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   of ROMA
                                         Who is Active Roma?
                                         Australian Sports Commission
                                         and QLD Department of Sport &
                                         Recreation. Our aim is to inspire a
                                         healthy, active Roma community
                                         through supporting residents to
   Who is                                make healthy lifestyle choices

   Active Roma?                          including physical activity and
   Active Roma is a joint partnership
   between Roma Regional Council         In accordance with our vision,
   and Queensland Health. We             it is hoped that Roma residents
   also have representatives from        will have an improved state of

Concept behind the Walks of Roma:

Most of us see walking simply as a       Governments at all levels are
means to an end, a way of getting        increasingly recognising the
from A-B. What most people don’t         importance of walking for the
realise is that walking is also one of   nation’s health, and health
the most effective forms of all round    professionals now recommend that
exercises there is. It’s also suitable
                                         everyone aim to do 30 minutes of
and safe for pretty much anybody
                                         moderate exercise (such as walking)
– regardless of age, fitness level or
                                         at least five times a week.
ability. Getting involved in regular
walking can dramatically improve         We have compiled four walks within
your health and make you feel less       Roma into one easy brochure for
stressed.                                your information. The walks are
physical, mental, spiritual, social,   Did you
environmental and economic
wellbeing through increased
                                       know that                  ?
opportunities for active and healthy   walking can...

If you have any ideas on how we            Halve your risk of a
can work collaboratively with the          stroke or heart attack?
community to improve the wellbeing
of all residents through the concept       Burn the same kilojoules
of active and healthy living, please       as jogging?
feel free to contact us.
                                           Improve your blood

                                           Lower your cholesterol?

                                           Improve your

                                           Help you feel less

                                           Help you lose weight?
interesting, enjoyable and you’ll be
doing your heart and health a favour       Reduce the risk of some
at the same time! We encourage             cancers?
everyone to get out, get active and
enjoy the Walks of Roma.                   Help prevent diabetes?
                   Roma Historic Walk

W      ander back through time
       along Roma’s Historical Walk
to the beginnings of this important
                                           Plaques are located across the street
                                           from the site to provide a perspective
                                           of    the    sites’ geographical   and
Western Downs town in the 1860s.           historical context.
Roma’s landmarks chronicle the
economic and social development of         Colourful Beginnings
the district and its reaction to major     Originally home to the Mandandanji
events like cattle duffing and the         Aboriginal people and visited twice
arrival of rail in the 19th century, the   by explorer Ludwig Leichhardt, Roma
growth of agriculture and commerce         was settled after Sir Thomas Mitchell
and the town’s contributions to two        reported glowingly on the country
world wars. See where Roma locals          in 1846. Looking down from nearby
gathered to shop, conduct business,        Mount Abundance, Mitchell wrote,
worship and catch up on the news of        “I … beheld the finest country I had
the day for almost 150 years.              ever seen in a primeval state – a
                                           champaign region, spotted with
Allow an hour or two for your walk if
                                           wood, stretching as far as human
time is short, consider covering sites
                                           vision or even the telescope would
1-19 on one walk, and sites 20-25 on
                                           reach.” Allan McPherson established
another. This brochure provides a
                                           Mount        Abundance   Station    the
map and an overview of the walk, and
                                           following year.
plaques at each landmark provide
more information about the site’s          The         Queensland    Government
contribution to Roma’s exciting and        established Roma as an administrative
diverse history.                           centre for the growing district in 1862.
The town took its name from the             were driven to South Australia, a feat
wife of Queensland’s first Governor,        immortalised in the novel Robbery
the Countess Diamantina Roma, and           Under Arms.
was the first gazetted settlement
                                            Roma     grew      quickly,   especially
following Queensland’s separation
                                            after the arrival of rail in 1880, and
from New South Wales in 1859.
                                            became a bustling centre for trade
Steeped in colourful history since its      and commerce.         The community
inception, Roma gave Queensland its         contributed magnificently to the 20th
first wine in 1863 and, in 1900, the town   century’s wars and the district’s World
was the site of Australia’s first natural   War I fallen are commemorated in
gas strike which sparked a short-lived      Roma’s Heroes’ Avenue of bottle trees,
oil‘boom’during the Depression years.       an evergreen memorial in a town that
Notorious bushranger Harry Redford          values its past.
(the legendary Captain Starlight)
                                            The landmarks along this walk
was cleared of cattle rustling in his
                                            represent the ups and downs of life in
controversial trial in Roma in 1873,
                                            and around Roma over two centuries.
having stolen 1,000 cattle, which
                                            Discover their stories.
Historical Landmarks                                                    13 Capitol Theatre
                                                                           Established in 1928, the Capitol Theatre hosted Movie Balls and
                                                                           visits by famous performers before it was destroyed by fire in
1. Uniting Church                                                          1989.
   Until this church was built in 1896, church-goers worshipped at
                                                                        14 Commonwealth Hotel
   the Congregational Church which was built in 1872 and survives
                                                                           The current building opened in 1927 and replaced the original
   today as the Christian Out reach Centre (3).
                                                                           Queensland Hotel or Diggers’ Arms built in 1881.
2. St Pauls Anglican Church                                             15 Town Hall
   Built in 1913, this beautiful church features magnificent stained
                                                                           (former Municipal Buildings) – The Roma Town Council originally
   glass windows, some of which were shipped from England in
                                                                           owned the buildings presently extending along the north side of
   the 1870s.
                                                                           McDowall Street, between Arthur Street and the present Post
3. Christian Outreach Centre                                               Office.
   Originally the Congregational Church and built in 1872, this is
                                                                        16 Roma Post Office
   possibly Roma’s oldest surviving public building.
                                                                           The district’s first post office was at Mount Abundance Station.
4. Commonwealth Bank                                                       The present site housed a permanent Telegraph Office in 1866
   This site has been occupied by various businesses over the years.       and a timber Post Office was erected in 1874.
   The current 1987 building replaced a classic art deco structure
                                                                        17 The Grand Hotel
   built in the 1930s.
                                                                           Roma’s oldest surviving hotel was built in 1904 and extended in
5. Royal Hotel                                                             1908 to cater for the town’s growth.
   The Royal Mail, as it was originally known, was a stop for Cobb
                                                                        18 State School
   and Co’s mail coaches. The present building dates from 1920.
                                                                           Roma’s first state school was built in 1870. The present structure
6. Bottle Tree                                                             was built in 1938.
   This magnificent tree, almost 7m in circumference, is the
                                                                        19 ANZ Bank
   oldest surviving specimen for which photographic evidence of
                                                                           The original 1913 structure from this site can now be seen on the
   transplantation is available.
                                                                           German Square historic site (25).
7 Western Star                                                          20 National Bank
   Established in 1875, few regional newspapers can boast the              Established in 1874 as the Queensland National Bank, this Roma
   Western Star’s continuous service to a community.                       landmark has had a chequered history including destruction by
8 School of Arts                                                           fire in 1912 and four relocations.
   The glassed turret of this classic early 20th century building was   21 Club Hotel
   used as a lookout for enemy aircraft during World War II.               The first hotel built on this site was built in 1885 and was
9 Hunters Store and the                                                    popularly referred to as the Dew-Drop-Inn.
  Queen’s Arms Hotel                                                    22 White Bull Tavern
   These historic buildings have fronted McDowell Street since 1916        This tavern is named after the famous ‘white bull’ that featured
   and today trade as Ace Drapers and Irish McGann’s.                      in Harry Redford’s 1873 cattle stealing trial in Roma, on which
10 Ladbrook’s Butchery                                                     Thomas Alexander Browne (Rolfe Bolderewood) based his
   Originally built in 1919 as one of only six purpose-designed            famous novel, Robbery Under Arms.
   State butcher shops, this store has supplied meat to Roma            23. Roma Railway Complex
   almost continuously since then.                                         The arrival of the railway in 1880 prompted an influx of residents
11 James Saunders Chemist                                                  and a flush of new businesses.
   James Saunders established his chemist and dentist business          24 Maranoa Broadcasting
   on this site in 1871. Today, it is Australia’s longest surviving        Radio 4ZR had humble beginnings in a small building housing
   continuous pharmacy site.                                               both the transmitter and studio on Hospital Hill in 1937.
12 Westpac Bank (Bank of                                                25 German Square
   New South Wales)                                                        So named because of the nationality of many early settlers,
   Because the original 1906 building on the South West corner of          this was the original site of Roma’s settlement. A flood, rare for
   McDowall and Charles Streets, was constructed around a concrete         the Western Downs, prompted the relocation of Roma’s central
   vault, it could not be relocated and had to be demolished.              business district to its present site.
                                  Roma Historic Walk


                                                  7                                           Centre

                                      HAWTHORNE                  6                               Cenotaph

                                                  8              5

                                         10       9              4    3


                                                 11              15
                                                                                             2   St. Paul’s
                         14               13                     16   17      18


 23                 22                           21



                                                                      Bottle Tree
               Adungadoo Pathway

If you’re in the mood for getting fit    run or ride amongst some of our
or just want to enjoy the outdoors,      natural environment.
take some time to step it out along
                                         A beautiful feature along Adungadoo
Adungadoo Walkway.
                                         is the ancient river gums. Add to this
Adungadoo is a new two kilometre
                                         the native bird life, flora and shady
recreational walkway along a naturally
                                         lagoons and you have a recipe for
sensitive area located on the banks of
                                         beauty and tranquillity.
the Bungil Creek. This area is locally
called ‘The Long Drain’.                 Visitors   are   already   discovering

Starting at either the Big Rig or Apex   Adungadoo and comments such as
Park on the corner of Quintin and        “equal to the best I’ve seen anywhere
Lovell Street, you can enjoy a walk,     in Australia” have been expressed.
                                                      Adungadoo Pathway                        QUINTIN
                               ORNE S

                N ST


                            R ST

                                                                                   R ST


                            AM ST

                                                                IL ST
                          ES ST

                         RY ST




                        DES ST                                                        E ST








                                                                            “equal to the
                                                                            best I’ve seen
                                                                            anywhere in
                   Hospital Hill Walk

The success on Hospital Hill brought        A series of clearly recognisable
about    formation    of    several   oil   concrete markers and street-corner
exploration      companies        which     signs directs the visitor to the various
operated about the district, mainly         locations associated with the search
north of the town.                          for and discovery of natural gas and
                                            oil in Roma, during the period 1900
The oil and the‘wet’gas ceased flowing
                                            to 1930. This easy, information work
from Hospital Hill wells by 1931 and
                                            supports Roma’s claim that Hospital
no commercial oil flows resulted
                                            Hill is the cradle of Australia’s oil and
from the intense drilling activities
                                            gas industry.
elsewhere in the immediate Roma
district. However the presence of gas       The Hospital Hill Walk commences
was established and when drilling was       at the Roma Town Council’s water
recommended in the early 50s based          supply depot in Whip Street. A
on more refined geophysical surveys         conspicuous shelter with information
it became evident that natural gas          panels, standing adjacent to a pair
rather than actual oil was the district’s   of miniature drilling rigs, marks the
valuable resource. In 1969 a natural        entry point to the facility. From the
gas pipeline opened from Wallumbilla        shelter the visitor walks “over to
to Brisbane, and that facility presently    the left” to the base of the obvious
continues to supply Brisbane, with a        concrete water tower, to the site QGI,
branch line running to Gladstone.           the Government’s first attempt to
                                            locate artesian water on the Hill.
This self-guided walking tour of
Hospital Hill leads easily from one         Because that well produced an
significant   location     to   another.    inadequate      supply    of    artesian
                                                             Hospital Hill Walk
                               BOWEN ST                                                                       Water Tower
                                                   Local Store                                                      QG1         Pinaroo
                                                                                                                                Retirement Village
          DOWNS ST
                                                                                                                              Separator Base
                                                                                       Asorption Plant                                    ROC3
                               ROC2                BEITZ ST
                                                                                                                        SES     Dean O’Day Oval
                      McGrath Park                                                                                      Depot

                               FOOT ST

                                                                                           HOLLAND ST
                                      JACKSON ST

                                                                 COTTELL ST
                     DOWN ST

                                                                                                              WHIP ST

                                                                                                                                      Railway Dam

                               SOUTH ST

                                                                              Lander 4
water a second well called QG2 was        tank, suspended over the well and
drilled nearby. During work on this       lowered from steel cables.
well in 1900, natural gas was struck
                                          Following    on     from    the      State
which was Australia’s first significant
                                          Government’s removal of restrictions
indication that oil might be found.
                                          on private enterprise drilling for oil
In 1906, the gas from QG2 was
                                          in the immediate Roma district, the
reticulated to Roma for their town
                                          Roma Oil Corporation drilled three
lighting. This venture failed after two
weeks when the gas supply cut out.        wells on Hospital Hill. Very significant
                                          flows of oil and gas were located, and
In 1908, during drilling of QG3, gas
                                          the company erected an absorption
was encountered and was set alight
by the wood burning steam boiler          plant on the Hospital Hill which

of the rig. This blaze was eventually     manufactured petrol from oil and
extinguished with an ingenious iron       also condensate was produced.

                                              While drilling for water on this
                                          location, a sudden rush of gas caught
                                           the workers by surprise. This plaque
                                          commemorates this event of October
                                             16th, 1900, when petroleum gas
                                             was encountered at 122 metres.

                                          This was the first significant indication
                                              of an oil resource in Australia.

        “Strewth - it’s gas!!”
                                              This discovery sparked intense
    quote from an unidentified
                                               exploration for mineral oil in
                                              the district, validating Roma’s
                                                claim to being the cradle of
                                              Australia’s oil and gas industry.
                          Roma Bush Gardens

During the last couple of decades,                                     and planting thousands of trees.
with the establishment of the Roma
                                                                       Weed removal has also been a major
Bush       Gardens              Association,                and
                                                                       task and workers at the site have
involvement of Green Corps, changes
                                                                       eradicated African boxthorn and
aimed at transforming this 14ha of
                                                                       water hyacinth.
land and water into a bush garden
of regional significance have really                                   The future holds more promise, with
started to take shape.                                                 plans for an amphitheatre arboretum,

The      site        has        been           developed               and further planting of vegetation

to showcase the 15 vegetation                                          communities,                 understorey                   plant
communities representative of the                                      species and species that have been
Roma area. This has involved bringing                                  traditionally valued by Aboriginal
in tonnes of dirt, specific to each area,                              people for food, medicine and tools.

1. Riparian                                                               now endangered. Like all Acacia species, brigalow converts
   River red gum communities (Eucalyptus                                  atmospheric nitrogen into a form used by plants. Brigalow
   camaldulensis) occur throughout the                                    provides good shade and belah in an excellent windbreak.
   Maranoa along the banks of major                                       Remnants are a valuable habitat for many endangered reptiles
   watercourses. Red gum forests are capable                              in the region.
   of recycling nutrients as a means of coping with nutrient           3 Cypress pine
   poor soils and drought. The gums are important in the diet of          Cypress pine (Callitris glaucophylla) occurs
   hundreds of native animals and provide hollows for nesting,            throughout the region, on sandy, loamy
   breeding and protection for native birds, mammals and arboreal         or stony soils. It forms pure stands, or is
   reptiles. Riparian environments also provide habitat for water         associated with carbeen, poplar box, iron
   rats, turtles and freshwater fish and are the life-blood of semi-      wood, ironbarks, and smooth-barked apple. It is habitat for
   arid landscapes.                                                       the rare golden-tailed gecko, and its seeds are eaten by Major-
2 Brigalow/Belah                                                          Mitchell cockatoos. Cypress forestry is a major local industry. The
   Brigalow (Acacia harpophylia) and belah                                timber is highly resistant to termite attack.
   communities had a wide distribution to the                          4 Poplar Box Woodland
   northwest, north and east of Roma. Clearing                            Poplar box (Eucalyptus populnea) is a
   for cropping and pasture improvement has                               dominant tree found within the Maranoa.
   significantly reduced the area of these communities – all are
   It is a major hollow-forming eucalypt in southern inland             8 Mulgaland
   Queensland providing habitat for many arboreal mammals,                 Mulga trees (Acacia aneura) grow in many
   bats and birds. Box woodlands are an important habitat for              parts of inland Australia. In favourable
   koalas in the west. Aboriginal people make didgeridoos from the         conditions plants will grow one metre every
   hollowed out branches and trunks of poplar box trees.                   10 years until they reach 10 metres tall.
5 Grassy Downs with Myall                                                  Removing mulga for fodder during drought decreases nitrogen
   Grassy open downs occupy a significant                                  levels in the soil, depriving other valuable desert plants of food.
   area in the region. The main grasses are                                There is a symbiotic relationship between acacias (such as
   blue grass, Mitchell grass and Flinders                                 brigalow and mulga) and a nitrogen binding bacteria. Mulga
   grass. These grasses are important to native                            was an important source of food for Aboriginal people. Seeds
   mammals and birds, and provide valuable grazing for livestock.          were separated from the pod by rubbing, threshing, parching
   Trees on the downs are fairly sparse or occur in small clumps.          and winnowing then moistened with water and ground to an
   Myall (Acacia pendula) is a dominant species that occurs in heavy       edible paste.
   black clay soils in association with boonaree and whitewood.         9 Bendee Open Forest
   Myall’s silver-grey weeping foliage is distinctive.                     Bendee Open Forest (Acacia catenulata)
6 Downs softwood                                                           grows in red loamy soils in eroded tertiary
   Downs softwood occurs on the crests                                     landforms and weathered sandstone
   of the undulating Mitchell grass downs                                  outcrops. It is found in the 150-700mm
   country to the west of Roma. It is a scrubby                            annual rainfall belt in isolated pockets from south of Charters
   open woodland community with unique                                     Towers to the western Darling Downs and the Grey Range west
   biodiversity because most of the trees are neither eucalypts            of Thargomindah. The ground flora in bendee country is usually
   nor acacias. Species include boonaree, beefwood, whitewood,             sparse - mainly wire grasses (Aristida spp.) of little grazing
   desert lime, emu apple, sandalwood and supplejack.                      value.

7 Coolibah                                                              10 Belah
   Coolibah (Eucalyptus Coolabah) trees are                                Belah (Casuarina cristata) is a deep-rooted,
   well adapted to coping with floods and fire.                            salt tolerant tree. It grows around the
   Special structures within the coolibahs allow                           Marano in very heavy soils that are highly
   the plant to breathe even after weeks of the                            valued for pastoral production. Belah
   trunk and the roots being underwater. Underground lignotubers           communities have been cleared extensively for agricultural
   and epicormic buds protected by the bark enables these trees            developments in the region. Efforts by Queensland Government
   to reshoot after fire. The historical and social importance of          and community groups to protect the remaining stands of
   coolibahs in Australia is illustrated in Banjo Patterson’s classic      belah forest have given this ecosystem a helping hand. Land
   poem ‘Waltzing Matilda’ which mentions a swagman who                    owners are encouraged to protect remnants of this endangered
   camped under one of these shade trees near Winton. The timber           ecosystem so that it is conserved for all to enjoy and utilise in
   of coolibah is hard, durable and termite resistant and is useful        the future.
   for construction.
                                      Roma Bush Gardens

                                                                                       ER ST
                                                           DUKE S


                                                                                                                    R ST

                 4                  Ampitheatre


                                      Intermittent          Railway Dam              Ring Dam

         Access Point


         Proposed walkway
         Proposed boardwalk

                                                      10                                  0    25    50            100

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         Roma Regional Council
               PO Box 116
             Roma QLD 4455
          Phone: 07 4622 1266

  Program Coordinator Healthy Lifestyles
           Queensland Health
         Primary Health Care Unit
              PO Box 1030
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          Phone: 07 4624 2927

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