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									                            What Are We Selling?

       While going through the MTQ process, I noted a few statements that
struck a familiar chord. About the middle of last year, I heard some comments
about what we offer here for sale at Mr. Sandless that were, well, flat out wrong.
To combat these inaccuracies, I designed a Webinar to be able to educate the
franchise locations on exactly what we have to offer. Unfortunately, getting some
of you to attend a Webinar is like having you drink a spoonful of cod liver oil! So I
thought that if a few thought this way, perhaps others did as well, and this lead
me to, well—THIS! So here is the webinar!

                                   Mr. Sandless® CBC

       If you are making this error, don’t worry-you are not alone. When I talked
to Tom of Chester County about his booking percentage, and got down to what
he thought the issue was I realized it didn’t have to do anything other than to
point out the obvious. So what IS the obvious? It is offering up negatives,
rather than positives.

       Let’s say on a referral, you take your car to an auto-mechanic. When you
enter his shop, the mechanic comes out and says this:

“Just so you know, I don’t do transmissions, rear differentials, rebuild carburetors,
or replace head gaskets.”

        Now, if you were an “old school” car guy like me, you would most likely
say something sarcastic like “So what do you do, change oil?” That would be a
“dig” to this “mechanic”—a “shot”. The reason is as an old school guy I rebuilt
carburetors and replaced head gaskets myself. You mean the guy doesn’t know
more than I do? But even though I understand the lingo, let me ask you: Does
his statements exude CONFIDENCE to you? Is this the guy you really want to
TRUST your car to?

       Now imagine walking into a McDonald’s. It is 1:30 in the afternoon, WAY
past your lunch time. You have been out on a floor since 8 A.M. scraping 40
year old paint until you finally have the thing clean and have your first coat on.

                                                                 Mr. Sandless® 2009
You are so hungry, you could gnaw your own arm off, and your craving…your
DESIRE is for a Big Mac, salty-assed fries, and a chocolate shake. You run to
the counter, anxious to put your order in, looking at everything on the menu—it
looks sooo good, and when it is finally your turn, you look at the pretty girl behind
the register. She adjusts her cap. You can’t wait for her to say those precious
words you long to hear: “May I take you order please”, but NO, she doesn’t say
that! She makes a ridiculous statement instead: “We don’t serve steak!”
        Your mind races. What? WHAT?! You don’t serve steak?! I don’t want
steak! What I want is the fast, affordable, satisfying value of a Big Mac, fries and
shake! What do you mean you don’t serve steak? If I wanted steak, I would be
at the freaking steak house!

         One of your friends arranges for you a blind date. Your mind conjures up
all of the possibilities for the date. Will you stare into their eyes and see what you
hoped to see? Will this be what you want it to be? Upon meeting the date, you
are instantly informed of the ground rules:

       “I don’t drink, I don’t dance and I don’t kiss”. Is this what you hoped for?

                                Mr. Sandless® Wilkes Barre/Scranton

       So what is prompting this lesson? First, when I listened to the Yodle
recorded calls, I was SHOCKED to hear the SAME things as above. Now think
about this. During my franchise presentation, I talk about EXPECTATIONS.

 “Ten people call your Mr. Sandless phone line. How many need wood floor
refinishing?” Remember that? Isn’t the answer 10?

“How many of those people want MR. SANDLESS to be THEIR solution to
their wood floor needs?” Isn’t the answer 10?

      Now when they call you and they hope you have the answers, you tell
them “We don’t sand” “We can’t do wear areas” “Our service has limitation” or
“We can’t fix scratches” what do you think THEY think? When they want Mr.
Sandless to work for them, does this exude CONFIDENCE? When they want

                                                                      Mr. Sandless® 2009
Mr. Sandless and not sanding, does this SATISFY them? When they are hoping
their floor is going to come out well, does this meet their NEEDS?

                                Mr. Sandless® Greensboro

       OK, so let’s get down to BUSINESS! Are you ready? Think about this
before you answer:

       Does the Mr. Sandless service have limitations—yes or no?

         Now before you answer, I want to throw this in, because it is the same
question: Does McDonald’s have limitations? I know what at least HALF of
you will say! I know, so you don’t even have to pretend. At least half of you or
more will say yes, that both McDonald’s and Mr. Sandless have limitations.
Fortunately for both companies, you are wrong. Now don’t get mad or upset. If
you feel something, that is GOOD! It means you are going through the process
of learning!

        McDonald’s has no limitations. They give you exactly what you should
expect from a burger joint: Burgers, shakes and fries. Mr. Sandless has NO
LIMITATIONS! That’s right! We can refinish any wood without sanding. Now
before you bite my head off, curse, post on the wood board, or send me a nasty
e-mail, take a breath and THINK. Right now with me, lets really look at the Mr.
Sandless system from an intelligent and logical point of view. Some of you
apologize to our potential clients, saying “We don’t sand.” What I hear in the
tone of that is, and make no mistake, your potential client hear this as well—what
I hear is “I am SORRY, we do not sand!”

       If you are saying this to your callers, if you are telling them what we don’t
do rather than what we CAN do, if you are listing for them the things we won’t do,
you are not selling Mr. Sandless. You are selling negativity. You cannot tell me
you have ever walked into a McDonald’s and were told what they DIDN’T serve!
So we don’t sand? GREAT! Who the heck should WANT us to? Are we not Mr.
Sandless?? Think about this. What the heck is so great about sanding?? Let’s
compare the two:

                                                                 Mr. Sandless® 2009
Sand and finish boards. We can refinish them. So can sanding. I just got a
huge board replacement photo from Betty and Rodney in Amarillo.

                                 Mr. Sandless® Amarillo
Rodney meticulously installed the boards. Betty stained and sealed them.

Pre-Finished Boards. We can refinish them. Certainly, with modern finishes,
we can’t get the scratches out. But at least if the dogs scratch our finish, we can
fix it. Sanding and pre-finished boards? From Hardwood Installer: “Over recent
years we received many calls with an increasing frequency about failures
regarding buff/screen and re-coating floors with aluminum oxide finishes.”

Ok, they have difficulty at best with a light sanding, and most sanding companies
totally avoid these floors for a full sanding. Hey, wait! I thought Mr. Sandless
was the one with limitations!

Engineered Flooring. We can refinish it. Sanding? Unless the sander is an
absolute EXPERT, they won’t touch it. There’s that pesky limitation again!
Laminate flooring. It is us or replacing. Sanding can’t do laminate flooring.
Pergo. We can do it! Sanding…limitation? Yes.
So be honest with me right now. Which has REAL limitations, Mr. Sandless or
Sanding? So why would there be some Mr. Sandless dealers who believe that
Mr. Sandless is the system with limitations? Could it be that when a true full
sanding occurs, they get down to “new” or “fresh” wood, making it as close to

                                                                Mr. Sandless® 2009
new as possible, where Mr. Sandless has to work the surface only-a “do the best
we can” principle. Is that it? Really? So let’s look deeper again!

                                Mr. Sandless® Tri-cities

        Think about this. Have you ever heard one for your potential clients tell
you that they sanded years ago and they are still cleaning up the dust? What do
you think is IN that dust? You all see the floors we do, right? A heaping dose of
healthy living? Or this: “The Federal Government has added wood dust to its
list of known human carcinogens and surprisingly, old wood varnishes can
contain as much lead as old paint. If necessary precautions aren't taken
and adequate dust collection isn't used, this toxic dust can linger for
months on surfaces in your home. Every time this dust gets stirred up, you
and your family are re-exposed to these dangers.” This was taken from a
sanding web site!
         Then they finish the floors with that time-tested, time proven winner
“urethane”. I have a video I want you all to watch. This is GREAT and sent to us
via Glyn Jones, AKA Mr. Sandless New Zealand. So they sand the floors and
seal them with urethane. But that is not the end of the story. The VOC (Volatile
Organic Compounds) in the air REMAIN well after the urethane is cured.
Carcinogenic dust. Toxic urethane. Please pay attention when you watch the
video of the “master” refinisher, who says he has to wear a gas mask and heavy
gloves, because you certainly “don’t want to get the urethane on your skin.” But
it is ok on your floors??

         So let’s recap. Mr. Sandless can refinish; sand and finish wood,
prefinished wood, engineered board, laminate flooring and pergo, with no dust,
and a non-toxic finish. Sanding can refinish; sand and finish wood, has much
difficulties with prefinished wood, cannot do engineered board, cannot do

                                                              Mr. Sandless® 2009
laminate flooring, cannot do pergo and releases carcinogenic dust and toxic VOC
from the urethane. Ok, so if they sand and contaminate someone’s home to get
to new wood, to finish with toxic urethane, where we have to work with the
surface finish, because “we don’t sand”…because of that WE have the

                                Mr. Sandless® Myrtle Beach

       So what are we really selling? Because we work with the surface, we
don’t always get “new” results. On rare occasion, a floor wins and we loss. But
compared to sanding? Do you still believe that we have limitations?

      During my audit this week, the examiner was asking numerous questions
about Mr. Sandless.
“So you can do real wood, pre-finished wood, engineered flooring, laminates and
“You got it!” I said.
“So there is not dust, nothing to clean up, low VOC and it is non-toxic?”
“That’s right!” I replied.
“And these before and after pictures are true? You don’t doctor the pictures in
any way? Your franchises who are not photographers simply snap a picture, and
show what the floors look like, and they come out THIS good?”
“Yep!” I replied. “What you see is what you get!”
Then, as she packed up to leave, she turned to me and said “I guess you cost
about twice the normal sanding for all of that.”

“No” I said sadly. “My owners think we have limitations, apologize for not
sanding, and practically give away our service.”

So why do you apologize that we don’t sand, and list the things we can’t do,
rather than the things we CAN do? There are two reasons, so let’s explore

                                                                Mr. Sandless® 2009
these! The first reason is fear. You fear going to the home and not being able to
meet their expectations. The next is honesty. You want to be honest about the
results we can achieve. In the course of running Mr. Sandless, I have had about
a half dozen comments about our pictures from photographers.

“We can set up proper lighting, get the angles right, and show these floors in the
best possible way!” I have been told.

“Our pictures are honest!” I say. “What you see is what you get with no
doctoring of the picture.”

I have always been honest when it comes to selling the Mr. Sandless service! I
know that some of you do not believe that, because you think that I am a great
salesman and that I would do anything to get the sale. This is simply not true. I
believe in the system 100% and therefore, I do not have to misrepresent what we

      A doctored ad picture.                        The real thing.

The only difference is that I do not deal in negatives. So you fear the client’s
expectations, or have a vision that you must be honest. Fine. Let’s look at all
the issues one by one.

Scratches. If you tell a client at any time before you run the process that you
cannot get the scratches out, you are giving wrong information. I learned this
myself. I walked into a home where I was doing the entire first floor. The board
was white oak and there were surface scratches all over the place. I told the
woman that since it is a hardwood, that I would most likely have a tough time
removing any of the scratches. Of course, I had already told her good and solid
information ON THE PHONE, so that I already knew she was going to proceed
with service. She said “You explained everything clearly on the phone, and as I
told you, I am not sanding, so do the best you can.” I proceeded with service
and got all of the scratches out. From that moment on, I never told anyone I
couldn’t get the scratches out. So if you are making a pronouncement that
scratches will not come out, you know better than I do! You simply won’t know

                                                                Mr. Sandless® 2009
for sure until you run the process. So what IS the best way to explain scratches
to the client on the phone? Isn’t the truth the best?
       “There are a lot of factors with scratches, like how deep they
run, what type of floor you have and what type of finish is on the floor.
This will determine our success with the scratches. If they are
surface, generally speaking, that won’t be a problem. If they run
deeper, they may remain after service, but we try our best to hide
them in the floor. It is impossible for us to be the largest wood floor
refinisher in the world without being able to handle scratches!”

There is nothing dishonest about this! There is nothing to fear about saying this!
 Scratches: If you are telling clients we can’t get them out, you are giving wrong

                                Mr. Sandless® Harrisburg

Wear Areas: “Many floors we service have worn sections. We will give
extra attention to those areas, including additional coats.”
   Wear areas: If you are telling them we can’t fix these, you are giving wrong

                                Mr. Sandless® Jacksonville

                                                                Mr. Sandless® 2009
              “We can never get a floor lighter.”

                       Mr. Sandless® Rapid City

              “We can never do a painted floor.”

                       Mr. Sandless® Rapid City

“Lead paint on raw board and two colors? You’ll have to sand.”

                  Mr. Sandless® Wilkes Barre/Scranton

                                                        Mr. Sandless® 2009
     “Dark areas? We can’t get those out.”

               Mr. Sandless® Amarillo

“Heavy wear and discoloration? Can’t help you.”

              Mr. Sandless® Jacksonville

        You are going to have to sand.”

               Mr. Sandless® Delmarva

                                             Mr. Sandless® 2009
                NO APOLOGY ZONE!
             Don’t say no! Say Yes We Can!

           Use positives rather than negatives!

There is nothing that compares to the Mr. Sandless System!

 Confidence and passion are what motivates customer to
                  purchase from us!

     Study and know your script including field techs!

                                              Mr. Sandless® 2009

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