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									Book Index Lesson Plan Grade: 5 Time: 20 minutes Objective: Students will learn how to use an index in the back of books to find information about specific topics and will understand the difference between main entries (headings) and subheadings. Materials needed: --Book with index --Copies of index page and “Using an Index” crossword puzzle --Enlarged, laminated crossword puzzle and index, affixed to the wall or standing on an easel so all the students can see it --Dry erase markers. Introduction: Give students the index page and crossword puzzle. Show students an index in the back of a book. Explain the difference between main entries (headings) and subheadings in an index. Explain why you might want to use an index instead of the table of contents. Procedure: On the crossword puzzle, read #1 across out loud and ask for a student to come up and write in the correct answer on the laminated crossword puzzle. If time is short, do the entire puzzle as a group, calling on kids who do not volunteer and helping them use the index. If there is more time, do just the first four or five as a group and have the students work individually or in small groups to complete the rest of the puzzle. Provide assistance as needed. Evaluation: Students’ individual work will be evaluated based on how many answers they completed correctly. Students should be given enough time to complete the assignment in class and adequate assistance so that they understand how to read the various elements of an index.

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