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									I   editorial

           Apples and Oranges

          I     t just works. That’s the bottom line behind the success of the Macs.
          Simplicity and ease of use coupled with flawless integration of hardware and
          software are precisely the reasons why Macs are positioned to become the de
          facto platform for home digital entertainment.
                That’s right, when it comes to playing and creating movies, viewing your
          digital photo collection or listening to MP3 music, there’s very little a Mac can -
          not do straight out of the box. Now think of a PC and you’re sure to recollect
          one harrowing experience after another.
                Okay so we’re desensitised to driver problems, weird blue screen crashes
          and system lockups, or trying to figure out how to use a particular feature in that
          fancy multimedia application. But these ‘oversights’ are what make most peo -             Vinit Aggarwal
          ple techphobic in the first place. All PC users can’t be expected to invest hours          Assistant Editor
          of their time into exploring and working around these glitches. Most of them

                                                                                                    “Apple boasts of
          simply throw their hands up in the air and exclaim, “Bah, this is not worth
          the effort!”
                This is where Apple steps in. In fact their marketing campaign recites sim-
          ilar experiences of frustrated PC users turned Mac converts. And they boast sim-            simplicity and a
          plicity and a cutting-edge digital entertainment experience as the topmost rea-         cutting-edge digital
          sons for shifting to a Mac.
                But we all know that Microsoft hates being an innocent bystander. If any-               entertainment
          thing, their business philosophy can be summed up as, “If our customer is
                                                                                                   experience as the
          hooked onto something we don’t make, we start making it!”
                Enter Windows XP Media Center Edition. Some might know it as ‘Freestyle’,        topmost reasons for
          but for the uninitiated, this new Microsoft Operating System defines the state
          of things to come. Not only is Microsoft building a brand new user interface that
                                                                                                 why you should shift
          works seamlessly with a remote control for all digital entertainment needs, they
          are also collaborating with hardware vendors in laying down the specifications
                                                                                                           to a Mac     ”
          of the PCs that will drive this new OS.
                Try connecting the dots. A new Microsoft OS based upon the Windows XP
          kernel to specifically handle digital entertainment tasks, to turn a PC into a full-
          fledged home entertainment device where watching TV, DVDs, playing music
          or browsing your digital photo collection is possible at the flick of a remote con-
          trol button. And it will come preloaded on a state-of-the-art system that’s built
          under Microsoft’s supervision.
                The writing’s on the wall—Microsoft is all set to hit Apple where it hurts the
          most. And all Apple can do is to get back to the drawing board…once again.

index I
           I   magazine

  FEATURES                                  Data Watch.........................96
  One for the Road.................32       We mark out the areas of peril for
  These new-age mobile devices will         your data—and show you how to
  change the way you compute on the         avoid them
                                            Just for Fun ........................106
  Broadband Blues.................38        The Net is one big playground—you
  So you think you have a high speed        just need to know where to look
  Internet connection?
                                            Driving your Graphics Card
  TEST DRIVE                                Higher ..................................109
  Storage City 2002................44       Upgrade your graphics card drivers
  If data storage is your problem, we’ve    the right way
                                                                                           L          Can 3ds max 5 make a
  got the perfect solution—storage                                                         L          splash in the 3D
  devices to suit every need                Foul Play..............................115
                                            We’re sharing our little black book of                    modelling pool?
  Maximum 3D........................78      game cheats and dirty tricks
  Does Discreet’s new version of 3ds
  max live up to the hype?                  ARCADE
                                            Six Feet Under...................128
  INSIGHT                                   Find out why some games never
  Simputer Simplified...........92          make it to your computer
  The Simputer is all set to take
  technology to the rural masses

                                                                    Let us point
                                                                    you to the
                                                                    right recre-
                                                                    ation areas                     Keep a lookout for
                                                                    online                 L        potential data disasters

                 Hard drives to CD-Writers, DVD-ROMs to                                    Broadband in India: Big Bang or
  L                                                                              L
  L              Portable storage—you name it, we’ve got it!                     L         Bust?

       4                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
 index I
                                                                                                                Get the lowdown on
                                                                                                                3ds max 5

Check out the next
generation of
mobile comput-

                                                                                                                          These lifeguards will safe-
                                                                                                                          guard and rescue your
                                                                                                                          data from any catastrophe

  We’ve got all your
  data needs covered
                                                                                                                                    Can the Simputer
  with this 3-in-1                                                                                                                  bridge the Digital
  storage test                                                                                                                      Divide?

  Are you living
  the broadband
                                                                                                                                     Your ticket to having
  myth?                                                                                                                              fun on the Net

                                                                                            Win games the easy way:

                                                                                               Reviewed this month
                                                          HARDWARE                          DVD-ROM Drives         56     2000
                                                          Bazaar . . . . . . . . . . . 84   I ASUS DVD-E616             I Western  Digital
        NEWS FEED . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20
                                                          I AMD Athlon XP 2600+             I Benq DVP-1648A              WD1000
        LETTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28       I Hercules 3D Prophet All-        I LG DRD-8160B              I Western Digital WD800
                                                            In-Wonder 8500 DV               I LITEON LTD-165H           Portable Storage . . . 72
        DROOLMAAL . . . . . . . . . . . . .36             I Ingram Micro Magix              I Pioneer DVD-106S/2        I Freecom FHD-1 60 GB
                                                          I Mercury Wireless                I Samsung SD-616            I Freecom Traveller II
        START UP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42          Internet Multimedia             I Sony DDU1621-CO           I Iomega HDD 20 GB

                                                            Keyboard                        Hard Disk Drives . . . 46     Portable Hard Drive
        BAZAAR        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .84   I MSI KT4 Ultra                   I IBM IC35l080AV VA07-0     I Iomega Zip 250
                                                          I TVS Proton                      I Maxtor 4G160J8            I Iomega Zip 750 MB
        UNDERCOVER . . . . . . . . . . . .90
                                                          I Zenith Portable Desktop         I Maxtor 541DX              I Plextor PXS88TU

        Q & A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .110    CD-Writers. . . . . . . . 56      I Maxtor D540X-4K           I Plextor PX-W2410A
                                                          I ASUS CRW-4816A                  I Samsung SP2001H           I Sony CRXP-90MU
        OFF THE SHELF . . . . . . . . . . .132            I Benq 4012P                      I Samsung SP4002H           I Yamaha CRW3200UX-VK
                                                          I Iomega                          I Samsung SP8004H
        DIGIT DIARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136          CDRW55296INT-B                  I Samsung SV0602H           SOFTWARE
                                                          I Krypton BCE-3212M               I Samsung SV1204H           Bazaar . . . . . . . . . . . 84
        BACKBYTE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138         I Krypton BCE-4012M               I Samsung SV2001H           I Busy Lite 3.0
                                                          I LG 8320B                        I Samsung SV4002H           I SuSE 8.0 Professional

                                                          I LITEON LTR-40125 S              I Samsung SV8004H             Edition 7.0
                                                          I LITEON LTR-48125 W              I Seagate ST340016A         I Word Perfect Office
           To subscribe to Digit, fill out                I Samsung SW204                   I Seagate ST340810A           2002 - Professional
     the subscription form available online at            I SONY CRX-195A1                  I Seagate ST380021A           Edition
         www.thinkdigit.com/subscribe                     I Yamaha CRW-F1                   I Western Digital WD        3ds max 5 . . . . . . . . 78

           6                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
index I
              I   digit interactive

                        ON THE CD       KNOW YOUR CD
AstroMart 7.0                           MINDWARE\RESOLVE
Size: 5.85 MB, Type: Trial
Mindware\Software\Home                  The Resolve section on your Digit CD              whitepapers for those who yearn to
                                        brings you answers to frequently asked            know the grinding details of each
Backup Genie 1.5                        questions on the latest technologies,             technology and tips and tricks to use
Size: 615 KB, Type: Freeware                                                                     technology better.
Mindware\Software\System                                                                            This month we bring you
                                                                                                 FAQs on the various facets of
Code-Genie 3.0                                                                                   Storage Solutions and whitepa-
Size: 0.6 MB, Type: Freeware
                                                                                                 pers on hard disk technologies,
Mindware\Software\Developer Tools
                                                                                                 giving you a complete picture on
Delta Force : Black Hawk Down                                                                    everything you need to know
Size: 47 MB, Type: Demo                                                                          about storage media. The tips
Playware\Arena\Games                                                                             and tricks help you to use your
                                                                                                 PC at home to make those rou-
Helium2 Advanced Edition 1.2                                                                     tine tasks simpler.
Size: 6.8 MB, Type: Trial

Home Inventory 1.0                      MUST-TRY SOFTWARE
Size: 4 MB, Type: Trial
Mindware\Software\Home                  Magenta II                                        routed through electronic channels.
                                        Multimedia Tools                                  E-mail is gradually replacing paper.
Kaboom! Cola                            Magenta II is a professional authoring            E-mail messages are just too easy to inter-
Size: 1.2 MB, Type: Demo                tool for developers of front-end applica-         cept and scan for interesting keywords.
Playware\Arena\FunZone                  tions, course-                                    This can be done easily, routinely, auto -
                                        ware and multi-                                   matically and undetectably on a grand
mIRC 6.03
Size: 1.2 MB, Type: Trial               media. It is                                      scale. PGP empowers people to take their
Mindware\Software\Internet              capable of pro -                                  privacy into their own hands. PGPi is the
                                        ducing      high-                                 international version of the most widely-
Microangelo 5.54                        quality, reliable                                 used and free public key encryption tool.
Size: 2.4 MB, Type: Trial               applications for                                  Size: 7.4 MB, Type: Freeware
Mindware\Software\Multimedia            Windows operating systems. Its major              Mindware\Software\Home
                                        features include code-generating wiz-
NeoNapster 3
                                        ards, event-driven programming, ready-            Another War
Size: 0.9 MB, Type: Freeware
                                        to-use components and Internet support            Another War takes place during World War
                                        for HTTP, FTP, SMTP and sockets.                  II in Nazi-occupied Europe. It is a colourful
Ricochet 1.3                            Size: 10.1 MB, Type: Trial                        story of an
Size: 7 MB, Type: Trial                 Mindware\Software\Multimedia                      adventurer
Playware\Arena\FunZone                                                                    who wants
                                        PGPi 7.0.3                                        to save his
Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15           It’s personal. It’s private. And it’s no one’s    friend from
Size: 1.35 MB, Type: Freeware
                                        business but yours. You may be planning           the Nazis.
                                        a political campaign, discussing your             The plot
Windows XP Service Pack 1               taxes, or having an illicit affair. Whatever      starts in a
Size: 135 MB, Type: Freeware            it is, you don’t want your private e-mail         small town
Mindware\Software\Internet                                           or confidential      in     occu-
                                                                     documents read       pied France and goes on to Leningrad
Tips & Tricks         Hottest chart-                                 by anyone else.      where he stumbles upon one of the most
Sponsored by        buster games from                                More and more        secretly guarded projects run by both, Sovi -
                                                                     of our private       et and German engineers.
                                                                     c o m m u n i c a-   Size: 232 MB, Type: Demo
                                                                     tions are being      Playware\Arena\Games

          8                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
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           an Earning                         simple your query, if the article’s online,
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           Ten feasible ideas to make         section the article is in, simply browse
           your home computer pay for         through the sections from menu on
           itself!                            the left.

    BY DEMAND                                            WEB SPECIAL
     You get to choose what goes on           Small
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      WordPerfect Office 2002                 Good things come in
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      No One Lives Forever 2
                                              infinity in the palm of
     (158 MB) for Playware
     Expect these on the December 2002 CDs.   your hand...almost!

     12                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2002
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              16                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2002
pulse I
              I   news

                                     Copying media for                                                        Google
 Blue Laser Discs
 I What are they?
 These are optical disks invent-
                                     personal use legal?                                                      launches
                                                                                                              news service
 ed by Philips where up to
 1 GB of information can be
 stored on a disk measuring
                                     I n reponse to Hollywood’s
                                       aggressive anti-piracy issues,
                                     a bill has been presented in
                                                                         consumers’ rights,” said rep-
                                                                         resentative Zoe Lofgren. The
                                                                         state Assembly Committee on
                                                                                                             Google has beefed up its
                                                                                                             Web site using its search
 just 3 cm in diameter—nearly        Washington to protect the           Arts, Entertainment, Sports,        engine technology to add
 twice the amount that can be        rights of consumers to make         Tourism and Internet Media          ground-breaking news serv-
 stored on conventional 8 cm                                             will host an all-day hearing        ices. Google News scans
 CDs that hold 700 MB of                                                 investigating the impact of         4000 news sources in real
 data. The disk also has special                                         Internet music piracy on Cal -      time, creating a dynamic
 drives being developed for it,                                          ifornia’s recording industry.       page displaying top news.
 to be used in portable                                                  The bills could balance the              The front page offers
 devices like digital cameras,                                           political debate that so far has    brief headlines and a synopsis
 MP3 players, handheld                                                   favoured the entertainment          of the stories with photo-
 devices and even cell phones.                                           industry.                           graphs. When you click on a
                                                                             The bill would amend            headline, you are taken to
 I How does it work?                 copies of digital music, movies     federal copyright laws to           the source’s Web site to read
 The disks are fabricated using      and books. Called the Digital       extend consumers’ fair use          the full story. If you choose a
 blue lasers instead of the con-     Choice and Freedom Act, the         rights to copyright-protected       related link, a list of stories on
 ventional red lasers. Having        bill will “help retard the          entertainment that comes in         the same subject from com-
 smaller wavelengths, the            growth of efforts to roll over      digital form.                       peting news outlets is dis-
 lasers can read data packed in                                                                              played, allowing you to take
 a denser format. Correspond-                                                                                your pick. “People can now
 ingly, the pit size and track
 spacing is also lower than           What’s in a name?                                                      pick a story and then decide
                                                                                                             the source, instead of picking
 conventional CDs and even                                                                                   a source and finding a story,”
 DVDs. The prototype drive to
 read these disks measures just
 2.2x1.3x0.3 inches. Standard
                                          he Free Software Founda-
                                          tion (FSF), headed by
                                               source    evangelist
                                                                         the system in 1984, years
                                                                         before Linus Torvalds got
                                                                         involved, and we also wrote
                                                                                                             says Marissa Mayer, Google.
                                                                                                             com product manager.
                                                                                                                  The service is complete-
 sized CDs using this technolo-       Richard Stallman, has called              the largest part of the      ly automated and relies on
 gies feature capacities of up        for Linus Torvald’s operating                     code. In fair-       the same information-rank-
 to 27 GB.                            system to be renamed                                     ness, we      ing technology used in the
                                      GNU/Linux.                                       ought to get          Google search engine to
 I What does it mean                      Linux has rap-                              equal mention.”        deliver relevant results.
 to me?                               idly become a                                    The         FSF’s
 Optical disks are far cheaper        well-known                                        demands have
 than other forms of digital          operating sys -                                    split the open     snapshot
 storage and given their size,        tem, and Stall -                                   source com -
 they are ideally suited to           man      argues                                   munity. Some
                                                                                                              Digital video
 mobile applications in place         that GNU’s role in its devel -     have suggested that the              recorders to reach
 of technology like Flash             opment is not getting              organisation is just being           1.8 million by
                                                                                                              end of 2003 and
 memory, which is costlier.           enough recognition. His doc -      petty, while others back its
 These types of storage media         ument states his point say -       argument but think that the
 are also far more robust as          ing, “This system is basically     FSF is fighting an uphill bat-       19.1 million
 compared to other solid-state        a version of the GNU system,       tle, as all GNU/Linux-based          by 2006
 memory implementations.              modified to use the Linux          systems will simply be short-
                                      kernel. We started developing      ened to ‘Linux’.                   Source: The Yankee Group

I HP   to bundle CD, DVD Writers on Pavilion desktops and notebooks I Intel launches 11 mobile CPUs up to 2.2 GHz and ups Celeron to 2 GHz

            20                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2002
Hard drive warranties lowered                                                                                   redalert
T   hree of the major hard
    drive makers have cut
down the length of warranties
                                          The changes will only be
                                      for drives sold for desktop
                                      PCs and some consumer-elec -
                                                                              “This should have no effect
                                                                              on consumers because we
                                                                              hardly ever get returns in the
                                                                                                                Infections by the new Bug-
                                                                                                                bear worm (also known as
from three years to one year          tronics products, which tra-            second or third year and          Tanatos) have rocketed
on some of their drives, start -      ditionally have one-year war -          it frees up cash that we have     overnight. In just the first day
ing October 1 2002. PC mak-                ranties or less, according         to reserve to cover the           of the worm being released,
ers have been pulling                                 to representa-          warranties.”                      there were over 22,000 new
back the warranties                                      tives from                The    companies     will    infections. Asia and the Far
on their comput-                                        all     three         maintain three and five-year      East have been the worst hit
ers in an effort                                       companies.             warranties for drives used in     areas, with the US a close
to reduce costs,                                     “We’re follow-           large businesses such as          second. The worm copies
and      hard-drive                              ing the trend in             banks. Western Digital will       itself into the Windows sys-
makers Seagate, Max-                         desktop PCs, where               offer extended warranties         tem directory and startup
tor and Western Digital                   they’ve all switched to             directly to customers, while      folder as an EXE file with a
are following suit. These              one-year warranties,” said             Maxtor and Seagate expect         random three-letter name.
three giants comprise 85 per          Stephen DiFranco, vice pres-            retailers to have extended        Once installed, it disables
cent of the hard drive market.        ident of marketing at Maxtor.           warranty programs.                anti-virus and firewall soft-
                                                                                                                ware and installs a Trojan
                                                                                                                keystroke logger as a DLL,

Need more space?                                                              FBI names top
                                                                              security flaws
                                                                                                                detected as PWS-Hooker.dll.
                                                                                                                The worm also seeks to infect
                                                                                                                all other PCs on the network

S                                                                             W
     anyo Electric has intro -            Sanyo’s HD-Burn tech-                      ith an eye on taking       via the address book and net-
     duced a drive which can          nology increases the data                      the ease out of hack-      work shares. All major anti-
     read     and                                 storage density             ing, the FBI and SysAdmin,        virus companies have provid-
write twice the                                   by increasing the           Audit, Networking and Secu-       ed updates for their software
amount of data                                    number         of           rity (SANS) Institute have        to remove the virus.
onto     conven -                                 usable pits into            announced two Top Twenty
tional    CD-Rs.                                  which data is               Internet Security Vulnerabili -   Opasoft
When data is recorded with            burnt. The company plans to             ties for 2002. This list out-                       /
                                                                                                                Another worm that targets
the new CRD-BPDV2 drive, a            start mass production in Jan-           lines the software features       Windows 95, 98 and Me is
meagre 700 MB CD-R can                uary next year, aiming at               most often used by hackers to     called Opasoft, W32/Opasoft,
hold 1.4 GB of data, thats up         manufacturing 30,000 units a            circumvent computer securi -      or Opaserv. Unlike other
to 2 hours of video!                  month.                                  ty and break into Windows         worms that spread over the
                                                                              and Unix systems.                 Internet through infected

statattack                                      INFOGRAPHICS:   Jaya Shetty
                                                                                  As part of the announce -
                                                                              ment, federal agencies have
                                                                                                                e-mail, Opasoft uses the NET-
                                                                                                                BIOS protocol. Once it hits a
                                                                              been urged to test their net-     machine, it scans the network
                                                                              works for systems with any        for other machines to attack.
                                                                              of the listed risks.              When a vulnerable machine is
                                                                                  The SANS Institute was        located, it checks if the C
                                                                              also planning a weekly criti -    drive can be accessed, places
                                                                              cal vulnerability analysis        a copy of itself on that
                                                                              mailing list. This will rely on   machine and then alters the
                                                                              a committee of 15 security        win.ini file so that the worm
                                                                              professionals to decide which     is run the next time the
                                                                              of the dozens of vulnerabili -    machine is started. Although
                                                                              ties found each week should       the damage it does is not
                                                                              receive special attention. In     known, it opens a back door
                                                                              addition, it intends to devel -   to www.opasoft.com, from
                                                                              op a broader list of potential    which updated versions of the
                                                                              security problems to give         worm and other script files
                                                                              companies further guidance        are downloaded. Anti-virus
                                                                              on the security of their          updates should be able to
                                                                              networks.                         take care of the virus.

I   Microsoft recruits Xbox hackers to crack down on illegal mod chips I Fujitsu promises to replace 3,00,000 HDDs due to faulty semiconductors

            21                                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 2002
pulse I
               I   news

Porn company                           Kill spammers... literally!                                                           heroes
wants Napster
P  rivate Media Group, a
   pronography firm, offered
                                       A    n online game offering vir-
                                            tual revenge on spammers
                                       is gaining cult status as Neti -
                                                                             its customers’ e-mail addresses.
                                                                                 Apparently, an ex-employ-
                                                                             ee of SparkList.com, its mail -
                                                                                                                     A 28-year-old computer engi-
to acquire the Napster trade-          zens queue up to take out their       ing list host, sold a backup            neer from UK was sentenced
mark and the Napster.com               frustrations at receiving spam.       copy of the list to spammers.           to 18 months for hacking into
Internet address for 1 million                                                    Various icons represent            a firm’s database. A Russian
shares of Private Media stock.                                                    different kinds of spam-           hacker was sentenced to
The company said that it                                                          mers such as a blond in a          three years in prison for a
planned to create a peer-to-                                                      red bikini for pornogra -          computer crime. A 21-year-
peer network that would pro-                                                      phy, a purple and white            old man has been arrested
mote the sharing of pornogra-                                                     pill for the Viagra e-mails        and his equipment seized for
phy. It would also sell porno-                                                    and a man in a trench              the creation of the Linux T0rn
graphic material on the site.                                                     coat as an online sales -          virus.
“Along with Hollywood and                                                         man. Players can choose
the recording industry, we                                                        their method of attack             P2P Services
have become increasingly                If only this wasn’t a game!               from gruesome punish -             The operator of the KaZaA
concerned about the level of                                                      ments such as boiling oil          music-swapping service
copyright infringement inher-          Torture a Spammer was devised         and flying killer monkeys.              announced a partnership with
ent in free peer-to-peer file          by a US company, Marketing-           You can play Torture a Spam -           one of Europe’s major Inter-
swapping services,” said               Sherpa, after the theft and mis-      mer at http://torturegame.email-        net access providers in a deal
Charles Prast, president and           use of more than 10 million of        sherpa.com/.                            that underscores their mutual
                                                                                                                     benefit from a method of
                                                                                                                     exchanging songs that has
                                       Vulnerability reporting guidelines                                            raised the ire of record com-
                                                                                                                     panies worldwide.

                                       E   leven software makers
                                           and security firms have
                                       announced the formation of
                                                                             there are no agreed-upon
                                                                             processes for handling secu-
                                                                             rity vulnerabilities,” the                      zeroes
chief executive officer of Pri-        a group called the Organiza -         group said. “The lack of any
vate Media. “We intend to use          tion for Internet Safety (OIS,        consensus procedures com-                Advertising
the strength of the Napster            www.oisafety.org),     which          plicates the process of fixing           invading games
trademark to build a commu-            intends to set down rules             vulnerabilities, and ultimate -          Electronic Arts has struck
nity for adults to share our           regarding how the security            ly increases the risk that all           product placement deals
content.” The announcement             community should responsi-            computer users face.”                    with McDonalds and Intel
came less than two weeks after         bly release information on                OIS will only provide                for Sims Online. Chipzilla and
a bankruptcy court judge               software flaws.                                     guidelines and             Burgerzilla will feature in the
blocked Napster’s sale to              The members                                         no enforcement             game, while players will be
German media giant Bertels-            of the group                                        mechanism will             able to open a virtual
mann AG who offered over               include security                                    be advocated.              McDonalds franchise and
$15 million, plus $85 million          companies                                           Earlier this year,         eating there will give them
in loans to keep the file-swap-        @Stake, Bind -                                      a draft of such            more points. Intel introduces
ping service in operation              View, Found -                                       guidelines was             Pentium branding and the
while it was being pursued             stone, Guardent, ISS, NAI,            submitted to the Internet                Intel Inside jingle.
through the courts for copy-           and Symantec as well as soft -        Engineering       Task    Force
right infringement.                    ware makers Caldera Interna-          (IETF), only to be turned                Storage technology
                                       tional, Microsoft, Oracle and         down as being outside IETF’s             DataPlay, a start-up that
snapshot                               SGI. They hope to bridge the          purview. The proposed rules              developed a new secure
                                       gap between security firms            suggest    that     companies            media format to replace the
     Steve Jobs is the
                                       and independent consultants           respond        to      security          CD, has shut down, at least
     highest-paid execu-               who release information               researchers within a week of             temporarily for new fund-
     tive, collecting                  about flaws to grab media             being notified of a potential            ing. Major record labels had
                                       attention and the software            flaw and that researchers give           supported the format and
     $43.5 million                     companies that frequently             software companies at least              DataPlay expected to have
     in 2002                           find themselves with egg on           30 days to fix the flaw before           discs on the market by the
                                       their face over the holes in          making information about                 end of October 2002.
Source: Economic Research Institute    their applications. “Today,           it public.                                                                 §

I   Dell offers free processor upgrades on Latitude notebooks I Nokia unveils 3G phone that captures video clips I Sun to ship Solaris 9 for x86 at $99

             22                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2002
pulse I
            I   news

Global measures                                                                                          IDF 2002
M      iles of fibre-optic cable
       may answer a question
first tackled by the ancient
                                   traceroute utility on any com-
                                   puter connected to the Inter -
                                   net can be used to record the
                                                                     and to teach them about sys -
                                                                     tematics in data.
                                                                         Unfortunately, the Earth’s
                                                                                                         W       hile all of America was
                                                                                                                 mourning on Septem-
                                                                                                         ber 11, San Jose, California was
Greeks: How big is the Earth?      round-trip time for small         topography hinders perfectly        buzzing with activity as the
     In    a    recent    paper,   Internet packets between          accurate        measurements        Intel Developer Forum (IDF)
Youngstown State University        major Internet traffic hubs,”     because cables are not laid         showed off some of the latest
physics           teacher                  he explains. Cresci-      precisely along great circles.      technologies and develop-
Michael Cresciman-                            manno’s students       Crescimanno has attempted           ments from September 9 to 12.
no describes how                                have developed       to find some means of error-        Frank Spindler, vice president
computer signals                                the traceroute       correction by comparing road        of Corporate Technology
travelling under-                               experiment as an     and straight-line distances         Group, outlined the key sub-
sea        through                             inexpensive way       between eight Ohio cities.          jects of the forum. The sched-
buried fibre-optic                             to involve intro-     Traceroute-based measure -          ule was tightly packed with
cables can be used                               ductory physics     ments of the Earth’s radius         briefings, conferences, demon-
to quickly and eas-                              students      in    yield errors similar to his find-   stration of products and tech-
ily estimate the size                            hands-on use of     ings of a 20 per cent difference    nologies and special parties,
of the planet. “The                        scientific notation       between the Ohio cities.            but that didn’t stop Intel from
                                                                                                         throwing in tennis and game

Never buy a game again
                                                                                                         tables for people to relax. All
                                                                                                         in all, the forum was a techno-
                                                                                                         logical paradise. You can visit

Y   ahoo!, always a
    path-setter of one
kind or another, now
                                                                     download the whole package,
                                                                     and some of the biggest game
                                                                     publishers have teamed up
                                                                                                         the official site for the forum
                                                                                                         at www.intel.com/idf/us/fall2002/
brings Yahoo! Games,                                                 with them.
which serves 4.5 bil-
lion minutes of game
                                                                          Currently there are 40
                                                                     titles available for rent at
time to 8 million play-                                   Games      http://gamesondemand.yahoo            IT spending
ers each month. The site                            On Demand        .com , and all you need to do is      worldwide expected
peaks each day with about
1,50,000 simultaneous players
                                                   service that
                                              allows broadband
                                                                     login to the Yahoo! Games On
                                                                     Demand service and pay for a
                                                                                                           to total
and now Yahoo! hopes to            PC users to rent titles at very   rental. A three day rental for        trillion   in 2002
work around the troubles of        competitive prices. Yahoo! has    one game costs $4.95 (approx                     $2.4
                                                                                                           and to rise to
renting games by doing it
online. On September 23,
                                   overcome security issues by
                                   using a custom client for play-
                                                                     Rs 250). You can also get a
                                                                     package deal at higher prices,
                                                                                                           trillion   in 2003
they launched their Yahoo!         ing the games, so you never       for as long as a month.             Source: Gartner Dataquest

Apple teaming up with IBM
   BM Microelectronics is          is expected to run in the 1.4-    than current PowerPC chips.         GPUL processor provides dou-
   working with Apple on a         2.0 GHz range and will dou-       GPUL will be a multi-core           ble the performance of a
   64-bit PowerPC processor        ble the Mac performance.          chip, with two or four proces -     1 GHz Motorola PowerPC G4
for use in Apple’s high-end        While the power-hungry            sors in one package. Having         processor. GPUL will support
desktops and servers. Apple is               Power4 is designed      the processors closer together      Vector/SIMD        Multimedia
testing the CPU, dubbed the                       for    servers,    and sharing the                               Extensions (VMX),
GigaProcessor        Ultralite                    GPUL is report-    same cache will                               a group of 162
(GPUL), on Mac OS X hard -                       edly cooler and     make for faster                               instructions    that
ware and making sure that the                     more compact,      multiprocessing                               speed data process-
processor complies with a new                     comparing in       environments.                                 ing and algorithm-
bus architecture for future                    size to Intel’s       However, it is not yet clear        intensive tasks, such as multi-
Macs. In addition, IBM plans       Celeron. However, GPUL will       whether applications would          media creation and display.
to offer the processor as the      inherit many Power4 per -         need to be rewritten to take        VMX has been designed to be
centrepiece of future Linux-       formance advantages, such as      advantage of this architecture.     compatible with Altivec mul-
based systems. GPUL, pro -         being able to perform more            Benchmarks and applica -        timedia extensions currently
duced on 130 nm technology,        instructions per clock cycle      tions tests show that a 1 GHz       used in the PowerPC G4.             §

 I   W3C proposes two methods to encrypt XML documents I Warner Bros to make movie based on DOOM I Foldable computers on the way

          24                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
    pulse I
                    I   news

    Hacker’s laptop
                                       Mobile P2P                                                                     quoteworthy
    on auction
                                                                                                                         “Every new genera-
    A   n online auction of the
        two laptops used to hack
    major corporations could get
                                       A    French company called
                                            Apeera    reckons
                                       mobile phones can act as
                                                                                 Technologies such as GPRS
                                                                                 and MMS can also be expect-
                                                                                 ed to get a boost, alongside
                                                                                                                         tion of consoles
                                                                                                                         increases the capa-
    convicted cyber criminal           nodes in vast peer-to-peer net-              attempts by operators to
                                                                                                                         bilities of what we
    Kevin Mitnick a tidy sum. In       works and aims to supply                        use the network to boost          can do by five times.
    an effort to help finance a        mobile subscribers                                 marketing initiatives.         That’s what we need
    legal battle to regain his radio   with a personal                                          P2P networks             to prepare for. We
    operator’s license, the one-       network-based                                         bring with them a           have to increase our
    time hacker is auctioning the      repository    for                                       host of issues            skill-set.”
    two Toshiba Satellite note -       content such as                                           ranging from
    books seized by law enforce-       ring       tones,                                         Digital Rights          Bruce McMillan, executive
    ment officers at eBay. “These      games,       etc.       ILLUSTRATIONS :   Mahesh Benkar Management to             vice president of Electronic
    were the laptops used to hack      Apeera’s tech -                                           mobile phone            Arts’ Worldwide Studios,
    into companies and Shimo-          nology lets users share this              batteries and bandwidth to              which is responsible for sev-
    mura’s computers,” Mitnick         content and applications,                 support such services. Then             eral of this year’s top games
    said. Tsutomu Shimomura, a         boosting traffic on service               there’s security issues, especial-      including Medal of Honor,
    senior fellow at the San Diego     provider     networks       and           ly since mobile phones are              sees the gaming industry
    Supercomputer Center, helped       spurring adoption of the lat-             beginning to hold more and              growing to be more and
    track down Mitnick in 1995         est Java-based mobile phones.             more data.                              more complex and even
    after the hacker broke into the                                                                                      attracting some of Holly-

    computer scientist’s server the                                                                                      wood’s best talent
    previous year.
        The first laptop has a
    486DX processor, 4 MB of
    RAM and a 200 MB hard drive
    with Windows 95 installed.
                                       A  new trend has people mak-
                                          ing loads of money playing
                                       games online. Mary Dion, a for-
                                                                              big job to become a profession-
                                                                              al online solitaire player at
                                                                              WorldWinner (www.worldwin-
                                                                                                                         “We have the lowest
                                                                                                                         tariffs in the world
                                                                                                                         and they can fall
    Bidding on the machine             mer accountant, has given up a         ner.com). Such sites call it ‘skill-       (further) by up to
    reached $9,200 (approx Rs                                                 based gaming’ to distinguish               20-30 per cent.”
    4,60,000) at the time of going                                            themselves from gambling sites.
    to press. The second laptop                                               The games are simple and the               T.V. Ramachandran, director
    sports an Intel 486SX proces -                                            business model straightforward.            general of the Cellular Oper-
    sor and is marked with the                                                Customers pay a small entry                ators Association of India
    dust used to lift fingerprints.                                           fee, the site takes a cut from it,         (COAI), on the growth of
    This one has gone up to                                                   and the rest goes into a pot to            mobile services in India
    $6,000 (approx Rs 3,00,000).                                              be claimed by the top player.
        Both the laptops have
    been signed by Mitnick and
    Steve Wozniak, co-founder of
    Apple Computer and come
    with a copy of the FBI evi -
                                         Spinning a new technology
    dence form listing the make,
    model and serial numbers of
    the computers.
                                         O    hio State University has
                                              made inroads into a new
                                         field of technology called
                                                                                 tics even at high temperatures,
                                                                                 thus jumping over this hurdle.
                                                                                      Experiments have proved
                                                                                                                      switched off. This would also
                                                                                                                      give rise to instant boot-up
                                                                                                                      computers, since the infor-
                                         Spintronics, by dispensing              that a magnetic field can be         mation is already retained

    snapshot                             with conventional chip-fabri-
                                         cating materials like silicon or
                                                                                 used to polarise the spin of an
                                                                                 electron. This is the first step
                                                                                                                      and can be accessed rapidly.
                                                                                                                      While today’s inorganic semi-
                                         gallium arsenide, for plastics.         towards enabling plastics to         conductors are fabricated
      Number of broad -
                                         Temperatures within a com-              be used to store information.        using multiple stages of vacu-
      band connections in                puter reach as high as 50               The advantage with Spintron-         um deposition and etching,
      UK doubled since                   degrees C, rendering this tech-         ics is that an electron retains      plastic semiconductors could

      May 2002 to                        nology useless in the past. But
                                         a new polymer called vanadi-
                                                                                 its spin until it is changed by
                                                                                 an external magnetic field.
                                                                                                                      theoretically be as simple to
                                                                                                                      produce as using inkjet tech-
      reach 1 million                    um        tetracyanoethanide            This implies that data is            nology to print chips on large
                                         exhibits magnetic characteris-          retained even after power is         sheets of plastic.
    Source: Oftel

I   MTV to make rags to riches movie on Napster's founder   I   Sharp's lab develops 3-D flat screen I Charles Simonyi, creator of Word, Excel leaves MS

                26                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2002
Readers Letter-Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:17 AM Page 28

         pulse I
                     I   letters

               Dear Mrs Kinnariben,
               Sounds like an interesting story. We’ll definitely explore the pos
               sibility of carrying it in an upcoming issue. In the meantime, you
               could check out a similar article we’ve carried in our February
               2002 issue titled ‘Make Your PC an Earning Member’. This article
               is also featured at www.thinkdigit.com/connect/firsthand/

                                                                                                     Your vote counts
           Q. What type of interface would you prefer on the                        This month’s question:
           Digit CDs?
                           HTML         Director    Doesn’t matter                  “What do you think about Digit’s unique
                           49%           33%             18%                        half-flap covers?”
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                    28                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 200
Readers Letter-Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:17 AM Page 29

                                                                                                         Short Bytes
                                                                                                         Filtered by Digit
                                                                                                         Hi Guys,
                                                                                                         I simply love Digit and
                                                                                                         eagerly await the beginning
                                                                                                         of the month when I can
                                                                                                         get my hands on the new
                                                                                                         issue of Digit. In today’s age
                                                                                                         of hyped up marketing and
                                                                                                         product peddling, Digit
                                                                                                         helps in sorting through
                                                                                                         the clutter. Keep up the
                                                                                                         good work.
                                                                                                         Aditya Kumar Sharma
                                                                                                         Via e-mail

                                                                                                         Free Linux
                                                                                                         Hi Vinit,
                                                                                                         Here is a tip for people who
                                                                                                         don’t want to spend 11
                                                                                                         grand on Red Hat Linux 7.3
                                                                                                         (reviewed in the October
                                                                                                         issue). Go to any bookstore
                                                                                                         and buy the book titled
                                                                                                         Hat Linux 7.3 Bible and
                                                                                                         you’ll get the three installa
                                                                                                         tion disks free! Okay, so the
                                                                                                         book costs Rs 499, but it’s
                                                                                                         still a bargain when com
                                                                                                         pared to the retail box.
                                                                                                         Via e-mail

                                                                                                                Goof Ups
                                                                                                         I The Top Guns story on Page
                                                                                                         122 (Digit, September 2002),
                                                                                                         incorrectly credits the “What do
                                                                                                         you need besides a miracle?”
                                                                                                         quote from the movie The Matrix
                                                                                                         to Trinity, when it was actually
                                                                                                         said by Tang. Thanks to Manu
                                                                                                         Ignatius for pointing this out.
                                                                                                         I It took Monish Prem’s eagle
                                                                                                         eyes to point out that in the
                                                                                                         graph on Page 78 of the Sys
                                                                                                         tem Suites test (Digit, October
                                                                                                         2002), we’ve interchanged the
                                                                                                         defrag times taken by Norton
                                                                                                         SystemWorks 2002 and
                                                                                                         Ontrack SystemSuite 4.0.
                                                                                                         I In the Bazaar section of the
                                                                                                         October 2002 issue, we wrongly
                                                                                                         mentioned Visualan Technolo
                                                                                                         gies as the contact for Mercury
                                                                                                         MP3-VCD Player (Page 82) and
                                                                                                         Mercury Pocket DV Camera
                                                                                                         (Page 86). The correct contact is
                                                                                                         Kobian India Pvt Ltd (Phone:
                              Send your letters marked ‘Readers Letters’ to the Digit office:            080-5566626)
                  D-222/2, MIDC, TTC Industrial Estate, Om Sagar Building, Nerul, Navi Mumbai 400 706,
                                                                                                         Notice any goof-ups? Write to
                                     Phone: 022-7629191/9200 Fax: 022-7629224
                                      E-mail: readersletters@jasubhai.com                                goof@jasubhai.com

                   29                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 200
Feature-Tech next Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:10 AM Page 32

         features I
                          I   technology next

          One for
           the Road
          Call them work buddies or play mates—the new generation of mobile devices will make you forget al
                        about pixellated screens, skimpy applications and arcane user interfaces

                         ith your assortment of         integrate several functions into an all-in-     taneously converting it into a searchab
                         portable devices—a PDA,        one device that is also easy to use.            and editable digital format. And t
                         a smart phone, a digital                                                       appeal to the professional in you an
                         diary—you think you are        Take a tablet                                   me, it features specially modified ve
         the king of computing on the go, but           You are on the way to work when the per-        sions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoin
         you often wish that you could do more          fect idea for that new advertising cam -        letting you make notes in the margins o
         with these devices. That you could play        paign flashes in your mind. You flip out        the screen and save them as documen
         more than chess or do more than read an        your PDA and tap in the idea before you         references.
         e-book or listen to MP3 music when you         lose it. It is cumbersome because the key-            Acer’s Travelmate 100 is one suc
         are bored with that in-flight movie. That      board is cramped and the handwriting            sub-notebook that can be converted int
         you could go beyond just light editing of      recognition software is rather basic. You’d     a tablet PC by simply swivelling its scree
         your Word and Excel files on your PDA.         rather jot your idea on a sheet of paper,       180 degrees and folding it back down ove
         That you wouldn’t miss your laptop             but then you think that’s a small price for     its keyboard. It features Microsoft’s new
         so much.                                       the convenience of having your jottings         Table PC OS, an extended version of Win
               Handheld devices already let you         in a digital format.                            dows XP Professional that incorporate
         take notes, schedule your day, catch up             Take heart. The next generation of         support for a touch screen and stylus pen
         on e-mail messages or plug in head-            Smart Phones and PDAs is going to do            Numerous other brands such as Toshib
         phones to listen to MP3s during your           something your mother can’t—read your           Fujitsu, NEC and Hewlett-Packard are als
         daily jog. You can even use them as a          handwriting and understand what you’re          bringing out devices based on this OS
         stand-in for times when you cannot or          saying! Featuring handwriting and               The Fujitsu Siemens LT P-600, for exam
         don’t want to take your laptop with you.       speech processing capabilities, these           ple, is powered by a 600 MHz mobile P-I
         But they fall just short of being the com -    devices will be able to take down dicta -       processor and features an LCD touc
         plete companion for your computing             tions and decipher little notes that you        screen that can be detached from the bas
         needs on the road.                             jot down and convert them into a digital        station for true mobility. It also features
               This void for a portable device that     format on the fly.                              Smart Card port that saves your dat
         is somewhere between a laptop and a                 One such device is the tablet PC.          when the device is not in use.
         desktop in its computing power and is          First seen on the initial episodes of Star            A more popular tablet computer i
         still small, is being filled by a slew of      Trek, what was once a far-fetched idea is       Microsoft’s own Tablet PC, which run
         futuristic portable computers. These new       now manifesting into a practical gadget.        Windows Tablet PC OS. It mimics the fe
         devices incorporate technologies that          It offers the most natural way to get           of a pen and paper. The entire screen i
                                                        information into a device—by writing            pressure sensitive—pressing the stylu
                                                        directly onto it. Quite like a digital slate,   harder causes bolder screen strokes lik
                                                        this device can be carried around with-         with a pencil. And to erase your writing

            “   In 2001, only 3 per cent of the 111
                million mobile-phone subscribers in
                America used a mobile data service
                but by 2006, 66 per cent of the
                                                        out the slightest inconvenience and used
                                                        for scribbling down your ideas and
                                                             Slightly larger than the A4 notepad
                                                                                                        simply flip the stylus around and eras
                                                                                                        away! There’s even a digital journal tha
                                                                                                        allows you to scribble on an interface tha
                                                                                                        resembles a journal page—and your jo
                180 million mobile phone users will     in size, tablet PCs incorporate advanced        tings are completely searchable for late

                rely on data services                   speech and handwriting recognition              reference, all on the fly!
                                  —Forrester Research   technologies that decipher your scrawl                The ‘Digital Ink’ is so versatile an
                                                        as you write on the screen, while simul-        interoperable that you can select piece

                   32                                                                                                             NOVEMBER
Feature-Tech next Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:10 AM Page 33

                                                                                              10.4-inch display
                                                                                           is about the size of an
                                                                                          A4 page and features a
                                                                                          resoution of 1024x768
                                                                                         with 24-bit colour support
                                                                                            driven by a SMI Lynx
                                                                                               3DM+ graphics

                                                                                                             The Fujitsu
                                                                                                            Siemens LT P-600
                                                                                                            sports a 600 MHz
                                                                                                            P-III processor with a
                                                                                                            touchscreen—all in an 8-inch package

                                                                                                          connectivity. They fit all the information
                                                                                                          you need within the reach of a stylus an
                                                                                                          all your documents inside your pocket
                                                                                                          The PDAs run on a new breed of proces
                                                                                                          sors, built specifically to ensure that thes
                                                                                                          devices don’t skimp on the application
                                                                                                          (see box ‘The brains behind the beauty’
                                                                                                               Running at 400 MHz, the new PDA
                                                                                                          have transflective screens that make them
                                                                                                          as clearly readable in total darkness as in
        swivel screen of                                                    In spite of its               bright sunlight. With a resolution o
      the Acer TravelMate                                                size, this portable              240x320, 16-bit colour and 32 MB o
   100 enables it to be used                                          machine packs in a 700              memory, these devices can handle ful
   as a notepad as well as a                                         MHz PIII-M processor with            motion (30 fps) video playback and MP3
   tablet PC. And it also has                                          SpeedStep technology               audio. Such processing power, couple
      touchscreen support                                              helping you maximise               with scaled down and optimised version
           thrown in                                                    battery power while               of operating systems, makes the respons
                                        A single                             on the road                  time of these devices very fluid and
                                   pushbutton on the                                                      speedy. Enhanced power conservation
                                screen lets you change                                                            methods ensure better powe
                                 the orientation of the                                                           management and battery life (
                                display from portrait to                                                          box, ‘Power that lasts’).
                                  landscape—ideal for                                                                   Devices that embody thi
                                     presentations                                                                amalgam of pocket computing
                                                                                                                  include the O2 XDA, the Hewlett
                                                              The Viewsonic View-                                 Packard iPAQ 3950, the Fujits
                                                             Pad 1100 features                                    Siemens Pocket LOOX and th
          of your scribbling and copy them into              802.11b wireless net-                                Sony Clié PEG-NR70V.
          conventional applications such as Word             working, handwriting                                       The O2 XDA is quite th
          and even your messenger client!                    recognition and an 866                               thing for those who need to sta
                                                             MHz P-III processor
                                                                                                                  connected at all times—it look
          The rocket in your pocket                                                                               like a conventional Pocket PC, bu
          Maybe you are a sales executive, en route                                                       inside it lurk GPRS support, POP3 e-mail
          to a client’s office. You receive a phone        PowerPoint presentation—all on the trip        Instant Messengers and even a cel
          call saying that some specifications of the      to the clients office!                         phone! The bright full-colour 240x32
          product have undergone last minute                    Sounds too good to be true? Going         resolution shows off rich multimedi
          changes. If you have one of these new            one step smaller, the next regiment of         content and its connectivity option
          handhelds, all you need to do is log into        road warriors are represented by PDAs.         never keep you away from your valuabl
          the company network using the wireless           These little handheld devices have             information for long.
          Internet access, pull down the latest spec-      jumped manifold in everything, from                 Also impressive is the Fujitsu
          ifications and integrate them into your          processing power, to applications and          Siemens Pocket LOOX, one of the firs

                      33                                                                                                             NOVEMBER
Feature-Tech next Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:10 AM Page 34

         features I
                          I   technology next

                                                                                    With full GPRS           devices to use Intel’s new XScale proces
                                                                                 support, this device        sor. Running at a speed of 400 MHz, thi
                                                                            doubles as a cellular device.    handheld device has everything yo
                                                                            It also integrates Bluetooth
                                                                                                             would need—applications, communica
                                                                              for wireless connectiivty
                                                                                                             tion and mobile entertainment. Beside
                                                                                   at your office or
                                                                                       airport!              integrating GPRS support for high-spee
                                                                                                             mobile connectivity, it’s also Bluetooth
                                                                                                             capable, enabling you to tap into you
                                                                                                             office network, without being anchore
                                                                                                             to your desk. It can even be hooked up to
                                                                                                             your laptop or mobile phone for enablin
                                                                                                             wireless connectivity. And yes, its pro
                                                                                                             cessing power lets you watch movie trail
                                                                                                             ers right off the Web with TV-quality
                                                                                                                   Another interesting device is th
                                                                                                             Sony Clié PEG-NR70V, which features
                                                                                                             compact QWERTY keyboard as a part o
                                                                                                             its flip-screen design. With a 320x240
                                                                                                             resolution, 16-bit colour screen and ful
                                                                                                             audio support, this device runs the
                       The                                                                                   Palm OS. Most importantly, its func
             240x320 touchscreen                                                                             tionality can be supplemented with
            displays 65,536 colours                                                                          host of other devices such as a Web
             and is transreflective,                                                                         cam and MP3s that can be stored on
           meaning that you can view                                                                         Memory Sticks.
             it in daylight with the
             same ease as in total                                               Powered by a 400            Phones get smarter
                    darkness                                                    MHz XScale processor         Using the existing cell phones, you can
                                                                              and 64 MB of RAM, this         already access services such as WAP and
                                                                             handheld has what it takes      SMS-based movie schedules that som
                                                                               to crunch through your        service providers offer. But what if yo
                                                                                     applications            could even book your favourite seat
                                                                                                             through your cell phone itself? How
                                                                                                             about even finding directions to the the
                                                                                                             atre? Followed by recommendations of
            Power that Lasts                                                                                 good North Indian restaurant close by?
                                                                                                                  When they first arrived on the scen
            With all that increased processing power,      mobile computers using Banias processors          about five years ago, mobile phone
            bigger and brighter screens and increased      will consume a watt of power and have a           served a single purpose: to keep you con
            storage, the new-generation mobile devices     battery life of between 3.5 to 4.5 hours for      nected to the rest of the world via voice
            need enough juice to survive on the road.      machines with 14 to 15-inch screens.              Today, with enhancements in portabl
            Intel’s Banias, expected to surface in the         There is also a low voltage (LV) version      processing power and wireless technolo
            first quarter of 2003, is one of the many      of the chip that will be used on sub-note-        gy, mobile phones are no longer restric
            technologies that strive to minimise the       books and tablet PCs and will consume             ed to voice; they can transfer data
            power usage of these mobile devices.           just half a watt of power. One chipset run-       through Short Mes -
                 Mobile processors based on Banias are     ning these processors is codenamed                saging Service (SMS)
            capable of dynamically altering their clock    Odem. It features DDR 266 support and is          and with large,
            speed depending upon the application. A        expected to be released in early 2003.            colour displays that
            process called Advanced Clock Gating           Another chipset supporting Banias is code-        are touch screen
            implements power conservation by shut-         named Montara GM and will be targeted             capable, broadband
            ting off unneeded sections of the processor    at mini notebooks, sub-notebooks and              Internet access and
            core, even when the rest of the processor is   tablet PCs.                                       robust processing
            in operation.                                      These chips will feature a minimal num-       power, the new
                 Besides optimised power consumption,      ber of interface points for easy integration.
            Banias also intends to include dual-band       The first Banias chips will appear in the first
                                                                                                               With full MP3 sup-
            802.11a and 802.11b chipsets for facilitat-    quarter of 2003 and will offer speeds of 1.4
                                                                                                              port, the Fujitsu-
            ing wireless LAN support. Capable of run-      GHz, 1.5 GHz and 1.6 GHz, using the
                                                                                                              Siemens SX45 hand-
            ning Windows XP and Windows 2000,              Odem chipset.                                      held even sports
                                                                                                              GPRS for cellular connectivity

                   34                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER
Feature-Tech next Nov.qxd 4/29/2004 10:10 AM Page 35

            IMAGING:   Neeta Wadiker

                                                                                                                  The Brains Behind the
                                                                                                                  PDAs and Smart Phones will be capable
                                                                                                                  of handling full motion (30 fps) video as
                                                                                                                  easily as they would handle mobile gam
                                                                                                                  ing and 3G communication. Devices like
                                                                                                                  the HP iPAQ H3950, Pocket LOOX 600,
                                                                                                                  Toshiba Genio E550G and O2 XDA,
                                                                                                                  based on newer processors like Intel’s
                                                                                                                  XScale chips are redefining the meaning
                                                                                                                  of mobile computing power.
                                                                                                                       The XScale processors are available in
                                                                                                                  two variants—the PXA250 (400 MHz,
                                                                                                                  300 MHz and 200 MHz) and the
                                                                                                                  PXA210 (200 MHz and 133 MHz). They
                                                                                                                  consume up to one-third of the power of
                                                                                                                  their predecessors, the StrongARM
                                                                                              With                processors. The PXA250 is aimed at
                                                                                           32 MB of               handheld computers, while the PXA210
                                                                                         memory that is           is tailored for entry-level handhelds and
                                                                                       expandable using a         cell phones. These processors also incor
                                                                                   Memory Stick interface, the    porate advanced power management
                                                                                     phone also integrates a
                                                                                    camera that can capture
                                                                                                                       By integrating memory and LCD con
                      Running                                                           640x480, 24-bit
                                                                                            images!               trollers onto the chip itself, they reduce
                Symbian OS 7.0, this                                                                              the number of components in the hand
                   phone features a                         The stylus sits in a
                                                                                                                  helds they are used in. Both these
             208x320 screen that can                      recessed groove right
                                                                                                                  processors come with 64 KB of cache
             display 4,096 colours and                   behind the screen—you
                                                          can tap away at your                                    and feature Intel’s Integrated Perfor-
               is touchscreen capable
                                                           documents or Web                                       mance Primitives (IPP), which provide in-
                                                                  pages                                           built functions for signal processing (for
                                                                                                                  speech and handwriting recognition),
                                                                                                                  MP3 codecs, MPEG-4 and H.263 video-
                                                                                                                  conferencing codes. They also feature
            breed of cellular phones has graduated           tiny stylus integrated into the phone. The           Windows CE .Net support.
            into truly smart phones.                         digital camera is integrated on the rear,                 Besides these processors, there are a
                  In some of the newer phones on the         much like the Nokia 7650. Pictures are               slew of other devices, like the Hand-
            block, we see the convergence of cellular,       stored on 12 MB of internal memory,                  spring Treo 270 based on the 33 MHz
            PDA, as well as imaging technologies.            which can also be supplemented with a                Dragonball VZ processor and the HP Jor
            Some even boast of an integrated digital         16 MB Memory Stick. It sports Bluetooth              nada 928, based on the 133 MHz TI
            camera, which is capable of capturing            and infrared, and is capable of download-            OMAP710 processor.
            images and storing them on the inbuilt           ing Java applications such as games. The                  All these enhancements indicate that
            memory. For instance, the Nokia 7650 fea-            phone is based on the Symbian 7                  the new super-breed of handhelds and
            tures a brilliant 176x208 pixel colour                 operating system.                              Smart Phones will enable users to run
            screen with full PDA functionality.                            Another phone that com -               applications that were never thought
            Another phone that integrates a dig-                        bines funk with innovative fea -          possible, at speeds never experienced
            ital camera is the Sony Ericsson T68i,                      tures is the Samsung 500, whose           before.
            where the Web cam component can                            flip-open design conceals a full
            be added on to the basic GPRS capa-                       colour screen and has full GPRS
            ble phone—all this with a very small                      support—all in a surprisingly
            sacrifice in size.                                      small package.                               Phones blur the lines between cellula
                  Just rising on the horizon is a                         These new breeds of tablet             communication and portable compu
            smooth blend of PDAs and cellular                       computers, PDAs and Smart                    ing with full video, audio and applic
            phones seen in phones such as the                                                                    tion support. Armed with any of thes
            Sony Ericsson T800. This phone is                                                                    new devices, you can finally experienc
            for work and for play—you can type                        The tiny Samsung SGH-T100                  true freedom from the desktop. So g
            in your reports, schedule meetings                         weighs in at 87 gms and sports            ready to romp around the world, an
            and play a game. Its keypad folds                          a 128x160 flip-top colour                 don’t forget to take your offic
            over to reveal the 208x320 touch                            screen                                   with you!
            screen that can be navigated with a                                                                                                MARCO D

                       35                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER
features I
               I   droolmaal

Mini-PC TX2 Small Factor PC
Size doesn’t matter!
At 156x146x56 mm and 1.1 kg, you won’t find too
many smaller PCs that pack such punch. Aimed as a
desktop replacement, the TX2 is powered by an Intel
1.3 GHz Tualatin processor, with up to 512 MB RAM, a
DVD/CD-RW combo drive and a 30 GB hard drive.
Every free inch of the Mini-PC is adorned with ports,
including an S-Video, two FireWire, four USB, an IrDA
and a 10/100 baseT Ethernet.
Web site: www.worldssmallestpc.com

                                                                            You know you want them.
                                                                            Yes you do. Go on, admit it!

        Bose MediaMates Computer Speakers
        Sing away those blues
        With these cool blue speakers, Bose brings its trademark sense of
        design and engineering to a new arena—the PC. The lack of a
        dedicated subwoofer is not apparent as the MediaMates use a
        proprietary 2.5-inch full-range driver, producing full bass and
        clean highs. The patented spaciousness-enhancing circuitry
        provides an audio experience that seems to come from a sound-
        stage wider than the two speakers. And for those who tend to
        multitask, the speakers’ dual inputs allow you to use another
        source, such as an MP3 player, even while the speakers are
        connected to your computer!
        Web site: www.bose.com

         36                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2002
                                      Toshiba PDR-T10 Digital Camera
                                      Look mom, no buttons!
                                      With the PDR-T10 it’s possible to change the
                                      appearance of your digital camera to your lik -
                                      ing. The Toshiba PDR-T10 is the first digicam
                                      to incorporate an interactive touch screen for
                                      operations—there’s just one shutter button;
                                      all the other settings are made through its
                                      1.6-inch LCD screen. But there’s a lot more to
                                      the PDR-T10 than just its looks—it has a
                                      2.0 mega-pixel CCD sensor with all the bells
                                      and whistles (4x digital zoom, white-balance
                                      controls, multiple flash modes, USB connec -
                                      tivity) and stores JPEG images at an impres -
                                      sive 1600x1200 resolution using a Secure
                                      Digital memory card.
                                      Web site: www.toshiba.com

Terratec C.A.R. 4000 Digital
Audio Centre
The complete package
The C.A.R. 4000 combines a digital audio
recorder, CD player and jukebox in one nifty
package. The various audio inputs (two Line-ins,                             L SanDisk      Cruzer Thumb
two Mics, one Digital) record an audio signal from                           L
your PC or any other audio equipment, digitise it
and save it on the in-built 30 GB hard disk. It can
                                                                               Flash in the pocket
                                                                               Most Flash drives have fixed capacities, so
also play ordinary audio CDs and MP3 CDs or
                                                                               if you need to carry more data than your
Winamp playlists (M3U). With CDDB support for
                                                                               drive can hold, you’ll need to buy a larger
automatic detection of artiste, title and album
                                                                               drive. But the SanDisk Cruzer uses a
information, configurable playlists, USB connec-
                                                                               stamp-sized, digital camera compatible
tivity with a PC and MMC memory card support,
                                                                               Secure Digital (SD) Flash memory, which
this wonder offers all that you would expect from
                                                                               you can swap with other or higher capac-
an up-to-date Hi-Fi device.
                                                                               ity SD cards. The Cruzer plugs in directly
Web site: www.terratec.net
                                                                               into any USB 1.1 port, works without any
                                                                               driver installation and is compatible with
                                                                               both PCs and Macs. Its stylish, compact
                                                                               design allows it to be dropped into any
                                                                               pocket and it even offers basic encryption
                                                                               via its bundled software to provide data
                                                                               security in case you misplace it!
                                                                               Web site: www.sandisk.com

37                                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2002
features I
                I   firsthand

Broadband Blues          Dreams of high-speed Internet access wither in the face of reality

                                                                      working speeds of approximately 30 Mbps; now compare it to the
    You promised me heaven,                                           measly 56 KBps that the best dial-up connection can offer and
                       then put me through hell                       the contrast seems bewildering; even a DSL line can touch speeds
                                                 —JON BON   JOVI      of up to 10 Mbps. A broadband connection is thus a good thing,

                                                                      like a hefty bank balance; but as we will soon find out the analo-
           he sentiment reflected in these words has touched our      gy goes further—for much like a burgeoning wallet, a speedy Inter-
           collective soul at one point or another. The reasons for   net connection is also reduced to being just a pipe dream for the
           crooning those lyrics can be many: Bon Jovi obviously      most of us.
           had an unhappy tryst with a heartbreaker, a situation
that might seem painfully familiar to most of us; while others find   Fight the system
themselves humming the line as they surf the Internet. Shattered      Our story begins with a broadband service that should theoreti-
hearts or pulled out hair, the source of the pain remains the same:   cally deliver the most bang for the buck, Internet over optic fibres.
promises broken, potential unrealised.                                Like all sad tales, this one begins with a little flashback: A ‘last-mile
     While we would love to delve into the world of romance and       connection’ refers to the means by which a service provider deliv-
poetry, lets stick to the subject at hand. Broadband has become       ers Internet to your home. Most providers rely on existing infra-
a household name, synonymous with high-speed Internet access          structure and thus the last-mile consists of wires that belong to
and one that conjures visions of streaming movies while video-        institutes such as BSNL and MTNL. Some providers, though, such
conferencing with your aunt in England, even as you download          as BSES TeleCom Ltd (BTL) rely on their own cabling, thanks large-
the latest songs. Unfortunately, like most visions, this one too      ly to the nature of the solution they offer. BTL thus delivers a last-
goes up in smoke when scorched by the unforgiving flames of           mile as a combination of fibre and Cat-5 cable: optic fibres deliv-
reality. So what is this ‘broadband’ thing anyway, and do we, as      er the Internet to a hub near you (typically a power terminal),
a higher species really need it?                                      from where cables emanate and transport packets of data to your
     Let’s get a little technical. Broadband refers to any type of    home. BTL’s broadband service, termed Powersurfer, thus seems
transmission technique that carries several data channels over a      to be the best of the bunch at first glance; it uses optic fibres after
common wire. A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service, for exam -      all. Practically though, the service has been marred by long instal-
ple, combines separate voice and data channels over a single tele-    lation periods and slow access speeds.
phone line—voice fills the low end of the frequency spectrum               Take the case of Rafique Ilani, a Mumbai resident. He signed
and data (which can in turn be audio, video and text) fills the       up for Powersurfer by making a down payment of Rs 3,500 as
high end. While this might seem like a nice thing to do to a wire,    installation charges and was promised a connection within a
what really excites is the speed that such a connection can deliv-    month. Since BTL had to lay the optic cabling required, they
er. Consider Cable technology: it can theoretically achieve net-      needed permission from both MTNL and the Municipal Council

          38                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2002
to dig up the road next to Ilani’s place. The month soon became
two, then three and much to his chagrin, the promised connec-
tion was still missing in action six months after he had paid in
cash. “Every time I called their franchisee, they would promise to
get back to me in a few hours; would then invariably explain that
the digging work is taking longer than expected and is expected
to get over in a few weeks.” So why did Ilani not ask for a refund
and get out of the service when he should have? He explains,
“Because, in the interim months, Powersurfer had increased the
installation charges by about Rs 1,000. I thought that I had a good
deal and I did not wish to give it up. After all, they promised a
Net connection over optic fibres, it was too tempting an offer to
pass up.”
    As Ilani would soon find out, it was the last-mile connect that
was to be the undoing of his desire to get a fast connection to the
Net. “After a period that must have been close to six months, I
learned that I would have to settle for a refund since my residence
was situated too far away for them to supply the last-mile con-
nects. They had connected a cyber-cafe some 300 metres from my
place, a distance that was apparently ‘impractical’ for them to
cover with the requisite cabling,” he fumes.
    While Ilani’s case reads like a typical botch-up job, those who
did get connected to the Net via Powersurfer experience various
levels of customer satisfaction: there are those who are content
with what BTL offers, while others are terribly disappointed by the
browsing speed, considering the fact that an optic fibre should

“     Lots of promises and assurances but
      all potholed in unexpected
      difficulties and problems—most of
      them concerning lack of transparen-
                                                                        1/2 page Ver AD

      cy, miscommunication and above all,
      no sense of responsibility
                              —Raja Sagar, a Powersurfer customer

deliver a blazing experience. “It’s the worst connection you could
ever have,” attests Vince Fern, a broadband user over an online
forum. “I tested it for speed on a regular day, in the evening and
found it to be just 16 Kbps. I can’t even listen to a 28 Kbps online
radio.” Fern then goes on to attack their customer service: “Their
helpline number has a peon who only speaks in Marathi and I am
supposed to interact with him about speed and non-responsive
pings! At the end of each complaint all this peon is programmed
to say is ‘mala kai mahiti nahi’ (I don’t know anything).”

Technology shmecnology
The idea of delivering the Internet over the same lines that bring
you TV channels is an appealing one. The concept goes some-
thing like this: the wire that brings you cable TV has lots of unused
room left on it. This unused bandwidth is used to deliver packets
of data, the source of which can be anything—in the case of a
broadband connect, the font being the Internet. The service
provider will either have a private gateway to the Internet or will
lease a line from another ISP such as VSNL. This Internet con-
nection is then brought to a modem that combines the data from
the Internet and the TV channel information onto a single cable,
to be transmitted to subscribers. This flow of information from the
service provider to an end-user is called the downstream data.

          39                                                                        NOVEMBER 2002
features I
                  I   firsthand

After the coupled signal reaches the users premises, another
modem splits the pair; the cable channels head to your television       So you Think you Have Broadband?
and data from the Internet makes its way to your computer.
    A segment of about 6 MHz is allotted to the Internet data,          1. How long does it take you to access a Web site?
and such a segment is termed as a channel. This fixed capacity is          a. I just need to click my heels and the Web page
enough to support up to a thousand subscribers. Problems arise                loads
when the number exceeds that mark. Aniruddha Gupte, a broad-               b. A quick, two-minute noodle session and I am off
band hopeful, had subscribed to just such a service (7 Star Cable             surfing
Network, which has leased lines from the ISP, NetMagic). He was            c. I always find the time to do my laundry in between
promised browsing speeds around the 48 Kbps mark—not a true                   Web pages
broadband connection for sure, but Gupte took solace in the fact
that he would not have to pay monthly telephone bills and would         2. How long does it take you to download a music file from
be granted an always-on, dedicated line to the Net. He paid Rs             the Internet?
1,000 as installation charges and then dished out monthly rental           a. You shall be mine post-lunch, O MP3 file!
charges that came up to an equal amount.                                   b. I have to keep the computer on overnight for the

                                                                              file to download
                                                                           c. Hey, I get the latest music albums before they are

     I am ready to switch back to dial-up:                                    officially released

     talk about backward compatibility!                                 3. When was the last time you enjoyed a great action game
                    —Aniruddha Gupte, bemoaning the fact that his          online?
                                                                           a. Does a card game count?
                  broadband connection is slower than a dial-up line
                                                                           b. My ping rate is longer than my PIN code
    As is financially feasible, Cable modems are only seen at              c. They call me a low-ping b******!
select installations and most of the throughput is via switches
and hubs installed on the terraces of buildings. Gupte found that       4. Do you frequently chat with your girlfriend in the
he was connected in a similar way: a hub sits on the terrace of            US using a Web cam?
his building, connecting his and five other houses via a Cat-5             a. Yeah, but her mom keeps popping up
cable. The promised speed of 48 Kbps did make a brief appear-                 (spoilsport!)
ance, but as new users were added, the speed quickly degraded              b. Yes, but she lives across the street
and things reached such a stage that hitting a measly 20 Kbps              c. Hey, I'm grateful I can chat uninterrupted
mark (a dial-up connection offers twice as much speed!) was
looked upon as miraculous. Needless to say, Gupte is an unhap -         5. Quicktime.com, quick what pops into your head?
py surfer. “The connection is worse than a dial-up line. The band-         a. Ewww, Apple! (The grapes are sour, the grapes are
width is so bad that one site takes 3 to 4 minutes to load!” To fur-          sour, the…)
ther elucidate the fact that the bandwidth is being choked by              b. Movies, masti, magic!
the number of subscribers, Gupte presents this case: “Like every-          c. Why won’t they let me download those trailers?
one else, I like to chat on MSN when I am online. Sadly, just surf-                                              Turn to page 41 for the score
ing the Internet takes up so much of the juice available that every
time I visit a Web page, MSN thinks that the connection is dead
and promptly signs off!” To ease the saturation of the allotted 6      and split the user base along the two. It is a solution that requires
MHz bandwidth, the service provider can add another channel            additional monetary investment. Gupte did complain to the con-
                                                                                              cerned party but till date no action has
                                                                                              been taken. This is a problem that any
                                                                                              Cable modem based service will eventual-
                                                                                              ly experience. DSL lines also face inherent
                                                                                              problems. When you are closer to the
                                                                                              provider’s central office, the connection is
                                                                                              faster for receiving data than it is for send -
                                                                                              ing data over the Internet and is generally
                                                                                              the costliest solution in the offing.

                                                                                              Barbed wire
                                                                                              As if these intrinsic walls were not enough
                                                                                              to limit the user’s experience, some
                                                                                              providers put up barbed fences in the form
 Squadron Leader Sanjay Sinvhal (Retd) is not the kind of man                                 of bandwidth caps. Such a cap is an artifi-
 to shy away from a fight. So when he thought that Power-                                     cial limit on the maximum speed a cus-
 surfer was being unkind to its customers, he promptly took up                                tomer can achieve. This is done by moni-
 the cudgels on behalf of the aggrieved masses                                                toring their current usage and throttling
                                                                                              network packets as and when necessary.

          40                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
Why is such an act practised? The most common reason is that
providers concerned about the capacity limits of their network
may implement a short-term cap so that they can accommodate
more customers without having to scale up their service
     Retired Squadron Leader Sanjay Sinvhal faces just such an arti-
ficial hurdle: “I acquired a Powersurfer broadband connection a
few months back from BSES Telecom, Mumbai. The browsing and
downloads were blazing fast for the first couple of months and
then suddenly I hit a roadblock. The speeds offered became
painfully slow. After a lot of follow-up and complaints, what came
out is that the download/browsing speeds will be between 48 Kbps
to 64 Kbps only.” This downgrading of speed formed what was
officially termed as a ‘Manageable network’. As Rajiv Sharaf, head
of Customer Support at Powersurfer explains in a e-mail to Sin-
vhal, the port speed was restricted to 48 Kbps “for fine tuning of
network and better bandwidth management”. Sinvhal failed to see
how this capped connection certified itself as broadband. “On a
dial-up modem, I get connectivity at 56 Kbps. An ISDN connec-
tion provides 128 Kbps; a DSL connection provides 128 Kbps to
2 Mbps of speed; streaming video needs 786 Kbps minimum,
streaming audio needs 64 Kbps minimum. A broadband consists
of streaming audio, video and data. I thus fail to understand that
if they have reduced the access speed to 48 Kbps, how can they
sell the service as a broadband connection? Charging the sub-
scribers for a broadband connection, without delivering is uneth-
ical, to say the least.”

Only in India
It is obvious that as far as home users are concerned, a broad -
                                                                       1/2 page Ver AD
band connection is the proverbial white elephant in India. Inter-
net access speeds offered by the best service providers seldom
exceed 40 Kbps, when they should be touching the 1 Mbps
mark. The reasons are largely financial and to a lesser degree
infrastructural. Leasing lines from ISPs is an expensive deal and
few can afford to set up their own Internet gateways. Consider
a service provider that rents a 2 Mbps line with the intent of
providing Internet over Cable. The customers are promised blaz-
ing speeds, and initially everyone seems to be happy. Word of
their excellent service spreads and new users are brought under
the wing. What follows is a vicious cycle—to be profitable, the
service provider will not refuse the users who wish to sign on.
The increased user-base will overload the limited bandwidth and
                                              pretty soon there
 SCOREBOARD                                   will be many dis-
                                              traught customers. It
                 Question     a      b     c  is a scenario that is
                 1          15      10     5  not too uncommon,
                 2          10       5 15     one that forces us to
                 3            5     10 15     accept what is essen-
                 4          15      10     5  tially an always-on-
                 5            5     15 10     dial-up-connection
                                              as a true broadband
  25-40 Tsk, tsk. You got what techies term a solution.    Perhaps
  ‘lemon’ for a broadband connection          the best recourse
  40-60 Hmmm. The signs are good, but         is to grit our teeth
  we wouldn’t hedge bets on your Internet     and bear it. Who
  connection                                  amongst us, after all,
  60-75 Wow, an Internet access God! Can      has won against the
  we be best friends?                         system?
                                                       AHMED SHAIKH

          41                                                                        NOVEMBER 2002
Start-up November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:20 AM Page 42

         test drive I
                            I   start up

        How we Test
          It looks good and the technology is glitzy, but does it do the job?
                                                                                                                   In Test this Month

                                                                                                                   This month we bring you a
                  he Digital Media                                                        The Awards               comprehensive, end-to-end
                  Test & Research                                                          Digit awards out -      solution for your storage
                  Centre (DMTRC)                                                           standing products       needs. We’ve benchmarked,
                  conducts a series                                                        by selecting a Best     evaluated and tortured 18
         of elaborate tests to eval-                                                       Performance     and     IDE hard disk drives, 7 DVD
         uate the merit of each                                                            Best Value winner in    drives, 11 CD-RW drives and
         hardware and software                                                             each     comparison     a set of 11 external storage
         product. To ensure that                                                           test. The winner of     devices ranging from exter
         our readers have all the                                                          the Best Perfor-        nal CD-RW drives to Zip
         information they need to                                                          mance Award will be     drives and portable hard
         make an informed buy-                                                             the product that
         ing decision, engineers at                                                        scored the highest in
         DMTRC evaluate and                                                                the performance seg-
         review the latest hard-                                                           ment of our tests.
         ware, software and technology services in accor-     This award represents the best performing prod-
         dance with the most up-to-date evaluation            uct in our tests and doesn’t factor in any other
         processes and methodologies used around              parameter such as value for money, features, sup-    disks. This includes some of
         the world.                                           port, etc. The winner of the Best Value Award        the world’s fastest DVD and
                                                              will be the product that scores the highest in       CD-RW drives, a 200 GB
         Comparison Tests                                     our value for money parameter which is derived       monster hard disk and a
         We use a dual rating system, the first of which is                   taking into account the ratio of     host of USB 2.0 compliant
                             applied to the Comparison                        a product’s performance and fea-     external storage devices
                             Tests in which we compare                        tures to its price. The product      offering capacities ranging
                             the performance of products                      winning this award offers good       from 250 MB to 60 GB! Find
                             within a particular category.                    performance at a great price.        out which one is the best
                                Each product is evaluat-                                                           suited to your specific needs
                             ed under different parame-       In Bazaar                                            and applications.
                             ters such as performance,        The second part of the rating system is used to          In the Bazaar section, we
                             value for money, features,       evaluate individual hardware and software prod-      have the newest offerings
                             warranty and support, etc.       ucts in the Bazaar section. The evaluation covers    on the processor and moth
                                Weightages are then           parameters such as performance, ease of use,         erboard front with the
                             applied to the various test      value for money and the build quality/features of    speedy Athlon XP 2600+
                             parameters according to          the product in question and then arrives at an       and the formidable MSI KT4
                             their     importance      for    overall rating.                                      Ultra, featuring a host of
                             that particular category of          Here each of these parameters is given a         technologies such as Blue
                             products.                        weightage of 25 per cent and is rated on a scale     tooth, AGP 8X and the blaz
                                These weightages are          of 5, which is represented by arrows ( ).            ing KT 400 chipset for
                             then used to arrive at an            The greater the number of arrows, the better     Athlon processors.
                             overall grade for each indi-     the product. This simple five-point rating system        On the software front,
                             vidual product. An overall       is designed to give you an easy-to-interpret         we review SuSE 8.0 Profes
                             grade of A+, therefore, indi-    assessment of a product. For example, a product      sional—find out if it gives
                             cates that the product is        that receives an overall score of five arrows sig-   you reason enough to ven
                             close to perfection.             nifies an outstanding buy!                           ture into the world of Linux.
                                                                                                                   We also bring you an exclu
                           The 5-point Rating System used in Bazaar                                                sive preview of the newest
                                                                                                                   version of one of the most
                        Excellent: a brilliant combination of price, performance and features—far                  popular 3D rendering appli
                        beyond expectations                                                                        cations, 3ds max Release 5.
                        Good: a good buy, better than most products in its category                                We delve into its enhance
                        Average: reasonably competent but nothing spectacular about the product                    ments and embellishments
                        Mediocre: does not live up to expectations, needs improvement in many areas                and give you the lowdown
                        Poor: has serious drawbacks and needs improvement before it can be                         on whether it is worth
                        used for its target application                                                            upgrading to.

                   42                                                                                                            NOVEMBER
test drive I
              I   storage solutions

      ach year the performance and capacity bar      and making VCDs of special occassions to share
      of digital storage technologies is being       with loved ones.
      raised higher. And this is good news for
computer users as the need for larger and faster     The storage subsystem has kept pace with the
storage solutions is imperative considering how      bandwidth demands of today's applications and
resource-hungry today's applications and             7,200-rpm hard disk drives are now more com-
operating systems have become. Usage                 mon than before. Fuelled by vast advancements
patterns have also changed rapidly, and the          in fabrication processes and interface technology,
home PC is being used for data intensive tasks       hard disk drives are currently pushing the limits
such as ripping entire CD collections as MP3 files   with regards to affordability and storage capacity.

       44                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2002
In the field of optical storage, an interesting situ-   disk in a shade over 3 minutes!
ation has developed in the market—the prices of
DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives have plummeted                 And if you want to take your data on the road
dramatically. This has resulted in a situation          with you, you've got your pick from external
where you can now buy a DVD-ROM or CD-RW                CD-RW drives to Zip drives and the new range
drive for approximately the same price! Also the        of external hard disks. With the arrival of high-
speeds of these optical drives are at an all-time       speed interfaces such as USB 2.0 and FireWire,
high—DVD-ROM drives are maxing out at 16x               portable storage devices today give you ample
speeds while CD-RW drives can burn data at 48x          storage space with no trade-off in either speed
speeds—that's right, you can now burn a 700 MB          or functionality.

       45                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2002
                                  We’re all looking for that sweet spot in storage devices where we get the
                                  best of both the worlds of capacity and performance. Well, this hard disk
                                  drive shootout will seek out just that!

               oday, upgrading a hard drive has almost become a        basis for calculating the overall score for each product.
               fashion statement—gone are the days when an 8
               GB hard disk was considered sufficient.                 Features: As part of the overall scoring of the hard disks, we
               Everything from MP3 songs, DivX movies, 3D              looked for different features of the drive such as the spindle
               games, applications and even operating systems          speed, data buffer size, type of interface and rated access time. We
               place tremendous demands on hard disk space.            also considered the documentation (manuals and quick start
These days if you own anything below 20 GB you are sure to             guides) and accessories such as data cables, mounting plates and
run into that roadblock of a ‘disk full’ message!                      screws.
     Along with just space requirements, there are increasing
demands on the performance of drives as well. Multimedia appli-        Performance: We used the following benchmarks and appli-
cations (video and audio) place increasing demands on band -           cations to evaluate the performance of the hard disks:
width. Besides, today’s operating systems allow smoother and           HDTach 2.6: This is a synthetic test in which we recorded the
increased levels of multitasking, allowing you to work with sev-       read burst speed and CPU utilisation. Here, data is read from the
eral applications simultaneosly—and hard disks have to be able         disk and then written back to the disk. A graph is displayed as
to keep up with loading and running these demanding applica -          the data is read and written in real time. During this test, the
tions efficiently.                                                     program calculates the total CPU usage of the drive and the burst
    In keeping with all this, there has been a tremendous increase     transfer rate of the drive under test. The burst transfer rate is a
in the performance and reliability of hard disks today. Buying a       measure of the maximum possible bandwidth of the drive over
7,200-rpm 80 GB drive now certanly makes a value proposition,          its interface.
whereas just recently most would have considered a 40 GB 5,400-        SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro: This is also a synthetic benchmark. It
rpm drive a great value buy.                                           evaluates the sequential and random read and write transfer rates
     Let’s take a look at where things stand today. In this com-       and the access time of the disk. The benchmarking suite contin-
parison, we compared the best of the crop of hard disks over two       uously writes and reads the data to and from the disk and meas -
categories—let’s see which ones turn out top dog.                      ures these parameters using different data sets. We also recorded
                                                                       the SiSoft Sandra 2002 index, which is an aggregation of the per-
Digit Test Process                                                                  formance of the drive over these parameters.
The hard drives we categorised into two groups:                                     Return to Castle Wolfenstein: This real world test is
those offering up to 60 GB of storage space and those       In 1956, IBM            a good indicator of how a hard disk performs under
with more than 60 GB capacity.                           introduced the first       heavy stress when running one of the newer and
    The test bed comprised a Pentium 4 running at        storage system that        demanding games. We loaded the retail version of
2.8 GHz on an Intel D850EMV2 board with 512 MB           could store a maxi-        the game Return to Castle Wolfenstein from the test
of RDRAM. The graphics card used was a GeForce 3         mum of 5 MB of             hard drive and noted down the time taken to load
with 64 MB of DDR RAM and a 40 GB Seagate ATA/4          data and it featured       the first map.
hard disk, which was installed on the primary IDE        disks with 24-inch         Photoshop 7: We installed Photoshop 7 on the test
channel. All the test drives were connected to the       diameters!                 hard drive and a 200 MB TIFF image was copied on
secondary channel as a master. The necessary drivers,                               to it. We first recorded the time taken for Photoshop
nVidia Detonator version 28.32 for the graphics card                                7 to load, which was part of the application load up
and the Intel motherboard’s INF Update version 4.00.1009 were          time test. The TIFF image was then opened from the test hard
loaded after installing Windows XP Professional as the operating       drive and the time taken for Photoshop 7 to open this file was
system. The benchmarking utilities were loaded on to the drive         recorded. This test is a good indicator of random and sequential
and all drives were verified to be working in DMA mode before          read speeds using a real world application.
running the test.
                                                                       Warranty and support: Here we took into account the num -
Test methodology                                                       ber of years of replacement warranty provided by the manufac-
We evaluated the hard disks for features (10 per cent weightage),      turer and the extent of the service centre network.
performance (50 per cent), warranty and support (20 per cent)
and value for money (20 per cent). These weightages formed the         Value for money: While buying any product, value for money

         46                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
       Jargon Buster
        Average seek time: The average time required for
        the drive heads to move from one track to any other
        Burst transfer rate: The maximum speed at which the data is
        transferred to and from the memory.
        ESD (Electro Static Discharge): This usually occurs if you
        pass static to the drive by handling it without grounding your-
        self. The chips inside are sensitive and the damage caused
        could be permanent.
        G: This is a shock specification for hard drives. When drives
        experience more shock than specified, they are prone to suffer
        Head: This is the part of the drive which can write, read,
        erase, record or play back data on a magnetic media.
        Internal transfer rate: The speed at which the drive can
        transfer data from the platter to the heads and vice-versa.
        Latency (Rotational): The average time taken for a disk to
        rotate to a desired sector.
        MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures): It specifies the reliabil-
        ity of the drive. The higher the MTBF rating, the more reliable
        is your drive.
        Sustained transfer rate: The speed at which data can be
        transferred for a sustained period of time.                       1/2 page Ver. AD
    plays a very important part. Therefore we calculated the value for
    hard drives by determining the sum of performance and features
    divided by the price.

    How they fared
    There has been a tremendous increase in the performance and
    reliability in hard disks today and this has given rise to a new
    level of functionality and usability in computers—video and
    audio are applications that would run on any computer today
    and the price per megabyte rating is forever spirally downward.
    Let’s take a look at how the current generation of hard disks per-
    form across different criteria.

     Most hard disks include adequate protection against shock and
     damage during transportation and installation.
         All the Samsung drives came in a shell plastic cover and
     included a small single-page manual for jumper identification
                              and installation. These drives also sport
                                 features such as ImpacGuard and
                                     SSB. ImpacGuard protects the disk
                                         from external vibrations, thus
                                            enhancing its internal
                                               resistance to shocks.
                                                 SSB    reduces     the
                                                  impact of external
                                                   shocks with the
                                                help of a well-designed
                                      The drives from Maxtor came in
Samsung drives incorporate tech- a box with plenty of protecting
nologies to shield them from       foam to shield the drive during
internal and external shocks       transportation. The 5400-rpm

              47                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

                                                                             marginally more than a 20 GB drive. A 40 GB drive is a good
 How Much Space is Enough?                                                   starting point as it provides sufficient space for holding games,
                                                                             general applications and even media files for home and non-
   Depending on your computing needs, users can be                           demanding office uses. But if you store huge amounts of data,
   classified into the following types:                                      you need at least 60 GB.
   Less is good…                                                                 Surprisingly, we received just one 60 GB drive in this com-
   …if your time on the PC is spent surfing the Internet and                 parison—the 5,400-rpm Samsung SV0602H. Other than this
   maybe create a spreadsheet or two. A hard disk with the bare              there were three 20 GB drives and four 40 GB drives. The Sam-
   minimum capacity should be enough for you. The same                       sung SV0602H is priced just Rs 300 more than the SV4002H,
   holds true for businesses where the PC is primarily used for              the 40 GB drive of the same spindle speed from Samsung,
   accounting and billing purposes, or for creating letters and              though it was in the middle of the pack in terms of perform -
   spreadsheets. A 20 GB drive should suffice your needs,                    ance.
   though 20 GB drives are fast phasing out. Preferably, go for a                The 20 GB drive from Maxtor, the 541DX, was the sleekest
   40 GB hard disk—this is fast emerging as an entry-level solu-             drive in this comparison, but it was also the noisiest.
   tion. Given your frugal need for space, a 40 GB hard disk will                If you are looking for something smaller and lighter on the
   last you several years.                                                   pocket, then the Samsung SV2001H is a good deal. This 20 GB
   Size does matter…                                                         drive is available for less than Rs 3,800, though the catch is that
   …if you’re a typical home user who stores the latest applica-             its performance is not quite up to the mark.
   tions, MP3s, videos, movie trailers and even full-length                      The Samsung SP2001H, however, hits the sweet spot in this
   movies, not to mention space-hogging games. No amount of                  category—this 7,200-rpm drive offers 20 GB space but showed an
   space is ever going to satisfy you. Go for at least 60 GB of              impressive performance, and will please those in search of per -
   space. If you feel you might exceed that as well, then 80 GB              formance and good price rather than capacity.
   might be more appropriate. Space also matters if you use                      All the drives featured a 2 MB data buffer and they all sport-
   CAD\CAM software, or are a graphics professional with a                   ed a single-platter design with an ATA/100 interface. None of the
   penchant for 3-D animations.                                              drives in this category included accessories.
   Speed is your mantra…                                                     Over 60 GB capacity: For gamers and MP3 addicts, a drive that
   …if you are a power user, but lack the purchasing power to buy            has less than 60 GB storage could prove to be restrictive, espe -
   a SCSI drive. Consider the 7200-rpm drives—the capacity you               cially if you are forever downloading songs and movies—a sin -
   can get would depend on how much you can afford, but an 80                gle DivX rip can take up 700 MB.
   GB drive should suit you just fine.                                           Since most games released today consume at least half a GB
                                                                             of hard disk space, you need as much space as you can get if you
                                                                             want the ‘I-have-the-most-number-of-games-installed’ boasting
drives from Seagate came with a leather cover to protect the                 rights. And, of course, if you are into graphics or video editing,
drive electronics and the sensitive internal chips. The 7200-                you know you need as large a hard disk as possible.
rpm drives from Seagate too came with a screwed on back cover                    We received 10 drives that offered storage capacity in excess
to protect the drive electronics. Seagate calls this feature                 of 60 GB. Here, too, all the drives featured a 2 MB data buffer.
Seashell and it is of great help in protecting the drives during             However, there was a wide variation in the number of platters
the installation and transportation process, especially from                 used to implement these drives—they ranged from the
static discharge. There were no manuals accompanying the                     two-platter design of the IBM 82.3 GB drive to a four-platter
Seagate drives.                                                              design sported by the Maxtor 160 GB drive. Interestingly, all
   The Samsung SpinPoint drives use proprietary features such                the Western Digital drives were based on an unusual three-
as NoiseGaurd and claims to run at 3-decibel noise                                        platter design.
levels. Indeed, these drives were exceptionally                                               The Maxtor drives come with mounting plates
quiet during the tests—a certain advantage if you                The total amount         and screws. Also provided is Maxtor’s proprietary
work at night or in an environment where any                   of storage space of        disk management software called Max-Blast, which
small noise can be disturbing.                                the hard disks we           allows you to manage your drives, partitions and pre-
   As far as design goes—a factor that many users             tested in this com-         pare them for loading the operating system during
are not too bothered with—all Samsung drives had              parison amounted to         installation.
the same design. The only confusing part with Sam-            1.3423 Terabytes—               The Samsung and Maxtor drives also feature
sung drives was the jumper setting—two jumpers                enough to store             installation documentation, unlike any of the other
are required for setting the drive as master and some         about 312 full-             drives in this category.
users might find this confusing.                              length DVD movies                At 200 GB, the WD2000 from Western Digital
   These general features aside, we also evaluated            with Dolby Digital          was the largest drive. Another mammoth was the
the drive specifications and bundled accessories.             sound!                      160 GB drive from Maxtor. This was also the only
Up to 60 GB capacity: Capacity is one of the major                                        drive that featured the new ATA/133 drive inter -
parameters on which a hard disk is bought today.                                          face—all the others in this comparison were based on
The decision to buy a higher capacity drive is based solely on               the ATA/100 interface
what you are going to use it for. Judging by the current trend, 20               The 200 GB Western Digital WD2000 delivered excellent per-
GB drives will soon be phased out, as bigger drives get more                 formance and is a great buy for the user who demands mind-
affordable. Even if you don’t require too much disk space, it                blowing performance coupled with oodles of storage space.
would be wiser to go in for at least a 40 GB drive—it costs just             However, this drive tended to run really hot—it would be a good

          48                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2002
idea to ensure that the cabinet you use this drive in has good
cooling and airflow.

We tested the drives for their performance using synthetic
benchmarks as well as for their real-world performance char -
acteristics. We used the traditional drive benchmarking tools
and software for obtaining a drive’s raw speed in terms of data
transfers and access time. The access time was logged using
real world applications such as Return to Castle Wolfestein and
Photoshop 7.0. The overall score was based on a weighted
average of these two sets of scores.

HDTach 2.6: This is a synthetic test which records the read
burst speed and CPU utilisation. The program calculates the
total CPU usage of the drive and the burst transfer rate, which
                                             is a measure of the
                                             maximum possible
                                             bandwidth of the
                                             drive over its inter -
                                             Up to 60 GB capac-
                                             ity: The read burst
                                             speed is a measure
                                             of the maximum
                                             transfer rate that
                                             the drive can sup-
                                             port over its inter -
                                             face and is there-
fore directly related to the IDE interface the drive is using,
                                                                      1/2 page Ver. AD
coupled with its spindle speed. Six of the eight drives managed
to hit read burst scores of above 70 MBps. However, both the
40 GB drives from Seagate (the ST340016A and the
ST340810A) couldn’t make it past this level. The one drive
that really shone in this test was the Maxtor 541DX—it was
the only drive in this category to log a data transfer rate of
80 MBps.
    At 3.1 per cent, the CPU utilisation of the Maxtor 541DX
was the second lowest in this category—the drive with the
lowest CPU utilisation was the 40 GB Seagate ST340810A drive
with a score of 2.7 per cent. The low CPU utilisation of both
these drives makes them suited to applications where you
would multitask many applications on your PC such as down-
loading applications over your broadband connection while
watching a DivX movie off your hard disk. This also implies
that these drives can be used in older computers with slower
processors. As they do not strain the processor much, they
would give a smoother operation. The drive that took a
beating here was
the         Samsung
SP2001H—it logged
a CPU utilitsation
of 5 per cent.
Over 60 GB capaci-
ty: In this category,
the lone IBM drive,
both the Maxtor
drives, and two of
the three Western
Digital WD1000 and
WD800 showed an

          49                                                                        NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                     I   storage solutions

  Serial ATA: Hit or Miss?
   With the upcoming ATA/133 standard                                                                   ground pins—significantly lesser
   pushing the limits of the maximum                                                                    than the 80 lines that are used in today’s
   transfer rates supported by the parallel                                                             ATA/100 and ATA/133 cables.
   ATA interface, the next step to revolu-                                                                   This standard will support transfer rates
   tionise hard disk interfaces will be Serial                                                          of up to 1.5 Gigabits per second, which
   ATA. It offers greater speed, easier fabri-                                                          translates into about 150 MBps. Also, since
   cation and application.                                                                              this is a point-to-point protocol, there will
        The Serial ATA interface is to ATA                                                              be no place for master and slave devices on
   what FireWire is to SCSI—the entire                                                                  a single cable and therefore, bandwidth will
   approach is to convert the parallel stan-                                                            not need to be shared between devices.
                                                  Conventional IDE cables vs Serial ATA: notice the
   dard that is used by the existing ATA                                                                Another very big advantage with this stan-
                                                  difference (flat vs rounded)
   interfaces to a serial format (where one                                                             dard is that it is backward compatible with
   bit is transferred at a time) so that higher                                                         the existing parallel ATA standard at the
   data transfer frequencies can be supported. Also, this approach              driver level. Therefore, all existing applications in which the parallel
   greatly simplifies the fabrication of cables and connecting wires            ATA standard is used can be fully extended to support Serial ATA.
   that are used by the interface since there are fewer signals to deal
   with, facilitating a less cluttered cabinet. This translates into easier     Specifications: 150 MBps maximum transfer rate (300/600 MBps
   airflow within the system and subsequently, more efficient cool-             envisioned for the future), hot-plugging capability, two power saving
   ing. In fact, Serial ATA uses just four signal pins (there are a total       modes: partial and slumber, overlapping (commands), tagged
   of seven pins; the others are used for transmitting overhead com-            command queuing, seven-wire data cable, connectors measure just
   mands) that actually carry the data and include the power and                8 mm wide.

excellent read burst speed of 80 MBps, which is the highest speed       sequential writes.
a drive can achieve across an ATA/100 interface. The drive that            The 7,200-rpm
really disappointed here was the 80 GB Seagate ST380021A. It            drive that did well
scored a very paltry 56.7 MBps in this test. This was surprising con-   in this category
sidering the fact that this drive sported a 7,200-rpm spindle speed.    was once again the
    In the CPU utilisation test, the drive that broke barriers was      S a m s u n g
Western Digital’s 200 GB monster (the WD2000), which logged             SP2001H, with a
a stunning 0.5 per cent of CPU utilisation. The Maxtor 80 GB            very respectable
drive also scored over the other drives in this category with a         score of 41 MBps.
good CPU utilisation score of 3.7 per cent. If you use space con-       Surprisingly, the
suming and CPU-intensive applications such as Photoshop or              other 7,200-rpm
AutoCAD, the drives with least CPU utilisation should be your           entry from Sam-
pick, especially when you are running these applications togeth-        sung, the 40 GB
er and would be transferring data between them.                         SP4002H, trailed
                                                                        in this test with a
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro: This is a synthetic benchmark that              score of just 28
evaluates the sequential and random read and write transfer rates       MBps.
and the access time of the disk.                                           In the random write test, there was a reasonably large variation
Up to 60 GB capacity: In the SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro sequential          in score with the 40 GB Seagate ST340810A logging a very
read speed test, the 5,400-rpm drive that took the lead was the         respectable 7 MBps in spite of being a 5,400-rpm drive. The drive
60 GB Samsung SV0602H. It logged a very respectable score of 38         that did badly here was again the 20 GB Maxtor 541DX with a
MBps. The highest scores in this test for the 7,200-rpm drives          score of just 3.1 MBps.
was a tie between the two Samsung hard disks, the                                         The access time determines the speed with
SP2001H and the SP4002H, both scoring 41 MBps.                                        which the drive can locate the date you need, espe-
    In the random read tests, the performance varia -         A typical hard          cially if it is scattered all over the hard disk. The
tions were not that wide. The scores ranged between         disk drive today          fastest access time was logged by four of the five
5 MBps and 7 MBps—in practical terms, the speed           can be completely           Samsung drives—the SP2001H, SP4002H, SV2001H
advantage offered by the upper value of this variation    assembled from its          and SV4002H each logged a respectable 8 ms, while
is insignificant.                                         components in               the Samsung SV0602H logged 9 ms. The drives that
    Over to the write tests. When dealing with sequen-    about 11 seconds—           fared particularly poorly in this test was the 20 GB
tial data, the drive that did well in the 5,400-rpm       the entire process          Maxtor 541DX and the Seagate ST340016A—both
range was the Samsung SV0602H with a very                 is, naturally, auto-        logged 11 ms.
respectable score of 38 MBps. The 20 GB Maxtor            mated                       Over 60 GB capacity: The fastest hard disk in the
541DX managed to rake up a score of just 12 MBps for                                  sequential read test was the Western Digital

           50                                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
5  I
       Tips to Keep your Drive Shipshape

     Protect the drive from shocks and jerks.
     Always handle the drive by its side. Never touch the
   underside of the drive or the drive electronics.
   I When installing the hard drive, take care to screw it firmly
   to the chassis of the computer so as to protect the drive
   from vibrations when using the PC. The maximum damage
   that a drive suffers is usually due to improper handling
   during installation. Also take care to use the screws that
   come with the hard drive so that they match the bore size
   on the drive.
   I Never try to open a hard disk if it fails to respond. Even a
   particle of dust entering the insides of the drive can destroy
   the platter on the disk.
   I Enable S.M.A.R.T. from the BIOS. This slows the drive down,
   but the difference is hardly noticeable for most applications—
   between 2 to 5 per cent. S.M.A.R.T. is a technology that
   warns you when there is a problem and the drive is about
   to fail.

                                               WD2000. It logged
                                               54 MBps—one of
                                               the fastest scores
                                               we’ve ever logged
                                               for a 7,200-rpm
                                                                      1/2 page Ver. AD
                                               drive. The drive
                                               that     performed
                                               poorly here was the
                                               Western      Digital
                                               WD800. It logged
                                               just 33 MBps—a tad
                                               slow for a 7,200-
                                               rpm drive. The
                                               5,400-rpm      drive
                                               that did well in the
                                               sequential read test
                                               was the Samsung
SV1204H, with a score of 38 MBps.
     The 82.3 GB IBM drive logged the fastest random read score
of 9 MBps. The two drives that didn’t do well in this test were the
80 GB Western Digital WD800 and the 100 GB Western Digital
WD1000. Both these 7,200-rpm drives logged just 6 MBps.
    In the sequential write tests, the formidable 200 GB Western
Digital WD 2000 logged 52 MBps—the highest we have ever seen
in an IDE hard disk drive. The 82.3 GB IBM drive also did well
with a score of 46 MBps. Lagging in this test was the 80 GB West-
ern Digital WD800, with a score of just 33 MBps.
    The drive that exhibited a very good random write score was
the 100 GB Western Digital WD1000 with a score of 14 MBps.
Lagging here was the 80 GB Samsung SP8004H with a score of
just 7 MBps. In the 5,400 range, the drive that did well was the
160 GB Maxtor drive with a score of 11 MBps while the two that
trailed in this test were the 5,400-rpm 80 GB and 120 GB drives
from Samsung, both logging just 5 MBps.
     As for the access time test, the IBM drive delivered a stellar
score of 6 ms, while the 120 GB 5,400-rpm Samsung drive lagged
with a score of 10 ms.

         51                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: We
                                                                                 Decision Maker
loaded the game on the test hard drive and
logged the time taken to load the first map.                   General computing        Professional             Entertainment and
                                                                                        applications             gaming
This test therefore provided a real world
                                                  You need     To surf the Internet and To work with applica-    To download MP3s and
indication of the hard disk’s performance
                                                               perform basic tasks such tions such as Photo-     DivX films and install
when running gaming applications.                              as working with a word shop, CAD/CAM soft-        games, as well as be
   Here surprisingly there wasn’t much of a                    processor and spread-    ware, 3D animation       able to play these with-
difference in the performance of the drives.                   sheets                   tools                    out hindrance
Almost all of the drives took approximately       Look for     A 20 GB or 40 GB,        The largest drive you    A 60 GB plus drive run-
the same time (15 to 16 seconds) to load the                   5,400-rpm drive          can find, running at     ning at 5,400 rpm or
game’s first map. This was seen in both the                                             7,200 rpm                7,200 rpm
categories of the hard disk drives and across     Our pick     Samsung SP2001H 20       Western Digital 100GB    Samsung SV0602H or
spindle speeds and capacities.                                 GB or Maxtor 541DX       or 200 GB drive          Seagate ST340016A
                                                  Price        Rs 3,750 to Rs 4,500     Rs 10,000 and above      Rs 3,750 to Rs 5,800
Photoshop 7: In this test we recorded the
time taken for Photoshop 7 to load, after
which a 200 MB TIFF image was opened from the test hard               What it all leads to
drive and the time taken for Photoshop 7 to open this file was        Many tests and MBps later, we were left with a set of drives, some
recorded.                                                             of which astounded us with their performance, while others
                                             Up to 60 GB capac-       offered value on account of their affordable price. Let’s take a
                                             ity: All the drives in   look at the winners and see what gave them the edge over the
                                             this category took       others in the pack.
                                             between 10 to 11
                                             seconds for loading      Up to 60 GB capacity: The Best Performance Award in this
                                             Photoshop. Surpris -     category is taken by the Samsung SP2001H. Though it offers
                                             ingly, the drive that    only 20 GB space, it posted impressive scores in the synthetic
                                             managed to open                              tests and was on target in the real world tests
                                             the 200 MB test TIFF                              too. It achieved the highest drive index in
                                             file in the minimum                                the SiSoft Sandra test and makes a great
                                             time was the 5400-                                 buy if you require a speedy drive and do
rpm, 20 GB Maxtor 541DX. It executed the test in 14 seconds,                                      not require too much hard disk space.
which was almost as fast as the best performer in this test in the                                     The SP2001H also sports impres -
60 GB plus category! All other 5400-rpm drives took around 18                                              sive features such as Noise -
seconds to open the file.                                                                                       Guard, which ensures low
   Samsung’s SV2001H, a 20 GB drive running at 5400-rpm, was                                                       noise levels while run-
the slowest, taking a sluggish 35 seconds to open the 200 MB                                                        ning, and technolo -
TIFF image—a consequence of its low sequential read speed. Sea-                                                       gies such as Impac-
gate’s 40 GB 5,400-rpm drive (the ST340810A) took 25 seconds                                                          Guard and SSB that
to open the image.                                                                                                 aim to protect the
   Among the 7200-rpm drives Seagate’s 40 GB 7,200-rpm                                                           drive from vibrations.
ST340016A took 15 seconds whereas, Samsung’s drives took               The Samsung SP20001H: A great combi-         The Best Value Award
around 17 seconds to load the test image.                              nation of performance and price           was also bagged by the
Over 60 GB capacity: In this category, once again the 100 GB                                                     Samsung SP2001H.
                                            Western         Digital                                              This drive makes a great
                                            WD1000 and the 80         buy users looking for a multimedia system and who don’t require
                                            GB Western Digital        high disk space. What makes this drive an excellent buy for the
                                            WD800 logged a            ‘low is better’ user is that it’s priced just Rs 250 more than its
                                            really fast time of       5,400-rpm counterpart.
                                            just 8 seconds for fir-
                                            ing up Photoshop 7,       Over 60 GB capacity: The
                                            while the drive that      Western         Digital
                                            really struggled to       WD1000 is undoubt-
                                            load this application     edly our pick for the
                                            was the Samsung           Best       Performance
SP8004H—this 80 GB 7,200-rpm drive took 17 seconds.                   Award in the 60 GB plus
   The 100 GB Western Digital WD1000 was able to open the             category. This drive is your
200 MB TIFF file in just 13 seconds, while the Seagate 80 GB          best option if you require a
7200-rpm drive took the longest (25 seconds) to open it. The 160      speedy and high capacity hard
GB drive from Maxtor was a decent performer in the synthetic          drive. With 100 GB of space and
tests and therefore logged the best application load time which       7200-rpm rotational speed, the  Western Digital WD1000: High
can be attributed to the excellent read burst speed of the drive.     drive packs enough punch to     capacity and speed

          52                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
5  I
       Things to Consider Before you Buy

      Speed or space? If you need to store MP3s and
   DivX films, or to back up heavy image files, buy the
   largest hard disk you can afford. On the other hand, if
   you extensively use applications such as image editing or
   audio processing software, look for the fastest hard disk you
   can afford—at least a 7,200-rpm drive—and buy the largest in
   that speed range.
   I Research the market. Ask your friends or dealers you know,
   or search the Internet for information about the manufacturer,
   the reputation they enjoy and their after sales-service.
   I Check the warranty. Apart from the time frame covered,
   also check the type of warranty. Some manufacturers will
   replace the hard disk only in the first year, after which they
   will only repair it. This is rather unreliable and can lead to
   more problems in the future.
   I Confirm the time it takes to replace a faulty hard disk. This
   is especially important if your business relies heavily on data
   storage. Generally, manufacturers who run a service centre are
   able to provide quick replacements, while those who don’t
   have service centres could take weeks to replace a faulty hard
   I Check for accessories such as IDE cables, disk management
   software and operating manuals.

keep power users happy. It performed exceptionally well in our
                                                                         1/2 page Ver. AD
synthetic and real world tests. In the read burst speed (HDTach)
test, it hit a high score of 80 MBps. It also performed well in the
application load time test, completing the test the quickest
among this group of drives. If your time on the computer is spent
in storing huge files and if you work with bandwidth-hungry
applications such as Photoshop and 3DStudio Max, this drive
will answer your needs.
   The Maxtor D540X-4K is our Best Value Award winner
with its good performance, features and competitive price. This
         5400-rpm drive offers an impressive 80 GB storage space.
                            Though its performance was rather
                                average (which is attributed to its
                                    5,400-rpm rotational speed),
                                         its price gives it the edge.
                                               This drive provides a
                                                disk management
                                               software called Max-
                                               Blast and the package
                                            includes       mounting
                                         plates, screws, data cables,
The Maxtor D540X-4K: Lots of          a manual and a quick start
storage at a great value              guide. It is a good choice if
                                      you require a large capacity
drive without a very high level of performance.
   We have yet again seen an iteration in hard disk drives over
the past year. 40 GB drives are now entry level and perform -
ance is increasing with 7,200-rpm drives fast becoming the de
facto standard. This, coupled with falling prices, will ensure that
we have drives that will let us power the next generation of
applications, operating systems and games, while not pinching
the pocket.
                                     YATISH SUVARNA and MARCO D ’SOUZA

          53                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
CATEGORY                                                                                       60 GB AND UNDER
Brand                         Maxtor             Samsung           Samsung              Samsung      Samsung                    Samsung             Seagate            Seagate
Model                         541DX              SP2001H           SP4002H              SV0602H             SV2001H             SV4002H             ST340016A          ST340810A

Features (10%)
Drive Specifications
  Capacity (GB)               20                 20                40                   60                  20                  40                  40                 40
  Spindle Speed (RPM)         5400               7200              7200                 5400                5400                5400                7200               5400
  Interface Type              ATA/100            ATA/100           ATA/100              ATA/100             ATA/100             ATA/100             ATA/100            ATA/100

  Data Buffer Size (MB)       2                  2                 2                    2                   2                   2                   2                  2
  No. of Platters             1                  1                 1                    1                   1                   1                   1                  1
  Rated Access Time (ms)      12                 8.9               8.9                  8.9                 8.9                 8.9                 9                  8.9
Package contents

  Bundled Software                                                                                                                                              
  Quick Start Guide                                                                                                                                             
Performance (50%)
Synthetic tests
HDTach 2.6
  Read Burst Speed (MBps)     80                 75.3              75                   75.7                73.8                73.4                66                 67.2
  CPU Utilisation (%) *       3.1                5                 4.9                  4.2                 3.3                 3.6                 4                  2.7
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro

  Sequential Read (MBps)      37                 41                41                   38                  29                  31                  41                 29
  Random Read (MBps)          5                  7                 7                    6                   6                   6                   7                  5
  Sequential Write (MBps)     12                 41                28                   38                  29                  31                  39                 29
  Random Write (MBps)         3.1                8                 8                    6                   5                   5                   8                  7
  Access Time (ms) *          11                 8                 8                    9                   8                   8                   11                 10
  Drive Index                 21682              28337             26688                25610               19956               21357               27753              20069
Real world tests
  Map Load Time (sec) *       15                 15                15                   15                  15                  16                  15                 15
Photoshop 7
  Startup Time (sec) *        12.77              10                10                   11                  10                  11                  10                 10
  Image Load test (sec) *     14                 17                17                   18                  35                  17                  15                 25

Warranty & Support (20%)
Replacement Warranty                                                                                                                                            

No. of years                  1                  3                 3                    3                   3                   3                   1                  1
Overall Score
Features (10%)                2.50               2.90              2.90                 2.90                2.90                2.90                2.50               2.50
Performance (50%)             27.07              31.56             30.71                29.45               27.04               28.38               30.38              26.81
Warranty & Support (20%) 10                      20                20                   20                  20                  20                  10                 10
Value for Money (20%)         17.52              19.15             15.56                14.98               17.74               15.45               12.60              11.94
Overall Product Rating        57.10              73.61             69.17                67.33               67.69               66.72               55.48              51.25
Overall Grade
Vendor Name                   Cyberstar          Samsung           Samsung              Samsung             Samsung             Samsung            NA=                 NA=
                                                 Electronics India Electronics India Electronics India      Electronics India Electronics India
                                                 Information &     Information &        Information &       Information &       Information &
                                                 Telecommunicati Telecommunica- Telecommunica- Telecommunica- Telecommunica-
                                                 on Ltd            tion Ltd             tion Ltd            tion Ltd            tion Ltd
Phone                         011-6235461        011-6322517       011-6322518          011-6322520         011-6322522         011-6322523         1600 331104=       1600 331104 =
E-mail                        yogi@              marketing@        marketing@           marketing@          marketing@          marketing@         NA=                 NA=
                              maxtor.com         samsungindia.com samsungindia.com samsungindia.com samsungindia.com samsungindia.com
Price (Rs)                    3,750              4,000             4,800                4,800               3,750               4,500               5,800              5,455

Disclaimer: Prices are indicative and are subject to change        * Lower the better              = Since Seagate India has a liason office, all inquiries are entertained through a toll
                                                                      OVER 60 GB
IBM            Maxtor           Maxtor         Samsung           Samsung      Samsung                  Seagate         Western Digital Western Digital Western Digital
IC35L080AV     4G160J8          D540X-4K       SP8004H           SV1204H           SV8004H             ST380021A       WD2000         WD1000          WD800

82.3           160              80             80                120               80                  80              200            100             80
7200           5400             5400           7200              5400              5400                7200            7200           7200            7200
ATA/100        ATA/133          ATA/100        ATA/100           ATA/100           ATA/100             ATA/100         ATA/100        ATA/100         ATA/100

2              2                2              2                 2                 2                   2               2              2               2
2              4                2              2                 2                 2                   2               3              3               3
8.5            9.6              12             8.9               8.9               8.9                 9.5             8.9            8.9             8.9

              Mounting         Mounting plates                                                                                                 
               plates, screws   and screws,
               and data cable   Data Cables
              Max-blast        Max-blast                                                                                                       


80             80               80             74.9              75.8              73.3                56.7            67             80              80
5.7            4.5              3.7            5.1               4.7               4.4                 4.7             0.5            6.7             5

46             35               32             41                38                32                  41              54             42              33
9              7                6              7                 6                 6                   7               8              6               6
46             35               32             41                38                32                  38              52             40              33
12             11               8              7                 5                 5                   9               10             14              8
6              8                9              7                 10                8                   7               7              7               8
31949          24683            22481          28248             25553             21852               27659           36424          27298           22964

16             16               15             15                15                15                  15              15             16              15

10             8.66             8.88           17                13                11                  10              12             8               8
16             18.91            18             14                17                18                  25              21             13              21


1              1                1              3                 3                 3                   1               1              1               1

2.50           6.30             5.30           2.90              2.90              2.90                2.50            2.50           2.50            2.50
34.95          31.83            30.49          30.31             28.41             28.51               29.47           34.10          35.29           31.10
10             10               10             20                20                20                  10              10             10              10
10.67          5.67             12.93          9.84              7.73              10.74               9.23            3.25           8.40            12.04
58.12          53.80            58.73          63.06             59.04             62.15               51.20           49.85          56.19           55.65

Wales          Cyberstar        Cyberstar      Samsung           Samsung           Samsung             NA=             ACI Infocom    ACI Infocom     ACI Infocom
Technologies                                   Electronics India Electronics India Electronics India
                                               Information &     Information &     Information &
                                               Telecommunica- Telecommunica- Telecommunica-
                                               tion Ltd          tion Ltd          tion Ltd
022-3828100    011-6235460      011-6235462    011-6322519       011-6322521       011-6322524         1600 331104 =   022-8266031    022-8266031     022-8266031
mediaman@      yogi@            yogi@          marketing@        marketing@        marketing@          NA=             ajay.kapure@   ajay.kapure@    ajay.kapure@
bom3.vsnl.net.in maxtor.com     maxtor.com     samsungindia.com samsungindia.com samsungindia.com                      wde.com        wde.com         wde.com
7,800          14,950           6,150          7,500             9,000             6,500               7,700           25,000         10,000          6,200

free number
                                Falling prices and enhanced functionality, be it for watching DVD movies or
                                burning CDs, have made CD-Writers and DVD-ROM drives a smarter buying
                                decision as compared to an ordinary CD-ROM drive

              he digital age has brought with it the need to store   also took into account the bundled software the nature and qual-
              vast amounts of data, which has in turn created a      ity of the manuals and other package contents such as audio
              market that witnesses the spawning of bigger and       cable, IDE cable, software CDs and the number of blank CD-R
              faster storage devices with alarming regularity.       and CD-Writer media provided. For DVD-ROM drives, we looked
              The humble floppy drive is as good as extinct, and     for the data buffer size, presence of audio and IDE cables and the
              the CD-ROM is treading on similar grounds, with        quality of the documentation and software included.
faster and more feature-rich CD-Writers and DVD-ROMs all set
to dominate the food chain. CD-Writers, for example, have            Performance: We looked at the writing, rewriting and reading
reached a stage where they can burn 700 MB of data in less than      performance of the CD-Writers. Here the scores that reflect the
three minutes, while DVDs not only promise an end to multi-          core performance of the Writer are the ones in the writing and
ple-CD games and applications (and the irritant of ‘disk-swap -      rewriting tests. For the DVD-ROM drives, we evaluated the per-
ping’ that invariably follows), but also bring with them the         formance in terms of read speed and access time.
wonderful world of DVD movies—the concept of the home the-           CD-Writers: We tested for ISO write speed by burning an ISO
atre was never a more likely proposition. Of course, all of this     image created using Nero on the CD-R. Assorted data was writ-
would mean little if the devices in question weren’t accessible      ten on a CD-R and a CD-RW using Nero An Audio CD
to us mortals. The good news is that thanks to a very competi-       was created by burning WAV files on a CD-R. Our test CD was
tive market and a demanding consumer, both CD-Writers and            cloned using CloneCD
DVD-ROM drives are well within the bounds of even the most           4.0 and we noted the
meagre of budgets. Buoyant with this knowledge, join us as we        time taken for this
evaluate 11 CD-Writers and seven DVD-ROM drive. Which one            process. We also tested
will you take home to mom?                                           the time taken to erase
                                                                     the CD-RW. All tests
Digit Test Process                                                   were performed at the
The qualifying criterion for the CD-Writers was that they should     maximum speed sup-
be able to burn a CD-R at 32x speed or above. For the DVD-ROM        ported. We checked
drives, this was 12x and above.                                      whether the drive per-
   The CD-Writers and DVD-ROM drives were tested on an Intel         formed the operations
Pentium 4 2 GHz PC with 256 MB DDR-RAM and a 40 GB                   successfully without      SiSoft Sandra helps in determining the
ATA/100 7,200-rpm hard drive with Windows XP Professional as         errors during the writ- theoretical sequential speeds that a drive
the OS. The drives in test were connected as secondary master.       ing process. Our read can achieve
The CD-Writers and DVD-ROM drives were tested with DMA               speed tests comprised
enabled for all IDE channels.                                        the Nero CDSpeed v 1.0 test, which showed the average read
   The CD-Writers under test were benchmarked for their per-         speed of the CD-Writer. We also conducted assorted read tests
formance in reading information off a CD and in writing differ-      where a combination of files ranging from 1 KB to 100 MB were
ent forms of data on to a CD-R and rewriteable CD (CD-RW).           read using the CD-Writer and copied to the hard disk—we noted
The media used was Princo CD-R 700 MB, capable of writing at         the time taken for this
48x. The media used for the re-write and erase test was 16x 700      entire process. The
MB ASUS CD-RW.                                                       Writers    were     also
                                                                     benchmarked           for
Test methodology                                                     sequential read, ran-
The drives were tested on four primary parameters: features (20      dom read and average
per cent weightage), performance (50 per cent weightage), value      access time using SiSoft
for money (20 per cent weightage) and warranty and support (10       Sandra 2002 Pro. The
per cent weightage).                                                 disk registration time
                                                                     (time taken by the
Features: We checked for the buffer size, buffer underrun tech-      drive to display the
nology used by the CD-Writer, robustness of the CD tray, support     label in the Explorer) Nero DVDSpeed is a great tool to check
for 8 cm CDs and whether the drive could be used vertically. We      was also noted.            DVD drive speeds                          §

         56                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

DVD-ROM Drives: We used Nero DVDSpeed which showed the
seek time, CPU utilisation spin down time and the drive speed             Taking Care of Your Optical Drive
of the DVD-ROM drives. The VOB file extraction test was car-
ried out using the software Flask MPEG and the time taken for             I Never use poor quality detergents and sprays for
this was logged. We also used SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro for check-           cleaning. Clean the drives using a soft, dry fabric.
ing the DVD-ROM drive’s sequential read, random read and                  I Keep the tray clean. Use a duster for thorough
average access time. The time taken for extracting the first, mid-        cleaning.
dle and last track from an Audio CD was noted using the soft-             I Use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your computer
ware Exact Audio Copy. An assorted read test was carried out              and the Writer. This will protect your system from any surge or
where a combination of file sizes ranging from 1 KB to 100 MB             dip in power.
were read from the CD-RW and copied to the hard disk and the              I Do not push the tray to close it; always use the eject button
time was noted. The disk registration time (the time taken by             instead.
the drive to be recognised by the OS) was also noted.                     I Never try to force the tray out, if it doesn’t eject automati-
                                                                          cally. Use the pin provided with the drive to manually remove
Warranty and support: We logged the period of warranty for                the tray.
the CD-Writer and DVD-ROM drives. We also noted the type of               I Use a good quality lens cleaner to keep the lens clean, as
support provided by the different brands. Some have a policy of           this is one of the most important parts of the drive.
replacing the faulty drive within the warranty period, while oth-
ers only repair the drive.
Value for money: Here we calculated the features and per-              The CD-Writers we received fell in the 32x to 48x speed bracket.
formance delivered and at what cost. The best drive is that which      The ASUS CRW-4816A, Iomega CDRW5529INT-B and LITEON
is not very expensive and at the same time delivers impressive         LTR-48125 W offered the capability to burn a CD at 48x. While
performance and has a host of features.                                the models from LG and Krypton ran at 32x speed, which is the
                                                                       entry level for CD-Writers today, five of the entries offered a write
Test Analysis                                                          speed of 40x—these were the Benq 4012P, Krypton BCE-4012M,
There’s a wide range of optical drives available in the market         LITEON LTR-40125 S, Samsung SW204, and Sony CRX-195A1.
today. A DVD-ROM drive serves the purpose if you basically             The Yamaha CRW-F1 offered a rather un-conventional speed
need an optical drive that will allow you to watch movies and          of 44x.
don’t need to back up data. A CD-Writer on the other hand, is              All the CD-Writers supported burn proof technology and we
what you should be looking at if you wish to archive and               experienced no errors while writing CDs at the maximum sup-
swap data.                                                             ported speed. It basically ensures that data is fed to the CD-Writ-
    Judging by the devices in this comparison test, all DVD-ROM        ing application in a constant stream as an interruption in data
drives have low CPU utilisation while dumping data form a DVD          flow during the writing process can cause errors.
to the hard disk. If you wish to compress a DVD movie into the             Also important for error-free CDs is the buffer size—higher
DivX format, the VOB extraction test will give you a good indi-        the amount of buffer, lower the chances of ending up with a
cation of a drive’s performance while doing so. A drive with a low     coaster. The buffer is the memory on the CD-Writer. It tem -
CPU utilisation score and a low VOB file extraction score will         porarily stores the data it receives from the hard drive or CD
thus be the best for converting those DVD movies into the DivX         before it is passed on to the writing head. This ensures that the
format. We also found that the data seek times for DVD-ROM             Writer is constantly supplied with the data to burn on the media.
drives are now on par with those of CD-ROM drives.                     The LG 8320B, Yamaha CRW-F1 and Samsung SW204 were the
    If you plan to back up a lot of data using your CD-Writer, the     only Writers to have an 8 MB buffer; the rest had a 2 MB buffer.
test that you should especially consider is the Assorted Write             All the CD-Writers had adequate front panel indicators, but
Speed test, since the data that you are most likely to archive will    the noteworthy ones were the ASUS CRW-4816A and the Kryp-
consist of small individual files and folders. Additionally, the CD-   ton BCE-3212M—both had an extra Play/Forward button where-
RW is fast emerging as a replacement for the floppies and Zip          as the other Writers only had the Eject/Stop button. The
disks; it is now the de facto means of swapping data with your         CD-Writers from LITEON had two LED indicators, one each for
friends or colleagues. The performance of the Writers under the        Read and Write.
RW-Assorted Write Speed test will give you a good idea of their            Any device that has moving components needs to have espe-
capability to copy data onto a CD-RW.                                  cially good build quality, else it will soon develop mechanical
                                                                       snags regardless of how feature-rich and good the device is oth-
CD-Writers                                                             erwise. Most of the CD-Writers had a decent build quality, except
A CD-Writer works out to be an ideal backup solution since             for the Yamaha CRW-F1—its tray was a little loose. The tray of
media is readily and cheaply available. A CD-ROM drive with            the Samsung SW204 had a good build quality.
24x speed is now ubiquitous; moreover it is also capable of read-          If a CD-Writer can be placed vertically, it gives you more flex-
ing a CD-RW medium. Thus, if you have a CD-Writer and use a            ibility if desktop space is a matter of concern for you. Although
CD-RW to back up or swap data, you can rest assured that you           it is not advisable to keep a CD-Writer in the vertical position
will be able access the same on almost any PC.                         while burning data, it’s all right if the drive is being used as a CD-
    Writers now offer burning speeds ranging from 32x to 48x,          ROM reader. Though all the CD-Writers could be used vertically,
which means that the time taken to back up essential data is           only the Yamaha CRW-F1 had a locking mechanism to hold the
drastically reduced from 20 minutes to under 4 minutes.                media in this position. However, when testing this feature on            §

          58                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

                                                                        n’t make it slower. Krypton BCE-3212M (32x) and Krypton BCE-
       Easy Steps to Burn a Perfect CD                                  4012M (40x) burned the ISO image at a really slow 261.44 and
                                                                        255.61 seconds, respectively.
   I  Turn the screensaver off while burning a CD so as to              Assorted Write Speed: To test performance in writing non-
   not hamper the flow of data to the CD-Writer.                        sequential data, we burnt a folder containing files ranging from
   I Defragment the hard disk before burning a CD.                      1 KB to 100 MB onto a blank CD, at the highest speed support-
   I If you have a fast Writer but a slow processor and hard disk       ed. Here, as expected, the fastest times were logged by the 48x
   subsystem (ATA 33), it is safer to burn the CD at a speed            drives. The CD-Writer from Iomega was the fastest, taking just
   lower than the maximum possible.                                     181.19 seconds to burn the 700 MB file. Close on its heels was
   I Use Track At Once instead of Disk At Once to burn an Audio         ASUS CRW-4816A, taking an insignificant 3 seconds more.
   CD. This will make the Audio CD look more professional                   The slowest here was again the Krypton BCE-3212M, taking
   because a 2 second gap will be inserted between each burned          343.76 seconds to finish the test—this makes it almost twice as
   track and the CD can then be mass produced error-free.               slow as the fastest drive. Iomega is the best buy for those who
   I Always ‘finalise’ a burned Audio CD to ensure that it plays        take a lot of backups on CD-Rs and require a faster drive which
   on your home music system.                                           can do the task in minimum time.
   I Use branded CDs for burning critical data—cheaper media            Audio Write Speed: We tested the speed with which the CD-
   are prone to damage and can’t hold data for long. Plus there         Writers could write audio on a CD by burning an 80-minute
   is no guarantee that they will burn everything perfectly.            Audio CD from WAV files. Here again the Iomega logged the
   I Shut down all other applications while burning CDs; do not         fastest time by burn-
   use the computer for any other tasks while a CD is burning.          ing the Audio CD in
   I Try to simulate a burn process if the Writer has just presented    181.57 seconds—this
   you with a coaster. Most CD-Writing software will allow this.        time is practically the
                                                                        same as the 181.19
                                                                        seconds it took to
the Yamaha writer, the tray came out without the CD, which              burn the assorted
forced us to keep the drive flat on its back to get the media out.      (non-sequential)
This can be harmful for the media as well as the Writer if repeat-      data, which indicates
ed frequently.                                                          that this drive will
   The accessories included in the package add to the overall           give       consistent
value of the product. If the package includes the connecting            results for different
cables, a variety of blank media and a good mix of software, it         types of data.
saves you the expense and bother of buying these separately.                Sony’s       CRX-
   The best combination of accessories was provided by the Sam-         195A1 took just 3 seconds more to finish writing the Audio CD.
sung SW204—the package included the audio and IDE cables,               The Krypton writers performed poorly in this test as well. The 32x
one blank CD-R disk and one CD-RW disk, Nero and                Krypton drive took 340.16 seconds, while its faster sibling, the
InCD 3.0, and a manual. The ASUS CRW-4816A also comes with              40x writer, took 464.96 seconds.
the audio and IDE cables, a blank CD-R and CD-RW disk, Nero             Raw Write Speed: For the Raw write speed test, we attached an and a manual. Sony’s CRX-195A1 was meagre on acces-             extra 48x CD-ROM as the primary master. Using CloneCD, we
sories—it included only Nero and InCD 3.12.0.                   then created an exact replica of the Digit Test CD. We expected
                                                                        the Writers to take longer here, since the data was being read
Performance                                                             from a CD-ROM drive, but the Writers did just fine and didn’t log
The proof of a CD-Writer is in its performance. Hence, we tested        any extra time here. The Iomega Writer once again logged an
the speed and reliability with which the CD-Writers could burn          impressive time of 182.89 seconds to finish cloning the CD. The
CDs, read data off CDs and rewrite data on CD-RWs.                      ASUS CRW-4816A was once again a close second, taking just
                                                                        185.05 seconds. The slowest drive here was again the Krypton
Write tests (CD-R): Though a CD-Writer can double up as a               BCE-4012M; it took 336.57 seconds.
CD-ROM drive, the main function obviously is to burn CDs.
Hence we tested this through various tests and benchmarks.              Rewrite tests (CD-RW): We also evaluated the drives for their
ISO Write Speed: If you need a CD-Writer to back up large chunks        rewriting capabilities via the RW writing and erasing tests. These
of data, such as 200 MB TIFF files, texture files or animation files,   scores are especially relevant today as the RW media is slowly
then its performance in burning sequential data is what you             replacing the good old floppy for everything from booting the
should look at. To test the sequential data-burning capacity, we        system to just transferring data from one machine to another.
used a 700 MB ISO file. This was burnt onto a CD using Nero             RW-Assorted Write Speed: We burned the folder containing files, at the highest speed supported by the CD-Writer. We           ranging from 1 KB to 100 MB on a CD-RW. We tested the Writ-
were expecting the 48x writers to bag this test—the medium after        ers using an ASUS 16x media. Although two of the drives, the
all was a perfect match for their class and the data was of a           Iomega and Yamaha, were capable of re-writing data at 24x, the
sequential nature—but nothing of this sort happened. The slow-          unavailability of appropriate media forced us to go with the a
er 40x Sony CRX-195A1 surpassed all others here, taking just            16x RW CD. The ASUS writer did wonderfully in this test; it final-
152.56 seconds to burn the ISO image. In fact, the runner-up in         ly overtook its closest rival, the Iomega drive, by logging 322.95
test was also a 40x Writer, the LITEON LTR-40125 S. It took just        seconds, beating it by 7 seconds. The Benq 4012P finished last,
2 seconds more to burn this data, which in practical terms does-        taking 530.86 seconds to complete the task at a speed of 12x—        §

          60                                                                                                            NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

                                          this is at least 10-15       ton BCE-4012 once again logged the highest data transfer speed
                                          per cent slower than         of 1258 KBps, crossing the 1 MBps mark. This CD-Writer also
                                          what you should              returned the fastest average access time, hence making it an ideal
                                          expect.                      candidate for use as a CD-ROM drive. This drive is best for those
                                          RW-Erase Speed: In           who want a good CD-ROM drive and also occassionally want to
                                          this test, we erased         be able to burn CDs. Benq too crossed the 1 MBps mark by log-
                                          700 MB of data at the        ging a random read score of 1100 KBps.
                                          highest speed sup-           Nero CDSpeed v1.0: The Nero CDSpeed v1.0 benchmarking suite
                                          ported by the drive.         tests the range of speed the drive can reach. It measures both the
                                          Once again the ASUS          fastest speed and the slowest, and also gives the average speed of
                                          Writer logged the            the drive. In this test, the best performer was the Krypton BCE-
                                          fastest time (329.77         4012M. It reached a maximum speed of 49.94x, higher than its
                                          seconds), just sec -         rated maximum speed of 48x. The slowest speed it logged was
                                          onds faster than the         23.33x, which is higher than the other CD-Writers. If you intend
Iomega drive (331.77 seconds). The drive which took the longest        to use the CD-Writer to watch VCDs and play AudioCDs and
time was the Yamaha CRW-F1, logging 532.7 seconds.                     don’t mind a slower writing speed, you will find this CD-Writer
                                                                       quite suitable.
Read tests (CDs): The whole point of installing a CD-Writer is
that it serves the dual function of burning data onto CDs and also     DVD-ROM Drives
works as a regular CD-ROM drive.                                       A DVD-ROM drive is ideal for those who wish to watch theatre-
Assorted Read Speed: To evaluate the capability of a CD-Writer         quality movies from the comfort of their living room. Besides, it
to read a normal CD-ROM, we tried copying 700 MB of assorted           also reads all optical media and is a better upgrade from the plain
data from the Digit Test CD to the hard disk. The ASUS CRW-            CD-ROM drive, since it is a cheaper buy when compared to CD-
4816A completed this task in the fastest time, logging 138.73 sec-     Writers.
onds—this translates to a data transfer rate of about 5 MBps. The
ASUS drive will be best suited for the kind of people who are          Features
copying lots of data like images and important work related files      The DVD drives did not offer much in terms of variety in speed—
on their PC like DTP house, and so on. The slowest here was the        all the drives sported 16x read speed for DVDs, which is currently
LITEON LTR-BCE-4012M, which took 234.31 seconds.                       the fastest speed available, and a 40x to 48x read speed for CDs.
Disk Registration: This test measures the time taken by the OS             All the DVD-ROM drives we received came with a healthy buffer
to recognise the CD. The fastest drive here was the Yamaha CRW-        size, though the buffer space allotted was small compared to the
F1 with 8.71 seconds. The LG 8320B was really slow and took            CD-Writers—not surprising, considering that these drives are not
14.7 seconds—long enough to be irritating.                             meant to burn CDs or DVDs. All drives offered 512 KB buffer,
Exact Audio Copy: Here, the first, middle and last track is ripped     except the Pioneer DVD-106S/2, which had only 256 KB buffer.
from an Audio CD to WAV format. The best result was present-               Build quality of the tray becomes important here too. The Pio-
ed by the Yamaha, which ripped all three tracks in 38.04 seconds,      neer drive stood apart from the rest with its slot-in disk-loading
followed by the Krypton BCE-3212M (43.38 seconds). The slow-           mechanism. This imparts a level of sturdiness to the build of this
est here was the Samsung SW240, which took 38.49 seconds just          drive that is absent in its competitors. All seven DVD drives fea -
to rip the middle track; its overall time was 106.2 seconds. If you    tured in this test allowed for vertical usage.
                                              are planning to buy a        There wasn’t much in the name of package content for the
                                              drive mainly to rip      DVD drives. Almost all provided an audio cable, but a few like the
                                              Audio CDs and also       Pioneer skimped on this. As for the IDE cable, only Samsung and
                                              burn data occasional-    Sony include this. Software bundling came in the form of Asus-
                                              ly, the Krypton works    DVD 3.0 with the ASUS drive, WinDVD3.1 with the Benq, while
                                              out to be a better
                                              choice as it is cheap-
                                              er than the Yamaha.        Region Locking
                                              SiSoft Sandra 2002
                                              Pro: The SiSoft San -        As a part of DVD technology licensing arrangements,
                                              dra 2002 Pro bench-          the world has been divided into six geographic regions.
                                              marking suite helps          This means that movies from Region 1 (USA and Canada) will
                                              determine the differ-        not play on a DVD player designated for regions 2 to 6. Effec-
                                              ent data transfer            tively, Region 1 discs play only on Region 1 DVD players,
                                              speeds and the drive         Region 2 discs play only on Region 2 DVD players and so on.
                                              access time. In the          A region code is embedded in the DVD-ROM drive. The first
                                              sequential read test,        DVD disc inserted into a drive sets the region code for the
                                              the Iomega Writer            drive. The drive’s region can be changed four more times
                                              and Krypton BCE-             before it is permanently locked to a region. Inserting a disc
                                              4012M logged 6               that has a different region code than the drive’s current code
                                              MBps. In the random          makes these changes.
                                              read test, the Kryp-                                                                           §

          62                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
CATEGORY                                                                                                                                                              CD-WRITERS
                                          ASUS CRW-4816A Benq 4012P                     Iomega                  LG 8320B              Liteon                Liteon
                                                                                        CDRW55296INT-B                                LTR-40125 S           LTR-48125 W
Drive Specifications
  Speed (Write\Rewrite\Read)              48X\16X\48X          40X\12X\48X              48X\24X\48X             32X\10X\40X           40X\12X\48X           48X\12X\48X
  Interface                               IDE                  IDE                      IDE                     IDE                   IDE                   IDE
  Buffer Underrun Protection Used         FlextraLink          Seamless Link            SMART-BURN              Superlink             SMART-BURN            SMART-BURN
  Front Panel Controls/Indicators         Play/Fwd, Eject/Stop, Play/Fwd, Eject/Stop, Eject/Stop, Volume,       Eject/Stop, Volume,   Eject/Stop, Volume,   Eject/Stop, Volume,
                                          Volume, HeadPhone    Volume, HeadPhone HeadPhone Jack,                HeadPhone Jack,       HeadPhone Jack,       HeadPhone Jack,
                                          Jack, Read and Write Jack, Disk Indicator     Disk Indicator          Read and Write        Read and Write        Read and Write
                                          Indicators                                                            Indicators            Indicators            Indicators
  Onboard Buffer Size (KB)                2048                 2048                     2048                    8192                  1984                  1984
  Tray Drive Build Quality (scale of 5)   4                    3.5                      3                       3.5                   3.5                   3.5
  Vertical Usage (y/n)                                                                                                                                 
Package contents
  Audio Cable                                                                                                                                          
  IDE Cable                                                                                                                                            
  CD-R blanks provided                    1                    1                                                                    1                     
  CD-RW blanks provided                   1                    1                                              1                      1                     1
  Software provided                       Nero         Nero             Nero           Nero and      Nero          Nero
                                                                                                                InCD 3.23.1
  Manuals and Documentation                                                                                                                            
Real world Tests (sec)
  ISO Write Speed***                      155.64               195.98                   157.46                  205.39                154.81                158.97
  Assorted Write Speed***                 184                  237.9                    181.19                  234.33                222.71                197.62
  Assorted Read Speed                     138.73               145.38                   143.9                   170.81                234.31                149.07
  Audio Write Speed***                    185.36               228.14                   181.57                  231.52                189.06                186.43
  Raw Write Speed***                      185.05               225.84                   182.89                  230.89                188.25                189.16
  RW-Assorted Write Speed***              322.95               530.86                   329.51                  527.17                525.44                522.94
  RW-Erase Speed***                       329.77               529.79                   331.77                  521.45                523.91                526.25
  Disk Registration test***               14.36                12.83                    10.13                   14.7                  12.09                 14.28
Exact Audio Copy (sec)***
  Track 1                                 21.07                20.57                    19.27                   19.29                 15.63                 18.88
  Track 2                                 13.54                14.58                    13.04                   13.88                 12.62                 11.62
  Track 3                                 5.76                 9.65                     12.23                   7.76                  12.91                 9.85
Nero CD Speed v1.0 (in X)
  Minimum speed                           22.26                19.21                    22.74                   18.59                 22.57                 22.71
  Average speed                           37.7                 36.51                    37.57                   31.8                  36.35                 37.36
  Maximum speed                           49.72                48.65                    49.57                   41.94                 49.04                 49.27
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Professional
  Sequential Read (KBps)                  5120                 3819                     6144                    3585                  3217                  3940
  Random Read (KBps)                      835                  1102                     903                     908                   691                   834
  Average Access Time (ms)***             98                   89                       93                      101                   121                   109
Warranty & Support
Replacement warranty                      **                   **                       *                       *                     *                     *
Period of warranty (Years)                1                    1                        1                       1                     1                     1
Overall Score
Features (20%)                            15.6                 14.4                     13.2                    15.4                  13.4                  11.4
Performance (50%)                         39.53                33.72                    39.89                   32.13                 33.51                 35.23
Warranty & Support (10%)                  5                    5                        5                       7                     3                     3
Value for Money (20%)                     11.00                16.06                    10.89                   18.64                 16.46                 14.80
Overall Product Rating                    71.13                69.18                    68.98                   73.13                 66.37                 64.43
Overall Grade
Vendors Name                              Neoteric Infomatique BenQ                     Neoteric Infomatique LG Electronics           Media Tech            Media Tech

Phone                                     022-4172600          022-5705230              022-4172600             0120-4560900          022-2396696           022-2396696
E-mail                                    sales@               pankajpamani@            sales@                  response@ezbuy.com sales@                   sales@
                                          neoteric-info.com    benq.com                 neoteric-info.com                             mediatechindia.com    mediatechindia.com
Webpage                                   www.asus.com         www.benq.com             www.iomega.com          www.lgindia.com       www.                  www.
                                                                                                                                      mediatechindia.com    mediatechindia.com
Price (in Rupees)                         6,680                3,995                    6,500                   3,400                 3,800                 4,200

Disclaimer: * The drives are replaced within warranty period          ** Repair is carried out during warranty period         ***Lower the better

              64                                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2002
                                                                                                                  the rest of the drives had different versions
Krypton                 Krypton                Samsung SW240         SONY CRX-195E1        Yamaha CRW-F1
BCE-3212M               BCE-4012M
                                                                                                                  of PowerDVD. The Pioneer drive did not
                                                                                                                  come with any DVD playback software.

32X\10X\40X             40X\12X\48X            40X\12X\40X           40X\12X\48X           44X\24X\44X            Performance
IDE                     IDE                    IDE                   IDE                   IDE                    Our performance test covered all areas
Superlink               Superlink              JustLink              PowerBurn             SAFEBURN               such as assorted read speed, disk registra-
Play/Fwd, Eject/Stop, Play/Fwd, Eject/Stop,    Eject/Stop, Volume,   Eject/Stop, Volume,   Eject/Stop, Volume,    tion test and VOB file extraction test from
Volume, HeadPhone       Volume, HeadPhone      HeadPhone Jack, Disk HeadPhone Jack, Disk HeadPhone Jack, Disk     a DVD media.
Jack, Disk Indicator    Jack, Disk Indicator   Indicator             Indicator             Indicator                 We however did not get one drive
                                                                                                                  which performed well across the catego-
2048                    2048                   8192                  1984                  8192                   ry—if it performed really well in assort-
3.5                     3.5                    4                     4                     2                      ed read speed, it was average in the disk
                                                                                                                  registration test and so on. This was the
                                                                                                                  case with all the drives and because of
                                                                                                                  this we had to look at the overall figure
                                                                                                                  to get a winner in the performance
                                             1                                          1
1                       2                      1                                          
NTI CDMaker 5.5.7       NTI CDMaker 5.5.8      Nero and      Nero and      Nero
                                               InCD 3.0              InCD 3.12.0                                  Read tests (DVDs): Movie-watching
                                                                                                             would be no fun if your DVD-ROM drive
                                                                                                                  is unable to access the data fast enough to
                                                                                                                  provide a smooth experience. Hence, the
261.44                  255.61                 192.51                152.56                250.08                 drive’s read speed and access speed
343.76                  297.76                 283.13                192.63                330.58                 becomes critical.
224.38                  144.23                 169.17                166.18                165.79                 VOB File Extraction: This test helps eval-
340.16                  464.96                 251.54                184.69                331.16                 uate the efficiency with which the DVD-
332                     336.57                 250.96                187.22                327.29                 ROM drive can copy a DVD on to the hard
524.41                  456.49                 438.54                503.85                524.81                 disk, so that you can play it off the hard
520                     442.76                 440.42                504.35                532.7                  disk. We used Flask MPEG v0.594 for this
14.16                   9.87                   11.26                 13.69                 8.71                   test, which determines the time taken to
                                                                                                                  extract a VOB file into the AVI format
16.38                   19.57                  40.54                 18.84                 18.96
                                                                                                                  using the latest DivX codec. The Samsung
15.35                   16.27                  38.49                 14.06                 12.51
                                                                                                                  SD-616 logged the fastest time—it took
8.04                    7.64                   27.17                 12.53                 6.57
                                                                                                                  74.38 seconds to complete the extraction
15.56                   23.33                  18.7                  19.56                 19.4
                                                                                                                  process. The Benq DVP-1648A wasn’t far
31.46                   37.83                  31.66                 32.19                 32.19
                                                                                                                  behind        with     74.61       seconds.
41.53                   49.94                  41.36                 42.44                 43.45                  The LITEON LTD-165H shocked us by
                                                                                                                  coming last, especially considering that
2879                    6144                   3501                  3564                  5120                   this drive logged the best time in the
954                     1258                   791                   867                   804                    assorted read test.
93                      88                     111                   104                   100                    Nero DVDSpeed: This is a synthetic
                                                                                                                  benchmark that evaluates multiple param-
*                       *                      *                     *                     **                     eters that affect the overall performance
2                       2                      15 months             1                     1                      of a DVD-ROM drive. The first parameter
                                                                                                                  evaluated was the ‘seek time’. This refers
13.4                    13.4                   16.6                  9.2                   13.8                   to the average time taken by the drive to
28.95                   33.46                  29.42                 34.37                 31.06
                                                                                                                  access data from a particular location. It is
8                       8                      5                     6                     5
                                                                                                                  computed by dividing the time taken to
18.36                   17.24                  10.23                 7.00                  4.79
                                                                                                                  complete a large number of random seeks
68.71                   72.10                  61.25                 56.57                 54.65
                                                                                                                  by the number of seeks performed. If you
                                                                                                                  manage a lot of data either for yourself or
Priya Limited           Priya Limited          Samsung Electronics   Rashi Peripherals     Neoteric Infomatique
                                                                                                                  for the office on CDs or DVDs, you should
022-2663611             022-2663611            011-6322517           022-8260258           022-4172600            look out for this result whenever consid-
salesbom@               salesbom@              marketing@            ho@rptechindia.com    sales@                 ering a DVD-ROM drive.
priyagroup.com          priyagroup.com         samsungindia.com                            neoteric-info.com          The LITEON LTD 165H logged a seek
www.priyagroup.com www.priyagroup.com www.                           www.rptechindia.com www.yamaha.com           time of 67 ms. This was an impressive
                                               samsungindia.com                                                   show considering that the runner up, the
3,075                   3,625                  6,000                 8,300                 12,500                 ASUS DVD E616, logged 169 ms (around
                                                                                                                  130 per cent more). The slowest in this test
                                                                                                                  was the Sony DDU-16210-C0, which took

                       65                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2002
     test drive I
                              I     storage solutions

CATEGORY                                                                                               DVD-ROM DRIVES
                                          ASUS DVD-E616       Benq DVP-1648A LG DRD-8160B              LITEON LTD-    Pioneer DVD-                Samsung            Sony
                                                                                                       165H           106S/2                      SD-616             DDU1621
Drive Specifications
  Speed (DVD-ROM \CD-ROM)                 16X\48X             16X\48X               16X\48X             16X\48X             16X\40X               16X\48X             16X\40X
  Disk loading mechanism                  Tray                Tray                  Tray                Tray                Slot-In               Tray                Tray
  Interface (IDE/SCSI)                    IDE                 IDE                   IDE                 IDE                 IDE                   IDE                 IDE
  Data Buffer Size (KB)                   512                 512                   512                 512                 256                   512                 512
  Front Panel Controls/indicators         Play/Fwd,           Stop/Eject, Volume,   Stop/Eject, Volume, Play/Fwd,           Stop/Eject, Volume,   Stop/Eject, Volume, Stop/Eject, Volume,
                                          Eject/Stop, Volume, HeadPhone Jack,       HeadPhone Jack,     Eject/Stop, Volume, HeadPhone Jack,       HeadPhone Jack,     HeadPhone Jack,
                                          HeadPhone Jack,     Disk Indicator        Disk Indicator      HeadPhone Jack,     Disk Indicator        Disk Indicator      Disk Indicator
                                          Disk Indicator                                                Disk Indicator
Package contents
 Audio Cable                                                                                                                                                   
 IDE Cable                                                                                                                                                     
 Software Provided                        AsusDVD 3.0         WinDVD 3.1 and        PowerDVD 4.0       PowerDVD 4.0        None                   PowerDVD 4.0       PowerDVD 2.55
                                                              DOS driver v2.14
  Manuals and Documentation                                                                                                                                    
DVD Test (sec)***
  Assorted Read Speed                     146.46              162.42                201.21             144.14              161.23                 147.76             168.49
  Disk registration test                  12.08               8.89                  7.6                12.76               9.76                   15.13              11.71
  VOB File extraction test - Flask MPEG   78                  74.61                 76.83              84.76               75.72                  74.38              78.6
Nero DVDSpeed v0.53
  Seek time (ms)***                       169                 75                    105                67                  77                     89                 458
  CPU Utilization (%)***                  1                   1                     1                  1                   1                      1                  1
  Spin down time (sec)***                 7.77                1.95                  2.49               2.31                3.04                   3.74               3.14
  Average speed (X)                       7.04                7.22                  3.73               7.46                7.27                   7.38               3.71
SiSoft Sandra 2002 Professional
  Sequential read (KBps)                  6144                9216                  4096               9216                9216                   8192               5120
  Random Read (KBps)                      625                 1100                  755                720                 1119                   1035               513
  Average Acess Time (ms)***              91                  51                    71                 82                  50                     54                 111
Exact Audio Copy (sec)***
  Track 1                                 15.83               17.51                 26.51              14.98               22.05                  26.16              20.27
  Track 2                                 13.07               13.05                 31.74              11.86               25.07                  32.71              15.68
  Track 3                                 7.78                8.64                  23.98              7.07                19.76                  24.81              8.17
Warranty & Support
Replacement warranty                      **                  **                    *                  *                   **                     *                  *
Period of warranty (Years)                1                   1                     1                  1                   1                      15 months          1
Overall Score
Features (10%)                            17                  15                    15                 17                  9                      18                 17
Performance (50%)                         35.79               42.66                 32.49              39.47               38.77                  36.38              31.73
Warranty & Support (20%)                  5                   5                     7                  3                   3                      5                  4
Value for Money (20%)                     6.32                15.4                  13.57              17.05               10.19                  10.88              8.66
Overall Product Rating                    64.11               78.06                 68.06              76.52               60.96                  70.26              61.39
Overall Grade
Vendors Name                              Neoteric            BenQ                  LG Electronics     Media Tech         Mnemonic System Samsung                    Rashi Peripherals
                                          Infomatique                                                                                     Electronics (SEIIT)
Phone                                     022-4172600         022-5705230           0120-4560900       022-2396696        022-8010871     011-6322517                022-8260258
E-mail                                    sales@              pankajpamani@         response@          sales@             mnemonic@       marketing@                 ho@
                                          neoteric-info.com   benq.com              ezbuy.com          mediatechindia.com vsnl.com        samsungindia.com           rptechindia.com
Webpage                                   www.asus.com        www.benq.com          www.lgindia.com    www.liteonit.com www.pioneer.com www.                         www.
                                                                                                                                          samsungindia.com           rptechindia.com
Price (Rs)                                6,680               2,995                 2,800              2,650              3,750           4,000                      4,500

Disclaimer: * The drives are replaced within warranty period ** Repair is carried out during warranty period ***Lower the better

     458 ms to seek out the necessary data.                                                    LITEON LTD-165H, which took 2.31 seconds. The ASUS DVD-
         We also logged each drive’s CPU utilisation to get a handle on                        E616 disappointed us and took 7.77 seconds.
     the amount of CPU resources hogged by a drive under usage. All                               A 498 MB VOB file was used for calculating the average speed
     seven drives did well here, utilising not more than 1 per cent of                         of the drive. This score holds import because one would buy a
     the CPU power, utilising DMA (Direct Memory Access) to                                    new DVD-ROM drive or upgrade from an older 8x drive to get
     the full.                                                                                 better performance. If a drive can’t live up to its rated speed, it
         Many new drives save power by spinning down when the                                  doesn’t make sense investing in it.
     drive is not in use. This is essentially a power-saving feature and                          The winner in this category was the ASUS DVD- E616 with an
     is designed to lighten the load your computer’s power supply has                          average speed of 7.04x, while the Sony DDU1621-CO and the LG
     to carry. The drive with the fastest spin-down time was the Benq                          DRD 8160B with an average speed of 3.71x and 3.73x, respec-
     DVP-1648A, logging 1.95 seconds. A close second was the                                   tively, performed under par.

                  66                                                                                                                                       NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

                                                Read tests (CDs):          Hybrid DVDs
                                                Though all the
                                                DVD-ROM drives              Nine leading consumer electronics manufacturers
                                                are rated between           have jointly established the basic specifications for a
                                                40 and 48x, we              next-generation large-capacity optical disc video recording
                                                observed noticeable         format called Blue-ray Disc. These DVDs can hold six times
                                                differences in per-         the data as current standard discs. The new format will store
                                                formance        while       more than 13 hours of film, compared with the current limit
                                                reading CDs.                of 133 minutes.
                                                Assorted Read: This             High Density-DVD no doubt, is the enhanced form of
                                                tests the DVD-ROM           current DVD format. Blue lasers have a much shorter wave-
                                                drive’s ability to          length than the red lasers used in current DVD players,
                                                read an assortment          allowing for much greater disc capacity. The new high defi-
                                                of files that come in       nition format allows a capacity of 4.7 GB to 15 GB on a sin-
                                                varying sizes. This         gle-sided, single-layered disc and a capacity of 8.5 GB to 30
                                                test will interest          GB on a single-sided, double-layered disc. Some feel be
                                                those who often use         more definite! that this provides a cost-effective upgrade
software CDs or CDs such as the Digit Interactive CDs, which                path for media vendors and a backward-compatible solution
contain a lot data in varying sizes.                                        for all those who’ve already built DVD libraries.
    A CD containing assorted data in the form of files ranging                  Current DVD players use 650 nanometre (nm) red lasers,
from 1 KB to 100 MB was copied on the hard disk and the time                while CD players use 780 nm diodes. It will not be possible
was noted. The LITEON LTD-165H was the fastest here, taking                 to play Blue-ray discs with existing DVD and CD players,
144.14 seconds to copy the data. The ASUS DVD–E616 and Sam-                 since these don’t contain 405 nm lasers. Blue-ray drives will
sung SD-616 were just seconds behind, logging 146.46 and 147.76             need to contain 780, 650 and 405 nm lasers in order to be
seconds, respectively. The LG DRD-8160B was the slowest DVD                 compatible with CD and DVD discs.
drive and took 210.12 seconds to copy the CD to the hard disk.
Disk Registration: The disk registration test shows how fast the
drive can identify a CD or DVD. This test will be especially inter-      speed ability of the drive and is useful while reading large single
esting to those who share their drives on the network for others         files such as ISO images.
to use.                                                                      The winners in this category were the Benq DVP-1648, Pio-
    We used the Digit Mindware CD (October issue) for this test.         neer DVD-106S/2 and LITEON LTD 165-H with a read speed of
The Samsung SD-616 was the slowest, taking 15.13 seconds, where-         9.216 MBps each. These drives are thus ideally suited for those
as the LG-DRD 8160-B topped the test by taking only 7.60 seconds         who copy a lot of large single files from optical media to the hard
to recognize the CD. The Benq DVP-1648A finished second by               drive or are into image editing. The LG-DRD 8160 B performed
identifying the CD in just 8.89 seconds.                                 poorly with a sequential read speed of 4.096 MBps—a slow solu-
Exact Audio Copy: We extracted three songs from an Audio CD,             tion when compared to its competition.
such that the first, the middle and the last tracks of an 80-minute          The random speed determines the ability of a DVD-ROM drive
CD were accessed. Since access speeds vary as we traverse the radius     to randomly read data from an optical media. This test will inter-
of a CD, this test would give us a good indication of the overall per-   est those who have a lot of clipart to be copied to the hard drive
formance of the drive. Exact Audio Copy was used to evaluate the         from either CD or DVD media, such as DTP shops. The two drives
same. The overall winner of this test was the LITEON LTD-165H,           in competition with each other were the Pioneer DVD-106S/2
which took just 33.91 seconds to rip all the three tracks. The slow-     and the Benq DVP-1648A with a random read time of 1119 and
est however, was the Samsung drive, which performed quite poor-          1100 KBps, respectively. This was the only test in which the Pio-
ly with a score of 83.68 seconds.                                        neer drive—which had won past DVD-ROM comparisons—
                                                  SiSoft Sandra 2002     shone. The poor performer in this test was the Sony DDU
                                                  Pro: The three tests   1621-C0, logging 513 KBps only.
                                                  carried out using          The access time tells us how fast the drive can access a par-
                                                  SiSoft Sandra 2002     ticular track and start reading the information. Here, the Pioneer
                                                  Pro were sequential    DVD-106S/2 won by taking just 50 ms. The Benq DVP-1648A
                                                  read, random read      was a close second with 51 ms—a 1 ms difference that makes lit-
                                                  and average access     tle practical difference. Sony was the slow respondent again and
                                                  time. This bench-      probably was the only drive to cross the 100 ms mark by logging
                                                  mark gives an over-    111 ms as access time.
                                                  all view of how a
                                                  drive will perform     What it all leads to
                                                  under      different   The competition between the CD-Writers was really tough. We
                                                  conditions.            got some unexpected results, where drives with a faster rating
                                                      The sequential     were overtaken by drives with a slower rating and older tech-
                                                  read speed is the      nology. What this tells us is that 32x is still where it’s at—it not
                                                  continuous read        only performs optimally, but also costs much lesser.

          68                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                  I   storage solutions

                                                                        The winners!
  Your Shopping Checklist                                               Iomega CDRW55296INT-B CD-Writer: Iomega’s CD-Writer
                                                                        came bundled with Nero, which is not all that
   CD-Writer                                                            old a version. This drive includes a 2 MB buffer.
    Make sure that the drive has a high spin speed and fast            This would appear to be rather less
   access times. Access time is more important if you need to           for a 48x CD-Writer, but despite
   read non-sequential data such as a game.                             this, the Writer logged the best
    Does it support over burning?                                      performance scores in our tests.
    Does it support Multi-Session and Incremental Packet                  The writer includes SMARTBURN
   Writing?                                                             burnproof technology to ensure that
    Does it support Raw writing?                                       there are no errors during the write process.
    Does it include a CD burning software?                             Though it is rather expensive at
                                                                                                             This 48x Iomega CD-Writer can burn
                                                                        Rs 6,500, it delivers when it
   DVD-ROM Drive                                                                                             a 700 MB CD in under 4 minutes
                                                                        comes to performance.
    A DVD-ROM drive on the other hand should be able to
   read dual-sided DVD media
                                                                        LG 8320B CD-Writer: If you are looking for the best combina-
    Does it include DVD playback software?                             tion of price and performance, go for the LG 8320B. This CD-
   Common                                                                          Writer is not only inexpensive but is also feature rich,
    Can the drive’s firmware be upgraded for future sup-                           with a decent performance to boot. Though it is a 32x
   port?                                                                                             drive, it has an 8 MB buffer which is an
    Are drivers for operating systems like DOS and Win 3.x                                                 attractive plus. The Writer incor-
   included?                                                                                                       porates Superlink burnproof
    Are the audio and IDE cables included?                                                                          technology to eliminate
    Does it have at least a one-year warranty?                                                                      CD wastage even on a
                                                                                                                     slower machine. The
                                                                                                                 Writer comes with a one-year
                                                                                                               warranty and is supported by a
                                                                           The LG 8320B offers an 8 MB
     Our Best Performance Award winner was the Iomega                                                          vast network of service centres
                                                                           buffer for error free burning
CDRW55296INT-B CD-Writer. Also worthy of mention are                                                           spread across many cities.
the Samsung CD-Writers—they were the most feature-packed
Writers and came complete with the requisite cables, software           Benq DVP-1648A DVD-ROM Drive: The Benq DVP-1648A
and manuals.                                                            DVD-ROM drive gave the best results across the board.
     The LG 8320B, a 32x CD-Writer, had the highest overall             The drive had a 512 KB cache to enable an error
score, even though it did not win in terms of pure performance.         free movie experience. The drive is
It wins our Best Value Award.                                           good if one is going to use it
    Looking onto our other match up between the DVD-                    more as a CD-ROM drive as its
ROM drives, we found that the overall as well as the Best Per -         transfer rate is quite decent. The
formance Award winner was the Benq DVP-1648A—it                         best part is that the drive is so
offered the best of performance at a reasonable price of                competitively priced that the competi-
Rs 2,995.                                                               tion will be forced to re-work
    The LITEON LTD-165H drive, which wasn’t far behind in               their pricing policy to com- The Benq DVP-1648A offered out-
any of the tests, is even cheaper than Benq and is an easy win -        pete with Benq.                    standing performance in all our tests
ner of our Best Value Award. The Pioneer drive, which was the
winner in our last comparison, stood last here. This is really           LITEON LTD-165H DVD-
shocking, as the performance of the drive can’t drop so much.            ROM Drive: LITEON LTD165H DVD-ROM comes at a price that
Either Pioneer is not serious with their DVD-ROM business or             will be a sure attraction for many—it is available for only
the competition is working overtime to make their product                Rs 2,650. The drive has 512 KB cache and
the best in the world.                                                   comes bundled with PowerDVD
                                                                                               4.0     DVD
                               Decision Maker                                                  playback
                                                                                               software. It
You want    To back up a lot of data An excellent movie         Just a decent optical drive    also serves as
                                     experience                 you can upgrade to             an excellent sub-
You need    A fast and reliable CD- A DVD-ROM drive of          A cheap CD-Writer or a         stitute for a CD-
            Writer                   good quality               DVD drive                      ROM drive thanks
                                                                                                                        The LITEON LTD-165H
Look for    A 32x or faster CD-      A 16x DVD-ROM drive        Any drive which can read       to its fast data trans -
                                                                                                                        : great performance at
            Writer, with 2 MB buffer with 512 KB buffer         data at a speed of 48x         fer rate. Overall, it
                                                                                                                        a great price
The models LG 8320B or Iomega        Benq DVP-1648A or          LITEON LTD-165H or             offers a good blend
            CDRW55296INT-B           LITEON LTD-165H            Krypton BCE-4012M              of performance, features and price and is an
Price range Rs 3,400 to Rs 6,500     Rs 2,650 to Rs 2,995       Rs 2,650 to Rs 3,075           easy winner of our Best Value Award.
                                                                                                           ALIASGAR PARDAWALA and AHMED SHAIKH

           70                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 2002
                                        With a slew of funky and ultra portable storage devices, you now have
                                        the freedom you need to take your data with you, no matter where you
                                        go or what your applications

               s the lines between our professional and per-          continuously reads and writes data on to the disk and at the
               sonal spaces blur, we feel a greater need to carry     end, gives the separate as well as the overall scores.
               our data from one sphere to another. So how do             To test the time a drive takes to read data, we transferred a
               you transfer data that’s more than a gigabyte?         set of assorted files to the tune of 1.27 GB from the system hard
               The answer lies in external portable devices.          drive to the device under test. The assorted write time was then
               These devices are becoming smaller and at the          noted as the time taken to copy the same files back to the
same time their capacity to store data is increasing at a rapid       system drive. The sequential tests (both read and write) of
rate. Portable devices such as hard drives, Zip drives, thumb         the drives consisted of transferring a single large file between
drives and CD-Writers are also ideally suited to store your           the portable and the fixed hard drive installed in the comput-
important data since they can reliably hold greater amounts           er system.
as compared to the floppy disk. Add to that the fact that they
are compact, light in weight and support a plethora of inter-         Warranty and support: Warranty and support is very impor-
face standards such as USB 2.0, FireWire, SCSI and so on. Even        tant for any device, especially for a device meant to be used on
in a country like ours, where the floppy disk still rules, people     the move. Here we took into account the number of years of
are slowly shifting to portable solutions. So say hello to these      replacement warranty provided by the manufacturer.
new sleek members of the storage family—the external
portable devices.                                                     Value for money: The value for money quotient was calculat-
                                                                      ed by determining the sum of performance and features divided
Digit Test Process                                                    by the price of the device.
We tested all the portable devices on our test machine com -
prising a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor on an Intel D850EMV2            How they fared
motherboard with 512 MB of RDRAM. The graphics card used              In our test analysis, we looked into different features of the device
was a Visiontek GeForce3 with 64 MB of DDR memory and a               such as weight, dimensions, storage capacity, interface and so
Seagate ATA IV. A 40 GB hard disk was installed on the                on. The documentation provided with each of the drives was
primary IDE channel. All the test drives were connected to            also checked. For evaluating performance, we conducted syn-
the appropriate ports (USB 1.1 or 2.0) and the necessary driv-        thetic as well as real world tests and the performance figures were
ers and benchmarking utilities were loaded on to the drive            calculated accordingly.
after installing Windows XP. The latest drivers for the main-
board and the IDE channel were installed for maximum                  Performance
performance gain.                                                     An external storage device should not only store data but must
                                                                      also transfer the same at a fast rate. To gauge the transfer rates and
Test methodology                                                      evaluate the drives on a technical level, we ran synthetic as well
The drives were tested on four primary parameters: features           as real world tests. SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro served as our bench-
(30 per cent), performance (40 per cent), value for money             mark, while we transferred a set of files from the system drive to
(20 per cent) and warranty and support (10 per cent). The weigh-      the device under test to paint a real-world picture.
tages allotted to each parameter was used to calculate the over-
all scores.                                                           SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro: Here we noted different scores such
                                                                      as the sequential and random read and write scores, the drive
Features: Being portable, the device should weigh as less as pos-     index and the average access time. These numbers give you a
sible, support all major operating systems and should not be                                                  probable transfer rate
bulky. Apart from this, the build quality also matters. We took all                                           that the drive is
these factors into account as we monitored the devices through                                                capable of deliver -
our feature analysis.                                                                                         ing. The sequential
                                                                                                              read rate of a storage
Performance: We used the SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro bench-                                                        system, for example,
mark. It gave vital information about the drives such as the                                                  tells you how fast a
data transfer rates, the sequential and random read as well as                                                drive can read large
write speeds, and the average access time. SiSoft Sandra 2002                                                 single files, say the

          72                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
250 MB Photoshop file you have been working on. Similarly,              Cost per MB: The total cost of ownership aspect must be kept
the random read rate will dictate its potential performance             in mind while buying a portable solution. A device itself might
while reading randomly placed data, from a game CD or a frag -          seem affordable, but the added costs of the media may be
mented drive, for example. Lets first glance at the external            too high, making it a costly package on the whole. To evalu -
hard drive scores.                                                      ate this angle, we rated the devices on the cost that each MB
   The Freecom FHD-1 20 GB posted some of the best scores in            of storage space the user will have to pay for: the lower the
this test—it showed the highest random write score of 7 MBps            cost per MB for a drive, the more attractive is the drive as
and was also able to achieve the highest drive index of 11866.          a purchase.
The drive with the best access time was the Iomega 20 GB with              CD-Writers
an average access time of 10 seconds. In the same test, the             offered the best
Freecom 60 GB drive scored 7 MBps of random write and its drive         price per MB in
index was also low at 11287.                                            comparison       with
   Moving on to the Zip drives, they scored very low compared           the rest of the
to the hard drives. The ZIP 250 managed to complete the tests           devices; but it’s
with the lowest posting of a 624 drive index. Next come the             important to note
CD-Writers. Here the drive with the lowest access time was the          that portable Writ-
Yamaha CRW3200UX-VK at 108 ms. This drive also posted the               ers themselves cost
highest random read score of 0.79 MBps. The drive with the              quite a lot. This
best sequential write and drive index score was the ASUS CRW-           brings us to the hard
4012A-U. It was able to score a sequential read speed of 3.8            drives. Here the
MBps and also an impressive drive index of 2625. So if you              Freecom 60 GB
need a speedy external writer, your search ends here.                   external hard drive
                                                                        gave us the great value of just 33 paise per MB. Both the Zip
Real world tests: This is where we get a picture of how effec-          drives are not a good choice as far as value per MB is concerned.
tively a drive translates its potential greatness into real perform-    The Iomega 250 MB will cost you a cool Rs 1.60 per MB and the
ance. Beginning with the portable hard drives, the Freecom FHD-         Iomega 750 MB will set you back by 80 paise per MB.
1 20 GB completed the assorted read test in just 125 seconds,
                                                whereas the other       Features
                                                Freecom drive and       There are some features that are mandatory for a portable device
                                                the Iomega HDD          and these should be considered before making a buying deci-
                                                20 GB took 23 sec-      sion. Since portable is its essence, the weight, build-quality and
                                                onds more. The          form factor are of primary importance. It is also important that
                                                Freecom 20 GB           it supports all major operating systems. To see exactly how
                                                gave      impressive    these features matter, we put the devices through our features
                                                results     in    the   analysis.
                                                sequential read test        The Freecom FHD-1 20 GB hard drive looked quite swanky
                                                too, beating the        with its eye appeasing indicator lights and two LED indicators
                                                other hard drives       on the power adapter to show data transfer. Apart from this, the
                                                by a good margin of     drive also featured a cool blue LED on the front panel, which
                                                38 seconds. The         indicated the readiness of this device. While aesthetically
                                                Iomega drive beat       appealing, the device is too heavy—a big no-no for any portable
                                                some stiff competi-     device. Another blow to the carry-anywhere nature of this
                                                tion in the assorted    device is its vulnerable outer shell made of plastic. The base of
                                                write test by posting                                the device is also designed such that it
                                                a score of 197 sec-                                        cannot be placed firmly on a
                                                onds. All the drives                                               desk. Packing 40 GB
                                                rivalled neck and                                                         more,    is    the
                                                neck in the sequen-                                                       Freecom FHD-1 60
tial write test, but the Freecom FHD-160 GB won by scoring just                                                            GB drive that has
61 seconds.                                                                                                                the exact same
    Out of the two Zip drives that we received, the Zip 250                                                                design. This sib-
took 229 seconds in the assorted read tests while the Zip 750                                                          ling integrates a
MB took 480 seconds to get the same job done. The reason for                                                    PCMCIA converter on to the
this is that we used a larger file for testing the 750 MB                                                   USB data cable, saving you the
Zip drive.                                                                The ASUS CRW-4012A-U CD-          trouble of carrying a PCMCIA
    Moving on to the CD-Writers, the one drive that ripped                Writer has rubberised foot pegs   adapter to connect the USB
through the test was the ASUS CRW-4012A-U. This Writer took                                                 cable. It also has a one-touch
just 239 seconds to write a 700 MB assorted CD. Following close-        sync button, which when pressed, automatically updates and
ly was the Plextor PX-W2410A, which did the job in 256 sec-             synchronises data content across a portable or a personal com-
onds. The drive that took the maximum was the Plextor                   puter system.
PXS88TU, an 8x drive that took 694 seconds.                                 If you want something that’s comparatively smaller in

          73                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   storage solutions

size, try the Iomega 20 GB hard drive, which comes in a
manageable size and was the lightest of the bunch. This drive                 Maintenance Tips
has just one LED that doubles up as the power indicator and
the data transfer indicator, and it doesn’t score badly in the                  I Always handle the device with outmost care when
looks department either. However, the Iomega requires a                         on the move; even the slightest jerks could damage the
special converter for its power adapter to fit into Indian power                drive.
sockets.                                                                        I Carry the device in a cushioned pack or wrapped in a bub-
    Shifting our focus to the Zip drives, the ice blue Iomega Zip               ble wrap to absorb shock.
250 MB drive was the first to catch our attention. Rubber pads                  I Do not place the device on an uneven surface as this
on either sides of the drive give it a good grip on the desk and                could damage the internal mechanism while the drive is
a stand enables it to be placed vertically—an excellent space-                  powered on.
saving feature. A feature that further enhances its portability                 I Always use branded media as it ensures better data integrity.
is the fact that it draws power from the USB port and thus does                 I While in use, keep the device away from high voltage
not require an external power supply. Although the Iomega                       devices such as monitors to protect it from Electro Magnetic
drive paints a pretty picture and features some nifty features,                 Interference (EMI).
its build quality could have been better. For instance, the
absence of a manual eject button means that if the Zip
medium gets stuck, you will be forced to open the drive up,                 body. But the characteristics that impart the drive sturdiness
causing the drive damage. Moving on to its elder brother, the               also take away from its appearance, lending it a none-too-
                            Iomega Zip 750, this drive looks just           pleasing boxy look. The power switch is non-intuitively
                               as good as its sibling and improves          placed on the back of the drive. The bundled accessories
                                   on the former’s weak build               include one CD-RW disk and burning software in the form of
                                     quality. But this drive too            Nero 5.5. It disappointed us, however, by leaving out the
                                         does not feature a manu -          power cable.
                                             al eject button and               The Yamaha CRW-70 wears a retro look in eye-pleasing
                                                 requires external          colours. An array of buttons on the drive’s front panel assures
                                                 power.                     ease of control and it provides inputs for the Line In and Line
                                                   Among       the          Out connectors. The CRW-70 also hosts an LCD screen on the
                                               portable CD-Writ-            front panel and the slide button provided underneath the drive
                                      ers,    the    Plextor  PX-           provides a hassle-free solution, in case your CD gets stuck inside
                                    W2410A is capable of burning            the drive. However, a flip-open design for loading CDs increas-
The Iomega Zip 750 drive does-      CDs at a maximum speed of               es the chances of dust finding its way into the drive and col-
n’t feature a manual eject button   24x and comes in a compact              lecting on its delicate lens.
and requires external power         design and a durable metallic              The ASUS CRW-4012A-U is an impressive 40x Writer with

                                                              Decision Maker
                 A portable CD-Writer                        A portable hard drive                         A Zip drive
What will I get  Lowest cost per MB, easy of use, medi-      Low cost per MB, high performance, cum-       Low performance, low availability of
out of the       um price, medium performance, high          bersome to use, high purchase cost            media, medium cost per MB, not very
portable device? compatibility, high availability of media                                                 easy to use
I work with      CD-RW s are not known for their             Hard drives are known for their high per-     Go in for these drives only if a Zip disk
image editing    speed and therefore not suited to           formance. Opt for this solution if you need   is the preferred medium of data
and page layout large-volume print applications. Opt         high performance with no issues towards       exchange amongst your clients
software         for this only if price is a barrier         price                                         Solution: Iomega Zip 750 MB
                 Solution: Plextor PX-W2410A                 Solution: Freecom FHD-1 20 GB                 (Rs 10,700)
                 (Rs 12,950)                                 (Rs 15,500)
I edit audio and If your work involves relatively smaller    The best solution for large AV productions,   Not recommended due to low per-
video files      file sizes, CD-Writers are recommend-       hard disks offer great performance but at a   formance, relatively lower capacity of
                 ed as they are low priced                   high price                                    media and rare availability of media
                 Solution: ASUS CRW-4012A-U                  Solution: Freecom FHD-1 60 GB                 Solution: None recommended
                 (Rs 12,500)                                 (Rs 20,500)
I am a home or Highly recommended due to low cost            Recommended only if price is not an issue     Not recommended due to low avail-
a small office   and wide availability of media              and your work involves very large amount      ability of media
user             Solution: ASUS CRW-4012A-U                  of data                                       Solution: None recommended
                 (Rs 12,500)                                 Solution: Freecom FHD-1 60 GB
                                                             (Rs 20,500)
I have very basic Highly recommended due to media’s          Not recommended due to high cost and          Not recommended due to low avail-
backup needs      inherently higher shelf life, and low      relative frailty of medium                    ability of media and a relatively high
                  cost of media and easy availability        Solution: None recommended                    cost
                  Solution: ASUS CRW-4012A-U                                                               Solution: None recommended
                  (Rs 12,500)

         74                                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2002
rubberised foot pegs that go hand in hand with a great design.
Three LEDs on the front panel indicate the power, read and              Buying Tips
write status of the device. This was the only external CD-Writer
that can be vertically mounted and lets you burn your CDs in            I Choose a compact device that will fit into your lug-
this position. Again, the only thing that seemed wrong                  gage unobtrusively
was the power switch located inconveniently at the rear of              I The device should be light enough for you to carry along for
the drive.                                                              long distances
     One of the lightest and most compact Writers that we               I Buying a device that offers a lower cost per MB is advisable
received was the Sony CRXP-90MU. A 24x Writer, the drive is             I Choose a device for which the media is easily available
also capable of reading memory sticks and provides a button             I Always investigate the details of the warranty and take them
underneath its body for rescuing jammed CDs. The Freecom                down in writing
Traveler II, a 16x device, was also small in size and appropri-
ately lightweight. This drive comes with a handy rechargeable
backup battery, but its average build quality is prone to dam-       What it all leads to
age on the move. The laptop-type drive loading mechanism             The tests showed that external hard drives provide the best
might not be appreciated by all users, since one has to manu -       portable solution in terms of performance and storage space. This
ally pull the tray out, even after pressing the eject button. The    makes it an ideal choice for those who work with image and
huge, impractical size of the Yamaha CRW3200UX-VK made us            video editing applications that require huge amounts of space.
doubt its capability as a portable device. Although the drive        But the Zip drive, on the other hand, stores your data securely
features a good build quality, its average looks mar its overall     for a longer period of time. And if you need to swap data fre -
aesthetic value, while a short USB cable takes away from ease        quently between devices, the best choice would be a CD-Writer.
of use.                                                              Even though the initial price of the device may be high, the
                                                                     media is cheap and easily available.
Warranty and support
Here we logged the period of warranty for each of the devices and    The winners!
even noted down the type of support provided for this drives by      The winner of the Best Performance Award in our test is the
different brands. All the brands in this shootout offer to replace   Freecom FHD-1 20 GB drive. This drive managed to outrun
the faulty drive within the warranty period.                         every other contender in the comparison in terms of pure

                            1/2 page H AD

         75                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
CATEGORY                                                                                                                                                         EXTERNAL STORAGE DE
                                          ASUS                 Freecom                   Freecom                Freecom                 Iomega HDD 20          Iomega Zip 250
                                          CRW-4012A-U          FHD-1 20 GB               FHD-1 60 GB            Traveller II            GB Portable Hard
Drive Specifications
 Speed                                    40\12\48X            5400 rpm                  5400 rpm               16\10\24X               4200 rpm               NA**
 Dimensions (LxWxH in cm)                 22x15.5x4.8          18.6x11.2x4.7             18.6x11.2x4.7          15x14x2.5               18.9x8.9x1.7           17x12.x15
 Weight (kg)                              2.02                 0.65                      0.65                   0.6                     0.4                    0.28
 Device Type                              External CD-Writer   Portable HDD              Portable HDD           External CD-Writer      Portable HDD           Zip drive

 Storage Capacity                         700 MB               20 GB                     60 GB                  700 MB                  20 GB                  250 MB
 Interface                                USB 2.0              USB 2.0                   USB 2.0                USB 2.0                 USB 2.0                USB 2.0
 OS Support                               Windows              Windows                   Windows                Windows                 Windows                Windows XP/2000/
                                          XP/2000/98 SE/Me     XP/2000/98 SE/Me          XP/2000/98 SE/Me       98 SE/2000/Me/XP        XP/2000/98 SE/Me       98 SE/Me/NT /Mac Os
                                                                                                                                                               8.5.1 and above
 Visual Indicators                        Power, Read and      On/Off, Data              On/Off, Data           Ready, Data transfer, Power-cum-Data           Eject button serves as
                                          Write                Transfer, Ready           Transfer, Ready        R ead and Write       transfer                 the led indicator
Build Quality
 Sturdiness of Movable Parts              4.5                  4                         4                      3.5                     4.5                    3.5
 (scale of 5)
 Design Aesthetics (scale of 5)           4.5                  4.5                       4.5                    4                       4                      4.5
Package contents
 Bundled Software                         Nero Burning ROM      Sync 1.0                 Sync 1.0               Liquid Audio, Easy      IomegaWare             IomegaWare
                                                                                               CD Creator 5.1.1,
                                                                                                                Direct CD

 Accessories                              Power Adapter,       Cables, Power Cord        Cables, Power Cord     Battery backup pack, Cables, Power Cord        USB Cable
                                          USB Cord 1 CD-R,     & Adapter                 & Adapter              power connectors,    & Adapter
                                          1 CD-RW                                                               1CD-R, PEN
Documentation (Y/N)
  Quick Start Guide                                                                                                                                       
Synthetic Test
(SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro)
  Sequential Read (MBps)                  3.8                  17                        17                     2                       17                     0.84
  Random Read (MBps)                      0.79                 4                         4                      0.67                    4                      0.64
  Sequential Write (MBps)                 NA ==                13                        11                     NA ==                   14                     0.7
  Random Write (MBps)                     NA ==                7                         3.5                    NA ==                   4                      0.72
  Drive Index                             2625                 11866                     11287                  1518                    11504                  624
  Average Access Time (ms)                110                  11                        11                     109                     10                     12
Real World File Transfer Test *
  Assorted Read (Sec)                     249                  125                       148                    389                     148                    229
  Sequential Read (Sec)                   312                  38                        47                     372                     44                     89
  Assorted Write (Sec)                    239                  213                       228                    399                     197                    291
  Sequential Write (Sec)                  298                  62                        61                     406                     63                     289
Cost per MB (Rs)                          0.03                 0.76                      0.33                   0.03                    0.60                   1.60
Warranty & Support
Type of Warranty                          Replacement          Replacement               Replacement            Replacement             Replacement            Replacement
Period of Warranty (Years)                1                    1                         1                      1                       1                      1
Overall Score
Features (30%)                            16.1                 19.4                      20.4                   20                      21.4                   21.2
Performance (40%)                         12.36                36.16                     32.23                  8.01                    34.08                  14.51
Warranty & Support (10%)                  3                    3                         3                      3                       3                      3
Value for Money (20%)                     9.11                 14.34                     10.27                  2.95                    18.19                  16.05
Overall Product Rating                    40.57                72.90                     65.90                  33.96                   76.67                  54.75
Overall Grade
Vendor Name                               Neoteric Infomatique J.S. Equipments           J.S Equipments         J.S Equipments          Neoteric Infomatique Neoteric Infomatique

Phone                                     022-4172600          022-3810713               022-3810713            022-3810713             022-4172600            022-4172600
E-mail                                    sales@               jse@vsnl.com              jse@vsnl.com           jse@vsnl.com            sales@                 sales@
                                          neoteric-info.com                                                                             neoteric-info.com      neoteric-info.com
Price (Rs)                                12,500               15,500                    20,500                 38,000                  12,200                 8,900
Price of Media (Rs)                       20                   Not Applicable            Not Applicable         20                      Not Applicable         400

Disclaimer: Prices are indicative and are subject to change         * Lower the better           ** Information was not available during testing            = Test failed to run with
 Iomega Zip             Plextor                 Plextor PXS88TU       Sony CRXP-90MU          Yamaha
 750 MB                 PX-W2410A                                                             CRW3200UX-VK           performance. Its scores in the syn -
                                                                                                                     thetic as well as the real world tests
                                                                                                                     were pretty impressive. Although its
                                                                                                                     cost per MB was higher than the other
 3676 rpm               24\10\40X               8\8\24X               24\10\24X (8X DVD)      24\10\40X
                                                                                                                     hard drives in the comparison, its per -
 17x10.5x1.5            24.5x15.5x5             17x13x1.7             24x16x5                 14x7.9x3.2
                                                                                                                     formance value cuts through the other
 0.28                   2.32                    0.66                  0.52                    0.43
 Zip drive              External CD-Writer      External CD-Writer    External CD-Writer      External CD-Writer     drawbacks. If you require a sleek drive
                                                                      and DVD-ROM
 750 MB                 700 MB                  700 MB                700 MB                  700 MB
 USB 2.0                USB 2.0                 USB 2.0               USB 2.0                 USB 2.0
 Windows XP/2000/       Windows XP/2000/        Windows XP/2000/      Windows XP/2000/        Windows XP/2000/
 98 SE/Me/NT/Mac Os 98 SE/Me                    98 SE/Me              98 SE/Me                98 SE/Me
 8.5.1 and above
 Eject button serves as Read-cum-Write          Read-cum-Write        Power-cum-Data          Read-cum-Write
 the led indicator                                                    transfer

 4                      4.5                     4                     3.5                     3.5

                                                                                                                     Iomega 20 GB portable hard disk offers
 4.5                    4                       4                     4.5                     3.5
                                                                                                                     USB 2.0 connectivity and comes with a
 IomegaWare             Nero Burning ROM        Plextor manager,      Nero Burning ROM, Nero Burning ROM,            power adapter to fit into Indian power
                        5.5                     Nero Burning ROM      Bi Recorder B's Clip   Neromix                 sockets
                                                                      Retrospect, Retrospect
                                                                      Express, Musicmatch,
                                                                      Photobase and Power                            that is USB 2.0 ready and does not cost
                                                                      DVD                                            a bundle, go for the Freecom FHD-1 20
 USB Cable and power USB 2.0 Cable Power        Power Adapter USB     Power Adapter USB       1 CD-RW & 1CD-R,       GB drive.
 adapter             Adapter & 1 CD-RW          cable                 cable                   Power Aadapter            The Best Value Award is taken by
                                                                                                                     the Iomega HDD 20 GB Portable
                                                                                                                     Hard Drive. It weighs only 400 gm
                                                                                                                     and is ideal for those who travel with

 Failed   =             3.5                     2.5                   2                       3.5
 Failed   =             0.7                     0.52                  0.47                    0.79
 Failed   =             NA ==                   NA ==                 NA ==                   NA ==
 Failed   =             NA ==                   NA ==                 NA ==                   NA ==
 Failed =               2473                    1512                  1413                    2429
 Failed =               119                     137                   149                     108

 480                    267                     712                   351                     363
                                                                                                                     The Freecom FHD-1 20 GB drive is sleek yet
 72                     326                     864                   452                     398
 421                    256                     694                   338                     341
                                                                                                                     heavy on performance
 284                    319                     910                   431                     402
 0.80                   0.03                    0.03                  0.03                    0.03                   their storage device in tow. With
                                                                                                                     4,200-rpm speed and USB 2.0 connec -
 Replacement            Replacement             Replacement           Replacement             Replacement
                                                                                                                     tivity, this is the ideal drive to lug
 1                      1                       1                     1                       1
                                                                                                                     around. The package contents include
 21.4                   18.9                    17.7                  20.7                    20.3                   the IomegaWare CD, the data cables
 8.69                   11.53                   4.73                  8.53                    9.10                   and a power adapter to fit into the
 3                      3                       3                     3                       3                      Indian power sockets—this is an
 11.25                  9.40                    7.51                  3.90                    7.35                   important inclusion as otherwise this
 44.34                  42.83                   32.94                 36.13                   39.75                  would be a source of inconvenience.
                                                                                                                     Costing about 60 paise for each MB,
 Neoteric Infomatique Zeta Technologies         Zeta Technologies     Rashi Peripherals Pvt   Neoteric Infomatique
                                                                                                                     the drive offers great satisfaction as far
                                                                                                                     as value for your money is concerned.
 022-4172600            4102288                 4102288               022-8260258/59          022-4172600
 sales@                 tejas@zetaindia.com     tejas@zetaindia.com   ho@rptechindia.com      sales@                 The manufacturers provide a one-year
 neoteric-info.com                                                                            neoteric-info.com      replacement warranty and its attrac-
 10,700                 12,950                  11,950                30,000                  16,000                 tive price makes it the best value
 600                    20                      20                    20                      20                     winner.
                                                                                                                                 YATISH SUVARNA and AHMED SHAIKH
 this device         == Not applicable for CD-Writers

                                                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   3ds max 5

                                                                                               PHOTOGRAPH:   Mexy Xavier,   IMAGING :   Mahesh Benkar

                                  Is the latest version of 3ds max 5 worth migrating to?

     n the nascent Indian graphics indus-           The menu has also been revamped.            Snap option easier to access from the
     try, 3ds max is used as a stepping stone   For instance, the Animation menu has            menu bar.
     by all those who aspire to make a          all the controllers, hence, applying con-           In version 5, the most frequently used
     mark in this field. It has become a de     trols to the objects is faster and simpler      functions directly reside on the interface,
facto tool, used to introduce beginners to      than in the previous version (version           making them easier to access. An example
the vast world of 3D modelling and ani -        4.26), where you had to go to the               would be the Curve Editor that resides on
mation. Yet, its great flexibility allows       Motion Panel to assign a control to             the Timeline. The Interactive Update
experts to perform incredibly detailed and      the object.                                     option available in this version allows
complex tasks. It can be easily stated that                                                     you to preview the changes made to the
no self-respecting graphics training insti -                                                    objects directly; you can also directly
tute would dare leave 3ds max out of its                                                        assign controls to the object. An all-new
course, nor would a designer neglect to                                                         Dope Sheet lets you change the timings of
master it.                                                                                      an animation without worrying about the
    Most users would be familiar with 3ds                                                       animation curve (the path of an anima -
max Release 4, where it attained the peak of                                                    tion). You can also copy frames from one
its popularity. The question any user who                                                       object and paste them on another
is conversant with earlier editions would                                                       through the time select mode, a feature
ask is: “How far has it come from the pre-                                                      that will be appreciated by animators.
vious version?” We decided to take a look                                                           The Transform gizmos for Position,
at the enhancements of this newly released      3ds max 5 has a new intuitive interface         Rotation and Scale have been redesigned,
product and also explore its worthiness.                                                        thus providing more flexibility and feed -
                                                   The menu bar also includes some addi-        back: a red, green, blue colour scheme
User interface                                  tions. You can now access Advanced              helps you associate the gizmo’s compo -
In version 5 one can instantly notice the       Lightning and Render to Texture from the        nents along the XYZ axes; the size of the
effort taken by the developers to ensure        menu bar itself, which makes the render         gizmo changes as it gets closer or farther
ease of workflow. The change in the inter-      process faster (the details of this are dis-    away from the point of view of the cam -
face becomes apparent the moment you            cussed under ‘Lightning and rendering           era; the Scale gizmo now includes plane
start the program—hotkeys on the key -          enhancement’).                                  handles and scaling feedback through
board allow you to use the program much            The Isolate function of the previous         stretching of the gizmo itself.
easier and faster as objects can be manip-      versions has now been renamed Isolate               The new Lasso Selection tool allows
ulated without going through the menu.          Selection and is located in the Tools           you to select multiple objects at one go,
A new splash screen shows you a ran-            menu. The Snap option is now a part of          while the Material Editor has two new
domly chosen tip about default keyboard         the toolbar and no longer resides on the        options, viz. Ink and Paint for cartoon
shortcuts.                                      Animation bar. This change makes the            shading and Translucent Shader which can                §

          78                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   3ds max 5

generate a translucent effect on objects       within 3ds max, allowing for a more
such as leaves. The newly introduced View-     interactive approach, without worrying
port Manager allows you to use hardware        about junk or unwanted key frames that
shaders in DirectX mode, which will be         generate unexpected results. There is also
helpful in creating content for games.         the Auto Key button, which can be used
                                               for generating keys automatically. It is
Animation                                      equivalent to the Animate button in pre-
Animation has always been a tough job in       vious versions of 3ds max.
3ds max and animators invest huge                 Morphing is commonly used for lip syn-
amounts of their time in creating and ren-     chronisation and facial expressions on a 3D
dering animations. Version 5 introduces        character, but can also be used to change
some new and enhanced animation fea-           the shape of any 3D model. The new Mor-            Spline IK Solver gives you greater control over
tures. Lets begin with Bone Tools, which       pher Modifier supports Progressive Morph-          animating bones
is a collection of time-saving tools for       ing, which lets you specify intermediate
building and modifying skeletal struc-         shapes, giving you more control over how           cles and ropes. This solver uses vertices of
tures (bones) at any stage. In previous ver-   the morph interpolation will take place.           spline to animate, rather than individual
sions, working with bones was a tedious                                                           bones. It uses a spline to determine the
and complicated process. These tools                                                              curvature of a series of bones or other
have been made more accessible by plac -                                                          linked objects. Since a spline is a curve,
ing them under the Character menu.                                                                you can apply modifiers to it which allow
    An all-new function named Skin Pose                                                           you greater control over the bones as the
allows you to pose a particular object in a                                                       vertices can be moved anywhere in 3D
specific position and rotation (a trans -                                                         space and the linked structure can be
form position) and then store that posed                                                          shaped in any way.
state for later use as with the Skin modi-                                                            Just like in the previous version, you can
fier. Skin poses can be used for any object                                                       save and merge animation but while the
to store its current transforms for later                                                         older version only let you merge anima -
use. For example, you can define a mesh        Progressive morphing ensures smoother              tions for one particular object, you can now
as a character’s skin pose and selectively     morphing of objects                                merge an animation that is applied to one
return to that pose at any time during the                                                        object with another. Hence, there is no
animation process.                                Splines are object types such as lines,         need to repeat similar animation steps for
    In the previous version, one had to use    rectangles, circles, ellipses, arcs, stars, text   another object. Moreover, the animation
the Unhide option to detect Low Resolu -       and helixes. The new Spline IK Solver is           file that is being merged is still editable.
tion Objects—a tedious process that can        an Inverse Kinematic (IK) solver that uses             What also makes things easier for the
now be easily accomplished through the         a spline as the basis for the shape of an IK       animator is the Flex modifier. It can be
panel and you need not hide/unhide             chain—it provides a more flexible ani-             used to simulate soft dynamics for an
objects to do so.                              mation system than other IK solvers.               object: a ball falling from a height can
    Set Key Animation is a new animation          Spline IK is suitable for animating             thus show a characteristic wobble, mak-
mode, which supports pose-to-pose              linked objects such as tails, snakes, tenta-       ing the animation more realistic.
animation, especially for characters.
Unlike in the previous version (4.26),
artists can now set keys on only the nec -      Third-party Extensions to Boost your Productivity
essary components of any character or            Third-party extensions or plugins are a major    versatile vector tools available for designers
animated object. Hence, animators can            source for adding extra modifications to the     to create or repurpose 3D content for use
now use multiple animation methods               animation.                                       with Macromedia’s Flash. Thus, you can cre-
                                                     Face Station (www.eyematic.com) is a pow-    ate amazingly small files while ensuring all
                                                 erful application, which allows you to cap-      the colours, lightning schemes and camera
                                                 ture facial animation by capturing facial        views are kept intact for animations.
                                                 motion in real time in 3ds max itself. This           If you want more audio tools inside 3ds
                                                 program is powered by Eyematic’s patented        max, you should consider using FlexSound
                                                 facial recognition technology, which quickly     (www.id8media.com). It allows you to add and
                                                 identifies facial features on a video stream     layer unlimited number of WAV files to create
                                                 and tracks them continuously. Thus the facial    entirely new composite sounds, which can
                                                 expressions and lip movements will be pre-       consist of background noise, music, dialogue
                                                 cisely reflected on your animated models.        or even special effects within 3ds max itself.
                                                     Swift 3D max (www.swift3d.com) enables       Once you have loaded the sound files, you
                                                 you to quickly render models and animations      can add and edit Flex Keys on the individual
                                                 to a variety of vector file formats including    files from the Track View to compress or
                                                 Macromedia Flash (SWF), EPS, SVG and             expand sections of the sound file for timing
The Skin Pose function makes character           Adobe Illustrator. This is one of the most       the existing animation.
animation much simpler                                                                                                                              §

          80                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                    I   3ds max 5

                                                 ‘mapped’ onto the object and whether it
                                                 is projected as a ‘decal’, or is tiled or mir-
                                                 rored. Mapping coordinates are also
                                                 known as UV or UVW coordinates. These
                                                 letters refer to coordinates in the object’s
                                                 own space, as opposed to the XYZ coor-
                                                 dinates that describe the scene as a whole.
                                                 A re-designed UV unwrap interface puts
                                                 common tools and tasks at the artist’s fin-
                                                 gertips. Three Unwrapping types (Flatten,
Reactor allows you to add dynamic properties     Normal and Unfold) and a slew of selec-
to the object                                    tion and navigation tools are now avail-           Polygonal tools allow extruding polygons
                                                 able to make texturing more predictable            along a path
   Reactor, which was sold as a separate         and easier to manage. A major benefit of
program, is now a part of 3ds max 5. A           this feature is that automatic texture lay-        Lighting and rendering
dynamic system now lets you assign               outs can be created to save time painting          The most painful process an animator
physical properties to an object. With so        textures.                                          faces is the rendering time. The process
many enhancements, generating anima-                                                                takes so long that most animators prefer
tions in this version is less tedious.           Modelling                                          to start the rendering process when they
                                                 Version 5 of 3ds max provides extended             leave office, allowing it to render
Scene management                                 polygonal modelling tools, with greater            overnight. In version 5, we see a new fea-
The inclusion of Layers in this version is       degrees of interactivity and better ways of        ture called Render to Texture, also known
an excellent feature that makes it easier to     selecting and managing polygons and                as ‘texture baking’. This is the process of
manage the information in your scenes.           selection sets. Building, connecting and           creating maps of an object’s lighting or
Layers are like transparencies on which          extending polygon meshes and their sub-            other elements as they appear in the scene,
you organise and group different kinds of        object components is a lot easier with             and then applying them back to the
                                                 these enhancements. The Quick Slice tool           object. This option can save considerable
                                                 allows you to slice objects which previ-           rendering time as the lighting of the stat-
                                                 ously had to be done manually and the              ic objects’ ‘baked’ textures need not be
                                                 introduction of the Inset function (which          recalculated. More importantly, rendered
                                                 was earlier available as a third-party             textures can be exported to other environ-
                                                 script) allows you to add another polygon          ments such as game engines. Render to
                                                 over the object for better results when the        Texture allows artists to build more surface
                                                 Mesh Smoother modifier is applied.                 details on their meshes and use low-poly
                                                      A new Modifier called Symmetry now            objects to represent high-detail scenes,
                                                 allows you to automatically merge a mir-           which is great for games, set designs, and
                                                 rored object to the original object. The           film pre-visualisation.
Inclusion of Layers has simplified work flow     Extrude Along Spline feature permits an                Light also plays an important role
                                                 extrusion of a selection along the vertices        in your scenes. 3ds max 5 has Photo -
scene information. The objects you create        of a spline, due to which an extrude is no         metric lights which are similar to stan-
can have common properties including             longer always perpendicular to the face of         dard 3ds max lights, but they use ‘energy
colour, visibility, renderability and display.   a path, as was the case previously.                based computation’, instead of the old
An object can inherit these properties
from the layer on which you create it.                                              Decision Maker
     You can place multiple objects and           I use         Bryce 3D                     Maya                     3ds max 4
scene elements on layers with an easy-to-         My work       Creating     Final inte-   Hardcore animation         Hardcore animation
use manager that enables quick reveal-            involves      basic object gration of    which involves creation    which involves creation
ing/hiding/freezing of scene data. This lets                    modelling    animated      of complex objects with    of complex objects with
artists keep track of scene data while                                       sequences     the help of a lot of       the help of a lot of modi-
building 3D elements with Compositing                                                      modifiers and then ani-    fiers and then animating
Layers in mind. This feature also intelli -                                                mating them                them
                                                  Should I      Don’t          Don’t       Upgrade. The               Upgrade. It has several
gently groups scene data, provides com -
                                                  upgrade       upgrade.       upgrade.    rearranged menus, the      enhanced features.
monly used Layering commands and
                                                  to 3ds        You don’t      Maya is far new light features, and    Besides, you can
offers the flexibility to render only select      max 5?        need the       superior to inclusion of Reactor and   upgrade to version 5 at a
objects from a scene, thus reducing the                         sophisticat-   3ds max in Skin Pose feature           mere 22 per cent
rendering time and the animation file size.                     ed features    terms of    tremendously increases     (approx Rs 32,000 for
                                                                offered by     workflow    productivity               single user license; Rs 57,
Texturing                                                       3ds max 5      and ease of                            000 for Floating License)
Any object that is assigned a 2D material                                      use                                    of its original price if you
must have the requisite mapping coordi-                                                                               are a 3ds max 4 user.
nates that specify how the material is                                                                                                               §

           82                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2002
‘intensi ty based calculation’ to accurate-   ‘bleeding’, where the colour of one object     3ds max 5                    A-
ly generate the intensity, colour, and dis-   can reflect onto another. Hence, now we        Performance
tribution of lights, making lighting more     have two new advanced lighting options:        Ease of use
realistic. Because photometric lights use     Light Tracer and Radiosity. When you           Value for money
real-world intensity values, they rely on     apply the Light Tracer option, it gives you    Features
accurate scaling in a scene. You can also     a natural look to the applied object. On       OVERALL
download actual photometric data from         the other hand, Radiosity, which was sold
lighting manufacturers and easily create      as a separate product, is based on the        Price: Rs 1,41000 (single user license)
real-world lighting in your work.             Lightscape engine and gives you accurate      Rs 1,66,000 (floating license)
                                                                                            Contact: Discreet
    The advanced lighting support now         reflections of the light. The only draw-
                                                                                            Phone: 022-6952000
provided with 3ds max 5 improves the          back is you cannot preview the object         Fax: 022-6952211
realism of rendered scenes. There are two     while applying the Light Tracer function      E-mail: raman.madan@autodesk.com
advanced lighting options. Both of them       and the rendering time is much higher.
generate global illumination—illumina -           New material features include an Ink      Intel or AMD processor at 300 MHz, 256
tion that comes from light that bounces       ‘n Paint material for cartoon shading.        MB RAM and 300 MB swap space, graphics
off scene objects. Characteristically,        This allows objects to be rendered with a     card supporting 1024x768x16-bit colour,
global illumination can create colour         cartoon look, called Toon Shading. The        Windows-compliant pointing device (specif-
                                                                                            ic optimisation for Microsoft Intellimouse),
                                              Toon Shader is a perfect starting point for   DVD or CD-ROM drive
                                              rendering cartoon-shaded or surrealistic
                                              imagery, with specific controls for ink       professional animators. We see no rea-
                                              width and consistency, and paint style.       son why you should not upgrade to this
                                              Thus, with the inclusion of the new light-    newer version. However, there is one
                                              ning and rendering functions, it is now       point of concern: in 3ds max 3 you
                                              possible to give your objects the realistic   could open multiple windows in an NT-
                                              look which was difficult to achieve in the    based operating system, but from ver-
                                              previous versions.                            sion 4 this was suddenly discontinued.
                                                                                            Besides, backward compatibility is only
                                              The verdict                                   extended to the previous released
                                              It is evident that a lot of pain has been     version and not all the prevailing
Toon Shader will be much appreciated by       taken by the developers to ensure             versions.
those who do cartoon animation                tremendous increase in productivity for                                          MITUL MEHTA

         1/2 page AD

          83                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                  I   reviews

         We test the latest and the best hardware and software products available in the market

 AMD Athlon XP 2600+                                              is comparatively inexpen-
                                                                                                    Thoroughbred core, 2133 MHz
                                                                  sive. But sadly, it still runs
 Pedigree processor                                                                                 core frequency, 266 MHz
                                                                  hot (71 degree centigrade         (133 MHz DDR) default FSB,

 B   uilt using a tweaked        the P4. In practical terms,      CPU core temperature) and         0.13 micron processing tech-
                                                                                                    nology, 128 KB L1 and 256 KB
     Thoroughbred core, this     most Office applications         the high rpm fans used
                                                                                                    L2 cache, Socket A interface
 2.13 GHz processor promis -     wouldn’t make even a             to cool it are a very noisy
 es performance equivalent       1 GHz CPU sweat.                 solution.                         AMD Athlon XP 2600+ B+
 to a 2.6 GHz Pentium 4!              Heavy-duty, CPU-inten-                                        Performance
                                       sive video editing and                                       Build quality
                                                                  Price: Rs 17,820                  Value for money
                                       3D rendering is what       Contact: AMD Far East Ltd         Features
                                       poses some challenge       Phone: 011-6281364
                                        to these multi-GHz        E-mail: rahul.singh@amd.com
                                       CPUs. We used the
                                       SPECviewPerf 7.0 test
                                       suite for the rendering   MSI KT4 Ultra
                                       tests and the XP 2600+
                                                                 The ultra performer
                                       returned scores to be

      The processor was put
 to test using MadOnion’s
                                     proud of, beating almost
                                 the entire range of P4
                                                                 T    his motherboard is
                                                                      built around the
                                                                 VIA KT400 chipset and
 Bapco Sysmark 2002 and               However, on the gam-       is a top contender for the
 Business Winstone 2001 to       ing front, XP 2600+ logged      newly launched Athlon XP
 log its data crunching and      lower frame rates than the      processor. It supports FireWire
 office application potential.   P4 processors—in Quake III      (IEEE 1394), Bluetooth, USB
 It scored a low index of 169    the P4 2.8 GHz in normal        2.0, AGP 8x, Gigabit Ethernet       at   maximum       resolution
 in the MadOnion’s Bapco         mode scored an amazing          and Serial ATA (SATA) RAID.         (1024x768x32), it scores
 Sysmark 2002 test that eval-    434.2 fps, while the XP              We tested the board with       294.3 fps. To check the moth-
 uates its performance in        2600+ managed only about        the Athlon XP 2600+ and 256         erboard’s thermal protection,
 day-to-day tasks. A fair com-   353.2 fps. The difference       MB DDR 333 specified RAM.           we turned off the CPU fan
 parison would be with the       narrowed down when the          It performed well in all our        and the board almost instan-
 P4 2.53 GHz which scores in     game was played at the          tests, showing no signs of          taneously brought the system
 excess of 180. Interestingly,   maximum            resolution   sluggishness or instability.        to a halt.
 the XP 2600+ zoomed past        (1024x768x32)—the          XP        The Athlon XP, when                This motherboard offers
 the P4 2.53 GHz in the Busi-    2600+ scored 294.3 fps          paired with this motherboard,       unmatched quality and per-
 ness Winstone 2001 test,        against the 300 fps logged      zooms past the P4 2.8 GHz in        formance and is recommend -
 where it logged an impres -     by the P4 2.8 GHz.              the intensive SPECviewPerf          ed to all AMD fans and
 sive 76.8, a hairbreadth             3DMark2001SE is prob-      7.0 tests. The Business Win-        performance enthusiasts!
 short of the 76.9 logged by     ably the only benchmark         stone 2001 score of 76.8 is top
 the P4 2.8 GHz.                 where the XP 2600+ comes        notch and an index of 169 in        SPECIFICATIONS
      These seemingly con -      close to the P4 in gaming       MadOnion’s Bapco Sysmark            VIA KT400 chipset, supports
                                                                                                     FireWire, Bluetooth, USB 2.0,
 tradictory scores can be        performance—it scored a         2002 is as fast as the processor    AGP 8x, Gigabit Ethernet and
 explained by the fact that      pretty neat 12,095 com-         can crunch.                         Serial ATA (SATA) RAID
 Business Winstone 2001          pared to the 12,595 logged           The gaming scores were
 uses older versions of          by the P4 2.8 GHz.              impressive too. In Quake III         MSI KT4 Ultra              A-
 Office applications, while           Overall, the XP 2600+                                           Performance
 the newer versions used by      is fast and performs almost     Price: Rs 7,850                      Build quality
                                                                 Contact: Priya Ltd                   Value for money
 the Sysmark 2002 suite are      on par with its specified PR
                                                                 Phone: 022-2663611                   Features
 slightly optimised for          rating. More importantly, it    Fax: 022-2664154
                                                                 E-mail: salesbom@priyagroup.com

         84                                                                                                      NOVEMBER 2002
SuSE 8.0 Professional
An OS to suite your wallet

I f stability is what you crave,
  then you should consider
SuSE 8.0 Professional. This
                                        advanced users may find this
                                        inconvenient if they have set
                                        aside a partition specifically
                                                                               SuSE 8.0 Professional has
                                                                           decent multimedia capabili-
                                                                           ties. XMMS (X MultiMedia
                                                                                                                 and KGhostView for viewing
                                                                                                                 PDF files. StarImpress is the
                                                                                                                 presentation        application
version offers enhanced fea-            for Linux.                         System), a substitute for             within StarOffice 5.2, where-
tures and performance. The                   Upon starting, SuSE 8.0       Winamp, looks similar to              as StarImage will be useful
improvements include KDE                wasn’t able to detect the          Winamp and is easy to oper-           for those who need an
3.0, XWindow and GNOME                  GeForce4 MX 440 graphics           ate. The ALSA Mixer is a              image-editing tool. KMail is
1.4.1 RC1, latest kernel 2.4.18         card. The RPM for the card is      sound mixer that you can use          the mail application in KDE
                                        available on the nVidia Web        to create your own sound              3.0. It’s easy to set up and
                                         site for this version of SuSE.    effects and music. The aRTs is        apart from the regular fea -
                                         The network card (Intel           the KDE sound server which            ture of sending and receiving
                                         Pro10/100) was detected           lets you listen to MP3 tracks         mail, it also allows you to
                                        without any problem and            while playing games. Broad-           define filters to sort your
                                        the machine was on the net-        cast2000 is a utility that can        mail. PGP and GnuPG mail
                                        work the moment the set-           record and edit audio and             encryption is also incorpo-
                                        tings were entered.                video.                                rated in KMail to enhance
                                             For accessing Windows             StarOffice 5.2, which is          security.
                                        based machines on the net-         capable of opening MS Excel                All in all, SuSE 8.0 has a
                                        work, SuSE 8.0 provides the        and Word files, comes bun-            host of features. Its price
                                        Samba 2.2.23a file and print       dled with SuSE 8.0. The pack-         makes it a viable and robust
                                        server. However, the network       age is a bit heavy on the sys-        solution for enterprise-level
                                        access wasn’t as fast as on a      tem and those with an older           users and also for the home
                                        Windows machine and there          and slower processor will             user who would not want to
                            and         was a slight lag before the                                                            spend extra on
                 SuSE Firewall          folder was displayed. Version                                                          features, which
2. The new YaST2 includes all           8.0 supports all major proto-                                                          are not built into
the winning features of YaST1           cols such as TCP/IP, IPX,                                                              the Windows OS
and     incorporates        other       Samba, token ring ARCnet                                                               such as an Office
improvements such as clearer            and ham radio. It also has                                                             suite, a Web serv-
splash and boot screens with a          built-in support for DSL,                                                              er, multimedia
Web-style link menu for                 ISDN, PPP Dial-up and                                                                  players and a
installation options.                   DHCP. All this essentially                                                             sound mixer.
     We tested SuSE 8.0 on a            means that you won’t need                                                                  Besides these
P4 2.0 GHz based PC with                to download any RPM or                                                                 integrated     fea-
256 MB DDR RAM, a 40 GB                 updates to get the machine                                                             tures, the installa-
Seagate Barracuda drive and             on the network or browse the                                                           tion has become
                                                      Internet through      The Printing Manager makes it easy to print        very easy and the
                                                      a modem or the        documents under SuSE 8.0                           detail documen-
                                                      LAN. You can                                                             tation       makes
                                                      even run a Web       have to wait for a couple of          even the new user comfort-
                                                      server       using   seconds for the application           able with the knity gritty of
                                                      Apache,        the   to open. If you haven’t used          the Linux OS.
                                                      default Web serv-    StarOffice before, it will take
                                                      er built into SuSE   some time to understand the
                                                      8.0. You need        icons and their functions.            8 CDs (including online docu-
                                                      some amount of       Apart from this, the applica-         mentation and three manuals)
                                                      expertise to con-    tion works just fine, whether         and one DVD containing the
                                                      figure it, but if    you are creating formulas in          entire application.
                                                      you’ve been using    a spreadsheet or formatting           Minimum System Require-
                                                                                                                 ments: Pentium class proces-
 YaST2 Control Center offers a simple interface       Linux for a while,   text in the word processor.           sor, 650 MB hard disk space,
 to manage SuSE 8.0                                  this shouldn’t be          Also included is the             32 MB RAM
                                                     too difficult. The    Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0
an MSI MAX2 BLR mother-                 documentation          provided                                            SuSE 8.0 Professional       B+
board. The installation was             with the OS has scanty infor-      Price: Rs 3,500                         Performance
smooth with no prompting                mation on setting up               Contact: Seascope Infotech Pvt Ltd      Ease of use
                                                                           Phone: 022-6338484                      Value for money
for the partition on which              Apache; more detailed infor-
                                                                           Fax: 022-6331074                        Features
the OS should be installed—             mation is available at             E-mail: sales@seascope.co.in
good for new users but                  /usr/local/httpd.                                                          OVERALL
                                                                           Web site: www.suse.com

          85                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                   I   reviews

Zenith Portable Desktop                                              IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connec-       It logged 7303 in 3DMark
                                                                     tor. The package includes          2001SE, which suggests a
Impressive switchover                                                Ulead Video Studio 5.0, a          good Direct 3D performance.

A    t the heart of the Zenith
     Portable Desktop throbs a
P4 1.6 GHz processor and 128
                                   indicating that the perform -
                                   ance will be smooth even
                                   when running relatively
                                                                     radio frequency remote con-
                                                                     trol, a USB receiver and an
                                                                     input adapter. This last item
                                                                                                            All in all, this card offers a
                                                                                                        good multimedia solution.
MB of PC266 DDR SDRAM              demanding         applications    can connect up to 10 devices       ATi Radeon 8500 (R200)
that can be upgraded up to 1         such as Photoshop or            to the card.                       chipset, 64 MB DDR RAM, built-
                                                                                                        in TV Tuner card, hardware
GB. Its 14-                          Dreamweaver.                        As for the card’s perform-
                                                                                                        DVD decoder, IEEE1394 con-
inch      LCD                            In SiSoft Sandra 2002       ance in the tests, it logged 382   nector, Ulead Video Studio 5.0,
monitor can                          Pro, it scored a high 1817      fps in the normal mode in          RF remote control, USB receiver,
be      viewed                        and 1824 MBps in the ALU       Quake III Arena. The score at      input adapter that can connect
clearly even at                       and the FPU, respectively.     high and maximum settings          up to 10 devices to the card
a 45-degree                           These scores show that CPU     was 204 and 126, respectively.       Hercules 3D Prophet        B
angle. Howev-                               intensive applications                                       Performance
er, the Glide-                                     will also run     Price: Rs 19,950                    Build quality
                                                                     Contact: Mediatech India            Value for money
pad buttons                                        smoothly. The
                                                                     Phone: 022-2396696                  Features
feel tacky and                                    laptop logged a    Fax: 022-6044727
the keypad buttons                        sequential read speed of                                       OVERALL
                                                                     E-mail: sales@mediatechindia.com
too don’t give the perfect         20 MBps and a sequential write
spring back feel.                  speed of 17 MBps in the SiSoft
    The laptop hosts a Mic-in,     Sandra HDD benchmark. The         Mercury Wireless Internet
Audio Out, FireWire (IEEE
1394), a LAN, a modem, S-
                                   average access time was 12 ms,
                                   which is quite comparable
                                                                     Multimedia Keyboard
Video, parallel port and four      with desktop PCs.                 Connect free!
USB ports. It also has a Kens -        Overall, this is a decent
ington lock. At the time of pur-
chase, you can choose from a
range of OS such as Windows
                                   mobile replacement for a
                                   desktop PC. The only draw-
                                   back is its weight—3 kg.
                                                                     T    his is a radio frequency
                                                                          driven keyboard and
                                                                     mouse combination, which
                                                                                                        three of the five mouse but-
                                                                                                        tons for any function using
                                                                                                        the drivers provided.
XP Home, XP Professional or                                          can be used within a 2 meter
Windows 2000 Professional.         SPECIFICATIONS                    range in any direction and up
    We ran the benchmarks          Pentium 4 1.6 GHz processor       to 2.5 meters straight.
                                   (Northwood, 512 KB L2 cache),
on Windows XP Professional         SiS 650 chipset, 128 MB DDR       It incorporates
after loading the necessary        SDRAM, 14-inch XGA TFT mon-       18 extra func -
drivers and found that the         itor with 1024x768 maximum        tion keys for
laptop provides decent gam-        resolution at 60 Hz, integrated   Multimedia, Inter-                                   You need to
                                   4x graphics, AVANCE onboard
ing and onboard sound. In                                            net and programma-                        initialise the keyboard
                                   soundcard, onboard 56 K
Content Creation Winstone          modem, onboard LAN                ble functions.                     and mouse by pressing a small
2001, which measures overall                                              The keyboard uses             black button placed at the
performance, it logged 34.5,         Zenith Portable Desktop   B     three AA batteries and has an      base of the mouse, but this is
                                    Performance                      indicator for the battery sta -    not mentioned in the manu -
Price: Rs 68,500                    Build quality                    tus. Ironically, there is no       al, nor is there any marking
Contact: Zenith Computers Ltd       Value for money                  indication for Num Lock,           on the device.
Phone: 022-8377300                  Features
E-mail: mumbai@zenith-india.com                                      Scroll Lock and Caps Lock,             If you’ve been looking for
                                    OVERALL                          though you can set the bun-        an RF input device, this one
Web site: www.zenith-india.com
                                                                     dled program to indicate their     comes fairly cheap, but if
                                                                     status in the System Tray. All     you’re a gamer, you will find
Hercules 3D Prophet All-In-                                          the features of the keyboard       the mouse a tad heavy.
Wonder 8500 DV                                                       are available only after you
Return of the prophet                                                install the drivers bundled
                                                                                                        Keyboard: 2.5 metres range,
                                                                     with it.                           three AA batteries, standard key-

T  he Hercules 3D Prophet
   8500 DV is a feature-
packed graphics card, at
                                                                          The mouse tends to feel a
                                                                     little heavy because of the two
                                                                     AAA batteries. It can be used
                                                                                                        board, 18 function keys
                                                                                                        Mouse: 1.5 metre range, two
                                                                                                        AAA batteries, five buttons
the heart of which is the                                  plete     at a range of up to 1 meter in     Mercury Wireless Internet B+
powerful ATi Radeon 8500                               multime -     any direction and 1.5 meters       Multimedia Keyboard
(R200) chipset. It has 64 MB of                    dia solution      straight. You can configure        Performance
onboard DDR RAM. But what’s                       by featuring a                                        Build quality
                                                                     Price: Rs 2,000                    Value for money
more interesting is that, apart    built-in TV Tuner card, video
                                                                     Contact: Kobian India Pvt Ltd      Features
from providing a powerful          capturing/output features, full   Phone: 080-5566626
GPU, it also provides a com-       hardware DVD decoder and an       E-mail: rohit@kobian.com                                                §

          86                                                                                                         NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                     I   reviews

Word Perfect Office 2002 Professional Edition
The other Office suite!

I f you are looking for an alter-
  native to Microsoft Office,
but one that offers a similar set
                                       in Word XP. However, when
                                       we tried to open the native
                                       file format of Word Perfect
                                                                             Flash, you can publish your
                                                                             files on the Web. The inclu -
                                                                             sion of Perfect Script and Per-
                                                                                                                     documents without using the
                                                                                                                     native program. Interestingly,
                                                                                                                     Desktop Application Director,
of features, Corel’s Word Per-         2002 suite in MS Office XP, it        fect Expert allows you to cre-          a tool for managing desktop
fect Office 2002 is worth a            failed to do so, making this a        ate macros, automate repeti-            icons of the suite, places the
                                       setback. Hence, if you create         tive tasks and access Help to           icons in the system tray in
                                       a file in this suite and send it      guide you through many                  the right hand bottom corner
                                       to a person using Office XP,          common tasks.                           instead of the conventional
                                                                                  Paradox 10 simplifies              left corner, making it a bit
                                                                             data management just like               confusing to use in the
                                                                             MS Access. It has plenty of             beginning.
                                                                             templates     that help you                  The Corel Application
                                                                             organise personal, business             Recovery Manager, is similar
                                                                             and corporate information. It           to office XP’s Apllication
                                                                             also allows you to publish              Recovery utility, which helps
                                                                             your reports interactively and          you recover your work in
                                                                             through ObjectPAL (a data -             case any of the applications
                                                                             base development language)              crash.
                                                                             as WordPerfect, Microsoft                    If you need your files to
look. This Office suite includes        the file will just not open,         Word, or HTML documents,                be secure, Word Perfect Office
Word Perfect 10, Quattro Pro            unless it is saved in a doc for-     and also in other popular               2002 provides enhanced secu-
(a spreadsheet package), Corel          mat. You can create PDF doc-         formats.                                rity—you can set a password
Presentation 10, Paradox 10 (a          uments from the program                                                                      for     allowing
database program), Corel Cen-           itself. Besides, this version has                                                            opening of doc-
tral Day Planner and Corel              greater compatibility with                                                                   uments in older
Central Mail for checking your          HTML, XML and SGML. The                                                                      versions       of
mail and planning your daily            ‘Format As You Go’ feature                                                                   Word Perfect.
tasks. The package also                 automatically formats text as                                                                    Overall,
includes Dragon Naturally               you type, thus saving you pre-                                                               this is an excel-
Speaking 5 with a special head-         cious time. Corel Time Real                                                                  lent       Office
set parrot translator that allows       Preview allows you to preview                                                                suite, but it
for hands-free communication            formatting options when you                                                                  lacks the power
with your PC.                           select Fonts, Columns, Under-                                                                of Microsoft’s
     Word Perfect 10 has an             line styles, etc.                                                                            Office XP in
Oxford English Dictionary,                   Quattro Pro has enhanced                                                                terms of ease of
which takes care of spelling            charting capabilities. You can        Corel Presentation 10 allows you to create macros      use and integra-
                                                       save files in          to automate repetitive tasks                           tion with other
                                                       Microsoft Excel                                                               Office applica -
                                                       97 format and it           The Corel Central pro -            tions. And it is far more
                                                       has a large work-     gram has a built-in e-mail              expensive.
                                                       space consisting      client with support for multi-          SPECIFICATIONS
                                                       of 1 million          ple accounts. It has support            Minimum System Require-
                                                       rows, which is        for Palm Pilot and also has             ments (with Dragon Naturally
                                                       ample for all         workgroup scheduling and                Speaking installed): Windows
                                                                                                                     98/2000/NT 4.0 with SP6 or
                                                       types of users.       task delegation features.               higher/Me/XP, 64 MB RAM,
                                                       The      Dynamic      Another feature is the inclu -          300 MB hard disk space (425
                                                       Cross Tab Report      sion of Net2Phone program,              MB typical install), CD-ROM
                                                       is similar to Pivot   which allows you to make                drive, VGA monitor, mouse or
                                                       Table in Excel—       calls abroad.                           tablet, 16-bit soundcard or
                                                                                                                     built-in audio input quality
 A time-saving feature in Word Perfect 10 is that      it lets you sum -          Quick View Plus and                equal to or greater than
 it automatically formats text as you type             marise, re-tabu -     Quick Print are bundled with            Sound Blaster 16, speakers
                                                       late    and     re-   this suite—they save time by
and grammatical errors. If              organise the data.                   letting you preview and print            Word Perfect Office 2002 B
you need to share your docu -                Corel Presentation 10                                                    Performance
ments, they can be saved in             allows you to attach MP3,             Price: Rs 32,900                        Ease of use
                                                                              Contact: Trifin Technologies            Value for money
Microsoft Word 2002 format,             WMA and animated GIF files            Phone: 011-6226777                      Features
which will allow you to open            to your presentations. Since it       Fax: 011-6436447
a file written in this program          also supports Macromedia              E-mail: trifin@vsnl.com                 OVERALL

           88                                                                                                                     NOVEMBER 2002
Ingram Micro Magix                                                       ture of text in different font     off the mains power. There
                                                                         sizes and graphics. It man-        are only two buttons (for
Got no magic
                                                                         aged to print with good clari-     form feed and a standby

T   he Ingram Micro Magix is
    based on an Intel P4 1.5
GHz processor and has 128 MB
                                      and its failure to run Evolva
                                      Bump Mapped demo makes it
                                      unsuitable for gaming. It took
                                                                         ty; even 6 point text was
                                                                         clearly readable. While print-
                                                                         ing one of the graphic ele -
                                                                                                            switch) which is a slight
                                                                                                            handicap when it comes to
SDRAM. It is sturdily built and       27.2 seconds for the Photo -       ments (a circle with straight          Overall, this printer offers
internally the cables are well        shop filter test, proving to be    lines inside), it managed to       low cost of printing. It has
laid out. Housed                      a slow performer in office pro-    print the circle clearly but       some good features and an
                                      ductivity applications.            some of the straight lines         excellent build quality.
                                           This PC comes with a one-     inside were jagged.                SPECIFICATIONS
                                      year parts replacement war -           One shortcoming was            80-column dot matrix printer;
                                      ranty and can be serviced in       that it did not have a power       supports printing on continu-
                                       any of 16 service centres         switch button. The only way        ous sheet, A4 paper or on paper
                                                                                                            roll of varying sizes; USB and
                                      across India. But there is no      to switch it off is by unplug-
                                                                                                            serial interface
                                      telephonic support or annual       ging the cable or switching
                                      maintenance contract.                                                  TVS Proton                  B+
inside a roomy ATX cabinet,                Because of its poor show -    Price: Rs 8,995                    Performance
there’s ample space for adding        ing in our tests, even its low     Contact: TVS Electronics Ltd       Build quality
                                                                         Phone: 044-2325506                 Value for money
extra IDE devices. However,           price may not be an advantage      Fax: 044-2327577                   Features
there are no bundled applica-         as there are better performing     E-mail: careline@esa.tvse.co.in
tions.                                PCs available at similar prices.   Web site: www.tvsproton.com        OVERALL
    We tested this PC with
Windows XP Home Edition.
The performance of its core           SPECIFICATIONS
                                      P4 1.5 GHz processor, 128 MB
                                                                         Busy Lite 3.0
subsystem (CPU, memory,               SDRAM, Seagate 40 GB 5,400-        Light and easy
hard drive and the CD-ROM             rpm Hard disk, Via PM4256

drive) was tested using SiSoft        chipset motherboard, PS/2               his is an easy-to-use         emulates the character-based
Sandra Pro, where it logged a         interface keyboard and mouse,           accounting software. We       DOS print mode. It includes
                                      Ingram Micro 15-inch monitor
poor overall score of 16.9. Its       supporting 1024x768 at 60 Hz,      tested it with Windows Me          utilities such as a calculator,
extremely low 8.5 fps in Quake        Philips 320 watts speakers         and XP and the installation        user-definable warning alarms
III Arena (at 1024x 768x32)                                              was pretty smooth. The inter-      if your account figures go in
                                      Ingram Micro Magix          B-     face is simple and easy to              negative sums, a unit
Price: Rs 31,200                       Performance                       understand.                                 converter and year-
Contact: Ingram Micro India Pvt Ltd    Build quality                           We ran the                            wise data backup and
Phone: 0413-274956                     Value for money
Fax: 0413-275387                                                         application         at                      restore.
E-mail: preetha.g@ingrammicro                                            1024x768 resolution                             You cannot view
.co.in                                 OVERALL
                                                                         and found that it                          the balance sheet by
                                                                         does not use the full                      specified date or peri-
                                                                         screen, which is a bit                     od—it is displayed only
TVS Proton                                                               cumbersome.        The                     for the whole month or
Beautifully strong                                                       data is created in                         the whole year.
                                                                         MDF (MS Access) for-                            The final word: it is

I f you often need to print
  small bills or an Excel sheet
with just a few columns, you
                                                                         mat and is secured—
                                                                         you need to provide a
                                                                         password to access the data-
                                                                                                               comparatively low priced
                                                                                                            and its user friendliness makes
                                                                                                            it suitable for small businesses
must have felt the pinch of                                              base. However, the software        and professionals.
wasting a full A4 size page.                                             does not specify a minimum         SPECIFICATIONS
The TVS Proton takes care of                                             password length, which makes       25 MB download size, package
this—an 80-column dot                 and quick,                         it slightly vulnerable.            includes installation CD, user
matrix printer allows you to          thanks to the                            Busy Lite 3.0 has quite an   registration card and mouse pad
                                                                                                            System Requirements: Pentium
print on conventional con-            USB interface.                     exhaustive list of features. To
                                                                                                            200 MHz processor, Windows
tinuous sheet, A4 paper or on         There’s an ink level               make printing cost-effective       95/98 SE/Me/2000/XP/NT,
paper roll of varying sizes. It       indicator and the printer has      on a deskjet or a laserjet, it     800x600 monitor resolution
has a USB as well as serial inter-    a unique ink bank technolo -
face and therefore, can be used       gy—you can simply replace a                                           Busy Lite 3.0                 B
                                                                         Price: Rs 68,500
with old DOS-based applica-           small ink tube rather than the     Contact: Zenith Computers Ltd      Performance
tions and with the latest OSes        entire ink ribbon when it gets     Phone: 022-8377300                 Ease of use
                                                                         E-mail: mumbai@zenith-             Value for money
such as Windows XP, on which          fully used.
                                                                         india.com                          Features
we tested the printer.                    We tested a few sample         Web site: www.zenith-
    The installation was easy         test documents with a mix -                                           OVERALL

          89                                                                                                              NOVEMBER 2002
test drive I
                    I   undercover

 In Need of Consoling
               Agent 001 takes a peek at the console market and walks away a satisfied gamer

       fter you have stumbled by the bit          For those of you who joined in late,       come upwards of Rs 700. But do ensure
       about the birds and the bees, the      here is a brief on the gaming scene in         that the games are the real deal.
       next revelation to hit you is that     India. The landscape is a desert, with just         Moving on, I half-stumbled over the
‘A thing of beauty can be a pain to           enough signs of life to keep you heading       Sega Dreamcast. This 128-bit console has
behold’. Case in point: the big beige box.    for the oasis that must surely be nearby.      officially landed on our shores, sells for
As most of us find out sooner or later,       The console market is no different; Sony       about Rs 6,500 and has a healthy collec-
the computer is a beautiful gaming                                                           tion of some excellent titles from Sega
machine for sure, right up to the point                                                      and third-party developers alike.
when you wish to play something on                                                           Although Sega has ceased production,
it—like Grand Theft Auto III. The game                                                       there is enough stock left to keep the
insisted on displaying a garbled mess of                                                     Dreamcast in circulation for a while. Orig-
popping textures and running colours                                                         inal titles are a rare breed that sell for
on my PC—the PC with the GeForce3                                                            Rs 500 to Rs 550; the pirated games are
Ti200 video card that I had                                                                  more common, selling for as low as Rs 75.
poured five months of savings                                                                     While the Dreamcast is an attractive
into, so that I could play the latest                                                                         buy, Sony’s boys are hog-
games… like Grand Theft Auto III.                                                                                 ging all the limelight.
Patches be damned! I was getting                                                                                   The PSOne sells for
sick of this mess and was ponder-                                                                                about Rs 4,000, with
ing over the likely course of                                                                                games     available     both
action to take (introduc-                                                                                    officially (priced between
ing my PC to a                                                                                                     Rs 499 and Rs 1,499)
healthy supply                                                                                                        and illegally (from
of explosives,                                                                                                         Rs 35 to Rs 50).
crossed       my                                                                                                        The PS2 mean -
mind more than                                                                                                          while, has the
once) when a                                                                                                            largest     game
friend interrupted                                                                                                      library, beautiful
my reverie. He asked                                                                                                  graphics, sports
me to come over to his                                                                                            perhaps the best game
place to check out his Sony                                                                                 controller, holds a seem -
PlayStation 2. He demonstrated his                                                                ingly unassailable lead in the console
‘beautiful baby’ with the help of ‘this                                                      race and is super-chic to boot. All that at
really cool game’: Grand Theft Auto III!      has made some headway into this seg -          a hefty Rs 18,000! Alas, it is a grey mar-
Life was trying to tell me something. It      ment with its PlayStation and now, the         ket commodity, and is often sold with a
was time I listened and set out to check      PlayStation 2 (PS2). The best selling con-     mod chip: something that lets you play
      out this whole console scene.           soles, however still reside in the era of 8-   illegal or pirated versions of a game. The
                                              bit gaming—the Nintendo NES (Ninten-           games themselves come in both the orig-
                                              do Entertainment System) clones, with          inal form (Rs 1,499 and above) and the
          I If you are into gaming on the
                                              libel-attracting names like PolyStation        illegal kind, selling at Rs 80 to Rs 250.
          move, look no further than the      and a price tag that ranges from Rs 200 to          Racing alongside the PS2 is the Nin-
         Game Boy Advance.                    Rs 700, depending upon the peripherals         tendo Gamecube and the Microsoft
     I The best console to buy would
                                              that you buy alongside. The games that         Xbox. While my sources reveal that the
  currently be the Sony PlayStation 2. For    run on these machines come on car-             Gamecube has been recently sighted in
  a cheaper alternative, nothing beats        tridges for Rs 30 and above.                   Delhi, it is still a pie-in-the-sky for the
  the PSOne.                                      As I delved deeper into this under-        most part. The Xbox, however is here to
  I As far as possible, make sure that
                                              ground scene, the PolyStations slowly          stay—priced at Rs 20,000, also a grey
  the game titles you purchase are the        gave way to more attractive options like       market buy and modded to go, its
  real deal. Pirated games are an unreli-     the Game Boy Advance (GBA). Thanks             presently-limited stable of games are sold
  able buy.                                   to a vividly coloured screen and a bevy        illegally at around Rs 450.
  I Most consoles are bundled with at
                                              of excellent games, the GBA is a pocket-            So which one did I buy? With a hum-
  least one controller; ensure that you are   sized haven for the fun-loving types. The      ble budget of Rs 5,000, I pocketed the
  not short-changed on this aspect.           console itself sells for around Rs 3,600,      GBA, plus a few games to go. Grand Theft
                                              while the games, sold on cartridges,           Auto III will have to wait.

          90                                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
Insight_simputer.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 92

          insight I

                         I   simputer

           Will the brainchild of a small team of educationalists and technologists in Bangalore hold the solution
            to the Holy Grail of computing for the masses? We take apart the Simputer to see if it has what it
                                            takes to bridge the Great Digital Divide

                     n amber sun casts its final rays    Under the hood                                       While its specifications are like a typi
                     over sleepy golden fields of        To face the rigours of rural India and          cal handheld’s, it’s interesting how th
                     mustard. A few wandering            almost constant use, the Simputer uses          components have been handpicked to pac
                     cows call out to their choco-       some of the most proven technologies of         the highest levels of computing power a
          late-coloured calves. Lambs skip               mobile computing. It beats with the heart       the lowest of prices, while still maintainin
          through meadows under the watchful             of a 32-bit Intel StrongARM SA-1100             a rich set of features. On the interface front
          eye of their pigtailed mistress, the set -     processor, which features a clock speed of      it packs speakers and microphone jacks, a
          ting sun reflected in her eyes. Under          200 MHz and is still low on power con-          RJ-11 telephone jack, a Smart Card reade
          the haystack, her father sits holding          sumption. There is 32 MB of DRAM along          and even an IrDA wireless port. Keeping i
          something that looks uncannily like a          with either 16 MB or 32 MB of external          mind the unreliability of our electricity, th
          PDA, scribbling in some numbers with           Flash RAM for permanent storage. It fea -       device is powered by three AAA NiMh
          a stylus.                                      tures an integrated 56 K V.90 modem and         rechargeable batteries. The lack of externa
               Engineers from the Indian Institute of    can be linked to a computer using its USB       storage is also taken care of by the numer
          Science (IISc), Bangalore, along with          interface. Finally, it has a 320x240 resolu -   ous USB based external Flash devices tha
          Encore Software Ltd conceptualised the         tion colour or monochrome LCD touch             offer capacities ranging from 16 MB to
          Simputer (derived from the ‘Simple Com -       panel display.                                  1 GB of storage.
          puter’), a Community Digital Assistant
          (CDA), to send technology to even the
          most inaccessible rural areas, where it          Can I Buy One Yet?
          could be used to perform applications as
          varied as village accounts management,           Officially unveiled in April                                       Besides developing the
          crop budget maintenance and even edu-            2001, the Simputer is                                              system software based
          cation. Given the vast number of potential       now ready to reach                                                 on Linux under GPL
          application areas, there are stringent           mass-production. Bharat                                            (general public license),
          demands placed on its design, construc-          Electronics Limited (BEL),                                         PicoPeta will also market
          tion and usability.                              one of the manufacturers                                           the Simputer. Vinay
               Quite like the PDA, it operates             of the device, is going to                                         Vishwanathan, Director
          through touch, sound and simple visual           roll out 1,000 units to                                            of PicoPeta, aims to pro
          icons, dispensing with the keyboard              begin with and in due                                              mote the device as an
          entirely. It incorporates support for Indian     course, expand to 5,000 units per month.       evolving platform for social change—“Ini
          dialects and uses special speech process-        M.P. Mohammed, BEL’s AGM (EM and               tially we will target educational institu
          ing technology to read the content out.          D&E division) said BEL would manufacture       tions and e-governance projects in the
          The Simputer is made for multiple users,         the Simputer based on the specifications       country. Once the volumes pick up and
          and individual settings can be retained by       given by PicoPeta, which would be target-      the prices come down from the present Rs
          each user through the Smart Cards that           ed at OEMs. PicoPeta is a consortium of        13,000 and Rs 15,000 for 16 MB and 32
          the device supports. Using a non-propri -        technologists and the Simputer Trust, and      MB, respectively, we will look at retail
          etary operating system, software for spe-        plans to harness the potential of this         sales.” PicoPeta hopes to sell around
          cific applications can be developed for this     device for the benefit of the society.         50,000 units this year.
          device quickly.

                    92                                                                                                                NOVEMBER
Insight_simputer.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 93

                                                                                                                                 The 240x320
                                                                                                                                 backlit screen is
                                                                                                                                 available in colou
                                                                                                                                 or monochrome
                                                                                                                                 depending upon
                                                                                                                                 your budget

                                                                                                                 Running Linux Kernel 2.4.18,
                                                                                                                 navigation through the inter
                                                                                                                 face is simple with the direc
                                                                                                                 tional button and touchscreen

                                                                                                             Weighing just 250 gm, the Simpute
                                                                                                             integrates USB, Infrared, modem
                                                                                                             and Smart Card interfaces

                                                                                                       Power is delivered through two AA
                                                                                                       rechargeable NiMH batteries and it is
                                                                                                       also capable of working on external
                                                                                                       power through an adapter

                                                                                                     Packing in a 32-bit Intel StrongARM SA-
                                                                                                     1110 processor running at 206 MHz and
          The Simputer has full support                                                              coupled with up to 64 MB of memory, this
          for MP3 playback through its                                                               device offers commendable power for a
          integrated audio system                                                                    portable device

              The Simputer runs GNU/Linux oper-         applications is one called Dhvani, a text-    XML. Known as IML (Information
          ating systems, which coupled with the         to-speech tool that generates intelligible    Markup Language), its main aim is to pro
          Perl scripting environment means that         speech from a phonetic description in vir-    vide a consistent and lucid front end fo
          applications can be easily written for it.    tually any Indian language. It can also       all users—even those who are illeterate. I
          The software has been created keeping the     convert any UTF-8 text in Hindi or Kan-       uses simple icons and the text-to-speech
          application development cycles in mind,       nada to this phonetic description and         engine and can communicate with user
          so that the whole process can be worked       then speak it out with the integrated Pho-    in their local language. Therefore, on th
          out quickly and economically. Being an        netics-to-Speech engine. PicoPeta, the        Simputer, a simple and uniform interfac
          open source platform, it is relatively easy   developers of the Simputer, claim that        is presented for running applications.
          and quick to develop application-specific     given their developmental tools, they can          One of the most critical devices tha
          tasks. The device also features a Web         develop front ends for any other language,    ensures that the Simputer can be used ove
          browser, an e-mail client and a host of       even non-Indian ones.                         a variety of applications is the Smart Card
          other applications that further enhance its       The application interface used by the     reader. The Smart Card makes the Simput
          functionality, especially in rural areas.     Simputer is based on a variant of the         er safe for all kinds of transactions, even fo
              One of the most impressive integrated     already popular and universally accepted      financial and banking purposes. It store

                    93                                                                                                             NOVEMBER
Insight_simputer.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 95

                                       Simputer vs the World
           While the Simputer was conceptualised to serve a completely different purpose compared to
           the current range of handheld devices from Palm, Compaq and Psion, this comparison table
           highlights the differences in features and physical characteristics of the Simputer vis-a-vis
           other handhelds
                              Simputer             Palm m105             Compaq iPAQ H3850         Psion Series 5MX
            Processor        32-bit Intel Strong- 32-bit Intel Strong-   32-bit Intel Strong-      ARM710T RISC
                             ARM SA-1110 at       ARM SA-1110 at         ARM SA-1110 at            CPU at 36 MHz
                             206 MHz              206 MHz                206 MHz
            RAM              16 to 64 MB          8 MB                   64 MB                     16 MB
            ROM              8 to 32 MB           2 MB                   32 MB                     8 MB
            Screen           240x320              160x160                240x320                   640x240
            Screen type      Colour/Mono-         Monochrome LCD         Transflective TFT, 64 K   16-level greyscale
                             chrome LCD                                  colours                   LCD
            Dimensions       6x3.75x19 inches     4.65x3.11x0.7 inches   5.3x3.3x0.62 inches       6.7x3.5x0.9 inches
            Weight           250 gm               125 gm                 185 gm                    355 gm
            Operating        Linux Kernel 2.4.18 Palm OS 3.5             Microsoft Pocket PC       EPOC (32-bit multi-
            system                                                       2002                      tasking)
            Connectivity     USB, IrDA, Modem, Infrared, Serial          USB, Serial, Infrared     Serial, Infrared
                             Smart Card
            Price (approx) Rs 13,000 to           Rs 9,625               Rs 33,500                  Rs 8,750

          user profiles, applications and settings, so              and updated on a regular basis. In addi-
          different groups with individual Smart                    tion, the e-mail and Internet access capa-
          Cards can use a single Simputer.                          bilities make it a cheap and efficient route
                                                                    of communication.
          Forward march                                                  The frontiers that the Simputer opens
          The Simputer is built in the image of a per-              are immense. Besides the obvious advan -
          sonal computer and can be used in varied                  tages of communication and education,
          sectors. It can be used for e-governance                  traders and farmers can also find out the
          where the Smart Card stores information                   newest prices of goods, keep stock of their

                                                                                    inventories, get information
                                                                                    on bank loans and schemes,
                                                                                    and maintain records of
                                          Poor or no use of                         their harvest cycles and
                                          technology in the                         yields. The barter system,
                                          rural market can be                       still practiced in some
                                                                                    places, can be digitised and
                                          exploited with a                          converted into a regularised

                                          certain degree of                         format with secure transac -
           Vinay Deshpande                innovation                                tions using the Smart Card
                                                                                    support. With the ability to
                                                                                    take on external storage, this
                                                                                    device can hold additional
          regarding voter registration, ration distri-              information such as remote healthcare
          bution, survey and census data, education                 assistance and information, health sched-
          and even health care. For rural banking,                  ules and administration of vaccines, advice
          Smart Cards can be used as digital pass -                 on livestock and farming practices, etc. Last
          books, for synchronisation of transaction                 but not the least, with its multimedia capa-
          details between agents. One of the most                   bilities, it can also be used as a mobile
          prolific uses of this device could be in the              entertainment device.
          field of education where it can be used as                     With such a vast array of applications
          a mobile kiosk for teaching languages,                    at such ease and affordability, the Sim -
          reading and writing—and this is further                   puter, when mass produced, may just find
          extended, given its multimedia capabili-                  itself in places where clean drinking water
          ties. Newer courseware and training mod -                 hasn’t reached yet.
          ules can be downloaded into its memory                                                   MARCO D ’SOUZA

                        95                                                                                               NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 96

          insight I
                         I   workshop
                                                                   There are tools available to
                                                                   recover lost data, whether it’s
                                                                   files you deleted or a format-
                                                                   ted or corrupt partition
                                                                   Turn to page 101 to see how you can
                                                                   recover lost files

                                                                                               hat is the single most important thing
                                                                                               you have on your computer? Plans for
                                                                                               the new venture? Your company’s profit
                                                                                               projections for the coming year? E-mail
                                                                                 from clients and friends? The address book? The
                                                                                 travel journals you’ve been maintaining? Your con-
                                                                                 tacts list? An electronic greeting card from your
                                                                                 best friend?
                                                                                    Failed hardware can be replaced and software
                                                                                 reinstalled, but the loss of data hurts the most.
                                                                                 Even something as simple as an address book
                                                                                 would take the better part of the day to key in again
                                                                                 and that’s assuming you still have an address list
                                                                                 to key it in from. This is where backups come
                                                                                 handy—they are your insurance in case of a data
                                                                                    Let’s run through the common causes of data
                                                                                 loss, what you can do to prevent it and ways of
                                                                                 recovering lost data where possible.
                             MODEL:   Parmita Katkar, P HOTOGRAPH: Umesh Aher,
                             ILLUSTRATION :Mahesh Benkar

Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 97

                    Sharks are lurking every-
                    where—either you keep an eye
                    on your data at all times or
                    make sure it’s locked up safely
                    Techniques to secure your data on
                    page 103

                                                                             Whether you lose data due to a
                                                                             hardware crash or human error,
                                                                             having a ready backup will alway
                                                                             be invaluable
                                                                             Turn to page 98 for an easy backup guide

                         Everyone loses data. If
                         you've got your backups,
                         you can recover the lost
                         files pretty easily
                         Learn how to restore your backups
                         on page 100

Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 98

          insight I
                         I   workshop

                                                       fit into your budget—the more you back          the amount of space you have on the
                                                       up, the less time you will have to spend        backup media and its importance to you
                                                       redoing. Check the integrity of your data;      Organise all your files in one top-leve
                                                       mirroring corrupted data is obviously use-      folder, such as My Documents. This wil
                                                       less. Test the backups regularly—the back-      reduce the effort needed to hunt down al
                                                       up media could wear out over time, or the       the data you need to back up. You should
                                                       backup files may get corrupted if the           also look at data files of other applications
                                                       backup process is interrupted.                  such as Internet Explorer Favorites, mail
                                                            Take backups as frequently as the data     boxes, etc.

          Safety first                                 changes. Some data files need to be backed
                                                       up more frequently than others, but for         Using Microsoft Backup
                                                       any changes that you can’t redo, back up        You don't need to look far for backup

          T   he high reliability of
              modern hardware makes
          backups seem pointless, but
                                                       at least once a day. Maintain more than
                                                       one backup if your budget allows it and
                                                       keep them in different places—this pro -
                                                                                                       software. Microsoft Backup is a free too
                                                                                                       that comes with Windows 98. If you don'
                                                                                                       already have it installed, open Control Pane
                                                       tects the backup media from physical            > Add/Remove Programs > Windows Setup
          there is no shortage of rea-                 damage. Retain some old backups—this            Select System Tools and click Details
          sons for data loss—viruses,                  will come in handy if a newer copy gets         Check the box next to Backup and OK
          hardware failures, software                  corrupted. Depending on the volume and          your way through the dialog boxes
                                                       type of data, this could be anything from       Microsoft Backup is a scaled-down version
          errors, carelessness or plain
                                                       a couple of weeks to a few months old.          of Seagate's Backup Exec. It supports back
          bad luck. There is no sure-                  Finally, make sure your backups are as          ing up to SCSI and IDE devices such a
          fire way of preventing an                    secure as your original data. This applies to   tape drives and CDs and to network
          accident, so taking backups                  work environments as well as at home—if         shared folders on another computer. I
                                                       there’s something you don’t want others         can compress backups, reducing their
          religiously might just save                  to see, they should not be able to get hold     space requirements and verify them for
          the day. If you don’t back                   of it from your backups.                        integrity after it’s done. It supports full
          up, you will learn its value                     Before you start taking backups, iden-      incremental and differential backups.
                                                       tify what to back up. For businesses there          On launching the software ( Start > Pro
          the hard way.
                                                       is a simple answer—everything. In a net-        grams > Accessories > System Tools > Backup
          Think of how easy life can                   worked environment, a virus can wreak           it presents you with three choices. Selec
                                                       havoc with entire departments. When             'Create a New Backup Job' and follow the
          become if you maintain reg-
                                                       every minute of computer downtime can           wizard. If you want to choose which files
          ular backups. Should you                     be measured in money, a backup system is
          lose your data, all you have                 a safety net you can’t ignore. Of course,
          to do is launch the backup                   this level of backup may be overkill for
                                                       most individuals and small businesses.
          software and hit restore!                    You should still try to back up anything
          Depending on how often                       that you can’t otherwise replace. This
          you take backups, the copy                   eliminates Windows and most application
                                                       programs. While reinstalling and recon-
          could be as recent as a few
                                                       figuring these can be a long and arduous
          changes old.                                 job (see Digit, October 2002, ‘For a painless
                                                       reinstall’), their loss is not irrecoverable.
          There are some cardinal
                                                           Of all the data on your hard disk (some
          rules of taking backups.                     hiding in places you wouldn’t expect)           Choose the files and folders you want to
          Back up everything you can                   what you choose to back up depends on           backup

                    98                                                                                                              NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 99

                                                          whether the backup should be Full,
                                                          Incremental or Differential. If you select
                                                                                                           Backup Utilities
                                                          Full Backup, every single file from the          There are numerous backup software
                                                          source is copied to the destination. With        that work at different scales and manage
                                                          Incremental Backup, only the files that          backups in different ways. Small offices
                                                          have changed (those that have the                and home users can make do with free
                                                          archive attribute on) since the most             software that simply copy files to a dif
                                                          recent backup are copied and the archive         ferent location. Large businesses usu-
                                                          attributes are turned off. If you select Dif -   ally have complete backup manage-
                                                          ferential Backup, all files that have            ment solutions that work with sev-
                                                          changed since the last full backup are           eral servers and hundreds of tapes.
                                                          copied, but the archive attributes are           SecureDat
                                                          left on.                                         www.pa-soft.com
           Take more control of your backups                  Under Exclude, you can specify certain       SecureDat monitors specified directo-
                                                          types of files (for example, .tmp) to not be     ries and automatically makes several
          or folders to take backups of, select this      copied. You can select reporting options         backups of files, whenever the files are
          option. You will see an Explorer-like win-      under the Report tab.                            modified. This is particularly important if
          dow where you can tick the files and fold-                                                       you work with several files and often
          ers you want to mirror.                           Using SecurDat                                 modify some of them. It also allows
               Once you have selected all the files,        In Microsoft Backup that is included with      compression and encryption, making it
          click Next and choose whether you want a          Windows 98, there are no options for           an ideal backup solution for most users.
          complete ('All selected files') or incremental    automatic backups. But there are several       BackupGenie
          ('New and changed files') backup. If this is      other software, some of which are free (see    www.backupgenie.fr.st
          the first backup, choose the former. Next,        box, ‘Backup Utilities’ ). One application     BackupGenie is a free utility that can be
          select where you want the backup and save         worth mentioning is SecureDat, which           easily configured to backup many fold
          the job. The next step gives you the                                                             ers and subfolders at specific frequen-
          option to compress the backup and                                                                cies and maintain several versions. It
          verify it for integrity after it is com-                                                         takes backups in a standard Zip format.
          plete. Save the job and click Start                                                              Additionally, there are options that
          to start the backup. You will be                                                                 send backup files via e-mail or FTP. You
          notified when the operation is                                                                   can also launch a program such as a virus
          complete and if there are any errors                                                             scanner after the backup is complete.
          while taking the backup. The next                                                                No Hands Backup
          time you run Backup, choose to                                                                   http://hem.spray.se/anders.peterson/
          make incremental backups.                                                                        No Hands Backup simply copies files from
              If you do not click Start, but                                                               the source directory to the backup direc
          simply save the job, you can con-                                                                tory, maintaining the folder structures. Be
          figure a lot more options for it                                                                 careful though—in its efforts to maintain
          before running it. Click the                                                                     an exact mirror, it also deletes files and
          Options button on the main Back-                                                                 folders from the backup that have been
          up window. On the General tab,           Continuously monitor folders to backup changed files    deleted in the source directory.
          you can choose the kind of com- with SecureDat                                                   Backup Easy
          pression to be used and whether                                                                  www.liquid2k.com/hinx/
          the backup should be overwritten if it            quietly runs in the system tray and mon-       Backup Easy is a free, cross-platform utility
          already exists. Under the Password tab, you       itors specific folders. Every time a file      that takes backups of directories and files t
          can set a password for the backup file.           changes, it takes a backup, ensuring that      a designated directory automatically,
              Under the Type tab, you can select            you always have the latest backups. It         according to selected weekdays and time.

                     99                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 100

          insight I
                        I   workshop

          Managing Backups                                maintains several versions of the backups,
                                                          making it very useful when working with
                                                                                                          72) have become quite popular in recen
                                                                                                          years. However, these media do not offe
          Once you start taking backups on a regular      important documents. The software may           extremely high levels of reliability and ar
          basis, the multiple copies become confusing     detect even a corrupted file as a modified      best suited for shuttling data between loca
          to manage and deciding on a rotation            one and take a backup, but you can always       tions, occasional ad-hoc backups and fo
          scheme to reuse the backup media is essen-      amend that by using an earlier backup.          short-term storage.
          tial. Several backup strategies have evolved       Once you run SecureDat, click File >            For an optimum balance between cos
          over the years. The simplest scheme is to       New entry and select the folder to be mon -     and performance, you should use a com
          have two or more media—hard disks or            itored under the Source tab. Choose to          bination of storage solutions for differen
          CDs—and rotate them every day. For              include subfolders if you want. Under the       kinds of backups (see box, ‘Managing Back
          example, if you have two CD-RWs, you            Target tab, click ‘Other backup directory’      ups’). Thus, you can use a hard disk fo
          could use CD1 on Monday, CD2 on Tuesday,        and select where the files should be mir -      daily backups, CD-RWs for weekly back
          again CD1 on Wednesday, and so on. This is      rored. Under Options you can set how            ups and CD-Rs for monthly backups. You
          fine if you don’t have much data, but doing     many versions of the backups to maintain        can even use just a hard disk for all back
          a full backup everyday of hundreds of           and on what criteria the backups should         ups. It’s prudent to keep the original and
          megabytes of data (on a 10 GB+ hard disk)       be made. You can enable encryption for          the backups in different places, in case th
          gets tedious. Also, if you do this, you don’t   security and compression for space under        hard disk fails and you lose both.
          have any backups older than a day. If your      the Advanced tab.
          files got infected by a virus a week ago, you
          wouldn’t be able to use any of your backups.    Lifeboat or rubber tube?
               A commonly used scheme called the          When taking backups, the kind of media
          Grandfather-Father-Son scheme is efficient      you choose is very important. You would
          and easy to implement. Here, you maintain       want a storage solution that can be relied
          three levels of backup files. This uses many    on for many years. How you choose your
          more CDs, but is a good compromise              media depends on the amount of data
          between reliability and speed. To illustrate    you need to backup, its importance and
          this strategy, let’s work with a period of      of course, your budget.
          three months, where you take backups six
          days a week (Monday to Saturday). Thus,
                                                              Every media type has dramatically dif-
                                                          ferent characteristics such as life span,       Jumping back
          you would have a separate hard disk just for    storage capacity, re-usability and cost.
          taking backups, where you would take daily      Tape drives are the standard in the back -
                                                                                                               s with backups, there
          incremental backups. Every weekend, you         up systems of many businesses. Tapes                 are a few cardinal rules
          would take a full backup on a CD-RW.            offer extremely high capacities, average        to restoring, too. One of the
          Maintain at least two such CD-RWs, though       data transfer rates, and a reasonable life      rules of taking backups is to
          it would be better to have four, one for        span, but allow only sequential access
          each week of the month and reuse the discs      to data.
                                                                                                          check the integrity of each
          every month instead of every fortnight.             For small businesses or home users,         backup on a regular basis.
          Finally, you would take a full backup every     hard disks, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and even DVD-         If you do not do this regu
          month on a CD-R, which will last you for a      Rs would be a more viable backup option.
                                                                                                          larly, you could be in for a
          very long time.                                 The real advantage of a CD-Rs, CD-RWs
               With professional backup software such     and DVD-Rs is their long life spans—if          shock when you need to
          as Veritas Backup Exec (www.veritas.com),       maintained well, these are estimated to last    restore some files. As with
          such strategies can be fully automated. For     as long as 30 years before oxidation starts     your primary storage media
          home users and smaller organisations, it is     affecting them.
          not too tedious to do this manually, since          Another option is to use removable
                                                                                                          backup media can also get
          the quantum of data would also be com-          drives. Zip drives and other external storage   corrupted—CD-Rs can get
          parably very less.                              solutions (see, ‘Walking Gigabytes’ on page     scratched, hard disks may

Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 101

          crash and the backup software may fail                                                          files you want to restore and click
          while mirroring the files.                                                                      Restore. You can also delete files from th
               There are ways to recover deleted                                                          backups. If you did not enable compres
          files, formatted disks and, sometimes,                                                          sion or encryption when taking the back
          data from failed disks (see section, ‘Back                                                      ups, you can simply browse to the restor
          from the grave’ ). Of course, this depends                                                      folder from Windows Explorer and cop
          on how important the data is and how                                                            the relevant backup files to where yo
          recent the backup is. Next, you should                                                          want them restored.
          ensure that your restore media is intact,
          too. There’s no point restoring to a
          failing hard disk or one that has poten-
          tially bad sectors. If you are sure about
          the reliability of your backup and               Choose how the files should be restored
          restore media, proceed with retrieving
          the files.                                       from, in an Explorer-like view. Just like
                                                           with backups, you can tick off the files or
          Restoring Microsoft Backup files                 folders you want to restore. Click Next
          If you take backups using Microsoft Back-        and Backup will ask you where you want
          up, here’s how to go about restoring your        to restore the files. You can choose Orig-
          files. Unless you’ve turned the option off,
          the software will present you with three
                                                           inal Location if you are sure that the orig-
                                                           inal files here are irrecoverable and the
                                                                                                          Back from the grave
                                                                                                          D    espite all precautions,
          choices when launched. Select ‘Restore           media is reliable. Otherwise, you can
          backed up files’ and click OK. If you had        restore them to an alternate location. On
          earlier turned off this option, click T ools >   the next screen, the wizard will ask you
                                                                                                               important files some-
          Restore Wizard. On the next screen, choose       what it should do if it already finds the      times do manage to find
          the file or tape drive you want to restore       same files in the restore location. If you     their way out of your reach.
          from. On clicking Next, Backup will show         are sure that those files are corrupted or     Data could be accidentally or
          the backup sets on the media, along with         not useful, select ‘Always replace the file
          the date and time of the backup, and you         on my computer’. This will ensure that         intentionally deleted, maybe
          can select the one you want restored.            all files will be from the backup set only.    you forgot to copy some
          Click OK and you will see the tree struc-        Next, you will be shown a warning that         important information
          ture of where the files were mirrored            the backup media is required to be able to
                                                                                                          before formating your hard
                                                           complete the restore operation. Just click
                                                           OK and then Start to restore the files. You    disk, or maybe the files are
                                                           will be notified when the operation is         lost due to hardware failure
                                                           complete.                                      or a virus.
                                                           Restoring SecureDat backups                    If you can figure out how
                                                           If you use SecureDat to take backups, you      the file got lost, it becomes
                                                           can restore your data by clicking the
                                                           Restore icon on the toolbar. The software      easier to recover. Remember,
                                                           will display a complete list of all versions   however, that file recovery,
                                                           of the backups, along with the time and        especially without profession
                                                           date stamp, the original folder and the
                                                                                                          al help, is almost never guar
                                                           backup file name. If this list gets too
                                                           large, you can filter it using one of the      anteed and success depends
          Select the files you want to restore             filter options available. Just select the      on a number of factors.

                     101                                                                                                            NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 102

          insight I
                          I   workshop

          Recovery Tools                                           Hard disks store data in sectors and
                                                              clusters. Think of sectors and clusters as a
                                                                                                                 the Windows swap file is also on the sam
                                                                                                                 drive and all your data (including e-mai
          GetDataBack                                         hotel with floors and rooms. The guest list        browser favourites, etc.) is on drive D
          www.runtime.org                                     is stored at the reception and any one at the      chances of recovery would be the highest
          GetDataBack helps recover data when your            desk is able to tell you the room in which a       because no program is transparently writ
          drive’s partition table, boot record, FAT or        particular guest is staying. Hard disks store      ing to drive D.
          root directory is corrupt or lost due to viruses,   information about each file in a similar
          power failure or by accidental deletion. It         way. The ‘address’ of each file is stored in a     Recovering lost files
          may even recover data when the drive is no          separate area of the hard disk that is not         The minute you realise that you want to
          longer recognised by the OS or when all             accessible with common tools. When a file          recover a file, stop using the PC—do no
          directory information is lost. Its main advan-      is requested, the disk looks up this ‘register’,   close any programs, shut down Windows
          tage is that it runs in a read-only mode,           locates the file and passes it on. On FAT and      hit [Ctrl] + [S] or even chat. You don’t wan
          which means the program will never attempt          FAT32 partitions, this entry is stored in the      any application to write anything to th
          to write to the drive you are about to recover.     FAT (File Allocation Table).                       hard disk. Then, take a step back and pla
          Active Partition Recovery                               When a file is ‘permanently’ deleted,          out exactly how you want to go abou
          www.partition-recovery.com                          only its entry from this ‘register’ is             recovering the file. Usually, there is no
          Active Partition Recovery is a DOS tool that        removed. The actual file is still stored on        room for experimenting. Also, when
          helps recover deleted partitions and logical        the disk until some program requires               recovering files, save them on a drive othe
          drives by restoring the information from a          space to write to. Thus, it may still be pos-      than the one you are recovering from—
          backup of the Master Boot Record, partition         sible to recover the file.                         you don’t want any data to be written to
          tables and boot sectors.                                The sooner you realise that a required         the drive until you finish recovering.
          Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software              file has been deleted, the better. The further
          www.stellarinfo.com                                 you need to go back in time, the more luck
          Stellar Phoenix analyses and recovers data          you need. Basically, the more the hard disk
          from inaccessible disks that have been cor-         is used, the less the chances of recovery,
          rupted by virus attacks and accidental for-         since the probability of the clusters being
          mats. It supports FAT16 and FAT32 file sys-         overwritten with fresh data is higher.
          tems and has been known to have high suc-               The nature of the applications you use
          cess rates.                                         determines how the application modifies
          Zero Assumption Recovery                            the registry or uses dependant files. A
          www.z-a-recovery.com                                browser, for example, is the worst enemy of
          This tool extracts data from damaged hard           data recovery—it saves hundreds of files as
          disks. It works from within Windows and can         cache, tremendously increasing the proba-
          recover files from FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS            bility of clusters being overwritten. E-mail
          partitions. It supports long filenames and          is a much lesser cause for fear—as you
          NTFS compression.                                   download e-mail, only a few kilobytes              File Rescue displays a list of deleted files with
          PC Inspector File Recovery                          would be used up every time. A word                their condition
          www.convar.com                                      processor doesn’t write to any dependant
          This data recovery program supports the             files, but if any application settings are            There are several tools available tha
          FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file systems.          changed, it would modify the registry. If          can help you recover the lost file(s). Fil
          It’s one of the few free file recovery software.    the registry size increases because of this, it    Rescue (www.softwareshelf.com) is a small and
          FILERECOVERY for Windows                            may look for a free cluster to write to.           useful tool that works with FAT, FAT3
          www.lc-tech.com                                         Another criteria for higher chances of         and NTFS drives. When you launch thi
          This software can undelete accidentally             successful recovery is the location of your        program, it asks you for the drives to sca
          deleted files from various file systems under       stored data, again amounting to how the            and what kind of files to look for. Mak
          Windows. It can be run from a floppy to             hard disk is used. For example, if all your        your selections and click OK. It scans th
          avoid overwriting any files on the hard disk.       applications and Windows are on drive C,           disk and shows up a list of files that i

                     102                                                                                                                         NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 103

          finds on the disk, but not in the FAT. It            As we have seen, using Easy Recovery     Encryption
          also shows the chances of recovery. If it        is pretty simple, but it runs under Win -    Encryption involves scrambling of data so
          says Poor, it means that some parts of the       dows. If your hard disk fails, you can       that it becomes indecipherable until it i
          file have been overwritten and will not be       attach it to another Windows machine to      unscrambled again. Simply put, it is lik
          recovered correctly. If the condition is stat-   recover data, but this may not always be     breaking a picture into a huge jigsaw puz
          ed as Good, the file will be recovered cor-      possible. The software allows you to make    zle—as long as the pieces are scattered,
          rectly in most cases. Select the files you       floppy disks with the software, so that it   is impossible to figure out what the pic
          want to recover and click Undelete.              can also be run without Windows. Just        ture is. You can do the same with all you
              If your hard disk got formatted acci-        boot from a Windows Startup Disk and         documents and communication, so i
          dentally or you realise later that you need      run the software. This means that you        someone should get a hold of your data
          some data from it, the chances of recover-       should have the disk handy though—as         it would be useless they can decrypt it.
          ing the data would be much lesser, but not       with backups, create these floppies before       Cryptography enables you to stor
          impossible. A Quick Format affords a high-       disaster strikes and check them often        sensitive information or transmit it acros
          er chance of recovery than a Full Format.        for integrity.                               public, open, insecure networks so that
              Easy     Recovery       from     Ontrack                                                  cannot be read by anyone except th
          (www.ontrack.com) is a very good software                                                     intended recipient. One of the simples
          for recovering from such disasters. Using                                                     encryption systems was developed by th
          Easy Recovery is pretty simple. The soft-                                                     Roman emperor Julius Caesar about 200
          ware starts with a wizard that guides you                                                     years ago. The cipher involved replacin
          through the data recovery steps. Click Next                                                   the alphabets in the original text by letter
          and the disks on the computer and parti-                                                      that are a fixed number of places away. Fo
          tions on them will be listed. Select the par-                                                 example, A would be substituted by D,
          tition that you want to recover files from                                                    by E, and so on. Hence the word ‘secre
          and click Next. You will now get a confir-
          mation of your selection and you can             Secure your data                             would be encrypted to ‘vhfuhw’. At th
                                                                                                        most basic level, this is what encryption
          optionally click Advanced to further con-                                                     involves. Over the years, very stron
          figure the software. On clicking Next, the
          software will start scanning the drive for
          deleted files and list them in an Explorer-
                                                           T    hieves are everywhere.
                                                                It’s not just your money
                                                           they may be after. Your
                                                                                                        encryption algorithms have been deve
                                                                                                        oped and many of them are in use today
                                                                                                        Encryption can become a very advanced
          like interface. Check the ones you want to                                                    topic if you want to learn about all the dif
                                                           business plans, profit proj-
          recover, select a destination folder and click                                                ferent kinds of encryption and how the
          Next. You will be notified when all files        ects, even your address book                 work. We can safely leap to just using it.
          are recovered.                                   can mean a lot to some peo-
                                                           ple. Recent worms have                       Encrypting your data
                                                                                                        We will use a free software called PGP
                                                           been known to send out                       (Pretty Good Privacy, www.pgpi.org
                                                           lists of e-mail addresses to                 encrypting files and e-mail. PGP is known
                                                           the developers who use                       to provide very secure encryption and i
                                                                                                        widely used across the globe. During setup
                                                           them to send out spam.
                                                                                                        be sure to select the plugin for your mai
                                                           Also, pranksters and viruses                 client. On installing the program, the Ke
                                                           can potentially destroy all                  Generation Wizard will guide you through
                                                           your data. It becomes very                   making a private key. This will be used to
                                                                                                        encrypt your e-mail. Enter your name and
                                                           important to lock up your                    e-mail address, a passphrase (password) fo
          Easy Recovery displays deleted files that can    data away from the reach                     the key, and the key will be generated.
          be recovered                                     of others.                                       The way the public key algorithm

                     103                                                                                                           NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 104

          insight I
                         I   workshop

          Secrets to a Good                                                                                 bonus—there is always some time lag
                                                                                                            between the time the virus is released and

          Password                                                                                          a cure is developed. If the vendor can aler
                                                                                                            you of the virus beforehand with tips on
          Any level of encryption is useless unless                                                         avoiding it, you can secure your data
          secured by a strong key. The following                                                            accordingly. Ensure that the anti-viru
          guides may seem like common sense, but                                                            software is always running and monitor
          very few remember to adhere to them.                                                              ing your system. With the increased pen
               Firstly, don’t stick your password on                                                        etration of the Internet, and the changin
          your monitor and don’t give it out to any-                                                        nature and attack methods of viruses, thi
          one else, no matter how much you trust          Encrypting files on your PC using PGP             is very important.
          them. You then need a password that is dif-                                                           AVG Anti-Virus (www.grisoft.com
          ficult to guess or crack. The best passwords    works, keeping your key to yourself is of         pretty good free virus scanner. It continu
          are a combination of eight or more upper        no use. Those who need to send you secure         ously monitors all disks and even ensure
          and lower case letters, numbers and sym-        messages need to use your public key to           that your e-mail is safe. The developer
          bols. Don’t choose a common phrase and          encrypt the message. Run PGPKeys from             also provide regular updates that you ca
          never use the same password as your             the PGP system tray icon, right-click your        download from their Web site.
          login. Most fraud cases are inside jobs, so     key and click Export. It will be saved as an
          names and birth dates of loved ones are         ASC file and can be distributed to others.        Great walls of fire
          out as well.                                    Be careful to never send out your private         A standard advice from professionals fo
               Apart from names, nicknames and            key. Similarly, to be able to send secure         the highest possible security is to not con
          dates, the most commonly used pass-             messages, you will need the recipients’           nect your PC to any network, even th
          words are god, sex, password, angel,            public keys. Import the key from PGPKeys          Internet, and never share any files! This i
          trustme, one's address or hometown and          and you are ready to send encrypted mes-          too extreme and unpractical, but it doe
          complicated-looking, but easy-to-remem-         sages. When using Outlook or Outlook              highlight the fact that as long as you ar
          ber key combinations such as z1x2c3v4.          Express, click Tools > Encrypt using PGP.         connected, you are vulnerable to viruse
          The characters may be upper or lower                To encrypt files, right-click the file in     and hackers. Just like you use an anti-viru
          case, but don’t use any of these for            Windows Explorer and click PGP > Encrypt.         software to prevent viruses, you can use a
          passwords.                                      PGP will bring up a window where you can          firewall for monitoring network traffic.
               It is also important to vary your pass-    set encryption parameters. Choose Con -                At the most basic level, a firewall sep
          words. Having the same password for             ventional Encryption and click OK. You will       arates an untrusted network such as th
          everything is dangerous—if one password is      be asked for a passphrase for encrypting the      Internet from a trusted network or jus
          discovered, all your files and accounts are     file, after which the file will be secured. The   your PC. The firewall works like a recep
          at risk. Also, change your passwords on a       file can also be decrypted by right-clicking      tionist who directs visitors to the correc
          regular basis, but don’t use a standard poli-   from Windows Explorer.                            people and makes sure that intruders do
          cy to build your passwords—change the                                                             not hinder the work. A good firewall mus
          strategy too.                                   Don’t let the bugs bite                           analyse all network traffic and allow onl
               Passwords are normally cracked in three    Viruses can wipe out all data on your PC or       authorised data to pass through. Also, th
          ways. The most common is guessing.              corrupt the files internally, making recov-       firewall itself must be immune to pene
          Names, or combinations of names and             ery impossible. In a networked environ -          tration. It may also log network informa
          important dates have often given way past       ment, they can be even more dangerous.            tion for user analysis.
          all security schemes. Second is a dictionary        Anti-virus software are aplenty today              Many types of firewalls exist as both
          attack, where words and word combina-           and many are very effective in controlling        software and hardware. Hardware fire
          tions from a dictionary of commonly used        deadly viruses. When choosing an anti-            walls are usually implemented in larg
          names and words end up forming the right        virus software, your primary concern              organisations. Software firewalls functio
          password. Thus, don’t use common words          should be effectiveness. It should be able        just like proxy servers, but instead of sim
          and phrases. Lastly, the brute force attack     to reliably trap all known viruses and pre-       ply connecting networks, they also
          tries every possible combination of letters,    vent them from infecting your files and           analyse the data packets passing through
          numbers and symbols to find the right           applications. It should also transparently        their origin as well as the intended desti
          password. The more complicated the pass-        monitor all activity on your computer and         nation. These firewalls also provide mor
          word, the longer it will take to crack. In      check every new file that’s coming in. A          detailed reports than hardware firewalls
          fact, some good passwords have been esti-       good virus scanner understands the                    Firewalls can prevent Denial of Servic
          mated to take years to crack on very high-      nature of viruses and prevents not only           (DoS) attacks to your PC or network
          end systems.                                    known viruses, but also identifies viral          Though it is fairly easy for pranksters to
               A computer-generated random pass-          behaviour so that it can detect new, as yet       find out your IP address (this is even eas
          word is usually very good, but difficult to     unknown viruses.                                  ier on broadband connections where PC
          remember. There are several software                Finally, the software vendor should           could have fixed IPs) and send out an
          available that can maintain password lists      provide regular updates for new viruses.          attack, most such attacks are a result o
          in an encrypted file, so you would need         This is critical to securing your system as       random practices, without any particula
          to remember just the password to access         new viruses are being let loose every day.        machine in mind. On an unprotected sys
          this list.                                      Alerts of new viruses via e-mail is an added      tem, a DoS attack can freeze the OS, caus

                    104                                                                                                                NOVEMBER
Insight-Workshop-protech ur data 4th option.qxd 4/29/2004 10:14 AM Page 105

          severe lagging of the Internet connection,
          and will force you to restart Windows at
                                                           When prompted, check the option to cre-
                                                           ate the appropriate rule and click Permit
                                                                                                            Encryption Tools
          the risk of losing unsaved data.                 to allow the connection.                         Crypto-Lock
              To exploit weaknesses on your system,           When you run TPF with the Internet            www.rtsoftware.org
          a hacker first has to learn what software        connection on for the first time, you            Crypto-Lock is a free file encryption program.
          you run. Data is exchanged from your PC          should disable all the Internet software.        The password you enter for encryption is not
          through ports. Figuring out which ports          This way, you can identify any software          stored within the file, but undergoes various
          are open and what kind of data they                                                               processes to prevent it from being cracked.
          accept gives a good clue about your sys-                                                          Also, even if you use the same password with
          tem. Port scanners are often used by                                                              every file, random values are used for each key
          attackers to find out whether a backdoor                                                          making it that much more difficult to crack.
          is running and if it accepts connections to                                                       AdvaCrypt Suite
          your system. Firewalls close and lock ports                                                       www.advacrypt.cjb.net
          that are not required and open them only                                                          AdvaCrypt Suite is a strong encryption appli
          when required. Hence, with a firewall run-                                                        cation. The software supports all Windows
          ning, it becomes difficult for a cracker to                                                       versions and is free for personal use.
          fingerprint your system.                                                                          DPcrypto
              Many users suffer due to backdoors.                                                           www.dpaehl.de
          These software accept connections and                                                             This is a high security encryption program
          allow anyone to take complete control of                                                          that supports several encryption algorithms.
          your system and all your data. Backdoors                                                          This program is giftware—you can make a
          are difficult to detect unless their nature is                                                    donation to the developer or offer to trans
          already known, and firewalls can help by         Allow only connections that you authorise        late it to other language.

                                                                                                            Anti-virus Tools
          blocking all ports except those specifical-
          ly opened for trusted applications.              that tries to automatically connect from
                                                           your computer without your knowledge.            F-Secure Anti-Virus
          Using Tiny Personal Firewall                     Start each program one by one, and allow         www.f-secure.com
          Firewalls are available at varying prices,       each one as it tries to connect to the Net.      F-Secure Anti-Virus regularly downloads new
          some even free. Lets have a look at how to       It is a better practice to wait till the soft-   anti-virus definitions transparently and is
          install and configure Tiny Personal Fire-        ware reports a connection failure, and           available in several versions for home users
          wall (TPF, www.tinysoftware.com), a firewall     then re-attempt connecting after granti -        and corporate networks. For offices, the cor
          that doesn’t hog system resources and            ng it access. This way, you increase the         porate version allows management of the
          runs quite fast. Installation and configu-       chances of preventing spyware from send-         anti-virus across the network from a central
          ration is also fairly straightforward and        ing data out from your machine.                  server, a very useful feature for administra
          the level of protection is appreciable.              Right-click the TPF icon in the system       tors. You can also sign up to receive regular
             Upon installation, TPF will be active         tray and click Firewall Administration to        security alerts from the F-Secure team.
          and will scan your PC for potential weak-        enable or disable the firewall and access        Norton AntiVirus
          nesses and existing Trojans. With default        advanced configuration options. You can          www.symantec.com
          settings, the firewall is set to medium          add or delete trusted address groups and         Norton AntiVirus provides reliable protection
          security with pre-set filter rules. The fire-    set up filter rules. A filter rule lets you      against application viruses of various kinds,
          wall will throw dozens of alerts the first       define the protocols (UDP, HTTP, etc)            document viruses and even e-mail worms.
          few times it runs, to learn what network         used, the ports through which access             Security alerts from the Symantec task force
          transactions to allow and what to block.         should be allowed, the applications              keeps you abreast with the latest breaches.

          The more network applications you run,           allowed and when the rule should be
          the more alerts you’ll see until TPF has         valid. TPF also displays a dynamic list of
          built its database of allow and deny rules.      open connections.                                Sygate Personal Firewall
                                                               Permanent Internet access through            www.sygate.com
           Backup Genie 1.5, No Hands                      cable and optical fibre connections are on       Free for personal use, Sygate Personal Fire
           Backup 2.0, SecurDat 2.1                        the rise. It is very important that you use      wall is pretty good at protecting your PC
           Pro, Active@ Partition Recov-                   a firewall on such connections, as the PC        from hackers, Trojans and DoS attacks. It
           ery, FILERECOVERY for Win-                      is almost always on the same IP address. If      creates detailed logs of network traffic and
           dows, GetDataBack for FAT,                      you are not using the Net connection             keeps information on your PC safe and
           PC Inspector File Recovery, Stellar Phoenix     when the PC is connected, you can set the        private.
           8.0 Data Recovery Software, Zero Assump-        firewall to shut off all Internet transfer.      Agnitum Outpost Firewall
           tion Recovery, AdvaCrypt Suite 3 3.40s,             There are a number of ways you could         www.agnitum.com
           Crypto-Lock 2.01, DPcrypto 1.05, PGP            lose data—through accidental deletion,           A personal firewall for Windows, Outpost
           7.03, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, Sygate          hardware failure or malicious intent. But        Firewall prevents threats from cookies,
           Personal Firewall 5.0.1137, Tiny Personal       if you’ve backed up important data and           banner ads, e-mail viruses, spyware,
           Firewall 2.0.15                                 secured it the correct way, you’ll never         crackers, adware and other Internet dangers
           Find them on the Mindware CD                    face a data disaster.                            It sports a plug-in architecture, making it
                                                                                             VEER KOTHARI   highly scalable.

                    105                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER
insight I
              I   netreturns

                                                A journey away from boredom

               hen your work starts                                                              give away that I’m goofing off. Well, time
               creeping     into    your                           11.30 am and the brain        to get back to earning my bread and butter!
               dreams and weekends                     is already dead…
               mean boring yourself                    I can’t find a better place to start      2.00 pm and that heavy lunch is making
with the TV, you need to take a break                   my journey than www.bored.com. I         me drowsy…
and hang loose. Studies show that our                   put on the online radio from here        I could revisit some of the sites I went to
concentration levels on any task begins                 and check out the list of new            earlier, but last night’s dream is still on my
to dip after every 45 minutes. A short         wacky sites they’ve dug up. Now I’ve              mind and I am curious about what it
break can be fun in many ways and is           got a roadmap for my little excursions            means. I dreamt I was alone in a forest.
definitely better than staring blankly at      from work.                                        Heavy mist was swirling around me and I
the monitor, forcing your mind to make             First stop, a little intellectual stimula -   could hear some weird sounds. I think I
sense of those crowded worksheets. You         tion with crosswords at www.webcross-             even saw a ghost. I head to www.freaky-
don’t need to plan a holiday or even           words.com. Most of the clues are about            dreams.com. I describe my dream and the site
spend too much time on your break.             movies, so they should be easy to solve—          gives an interpretation based on a few key-
Here’s what I do for a bit of relaxation       I don’t need to call out to my Thesaurus-         words it finds in the text. It’s not really
when the boss isn’t looking.                   quoting colleague every 5 minutes.                worth hanging on to, but fun nonetheless.
                                                   I’ve finished one crossword and decide             Here’s something you can slip in as an
                                               to give another go at that project propos -       excuse for management training—at
                                               al. But the words are still a jumble, so I        www.lemonadegame.com you manage a
                                               want to look for something even more              lemonade stand and depending on the
                                               invigorating—maybe a little philosophy            weather conditions, decide the price of
                                               will wake me up. I set the co-ordinates of        each cup of lemonade and how much
                                               my astromobile to www.crazythoughts.com to
                                               look up some of life’s unanswered ques -
                                               tions. Now here’s a thought-provoking
                                               one: If you stick stickers on non-stick
                                               pans, do they stick? I’m going to find the
                                               answer to this one the moment I reach
                                               home! There are more such brainteasers at
                                               www.straightdope.com. This one sounds
                                               funny: if all 1 billion Chinese jumped at
                                               once, would the earth be thrown out of its
                                               orbit? The answers are even funnier.
Webcrosswords: Crosswords to relax your mind       I suppose the grin on my face is a dead       Emode: Know thyself

          106                                                                                                                NOVEMBER 2002
sugar, ice and lemons you would use per         7.00 pm. I am waiting for my colleague to               Signs You are Wasting
cup. I’m sure I can come up with a very         finish work so we can go home together…
                                                                                                        Too Much Time
profitable business model!                      I need to kill some time while my friend
     Enough of time pass. I should be           wraps up work for the day. Maybe I should           I  What you read on the Net becomes the
doing something productive now. I have          try my hand at building robots! Sodacon-            subject of most of your social
a meeting lined up, and I start gathering       structor (www.sodaplay.com) gives me a neat         conversations.
all the reports for it. But my secretary has    little lab where I can do just that. It’s all       I You spend most of your free time build-
just told me that there’s a slight delay—       pretty simple and I can spend hours                 ing up strategies for solving games and
too short for me to start with work, so I       watching my creations crawl and float               puzzles.
log on to www.emode.com to find out a bit       around under different conditions of                I You get bored by what’s supposed to kill
about myself. There is a huge collection        gravity, friction, etc.                             boredom.
of tests that can reveal a lot about my IQ                                                          I The language from these Web sites finds
(I think I’ll skip those), my personality,                                                          its way into your monthly reports.
lifestyle, the right career path, even my                                                           I Forum members and Webmasters
relationships! There’s one that catches                                                             become your heroes.
my eye—it’s a test to find out which car                                                            I You start ignoring nature’s calls to get
matches my personality. The test scores                                                               more time at these sites.
show that I’m a practical person and the                                                            I You start looking forward to the daily
perfect car for me would be a Toyota,                                                               joke more than the e-mail from your girl-
Honda or a Ford Escort. Now if only they                                                            friend/boyfriend.
would provide the required funds as well!                                                           I The number of jokes you receive by
I want to try out the other tests too, like                                                         e-mail crosses the amount of spam you
the one which determines whether I’m            Sodaconstructor: Lazy bum to Einstein in minutes    receive daily.
in the right job and the matchmaker, but                                                            I You’ve already bookmarked most of the
I’ll hold them for later. PsychTests                                                                sites in this article.
(www.psychtests.com) also has a truckload of                                                        I Your Favorites are neatly organised into
personality tests.                                              11.30 pm. I’m waiting for           Puzzles, Jokes, Quotes… and you have just
                                                        sleep to take over...                       one folder called Work.
4.30 pm. Whoa! That meeting looked like                 It’s been a typical hectic day at
it would never end…                                     work and there’s nothing interest-
My head is spinning with all the ideas that             ing on TV. I really do need some-          car being crushed by Raymond Kalitrey,
were thrown up in the meeting and the                    thing that will help me relax. I          the back window of the car smashes. A lit-
things I need to do. At this moment I           think I’ll just dig up some easy reading.          tle later, it smashes again!
would give anything to be able to do some-      OxymoronList.com (www.oxymoronlist.com)                 While I am surfing for more enter-
thing that doesn’t require much thought!        seems like a nice spot to visit. It claims to      taining reading, I stumble across News of
     Snap Bubbles (www.snapbubbles.com)         have the largest collection of oxymorons           the Weird (www.newsoftheweird.com). It has a
seems like the perfect place to do practi -     online. Ever thought of how someone can            collection of bizarre but true news items
cally nothing—all you do is keep snapping       be ‘awfully nice’? Or why they call it the         from the United States. Reading one news
the bubbles on virtual bubble wraps! The        ‘Peace Force’? Maybe I can use a few for           item a day from here will surely keep bore-
Reflex Tester Game at www.reflexgame.com is     my next report. Here’s another feel-good           dom away. I read one about a 34-year-old
quite addictive. The deal is that when I        destination that never fails to cheer me           woman from Texas who was attacked by
click Start, the background colour changes      up—www.goodquotes.com. My favourite sec-           three lions in a pen at a game park in
after some time and I have to click Stop        tions are Famous Last Words and Bumper             South Africa when she started petting one
the moment it does. I have at times spent       Stickers. The Answering Machine mes -              of them.
close to half an hour just hitting Start and    sages are quite entertaining too, but the               Confessions from people at www.daily-
Stop. I blame the caustic remarks that fol -    pickup lines are quite silly.                      confession.com are more fun—these are per-
low for egging me on! If I take more than            Bloopers have been my all-time                sonal accounts of people’s doings. There’s
a second to respond, the damn thing asks        favourite. Bloopers are mistakes that find         this confession from a person who loathes
me if I fell asleep, and even at 0.28 sec -     their way to the public. Usually they get          jaywalkers and has a deep-seated urge to
onds, it asks me to get better!                 recorded in movies and TV shows, but can           hit them! There’s another from a poor guy
     I think I’ll go play some more intelli -   be found in print too. Slip Ups                    who hates wearing glasses in public
gent games at www.sandlotscience.com            (www.slipups.com) has a huge collection of         because one of his ears is slightly higher
instead. The slider puzzles are very            bloopers and www.eeggs.comhas a whole list         than the other! Even funnier are other
engrossing—one tile is missing from a           of Easter eggs—amusing items hidden in             people’s responses to these confessions.
square and you have to slide them               software, movies, music, etc. There are                 My journey through cyberspace in the
around till they form the correct               thousands of them and they can be quite            quest for the interesting and the puerile
picture. Fortunately, the ones here are         entertaining. I’ve seen ET several times,          takes me to www.elibs.com. This site has a
quite simple.                                   but I completely missed this blooper—the           very interesting concept: I type a few words
     A little nagging voice in my head is       refrigerator in the film repeatedly changes        and it spins an amusing story using them.
telling me to get back to work. I must heed     colour! Nor did I notice that in Gone in           If you don’t want to sit about typing words,
it, else I’ll land in trouble!                  Sixty Seconds, when Kip Rennes is in the           you can just read some of the stories

          107                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 2002
insight I
               I   netreturns

                                                 never needed to know but your life
                                                 would be incomplete without! Yes, my
                                                 life really was incomplete till I found out
                                                 that the island of Manhattan was sink-
                                                 ing into the Hudson Bay due to the
                                                 weight of its buildings! Oh, and I already
                                                 knew this one: David Rice Atchison is the
                                                 only man in history to have been Presi-
                                                 dent of the United States for just 24
                                                 hours. Here’s another interesting tid bit:
Daily Confession: Up to no good                  when Pearl Harbor was bombed, one
                                                 ingenious scientist came up with the idea
created by others. The stories are quite         of getting a million bats, cooling them
amusing, but even more entertaining are          down to hibernation, attaching incendi-          Useless Information: Knowledge is power
the words that some people have entered!         ary bombs to them and releasing them
     Metaspy (www.metaspy.com), a similar        over Japan. The bats would reawaken and          jokes of all genres. A special tip: don’t for-
site, lists out the words and phrases peo-       seek shelter in the dark nooks and cran-         get to visit the Microsoft jokes.
ple search for at the MetaCrawler search         nies of homes and businesses and a few                What can be more fun than watching
engine. Who would have thought that              minutes later, the whole country would           others squirm! It’s time to send out some of
people actually search for haircut styles,       be ablaze.                                       those practical jokes from www.strangere-
old truck guides and…fun Web sites!                   Well, all this reading has done me          ports.com. Wondering why they call them-
     The best stop so far has been at Use-       good and I am ready for bed.                     selves StrangeReports.com? That’s because
less Information (http://home.nycap.rr.com/                                                       they can make up really funny news arti-
useless/index.html)—stuff, as they put it, you   10.30 am, chilling at home…                      cles about people, which will have them
                                                 It’s a Saturday and there’s no work. Lets        begging for mercy while you laugh your
                                                 see if I can find more sites to cut the tedi-    head off. Try the one about the Man
 The Goofer’s Guide to
                                                 um of a long, dull day. But this time I’ll try   Caught Peeping In Toilet and see how
 Looking                                         out sites that will give me some serious         many of your friends turn beetroot-red.
 I  Keep a Word document or Excel spread-        education—might as well make it pro -                 ForwardGarden (www.forwardgarden. com)
 sheet open. Switch to it using the quick        ductive time pass!                               claims to have the largest database of jokes,
 [Alt] + [Tab] combination every time                 A site called SoYouWanna.com                stories and opinions on the Internet. It’s
 someone passes by and if possible, say          (www.soyouwanna.com) teaches you how to          actually a collection of funny stories and
 something insightful.                           do all the things nobody taught you in
 I If you have to switch to the document,        school such as avoiding traffic police, how
 scroll down a few sheets or open another        to talk with the dead and how to lose
 document in case the same person                weight. Ah! Here’s an interesting one: how
 passes by.                                      to ask your boss for a raise. Hmmm… here
 I Use the [Win] + [D] combination liber-        are some handy tips, but they won’t work
 ally to minimises all windows and show          if he finds me loafing around. I think I’ll
 the desktop.                                    not spend so much time looking for breaks
 I Mute the sound on your computer.              in office then!
 I Keep a straight face when reading jokes,
 look intensely into the screen and rub
 your chin every few minutes.                                     2.00 pm and looking for         Jokes.com: Looking for some fun
 I Don’t look frazzled while solving puzzles              more fun…
 lest someone offers to help. If you need to              Enough of learning new tricks!          chain mail that people have been sending
 ask others for clues, make it sound like                  It’s the weekend after all! At         each other. They even have SMS forwards.
 you are talking about cricket or world                    home, relaxing with a chilled          This is the site to turn to when you are in
 politics.                                                 glass of orange squash is a good       search of a quick laugh. I’ve been checking
 I Keep a lot of important-looking paper         time to catch up on some jokes. And no           it out for a few months now, but still
 strewn on your desk.                            better place to start than www.jokes.com.        haven’t been able to read through all the
 I Discuss work at lunch; it makes you look      They have everything: blonde, lawyer,            jokes. However, I prefer sending out jokes
 sincere.                                        medical, office, bartender and yes, adult        and funky animations from www.sending-
 I Keep a Tom Sawyer excuse ready. If            jokes, too. They’ve even got the classic         fun.com, since the items on ForwardGarden
 someone does catch you loafing, explain         “Horse walks into a bar and the bartender        have probably been forwarded more times
 the importance of taking a break and get        asks, ‘Why the long face?’” joke.                than you would care to count.
 them to do the same.                                From here, I navigate to www.funky-               It’s evening and much cooler now.
 I If any of your bosses shares your copy of     pages.com. I could use up my entire Inter-       Time to go out to town and have some
 Digit, tear out these pages before passing      net account right here, just clicking all the    real world fun with my friends. So this is
 it on.                                          links! The site has videos, optical illusions,   where my journey ends...for now.
                                                 games, card tricks, poems and of course,                                           VEER KOTHARI

          108                                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 2002
Quick start-November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:16 AM Page 109

          insight I
                          I   quick start

                               Driving  your
                         graphics card higher
              n the quest for a better gaming experi-        all hardware’. At this point, the Hardware
              ence, the route one often takes is that        Wizard will scan your system. Scroll to the
              of buying a new feature-packed graph-          ‘Standard display types’ in the left pane and
          ics card. But just upgrading your graphics         select ‘Standard PCI Graphics Adapter
          card and monitor drivers can give you              (VGA)’ from the right pane. Click Next and
          increased stability, more features and push        the driver will load.
          those Quake III frame rates a couple of                 After rebooting, you will notice that
          notches higher. And you don’t have to              the system uses the SVGA driver, since
          spend anything to get these benefits               you have only a 256-colour palette.             Choose the correct driver for your montior
          through a driver update. However, if not
          approached in the right manner, this can                 Loading the new video driver              do not have the disk, select an appropr
          make you susceptible to bottlenecks. Lets                Run the setup file for your new driv-     ate monitor from the Standard monito
          walk the route of upgrading and see how            ers. During installation, if asked to over-     types (e.g. Super VGA 1024x768 at 75 Hz)
          this can be done the right way!                    write any files, click Yes. When the            This driver works with most monitors an
               As an example, we are using an nVidia         installation is complete, it will prompt        will allow you to run your monitor at
          Riva TNT2 graphics card on Windows 98                                                              comfortable refresh rate and resolution.
          SE, but the steps are pretty much applica-
          ble to all cards and operating systems.                                                                  Setting your resolution an
                                                                                                                   refresh rate
                Revert to the standard driver                                                                After loading the drivers, you need to se
                 First, you have to revert your graph-                                                       the refresh rate—go back to Display Prop
          ics card to its original driver. Doing this pro-                                                   erties, click the Settings tab and set thi
          vides the smoothest upgrade path and min-                                                          to 1024x768. Click Advanced and selec
          imises the chances of any clash between                                                            the Adapter tab. Here, set your refresh rat
                                                                                                             to 75 Hz (or higher, if available) and clic

                                                             Run the setup for your new graphics driver

                                                             you to reboot the system. After restarting,
                                                             open Control Panel > Desktop > Settings .
                                                             The new driver will be listed here and you
                                                             can set a higher screen resolution and
                                                             colour depth.

          Select the Standard VGA graphics driver                  Loading the monitor driver                Set your refresh rate to at least 75 Hz
                                                                    Unless you have the correct moni-
          the old and the new drivers. One driver            tor drivers, you will not be able to run the    Apply. If your monitor does not accep
          that works with all types of graphics cards        monitor at an optimum refresh rate and          this change (the screen goes blank), lowe
          is the Standard VGA (SVGA) driver found            resolution. To install the monitor drivers,     your resolution one notch and try again
          in all versions of Windows.                        go to Control Panel > Desktop > Settings >      When you find a setting that gives a sta
              To revert to the original driver, in Con-      Advanced and click Monitor. If the mon-         ble display, click OK.
          trol Panel > Device Manager, access the Dis-       itor is listed as Default Monitor, you need         Congratulations! You’ve successfull
          play Adapter and right-click on your               to load the drivers for your monitor. Click     upgraded your display card’s drivers an
          graphics card listed there. Under Properties       Change and browse to the location of the        are all set to experience better feature
          > Driver, select Update Driver. Select ‘Dis-       driver—it will probably be on the floppy        and smoother graphics performance.
          play a list of drivers’ and then select ‘Show      disk accompanying your monitor. If you                                           MARCO D

                     109                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER
Troubleshooting_November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:31 AM Page 110

         insight I
                        I   troubleshooting

                                             Printing problems, tackling viruses, connecting PCs,
                                          a forgetful BIOS and much more—find your answers here

         XP Startup disk                                                                                  then works properly. Please give me the
             I have installed Windows XP                                                                  solution to this problem.
         Professional on my PC and want to create                                                         Navin Kumar
         a Startup Disk, but there is no option to                                                        Via e-mail
         create it. Please tell me how I can create a
         boot floppy.                                                                                         This happens when Windows encoun
         Suman Saha                                                                                       ters an internal overflow of stacks used b
         Via e-mail                                                                                       32-bit Windows-based drivers—usuall
                                                                                                          due to a fault in the driver itself. Driver
            To create a boot floppy for Windows                                                           are allocated 4 KB of memory to be used
         XP, format it first from Windows XP by                                                           as a stack and if it uses more than that, a
         typing format a: at the command prompt.                                                          stack overflow occurs. By default, Win
         Copy the Ntldr, Ntdetect.com and                                                                 dows sets aside two spare stacks to be used
         boot.ini files from the root of the boot                                                         temporarily so that the computer doe
         drive. If you are using a SCSI hard disk,                                                        not hang. If Windows detects that it ha
         copy the driver for the SCSI controller to                                                       run out of spare stack pages, you receiv
         the floppy and rename it Ntbootdd.sys.                                                           the aforementioned error message.
         You can now start your computer by                                                                     To solve the problem, add MinSPs=
         booting from this floppy disk.                   Browse the Internet without logging on to the   to the [386Enh] section of th
                                                          network                                         C:\Windows\System.ini file. You can
         I’m DUN for                                                                                      continue increasing the spare stack page
             When I connect to my ISP using a dial-       able to use the Internet without any prob-      from here by increasing the number. You
         up connection, the username and pass -           lems. Also note that if you leave this option   will have to restart the computer afte
         word gets verified, but the ‘Logging on to       enabled, you can start surfing as soon as       editing the file for the changes to tak
         network’ dialog box remains on the               the modem connects, without waiting for         effect. However, you should get updated
         screen for over a minute. Can you help me        the ‘Logging on to network’ dialog box          drivers for all your hardware to make sur
         out with this?                                   to disappear.                                   that you are not using buggy softwar
         Buzz                                                                                             that could be harmful in the long run.
         Via e-mail                                       Stacked
                                                              While working with Internet Explorer, I     Corrupted e-mail
             All you have to do is disable the ‘Log on    get the following error message quite fre-          I have been using Outlook Express 5 fo
         to Network’ option in the dial-up connec-        quently: ‘Terminating thread due to stack       the last two years. I had around 6,000 mes
         tion’s settings. To do this, open Start > Pro-   overflow problem. A vxd consumed too            sages in my inbox, but due to power failure
         grams > Accessories > Communications > Dial-Up   much stack space. Increase setting of           it got corrupted. It is now showing only fou
         Networking, right-click the connection and       MinSPs in System.ini or remove recently         messages. The size of the file (inbox.mbx)
         click Properties. Under the Server Types tab,    installed vxds. There are currently 6 SPs       150 MB. Can my messages be recovered?
         disable this option. Windows will no longer      allocated. Hit any key to proceed.’ The         Yash Garg
         try to log on to the network and you will be     computer seems to hang for a while and          Via e-mail

                      110                                                                                                             NOVEMBER
Troubleshooting_November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:31 AM Page 111

             Your mailbox file seems to have been
         corrupted, but the file that you checked         DOS printing                                                   however a few devel
         does not seem to be the right one.                   How can I print from DOS                                       opers have created
         Microsoft gave up the MBX file format            to a printer connected to                                             emulators that
         after Outlook Express 4. However, if this        the USB port? I can print                                             allow you to
         is really the file, you are in luck—you can      to the parallel port                                                      print to any
         retrieve at least the text part of all your      using the command                                                        port      mas
         e-mail by opening the file in a text edi-        copy <filename> lpt1                                                querading as the
         tor. Notepad will not open such a large          /b. What is the                                              printer port. You can use
         file, so use a better software such as           command for the                                       the       DOSPrint         utility
         NoteTab Light (www.notetab.com) or               USB port?                                              (www.dosprint.com) to print from
         EditPlus (www.editplus.com). Note that           Kishore                                                DOS to any output, including
         while opening such a large file, the sys-        Jethanandani                                           USB printers, fax-modems, etc.
         tem may seem to hang, but let it open            Jaipur                                                The software is completely com
         the file nevertheless.                                                                             mand-line based, but does the job
               In Outlook Express, open Tools >              USB ports                                   well enough.
         Options > Maintenance > Store Folder to          are not available                                You will find some similar tools to
         determine where the mailbox files are            from DOS and you                             emulate the Epson Dot Matrix printers
         stored. Outlook Express 5 stores e-mail          cannot print directly to them. Microsoft     at www.filelibrary.com/Contents/DOS/102
         in the DBX format. If this is also such a        claims that there is no solution for this,   /5.html.
         large file, try importing it to another
         identity or in another program such as
         Outlook. However, since you have               shared       folders   after      typing       Windows. Enter a name and pres
         already opened and closed Outlook              \\ipaddress\sharename. When I open             [Enter]. Now, when you connect, yo
         Express several times, it may be impossi-      Network Neighbourhood and click Entire         should be able to browse each other’
         ble to retrieve the data and the file size     Network, it shows a message that says          shared resources. The other way to
         may be just wasted space, which will           ‘Unable to Browse Network’. Ping receives      achieve the same is by enabling the ‘Log
         reduce when you compact the folder (File       a successful reply.                            on to Network’ option in the Dial-u
         > Folder > Compact).                           Kuldip Modi                                    Connection’s properties, as describe
                                                        Via e-mail                                     under ‘I’m DUN for’ (page 110).
         Landscape printing
             I have a Pentium III with 256 MB RAM           Both, you and your friend may need         Capturing movies
         and a 40 GB hard drive with Windows            to be logged on to the network to be able          I have a Pentium 4 1.5 GHz machin
         2000 Professional, Service Pack 2. I have      to browse the shared resources. There are      with a 20 GB hard disk, 256 MB RDRAM
         an HP Deskjet 670C printer installed.          two ways to do this. Open Control Panel >      32 MB video card, a TV tuner card and
         While printing any document in land -          Network. Set Client for Microsoft Net-         12x CD-Writer. I captured a movie usin
         scape orientation and draft mode, the          works as the ‘Primary Network Logon’.          the TV tuner card and the size of the fil
         printer prints from the right edge of the      The next time you start Windows, it            was 30 MB for a 10-second clip! If I wan
         paper, irrespective of the right margin        will bring up a dialog box to log on to        to capture a two-hour movie, it woul
         set. However, this does not happen with                                                       occupy around 20 GB of space. Withou
         portrait orientation, or with normal and                                                      extra hardware, can I convert the movie
         best modes.                                                                                   directly to an encoded format?
         Koyande                                                                                       T. Gopal
         Via e-mail                                                                                    Madurai

             This seems to be a problem with the                                                           Raw movie files are indeed very space
         printer’s drivers. You can find the relevant                                                  hungry, and unless you compress them
         drivers at http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/                                                  while capturing, you can rarely hope to
         eng/software_drivers.htmIf. If this does not                                                  record more than a few minutes’ worth
         solve the problem, download the drivers                                                       of video. If the software bundled with th
         for a printer from the same family (e.g.,                                                     capture card does not allow you to use
         660C or 690C) and try those instead. Also,                                                    compression codec while capturing, yo
         when printing in landscape orientation,                                                       can use other software such as VirtualDu
         try using the Landscape (Rotated) option.                                                     (www.virtualdub.org) to do so. When cap
                                                                                                       turing with VirtualDub, click File > Captur
         Modem network                                                                                 AVI to switch to capture mode. Click
             After reading your article on connect-                                                    Set capture file to specify where the fil
         ing two PCs using modems, I tried it out                                                      should be saved. Click Video > Format
         with my friend. Both of us have Motorola                                                      set the frame size and format. Open
         SM56 PCI Internal Modems. The PCs con-         You need to be logged on to browse shared      > Compression and select a codec for th
         nect successfully, but we cannot see our       resources                                      captured video.

                      111                                                                                                          NOVEMBER
Troubleshooting_November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:31 AM Page 112

         insight I
                         I   troubleshooting

                                                                                                         is copied to the System folder as ker
            Networking two PCs                                                                           nel.dll or kernel32.dll. Microsoft ha
               I have two computers and                                                                  issued a security patch, which secure
            two network cards. Is it possi -                                                             against      such      vulnerability       a
            ble to connect them without                                                                  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bul
            modems or hubs?                                                                              letin/MS00-075.asp.
            Sawma Lunglei                                                                                      To remove the virus, first delete a
            Via e-mail                                                                                   Temporary Internet Files (   Control Panel
                                                                                                         Internet Options and click Delete Files)
               To be able to connect two                                                                 Next, delete the following registry key
            PCs directly using LAN cards,                                                                for each user who ran the virus:
            you will have to use a cross-                                                                    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\<
            crimped network cable—it’s                                                                   d>\Software\Microsoft\Outloo
            not as complicated as it             STRAIGHT- CRIMPED              CROSS -CRIMPED           Express\<Version>\Mail\Compose Us
            sounds. All network cables are                                                               Stationery
            made of four pairs of wires, connected      one connector would be in the opposite               HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities
            to RJ45 connectors. For a standard net-     direction to the wires at the other end.         <Id>\Software\Microsoft\Outloo
            work, you would ensure that the             You can have such a cable made by any            Express\<Version>\Mail\Stationer
            colours of the wires at both ends are in    hardware engineer. Just plug this into           Name
            the exact same sequence. For a direct       the network cards and your network                   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities
            PC-to-PC network, one pair of wires on      will be up.                                      <Id>\Software\Microsoft\Outloo
                                                                                                         Express\<Version>\Mail\Wide Stationer
                                                             VBS/Redlof is a VBScript virus that             You should check all the identitie
                                                          infects HTM, HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, HTT          present and all versions of Outlook. Fo
                                                          and VBS files by appending a script that       each user, a registry key unde
                                                          contains an encrypted copy of the virus        HKEY_USERS stores their personal infor
                                                                                                         mation. For each user, locate the follow
                                                                                                         ing keys and delete them:
                                                                                                         \Windows Messaging Subsystem\Pro
                                                                                                         files\Microsoft Outlook Internet Set
          Choose the codec for the captured video                                                        tings\0a0d020000000000c0000000000
         Outlook password                                                                                    HKEY_USERS\<id>\Software\Microsof
              Whenever I start Outlook, it opens my                                                      \Windows NT\Current Version\Win
         account by default. How can I protect                                                           dows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles
         Outlook with a password so that every time                                                      Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings
         it is launched, it asks for authentication?                                                     0a0d020000000000c000000000000046
         Gaurav                                                                                          001e0360
         Via e-mail                                                                                          HKEY_USERS\<id>\Software\Microsof

             In Outlook, you can protect the data
         file with a password. To set the password,
         click File > Data File Management > Settings >
         Change Password. Enter the password and          Protect your e-mail in Outlook
         disable ‘Save this password in your pass -
         word list’. Now every time you open Out-         code. Viewing an infected HTML docu-
         look, you will be asked for this password,       ment activates the virus. It usually tar-
         without which Outlook will not load the          gets the file folder.htt (used as a template
         message store.                                   for viewing folders as Web pages) stored
                                                          as a hidden file in the Web folder under
         Virulent PC                                      Windows. It will also be copied to
             I have a Celeron-based computer              kjwall.gif in the same directory. Like
         with Windows 98 SE. My computer is               many of the worms found today, it prop-
         infected with the VBS/Redlof virus. I use        agates via e-mail by infecting blank.htm,
         AVG anti-virus with the latest updates,          the default stationery file for Microsoft
         but it cannot remove the virus. Please           Outlook or Outlook Express. The registry
         provide a remedy for this.                       is edited to ensure that the infected user
         Dinesh                                           includes this default stationery file when     Prevent infected stationery from being used fo
         Via e-mail                                       composing e-mail. An infected VBScript         e-mail

                      112                                                                                                             NOVEMBER
Troubleshooting_November.qxd 4/29/2004 10:31 AM Page 113

                                                     FAQs                                               \Office\10.0\Common\MailSet
           60 going on 200                                 one drive to another while in Windows        \Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\.dll
               I have a GeForce4 Ti 4400 Deluxe            98, it takes a lot of time as compared to       HKEY_USERS\<id>\Software\Microsof
           128 MB graphics card on an Athlon XP            the same copy operation while in XP. For     \Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\dllfile
           1700+ system with 256 MB DDR RAM                example, if I copy a movie of size 1.5 GB,      Also delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
           and 40 GB hard disk on an ASUS A7V              it takes 25 minutes in 98 and 4-5 min -      Software\Microsoft\Windows\Cur
           266-EX motherboard. I have the latest           utes in XP. The second problem is that       rentVersion\Run\Kernel32 if it exists.
           nVidia and VIA 4 drivers installed. I have      when I play games in 98 SE, the images          Restart the computer and delete al
           run many games such as Quake III Arena          jerk and sometimes the system hangs,         HTT files and Kjwall.gif from C:\Win
           and Return to Castle Wolfenstein—in             but while in XP they work properly.          dows\Web. Start Outlook Express an
           all of them, the frame rate is stuck at         Please suggest a solution.                   open Tools > Options > Compose. In the Sta
           60 fps at 1024x768 resolution. Even             Nitin Mishrauliya                            tionery section, uncheck Mail or selec
           at lower resolutions, it hardly gets to         Jodhpur                                      your own stationery
           100 fps. The 32 MB GeForce2 MX card
           I had earlier was better. I have seen              The hard disks could be working in        Setup problem
           many of your tests where the fps is             PIO mode while in Windows 98. DMA                 I had created an Address Book appl
           more than 200. Please tell me how to            mode for storage drives is enabled by        cation in Visual Basic and using the Pack
           get that.                                       default in Windows XP, but not in            age and Deployment Wizard, I created it
           Shikhar                                         Windows 98. To enable DMA for your           setup files. I tried installing the applicatio
           Via e-mail                                      hard disk, open Control Panel > System >     on my office PC. It went fine till the fo
                                                           Device Manager. Double-click the hard        lowing message appeared: ‘C:\Win
                                                           disk under the Disk Drives branch to         dows\System\ MSVCRT.dll. An acces
                                                           bring up its properties. Under the Set-      violation occurred while copying the file.
                                                           tings tab, check the box next to DMA.        It gave three options, viz., Abort, Retr
                                                           On rebooting to Windows 98, you              and Ignore. Retry didn’t work, so I trie
                                                           should be able to notice the difference      Ignore. It then gave another message say
                                                           in performance. For the same reason,         ing, ‘If you ignore a copy error, the file wi
                                                           games also do not respond well in            not be copied. The application may no
                                                           Windows 98.                                  function properly as a result. Do you wan
                                                                                                        to ignore the error?’ On clicking Yes, th
                                                           Bad timing                                   rest of the application installed smoothly
                                                               I have Windows Me and Windows            It also runs correctly. Can you tell me wha
                                                           XP installed on different partitions.        the above error means and how I can ge
                                                           When I start the computer, its clock         rid of it?
                                                           shows the wrong time every day. It           Prashant Patel
                                                           shows 1/1/1999 and displays a                Via e-mail
                                                           message, ‘CMOS checksum error’.
                                                           Please tell me the cause of this error           The error message is being displaye
           Turn off Vertical sync for higher frame rates   and the solution.                            because the file is currently in use. Win
                                                           Vishal                                       dows programs use shared libraries fo
                The problem is that the card’s driver      Via e-mail                                   common functions, thus reducing th
           is limiting the number of frames per sec-                                                    number of files for each application an
           ond, based on the monitor’s refresh rate.           The CMOS battery seems to have           also allowing developers to reuse func
           You can turn this off by opening Control        died. This little battery, about the size    tions and APIs. This is why you shoul
           Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced >         of a 50 paise coin, is located on the        always close all open programs befor
           GeForce4 Ti 4400 > OpenGL Settings . Here,      motherboard itself and powers the            installing any software. Your softwar
           look for ‘Vertical sync’ and change its         CMOS while the mains are off. If this        tried to overwrite a file while it was bein
           value to ‘Always off’. If this does not         battery is dead, the CMOS will no            used by some other application, which
           help, download a utility called NV              longer get power and will lose all infor-    caused the error and your softwar
           Refresh Tool 2.0 (www.nvmax.com) and use        mation in its memory every time the          worked perfectly because the file wa
           it to set all refresh rates to the maximum      power is switched off. When this             already there.
           supported.                                      happens, the CMOS loads the default
                                                           configuration from the ROM, which
                                                                                                                          Send your computing
           Slow hard disk                                  would have only a particular date
                                                                                                                          problems to
               I have a Pentium 4 1.6 GHz system           set. All you need to do is change the
           with 128 MB RDRAM. I have dual-boot -           battery to solve the problem. The
                                                                                                                      or write to Digit,
           ing operating systems, Windows 98 SE            battery (CR2032) is readily available in
                                                                                                         D-222/2, Om Sagar, MIDC, Nerul-400
           and Windows XP. When I copy data from           the market.                                   706, and we may answer it here!

                    113                                                                                                              NOVEMBER
insight I
            I   tips and tricks

                 Foul Play
   Written in invisible ink on page 456 of Sung Zu’s The Zen of Gaming is the
    golden rule that has rescued many a gamer from the throes of insanity:
                         If at first you don’t succeed, cheat!
                                                                                       82    Diablo II
                                                                                       83    Need for Speed: Porsche
                                                                                       83    Colin McRae Rally 2.0          81
                                                                                       84    Aliens vs Predator 2
                                                                                       84    FIFA 2000
                                                                                       85    The Sims
                                                                                       85    Starcraft
                                                                                       85    SimCity 3000
                                                                                       86    Age of Empires II: Age of
                                                                                       86    Max Payne
                                                                                       87    Half-Life
                                                                                       87    Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
                                                                                       87    Unreal Tournament
                                                                                       87    Quake III Arena
                                                                                       88    Half-Life: Counter-Strike

                                                                    IMAGING :   Ashwin Boricha

       115                                                                                           NOVEMBER 2002
     insight I
                   I   tips and tricks

                             Diablo II                                      mean and undead and
                                                                            should be looked upon as an
                                                                            army general who lets others
                                                                            do all the dirty work while
                                                                            he meanders in the back-
                                                                            ground casting spells and
                                                                            cursing away. Amplify Dam -
                                                                            age, Confuse and Attract
                                                                            (especially when used in            Salvation. To further aug -
                                                                            conjunction with Confuse)           ment his defence, a Paladin
                                                                            are some of the curses that         should not miss the Herald of
                                                                            along with spells and skills        Zakarum, the best shield that
                                                                            like Bone Armor, Corpse             this holy avenger can hold.
                                                                            Explosion, Bone Spear, Bone
                                                                            Spirit, Golem Mastery, Clay            The Sorceress
                                                                            Golem, Iron Golem and               The Sorceress can be quite a
                                                                            Revive, should be part of           challenge to play with—she
                                                                            your Necromancer’s reper-           should avoid direct contact
     The bosses are a piece of cake when you are the Barbarian. Just keep   toire. The Homunculus is by         with enemies and hone her
     your quickslots filled with health potions—hack, gulp and repeat       far the best shield any Necro-      skills in specialised magic.
                                                                            mancer could hope to find.          Blizzard,     Glacial    Spike,
       The Barbarian                     excellent dexterity gives her                                          Frozen Orb, Fire Ball, Blaze,
     The Barbarian is the best           high Attack and Defense rat -        The Paladin                       Static Field, Nova and Chain
     melee fighter. His brutish          ings, which when combined          The Paladin is an aura dude.        Lightning are some of the
     strength allows him to hack                                            While hacking your way              spells that will go a long way
     through hordes of enemies                                              through the single player           in improving your chances
     much like a hot knife glides                                           mode, Offensive Auras are a         of survival as a Sorceress.
     through butter.                                                        must (Concentration and             No monster-hating caree

82                                                                          Holy Freeze, for example).
                                                                            Multiplayer romps demand
                                                                                                                woman should be caught
                                                                                                                without the Oculus, which
                                                                            investment in Defensive             in conjunction with a good
                                                                            Auras like Defiance, Medita -       shield, will see you through
                                                                            tion,    Redemption     and         most bad days.
                                         with the skills that she can
                                         unlock at higher levels,
                                         makes her one mean killing
                                                                                                 Getting There
                                         machine. Temper her char-            The Secret Cow Level              To Kill a Beast
         While playing as a              acter with these skills: Cold        You can moo your way to a         Fire resistance is highly
     Barbarian, some good skills         Arrow, Multiple Shot, Immo-          Secret Cow Level after finish-    essential in the final show-
     to invest your points in are        lation Arrow, Freezing Arrow,        ing the game. Get back to         down with the menacing
     Bash, Double Swing, Leap            Critical Strike, Penetrate,          the Rogue Encampment, put         Diablo. You can use the
     Attack, Concentrate, and            Decoy and Evade. Titan’s             Wirt’s Leg and a Tome of          Horadric Cube to transmute
     Whirlwind. Look out for the         Revenge, Lycander’s Aim and          Town Portal into the Horadric     a ring of fire resistance. To
     Face while playing as this          Lycander’s Flank are the             Cube, transmute it and a por-     do this, you will need one
     character.                          unique weapons that you              tal leading to the bovines will   ring, one ruby and four vials
                                         should keep an eye out for           appear. Once you kill the         of Exploding Potion. This
       The Amazon                        while playing as an Amazon.          Cow King, you cannot return       will give you the Garnet
     The Amazon lets her bow                                                  to these green pastures. Keep     Ring that offers a boost
     and arrow do the talking;              The Necromancer                   him alive and milk the place      of +21-30 to your fire
     and she isn’t half bad with         The Necromancer is the               for items and gold.               resistance statistic.
     the spear either! Her               summoner of all things

               116                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
     Need for Speed: Porsche                                                 NFS: Porsche Unleashed Cheats
           Unleashed                                                       Go to the main menu and click ‘Create Player’. To enable a
                                                                           cheat, type in the appropriate code for the player name. Click
                                                                           ‘Done’ to hear a confirmation sound. You can then choose
                                                                           your regular profile to play the game with the enabled cheat.

                                                                           freewill      Drive twice as fast in the single player mode
                                                                           Gulliver      Burn the tracks racing in radio controlled
                                                                           Smash Up      Destruction Derby fun, thanks to the skidpad
                                                                           Dakar         Changes car physics and tracks to a style more
                                                                                         akin to Rally racing
                                                                           Fuzzyfuz      Cops will now bug you in the Quick Race mode
                                                                           yraGyraG      All cars will handle like the Porsche 993
                                                                           fetherw8      Changes the car’s physics by making them heavier

Stick to the bumper view. It offers the best frame rates and angle for
handling corners and the speed feedback is unbeatable
                                                                                 Colin McRae Rally 2.0
  Brake it down                      mission, follow the AI con-
Never brake in the middle of a       trolled cars to get an indica -
turn, especially when driving        tion of the best route to take—
older Porsches—they have a           sometimes an alternative way
tendency to roll over. Instead,      will cut your time almost in
brake early, turn smoothly           half; you might also discover
and accelerate on the exit.          that what you thought of as a
                                     shortcut, is in fact the tortu-
  Touch and go                       ous way to the finish line.
Rid yourself of those med-
dling cops by nudging them              Torque it up
ever so lightly into oncom-          If you find yourself on a
ing traffic or the roadside          track where you can use a
obstacles.                           higher gear ratio with a
                                     lower RPM or a lower gear
  A different route                  ratio with high revs, go with
When befuddled by a track or         the latter every time.

       Need for Speed: High Stakes                                       Use the handbrake to slide into corners and as far as possible slow
                                                                         down before tackling a sharp turn
  Accessing the mini game            keeps high score, so you can
  Select the ‘Credits’ icon after    always come back to it.               Feeling cornered                  throttle to control your slide
  the game loads and change                                              Rally cars tend to slide            and gain grip. You can use
  the display from text to pho-      Fireworks                           around corners. To avoid            the handbrake to slide into a
  tographs. Repeatedly click         Set the system date to July 4       this, always speed coming           sharp turn. When you skid,
  on the pictures that appear        and sit back to enjoy the           out of a corner rather than         turn into the direction of the
  until a ‘Click The Photo’ mini     colourful fireworks during          while going into one. Brake         skid to correct it; once your
  game begins. The game              the game.                           to slow down before turning         car is pointing in the right
                                                                         around a corner and use the         direction, hit the gas pedal.

           117                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
     insight I
                   I   tips and tricks

       Gearboxes, the weather
     and everything in between
                                         differences in the surface of
                                         the tracks—a tarmac stretch
                                                                                                  FIFA 2000
     Once you feel comfortable           will require drastically differ-
     with your car, switch to a          ent techniques and wheels
     manual gearbox that will            than driving on a mud track.
     give you greater control over       The weather can dramatical-
     your vehicle. Pay close atten-      ly alter both the handling
     tion to the directions that         conditions and visibility.
     your co-driver deals out but        Check the weather forecasts
     do not be afraid to                 on the stage information
     improvise. Understand the           page and adjust your tires.

           Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Cheats
       Enter the following codes at the 'Create New Driver Profile'
       screen to activate the corresponding cheat:
       ALLTHEBUTTONS            Unlocks all cars
       GREATNEWS                Unlocks all tracks
       MINIME                   Unlocks the Mini Cooper S
       TURNONTHEICE             Lets you play the car stereo
       MORRISMODE               Unlocks the Escort mk1                      Jumping up and down and acting like a monkey is just one of the
       SHINYBUTTONS             All cars become new and shiny               essentials to a healthy lifestyle
       GOFASTERSTRIPES          Makes the cars go faster
       CURRYFORME               Gives you turbo boost                         Black and white scheme              Finding Pele
       NUTTYNETS                Makes the opposition aggressive             Select two classic teams and       Pele is jersey no 10 and plays
       BOUNCYBOUNCY             Makes the collisions bouncy                 start a match for a black and      for the Classic Brazilian team,
       WHEELYBIG                Gives you monster truck wheels              white colour scheme.               Santos ‘62-‘63, and the Clas-
       BOINGBOINGBOING          Bouncer mode                                                                   sic Brazilian national team

                                Mirrors the tracks
                                Press the handbrake to shoot fireballs
                                                                              The colour orange
                                                                            For a change of hues, select a
                                                                                                               (Brazil ‘58 and Brazil ‘70).

                                in arcade mode                              classic and standard team             Finding Romario
       GARYWILDASS              Unlocks the Ford Puma                       and start a match for an           Romario wears jersey no 11
       EVILEVO                  Unlocks the Lancer Road                     orange colour scheme.              and plays for the Brazilian
       LETMEWIN                 Opens all game options                                                         team side, Flamengo.
                                                                              Finding Ronaldo
                                                                            Ronaldo can be found in the           Finding Youri Djorkaeff
                                                                            game playing as jersey no 9        Youri Djorkaeff may be found
               Aliens vs Predator 2                                         and plays for the Italian side,    in the game as jersey no 14
                                                                            Inter Milan and the Brazilian      and plays for the German
       While in game, press [Enter] and type <cheat> x (note that           national team.                     side, Kaiserslautern.
       there is a space after <cheat>). The x should be replaced with
       one of the codes below. The press [Enter] to enable the code.
       mpcanthurtme                    Turns God mode on/off
                                                                                             FIFA 2000 Cheats
       mpschuckit                      Adds weapons and ammunition             Enter the following at the Cheats menu:
       mpsmithy                        Gives you full armour                   MOMONEY          Gives you unlimited funds
       mpkohler                        Gives you full ammunition               SIZZLE           Lightning mode
       mpbeamme                        Beams player to level start with        DIZZY            Alien mode
                                       initial conditions                      HOOLIGAN         Unlocks Bonus teams
       mpsixthsense                    Walk through walls (on/off)             BURNABY          Unlocks the EAC pitch
       mpicu                           Third person view (on/off)              LIGHTSOUT        Glow mode

               118                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
                        The Sims                                                             Starcraft
                                                                        Press [Enter] during the gameplay, type one of the following
                                                                        codes and press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding
                                                                        cheat function. The message ‘Cheat Enabled’ will confirm that
                                                                        the code is activated. To disable the cheat, repeat the process
                                                                        with the same code:
                                                                        operation cwal                Faster building and instant
                                                                        the gathering                 Unlimited psionic ability
                                                                        power overwhelming            Indestructible buildings and ships
                                                                        war aint what it used to be Remove fog of war
                                                                        show me the money             Minerals and gas increased by
                                                                        whats mine is mine            Minerals increased by 500
                                                                        breathe deep                  Vespene gas increased by 500
                                                                        something for nothing         Everything upgraded
                                                                        food for thought              Ignore supply limit when
You need to keep yourself abreast of your Sims’ wants and needs.                                      building units
Seemingly mundane tasks like socialising and picking the kids from      black sheep wall              Full map
school have to be dutifully performed                                   noglues                       Opponent has no psionics
                                                                        modify the phase variance     Build anything
  I wanna rock DJ                    bills. Then pay the original       medieval man                  Free upgrades to units
If you want new music for            unpaid one. This will cause        staying alive                 Continue after mission completed
your radio, why not play             the new bills inside the mail-     man over game                 Win game
your own MP3 songs? Find             box to disappear.                  game over man                 Lose game
the directories titled latin,                                           special warriors for nothing Free Special Hero
rock, country and classical in          Personality test
your Sims game folder. Copy          When you create a Sim, do
your favourite MP3s and put
them here.
                                     not give it a personality. Pro-
                                     ceed to buy a chemistry lab
                                                                                        SimCity 3000
                                     and create a yellow potion for
  Bills begone                       your Sim to drink. This will       Hold down [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [C] to bring up the cheat
Keep an unpaid bill until the        reverse its personality and        window. Type in these codes and press [Enter] to activate them:
mailman delivers a new set of        give it points on everything!      i am weak                  Everything is free
                                                                        call cousin Vinnie         You’ll be offerred some cash in the
                                                                                                   ‘Meet’ window
                  The Sims Cheats                                       zyxwvu                     Use the above cheat, but decline the
  While playing, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [C] to bring up the cheat                                cash, then enter this cheat to get
  window. Now type in one of the following:                                                        the SimCity Castle
  Rosebud/klapaucius              Gives you 1,000 simoleons (for        garbage in, garbage out All garbage buildings available
                                   patched version)                     power to the masses        All power plants available
  WATER_TOOL                      Puts water around your home           water in the desert        All water plants available
  SET_HOUR (1 to 24)              Sets time of day                      nerdz rool                 All industry becomes High Tech
  SET_SPEED (-1000 to 1000) Sets game speed                             pay tribute to your king Gives all rewards
  AUTONOMY (1 to 100)             Changes how much the Sims             salt on                    Makes all water salty
                                  think on their own                    salt off                   Makes all water fresh
  INTERESTS                       Changes interests and personality     ufo swarm                  Set ‘Disaster’ to UFO for tons of UFOs
  SIM_SPEED (-1000-1000)          Sets Sim’s speed                      the birds                  Flock of birds fly over the city
  SIM_LOG BEGIN/END               Creates a log of your Sim’s history   stop forcing advice        Makes Advisors stop advising

          119                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
     insight I
                    I   tips and tricks

                   Age of Empires II:                                         [R]
                                                                                                                 Set Gather Point
                     Age of Kings                                             [S]
                                                                              [U]                                Unpack

                                                                              Shortcut keys for military units:
                                                                              [A]                                Aggressive
                                                                              [D]                                Defensive
                                                                              [F]                                Flank
                                                                              [C]                                Follow
                                                                              [X]                                Guard
                                                                              [W]                                Box
                                                                              [Q]                                Line
                                                                              [E]                                Staggered
                                                                              [Z]                                Patrol
                                                                              [N]                                Stand Ground
                                                                              [O]                                No Attack

                                                                                                  Max Payne
     Building your structures close to the coastline is asking for trouble.
     Avoid falling into this trap                                                  Bonus Level
                                                                              Beat the game on the Dead on Arrival mode
                  Age of Empires II Cheats                                    to play at the bonus level. You will be put in
                                                                              a room with weapons and two doors. Pick
       Press [Enter] to bring up chat box, then type:                         any door. After you kill all the enemies who
       ROCK ON                             1,000 stone                        come towards you, go to the end of the
       LUMBERJACK                          1,000 wood                         room to find a passage that leads to a room

                                           1,000 gold
                                           1,000 food
                                                                              filled with pictures of the game developers.

       MARCO                               Reveals the entire map                War of the Rats
       POLO                                Removes fog of war                 In Part I: Chapter 2, you can cause the rats to war amongst
       AEGIS                               Fast build
                                                                              themselves. In the subway level, when you first get to the old
       NATURAL WONDERS                     Control Nature
       RESIGN                              Makes you lose                     closed down station, you will find a hole in the wall. Throw a
       WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY                     Destroy yourself                   bunch of grenades and molotov cocktails into this hole. This
       I LOVE THE MONKEY HEAD              Gives you a naked villager         will cause the mission objectives to change to ‘I had declared
                                           who makes an excellent scout       war against the rats’. As you progress through this level, you
       HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON             Gives you a Cobra car              will come across two factions of rats with Desert Eagles. If
       TO SMITHEREENS                      Gives you a Saboteur               your group of rats wins, they will join forces and follow you
       BLACK DEATH                         Destroys all enemies
                                                                              through the rest of the level. If the other rats win, they'll turn
       I R WINNER                          Lets you win
                                                                              their remaining forces against you.
       Shortcut keys for unit commands:
       [T]                                 Attack Ground                         Soldier of Fortune
       [C]                                 Convert                            After you confront Vinni Gognitto, he flees to the rooftops
       [Delete]                            Delete Unit                        and leads you to a place with pipes that take you across the
       [B]                                 Economic Buildings                 rooftop to a room with a window and a TV. Follow the side of
       [V]                                 Military Buildings                 the building you just came out of and look for a narrow, black
       [G]                                 Garrison
                                                                              window at the end. Take out your bat and break the window
       [E]                                 Heal
       [P]                                 Pack                               to reveal the Soldier of Fortune II room, packed with shotguns
                                                                              and one painkiller.

               120                                                                                                             NOVEMBER 2002
                    Half-Life                                                  Quake III Arena
For these cheats to work, start Half-Life using the com-
mand hl.exe -console or hl.exe -dev -console . You can now
access the console using the [~] key. To enable cheats,
enter Sv_cheats 1 in the console. Type the following to
enable the corresponding cheats:
/god             God mode on/off
/notarget        Your enemies will ignore you
/impulse 101     All weapons and ammunition
/impulse 102     Spawns giblets and blood
/impulse 103     Shows monster statistics when looking at a
/impulse 203     Delete monster or NPC from the world
/thirdperson     Third person view
/firstperson     Return to first person view
/noclip          Abitlity to walk through walls

Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast                                    In open maps (like The Longest Yard) use the Quad Damage power-
                                                                up in conjunction with the machine gun, for best results
To enable the cheats, bring down the console by pressing
[Shift] + [~] and type ‘devmapall’. You can then enter any        Movie time                          A fix for dial-up blues
of the following codes into the console:                        To unlock all cinematics,         If you are stuck with a dial-
god                 God mode                                    access the command                up connection and lag is
noclip              No clipping mode                            prompt, go to your Quake          your permanent unwanted
notarget            Your enemies will ignore you                directory and type:               guest, you can simulate a
kill                Kill yourself                               quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos       laggy-single-player-experi -
give all
give health
                    Maximum weapons, health and armour
                    100 per cent health
                                                                                                  ence™ to get better at frag -
                                                                                                  ging your opponents online.
give armor          100 per cent armour                         8\8"                              To do this, access the console
give ammo           100 per cent ammunition                                                       and type cl_timenudge xxx,
                                                                  Colour me silly                 where 'xxx' is the ping time
        Unreal Tournament                                       If you want to be an elite        in milliseconds. Thus, if you
                                                                Quaker, complete with a           generally experience pings of
Press [~] to bring up the console. Type ‘iamtheone’ and press   multi-coloured name tag, use      200 ms while multiplaying,
[Enter] to enable cheat mode. Now type in the following codes   these mystical mantras:           practice     offline     with
and hit [Enter] to activate them. Note that these cheats work   ^1=Red                            cl_timenudge 200.
only in single player.                                          ^2=Green
god                    God mode                                 ^3=Yellow                             Eye candy vs speed
loaded                 All weapons                              ^4=Blue                           I   The tweaks mentioned in
fly                    Flying mode                              ^5=Cyan                               the box, ‘Command and
ghost                  No clipping                              ^6=Purple                             Conquer’ can be applied
walk                   Deactivate no clip and flight            ^7=White                              to your q3config.cfg but
addbots                Add indicated number of bots             So if my name was, say                the best route would be to
allammo                Full ammunition                          ennui_13, I would enter,              create a custom file for the
killpawns              Kill all opponents                       ^1e^2n^3n^4u^5i^7_^61^73              game. To do this, create a
behindview1            Third person view                        into the console for a multi-         new document, enter the
behindview0            First person view                        coloured rendition or just            requisite settings from the
playersonly            Stop time                                ^6ennui_13 for a single               table and save the file as
                                                                colour.                               autoexec.cfg (or give it

        121                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 2002
     insight I
                     I   tips and tricks

         another name, say, cus-
         tom.cfg). Make sure that
                                             console and type /exec cus-
                                             tom.cfg and hit [Enter].
                                                                                 Half-Life: Counter-Strike
         you save the .cfg file in       I   If you insist on appending
         the baseq3 folder.                  these settings to the
     I   To load your custom set-            q3config.cfg file, remem-
         tings (in case you did              ber that these need to
         not name the file autoex-           be preceded by a seta tag
         ec.cfg) bring down the              followed by a space.

                  The Fast and the Furious
     Commands               I want to Quake pretty   I want to Quake fast
                            (use these values)       (use these values)
     cg_drawGun             1                        0
     cg_gibs                1                        0
     cg_draw3dIcons         1                        0
     r_picmip               0                        3
     r_colorbits            32                       0
     cg_brassTime           1250                     0
     r_vertexLight          0                        1
     r_primitives           1                        0                      While guarding potential targets, make sure that your team is
     r_fastsky              0                        1                      covering all points of possible attack
     r_dynamicLight         1                        0
     r_nocurves             0                        1                         Pack behaviour                     Of sneak attacks and
     r_subdivisions         0-100                    999                    Always attack in groups— the        safe rears
                                                                            greater amount of firepower         Try to attack your foe from
                                                                            that this method deals out is       behind. This invariably pres-
                                                                            sure to overwhelm your foes.        ents you with a large target

88               Quake III Arena Cheats                                     Some weapons in Counter-
                                                                            Strike are more effective if
                                                                                                                area. The fact that the oppo-
                                                                                                                nent will lose precious sec-
         In order to use the following cheats in multiplayer mode,          used within a group—for             onds turning to retaliate,
         the server must have cheats enabled. To enable cheats,             instance, an M249 Para              will more often than not
         pull down the console window by pressing [~] and enter             wielder that supports a group       ensure a kill. To prevent get-
         /spdevmap (map name). The name of a map could be q3dm1,            of SMG users or an assaulter        ting nailed by this tactic,
         q3dm17, or q3tourney2, and so on. During play, press [~]           with an M3 that is backed           always attack with a
         to bring down the console and enter the following:                 with support fire from the          buddy—an extra pair of eyes
                                                                            M4A1.                               to spot interlopers and an
         /iamacheater                Unlocks all levels at Skill 1                                              additional gun to cover your
         /iamamonkey                 Unlocks all levels at Skill 100           Breathing space                  back.
         /model sarge/krusade        Hidden Sarge Skin                      Although      moving     and
         /god                        God mode                               attacking in packs is a com -         Attack as the best
         /give all                   Unlocks all weapons                    mendable tactic, make sure          defence
                                                                            that your teammates do not          If you doubt your enemy’s
         If you prefer to change your Railgun to be more Quake II-          crowd each other. Leave             position and status, or if you
         like, type the following into the console, or add them to          ample amounts of space              are well and truly cornered
         the config file.                                                   between teamsters: this will        with nowhere to run but for-
         r_railwidth 25                                                     prevent snipers from getting        ward; grit your teeth, knuck-
         r_railcorewidth 2                                                  multiple-kill   shots    and        le down with an assault gun
         r_railsegmentlength 20                                             will also give each team            and charge! That’ll give you
         cg_railtrailtime 2000                                              member enough room to               something to tell your
                                                                            manoeuver.                          grandkids about.

                122                                                                                                          NOVEMBER 2002
Gaming_Nov2002.qxd 4/29/2004 10:12 AM Page 128

         arcade I
                       I   games

         Six feet under
                 We dig up a few games that died even before they were released and conduct an autopsy
                            to discover why some developers bury their beloved creations alive

              n the fictitious Chicken Soup for the Game Developer’s Soul,        Bills have to be paid, Web sites need to be maintained, comput
              just before the philosophical discourse on the ‘When it’s           ers need to be bought and upgraded with painful regularity. An
              Done’ policy, lies the ‘Hype Manifesto’. It reads thus: ‘Hype       then there is that little detail of sending out the salary slips. A
              your creation to the sky. Glorify each diminu-                                           this and a billion other places that mone
         tive aspect of your game. Let your Web site                                                     finds its way into, haunt game developer
         be an endless source of screenshots and pre-                                                      both big and small. The source of this ener
         production artwork—learn from the success                                                          gy is usually the publisher, who thu
         of Diablo II.’                                                                                       becomes a demigod of sorts—sermon
             In all seriousness though, within the                                                              that dictate the course of a game ar
         game development business, ensuring                                                                       routinely delivered from boardrooms
         visibility for your creation is an absolute                                                                 the brains behind the game mean
         must. Publicity and hype are the evils                                                                        while, have little choice but to lis
         that every development studio with                                                                             ten and to obey. Even if you are a
         the intent of making a profit, must                                                                              independent game develope
         attend to. As much as we hate the                                                                                  (a rare breed), you need eithe
         hype machine that is put into                                                                                        a good bank account, or a
         overdrive before the release of a                                                                                    generous spouse.
         game, what reduces us to a fren-                                                                                         It should thus come as n
         zied mass of nerves is the termi-                                                                                    surprise when a game projec
         nation of the project that was                                                                                      is cancelled because of lack o
         moments ago touted as the next                                                                                     funds. Take the case of Westk
         best thing to sliced bread! The                                                                                   Interactive, a German gam
         surest way that a development stu-                                                                                development house that ha
         dio can rub off a fan the wrong way                                                                              licensed the Unreal Engine t
         is simple: generate enough hype to                                                                              create, what they hoped, woul
         reduce a gamer to a mindless zom-                                                                              be a good blend of action and rol
         bie, wherein the said soul praises                                                                            playing elements— The Y Projec
         your game morning, noon and                                                                                   The company found itself in trou
         night—across message boards and                                                                              bled financial waters and despite
         pubs alike—then just as the doomed                                                                          very positive feedback on thei
         one’s eyes start glazing over with that                                                                     games from the international pres
         crazed, worshipping look, terminate the                                                                    a sustainable source of funding coul
         game! Much pain and anguish will fol -                                                                    not be ensured. With no other choic
         low. Why would a gaming company do                                                                       left, Westka filed for insolvency. Mor
         this to their fans?                                                                                     than 44 employees were laid off an
             There are a number of reasons why a                                                                the company had to eventually ceas
         game is terminated—unrealistic cost cal -                                                             its business operations on October 1
         culations, shifting market trends, pro-                                                              2002. Although not officially declare
         longed development processes and                                                                    dead, The Y Project now shows zero sign
         technical woes. A game might even be                                                               of life.
         shelved simply because it didn’t match up to                                                           Glance through a veteran gamer’s list o
         the developer’s expectations. Let us take a                                                       favourites and chances are that you will hi
         look at the reasons involved, in the hope of                                                     upon a little gem titled X-Com: UFO Defense
         gaining a new perspective into the game                                                          The game has an army of dedicated follow
         development process.                                                                            ers. Even venerable game developers swear b
                                                                                                        the title. It was thus surprising to learn tha
         It’s the money, honey                                                                          Mythos Games had to abandon work on it
         Most of the problems in life can be traced to the         IMAGING : Solomon Lewis
                                                                                                       sequel, Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge,
         absence of little green pieces of paper. Like every-                                         ing monetary reasons. “It is with great regre
         thing else, creating a game requires a healthy                                              that I have to announce that Dreamland has bee
         dosage of this green energy, that is, lots of money.                                       cancelled. We have been looking for anothe

                   128                                                                                                                 NOVEMBER 200
Gaming_Nov2002.qxd 4/29/2004 10:12 AM Page 129

         publisher for a while
         now, but no agreement
         has been reached and we
         have run out of cash.
         This means that there
         will be no further devel-
         opment on the game,”
         thus wrote Julian Gol-
         lop, a Mythos program-
         mer. This time however,
         the ending need not be
         a bitter one. For the
         allure of the X-Com
         license soon saw the           ULTIMATE SHOW: Origin terminated the development               HALO GROUND: Widely hailed as the game to change
         project change develop -       of Ultima Online 2 as they thought that the sequel             PC gaming forever, Halo jumped ships, got cosy with
         er hands and a Czech           would dilute the market of their primary cash-cow—             the Xbox and is not expected to revolutionise compute
         gaming house, Altar            Ultima Online                                                  games for some time to come
         Interactive, took over

         the task, changing its
         name to UFO: Aftermath. The game
         shows a healthy pulse and will hopefully
         soon see the light of day.                            I don’t look upon it as failure but as a very
             Another high-profile project that
         found itself on a sinking ship was the
                                                               long learning experience. It’s a failure if
                                                        you just keep doing the same thing over and

         sequel to the highly acclaimed action/
         adventure game, Outcast. Fans and critics      over again. But it was an expensive lesson
         alike were distressed to learn that Outcast
         2 was in development limbo as its creator,
                                                        to some extent                                 Bill Roper, Producer, Warcraft Adventures,
                                                                                                       Blizzard North
         Appeal, was forced to file for bankrupt-
         cy. Speculation that the game was dead,
         forced the company to issue an apolo -
         getic statement, “Sometimes these kind of things happen. Unfor-              and decided to unveil their creation on the Gamecube. For sim
         tunately, we cannot disclose much about the situation, but please            ilar reasons, Soul Reaver 2 abandoned its PlayStation roots i
         keep in mind that Outcast 2 is not cancelled—it has been sus-                favour of its more capable sibling, the PlayStation 2.
         pended for an undefined period of time.” One hopes that the                       Now picture yourself in the shoes of a gaming fan who owne
         ‘undefined period of time’ does not stretch for long, since games            the ditched platform… feelings of betrayal and angst shou
         have a very short shelf life—what was a fresh concept not too                course through your veins right about now. Owners of th
         long ago can be as stale as yesterday’s                                                                     Dreamcast were bombarded with ju
         news in the blink of an eye.                                                                                such emotions when Sega decided t
                                                        Games We Wish Never Were!                                    discontinue its production. Game
         Of moving platforms and maths                                                                               that were to appear on the Dreamca
         Another malady that forces a game to                                       DAIKATANA:                       switched platforms, leaving a dejecte
         go off the radars of hopeful fans and                                      John Romero’s favourite          bunch of gamers in the lurch. Amon
         critics has been duly studied, recorded                                    child turned out looking         the heartbreakers were Valve Software
         and labelled as ‘The Strange Case of                                       more like a nightmare            Half-Life and Crystal Dynamic’s
         Jumping Platforms’. Platforms, refer to                                    kid for everyone else            Reaver 2.
         consoles such as the Sony PlayStation,                                                                          A more common reason for dump
         Microsoft’s Xbox, the personal com-                                                                         ing a game stems from its very natur
         puter even. It so happens that when a                       TOMB RAIDER                                     a game is a difficult beast to maste
         game is being planned, certain features                     CHRONICLES:                                     The technical expertise required to se
         become difficult to implement, thanks              Even after Lara Croft’s                                  a project to the finish line and th
         largely to inherent limitations of the            death, the sequels just                                   artistic touch needed to fuel its ride
         destined platform. If these features                           won’t stop                                   often not simultaneously presen
         form the essence of the game, the                                                                           Thus a symbiosis of sorts has evolve
         developers find it more apt to intro-                                                                       in the gaming pond—the guys wh
         duce their game to a more suitable                                          TRESPASSER:                     did well in maths make a great gam
         hardware. Case in point, Silicon                                            The digital sequel to           engine, sell it to the literary and art
         Knights’ Eternal Darkness. Originally                                       The Lost World—a mon-           types, who then attach a beautiful an
         slated for Nintendo’s N64, the devel-                                       strosity that should have       aerodynamic chassis and a great gam
         opers found that the console was not                                        stayed lost                     rolls out of the assembly lines of
         powerful enough to handle the game                                                                          development studio. It is a process n

                   129                                                                                                                   NOVEMBER 200
Gaming_Nov2002.qxd 4/29/2004 10:12 AM Page 130

         arcade I
                        I   games

         without risks, as the developers behind the role-play-                                    Blizzard North decided to release an adventure title
         ing game, Torn, found out.                                                                  which would delve deeper into the Azeroth universe
             Black Isle Studios (BIS) had licensed the LithTech                                        The game was titled Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the
         engine to power their ride to fame. It was then a                                             Clans. After over a year of development, which saw
         solution undergoing birthing pains since several                                               a whole lot of animation work completed and a
         versions of the engine were being released with                                                good amount of voice acting done, Blizzard
         alarming frequency and BIS had a hard time choos-                                               realised that the game quality was not up to their
         ing one version and sticking to it. Version changes                                             standards and the product was shelved.
         at this stage of growth often force relearning of                                                    Bill Roper, producer of the game puts it best
         tools and this of course played havoc with time-                                                 “I think the fatal flaw in the project was that we
         lines and the development cycle. The studio also                                                 were a little too nostalgic. We definitely identi
         faced technical difficulties while implementing                                                   fied a lot of very strong things from classic
         a suitable path-finding algorithm and a flexible                                                   adventure games, like strong characters, strong
         camera system, causing further slippage in                                                       storyline, excellent vocalisation and acting…
                                                             NOT FOR KEEPS: Dungeon Keeper 3
         the likely release date of the game. “Pathfind-                                                  and interesting, fun puzzles that tied into the
                                                             was shelved, as developers Bullfrog
         ing was a huge, huge problem. We had a pro-                                                      storyline. I think that by that point we had real
                                                             shifted their focus to the consoles
         grammer working on pathfinding for                                                               ly fallen behind a certain technology curve. I
         probably four months, and it never really worked the way we                   the game came out, I think people would have bought it and
         wanted. It got better, but it never worked well, which consistent-            said, ‘this is really fun, but this would have been great a couple
         ly killed the morale of the team. They could usually break the                of years ago’. And so it was an incredibly tough decision. But we
         pathfinding within a few minutes of getting a new                                                knew that it wasn’t going to meet the expecta
         build,” explains Feargus Urquhart, director at BIS                                                 tions of anybody here and certainly not the
         in a Gamespot.com interview. What did not help                                                       expectation of our fans.”
         were the financial woes that Black Isles’ parent              Symptoms of                                  The work that the company did on the
         company, Interplay, was experiencing. A re-                   a Dying Game                              adventure game was not completely wast
         evaluation of the game project followed and                                                               ed though, some of the background story
         Torn was scrapped.                                               A rule of thumb                           and characters found their way into the
                                                                        When the developers of a game                 hugely successful sequel, the real-time
         Would you like some franchise                          keep gushing, “...its too good to be                   strategy game, Warcraft III.
         with that?                                             true!”, it probably is.
         Killing a game in its infancy, rather                                                                             The parting shot
         than letting it grow into something                      Will it be done?                                         Besides all the fun and party, game
         that a studio would not be proud of                     The developers have been chanting,                        development is big business. It
         is quite justified. The big names in                   “When its done!” for the past three                       involves huge risks and major
         the gaming industry are built on fran-                 years.                                                    heartaches—the industry moves at a
         chises and are more comfortable                                                                                 frantic pace that blurs everything in
         dumping a product that might                                 Engine jumping                                    sight, making even the near future
         adversely stain a best-selling series.                     There is no game engine in the indus-               unforeseeable. There are many things
              3D Realms shot down Prey because                    try that the developers haven’t tried.               that can go wrong during the devel
         they thought it was not up to their stan-                                                                    opment of a game, a sad fact that lends
         dards. So was the case with Maxis’                             Frequent changes in staff                     credence to the industry joke tha
         Simsville. The game was designed to offer                     members                                       ‘behind every successful game lie 10
         an experience somewhere between The                        Most of the original development                 that did not make it’. What was perhaps
         Sims and SimCity. It was to retain some of                  team of the game has quit and now              a good idea to execute two years ago
         the voyeurism of The Sims with more of the                   posts flaming messages on the                 might not be as good today. If developers
         planning of SimCity along with some adult                    game’s Web site.                             push their out-dated titles simply because
         content in the form of crime, liquor stores                                                              they have hyped it, not only will the
         and general seediness. Maybe the producers                         Public assistance                     games end up holding coffee mugs, they
         of the game thought that the direction in                        The Web site of the game               also risk scarring the developer’s reputation
         which the game was headed would have had                       encourages you to make gen-             We can thus find some solace in the fac
         a negative impact on this hottest of franchis-                 erous donations to the `Save            that it is better to have witnessed the exe
         es (The Sims is the largest selling game on the                 the Developer’ fund.                  cution of a promising game, rather than
         personal computer) and the game was can-                                                              watch the game grow into a mass of bugs and
         celled after more than two years into the devel-                       The vanishing                 bad design decisions.
         opment cycle. A spokesperson for Maxis stated                         act                               After all, which is the better of the two
         that the game “wasn’t up to the standards of the                  The developer Web cam             evils—a developer that releases a sub-par game
         company, despite which, the team did a great                      has ‘Out to Lunch’ for           that empties your pockets and then sends you
         job and is being reassigned to other products like                 the past six months.            scurrying after patches, or a developer that feeds
         The Sims Online and other future projects.”                                                       you with hype and then pulls the plug on a proj
             Not living up to the mark also saw the demise                                                ect that had you craving for it?
         of a Blizzard title. After the success of Warcraft II,                                                                                    AHMED

                   130                                                                                                                    NOVEMBER 200
Digit Diary November 2002.qxd 4/29/2004 10:08 AM Page 137

          arcade I
                         I   digit diary

                                         Wild things
                                               From red Ferraris to fire brigades, all in a day’s work

                     fast expanding group of fanat-            toys he wanted to bring back. But what             made its way to the cafeteria. Now we al
                     ics calling themselves ‘The               he didn’t know was that there are some             like Mother Nature, but a snake in ou
                     Techies’ have found their haven           things you just can’t fit into a backpack.         purely vegetarian canteen was just a we
                     in the small city of Singapore.               The hotel where Marco was staying              bit unnerving. So John, our cafeteria con
          With its Sim Lim Square and Funan Cen-               owned a bevy of beautiful cars—every-              tractor, swiftly called the fire brigade
          tre filled with every conceivable kind of            thing from a Mercedes S320 to a Jaguar
                                                               XJ12 to a couple of BMW 7-series—
                                                               enough to give any car enthusiast like
                                                               Marco a cardiac arrest. But what really
                                                               stopped the blood in his veins was the
                                                               sleek Ferrari 360 Modena—Sachin’s car!
                                                               When he got his breath back, he crept
                                                               up to the car, half expecting the prox -
                                                               imity alarm to go off. But the feline pred-
                                                               ator didn’t attack, so he quickly whipped
                                                               out his camera and took pictures of it
                                                                             from every conceivable
                                                                             angle—even managing to
                                                                             get an under-the-hood
                                                                             shot! As he finally got out
                                                                             of his shutter happy mode,            Say Cheese! (watch that tail please!)
                                                                             he let out a huge sigh and
                                                                             wondered how it felt to be           while the rest of our colleagues shoute
                                                                             Sachin.                              out for Jiten, our in-house photographer
          Singapore has many forms of ‘hardware’                                                                  Never one to miss an opportunity for th
                                                               Snakes at four                                     perfect picture, Jiten clicked away as th
          gadget, the island of Singapore is                   Our Nerul office had a surprise visit this         firemen caught the unwanted visitor an
          enveloped in a Digital Droolmaal fog all             month from one of our animal friends.              secured him into a bag.
          year round. So when our Head of Writers,             During the lunch hour when everyone                    Will the animal activists please not
          Marco, found out that he had to go on a              was herding down towards the canteen, a            that we had bhelpuri for tea that Monda
          three-day press visit to the Lion City, he           six-foot long grass snake slipped out from         and it contained no non-vegetarian con
          quickly made a shopping list of all the              the dispatch section in the basement and           tent, at least none that we knew of!

                                                                       Looking Within!
            Ask anyone for a first impression of the peo-      of personalities and how they affect a team.      though it was the weekend. While there was
            ple at Jasubhai Digital Media, and you will        Virdi was a mostly silent observer and found      a liberal dose of gyaan, there were some sur
            invariable hear comments like ‘bunch of            the conversation extremely interesting. But a     prising revelations too. One of the exercises
            youngsters’, ‘technology zealots’, even            voice whispered deep inside him: “What type       consisted of an exhaustive questionaire
            ‘rogues’. But sometimes, even as we are on         am I?” Always the one to convert thought to       (along the lines of the Myers-Briggs Type
            a do or die mission to catch those ever-elu-       action, Virdi discussed this with others in the   Indicator). Almost everybody stated they
            sive deadlines, deep existential questions         office and seeing that quite a few were inter-    were of the ‘seriously intellectual’ type (even
            occur to some of us. One such question             ested in knowing more, urged Louis and            those who rarely let go an opportunity to
            occurred to Virdi, a coordinator with our          Anurag to hold a formal training session that     monkey around)! All save Virdi, who meekly
            Content Services team.                             would help people understand their                entered that he was the ‘laid-back’ kind.
                 Before you think this is a plot for a Hindi   strengths and weaknesses and use them to               That was it. Now when anything goes
            potboiler, lets recap a bit. Louis, head of our    the advantage of the team. Thus 14 volun-         awry, there’s always Virdi to put the blame
            magazines & Web sites division, and Anurag,        teers picked a Saturday for the personality       on. Ask Virdi and he’ll tell you that’s the
            the brand manager of ZDNetIndia, were hav-         development camp. Everybody arrived at 9          last time he’ll ever walk the path to self-
            ing an informal discussion on different types      am sharp for the daylong workshop, even           discovery!

                    137                                                                                                                       NOVEMBER 200
arcade I
              I   backbyte


                                                                                            ILLUSTRATION:   Mahesh Benkar

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