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					                                            UniSA GrantFinder
Please submit any grants marked with *Research and Innovation Services for processing. All other
applications to be sent to your relevant Business Development Manager for processing.

                                        Important upcoming due dates
Funding body & scheme                                                                           Closing dates
*Australian Rotary Health Research Fund - One Year Pilot Project                                Internal date: 24 July
                                                                                                External date: 7 August
*Sugar Research and Development Corporation-Research Projects                                   Internal date: 5 August
                                                                                                External date: 14 August
Alcohol and Health Research Grants Scheme-Research Grants                                       Internal date: 5 August
                                                                                                External date: 14 August
The CASS Foundation Limited                                                                     Internal date: 14 August
                                                                                                External date: 21 August


                                            INTERNATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES

The CASS Foundation Limited

Fellowship – Drafts for review: 14 August Finals due: 21 August

The CASS Foundation Travel Grants are offered to further the career opportunities of early career
Australian post-doctoral researchers by enabling them to make presentations of their research
findings at international conferences/meetings/related activities ("conferences") where they may
meet colleagues and establish the foundations for on going research collaborations.


International Centre of Excellence in Water Resources Management

Visits and Exchange– Drafts for review: 17 August Finals due: 28 August

The ICE WaRM International Visits and Exchanges Programme provides an opportunity to industry,
vocational education and training and the tertiary education sector and research communities for
increased engagement at an international level in the area of water resources management

Participants on short to medium term visits and exchanges will be able to share skills, knowledge
and experiences that will benefit the individual, their home and host organisations and ICE WaRM to
enhance the field of water resources management.


Matsumae International Foundation

Fellowship – Drafts for review: 17 August Finals due: 31 August

The Matsumae International Foundation is offering another round of fellowships, founded as a
result of Dr Shigeyoshi Matsumae's call. The Foundation hopes to accept researchers from as many
nations as possible, but first priority will be given to the fields of natural science, engineering and
medicine. Fellowships are available between April 2010 and March 2011.

Australian Academy of Science

Graham Caughley Travelling Fellowship – Drafts for review: 17 August Finals due: 31 August

The Fellowship commemorates the work of Dr G.J. Caughley, FAA in ecology and wildlife
management. Dr Caughley was a chief research scientist with the CSIRO Wildlife and Ecology,
Canberra, until his death in February 1994. The Fellowship is financed through the generosity of his
friends and colleagues.

The inaugural Fellowship was in 1996. The Fellowship is offered every two years. Up to $5000 (GST
exempt) is offered. The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable ecologists resident in Australia or New
Zealand to share their expertise by visiting scientific centres and giving lectures in countries other
than Australia or New Zealand


Australian-American Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Scholarships (Australian Citizens) – Drafts for review: 17 August Finals due: 31 August

As the largest and one of the most prestigious educational scholarship programs in the world,
Fulbright provides unique opportunities for Australians to build long term research collaboration and
linkages with U.S. universities.

Applications are open to Postgraduates (to do research related to their Australian PhD., or enrol in a
U.S. degree); Postdoctoral, Professional and Senior Scholars from any field of study. Applicants from

Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria are
encouraged to consider the state specific Fulbright Scholarships that have now been established.


The Commonwealth Fund

Harkness Fellowships in Health Care – Drafts for review: 1 September Finals due: 15 September

The Commonwealth Fund's Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice provide a unique
opportunity for mid-career health services researchers and practitioners from Australia, Germany,
the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to spend up to 12
months in the United States, conducting original research and working with leading U.S. health
policy experts.


Australian-American Fulbright Commission

Fulbright Scholarships (American Citizens) – Drafts for review: 11 July/16 October Finals due: 1
August (Senior Scholars) and 31 October (Postgraduates)

Australian universities are also encouraged to actively seek applications from Americans to
be Fulbright Scholars in Australia in 2009.

This supports American academics and postgraduates undertake research with Australian
universities for 4 - 12 months.


Bupa Foundation (UK)

Medical Research Grants – Due 31 July for November 2009 consideration

Bupa Foundation accepts applications for clinically relevant medical research projects aimed at
increasing medical knowledge and effectiveness in patient care. Applications may be for single
projects or for longer programmes up to 3 years in duration. Basic medical research or service
development is not funded.



                                     NATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES

*Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

Mental Health of Young Australians, One Year Pilot Project – Drafts for review: 24 July Finals due:
7 August

Applications are sought for one-year research "Pilot" projects investigating the mental health of
young Australians.

This new offer is the only funding available for mental health research grants in 2010. The traditional
research project grants, PhD scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships are not available

*Sugar Research and Development Corporation

Research Projects – Drafts for review: 5 August Finals due: 14 August

Sugar Research and Development Corporation is calling for researchers to submit research and
development proposals for projects commencing from July 2010. SRDC are prepared to invest in
bright new ideas and innovative R&D projects from anywhere in the world, which will deliver
significant benefits to the Australian community and sugarcane industry.

Expressions of Interest applications will need to be submitted online using the SRDC application


Alcohol and Health Research Grants Scheme

Research Grants – Drafts for review: 5 August Finals due: 14 August

The program related primarily to health problems using beer additives which initially arose in
Canada and the United States. The Alcohol and Health Research Grants Scheme (AHRGS) aims to
provide financial support for independent research in the area of Alcohol and Health.

Up to $35,000 is on offer. The sponsor will not provide funding to meet the University's indirect
costs (overheads). The budget should not include requests for this purpose.


*Motor Neurone Disease Research Institute of Australia

Grants in Aid for research into motor neurone disease 2010– Drafts for review: 14 August Finals
due: 28 August

The MND Research Institute of Australia regards its role as one of providing seed-funding for
research that is innovative and having a clear relationship to the causes, treatments and cures of
MND or the support of people living with MND. Accordingly, the majority of funds available through
the Institute are for grants-in-aid of MND research in Australia.


Bill Gole MND Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2012) – Drafts for review: 14 August Finals due: 28

The Fellowships of the MND Research Institute of Australia aim to encourage young researchers to
focus their interest on MND.
The Bill Gole MND Postdoctoral Fellowship is directed towards postdoctoral scientists with a track
record in areas of neuroscience related to motor neurone disease. Salary for a full-time research
fellow will be funded at $72,500 p.a. for a period of up to three years


*National Heart Foundation

Postgraduate Scholarship (Biomedical/Clinical/Public Health)– Drafts for review: 14 August Finals
due: 28 August

The Heart Foundation offers Postgraduate Scholarships in biomedical, clinical and public health
disciplines. These scholarships are for nursing, medical, science and other relevant graduates seeking
support for full-time research studies leading to a PhD at an Australian university or institution.

Applicants for these scholarships must meet criteria of eligibility and excellence. Postgraduate
Scholarships are normally awarded for three years


*Grains Research and Development Corporation

Travel Awards– Drafts for review: 14 August Finals due: 28 August

The GRDC offers financial assistance to grains industry individuals or small groups wishing to attend
a conference or undertake travel that may ultimately benefit the Australian grains industry. GRDC
places a high priority on the dissemination and communication of knowledge gained from the
experience offered by Travel Awards.

Travel Award Applications should not be included as part of any other GRDC research project or
attached to other GRDC applications


The General Sir John Monash Foundation

General Sir John Monash Foundation 2010 Awards – Drafts for review: 14 August Finals due: 31

Annually, up to eight Awards may be awarded to outstanding Australian citizens graduating from
Australian Universities to enable them to undertake postgraduate study abroad at the world’s best
Universities, appropriate to their field of study.

The General Sir John Monash Awards are not limited by age, gender, and academic field of study,
country or university, subject to the university being considered to be amongst the global leaders in
the chosen field of study. However, whilst no upper age limit is stipulated, Awards will generally
favour those whose major contribution to their field and to the community lies ahead of them


Australian Academy of Science

2010 Award for Research on the Conservation of Endangered Australian Vertebrate Species –
Drafts for review: 14 August Finals due: 31 August

This award offers support for research on endangered Australian vertebrate species (endangered
either locally or nationally) with the objective of understanding the causes of their decline and with a
view to instituting, or improving, the management of the conditions necessary for the species’

A total of $20,000 is available for allocation to one or more than one grant. Grants are GST exempt


*Premier’s Science and Research Fund (PSRF) Round 7

Stage One applications– Drafts for review: 31 August Finals due: 7 September

The State Government will soon announce the Premier’s Science and Research Fund , Round 7, for
2009. Essential information, guidelines and application forms will be available on the Department of
Science, Technology and Innovation website (the version currently posted is for 2008 – please
ensure that you have downloaded the correct Round 7 or 2009 version).

PSRF invites applications in four categories:

       Standard PSRF

       Initiatives to develop world class research capability in strategic areas for SA

       State Government support for ARC Laureate Fellowship applications

       Sustainable energy research projects

PSRF will provide funding support to successful applicants of at least $250,000 (>$100,000 per
annum) over two or three years. No upper funding limit has been set, but the funds actually
available for new projects in any round/ year will not exceed a total of $1.5 million.

More information, key dates and further assistance (RIS Grants and Fellowships website)


*National Health and Medical Research Council

Centres of Research Excellence– Drafts for review: 21 August Finals due: 11 September

The Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) Scheme replaces the Centres for Clinical Research
Excellence Scheme and the Capacity Building Grants in Population Health and Health Services
The CRE Scheme seeks applications from teams of researchers to pursue innovative, high quality
collaborative research activities in the following priority areas:

       Clinical Research
       Research into Asbestos Related Diseases
       Population Health Research
       Electromagnetic Energy Research
       Health Services Research

The CRE will build capacity, support research that will lead to improved community health outcomes,
and ensure effective translation of research outcomes primarily into practice.
Funding will be awarded for a period of five years and is expected to commence in 2010

More information, key dates and further assistance (RIS Grants and Fellowships website)


*Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Applications for Research Awards– Drafts for review: 1 September Finals due: 15 September

Applications for AINSE Research Awards are now open.

Areas of particular interest include

       researching climate change
       the management of water resources
       the study of air pollution
       studying the structural integrity of materials
       radiobiological research
       medical physics and imaging

In addition to the on-line application form, there are links on the Research Awards page to other key
documents which are vital to creating a valid application


*Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Applications for funding and scholarships– Drafts for review: 11 September Finals due: 25

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation invests in the knowledge needs of their
three portfolio areas:

• New rural industries;
• Specific established rural industries; and
• Cross-sectoral national rural issues

Investments are driven by Five-Year R&D plans which address the needs of each industry and ensure
our priorities are industry and government-driven. Overall, RIRDC’s aim is for a more profitable,
dynamic and sustainable rural sector.

RIRDC welcomes proposals that will meet the specific objectives, or a number of objectives, as
outlined in the research priorities and in more detail in program Five-Year Plans.


*CSIRO Flagship Collaboration Fund

Round 5 Cluster Proposals– Drafts for review: 14 September Finals due: 27 September

The fifth round of CSIRO Flagship Clusters offers collaboration opportunities in six key research areas
of national interest as follows:

    1) Biological Solutions for energy and greenhouse gas challenges (Energy Transformed Flagship;
    2) Sex ratio and sterility for commercial animal production (Food Futures Flagship);
    3) Healthy complex cereal carbohydrates (Food Futures Flagship);
    4) Innovation: accelerating the path to impact (Future Manufacturing Flagship);
    5) National Distributed Urban Water Systems: Performance Verification (Water for a Healthy
       Country Flagship); and
    6) Environmental water (Water for a Healthy Country Flagship).

Flagship clusters fund a large scale of activity with an emphasis on people and partnerships working
on a collection of projects relevant to a Flagship's goals. Flagship clusters foster collaboration
between CSIRO, universities and other publicly-funded research agencies.

More information, key dates and further assistance (RIS Grants and Fellowships website)


Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Workshop Program Proposals – Drafts for review: 16 October Finals due: 30 October

The Workshop Program is a principal component in the Academy’s promotion of research in the
social sciences. Academy workshops are small gatherings of those working at the cutting edge of
social science research. It is expected that a diversity of perspectives will be presented from the
variety of social science disciplines, and that the emphasis on inviting participants will be on active
researchers in the field.


*Australian Research Council

Linkage Projects Round 2 – Drafts for review: 23 October Finals due: 18 November

The Linkage Projects scheme supports collaborative research and development projects between
higher education organisations and other organisations, including within industry, to enable the
application of advanced knowledge to problems. Typically, research projects funded under the
scheme involve risk.

The objectives of Linkage Projects are to:

         encourage and develop long-term strategic research alliances between higher education
          organisations and other organisations, including within industry and end-users, in order to
          apply advanced knowledge to problems and/or to provide opportunities to obtain national
          economic, social or cultural benefits;
         support collaborative research on issues of benefit to rural and regional communities;
         enhance the scale and focus of research in National Research Priorities;
         foster opportunities for postdoctoral researchers to pursue internationally competitive
          research in collaboration with organisations outside the higher education sector, targeting
          those who have demonstrated a clear commitment to high-quality research;
         provide outcome-oriented research training to prepare high-calibre postgraduate research
          students; and
         produce a national pool of world-class researchers to meet the needs of the broader
          Australian innovation system.



                                                INTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES

*UniSA ARC and NHMRC Development Scheme

Expressions of Interest to Dean of Research/Institute Director: 21 August

This new development scheme aims to assist UniSA staff through the process of developing
applications for ARC Discovery Project or NHMRC Project Grant applications.

The UniSA ARC Discovery project Grant and NHMRC Project Grant Development Schemes will be
aimed at a UniSA staff member who:

       is research active but may not have previously held an ARC Discovery Project or NHMRC
        Project Grant; and/or
       seeks to improve their success in these programs.

For this purpose, 'research active' could include Supported Researchers and/or Early Career
Researchers who are ready to submit an ARC/NHMRC Project Grant as first named CI. As a guide, an
Early Career Researcher is defined as someone within their first five years of their research careers
following their PhD.



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