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									                                 LEAF BLOWER
The concept for the blower as we now know it started in America in the 1950s as part of
                   agricultural crop-spraying 'mist blowing' equipment.


Leaf blower

>>>With multiple speed setting options, the leaf blower can successfully get through all
types of various applications.
>>>Electric blowers are quieter, more eco-friendly, and require less maintenance when
compared with gas blowers.
There are various models of leaf blower or Vacuum on the market. Some models are
powered by petrol, some by electricity and some are battery operated. You can buy
Leaf blowers which are hand held, in the form of a backpack or a "walk behind". But all
types, brands and makes are fundamentally the same. They are all powered by a two
stroke engine and use an impeller.

The seasonal changes in the country in which you live will probably determine how
often you use your leaf blower. For instance in the United Kingdom, where there are
clearly 4 distinct seasons, it will have its most active use in the autumn between
September and December. Storage then is an important issue.

The electric leaf blower does not need any real preparation before you store it away,
however the petrol blower needs a thought before it disappears into your shed for a
season. The problem with petrol leaf blowers is you are likely to leave petrol within the
machine itself. Petrol has a shelf-life. If it is left for a long period it will actually turn to
varnish and leave deposits in the carburettor fuel lines and combustion chamber. In the
long term this could really affect the working of the two stroke engine and ultimately lead
to poor performance when the machine is used again.

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