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WAD 11-10-08 by pengxuebo


									  World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes November 10, 2008

                                                  HIV/AIDS Network of Sarasota (HANS)
                                                 World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Meeting

Location: New College of Florida (NCF)                                              Meeting Date and Time: November 10, 2008 at 11:10 A.M.
Chair: Rochelle Herman; Co-Chairs: John Perez and Stephanie Simmons
Membership Roster:                                                                  Members Present:
Chair: Rochelle Herman;                                                             Acting Co-Chairs: John Perez,
Co-Chairs: Sarasota County Representative: John Perez, Community AIDS               Other Member: Sue Tharp, Hope Wulliman, Dianne Shipley, Greg
Network (CAN) and Manatee County Representative: Stephanie Simmons,                 Hite, April Glasco, Stephanie Simmons, Jessly Santiago, Aimee
MCHD;                                                                               Schournard, and Joan Surso
Members: Norman Carmel and Carol Hart, Southwest Community AIDS
Southwest Florida Community AIDS Quilts; Serena Miller, John Acevedo,
Community AIDS Network (CAN); Greg Hite Amy Schournard, and Rev. Dee
Graham, New College of Florida (NCF), Eric Garz, Student NCF; Stephen Warne,
ALSO Out Youth, Bettina Tyler, Tidwell Hospice and Project Challenge; Susan
Puchalla, Sarasota County School Board; Timothy Parham and Brendon Wright,
Community Advocates; Hope Wulliman, Trinity Charities; Robert Merlosi,
Rosalie Cruz, Jessica May, Stephanie Simmons, Brendon Williams, Jessly
Santiago, Marie Hatch, Manatee County Health Department (MCHD); April
Glasco, Shelley (Volunteer) Second Chance Last Opportunity; Michael Kehoe
Community Advocate; Dianne Shipley, Lauren Zink, Sue Tharp, Lauren Sporillo,
Joan Surso, Sarasota County Health Department (SCHD), Gary Harvey,
Community Advocate; Garry Breul, Suncoast AIDS Theater Project; Von
Dowling, Michael Bach Center, Manatee County Rural Health Services; Dandy
Howe, Community Advocate; Crisaida Mendez, AIDS Healthcare
Foundation/Positive Healthcare; Joanne Sergo and Marsha Crabtree, Suncoast
Communities Blood Bank

  Purpose of Meeting: HANS World AIDS Day (WAD) Committee Meetings preparing for events planned for 11/22/08 at New College in Sarasota

         ISSUE            RESPONSIBL                                       ACTION                                     TARGET        STATUS:
                           E PERSON                                                                                 COMPLETION      a. Completed
                                                                                                                       DATE         b. Discontinued
                                                                                                                                    c. In Progress
                                                                                                                                    d. Referred To
                                          John welcomed everyone and everyone went around the room introducing         11/10/08     a.
Welcome/                 John Perez       themselves.

  World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Minutes          11/10/08    Page 1 of 3
  World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes November 10, 2008

Minutes Last World AIDS                 Copies of the minutes from the last meeting 11/4/08 were sent out via e-          11/10/08   d.
Day Committee Meeting      John Perez   mail to all committee members prior to the meeting. No corrections were
                                        noted, Hope moved the minutes be approved and seconded per
                                        Stephanie, and committee members unanimously approved.
Update NCF and HANS                     Greg stated the web site is up and looks great with all the links for other       11/22/08   c.
web sites for World AIDS   Greg Hite    agencies and sites. He stated he needs final list of all participants
        Day 2008                        (vendors, restaurants, entertainment, and speakers with agenda for the
                                        day). Joan sent these to Greg via e-mail after the last meeting with count
                                        as to electrical needs, tables, and chairs. Greg is still concerned about the
                                        need for volunteers the day of the event; he is working with the NCF
                                        Volunteer Coordinator, Mia Brezin and will report back at the next meeting
                                        as to students providing activities for youth. He stated he is talking with the
                                        Child Care Center staff to see if they can assist.
                                        Sue stated the two CHD will need booth space in the front of Sudakoff
                                        Center for health screenings since not able to use MMU for this.
                                        He asked everyone to check out the site at
  Update Budget 2008                    John stated he spoke to Tibotec and they will be submitting a check for           11/22/08   c.
                           Joan Surso   $500.00 for setting up a booth at the event. It was suggested this funding
                                        be used to purchase Event Insurance since we have received copies of
                                        liability insurance from only four agencies to date. Items budgeted for
                                        $2,200.00 budget include: $87 and $248 for NCF staff; $300.00 DJ;
                                        leaving $1,565.00. This is sufficient to cover purchasing liability insurance
                                        for around $900.00 and other items from LTM Party store (i.e.: helium for
                                        balloons, balloons, table runners). Rochelle offered to talk with Geico
                                        Insurance to see if they could underwrite the event with liability insurance
                                        and Greg offered to talk with NCF as to purchasing liability insurance with
                                        their insurance provider. John will coordinate this and make sure liability
                                        insurance policy is purchased prior to the event.
    Health/Wellness                     Joan stated the update for Sarasota registered agencies stands at 20 and          11/22/08   c.
   Committee Update        Joan Surso   Manatee at 16 agencies. Stephanie stated agencies in Manatee County
                                        were saying they had no liability insurance and they could not set up on
                                        Friday till after 5pm due to being open for business serving clients. Greg
                                        stated the Sudakoff Center would be open after 5pm and up till 7pm to
                                        accommodate agencies needs for set up. Discussion took place as to the
                                        final count for tables at 36 inside Sudakoff and 6 outside for CHD
                                        screenings. Stephanie stated PACE Center for Girls, Manatee would not
                                        be participating this year.

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  World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Meeting Minutes November 10, 2008

   AIDS Walk Update      Hope Wulliman    Hope stated she has obtained all bottle water donations for the event (over     11/22/08       c.
                                          1,000) and if more is needed she will be able to get that day. She
                                          received donation of bananas from Fresh Market. She stated the high
                                          school teams are coming in nicely. She is working on getting volunteers
                                          for the day. Hope asked if anyone had a letter that could be given to
                                          students who walk in the walk for school credit. Greg offered to develop
                                          the letter and be the contact to give out the day of the event to students.
     Media Update        Dianne Shipley   Dianne and Aimee are working on the Media packets for the event.                11/22/08       c.
                                          Dianne had a copy of one from last year to show. She stated the radio
                                          and newspaper response for the event has been good, better than last
                                          year with two press releases sent out. Rochelle asked Greg if he would
                                          like to be on the radio and TV next week for promoting the event and NCF,
                                          he agreed to do both. Rochelle asked what else might need to be
                                          donated, she is willing to contact agencies for the donations. She asked
                                          that members send her a list of items (i.e.: balloons, helium, rolls of red
                                          plastic table liners, liability insurance, raffle items).
Update Manatee County      Stephanie      Stephanie stated Ellen Meade will not be performing World AIDS Day and          11/22//08      c.
       Co-Chair            Simmons        AIDS Walk but will be performing at the WAD breakfast on 12/1 at the
                                          Holiday Inn. She said the invitations should be going out this week.
                                          Discussion took place as to the nominations for WAD from Sarasota
                                          County and the nominations will be Valerie, Dr. Lisa Merritt, John Acevedo
                                          and Joan Surso. John stated he will work on getting information on each
                                          nominee to Stephanie by the end of the week so plaques may be made.
                                          She stated South High School’s Spanish Club will be performing and they
                                          will have the 1pm time slot on the program. Stephanie stated J&J
                                          barbecue will be participating but no paperwork has been submitted on
                                          them yet.
Update Sarasota County    Joan Surso      Copies of the laminated posters and flyers were distributed as to               11/22/08       c.
       Co-Chair                           corrections from the last meeting. Joan is working with SCHD, Health
                                          Promotions for developing a list of participants and sponsors to hang in
                                          front of Sudakoff Center. Additional names were added to include: Fresh
                                          Market, Gecko Restaurant, Health Beat of America, ABC 7-TV, Your
                                          Health Monthly, Whole Foods, and Tropicana.

                                          There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM. The        Next Meeting     a.
                                                                                       th                                           th
Next Meeting Date:       John Perez       next meeting will be on Monday, November 10 due to the Holiday on             November 18
                                          11/18, at NCF in Hamilton Room 4, unless Greg notifies members of              at 11am at
                                          change in location.                                                               NCF

  World AIDS Day 2008 Committee Minutes          11/10/08     Page 3 of 3

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