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					                                         AUKO PARIS ROMANCE 8.3MM LAMINATE FLOORING

AUKO Group Pty Ltd is Distributor of:

Timber Flooring Products & Accessories    TIMBER FLOORING
                               Timber Flooring                                                 ABN : 87 564 567 159
                               34 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119 Australia
  AUKO GROUP PTY LTD           Tel: +61 07 3841 6005, Fax: +61 07 3841 6007,

  Timber Floor Buyers Guide 1. Choosing the Right Company

                                              About AUKO Timber Flooring
                                              AUKO Timber Flooring is suppliers and installers of timber
                                              flooring to home owners, builders and developers of both
                                              residential and commercial projects, covering as far as the
                                              Gold Coast to the south, the Sunshine Coast to the north,
                                              Toowoomba to the west and Ipswich to the east.

                                              We specialize in all types of timber flooring from Australian
                                              hardwoods, laminate, engineered to bamboo and are a
                                              preferred distributor for Boral’s timber flooring products. We
                                              also sand & polish new and old hardwood floors.

  Wealth of Experience
  At AUKO we have over 30 years of experience in the
  timber flooring industry. We can give you sound advice
  from people who know all about timber flooring.

  At AUKO Timber Flooring, installation of timber floors
  happens in a thoroughly considered way. We closely listen
  to your needs to achieve the best possible flooring. AUKO
  has the answers when it comes to selection of profiles,
  species, acoustic solutions or laying systems.

                                                                                             TASMANIAN OAK STAIRS

  Factory Direct Prices
  As we manufacture our own laminate and bamboo flooring products from our own timber mill, we
  can provide a good value and high quality product, directly to you. Our goal is to provide the best
  quality timber floors at competitive prices to Builders, Contractors and Timber Retailers

                                                                      Call AUKO Timber Flooring on

                                                                         3841 6005 or 0411 066 321

                                                                       to discuss timber flooring for
                                                                               your project.

                                                                           Visit Our Showroom:
                                                                        34 Kingston Rd, Underwood

                               Timber Flooring                                                 ABN : 87 564 567 159
                               34 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119 Australia
AUKO GROUP PTY LTD             Tel: +61 07 3841 6005, Fax: +61 07 3841 6007,

Buyers Guide 2. Why Timber Floor?
In a Class of its Own
A timber floor adds a natural beauty and warmth to any area without the coldness and hardness of tiles
or the many allergens that can hide in carpet, and can only serve to enhance the style of any living or
work place.

Fewer Allergens
In comparing to carpet floors, timber floors are a much more practical choice for your health as dust,
dust mites and other fine particles get trapped in carpet. These increase the likelihood of allergies, skins
irritations and respiratory problems such as asthma. Timber floors are also much easier to clean as dust
on timber floors lies on the surface, whereas dust on carpet gets buried in the fibers and underlay.

                                                                                A Solid Investment
                                                                                Everyone loves the elegance
                                                                                and natural warmth of timber
                                                                                flooring. Recent attitudinal
                                                                                surveys show that top of
                                                                                mind for most new home
                                                                                clients are a beautiful timber
                                                                                floor in the living areas. A
                                                                                timber floor adds significantly
                                                                                to resale value as it is what
                                                                                home buyers want today.

                                                                                Recent Trends
                                                                                At AUKO we have noticed a
                                                                                strong movement for modern
                                                                                homes to embrace lighter,
                                                                                brighter coloured Australian
                                                                                hardwoods with natural
                                                                                colour variations such as
                                                                                Blackbutt or Australian
                                                                                Beech. Homes are more and
                                                                                more being designed with
                                                                                larger, open living areas than
                                                                                before and these expanses
                                                                                are more visually appealing
                                                                                in lighter, brighter tones.

                                                            RED IRONBARK
                               Timber Flooring                                                 ABN : 87 564 567 159
                               34 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119 Australia
AUKO GROUP PTY LTD             Tel: +61 07 3841 6005, Fax: +61 07 3841 6007,

 Buyers Guide 3. Choosing the Timber Flooring That’s Right for You

 1. Laminate Flooring

 AUKO SELF-GRIP® CLICK SYSTEM                   Laminates come with a click-joint system, making it
                                                easier for even beginners to lay without much trouble. The
                                                result is big savings on installation costs - one of the
                                                reasons why it is so popular among DIY renovators. There
                                                is no glue involved in the installation whatsoever, so it is
                                                even more advantageous to your health and ease of

 The biggest strengths of laminate flooring are price and durability. Although having the same
 aesthetic effect as solid timber, the price is 3 to 4 times less expensive.

 Laminate flooring has a highly durable,
 scratch-resistant surface that can
 withstand falling objects, stiletto hills,
 cigarette burns, etc.

 2. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

 Engineered Hardwood Floors possess the
 natural beauty of hardwood flooring and the
 convenience of laminate at the same time.
 By using a top 2-4mm layer of pre-finished
 hardwood, engineered floors are visually
 identical to solid timber floors.                       READYFLOR SPOTTED GUM 1-STRIP

 The top layer can also be sanded & polished 2-3 times, providing years of usage. The plywood backing
 prevents shortcomings of solid timer, such as warping or bending by providing a secure support.

 Most Engineered floors now come with click joint systems making it just as easy as laminates to install.
 They are installed on top of underlay as a floating floor.
                              Timber Flooring                                                 ABN : 87 564 567 159
                              34 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119 Australia
AUKO GROUP PTY LTD            Tel: +61 07 3841 6005, Fax: +61 07 3841 6007,

3. Hardwood Flooring                      Hardwood           Color Description        (Janka
There is a wide variety of
species of hardwoods available,       Grey Ironbark        Pale brown to dark        14                Very Hard
differing in range of colour tones
and hardness to suit your home.
AUKO can supply & install the         Red Ironbark         Yellow to Dark Red        13
most popular Australian timber
species in the market.
                                      Forest Reds          Red to rich red           12
T&G Hardwood Flooring is
installed using Secret Nail and/or
Glue Installation methods,
                                      Blue Gum             Creams to warm            11
including different systems to
provide moisture barriers when
installing over concrete.
                                      Spoted Gum           Mid to dark brown         11
Unfinished solid timber floors                             olive hue
require sanding & polishing. The
benefit of sanding & polishing is     Brush Box            Dark pink to rich red     9.5
the option to choose the finish,
whether Gloss, Semi-Gloss or
                                      Blackbutt            Creams to pale            9.1
(General sizes available      are
80x19, 85x19 and 130x19)
                                      Jarrah               Red to dark burgundy      8.5

4. Bamboo Flooring
                                      Stringybark          Creams, browns,           8
Bamboo flooring is becoming                                pinks
increasingly popular due to its
affordable price and excellent        Messmate             Creams to pale            7.1
durability.                                                browns

Bamboo has a hardness rating          Tasmanian Oak        Cream, dark to yellow     5.5
of 14 to 17 (Janka Rating), much                           brown
tougher than most hardwoods.
The price, on the other hand, is
cheaper than most hardwoods.

AUKO manufactures its own
range of 15mm Strand Woven
and Vertical bamboo flooring:

                                                      AUKO Bamboo Carbonized                 AUKO Bamboo Natural

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