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Google launches Chrome OS operating system


									Google recently entered the market operating system - long dominated by Microsoft and its line of
Windows - with the release of Chrome Internet giant hopes to revolutionize OS.The the United
States with its new offerings. Netbooks loaded with Chrome OS missing hard drives, which means
that everything from applications to documents stored online, much in the format of computing. In
Chrome cloud OS so largely due to the Internet, such as Experts say the system similar to Google's
web browser of the same name. The advantage of not having an internal hard drive is that the
netbook will start and run much faster than with traditional operating systems, according
Google.Along with the launch of the OS, Google has released a batch of netbooks prototype for
consumers to test and announced the Chrome Web store. Cr-48 netbook has a 12.1-inch screen, a
plan for Verizon Wireless 3G free for the first 100 megabytes and have eight hours of battery life.

According to Google, the developers have already downloaded applications for Chrome Web Store,
which is basically the answer netbook Android Marketplace for smartphones. The App Store will
initially be available in the U.S. alone, with future expansion planned. "When you play with him and I
hope I use it every day, you'll find that it actually works," Google CEO Eric Schmidt said at the launch
in San Francisco.The OS also has a hardware keyboard full size, but strangely lacking in caps lock and
function keys. This, Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai in Google Chrome
said, is "to respect the protocol of the Internet." Translation: no more crying on forums and
comments section by typing in all caps. Google Chrome OS expect based netbooks to hit the market
a while ago year.Microsoft has so far refused to comment on the new competition. But the real
challenge Chrome OS will take several years.

Microsoft Windows 7, released in October 2009, has sold over 240 million copies of date.Still, the
release of Chrome OS, the guy already heated competition among the giants of the computer.
Google has also focused its efforts to cut into Microsoft's stranglehold on the market for enterprise
computing. Following Google's desktop based on the cloud, Google Apps is designed specifically to
challenge Microsoft Office.

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