Singing Can Cure Disease

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					Singing Can Cure Disease

Hobbies singing turned out to have many advantages. In addition to training to make
it more beautiful voice, singing was also able to cure diseases and make the body
more healthy. It does not matter good or bad your voice. Then, how is it possible?

Genius Beauty announce on Tuesday (19 / 7), according to a study conducted at
Harvard University, United States, the singing has an impact on the body. Experts
equate the effects of singing by performing physical exercise.

It was based on experiments conducted at several clinics in the U.S.. The patients
were asked to continue singing. Apparently when they sing and feel pain, will help
them to recover more quickly.

The doctor explained that during the singing of the human body will be enriched with
oxygen, thereby increasing blood circulation. Moreover, singing can also maintain
muscle tone, and support the work of the heart, and lungs. Experts also say that by
playing around can cure stammering and reduce stress, even help you lose weight.

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