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					Shangri-La™ Sheer Shades


                                         Eternity - Light Filtering Sheer Fabrics

                                        Moonlight - Room Darkening Sheer Fabrics

                                           WINDOW SHADING SPECIFICATIONS
 Eternity Fabrics                                                          Moonlight Fabrics

 The Eternity Collection of fabrics feature light filtering vanes          The Moonlight Collection of fabrics feature room darkening
 that add dimension to any room.                                           vanes that provide light control and privacy.
 New Width and Length Dimensions                                           New Width and Length Dimensions
 Minimum Width: 12”    Maximum Width:                  114”                Minimum Width: 12”    Maximum Width:               114”
 Minimum Length: 12”   Maximum Length:                 132”*               Minimum Length: 12”   Maximum Length:              122”*

 * For shadings measuring over 96” in length, the Deluxe Headrail is required. Choice of aluminum or fabric insert strip must be specified upon
 ordering. Please see page 2 for insert strip information.

Finished Dimensions                                                             Deluxe Headrail
Once ordered and manufactured, the width of the Shangri-La fabric               The Deluxe Headrail is white aluminum with a choice of color
cannot be altered. Comfortex makes deductions to the width of Shangri-          coordinated aluminum or fabric inserts. The aluminum strip comes
La Window Shadings depending on the type of mounting indicated. For             standard unless otherwise specified. This headrail is required on
all mounting types, fabric will measure exactly the length ordered when         Eternity and Moonlight Shadings over 96” long, but is available on all
the vanes are in the open or “view-through” position.                           Shangri-La Window Shadings upon request.

Note on Specifications
Due to variations in fabric weave and environmental conditions, the                  3e”
                                                                                     33"                 Inside Mount
finished dimensions for both width and length may vary, plus or minus                                    Minimum depth for flush inside mount including
c”, from your order measurements.                                                                        the installation brackets: 3e”
                                                                                                 2:"     Shallow Mount
Inside Mount:
                                                                                                         Minimum depth required for mounting: :”
l     Headrail* will measure ordered width minus:          3 ”
l     Fabric will measure ordered width minus:            1c”
                                                                                                         Side Mount
                                                                                                         Minimum depth for side mount: 13”
Side (End) Mount:
                                                                                                         Maximum shading width for side mount: 48”
l     Headrail* will measure ordered width minus:          16 ”

l     Fabric will measure ordered width minus:            1e”
                                                                                                         Outside Mount
                                                                                                         Minimum surface area required for mounting: :”
Outside Mount:
l     Headrail* will measure ordered width plus:           3 16 ”
                                                                                                         Headrail Inserts
l     Fabric will measure ordered width minus:              :”                                           The fabric and aluminum inserts for the
                                                                                                         Deluxe Headrail are available in the 12
Exact End to End Mount:                                                             1f"                  Shangri-La Eternity colors. The 4 Moonlight
l     Headrail* will measure ordered width                                                               fabrics will be paired with the fabric or alu-
l     Fabric will measure ordered width minus:            15 16 ”
                                                                                                         minum strips in the following Eternity colors:

Width and length measurements may vary plus or minus c”                         Moonlight Fabric Color                   Insert Strip Color
* Headrail measurement includes end caps                                        Starlight 2001                           Powder 1000
                                                                                Cloud White 2200                         Vellum 1001
                                                                                Aurora 2300                              Hazelnut 1002
                  HEADRAIL OPTIONS                                              Horizon 2400                             Sand 1016

Shangri-La Sheer Horizontal Window Shadings are available with your             IMPORTANT NOTE: The Deluxe Headrail is required on
choice of two headrail styles - Standard and Deluxe. Both headrail styles       Shangri-La Window Shadings over 96” long but can be used on
utilize the same easy to install mounting brackets.                             any Shangri-La Window Shading upon request.

                        Standard Headrail
                        The Standard Headrail is made of a color
     33"                coordinated aluminum and comes standard                                  CORD INFORMATION
                        unless otherwise specified.                             Shangri-La Windows Shadings are now available with two cord styles:

                                                                                l     Braided nylon cord - standard
                  2:"    Inside Mount
                         Minimum depth for flush inside mount                   l     Bead chain - optional at no additional charge
                         including installation brackets: 33”
                                                                                Both cord styles will measure the length indicated below unless otherwise
                         Shallow Mount                                          specified.
                         Minimum depth required for mounting: :”
                                                                                          Shade Length                  Standard Loop
                         Side Mount                                                       12” - 36”                     2’ (24”)
                         Minimum depth for side mount: 13”                                36” - 48”                     3’ (36”)
                         Maximum shading width for side mount: 48”                        48” - 72”                     4’ (48”)
                                                                                          72” - 96”                     5’ (60”)
                         Outside Mount                                                    96” - 120”                    6’ (72”)
                         Minimum surface area required for mounting:                      120” - 132”                   7” (84”)
     1f"                 :”
                                                                                Maximum cord lengths:
NOTE: The color coordinated aluminum headrail is now referred                   l   Nylon cord - 15 feet
to as the Standard Headrail and is standard on all Shangri-La                   l   Bead chain - 8 feet
Window Shadings unless otherwise specified. The fabric strip
option can be ordered at no additional charge when ordering the                 Either cord style can be ordered in custom lengths in 1 foot
Deluxe Headrail option.                                                         increments only.
                                                                                                              Cord Information continued on page 3

To maintain the locking action in the bead chain in the “view-through”             Once lowered completely to the window sill, continuing to pull the cord
mode, a formula of: 2 the shading length plus 12”, is the minimum                  in the same direction will open the horizontal fabric vanes, offering
length the bead chain loop can be ordered for the shading to oper-                 varied views to the outside. Continuing to pull the cord in the same
ate properly.                                                                      direction will lift the shading while still in the “view-through” mode. To
                                                                                   retract the shading, simply pull down on the front of the cord until the
            Example:                                                               shading reaches the desired viewing mode or fabric position.
            Shading length = 48”
            2 of 48” = 24”                                                         Viewing Options
            Minimum cord loop: 24” + 12” = 36”                                     The Omni-View System provides a number of varied views to the outside
                                                                                   for controlling light and privacy. Consequently, there are variations in
There is no reverse stop on the nylon cord.                                        visibility through the shadings when the vanes are tilted to their
                                                                                   maximum open positions. The following five modes can be obtained
Reverse Rolling utilizing the Bead Chain                                           with standard shading operation when viewing the shading at eye level.
Shadings measuring >26” to 36” in length utilize a standard 2 foot
bead chain. Due to the chain length to shade length ratio on shades                l Closed Top, Open Bottom - By partially lowering the shading
measuring >26” to 36” when utilizing the standard 2 foot bead chain,               from the fully raised position, the upper portion of your window will
shades of this size cannot be raised the full reverse roll height of 24”.          become semi-opaque while allowing a clear view below.
The following table lists the reverse roll heights for shades that fall
within this category.                                                              l Fully Private - When lowered completely, Shangri-La provides
                                                                                   complete privacy and softly diffuses light.
          Shade Length                    Reverse Rolls
          27”                             19”                                      l Partially Open - Opening Shangri-La slightly will gradually
          28”                             18”                                      increase the level of light and allow varying levels of “view-through. “
          29”                             17”
          30”                             16”                                      l “View-Through” When Lowered - By completely opening the
          31”                             15”                                      vanes, Shangri-La provides a softened, veiled view to the outside.
          32”                             14”
          33”                             13”                                      l “View-Through” When Raised - From the open or “view-
          34”                             12”                                      through” position, continuing to pull down on the back of the cord will
          35”                             11”                                      raise the fabric allowing a clear view outside from below, and a veiled view
          36”                             10”                                      above. This exclusive feature allows Shangri-La to be raised up to 24”
                                                                                   in this mode.
l Utilizing a 3 foot bead chain loop shadings >26"-36" in length
                                                                                   Please refer to the WARRANTY INFORMATION REGARDING
will achieve a 24" reverse roll.
                                                                                   NYLON CORD section for important details on the nylon cord.
l Shadings 12"-26" in length will reverse roll the complete length of
the shade.                                                                         Vane Closure
                                                                                   Shangri-La Window Shadings fabric vanes overlap and
                                                                                   provide privacy when closed. However, the inherent
    WARRANTY INFORMATION REGARDING                                                 nature of the fabric will cause a slight increase in the
          NYLON CORD OPTION                                                        distance from the front sheer to back sheer as you
                                                                                   move further down the shading. These vanes do not
                                                                                   form a perfect seal against light leakage which is most
Unlike its bead chain counterpart, the braided nylon cord does not have            visible toward the bottom of the shading.
a “reverse roll” stop. If a shade with a braided nylon cord is raised above
24” in the “reverse roll” mode, there is a possibility of the fabric rubbing       Vane closure is measured as the distance between the
on the headrail. Comfortex reserves the right NOT to warrant wear and              front and rear fabric sheers 6” up from the lowest point       6"
tear of fabric if damaged by roll-up in excess of 24”.                             of the bottom rail, with the shading fully lowered and
                                                                                   the vanes closed. For Eternity Shadings, the maximum
                                                                                   distance from the front sheer to the back sheer when
                                                                                   closed is f”. On Moonlight fabrics, the distance is           f"

Fabric Collections
Shangri-La Window Shadings are available with two different fabric                 Side by Side Alignment
vanes. Eternity fabric gently filters light while Moonlight casts deep             When Shangri-La Window Shadings are installed side-by-side, vane
room darkening shadows. Please note that Moonlight is not a black out              alignment can be guaranteed within ¼" only if:
                                                                                   l   The shadings are the same color and ordered at the same time.
Shading Operation
                                                                                   l The sum total of the widths of all shades needing alignment is less
Shangri-La Window Shadings feature the Omni-View Cord System.
                                                                                   than 102".
The Omni-View System provides the ability to manipulate the shading
into various viewing positions. From the closed and retracted position             l   Side-by-side lineup is specified when the order is placed.
(fabric inside the headrail), lower the fabric by pulling down on the rear
of the loop cord until you reach the desired shading position.

Leveling the Shading                                                                           MEASURING INSTRUCTIONS
Shangri-La Window Shadings are leveled and weighted in the factory.
When installed level, the fabric will not skew when raised. If the headrail

is not installed level, skewing can occur which can damage the edge of
the fabric. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully to                                                              INSIDE
ensure correct and balanced operation.

Hold Down Brackets                                                                                     JAMB

Shangri-La hold down brackets are made of a clear plastic, which fits                                                                INSIDE
into holes in the endcap of the bottom rail. Hold downs are generally                                                                OUTSIDE

used to secure the bottom of the window shading to prevent swaying.                                    SILL

Extension Brackets
Extension or “L brackets are available which can be used to project the
back of the shading 43” from the mounting surface.                              Inside Mount

Spacer Blocks                                                                   l      Measure across the width of your window opening in three
Spacer blocks project the shading d” from the mounting surface. Use             different places - top, middle and bottom. Measurements should be
spacer blocks to obtain clearance when obstructions, such as window             taken within the window jamb. Provide the smallest of the three
cranks or door handles, obstruct the movement of the shading.                   measurements to Comfortex. Be exact. Comfortex will make the
                                                                                necessary deductions to fit the window opening.
Cord Tensioner
The cord tensioner keeps the Shangri-La cord taut to                            l     Measure the length of the window opening from the underside of
prevent children and pets from entangling and subse-                            the soffit to the surface of the window sill in two places - use the smallest
quently injuring themselves. It also allows the bead                            of these two measurements.
chain and roll stop to pass through easily, as well as
the nylon cord. Cord tensioners are must be used                                Outside Mount
with Shangri-La for this product to comply with the
                                                                                l Measure the exact width and length of the area to be covered. On
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Child Safety guide-
                                                                                the width, allow at least 12” of an overlap on each side. An overlap of
                                                                                3” on each side is recommended.

                                                                                l Be sure to take into consideration any obstructions such as window
    IMPORTANT MEASURING GUIDELINES                                              trim, molding, locks and window cranks.

l Precise width and length measurements are critical. Fabric width              Side Mount
cannot be altered after the shading is fabricated.
                                                                                l                                                  ”
                                                                                      Shangri-La may be side mounted using “L brackets. For side
l    Please use a metal tape measure for accuracy from home to factory.         mounts, follow the instructions for inside mounts. An additional 2” will
                                                                                be taken off the standard inside mount deduction to allow room for the
l The headrail must be installed perfectly level and installed evenly to          ”
                                                                                “L brackets.
ensure smooth operation. On an Inside Mount, it is recommended that
you check to see that the mounting surface is level and consistent. If              l   The maximum shade width utilizing the side mount option is 48”.
your soffit needs to be leveled, this should be done before measuring.

                                                                                                     CLEANING AND CARE
Length Considerations
Comfortex will fabricate your window shading to the exact length                The soft, delicate feel of the Shangri-La fabric belies the durability of
ordered, when the vanes are in the open (or view-through) position.             the material. Shangri-La is made from a sturdy, knitted polyester fabric
When the vanes are rotated to the closed position, the shading will             which can be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low setting. Spots or stains
become d” longer.                                                               can be lightly rubbed clean with a damp sponge and mild soap. To avoid
                                                                                discoloration of the material, we recommend against the use of chemi-
When closed on an inside mount, a slight puckering can occur on the
                                                                                cal cleaners. Shangri-La fabric may also be ultrasonically cleaned.
lower most sheer section because of contact with the sill. To compensate,
slightly raise the shading until the rail begins to lift off the window sill.

If preferred, Shangri-La can be
ordered d” less than the window                                                                 PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN
opening’s measured length. In this
case, the bottom rail will be                                                       l Be aware that it is possible for children to become entangled in loose
positioned d” above the sill when                                                   cords. To reduce the risk of accidents, all cords must be kept out of reach
the vanes are in the open position.                                                 of children. Please take note of your shadings’ cord lengths and request
(See diagram at right.) Rotating                                                    shorter cords when possible.
the vanes closed will cause the
bottom rail to touch the window         d"                                          l Cord tensioners are included in all Shangri-La Window Shadings.
sill, closing any space.                                                            Please use them.

                                                                                     SHANGRI-LA FEATURES AT A GLANCE
                                                                                 l   A window shading of unique beauty and performance
                                                                                         The finishing touch to a beautiful window and room
              ORDERING INFORMATION                                               l   Horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of soft,
                                                                                     knitted fabric sheers
l Shangri-La is a precision, hand crafted product. Once fabricated, it
                                                                                          Softening your view outside with a choice of fabrics
cannot be altered for either width or length.
                                                                                 l   Available to widths of 114” and drops to 132”
l In addition to width, length, cord positioning and color, you have                      To provide visual elegance to the widest of windows
the option of ordering different cord styles, custom cord lengths, hold
down brackets, extension brackets and headrail types. Please indicate            l   Vanes glide from open to closed to out of sight
these or any other special instructions on your order form when placing                  Providing view and privacy with elegant hardware
your order.
                                                                                 l   Translucent or room darkening fabrics
             WARRANTY INFORMATION                                                        Moonlight fabric has the highest level of opacity in its category

Fabric                                                                           l   Only with Omni-View - five distinctly different
Knitted fabric may experience minor weave variations due to heat,                    variations of vane position
humidity and other room conditions. These variations can result in light                  Offers numerous combinations of privacy, view and light control
bowing, puckering and dimpling of the Shangri-La material. This is
considered normal and does not constitute a failure in either                    l   Partially raise the shading with the fabric vanes in the
workmanship or materials. The possible variations are minor and have                 open, “view-through” position
been shown through case study, not to detract from the beauty of the                      Keep your view and still feel the outdoor breeze
                                                                                 l   StardustJ Soft Sheer Vertical coordination
Please refer WARRANTY INFORMATION REGARDING                                               Coordinates perfectly with Stardust Soft Sheer Verticals
NYLON CORD section for important details on the nylon cord.
                                                                                 l   Sophisticated array of colors
                                                                                         Designed to flatter your decor

                                                                                 l   Headrail provides a choice of two different,
                                                                                     color coordinated headrail styles
                                                                                          Maintain the look of softness throughout the shading
                                                                                          with the Standard or Deluxe Headrails

                                                                                 l   Low Side Light Gap
                                                                                         Minimal light leakage on shading sides and above the
Shangri-La Limited Lifetime Warranty                                                     headrail for increased privacy.
Comfortex Window Fashions warrants that Shangri-La Window
Shadings will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as           l   Easy to install hardware and brackets
long as the original purchaser owns the product, provided that the                       Effortless installations and easy removal for cleaning
product was installed properly and in accordance with the Shangri-La
installation instructions. This limited lifetime warranty is extended to         l   May be ultrasonically or traditionally cleaned
the original purchaser only, in the original window for which it was                     To stay bright and beautiful
                                                                                 l   Limited Lifetime Warranty
This warranty does not include any conditions or damages resulting                       And a commitment to your satisfaction
from accidents, alterations, misuse, or failure to follow printed
instructions on installation, cleaning and care, or repairs. This warranty
also does not cover conditions resulting from normal wear and tear.

To obtain service, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the
product. Comfortex Corporation will work with the dealer to repair or
replace defective parts or components with similar or like parts at no

no event shall Comfortex Corporation or its licensed fabricators or
distributors be liable for INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL
DAMAGES, or for any other damage, loss or expense, cost or fee
associated with such damage. In some states, exclusions for incidental or
consequential damages are not allowable.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have
additional rights that vary from state to state.

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