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									                         Android Web Development

Android as a technology:
AADI is an IT outsourcing company that provides comprehensive Android Web
Development as a part of its services. It has an impressive portfolio consisting of a wide
range of app developed under it.

Our developers are well trained in the Google Android OS and understand the various
nitty gritties of the web development. Also, well equipped with the best infrastructure and
problem solving skills, they provide various Android web applications for our clients'
business needs.

Advantages of Android Web Development at AADI:
      Low cost, high quality solutions
      Powerful graphics
      Custom Android web app
      Robust and scalable apps
      Security features incorporated
      Multiple functionalities
      Optimum use of the Android based technologies

The custom Android web applications programming carried out by our coder leads to
leveraging of your business online. Responsible for dynamic web development, they
create enhanced solutions that exceed clients' expectations.

AADI's in-house programmer teams available for rent are accomplished in
developing state of the art Android web app for the following categories:

      Games / Sports apps
      Business apps
      Finance apps
      Weather apps
      Entertainment apps
      Multimedia apps
      News / Weather apps

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