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          Legum Baccalaureus
          Inn of Court
          call to the Bar
          trainee solicitor
          law school
          juris doctor
          bar examination
          salaried partner
          solo practice
          sole practitioner
          global firm
          boutique firm
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LLB (UK) Bachelor of Laws, law degree (US JD (juris doctor)
(UK) lawyer admitted to plead at the bar and in superior courts; a member of one of the Inns of Court
(UK) one of four institutions that barristers must join in order to practise law as a barrister
(UK) granting of permission to practise law as a barrister (US admission to the Bar)
(UK) one year of apprenticeship to become a barrister, which follows the completion of the Bar Vocational Course
(UK) lawyer who is qualified to give legal advice and prepare legal documents
(UK) position of one who is completing the practical apprenticeship required for a person to qualify as a solicitor. It is the second ste
(US) graduate school offering courses in law leading to a law degree
JD (US) law degree (UK LLB)
(US) written examination taken by prospective lawyers in order to qualify to practise law
person who is a member of the law firm partnership and is paid by regular salary payments
junior lawyer in a law firm
person who assists a lawyer with legal work, but is not a lawyer
law practice with only one lawyer
lawyer who practises on his/her own
law firm that employs hundreds of attorneys from all over the world
law firm that specialises in a specific area of law
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of the Bar Vocational Course

son to qualify as a solicitor. It is the second step to becoming a solicitor (follows the completion of the Legal Practice Course and is followed by the Profes
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he Legal Practice Course and is followed by the Professional Skills Course).
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