Troop Carmel Times by MikeJenny


									                         Carmel 1 Courier
Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                             October 2008

                      Philmont                                           Scoutmaster’s Minute
        The adventure to Philmont began very              What a great start to the new scouting season!!
early on August 10th. Myself, Mr. Schwenk, Mr.                    Since our last Newsletter the members of our
Reed, and Jeff had a six o’clock a.m. flight out of       troop have been on many adventures. The
LaGuardia airport to Dallas, Texas then from              following is just a list of where we’ve been and
Dallas we flew to Colorado Springs. Frank, Jon            touches on where we are going. To know the what,
O., and Nick had a flight later that day. When we         who, where and when you must read on, as each
arrived in Colorado Springs, we went out to lunch         event has a Scout Coordinator who’s responsibility
and checked in to our hotel. Then, Mr. Schwenk            is to wrap up the trip with an article in his own
drove to Denver to pick up the rest of the crew           words. Better yet, sign up for the next outing, live
while Mr. Reed, Jeff, and I went to the Garden of         your own adventure and make your own stories to
the Gods as well as the Indian Cliff Dwellings. For       talk about.
dinner, part of the crew went to Sonic and the rest               Here goes, we tailgated and camped at
of the crew went to Pizza Hut. The day came to an         Dutchess Stadium for the Hudson Valley Renegades
end with the whole crew going for a wild night            “All Scout Sleepover”, had 8 scouts and 2 adults go
swim at the hotel pool.                                   on a 50+ mile Summit Base High Adventure Trek
        On Monday, the whole crew went to the             which included backpacking & canoeing. We had
Garden of the Gods then drove to the top of Pikes         40 “Camper weeks” at Curtis S. Read Scout
Peak. For dinner we went to the Flying W Ranch            Reservation (Camp Buckskin) + 1 Andy Chin. We
for a chuck wagon dinner.                                 had 5 scouts and 2 adults go to New Mexico to
         The next morning, we had breakfast at the        attend the BSA National Scout High Adventure
hotel then made the pleasant three hour drive to          Camp at “Philmont”. On 5 separate occasions this
the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New                 summer our troop went white water rafting, 4 of
Mexico. We arrived at Philmont at about 10:30             which were in the Adirondacks and once in
am. We met our ranger Brad, got our tent                  Colorado, where we braved class 5 rapids through
assignments, and ate lunch.                               the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. At every
                                   continued on page 2
                                                          turn we refused to be daunted by the weather as was
                                                          demonstrated by our abbreviated TMR Canoe Trip,
                                                          on which we sent a contingent down the Delaware
                                                          for a 20 mile day trip. We were honored by 7 of our
1 PHILMONT                                                scouts and 1 adult that were inducted into “The
  SCOUTMASTER’S MINUTE                                    Order of the Arrow” which is scouting’s honor
                                                          camping society. We were poised to attend the Fall
                                                          Camporee, but this time the weather got the best of
3 SUMMER CAMP                                             us only because the rescheduled date conflicted with
  2008 COMBO TREK                                         our Junior Leader Training, which was very
  O.A. WEEKEND                                            successful. The Junior Leader Training Weekend
                                                          was followed by a COPE course for all members of
                                                          the troop.               Continued on page 2

Brian Schwenk - Editor                      Carmel 1 Courier                                 October 21, 2008
             Philmont continued from page 1                        Scoutmaster’s Minute continued from page 1
  That night the rangers put on an Opening                         As we have said many times, “Ours is a boy
  campfire at base camp.                                   led troop”. This is demonstrated in our “2008 –
          On Wednesday, we ate breakfast and               2009 Troop Calendar” and on our “Signup payment
  took a tour of Waite Phillips’ house; he was             deadline list” which outlines all troop activities for
  the owner of the land where Philmont now                 the year. We have elected and trained our new
  sits. After that, we took our expedition photo           leaders and are well on our way to another season to
  and ate lunch and set out on the trail. We were          remember. Our monthly “Hiking Program” is alive
  out on trail for eight days. This trip was an            and well; there are no fees associated with this and
  extraordinary once in a lifetime experience.             all scouts with or without a parent are welcome to
  On trail we toured a real gold mine, panned              join in at any time.
  for gold, climbed trees using logging
                                                                  Look for announcements, stay informed, use
  equipment, shot black powder rifles, learned
                                                           our website, come to meetings, but most of all make
  to lasso, learned to brand, and climbed Mount
                                                           as many events as you can! The Boy Scout motto is
  Baldy which is the tallest peak in New
                                                           “Be Prepared”; Preparation begins with our
  Mexico. After we came off the trail and
                                                           meetings in the gym, but the adventure is waiting for
  headed back to base camp we had lunch and
                                                           you outdoors where scouting belongs.
  took showers. Then, we returned the gear that
  we borrowed, washed our clothes, and made                        Yours in Scouting,
  phone calls home. That night we had dinner                              Mr. Reed, Scoutmaster
  and went to the closing camp fire ceremony.
          Thursday the twenty-first is when we
  left Philmont. We took a long drive back to
  Colorado to go white water rafting on the                            Ten Mile River Canoe Trip
  Arkansas River then we all drove to Denver
  and checked into our hotel and went to dinner
  at Casa Bonita. After dinner everyone went                       Due to the impending monsoon, the canoe
  back to the hotel to relax and pack their bags.          trip planned for the weekend of September 5th turned
           On Friday we began our journey                  into a day trip. There were only eleven people who
  home. We had breakfast at our hotel then said            participated in the day trip but it was just as fun as it
  our goodbyes and set out for the airport.                would have been if it was a weekend trip. We started
  Myself, Mr. Schwenk, Jeff, and Mr. Reed had              our journey with an ever so nutritious breakfast at
  to drive back to Colorado Springs to get our             Denny’s. The only accident happened early on in the
  flight. We flew from Colorado Springs to                 trip, Mr. Reed and his sons flipped their canoe. My
  Dallas, then Dallas to LaGuardia airport.                dad and I braved the roaring rapids to fish Brendon,
           This was an amazing trip that I will            the youngest son, out of the river. The rest of the
  remember forever. I hope to return to                    group performed a T-rescue to empty their canoe.
  Philmont someday and if our troop gets the               The rest of the day was extremely relaxing and
  opportunity to go, I would very much                     enjoyable. There were a few more exciting trips
  encourage you to go. It’s an experience of a             down rapids and a stop for lunch and swimming.
  lifetime.                                                Later that day we arrived back at Drew safe and
                                                           sound, yet exhausted from the journey.

  Brian S., Senior Scribe                                  Danny S., Event Coordinator

Brian Schwenk - Editor                        Carmel 1 Courier                                     October 21, 2008
           Camp Read, Buckskin Week 4                            Camp Read, Buckskin Week 5

                                                          This year there were 15 scouts and 4 adults
                                                          that attended camp week 5. They were divided
                                                          into 3 patrols. The weather was great! It was
                                                          hot, it was sunny, it was cold, it rained, and
                                                          just about everything else you could imagine.
                                                          Our troop won the B.O.S.S (Best of Scouting
                                                          Skills) Award for the 2nd year in a row. The
                                                          B.O.S.S. Award is the highest honor a troop
                                                          can receive while at camp. We also won the
                                                          Dutch Oven Cooking Contest. Our troop
            News article missing in action!               entered the Cardboard Boat Race and Pie
                                                          Eating Contest, in which I came in 2nd place
                                                          and Carlos came in 3rd place. We made our
                                                          own ice cream and had several fires at our site
                                                          during the week. The majority of the scouts &
                                                          adults participated in the “Polar Bear Swim” in
                                                          which consists of swimming at 6:30 AM on
                                                          Monday, Wednesday & Friday. The Troop
                                                          also went horseback riding, rock wall
                                                          climbing, zip lining and white water rafting
                                                          throughout the course of the week.

    Nick P, Event Coordinator                             Jeff, Senior Patrol Leader week 5

                                   2008Camp Read, Buckskin week 6

    This year there were 19 scouts and 5 adults who attended camp week 6. The weather was great! We
    entered the Cardboard Boat Race and came in 3rd place as well as receiving an honorable mention in
    the Pie Eating Contest. We made our own ice cream and had several fires in our site. Most of the
    scouts & adults went for the “Polar Bear Swim”. We also entered the cooking contest and came in 3rd
    place. The Troop went horseback riding, rock wall climbing, zip lining, and white water rafting
    throughout the week.

    Matt, Senior Patrol Leader for week 6
                  2008 Combo Trek                                “Order of the Arrow” Weekend

                                                                 News article missing in action!
           News article missing in action!

    Jon O., Event Coordinator,                            Robert B., O.A. Representative
    Senior Patrol Leader

Brian Schwenk - Editor                      Carmel 1 Courier                                  October 21, 2008
                  The September Hike                                       The October Hike

           The hike took place on September 28,                       The hike was on October 28, 2008.
    2008.There was a great turn out. Over the course          We hiked in a figure eight formation. It was
    of the hike we saw salamanders, frogs, and other          fun and there was great scenery. The view
    wild life. We also saw a few waterfalls. Even             from the top of the mountain top was
    though it rained, it did not dampen our spirits.          beautiful. We saw turkey vultures, water
    Some of the boys earned a requirement for the             towers, and a lot of mountains with trees.
    second class rank, using a compass and map. I                                     We had a lot of fun,
    was very glad to see some new faces as well as            although there was only one other scout
    those who participate on a regular basis. These           present. It was a really great hike. Those who
    hikes are extremely enjoyable as well as helpful          participated were Mrs. Malinowski, Joseph
    for some requirements!                                    M., Mr. Londa, Mr. French, and myself.

    Brendan D., Event Coordinator                             Jonathon F., Event Coordinator

                                       Putnam Hospital Water Run

    I would like to congratulate the runners and my fellow scouts for doing a great job at the Putnam
    Hospital Walk/Run. This event was sponsored by the Lions Club. The troop set up “Fluid Stations”
    at the one and three mile marks and handed out cups of water to the runners. The best part was
    having water fights after the last runner passed!!! But, we did earn our due credit of four hours of
    community service. The scouts that participated were Jonathan B., Harry, Frank, Mike, Julian,
    Brandon, and Matt. Kudos to our own Joseph M., Evan and Mr. Londa who ran the race! I'd also like
    to thank the parents who assisted us; Mr. Buckley, Mr. Chin, and Mr. and Mrs. Barone. We'll be
    back next year!

           Harry, Event Coordinator

                                           Renegades Sleepover

    The Renegades baseball all scout sleepover took place on Saturday June twenty-first. When we first
    arrived, we set up a tent, table and barbecue. Everyone spread out to play different games while
    having the pre-game tailgate. When it came close to game time, we found our seats and watched the
    Renegades and the Staten Island Yankees warm-up. Many of us kids were bored because the
    Renegades were losing. My favorite part was watching a Yankee pitcher in the 9th inning that could
    pitch lefty and righty. Unfortunately, when the game was over the final score was 9-1 Yankees.
    After the players left the field, we went and set up our tents. Some players stayed and signed
    autographs. When we finished setting up the tents, we started a football game and played for the rest
    of the night. In the morning we got breakfast, packed our gear, and left for home. A good time was
    had by all.

           Jon B., Event Coordinator

Brian Schwenk - Editor                     Carmel 1 Courier                                     October 21, 2008
Brian Schwenk - Editor   Carmel 1 Courier   October 21, 2008
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