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        <p>It is the time of new biotechnology when biotechnology can be
transformed into commodities rapidly. Nowadays, the development of
biochemical industry is rather rapid and swift. It is estimated that 20%
to 30% of chemical processes in chemical industry will be replaced by
biotechnology processes in the future. In addition, biotechnological
industry is expected to become one of leading industries and biochemical
industry to become an important chemical industry in the 21st
<p>Biochemical technology is a field developed by the cooperation of
biological technology and chemical engineering technology, and a key to
realize the industrialization of biotechnology. Biochemical technology
can provide efficient reactors, new separation mediums, process control
technology and reprocessing technology so as to enlarge the application
range of biotechnology and update the downstream processing, which can
raise the output and quality of biotechnology.</p>
<p>As a traditional basic industry, it is inevitable for chemical
industry to face the great challenges of new biotechnology. With the
development of the technologies like gene recombination, cell fusion and
enzyme immobilization, biotechnology can not only provide numerous and
cheap chemical raw materials and products, but also innovate some
traditional technologies of some certain chemical products to make less
pollution and save more energies. Even some unknown chemical compounds
with perfect performances will be synthesized by biological catalysis.
These mentioned above are just the remarkable achievements of biochemical
industry, which also implies that the potential of further development in
biochemical industry is great and considerable.</p>

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<p>At present, various countries all over the world have been conducting
the study on biochemical industry. Biochemical industry has been a
research highlight for many popular chemical companies abroad who have
invested much capital and technology into the biotechnology research.
Nowadays, chiral compounds synthesis through biological catalysis has
become one of pillars in the field of chemicals synthesis. Conventional
fermentation industry has been replaced or innovated by recombinant
strains. In addition, the research of reactors has been developed into
diversification, maximization and high automatization.</p>
<p>In recent years, great development has been achieved in biochemical
products in our country. For example, the output of citric acid ranks the
top level worldwide; the technology and output of <a rel="nofollow"
title="lysine">lysine</a> and glutamic acid production has obvious
advantages all over the world; the industrialized production scale of
acrylamide by microbiological method has lead the world.</p>
<p>In order to further develop biochemical industry in our country, many
policies and strategies should be made to accelerate the smooth study of
biochemical industry. For instance, the integration of downstream
development and upstream development should be stressed; marketable
biochemical products should be developed. In addition, our country should
invest technology and capital into biochemical industry, attach
importance to the role the enterprises play in the development,
strengthen the cooperation at home and abroad and the exchange of
technology, enhance the team building of biochemical enterprises and take
great efforts to open up a new prospect for the development of
biochemical industry. Therefore, the development of biochemical industry
is a long-term and arduous task, which needs all-out efforts.</p>

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