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 News and publications that
happened between 1990s to
• South Africa: Nelson Mandela released
  from prison; end of apartheid negotiated.
• Margaret Thatcher resigns as British prime
• East and West Germany reunited.
• Internet became worldwide.
             Design in 1990s
Philippe Starke – juicy
           The Ninja Turtles

• The ninja Turtles
  production in
• Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia win
  independence from USSR.
• Fox Broadcasting is the first network to
  permit condom advertising on television.
• The first cholera epidemic in a century
  sickens 100,000 and kills more than 700 in
  South America.
• France agrees to sign 1968 treaty banning
  spread of atomic weapons
1991 - Inline Skates
• North American Free Trade Agreement
  (NAFTA) signed
• Compact discs surpass cassette tapes as
  the preferred medium for recorded music.
• There are 900 million television sets in use
  around the world; 201 million are in the
  United States.
1992 – Tracy Island (Thunderbirds)
• China breaks nuclear test moratorium.
• British House of Commons approves
  European unity pact.
• Five arrested, sixth sought in bombing of
  World Trade Centre in New York.
• A 13-year-old Los Angeles boy accuses
  Michael Jackson of fondling him. Jackson
  vehemently denies the charge. The two
  parties reach an out-of-court settlement.
1993 – Mr Blobby
• South Africa holds first interracial national
  election and Nelson Mandela elected
• Kurt Cobain kills himself. He was 27
• Friends and ER was broadcasted on NBC.
• Thousands dead in Rwanda massacre.
1994 – Magic Eye Pictures
          Design in 1994
Ron Arad – Bookworm shelf
• US rescues Mexico’s economy with $20-
  billion aid program
• France explodes nuclear device in Pacific
• The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum
  opens in Cleveland. Renowned architect I.
  M. Pei designed the ultra-modern, 150,000
  square-foot building.
Rock and roll Museum
1995 – Play Station
• France agreed to end nuclear testing
• Britain alarmed by an outbreak of mad
  cow disease
• Broadcasters and television and PC
  manufacturers agree on a standard for
  HDTV (high-definition digital television).
             Designs in 1996
Aki Maita - Tamagotchi
Designs in 1996
     Alessandro Mendini - Philips-
     Alessi line
1996 – Tomb Raider
• European Union plans to admit six nations
• Hebron agreement signed; Israel gives up
  large part of West Bank city of Hebron
• Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule
• J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the
  Philosopher's Stone is published in the
• Princess Diana died
• Europeans agree on single currency, the
• India conducts three atomic tests despite
  worldwide disapproval
• Titanic becomes the highest-grossing film
  of all time, raking in more than $580
  million domestically.
• Viagra was launched
1998 – Beanie Babies
• Nelson Mandela, first black president of South
  Africa, steps down (June 16), and Thabo Mbeki
  takes over.
• Magnitude 7.4 earthquake kills more than
  15,600 and leaves 600,000 homeless in Turkey
• The number of Internet users worldwide reaches
  150 million by the beginning of 1999. Over 50%
  are from the United States.
1999 – Folding Scooters
• Opening of Tate Modern, Bankside,
• Global warming leads to accelerating
  worldwide climate change
• Mad cow disease alarms Europe
• Boris Yeltsin resigns as president of
            Heelys shoes

created and sold by
American, Roger
Adams, in 2000
• Twin Towers were destroyed by terrorists
• In response to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, U.S.
  and British forces launch bombing campaign on
  Taliban government and al-Qaeda terrorist
  camps in Afghanistan Bombings continue on a
  daily basis.
• Cloning animals results in defects. Scientists
  report mounting evidence of random genetic
  errors that threaten similar efforts to duplicate
2001 – iPod Launched
• MTV host the first MTV awards in Asia
• Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan government
  sign a cease-fire agreement, ending 19
  years of civil war
• Israeli tanks and warplanes attack West
  Bank towns of Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem,
  and others in response to string of
  Palestinian suicide attacks
• In State of the Union address, Bush
  announces that he is ready to attack Iraq
  even without a UN mandate
• U.S. and Britain launch war against Iraq
• The Pixar team released another animated
  treasure with Finding Nemo, The film
  grossed more than $340 million.
            Solar tower

Invented by
jorg Schlaich
                No contact jacket
Invented by Adam Whiton and Yolita
Nugent, protects the wearer by
electric shocking any attackers.
• Summer Olympics take place in Athens,
• Enormous tsunami devastates Asia;
  200,000 killed
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  formally admits 7 new countries: Bulgaria,
  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania,
  Slovakia, and Slovenia
• Worldwide aid pours in to help the eleven Asian
  countries devastated by the Dec. 26, 2004,
• Tony Blair becomes first Labour Party prime
  minister to win three successive terms, but his
  party loses a large number of seats in the
• London hit by Islamic terrorist bombings, killing
  52 and wounding about 700. It is Britain's worst
  attack since World War II
• Saddam Hussein is convicted of crimes
  against humanity by an Iraqi court,and
  hanged in Baghdad.
• Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, fires
  rockets into Israel. In response, Israel
  launches a major military attack, sending
  thousands of troops into Lebanon.
Skinny jeans
• Tony Blair resigns prime minister and
  Gordon Brown takes over
• North Korea Agrees to Disable Nuclear
  Fuel Plants
• Three Earthquakes Strike Indonesia
• Bridge Collapses into the Mississippi River
• Ban on smoking in public places.
          Stab proof hoodie
The £65 black
cotton tops are
lined with Kevlar, a
synthetic fibre that
can be spun into
fabric sheets five
times stronger
than steel.
London Eye
   Julia Barfield and David Marks
• Julia and David created
  the idea on their table in
  the kitchen in south
  London in 1993 that was
  when they created the idea
  for London Eye.
• David researched and
  developed the idea for a
  giant observation wheel
  and Julia found the perfect
  location by put drawing
  London Eye in Jubilee
  Gardens on the South
  Bank in London.
                     London Eye
•   Late 1998
    Building start on the British Airways London Eye
•   October 1999
    The London Eye was lifted up over the River Thames
•   March 2000
    The London Eye officially opens to the public
•   March 2001
    The Eye celebrated its first official birthday. Since opening, the
    London Eye has welcomed more than 3.5 million customers during
    the first year.
•   October 2001
    In 18 months after the London Eye opened, more than 6 million
    customers went inside London Eye.
•   December 2001
    A six tonne ice sculpture of London’s skyline was pulled together on
    site. It took 6 hours to create the sculpture.
•   August 2002
    The popular London Eye river cruise experience was opened.
•   February 2002
    Exciting wedding packages were introduced
• October 2004
  The Eye was lit in pink during October in support of Breakthrough
  Breast Care Awareness Month. Over £30,000 was raised during this
  month for the charity.
• February 2004
  On Valentine's day, the London eye was open until midnight to
  create a romantic atmosphere.
• September 2003
  The first dining package was introduced with a restaurant.
• February 2006
  The London Eye was finally granted a 25 year lease agreement.
  December 2005
  The first civil partnership was performed on the Eye. To mark the
  special occasion, the Eye was turned pink. December also saw the
  London Eye become a national representation by being the centre of
  the New Year celebrations in London. By the end of 2005, the Eye
  has welcomed over 18 million visitors and won over 40 awards for
  tourism, architecture and engineering.
• July 2005
  The 20 millionth customer was welcomed to the Eye.
• March 2005
  The Eye celebrates its fifth anniversary. 7,000 quarter bottles of
  Laurent-Perrier Champagne and 3,000 bottles of orange juice were
  given away to customers to help celebrate the special day.
        40 Awards in 10 Years
• Structural Special Award 2000, awarded by The Institution of
  Structural Engineers for London Eye
• National Steel Award 2000, Winner in the infrastructure category,
  awarded to Hollandia For London Eye
• Corus Construction Award 2000, For London Eye
• Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Awards 2000, Winner of the
  Special Award for BA London Eye
• London First Millennium Award 2000, Awarded for an outstanding
  contribution to architecture in the Capital For London Eye
• Leisure Property Awards 2000, Winner in three categories: Best
  National Scheme / Best Regeneration Scheme / Best Innovative
  Concept. For London Eye
• Dupont Benedictus Awards for Innovation 2000, Honoured for Special
  Merit For London Eye
• AIA Design Award 2000, Overall Winner (awarded jointly) For London
• RIBA Award for Architecture 2000, For London Eye, Short-listed for
  Stirling Prize
• Prince Philip Designers Prize 2000, Special Commendation
  Presented by Prince Philip to David Marks & Julia Barfield for
  London Eye
• London Tourism Awards 2000, People’s Choice Award for London
• European Award for Steel Structures 2001, Overall winner
  throughout Europe for outstanding design and construction For
  London Eye
• Faculty of Building, Barbara Miller Trophy 2001, Awarded to David
  Marks by Faculty of Building For London Eye
• Walpole Awards 2001, Best British Innovation Award For London
• Design Week Special Award 2001, Awarded to MBA honouring
  creative excellence in design For London Eye
• D & A D Awards 2001, Gold & Silver Award for The Most
  Outstanding Environmental Design and Architecture – For London
• FX International Design Awards 2001, Blueprint Award, Best New
  Public Building For London Eye
•   BT Vision 100 Index 2002, Visionary Top Team Award For British Airways
    London Eye
• Civic Trust Award 2002, For Watersports & Environmental Centre,
• Queens Award for Enterprise2002, Awarded to MBA for innovation
  in the creation of the London Eye
• CoolBrands 2003, London Eye
• CoolBrands 2004, London Eye
• CoolBrands 2005, London Eye
David Marks

          Spiral Café
          was made
          in October,
Hackney Watersports and Environmental Centre
            Turner Prize
The Turner Prize is an annual prize presented
to a British visual artist under 50, named after
 the painter J.M.W. Turner. It is organized by
 the Tate Gallery, and since its beginnings in
  1984 it has become the United Kingdom's
   most publicised art award. It has become
  associated with conceptual art, although it
 represents all media and painters have also
                 won the prize.
There was no prize in 1990,because there was a great debate going on.
   The reasons are:
1. Naming the prize
2. Who is going to fund the prize
3. Turner may not relevant to the art techniques and styles of today art

ANISH KAPOOR - Untitled 1991
Grenville Davey - HAL
         Rachel Whiteread

House 1993             Ether 1993
               Antony Gormley

                            Field for the British Isles

Angel of the North
                        Damien Hirst

I Want You Because I Can't Have You

                                      Mother and Child, Divided
        Douglas Gordon

Confessions of a Justified Sinner
Gillian Wearing

Chris Ofili - No Woman, No Cry
Steve McQueen - Deadpan 1997
Wolfgang Tillmans
Martin Creed - The lights going on and off
Keith Tyson
Grayson Perry – Golden Ghosts
Jeremy Deller – Memory Bucket
              Simon Starling

Simon Starling Portrait   Tabernas Desert Run 2004
      Tomma Abts

Ebe                Lübbe
Independent Cinema in the
     90’s to the 00’s

                  Group 10
                  Sarah Dickie
•   The meaning of the word queer has a traditional meaning as “strange, weird” and “unusual”.
•   But currently it also has a meaning for “gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex” and

       Lesbian Symbol                    Bisexual Symbol                      Gay Symbol
                  AIDS/HIV History
1992 – AIDS/HIV has becomes the leading cause of death of 22 – 44 year old
   gay men in the United State.
1996 - Robert Gallo discovered a compound that can block HIV.
1999 - January 31st, scientist discovered a SIVcpz (simian immunodeficiency
   virus) from the common chimpanzee, have passed to human populations in
   west Africa during and developed into types of HIV.

Spreading of HIV: Africans used to eat half cooked gorillas that are infected
   with HIV+. With the lack of knowledge of AIDS/HIV plus unsafe sex, it has
   becomes the leading cause of AIDS/HIV spread. Lots of African men are
   put in charged for sexual abuse. They believe they’ll be cured by passing
   the disease to the virgins. Including the queers.
                        Early 1990s
1990 - The GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) rights forms in UK;
   equalized the age of consent and legalizes homosexual acts.
1991 - The New Queer Cinema (an independent films relate to queer culture,
   politics and identity) begun in the early 1990s.
1992 to 1993 - The CGMC (Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus) performed “Gonna
   Find Out Who’s Naughty & Nice” during the US holiday show, “The Wizard
   of Oz” on Spring Holiday and “Très Gay” in Amsterdam.
1994 to 1995 – The CGMC performed “Is That Parade in Your Pocket, or You
   Are Just Glad To See Me”
    Queer Culture in southeast Asia:
Thailand - Thailand has a big reputation for Gay and Transgender as well as Thai art that’s base on
    ancient civil war and a statue of an anonymous god “Jao Pra Ya Nak” (the first image from the left)
Veerakeat Tongpaiboon
Queer Films
Queer TV Drama

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