Biochemical Technology and Biological Products by anamaulida


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        <p>Biochemical technology is a mixture of biological engineering
technology and chemical engineering technology, and the development of
chemical technology can accelerate the progress of biological technology.
In the 21st century, resources crisis and environmental protection have
become a serious issue, which forces the complete transformation of the
production model of chemical industry. The modern chemical industry
should adopt an environment-friendly and effective new production model
which takes reproducible biological resources as raw materials. The core
of this new production model is just industrial biotechnology. Modern
biotechnology has shown its great power in developing new resources, new
materials, new energies and new medicines. Biotechnology has been one
trend for green chemistry and green chemical industry to follow. Just as
process technology and catalysts, biotechnology also has great potential
to arouse a new round of revolutionary transformation of chemical
industry. Biochemical technology has great and bright development and
application prospect, which has attracted people's attention all over the
world. </p>
<p>At present, various efforts have been put into the study of
biochemical development. Many large enterprises have already invested
much capital and human resources in order to conduct the study of
biochemical technology, such as E.I.Du Pont Company, Monsanto Company,
Bayer Company and The Dow Chemical Company. Nowadays, lots of polymeric
amino acid products are just the results of the application of
biotechnology in amino acid industry. Nearly each company has its main
products to develop.</p>

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<p>Butanedioic acid is a kind of potential basic raw material for
biochemistry. At present, several companies are making use of butanedioic
acid to produce tetrahydrofuran. Recently, DSM Company is taking great
efforts to set up a sector to produce coatings, resins and special
plastics in the field of functional materials. Before this attempt, DSM
Company focused on developing simple biological industry which is limited
in microorganism industry and pharmaceutical industry to replace those
complex products like antibiotics produced through multi-step chemical
<p>3-hydroxy propanol (3-HP) is developed by the cooperation of Cargill
Inc. and The Dow Chemical Company, which is used to produce present
chemical products like propanediol and <a rel="nofollow"
href="" title="acrylic
acid">acrylic acid</a>. Nowadays, with 3-HP as raw materials, a new kind
of derivant has been being developed, namely, 3- hydroxy propionate,
which can be used in water treatment to remove scale deposit. In order to
develop the biological preparation techniques of 3-HP, Cargill Inc. and
Codexic Copmany which focuses on enzyme development are looking for a
certain kind of enzyme in order to catalyze key reactions which are
impossible to take place in natural conditions. The sale volume of
biological products has exceeded one hundred million dollars, while the
production cost has declined rapidly because of the development of
biological catalysts and technologies. For example, the production cost
of lactic acid has been 0.25-0.3$/ 1b instead of 1 $ / 1b before.</p>
<p>Modern biochemical technology has become a main industry which has
even attracted the concern of military industry. For example, United
States Department of Defense is quite interested in making use of
biochemical technology to produce biobattery, etc.</p>
<p>The upsurge and biochemical industry and its products has been a
development trend in social production, which has a bright prospect in
the future.</p>        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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