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 European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition

N° 34
Spring 2006                       The President’s Address
                                Dear friends,                                  Shamir and David Branski from Israel,
                                                                               have to be formerly elected as well. In
                                In a few weeks the next                        addition, you will have to vote upon 28
                                annual meeting of ESP-                         candidates to become members of our
                                GHAN will take place in                        society. Please send your ballot sheets
                                Dresden, almost at the                         no later than Friday 26 May, 2006 within
                                same time the World                            the pre-prepared envelopes. The results
                                Championship of Foot-                          of the elections will be announced during
                                ball begins in Germany.                        the AGM in Dresden. At the AGM in
                                As the whole country will be very busy         Dresden we will also elect the new Sec-
                                during this time I would encourage you         retary General for the next 3 years. A
                                to make your reservations for travel and       candidate for the next Secretary General
                                hotels as early as possible because mil-       may (with her/his written consent) be
Table of Contents :             lions of football fans will be travelling to   proposed in writing by any five members,
                                Germany at the same time. The opening          to the society, not less than one month
                                game is on 9 June in the midst of our          before the AGM, or may be proposed by
The President’s           1-2
                                annual meeting.                                the council.
ESPGHAN Annual            3     As was done last year, we have some            UEGW and UEGF
Meetings                        postal ballots for positions in the Council
                                to send in. This year we have two differ-      As stated in the last newsletter, the elec-
The New ESPGHAN           3     ent votes to do and I hope that you all        tion of the new UEGF council took place
Website                         received the ballots sheets already.           in Copenhagen last year. The results of
News of the               4-5   Within the council, members for the posi-      that election were as follows: current
Committees                      tions of Future President and Scientific       President Anthony Axon, UK; President
                                and Educational Secretary need to be           Elect Juan-R. Malagelada, Spain ; Secre-
Summer Schools            6     elected. For the former position, Prof.        tary General Christophe Beglinger, Swit-
Scientific Symposia       6     Deirdre Kelly from Birmingham has ex-          zerland; Treasurer Peter Milla, U.K.; Sci-
Barcelona 2004                  pressed her interest and you have re-          entific Committee Chairman Michael Far-
                                ceived the outline of her intentions as to     thing, U.K.; Education Committee Chair-
Future Meetings           6     how she would serve as president. Once         man Peter Malfertheiner, Germany; Pub-
                                elected, Deidre Kelly will serve for one       lic Affairs Committee Colm O’Morain,
ESPGHAN awards and 7-8          year as president elect until she starts       Ireland. The General Assembly consists
prizes                          her presidency in 2008. For the latter         of 21 representatives from all founding
ESPGHAN photo             8     position of Scientific and Educational         members. Among them are 3 representa-
contest winner                  Secretary we have four applications:           tives from ESPGHAN: Jean-Pierre Ol-
                                Peter Heinz-Erian from Innsbruck, An-          ives, Isabel Goncalves and Steffen
ESPGHAN                   9     ders Paerregaard from Copenhagen,              Husby. In addition the General Assembly
Membership Criteria             Yvan Vandenplas from Brussels and              has 16 associate members and 20 Euro-
                                Genevieve Veereman-Wauters from Ant-           pean representatives. One of them is
Guidelines for            9     werp. As we have 4 candidates the vote         Sanja Kolacek. Peter Milla and I remain
ESPGHAN Member-                 will be calculated by single transferable      within the council until 2007. Thereafter
                                vote after the closing date. The two rep-      ESPGHAN will have every third year one
ESPGHAN Contact           10    resentatives from the committee of Nutri-      representative in the council for one year
Information                     tion and from the GI-committee, Ranaan

Editors: M. Lentze (President), JP Olives (General Secretary); assisted by Candice Rogers
                                                                                                        N° 34
                                                                                                        Spring 2006

without election. Out of the General As-       portedly had in some quarters the highest
sembly it is possible to vote for additional   living costs in Europe before World War
members, but with only 4 members out of        II. Many of the city's greatest monuments
54 from ESPGHAN this is highly unlikely.       were rebuilt in the decades following the
The next UEGW Meeting will take place          war; this process was given new impetus
in Berlin 21-25 October 2006 (http://          and funding after the reunification of Ger- Together           many in 1990. The city now once again
with the adult gastroenterologists we will     features a wealth of tourist attractions.
have a postgraduate course. I would like       As last year in Porto, we will have again
to encourage you to attend that meeting        an ESPGHAN dinner for all members.
and send abstracts. The following dead-        Please register early enough to save a
lines have been set: 1 May 2006: Dead-         place. It will be held in an absolutely fan-
line for video case; submission; 19 May        tastic place near the river and I am con-
2006. Deadline for abstract submission;        vinced that the ESPGHAN spirit will be
26 May 2006: Deadline for submission of        present at once.
clinical cases: 15 July 2006 Deadline for
late-breaking abstract submission. The
UEGW Meeting in 2007 will take place in
Paris 27-31 October.

Future Meetings

The next ESPGHAN Annual Meeting in
Dresden starts soon: 7-10 June 2006.
Within the next few days you will be able
to consult the scientific and social pro-
gramme on our new ESPGHAN website
( Jobst Henker as the         Semper Opera House, Dresden, Germany
main organizer has put together a very
interesting scientific program. In addition,
a very joyful social program awaits you in     In 2007 the annual meeting will take
Dresden. For those of you who have             place in Barcelona 9-12 May. The main
never been to Dresden, it will be a very       organizer is Ramon Tormo. The very
nice experience to visit the “Florence of      modern and large congress center will
the East” with its nicely restored pictur-     host the society during that meeting. The
esque buildings, many of them built by         social program will be splendid with ex-
Caneletto. Because of its location in a        traordinary locations displaying the
relatively narrow river valley, Dresden's      beauty of Barcelona. In 2008 the next
climate is much more characteristic of         world congress will take place in Iguaçu,      Don’t forget to
southern Germany and is considerably           Brazil. The preparations are in full pro-      sign up early for
warmer than most other places in East-         gress. In 2009 Andras Arato has offered
                                               to host the Annual ESPGHAN in Buda-
ern Germany. In 2002 Dresden was listed
as one of Europe's greenest (large) cities:    pest, Hungary. A vote will take place to       ESPGHAN mem-
a third of its area is covered by the for-     accept this offer at the AGM in Dresden.       bers’ dinner—
ested areas called Dresdner Heide. The
Großer Garten ("big garden") is the larg-      I am looking forward to welcoming you          places are going
est urban park in the city.                    soon to Dresden at our next Annual
                                               Meeting to which I would like to invite you
Before the bombing raid of World War II,                                   all cordially.
Dresden with its unmatched collection of
baroque architecture was famous as one
of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The
style of architecture that predominated
under August I of Saxony is known as                                    Michael J. Lentze
Dresden Baroque. The city area also re-                                        President

                                                                                                              Page 2
                                                                                                                   N° 34
                                                                                                                   Spring 2006

39th Annual Meeting of ESPGHAN - Dresden,
The 39th annual meeting of the European So-
ciety for Pediatric Gastoenterology Hepatol-
ogy and Nutrition (ESPGHAN) will be held on
7-10th June, 2006, at the Dresden Congress
Centre in Germany. Prof. Jobst Henker, Uni-
versity Clinic Carl Gustav Carus, Dept. of Pe-
diatric Gastroenterology, is president of this

The scientific programme comprises keynote
and state of the art lectures, discussion plat-
forms and poster presentations. These sec-
tions are presented in plenary sessions and                                                         For Congress
symposiums.                                        Pillnitz Palace, Dresden, Germany                information, please
                                                                                                    contact Colloquium
Nurses and dieticians have the opportunity to                                                       France:
                                                   art gallery “Old Masters” and the “Green
take part in the scientific programme and to
                                                   Vault” (“Grünes Gewölbe”), a unique collection
discuss their specific topics in parallel ses-                                            
                                                   of wonderful historic treasures. Furthermore,
                                                   we offer excursions to the surrounding areas
                                                   of Dresden, for example, to the more than
The Opening Ceremony will be celebrated in
                                                   1000-year-old town of Meißen. White porcelain
the Transparent Factory of the VW–Company
                                                   was invented here 300 years ago and has
in Dresden. On the evening of 9th June we will
                                                   been produced in the Meißner Porcelain
be treated to a concert in the historic Cathe-
                                                   manufactory ever since. In addition our guests
dral of Our Lady (Frauenkirche), which has
                                                   can attend an excursion to the Hunting Castle
been rebuilt and was re-consecrated in Octo-
                                                   Moritzburg and to Pillnitz Palace, the former
ber 2005.
                                                   summer residence of the Saxon kings.
Most of the participants of the congress can
                                                   I am looking forward to your participation at
be accommodated in hotels located a few
                                                   the 39th annual meeting of our society and
steps from the Congress Centre.
                                                   your visit to Dresden.
To participants and accompanying persons
                                                   Yours sincerely,
we offer an attractive social programme, in-
                                                                                    Jobst Henker
cluding a sightseeing tour through the 800-
                                                                         President of the meeting
year-old Dresden with the option to visit the

The New and Improved ESPGHAN website
After a long gestation, the new ESPGHAN            Another feature of the new website is the op- Grünes Gewölbe,
website is now open at For        tion for online payment of fees. Clicking on Dresden, Germany
the time being most of the information was         the link for payment a the top of the homepage
transposed from the old site although some         redirects you to a secure web site run by Col-
differences are already visible and more will      loquium, which therefore provides all available
come. In March the number of visitors ap-          security for entering credit card numbers.
proached 1400.                                     The site has been tested for most popular
The Internet Committee thanks all members          browsers and platforms, however in some
who provided pictures for the site. The winner     cases there may be discrepancies in display.
of the contest for the best picture was Alan       Although we have tried to address all prob-
Phillips (“Shigella bacteria in glorious techni-   lems found we ask members to provide feed-
colour”). You may see all the available pic-       back regarding bugs or errors.
tures by entering the members’ area with the       Much of the credit for the development and
usual access (login = “member” password =          continuous updating of information goes to
“nahgpse”). Every time you access the mem-         Sean Devane who renewed his term as Editor
bers’ area a new picture will show up in ran-      of the website.
dom order. If you reload the page other pic-       As always we will do our best to make the
tures will show up. We are more than happy         website a point of confluence of useful infor-
to accept new pictures (those showing faces        mation of our Society and related activities.
of children require authorization from parents).
                                                                                 Jorge Amil Dias

                                                                                                                          Page 3
                                                                                                                     N° 34
                                                                                                                     Spring 2006

                          News of the Committees
Committee on Hepatology
The committee welcomes two new members :           meet at the Dresden meeting include:
Prof Emmanuel Jacquemin (France)                   Fatty liver disease (Dr Piotr Socha)
Dr Patrick McKiernan (UK)                          Alpha-10 antitrypsin Deficiency (Dr Dino
The committee thanks Dr Isabel Goncalves           Hadzic).
for her valuable contribution to the committee     Anybody interested either working group is
over the last three years.                         welcome to join.
The summer school has accepted more than           A meeting on portal hypertension is under
50 participants, there is a very good scientific   consideration for year 2007.
programme. We will report the participants'
                                                   The Committee of Hepatology welcomes you
feed back in the next newsletter.
                                                   all to the Dresden meeting and looks forward
The CoH is working on establishing working         to seeing you and contributing to the liver ses-
groups to study various liver diseases. The        sions at the meeting.
concept is to bring together researchers and
                                                   Best wishes,
clinicians from all over Europe. Professional
expertise and increased patient numbers will                 Professor Anil Dhawan MD FRCPCH
help plan better management protocols and                                        CoH Chairman             Don’t forget -
prospective trials. New groups that will be                                         ESPGHAN

                                                                                                          You have until 26
Committee on Nutrition                                                                                    May to send in
                                                                                                          your voting ballots
Medical position papers                            formula. The meeting was attended by govern-
ESPGHAN CoN published a comment on
                                                   ment delegations of some 71 member states              for the Council
“Soy protein infant formulae and follow-on
                                                   of the committee, along with observers of 32
                                                   international non-governmental organisations,
                                                                                                          members and the
formulae" in the April issue of the JPGN. This
comment provides the background and the
                                                   mostly umbrella organisations for food manu-           new member can-
                                                   facturers and other groups with commercial
recommendations for using soy protein based
                                                   interests in infant formula.
formulae in infants and children. A comment
                                                   ESPGHAN is the only pediatric scientific or-
on “feeding preterm infants after hospital dis-
                                                   ganisation with an observer status in Codex. In
charge” is currently in press.
                                                   addition, as previously reported in this news-
ESPGHAN Annual Meeting                             letter, ESPGHAN has led the International
The Post graduate course this year is dedi-        Expert Group (IEG) which provided a proposal
cated to various aspects of clinical nutrition.    on nutrient levels in infant formulae, based on
Topics include ‘Failure to thrive: general ap-     scientific analysis and taking into account ex-
proach to treatment’ (Goulet O., Paris,            isting scientific reports on the subject. This
France), ‘Nutrition assessment in clinical prac-   proposal was submitted to Codex on June
tice’ (Puntis J.W., Leeds, UK), and ‘Nutritional   2005, published on November 2005 (1) and
support of the neurological impaired pa-           was discussed in Bonn.
tient’ (Turck D., Lille, France).                  In that meeting it was quite frustrating to ob-
                                                   serve that scientific and medical arguments
The Nutrition Symposium will be dedicated to       were unduly influenced by commercial consid-
"Bone mineralization in health and disease".       erations (2).
Topics include ‘Issues in diagnosis’ (Mølgaard     Members of ESPGHAN can help the process
C., Copenhagen, Denmark), ‘Bone mass and           by rejecting commercial pressures, by helping
bone mineralization in celiac patients’ (Mora      to structure governments’ recommendations to
S., Milano, Italy), and ‘Bone development in       Codex, and by recommending only those in-
IBD’ (Bechthold S., Munich, Germany).              fant formulae with compositions based on cur-
The process of selecting nutrition abstracts for   rent scientific knowledge and on the nutritional
presentation was difficult due to the large        requirements of infants.
number high quality works, and we are all                                           Raanan Shamir
looking forward to a scientifically stimulating                                  CoN representative
                                                   1. Koletzko B, Baker S, Cleghorn G, Neto UF,
WHO/FAO Activity
                                                   Gopalan S, Hernell O, et al. Global standard for the
In November 2005, the Codex Committee on           composition of infant formula: recommendations of
Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses       an ESPGHAN coordinated international expert
met in Bonn, Germany, and discussed among          group. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2005;41:584-99.
other issues revision of the standard on infant    2. Koletzko B, Shamir R. Standards for infant for-
                                                   mula milk. BMJ 2006;332:621-2

                                                                                                                           Page 4
                                                                                                                  N° 34
                                                                                                                  Spring 2006

Committee on Gastroenterology
The GI-Committee developed several initia-        ESPGHAN Evidence Based Management
tives during the first year of existence with     Model of Paediatric CD. A consensus meeting
three meetings held in April (Munich) and         will be held 12-14 May 2006 in Tampere.
June (Porto) and October (Copenhagen)                Chair: M Maki
2005.                                             Combined evidence based ESPGHAN –
                                                  NASPGAN guidelines: a new initiation headed
Scientific Meeting and Summer School              by S. Koletzko. The first two topics are:
                                                  1.      Functional GI disorders
                                                                                                         A forum shall be
Eastern European Summer School 2006                       Chairs: A. Staiano, C. Di Lorenzo              held during the
will be organized by A. Arato from 15–17 June     2.      Helicobacter pylori
in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Next Eastern European             Chairs: S. Koletzko, B.Gold
                                                                                                         Dresden meeting
Summer School for 2007 is planned in Arme-                                                               gathering the
nia.                                              Topics for future post graduate courses. A
                                                  list of topics of the past has been created and        presidents of
2nd ESPGHAN – Capri Meeting organized by          topics which have not been dealt with have             National Paediat-
A. Staiano and R. Troncone will be held on        been identified (J.Sarles)
12-15 Oct., 2006 in Capri, Italy.                            GI development                              ric GI Associa-
                                                             GI immune system
European Symposium of Paediatric IBD                         Necrotizing enterocolitis
organized by S. Cucchiara on behalf of the                   Schönlein-Henoch Purpura
ESPGHAN WG on IBD will be held on 23-25                      Paediatric proctology
Nov, 2006 in Rome, Italy. For more informa-                  Irritable bowel syndrome
tion please contact Prof. Cucchiara:                         Rare pancreatic disorders
tel: +39 064 997 9269                                        Functional tests for GI digestion-
Fax: +39 064 997 9269                                        absorption
Email:            Should you have other topics for this list,
                                                  please contact S. Koletzko and forward her the
ESPGHAN Summer School 2007 will be                requested information.
organized by M.Thomson on 2-6 July in
Northern England. The topic is Endoscopy.         New forum of National Paediatric GI presi-
Expected number of delegates: 30-40.              dents: A list of national paediatric GI societies
Selection of delegates: at least one year of      has been created and the 1st meeting of the
training within pediatric GI with experience in   presidents will be held on 7 June, 2006 at
a certain number of endoscopies, letter of        17h00 at the ESPGHAN congress venue in
support from supervisor, age up to 40. The        Dresden. This forum is under the umbrella of
delegate should present research work or an       the GI committee of ESPGHAN and will deal
interesting endoscopic case.                      with national regulations such as:
                                                  • Official status and training regulations from
New Working Groups                                  the government for Paediatric GI
1. Motility: Impedance and GER                    • If not, non-official body (national society), kind
   Chair: T Wenzl                                   of status, semi-official or not at all
2. Rotavirus vaccination                          • Kind of society: separate, connected to Pedi-
   Chair: A.Guarino
                                                    atric society
3. Helicobacter pylori (originated from the
   Paediatric Task Force of the European          • Members of the society: how many can be
   Helicobacter Study Group                         labeled as Paediatric GI, training programs,
   Chairs: S Koletzko, J. Oderda,                   training institutes
   S. Cadranel
4. Celiac Disease                                 The relevant data obtained from the discussion
   a. Prevention and screening strategies         of the forum will be processed by K.Lindley and
         Chair: L. Mearin                         M. Sinaasappel who will prepare question-
   b. Diagnostic criteria revisited.              naires for national societies for pediatric GI
         Chair: M. Maki                           regulations. The chair or delegates for the
5. Neonatal GI                                    Hepatology and Nutrition Committee are invited
   Chair: Ch. Dupont                              to join the meeting.
6. Endoscopy
   Chair: M. Thomson                                                             David Branski, MD
                                                                                GI Committee Chair
Position paper on behalf of - GI Committee:

                                                                                                                        Page 5
                                                                                                              N° 34
                                                                                                              Spring 2006

Eastern European Summer Schools
The next Eastern European Summer School           Each speaker will give 4 lectures. Beside the
will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, 15-17th June.    evidenced based lectures, problem solving
The program is completely compiled.               oriented case presentations will be also given.
                                                  Cases will be presented not only by the
Our Bulgarian collegues are making the
                                                  lecturers, but also by the participants. About
preparations with great enthusiasm. The local
organizer is associate professor Julia
                                                  50 participants will come to this Summer          The next eastern
                                                  School including paediatricians and paediatric
Kovatchova, chief of the Department of
                                                  gastroenterologists. The participants will        European sum-
Paediatric    Gastroenterology,     University
                                                  receive a handout containing the most relevant
Paediatric Hospital of Medical University of
                                                  points of different lectures.
                                                                                                    mer school will
Sofia. Sanja Kolacek, Sibylle Koletzko, Hania
Szajewska, András Arató, Alberto Ravelli and      In 2007 we will organize an Eastern European      be held in Sofia,
László Szőnyi       constitute the panel of       Summer School in Jerevan, Armenia. The
lecturers.                                        preparations have already started and the local   Bulgaria, from 15-
The program covers the most important
                                                  organizers are very enthusiastic, treating this
                                                  ESPGHAN program a real national event.
                                                                                                    17 June 2006
aspects of paediatric gastroenterology,
hepatology and nutrition, and during the                                               A. Arato
creation of the program, suggestions from                Eastern European Affairs Representative
Bulgarian collegues were taken into account.

Suggestions for Scientific Symposia for Barcelona 2007
As usual, there will be six scientific symposia   The conditions for scientific symposia are un-
at next year’s annual meeting in Barcelona:       changed. The organiser(s) is responsible for
one each in hepatology and nutrition and four     the programme as well as for additional ex-
gastroenterology symposia.                        penses associated with the symposium. Basi-
As a change, the suggestions for symposia         cally, speakers who are ESPGHAN members
are made uniformly through the respective         provide for themselves. The council may assist
committees. You are invited to suggest            the organiser in financing travel costs, con-
themes for symposia to the chairmen: David        gress participation and hotel for one night for
Branski for the GI committee, Anil Dhawan for     speakers who are not ESPGHAN members.
the Hepatology committee and Raanan                                                                       You can
Shamir for the Nutrition Committee. Their ad-                                       Steffen Husby      download the
dresses can be found in the list of the council           Scientific and Educational Secretary             Capri
members on the last page.
                                 Future Meetings                                                        registration
                         Second ESPGHAN Capri Meeting                                                   form on the
    Genetic Factors in Functional and Structural GI Disorders: Scientific Advances and Clinical         ESPGHAN
      Implications. October 12-15, 2006, Grand Hotel Quisisana-Capri (Naples) Italy                       website
The scientific program highlights new insights    and environment) will be revealed along with
into the contribution of genetic factors to a     their effects on clinical management.
wide range of GI diseases, including the func-
tional GI disorders (FGID).                       For additional information visit the Congress
Speakers are instructed to translate scientific   website:
advances into meaningful information for the
clinician. The meeting is expected to promote
(1) further research into disorders wherein       Alternatively, please contact:
genetic aspects have a recognized or newly        Prof. Annamaria Staiano, MD or Prof. Riccardo
appreciated impact, as well as (2) improved       Troncone, MD.
management of patients with these disorders.      Department of Pediatrics
                                                  University of Naples “Federico II”
The discussed scientific advances may have        Via S. Pansini
broad relevance, extending to GI diseases in      5-80131 Naples
which genetic factors remain poorly recog-        Tel +390817462679-3383
nized. Susceptibility factors for FGID (host      Fax: +39 0815469811

                                                                                                                    Page 6
                                                                                                                 N° 34
                                                                                                                 Spring 2006

Infant/Toddler Nutrition Research Award for Young
This award, sponsored by Nutricia/Milupa/           and their member companies and competitors
Cow & Gate, will be presented every two             are not eligible for this award.
years at the annual meeting of the European
Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology,            Selection Process
Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN). The             The ESPGHAN Infant / Toddler Nutrition Re-
overall intention of the award is to stimulate      search Award Committee will consist of five
and broaden the interest in nutrition research      ESPGHAN members with particular expertise
within the ESPGHAN membership and among             in paediatric nutrition research, of which one
young investigators. The award has a cash           should primarily be a gastroenterologist and
value of € 30,000. It will be given to a young      one a hepatologist. The members and chair-
investigator to acknowledge a major contribu-       person of the Selection Committee will be
tion in an infant/toddler nutrition related re-     nominated by the ESPGHAN Committee on
search project. This contribution has to be         Nutrition and be appointed by the ESPGHAN           The Infant/
demonstrated by a full publication in an inter-     Council.
nationally recognised scientific journal or by a    Members of the Selection Committee are not          Toddler Nutrition
manuscript accepted for publication.
It is anticipated that applicants will be inde-
                                                    eligible to apply for the award. Members will
                                                    not participate in the evaluation of an applicant
                                                                                                        Research award
pendent young investigators who have al-
ready demonstrated their potential for per-
                                                    if they work at the same institution as an appli-
                                                    cant, or have worked with the applicant at the
forming scientifically acknowledged research.       same institution in the past. Members will also     deadline has
In evaluating applications the ESPGHAN Nu-          not participate in the evaluation of an applicant
trition Research Award Committee will place         if there is any conflict of interest.               been extended
emphasis on the scientific strength, originality
and novelty of the publication/manuscript sub-      Application Instructions                            to
mitted, the potential to apply the results to       The applicant must submit an original and five
medical practice in the field of nutrition and on   copies of the completed application by 31 De-
a project which will develop the investigators      cember of the year preceding the award as
work and strengths. The applicant must show         follows:
a commitment to future research in the area of      1. A completed application form
infant and toddler nutrition.                       2. Applicant’s curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages)
Award winners will be expected to use the           3. List of publications
grant in a project which furthers their research    4. a. Full publication of the applicant’s final-
on nutrition of infants and young children. The         ised research project in an internationally
funds provided by the grant shall be given to           recognised scientific journal or a manu-
and administered by the awardee’s institution.          script accepted for publication in an inter-
The awardee will be required to provide a final         nationally recognised scientific journal.
written report within one year of completion of         b. Submission of a project to be carried
the project or by the time the next award is            out over the next 1-2 years
made.                                                   c. Summary of the overall project (a half
The award application deadline is 31 Decem-             page) of        which the submitted project
ber of the year preceding the year of the               might only be a part
award. The publication/manuscript submitted             d. Description of the project in lay terms
must adhere to the application and eligibility          (one-half page)
criteria below. Application forms are available         e. Explanation (one-half page) of why the
from: Jean-Pierre Olives (ESPGHAN Secre-                findings of the research project submitted
tary), or on the ESPGHAN website at                     are considered to be exceptional, innova- or from the Administrative              tive and/or novel
Secretary of ESPGHAN, Candice Rogers at                 f. Details on how the money will be used to
Colloquium – email :              continue the research in infant and toddler
                                                        nutrition (project description, maximum two
Eligibility Criteria                                    pages)
1. The applicant must be medically qualified
or a scientist who is a member of ESPGHAN           5. Letters of recommendation: two letters are
or who will be applying for ESPGHAN mem-            requested from individuals familiar with the
bership in the near future, or, whose applica-      applicant’s potential as a medical investigator.
tion is supported by an ESPGHAN member              At least one of these letters should be from the
and who works at an academic or research            individual responsible for the applicant’s re-
institution within Europe.                          search training and should give a frank evalua-
The applicants have to be less than forty           tion of the applicant’s potential for a research
years of age.                                       career. In addition, one letter should be from
2. Applications based on research projects          the executive of the applicant’s academic divi-
sponsored by Nutricia / Milupa / Cow & Gate         sion at the time of application

                                                                                                                       Page 7
                                                                                                               N° 34
                                                                                                               Spring 2006

(Section Chief or, if the present Chief and the   for an award referring to the same research
training director are one and the same, then      project.
the Department Chair). This letter should in-
                                                  The research projects which form the basis for
clude the time available for research, space,
                                                  this application have not been sponsored by
equipment and resources available for further
                                                  Nutricia / Milupa / Cow & Gate or their member
                                                  companies or competitors.
6. A signed Policy Statement
                                                  It is understood that the recipient will be asked
                                                  to present the results of his/her research at the           Dr.
Policy Statement
An award based on this application is subject
                                                  ESPGHAN annual meeting at which the award              Kalliomaki ,
                                                  is given.
to the following conditions:
The awarding organisations, ESPGHAN, and
                                                                                                        the previous
the sponsor, Nutricia / Milupa / Cow & Gate,
                                                  Applications should be addressed to the
                                                  Administrative Secretary of ESPGHAN
                                                                                                          winner of
assume that there is no alternative application
                                                                                                         the Infant /
The Charlotte Anderson Travel Award                                                                        Nutrition
                                                                                                         Award, will
This Travel Award is intended to support the
expenses of up to €1500 of a Young Investi-
                                                  Application forms can be obtained from either
                                                  the Administrative Secretary of ESPGHAN –
                                                                                                         present his
gator who wishes to travel and visit another      Candice Rogers at Colloquium – email ad-              report at the
unit either for the purposes of learning a new    dress: or downloaded
technique, carrying out a short project or of     from our Website.
observing a different system at work. The                                                                  meeting
Travel Award will NOT be available to attend      Applications can be made by any Young In-
meetings or conferences. The award winner         vestigator who is under the age of 40 years             during the
will be required to submit a written report of    together with a letter of support from a mem-            Nutrition
their visit to Council within six months of the   ber of ESPGHAN if the applicant is not a mem-
completion of their visit which will be made      ber.                                                   symposium
available to the Society at the next Annual
General Meeting of the Society.                   The deadline for applications is December
The next Travel Award will be presented at        31st of the year preceding that of the Award.
the World Congress in Dresden, 7-10 June          This year however, the deadline has been
2006 during the Annual General Meeting.           extended to 15 May.

AGM Young Investigator Award
An award to the amount of 1000 € to sup-          accepted for presentation at the AGM.
port the expenses of Young Investigators          Please write to either the Treasurer or the
(<35 years) who have had an abstract              Administrative Secretary for application
                                                                                                      The Charlotte
                                                                                                      Anderson Travel
ESPGHAN photo contest winner                                                                          award
                                                  “Shigella bacteria in glorious                      deadline has
                                                  technicolour”                                       been extended
                                                  - Alan Phillips

                                                  We would also like to thank Dr.
                                                  Philips for providing the
                                                  “Histology” photograph for the title
                                                  of this edition of the Newsletter.

                                                                                                                     Page 8
                                                                                                              N° 34
                                                                                                              Spring 2006

ESPGHAN Membership Criteria
Proposals for new members must be made to       The proposed member must have an active
the Membership Secretary 5 months prior to      interest in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepa-
the next Annual Meeting and should consist      tology or Clinical Nutrition. The proposal
of a letter of recommendation from an ESP-      should be signed by an active or emeritus
GHAN member, a full curriculum vitae and a      member who is not serving on the Council at
shortened ESPGHAN CV.                           that time. Each proposal should clearly dem-
                                                onstrate that the potential member fulfils the     Please note that
These should be sent to:
                                                two main criteria:
                                                a) That he/she has had original work selected
                                                                                                   abstracts accepted
Dr. Annamaria Staiano.
Department of Pediatrics                           for presentation and that he/she has pre-       to UEGW now
                                                   sented such work
University of Naples "Federico II"
Via S. Pansini, 5                               b) That the applicant has an active interest in
                                                                                                   have the same
80131 Naples (Italy)                               Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology or      weight as those
Ph. .39.081.7462679                                Clinical Nutrition and that there is evidence
Fax .39.081.5469811                                of commitment in the future to the subject.     accepted for the
E-mail:                           (To be read in conjunction with “Guidelines     ESPGHAN Meet-
                                                   for ESPGHAN Membership Application”)

Guidelines for ESPGHAN Membership
Three documents for each candidate are             • Nationality
required:                                          • Address, telephone, fax number, e-mail
1.     Letter of proposal from sponsor:            • Present appointment
       This must be a comprehensive                • Numbers of publications in each
       statement showing that the candi-             category as listed in full CV
       date is active in paediatric gastroen-      • A list of presentations at ESPGHAN
       terology, hepatology or nutrition to-         and UEGW* meetings with dates
       gether with evidence of further future      • Name(s) of sponsor(s)
       commitment to the subject. There            • Date of application
       should also be a concise, but com-
       plete summary of both past and cur-      COST OF MEMBERSHIP
       rent research.                                                                              If you have any
2. A Full Curriculum Vitae including:
                                                Full member: € 230/year (including subscrip-       changes to your
                                                tion to the JPGN)
   • Name                                                                                          email or postal
   • Date of Birth
   • Nationality
                                                Full EEC Eastern Member: Persons from              address, please let
                                                EEC Eastern Europe Member States : €120/
   • Address, telephone, fax number, e-         year (including subscription to the JPGN)          us know:
      mail address                                                                                 esp-
   • Details of present appointment             Full Eastern Member: Persons from non-
   • Education                                                                           
                                                EEC Eastern Europe Member States : €50/
   • Previous appointments                      year (including subscription to the JPGN)
   • Publications, which must be divided
                                                                                                   or update your
                                                Corresponding member: (persons who are
        - Original peer reviewed papers         also member of other FISPGHAN-related              information yourself
        - Letters to the editor
        - Reviews and editorials
                                                societies): €230/year (including subscription      From your personal
                                                to the JPGN).
        - Contributions to books                                                                   space on the
        - Published abstracts                   North American members: (persons who are
                                                also members of NASPGHAN): €60/year                ESPGHAN web-
3. A shortened “ESPGHAN CV” which               (does not include subscription to the JPGN).       site.
   must contain:
   • Name
   • Date of Birth                                                                                 If you have a ma-
                                                                                                   jor address

                                                                                                                    Page 9
                                                                                             N° 34
                                                                                             Spring 2006

ESPGHAN COUNCIL                                      COMMITTEE ON HEPATOLOGY:
                                                     Dr Anil Dhawan
PRESIDENT:                                           Paediatric Hepatology Department
Prof. Michael J. Lentze                              Variety Club Children's Hospital
Professor of Paediatrics                             King's College Hospital
Zentrum für Kinderheilkunde                          Denmark Hill
Adenauerallee 119                                    London SE5 9RS
D-53113 Bonn                                         United Kingdom
Germany                                              Phone: +44 20 7346 3214
Phone: + 49 228- 287 3213                            Fax: +44 20 7346 3564
Fax: + 49 228- 287 3325                              E-mail:
                                                     COMMITTEE ON NUTRITION:
GENERAL SECRETARY:                                   Prof. Raanan Shamir
Prof. Jean-Pierre Olives                             Meyer Children's Hospital of Haifa
Département de Pédiatrie                             POB 9602
Hôpital des Enfants                                  31096 Haifa
330 Av. de Grande Bretagne                           Israel
TSA 70034                                            Phone: +972 4 854 3388
31059 Toulouse Cedex                                 Fax: +972 4 854 1805
France                                               E-mail:
Phone: +33 5 34 55 85 62
Fax: +33 5 34 55 85 67                               COMMITTEE ON GASTROENTEROLOGY:
                                                     Prof David Branski
                                                     Hadassah University Hospital
                                                     Department of Pediatrics
TREASURER:                                           POB 12000
Dr. Jorge Amil Dias                                  Jerusalem
Dept of Paediatrics                                  IL-91120, Israel
Hospital S. Joao                                     Phone: +972 (2) 677 75 43
Alameda Hernani Monteiro                             Fax: +972 (2) 643 45 79
4202-451 Porto                                       E-mail:
Phone: +351 917 612 634
Fax: + 351 225 025 766                               EASTERN EUROPE AFFAIRS:
E-mail:                         Prof. Andras Arato
                                                     Semmelweis University
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY:                                First Department of Pediatrics
Pr Anamaria Staiano                                  Bokay Janos u.53
Universita "Federico II"                             H-1083 Budapest
Dipartimento di Pediatrica                           Hungary
Via S. Pansini, 5                                    Phone: +
I - 80131 NAPOLI                                     Fax: +36.1.313.8212
Italy                                                E-mail:
Phone: +081 746 2679
Fax: +081 546 9811                                   COLLOQUIUM SECRETARIAT:
E-mail:                             12, rue de la Croix-Faubin
                                                     75557 Paris Cedex 11
SCIENTIFIC SECRETARY:                                France
Prof. Steffen Husby, M.D., D.M.Sc.                   Phone: +33 1 44 64 15 15
Consultant of Pediatric Gastroenterology             Fax: +33 1 44 64 15 24
University of Southern Denmark & Odense University   E-mail:
DK-5000 Odense C
Denmark                                              ESPGHAN WEBSITE:
Phone: +45 65412090                        
Fax: + 45 6- 591 1862
E-mail:                JPGN WEBSITE:

                                                                                                  Page 10

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