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Communication and presentation of the ideas have always been a medium through which most of the
companies, organization and business units cater to their clients. In the days of print medium flyers,
brochures and other set of communication mode was present which was used to present brief ideas and
new platforms.

Internet changed the whole medium of communication and websites emerged as a medium of
communication and became the virtual office for many. Some company started and mingled many ideas
in development of websites. The languages which were used for designing initial websites were licensed
and required enhanced programming skills to build a website.

The emergence of PHP language an open source programming which is under general public license and
developed by community of developers become an instant tool for creating website which were
complex and required agile coding. A large talent pool of developers who acquainted this language has
developed many websites which have become land mark in developing websites.

The core advantage of using PHP language is it offers efficient development of dynamic websites which
                              is a mix of normal web pages and applications which run over the sites. If
                              someone is using advance algorithms and search features then PHP
                              programming skills will suit best to their needs and they can make
                              efficient websites which can be like any video sharing, data sharing or
                              B2B portals.

                                 Websites are mostly designed on a language platform and require
                                 servers to suit the complex needs effectively. PHP being an open source
                                 requires server platform which can be supported by UNIX platform. The
developers of this language have always been adding features and patches to offer superior developing
tools to the users of this language.

PHP development has been lately been in stages and now a lot of variants of the PHP is available over
the net which are developed by teams and single users who have customized this as per there uses. PHP
is now combined with major content management systems which are offering a simple approach in
building websites. Joomla and drupal who are offering inbuilt templates and coding use PHP as the
major language.

Some of the major websites developed by using PHP is the social networking site Facebook by Mark
Zuckerberg. New developers who have an urge to develop a new idea or a website can use this tool to
make a splash in the internet market.

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