Have a Healthy Heart with Apples

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					Have a Healthy Heart with Apples

Proverb which says an apple a day keeps the doctor away is familiar in the ears of
most people. How about an apple a day for a healthy heart?

A study carried out a number of experts from the University of Western Australia,
recently, found the apples can increase the production of nitric oxide (NO) and
endothelial function in heart. Nitric oxide works to improve cardiovascular health by
dilating blood vessels, allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients, can be transported
from the heart throughout the body.

While the thin layer of endothelial cells that line the inside of blood vessels.
Endothelial reduce turbulence of blood flow and assists the distribution of blood
throughout the body. Damage to endothelial function will cause various problems
such as heart, coronary heart disease heart failure as well. In the present study found
an apple can prevent the failure of endothelial function.

"The content of flavonoids in apples can increase nitric oxide production and
endothelial function in heart. Semakian high content of flavonoids, the larger the
better effect can be felt the body by only eating an apple," said lead researcher,
Catherine Bondonno.

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