strong               commitment                   of the ARRS                to radiologic               education.

COMMITMENT           The      radiologist               selected          will spend              6 weeks at the AFIP,                          developing     a lecture in a focused       area
              of radiologic-pathologic                                  correlation              using the radiologic,                          gross pathologic,       and histopathologic
              material at the AFIP and the material    from the radiologist’s    own collection.     The time                                                                                               spent      at the
              AFIP should lead to teaching  materials,     publications,   and an opportunity    for intellectual                                                                                              enhance-
              ment          for the individual.

SUPPORT          The ARRS will provide       the recipient                                            with a stipend                  of up to $ I 0,000, to cover the cost of rental
              of living quarters, food, transportation,                                              and incidental                  costs for the 6-week    period.  Limited photo-
              graphic            support           will      be available                to the scientist                 while       at the AFIP.

SELECTiON            Applicants               shall         submit         their         curriculum               vitae        and     a proposal                for      their       plan      of study,             not      to
             exceed four pages.    The                               plan of study                 should enhance                     the educational      and research   mission   of the
             AFIP and the correlation                                  of radiology                 and pathology                     through    the utilization    and development      of
              the material                 in the archives                of the AFIP                to further            a course           of educational                   development                  by the can-
             didate. Persons    at any stage of their                                           career are encouraged                           to apply, but preference                              will be given
             to established  academic    radiologists.                                           An ARRS Visiting                            Scientist   will be appointed                            each year.

                     Applicants               will be selected                    by the Research                   Committee                 of the ARRS,                    with     input         from      the AFIP
              staff.        On      selection,              the      individual             must       register           as      a volunteer             with          the     American              Red       Cross          at
              Walter          Reed          Army            Medical            Center          and enter           into a Visiting               Scientist              agreement              with      the AFIP.

                     The      ARRS-appointed                          visiting           scientist          will participate                 in one of the AFIP’s                        Radiologic                 Pathol-
AFIP          ogy      courses             and       will     deliver           at least       one     lecture           during        the     course        occurring                at the      time        of the        fel-
TEACHING      lowship.              The       ARRS-appointed                         Visiting          Scientist            may        be called          upon          to participate                in subsequent
COMMITMENT    AFIP          courses.

                     Participation                 as the ARRS-appointed                               Visiting            Scientist           does       not exclude                 the possibility                 of the
              individual              participating                 in the AFIP                Distinguished                   Scientist        program.

                     Please         submit           8 copies           of your           application             to:

                     C. Leon              Partain,          M.D.,        Ph.D.
                     Chair, Research   Committee
                     Artn: Susan Roberts,   Director                                     of Educational                  Programs
                     American               Roentgen              Ray      Society
                     44211         Slatestone                Court
                     Leesburg,              VA         20176-5109

                     Application                 Deadline:              April       14, 2000

                                                                                            #{149}!           .1


            I           >            ;

                        .                      -#{149}#{149}


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 .         :    -

      ‘.                    .            .1


     :.                     .
                                                                                            I         VISA          I   MasterCard     I   AmEx   I   Check   Enclosed

                                                                    ,              ,   :
                            .                                                 44            Card#____

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I       - --

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -   .



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                            /             Think                                  what                            you’d                       gaiby                                    givin

                                  k           your                           technologists                                                           a       free                      hand.


          Are       \I)Ur       technologists’                      hands         tied      b      equipment              that     slows      them         down?        And       what
can       volt      do about                  it? Nearly            70%         ofX-ravs           are     made       at a Buck%             we    give     special       attention
to     the       ergonomic                    aspects         of      this      system.         Control           units        operated       one-handed.                A display
that         eliminates               trips       to    the        generator.
          Fitting           a digital           flat patiet           detector            brings      additional            advantages:           a fully         integrated          cas-                    PHILIPS

                                                        system          with       excellent             image      quality,         which        can      keep       up with          the
          Its one            wa         in which              Philips            Medical           Systems          is working             with      you     to meet            today’s
changing               healthcare                 needs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ld                        li_       b&ie

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            wTf                                                                                 .‘
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                         READING                                    TIME                                                                                                            EAD                    ING                   TIME


                                                        #{149}sc                                                                                                                                            #{149}40

                                                                                                                                                                 decrease          reading time significantly,                           and may           avoid            the
                                                                                                                                                                                         need for additional                          views.

                                         THE                    BEEKLEY                                                SKIN                         MARKING                                             SYSTEM.
                                         BECAUSE                                  WHILE                                        YOU’RE                                      SAVING                                      LIVES,
                                               YOU                   COULD                                         ALSO                               BE              SAVING                                  TIME.

The      Beekley              Skin       Marking        System        offers      radiologists                         a                            0                                   E                                                                                   0
                                                                                                                                       Beekicy        N-Spots                Beeklev      A.Spots                    Bee/do’        S-Spot?                      Beekiev          0-Spot?
simple      and              effective        way    to identify       nipples,        palpable
                                                                                                                                             thou       nipple               indicate     palpable                  identifi’    scarsfrom                  show       raised        mole or
n-iasses,         surgical            scars    and     raised      moles,      so reading                       film                           location                    mass    area     ofconcern                previous         surgert                      nei’us      present

is faster         and          more      accurate.                                                                                 Beekiev       A-Spot?,        S-Spot?     and    0-Spot?         are available         as both       opaque      and    see-through              markers.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           md         unmistakable                    image              on

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ic. A line             could      only            indicate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1;   and       a solid         dot,       a nipple.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         i’N        MARKING                           SYSTEM

(C   (Q          ))jt               I
Valve     Tech   ,j     010(1   y       ‘   VaScliIar A ccess catheters

                                                                                     wuy       Pt.e.sstu-t’

                                                                          .   ::‘    ‘-    ‘   (Octt,         and    improves

It’s aamp:!
                      CE!                                       ons
                                                              3598 WEST 1820 SOUTH                SALT
                                                                                               #{149}    LAKE CITY. UTAH 84104-4959
                                                        PHONE (801) 954-8444        TOLL FREE (800) 418-2828          FAX
                                                                                                                    #{149} (801) 954-8484

Advanced                  MRVisiting                 Fellowship              for               phia, PA. As MRI                   techniques  and technology                        liot K. Fishman.                 Categoty             1 credit             21 hr. Fees:
Physicians                                                                                     continue to evolve,               there is a growing need for                        $575 for physicians,                      $500 for residents,                   fellows,
       The       University               of     Pennsylvania                Medical          physicians  cing       MRI to keep up with these                                      and technologists.                   For further           information,           contact
Center          will     sponsor          the Advanced              MR Visiting               rapid changes.   In order to optimally apply this                                     the Office            of Continuing                Education,              Johns Hop-
Fellowship               for Physicians,                 Dec.      6-10,        at the        modality          clinically,        an understanding                   of     MR     kim        University           School         of Medicine;                 telephone:
University               of     Pennsylvania            Medical   Center,                     physics,        techniques,          and        hardware        is of         great   (410)        955-2959;               fax: (410)            955-0807;            e-mail:
Philadelphia,                 PA. The            advanced fellowship     is                   value.      This 3-day curse                 is designed         to provide ;                      Web:
designed for those with more than 6 months of                                                 physicians         who currently             use MRI           with the sci-
hands-on experience in MRI. It places particular                                              entific     background            needed to get the most out of                       I 7th Annual   Masters                             Diagnostic
emphasis    on advanced topics                             such as rapid im-                  their     MRI      scanner.       This      course      will cover basic              Radiology    Conference
aging, including   fast spin-echo                           and vascular im-                  spin physics, MR contrast                     mechanisms,    standard                        The Dept             ofRadiology              and Continuing                 Med-
aging        and their applications                     in the various             organ      and high-speed   pulse                      sequences,    echoplanar                  ical Education,               University            ofWashington                  School
systems.          Course         director:          Felix W. Wehrli.               Cate-      pulse sequences,              novel contrast mechanisms                       such    of Medicine,                will sponsor the 17th Annual Mas-
gory         1 credit:        40 hr. Fee: $1600.                  For further in-             as MTI,         perfusion,        and diffusion,           and MR hard-               tel’s Diagnostic             Radiology  Conference, Feb 21-25,
formation,             contact          Melissa Zajdel,            University           of    ware.       Specific       emphasis          will be placed             on fast       2000,         at the          Hyatt        Regency                 Maui,       Lahaina,
Pennsylvania                  Medical          Center      (Radiology);             ide-      MRI        techniques         and high-performance                   gradient         Maui,        HI.     Program           director:          AlbertA.          Moss.       For
phone:          (215)      662-7825;             fax: (215) 349-5925.                         systems. Course director                      Robert E. LenkinSki.                    further          information,            contact           International            Meet-
                                                                                              Category 1 credit: TBD.                      Fee: $900. For further                   ing Managers,                 Inc.; telephone:                 (713)        965-0566;
Cardiac            andVascular     MR Visiting                                                information,           contact      Melissa          Zajdel,     University           fax: (713) 960-0488;                     e-mail: 
Fellowship            for Physicians                                                          of Pennsylvania                 Medical          Center        (Radiology);
       The       University              of      Pennsylvania                Medical          telephone: (215) 662-7825;                      fax: (215) 349-5925.                  Radiology               in the Desert
Center          will sponsor Cardiac                      and Vascular               MR                                                                                                    The         University            of        Michigan                Continuing
Visiting          Fellowship               for      Physicians,          Jan.        31-      Current           Concepts            in Women’s                Imaging               Medical            Education            will       sponsor            Radiology            in
Feb. 4 and May                    15-19, 2000 at the University                                 The Dept. of Radiology of Duke University                                           the Desert,   Feb. 22-26,                             2000, at Marriott’s
of Pennsylvania                   Medical   Center, Philadelphia,                             Medical Center will sponsor Cunent Concepts                                           Camelback    Inn, Resort                            and Spa, Scottsdale,
PA. The cardiac                   and vascular fellowship is de-                              in Women’s             Imaging,          Feb.     14-18,       2000,         at El    AZ.. For more information,                             contact Joyce Rob-
signed          to provide         insight          into the physical               pm-       Conquistador     Resort and Country   Club, Las                                       ertson,Registrar;                  telephone: (734) 763-1400                               or
ciples of magnetic resonance, specifically as it                                              Croabas,   Puerto Rico. This 5-day postgraduate                                       (800) 800-0666;                  fax: (734) 936-1641.
relates to cardiovascular imaging as well as an                                               course       is designed           to update          participants            in a
overview           ofthe        range       ofpractical           clinical      appli-        number of the newer                   imaging         modalities             in di-   Imaging             2000: Protocols  and Procedures
cations.         It includes            an introduction             to the princi-            agnostic        radiology         as well as review              the role of          to Meet             the New Standards    of Practice
ples       of     MRI,           instrumentation,                  and    contrast            conventional           imaging        in relation          to the new im-                 The University                   ofWconsth                 will sponsor             Im-
phenomenology.                     It     further       introduces            cardiac         aging modalities.                Program director: Richard A.                         aging 2000: Protocols and Procedures to Meet
and vascular imaging                      strategies and methods for                          Leder. Category                 1 credit: 22.25 hr. Fees: $650                        the New Standards  ofPrnctice, Feb. 27-March 3,
imaging of function                      and morphology   of the car-                         prior to Dec. 24, 1999; $700 after Dec. 24,                                           2000,        at the Mauna                Lani        Bay Resort,               HI. The
diovascular     system,                   MR angiography,        and he-                      1999. For further information, contact Debbie                                         prima:)’  objective of this program       is to describe
modynamic       analysis.                  Finally, it covers a broad                         Sykes;       telephone:           (919)      684-7228;           fax:        (919)    the changes     in imaging     practice  as a result of
range   of applications,                   including   congenital    and                      684-7124;         e-mail:                                new imaging        technology.    A large faculty        se-
ischemic  heart disease, valvular     disease, imag-                                                                                                                                lected       from       national          experts           in clinical        practice
ing of the great and visceral     vessels and inira-                                          Computed               Body Tomography                         2000:                  will discuss           the latest techniques in MR. sonog-
and extracranial                 and peripheral             vascular         disease,         The Cutting             Edge                                                          raphy, and              mammography.        In particular, the
and      MR        venography.                 The clinical          perspective                  Johns Hopkins               University       School of Medicine,                  course will address the applications of fast MR
will be emphasized.     Course director: Leon                                                 DepL ofRadiology,    will sponsor Computed Body                                       imaging  techniques, FLAIR imaging,    and func-
Axel. Category 1 credit: 40 hr. Fee: $1600. For                                               Tomography     2000: The Cutting Edge, Feb. 17-                                       tional       imaging.          Mammography                     and sonography
further          information,               contact         Melissa           Zajdel,         20, 2000, at the DisneyYacht                     and Beach Club Ho-                   sessions           are designed            to review           the standards               of
University               of     Pennsylvania                Medical           Center          tel in Lake Buena Vista, FL. This seminar for the                                     practice         and to facilitate             accreditation.               Attendees
(Radiology);                  telephone:            (215) 662-7825;                  fax:     radiologist will provide a comprehensive  review                                      will acquire           an in-depth             understanding                of current
(215)349-5925.                                                                                ofrecent advances in computed  body tomography                                        imaging         developments                   and will have the oppor-
                                                                                              with some correlation with MRI. Participants will                                     tunity       to review many                    basic imaging   activities.
The ABC’S ofAdvanced                                    MR:                                   have the opportunity               to expand theirknowledge       of                  Prograni chairmen:                       Victor           M.       Haughton             and
A Basic Approach                                                                              the latest concepts               in spiral/helical  CT, thoracic                     Robert M. Quencer.                         Categoty                1 credit:      25      hr.
       The University             of Pennsylvania                 Medical          Cen-       Cr, the value of high resolution                       CT in the chest,               Fees:        $650       before         Nov.         30,      1999;         $675        after
ter will sponsor                the ABC’s            of Advanced              MR: A           the uses ofCT            in the GI tract, clinical              application           Nov.       30,      1999.      For     further        information,              contact
Basic Approach,                  Feb. 14-16, 2000, at the Univer-                             ofmusculoskeletal               CF. interventional             CT, and im-            Mani Carter at (877) 263-6459;                                     fax: (414) 771-
sity     of Pennsylvania                   Medical         Center,         Philadel-          aging      the oncologic          patient       Program        director         El-   9520; e-mail:

AJRcarries announcements  of courses, symposia,                                    and meetings of interestto     its readers if received a minimum of5 monthsbeforethe   event Announcements                                                 appear     concurrently         on
the ARRS World Wide Web site, http//                                    Mail announcements       to ARRS, Ann: S. Claire McConnell, 44211 Slatestone Ct, Leesburg, VA 20176-5109.

1330                                                                                                                                                                                                                               AJR:173, November                       1999
2 I st Annual               Intermountain                       Imaging                       April       5-6,       2000,      at the Crystal                   City      Marriott,            logue        between             registrants           and the faculty                mem-
Conference                                                                                    Arlington,   VA. For further information,      contact                                            bers. Category   1 credit 305 hr. Fees (before
    The Dept. of Radiology,  University                                  of Wash-             the National    Council  on Radiation     Protection;                                             March  9, 2OOYafter March   9, 2000): $7501$800
ington and Loyola University    Chicago                                   will co-            telephone: (301) 657-2652;                                  fax:          (301)      907-         for physicians; $650/$700      for residents and fel-
sponsor          the 21st Annual               Intermountain              Imaging             8768; Web:                                                                          lows. For further information,    contact SCBT/MR
Conference,               March        4-1     1, 2000,         at the Crested                                                                                                                  do Matrix                Meetings,             Inc.; telephone:             (507)      288-
Butte         Mountain           Resort,     Crested         Butte,      CO. This                                                                                                               5620;        e-mail:
                                                                                              Advanced                Radiology               Life Support                  Course
6-day         conference            will focus            on applications                of
CT, MRI,               and ultrasound           in common                and      com-
                                                                                                     The Society            of Computed                 Body Tomography
                                                                                              and Magnetic              Resonance               (SCBT/MR)                 wifi span-            Society            for Pediatric                     Radiology             Annual
plex diagnostic             problems.           Categoiy          1 credit:        27.5
                                                                                              sortheAdvanced                   Radiology             Life Support (ARLS)                        Meeting
hr. Fee:         $675.          For further          information,              contact
Meetings               & Incentives;            telephone:            (888)       473-        Course,        April      9, 2000,         at the Hyatt               Regency,            San            The        Society              for     Pediatric          Radiology             will
 1022, ext. 138; Web:                                                  Diego,        CA.        This course            will be held in conjunc-                          sponsor            its     annual            meeting           April      29-May             6,
                                                                                              tion with the 1\venty-Third     Annual Course of the                                              2000,        Naples,             FL.         This    is a 2-part          course       con-
                                                                                              Society   of Computed        Body Tomography     and                                              sisting of the annual                         meeting          (scientific         papers)
I Ith Asian Pacific                        Congress  of                                       Magnetic    Resonance.     The ARLS course is de-                                                 and the Postgraduate                          Course       (lectures).        Category
Gastroenterology                           and 8th Asian                 Pacific              signed        to focus           on the unique,                   life-threatening                1 credit:          23.25         hr for the meeting,                   13.5 hr for the
Congress                of Digestive                Endoscopy                                 emergencies              that occur           within      a radiology              dept      It   course.            Fees (course/meeting/both):                               nonmem-
       The Hong            Kong       Society         of Gastoenterology                      is designed            to teach        proper      recognition               and treat-           beis,        $375/$604825;                           members,             $300/$400/
and the Hong               Kong       Society        ofDigestive               Endos-         nnt        of contrast         reactions,          proper         use of sedation                 $600; residents   and fellows,     $300/no fee/$300.
copy will cosponsor                    the llthAsian              Pacific         Con-        and analgesic             agents, the proper management                                    of     For further information,    contact Karen Schmitt;
gress        of Gastroenterology                    and 8th Asian              Pacific        an aiiway            in an emeiency                      situation.         and      basic        telephone:               (713)      965-0566;            fax: (713)         9604)488;
Congress           of Digestive              Endoscopy,               March         10-       concepts         in life support              situation&          Videotapes              and     e-rnan:
 14,    2000,          at the      Hong        Kong         Convention             and        bands-on           interactive         clinical        stations        as well as di-
Exhibition             Centre. For further information,      con-                             dactic instruction               are used. Categoy                     1 credit       7 hr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Radiology                  in Jordan
tact the               Conference    Secretariat;    telephone:                               Fee: $285.          Forfurther           infoimalion,             contact          SCBT/
                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Cleveland                   Clinic       Foundation,           in coopera-
(852) 2736 7837; fax: (852) 21 1 1 0132                                    or 2376            MR       do     Maliix         Meetings,           Inc.; telephone:                  (507)
                                                                                                                                                                                                tion with King Hussein    Medical    Center, will
0329; e-mail:                                                             288-5620;           e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                                                                sponsor Radiology in Jordan    April 30-May     5,
                                                                                                                                                                                                2000, in Amman,                          Jordan.    Topics will include
Abdominal      Radiology                        Postgraduate                                  Twenty-Third     Annual   Course  of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                emergency  room                           radiology,      neuroradiology,
Course    2000                                                                                Society    of Computed     Body Tomography
                                                                                                                                                                                                musculoskeletal,                  thoracic, abdominal                     CT, includ-
       The      Society         of Gastrointestinal               Radiologists                and Magnetic     Resonance
                                                                                                                                                                                                ing multislice,                  MR,I, and ultrasound.                    Category    1
and The Society   of Uroradiology                                 will jointly                   The Society of Computed Body Tomography
                                                                                                                                                                                                credit: 30 hr. Fees:                     $825 prior to March 15,200,
sponsor Abdominal     Radiology                                  Postgraduate                 and Magnetic  Resonance   (SCBT/MR) will hold
                                                                                                                                                                                                and $925 thereafter.                      For further information, con-
Course          2000,      March           12-17,      2000,      at the Hyatt                its 23rd annual               course,      April         10-14,         2000,       at the        tact      D. Beatty                Crawford,               M.D.        ; telephone:
Regency           Resort   Kauai, HI. This course will in-                                    Hyatt Regency               in San Diego, CA. The course is a
                                                                                                                                                                                                (800) 659-0872     or (440) 256-1803;                                       fax:      (440)
corporate         all methods of diagnostic   imaging and                                     comprehensive                practical review of state-of-the-                                    256-4607;  e-mail:;                                            Web:
radiologic          intervention    with emphasis    on state-                                art body CT and MRI. The principal focus of the
of-the-art         utilization,  performance,    and interpre-                                course is to evaluate the current status ofCT and
tation. The course                 is designed            primarily       for mdi-            MR,I in the diagnosis  and clinical management  of
ologists   in practice, but will also benefit other                                           patients        with       cardiothomcic,                  abdominal,                geni-        The American                           Board           of Radiology
physicians    who care for patients with abdominal                                            tounnaiy,  and musculoskeletal                                    disorders.  The                 Examinations
disease.        Categoty           I credit:        29 hr. Fees: $750               for       course will address the practical                                 value of estab-                        Written           examinations               for theAmerican                 Board
nonmember                physicians;           $450        for residents           and        lished        imaging          methods            as well              as emerging                ofRadiology(ABR)are     scheduled forSepi    14-15,
fellows;         $225      for members.              For further         informa-             methods.            CT     and         Mill       techniques,               including             2000. Oral board examinations    will be held May
tion,        contact       Karen        Schmitt;           telephone:            (713)        multidetector             and fast scanning                   techniques,             nor-        14-17,           2000,       and May                13-16,        2001,      in Louis-
965-0566;                fax:        (713)           960-0488;                 e-mail:        mal and pathologic                 anatomy,              and pitfalls             in diag-        ville,       KY.         Condition              and CAQ’s              examinations;                     Web:                                         nosis will be discussed     in depth. Didactic and                                                will be held Nov. 7-8, 1999. The ABR will ac-
                                                                                              interactive sessions are planned to meet the edu-                                                 cept applications for admission to the examina-
Thirty-Sixth     Annual   Meeting                               of the                        cational       objectives         ofboth          academic             and nonaca-                tions after July                  1, but not later than                   Sept.       30, in
National     Council   on Radiation                                                           demic         radiologists.            The course registrants                             can     the year preceding the year in which the exami-
Protection     and Measurements                                                               select        focused          areas       of interest    from several                            nation is to be taken. For application  forms and
       The     National           Council       on Radiation                Protec-           workshop-seminar                       sessions,    which    will allow                           further information:  Office of the Executive Di-
tion and Measurements                        will     sponsor         the Thirty-             small group interactions     with the faculty and in-                                             rector, The American                           Board       of Radiology,              5255
Sixth Annual Meeting                         of the National              Council             depth discussions   of selected topics. Ample time                                                E. Williams                Cir., Ste. 3200,                Thcson,        AZ 85711;
on      Radiation           Protection              and      Measurements,                    will     be available             for formal              and         informal        dia-        telephone:               (520)     790-2900;            fax:      (520) 790-3200.

AJR carriesannouncements  of courses, symposia, and meetings of interest to its readers if received a minimum of 5 months before the event                                                                                   Announcements               appear        concurrently      on
the ARRS World Wide Web site, httpi/ Mail announcements     to ARRS, Afln: S. Claire McConnell, 44211 Slatestone Ct, Leesburg,                                                                                  VA 20176-5109.

1340                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                AJR:173, November                  1999
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    Editor’s          Notebook                                                                               Vascular             and    Interventional                Radiology
U       Alternative           diagnoses:       the story         behind     the helical      CT story.       U   Carbon      dioxide    digital        subtraction         angiography         for renal artery
                                                                                                                 angioplasty      in high-risk           patients.      CaridiJG,    Stavropoulos SW, Hawkins         lFjr
        Rogers LF
                                                                                                             S   Recanalization         of thrombosed         superficial  femoral  arteries   with a
The         Practice            of Radiology                                                                     hydraulic     thrombectomy          catheter      in a canine model.     Qian Z
.       Malpractice       issues in radiology.American             College of Radiology Standard                 Wholey M, Ferral H, et a!.
        of Communication.         Cascade PN, Berlin L                                                       .   Technical      innovation.     Quantification     of hemodynamic  improvement     after
U       Perspective.       Introduction     to clinical prediction     rules for radiologists.                   superficial       femoral artery angioplasty by cine phase-contrast                 MR angiography.
        Tigges S, Pins S                                                                                         Forster BB,Johnstone         RD. Shannon HM, et a!.
.       Trends    in the use of unenhanced              helical CT performed            for acute            .   Sonographically    guided compression       repair                       of pseudoaneurysms:
        urinary    colic. Chen MYM, Zagoria RJ, Saunders HS, Dyer RB                                             further experience     from a single institution.                         Eisenberg L Paulson EK,
U       Noninterpretive           skills for radiology      residents.An       introduction.                     Kliewer MA, Hudson           MP DeLong DM, Carroll BA
        Alderson P0
                                                                                                             Pediatric            Imaging
.       Noninterpretive               skills for radiology           residents.Job        search and
        contracting        issues in radiology.       CoIlinsj                                               a   Review. X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy        in pediatric patients: review of
                                                                                                                 genetic. clinical, and MR imaging characteristics. Melhem ER, Barker PB,
Neuroradiology                                                                                                   Raymond          GV Moser    HW
.       Review. Diffusion-weighted        MR imaging in acute stroke: theoretic                              U   Original    report.  Children with congenital   pulmonary                     Iymphangiectasia:
        considerations    and clinical applications. PmvenzaleJM,     Sorensen AG                                after infancy. Chung CJ, Fordham LA, Barker P. Cooper LL
U       MR angiography         as a screening     tool for intracranial      aneurysms:                      U   Correlation            between      findings        on chest radiography           and survival           in
        feasibility,  test characteristics,      and interobserver       agreement.                              neonates           with congenital     diaphragmatic                hernia.   Donnelly    LF Sakurai M,
        Raaymakers     TW. RinkeI q.AIgraA, et a).                                                               Kiosterman         LA, Delong DM, StrifeJL
U       MR imaging        of the brain: findings     in asymptomatic         patients    with                .   Pictorial         essay.Abnormalities          of the chest wall in pediatric        patients.
        l-thalassemia       and sickle cell/)-thalassemia.         Manfre L Giarratano E                         Donnelly      LF Frush OP
        Maggio A, Banco A, Vaccaro G, Lagalla R
.       CT of the brain: a comparison            between    transportable        and fixed
                                                                                                             Chest        Imaging
        platform      scanners. Mayo-Smith WW, Davis LM, Clements NC, Cobb CM,                               .   Sonography       compared    with radiography    in revealing   acute rib
        SmithWj,Tung     GA                                                                                      fracture. GriffithJF RainerTH, ChingAS, Law K!., Cocks RA, Metreweli C
.       Pictorial     essay. CT and MR imaging of neurocysticercosis. Noujaim SE,                            S   Helical       CT of traumatic           diaphragmatic              rupture    secondary      to blunt
        Rossi MD, Rao 5K, cc a!.                                                                                 trauma.        Killeen KL Mirvis      SE, Shanmuganathan             K
.       Case report.Assessment         of cerebral microcirculation      in hypertensive                     U   Respiratory            bronchiolitis,         respiratory   bronchiolitis-associated
        encephalopathy using MR perfusion imaging. Engefter ST PetreIIaJR,A!berts             MJ,                interstitial         lung disease,         and desquamative        interstitial
        Provenzale JM                                                                                            pneumonia:             different      entities     or part of the spectrum         of the same
.       Case     report.       Diffuse     cerebral   vasculitis     with   normal   brain   MR imaging.         disease          process? Heyneman LE,Ward 5, Lynch DA, Remy-Jardin M,Johkoh T
        lmbesi SC                                                                                                Muller      NL
                                                                                                             N   High-resolution             CT    findings     of diffuse     bronchioloalveolar
Head           and      Neck          Imaging
                                                                                                                 carcinoma   in 38 patients.Akira    M,Atagi 5, Kawahara M, luchi K,Johkoh T
U       A  prospective     comparative      study of MR sialography       and                                U   Pictorial essay.Thoracic manifestations     of neurofibromatosis-l. Rossi SE,
        conventional     sialography     in the evaluation    of patients   with salivary                        ErasmusJJ, McAdams            HP, Donnelly      LF
        duct disease.VargheseJC.Thornton        F Lucey BC,Walsh M, Farrell MA, Lee MJ                       .   Original report. Pulmonary tuberculosis   in patients with systemic                              lupus
I       Surveillance      CT and the prompt          use of CT-guided    fine-needle                             erythematosus. Kim HY, lmJ, GooJM, LeeJK, SongJW, Kim 5K
        aspiration    in patients      with head and neck cancer who have
        undergone       surgery.    Som PM, Silvers AR, Urken ML                                             Breast         Imaging
I       Trauma     case from the Medical           Center   of Delaware.    Pneumocephalus
                                                                                                             .   Mammographic        determination       of breast volume:    comparing
        and Brown-Sequard        neurologic  injury caused by a stab wound to the neck.
                                                                                                                 different  methods.    Kalbhen CL, McGillJJ, Fendley PM, Corrigan KW,AngelatsJ
        Uppot RN, Gheyi VK. Gould SW, Ito H
                                                                                                             .   Effect of age and breast density        on the incidence    of false-positive
Gastrointestinal                         Imaging                                                                 screening    mammograms.          Lehman CD,White E, Peacock 5, Drucker MJ,
                                                                                                                 Urban N
.       Teardrop           superior       mesenteric     vein: CT sign for unresectable
        carcinoma            of the      pancreas.   Hough TJ, Raptopoulos V. Siewert B, MatthewsJB
                                                                                                             a   Focal fibrosis: a common        breast lesion diagnosed      at imaging-
                                                                                                                 guided core biopsy. Rosen EL, Soo MS. Bentley RC
U       Adenocarcinoma            of the head of the pancreas:     determination      of
        surgical    unresectability      with thin-section pancreatic      phase helical
                                                                                                             Musculoskeletal                  Imaging
        CT. O’Malley ME, Boland GW,Wood BJ, Castillo CF,WarshawAL,         Mueller PR
U       Evaluation      of the pancreas:     a comparison   of single thick-slice     MR                     U   Perspective.      Compartmental        anatomy: relevance to staging and biopsy of
        cholangiopancreatography             with multiple thin-slice    volume                                  musculoskeletal       tumors.Anderson     MW,Temple      HT Dussault RG, Kaplan PA
        reconstruction        MR cholangiopancreatography.          Masui T,Takehara Y,                      .   Conventional          radiography,     CT, and MR imaging          in patients       with
        lcho K, et a!.                                                                                           hyperfiexion        injuries   of the foot: diagnostic       accuracy        in the
                                                                                                                 detection      of bony and ligamentous             changes. Preidler KW, Peicha C,
Hepatobiliary                    Imaging                                                                         Lajtai C, et al.
.       The role of MR cholangiopancreatography             in patients with failed or                       I   Original     report.     Hyperextension     vertebral   body fractures      in diffuse
        inadequate   ERCP.VarghesejC,    Farrell MA. Courtney C, Osborne H, Murray FE,                           idiopathic   skeletal hyperostosis:     a cause of intravertebral     fluidlike collection
        Lee MJ                                                                                                   on MR imaging. Hir PX. Sautet A, Cars LL, et a!.
a       Pancreatic  changes   in primary     sclerosing   cholangitis:  evaluation                           U   Acute osteoporotic           vertebral     collapse:  open study on
        with MR imaging. Ito K. Mitchell DC, Outwater EK                                                         percutaneous        injection     of acrylic surgical     cement   in 20 patients.
.       Percutaneous             biliary drainage  in patients   with nondilated                                 Cyteval C, Sarrabere MP. RouxJO, et aL
        intrahepatic           bile ducts. Funaki B, Zaleski CX, Straus CA, et a!.                           U   Imaging    features      of primary      lymphoma       of bone. Mulligan ME,
.       Pictorial essay. MR imaging findings in recurrent                        pyogenic     cholangitis.       McRae GA. Murphey MD
        Kim M, Cha 5, Mitchell DC, ChungJ, Park 5, ChungJB                                                   U   Pictorial   essay. Imaging findings in tumors        of the sacrum. Disler DC, Mikiic                          0

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