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J u ly                                                                                  2009

I find it hard to believe that we are already        Indi Daye, CPCS, President, TCNCAMSS, has
nearing the end of July. It seems it was just a      published the Summer issue of “Triangle Talk”.
few weeks ago we were at the annual meeting          It will be posted online in the History & Chapters
in Myrtle Beach, SC. Many of you were unable         section of the NCAMSS webpage at
to attend this year due to budget and travel and a copy is also attached.
restrictions, so we have made the handouts and
speaker materials available on the NCAMSS            School Supply Drive – August 10 at Wake Med:
website. Please feel free to access and utilize      The Triangle Chapter has been called upon from
them as needed.                                      schools in the area to help by donating supplies.
                                                     With the new school year just a few weeks
Our next meeting will be held at Rutherford          away, or already started, the economical
Hospital in Rutherfordton, NC on August 21.          situation has caused many to worry about how
Thank you to June Wilson, CPCS for hosting. We       they're going to afford school supplies - or even
have two excellent speakers for this session: Dr.    if they'll be able to get them at all. As every
Stephen Dorman and Rebecca Lowman. If you            parent knows, this can be a very stressful time.
have not registered for this conference yet and      As every child knows, it's embarrassing to show
would like to attend, please contact Linda           up for the first day of school with the "wrong"
Waldorf, CPMSM, CPCS at 919-954-3105 or              supplies or, worse yet, no supplies at all. And as
Tammy Davis, CPCS, CPMSM at 336-504-2838.            most teachers know, it's not always easy to
We hope to see you there!                            scrape together makeshift supplies for those
                                                     students whose families just couldn't come up
CPMSM/CPCS CERTIFICANTS RECOGNIZED                   with the money for binders, scissors, markers
Certification by NAMSS not only demonstrates         and rulers. Wake Med has graciously agreed to
to others a commitment to the profession, but it     host this event and will be serving heavy hors
also provides advancement potential in any           d’oeuvres as a treat. Kudos to Wake Med!
healthcare environment. It is an indication to
supervisor(s) and accreditation surveyors that                     Save The Date:
you are an expert in the field. Please join me in            When: Monday, August 10
congratulating the following individuals for                  Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
achieving this milestone accomplishment:                  Where: Wake Med Raleigh Campus
                                                              What: To have a lot of fun
                                                         Why: To show support for the children
         Cindy Starnes, CPMSM                        If you have any questions or would like to
                                                     support this initiative, please contact Jennifer
         CPCS                                        Deel, CPCS, Wake Radiology Administration,
         Shelia Avery, CPCS                          3949 Browning Place, Raleigh, NC 27609,
         Sharon Humphreys, CPMSM, CPCS                Phone: 919-788-7900, fax: 919-789-4461 or
                                                  The identity of this year’s Donna Masho award
This year’s annual meeting was held during what   recipient was also revealed at the annual
has historically known as “Biker’s Week. The      meeting. The Donna Masho award is voted
theme for the conference was "Ride 'em, Rope      upon by NCAMSS members and is presented to
'em, and Round 'em up". NCAMSS Officers and       an individual in recognition of outstanding
Board members embraced the theme and              contributions to the Association, the Profession
dressed in western garb to welcome participants   and Fellow Professionals. Please join me in
at the opening Reception.                         congratulating Velvet Carroll, CPCS, CPMSM as
                                                  the 2009 recipient of the Donna Masho Award.

                                                  Thanks to the Board Officers and Members-at-
Those who were able to attend were treated to     large, Sponsors, Vendors and participants for
some great speakers with timely topics.           making the conference a success. It truly is a
                                                  great time to network with your colleagues,
                                                  learn from the national speakers and simply
Renee Aird Dengler, CPMSM, CPCS, who has          have a good time. Additional photos from the
presented at many of our annual meetings, was     May meeting can be found on the NCAMSS
bestowed     with   a    NCAMSS     honorary      website under the Annual meeting link.
membership award.

   Renee Aird-Dengler, CPMSM, CPCS

                                                  GROUP PHOTO – MAY 2009 ANNUAL MEETING

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    NAMSS UPDATES                                      will determine whether or not the proposed
    “The Joint Commission released a final revision    revision will be released to the entire field for
    of MS.1.20 in 2007 to address conflict in          review.
    hospitals where members of the Medical Staff
    felt that the Medical Executive Committee no       NAMSS strongly encourages the membership
    longer represented their interests. In 2008, The   take advantage of this opportunity to voice
    Joint Commission formed the MS.1.20 Task           comments of support, remaining concerns, or
    Force to address field concerns regarding the      confusion surrounding issues such as rationale,
    rationale, implementation, and language of the     language, and interpretation. When reviewing
    standard. This year, the Task Force completed a    the proposed standard, consider how you will
    proposed     revision     of   MS.1.20     (now    implement this proposed standard in your
    MS.01.01.01).                                      facility, how it will affect your medical staff
                                                       bylaws, and how it will affect the working
    NAMSS commends the work of the MS.1.20             relationship between the medical staff and
    Task Force convened by The Joint Commission        governing body. You can submit your
    to create a workable compromise to the original    comments to NAMSS by clicking here.
    revision, balancing elements that increase the
    voice of the Medical Staff, while promoting        NAMSS has requested that The Joint
    efficient    hospital   administration     and     Commission consider all comments and
    governance. Past President Carol Ostermann,        concerns voiced through the process and is
    CPMSM, CPCS, represented NAMSS on the Task         willing to assist with any further revision or
    Force. Other groups represented on the Task        clarification after all responses have been
    Force include the American Medical Association,    collected and evaluated. NAMSS also intends to
    American Dental Association, American Hospital     provide educational resources to the
    Association, Federation of American Hospitals,     membership to help you understand the
    American College of Surgeons, and the              revision and how to implement it in your facility.
    American        College     of      Physicians.
                                                       NAMSS appreciated the opportunity to work
    While the latest revision may require some         with The Joint Commission and the members of
    bylaws changes in a number of facilities, we       the Task Force in a participatory process to
    believe that it is a large improvement over the    ensure that MS.01.01.01 works toward the goal
    previous version, which potentially required a     of providing safe, quality patient care. We hope
    burdensome amount of policies and procedures       to continue working with The Joint Commission
    to be placed within the medical staff bylaws.      and other organizations to ensure that the
    Improvements to the new proposal include:          perspective of the medical services professional
                                                       is included in the development of healthcare
      Details of policies and procedures can be       policies.
       included in separate documents, rather than
       in the Medical Staff bylaws                     The Joint Commission's official announcement
      The Medical Staff can delegate approval of      can be found in the July 15 issue of Joint
       policies and procedures to the Medical          Commission Online and in the next issue of
       Executive Committee                             Perspectives.
    The Joint Commission has given the Task Force
                                                       If you have any questions or comments
    organizations the opportunity to conduct field
                                                       regarding MS.01.01.01 or NAMSS' position on
    reviews of the proposed revision among their
                                                       the proposed standard, contact Christine Perez
    members. Each organization has been asked to
                                                       at Click here for the
    provide The Joint Commission with their
                                                       Proposed Revision of MS.01.01.01 (formerly
    membership response by October 15, 2009.
    Based on this feedback, The Joint Commission
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Program Analyst : The VHA Office of Quality         If you plan to take the CPCS exam, you may be
and Performance (OQP) has responsibility for        interested in knowing that NAMSS has made
monitoring the quality of medical care for the      available from its website a CPCS practice exam
entire VA health care system, and providing staff   consisting of 40 questions. The practice exam is
support and liaison to the Under Secretary and      intended to give you experience in taking online
Network Directors on matters involving              exams. 180 minutes are given to complete the
performance and organization improvement.           exam. Please be aware that the score on the
OQP administers the Under Secretary’s quality       practice exam is not necessarily an indication of
agenda including performance measurement,           what your score will be on the certification
credentialing and privileging, risk management,     exam since the practice exam does NOT have a
peer review, and a variety of other strategic       passing score.      If you are interested in
programs designed to ensure the best possible       participating in onsite CPCS prep courses, the
outcomes for veterans that seek their medical       following are being offered:
care within VHA. This is a full-time permanent
position based in Durham, NC. Interested            October 4, 2009 (in conjunction with the NAMSS
parties should contact: Christina Leach at 919-     annual conference), Grand Sierra Resort, Reno,
286-0411 X4949 or write: Department of              NV – both CPCS and CPMSM exams will be
Veterans Affairs, Attn: HRMS (05CL), 508 Fulton     administered
Street, Durham, NC 27705.                           November 2-3, 2009 (in conjunction with
                                                    NJSAMSS meeting) Bally's Atlantic City, Park
                                                    Place and the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ
                                                    CPMSM/CPCS 2009 DEADLINE/EXAM DATES

                                                    NAMSS Annual Meeting
                                                    Application Deadline – July 31, 2009
                                                    Test Date: October 4, 2009 (8-Noon, paper and
                                                    pencil exam only)

                                                    Fall Testing Period
                                                    Application Deadline: August 28, 2009
                                                    Testing Period: October 31–November 21, 2009

2009 NCAMSS/NAMSS MEETING SCHEDULE                  NCAMSS is exploring options for continuation of
                                                    our Certification Prep for 2009 and will be
August 21, 2009 – NCAMSS quarterly meeting at       announcing these in the near future. In the
Rutherford Hospital in Rutherfordton, NC. June      meantime, if you are preparing for one of the
Wilson, CPCS will be our hostess. The meeting       exams in the immediate future, please contact
will be 3/4 day, lasting until 3PM, and will        Deborah Chapman, CPMSM, CPCS at 919-247-
highlight Dr. Stephen Dorman and Rebecca            6394 for further information.
Lowman as our guest speakers.

October 3-7, 2009 – NAMSS national meeting at
                                                    HERE FOR YOU
Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV                     Please feel free to contact me, Tammy Davis, CPCS, CPMSM, NCAMSS
                                                    President with questions, concerns or suggestions. You may reach me at
                                                    my email address: or on my cell
November 6, 2009 – NC Medical Board, Raleigh,       phone 336-504-2838.
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