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Why not to smoke


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									Why not to smoke, protect your children's future!

As an happy ex-smoker it touches me to write a review and a critique about smoking and children.
I'm sorry to say that there are still many bad examples that we give to children all over the world and
in our back yard regarding smoking.
I'm also sorry to say that I have seen personally many of them, some unfortunately very close to me.
I am a big fan of children and I have to say I have always done everything in my power to protect
them from this nasty habit.
I have never permitted myself to be around children while smoking and for them I had this extra will
to stop smoking once and for all.
I also have to say I'm a child of parents that have smoked all their life and this has influenced me a
lot to start smoking.
Why did I said that?
Smoking is a matter to force yourself to do something very unnatural, illogical, counterproductive to
your health and your finances.
Unfortunately, as I have pointed in another article I wrote (you could find the link at the end of this
article), for several and very different reasons we "DECIDE" to start.
One of the most powerful of these reasons is, certainly, this: Millions of people do it!
How could it be possible that a so large number of people do something without having a wonderful
thing in return?
Without knowing it, we start to believe the opposite!
Off course, if among this people there are even our parents...the effect of the "booby trap" will be
even larger and faster!
So somehow they pass it along to me as an unconscious file that I have saved into my memory.

It was as simple as that.
Off course I have started to smoke... and very early I have to admit.
It was normal for me to be always surrounded with smoke.
And unfortunately... many years later I still see children surrounded with smoke.
Parents, grandparents or friends closed in a living room smoking, meanwhile children are
playing in the same place, breathing the same venom!
I was still a smoker at that time and really it gave me the chills.
I have started to open all the windows trying to let some fresh air in, not understanding why
would someone do such a thing.
Unfortunately this things happen more often than we think.
Children become a passive smokers in no time.
But thankfully I saw also good examples.
It can happen that a child that has lived all his life surrounded with smokers never starts to
smoke. I have seen parents struggling with this habit but passing along on children that
smoking is bad for them and saving them from this vice.
I have also seen very smart children saving themselves from this nasty habit.
Children are little people. Smart little persons who understand that smoking is bad and often
they understand it alone by themselves. No explanation needed.
I have meet some of that "little people" grown up and I have asked them how come they have
never started smoking. The answer was "I just new it was wrong".
It seems strange to me how come that we know so much about the effects of smoking and all
the damage it does to us but still so many young people, so many children, smoke and start to
smoke every day!
The power of marketing is huge!
You can see it everywhere.
But the power of ourself is even greater. As the worst smoker ever, I can confirm this.
I really don't know why did I smoke for so long. I knew it was wrong.
I knew it was an useless habit.
But we can do so much more if we put our mind into it.
We can teach others that they don't have to be slaves of smoke.
We can show to our children that they can be forever free from all kind of addictions,
especially smoking. It is our privilege to shape this "little people" to be great and to want to
be more. It is our experience that has to protect them and pass them the right mindset from
the beginning.
Just let them know that smoking is what it really is...a nasty and unnecessary habit. Not a life
style, not a cool thing, not the need to demonstrate independence... just an addiction that takes
your freedom away and makes you a slave of itself!

Reference article: Smoking the SECRET to live without smoke!

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