The uVme Quick Start Guide by ps94506


									            The uVme Quick Start Guide
        Helping You Grow Your uVme Business, Fast!
This guide should be read alongside the videos and information you will find at which outline what this business is all about and how
you can make money in this fast growing industry.

You ve just joined one of the most exciting, rewarding and fastest growing global home based
businesses in the world!

 The fact you have this document, means you should have registered for your own uVme
 business and possess your unique uVme ID. If you haven t registered yet, please get in
 touch with the person who gave you this document and register at their uVme business
 site. If you don t know who introduced you, then register at
There are two main ways to make money with this business.

       From people having fun, socialising and playing games.
       By helping other business minded people to earn money from their own games and
       entertainment business.

   There are 3 websites to help you make money with uVme:

      Your game site             Your business building        Our Team Support Site               site   

Your game (consumer) and business building sites are given to you by Virtual World Direct
when you joined the business as an Independent Associate. The third site,
( is a site produced exclusively for use by our own team of Associates. Our
team training and support site is completely FREE and is designed to give you an extra boost
and help you build your business fast - even if you have no previous experience of running
your own online home based business.

            Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Inviting people to play games at your game
You can invite people direct to your games site, or you can direct them to our specially
designed landing pages which will invite them to your game site AND automatically follow up
with them to keep encouraging them to play the games. Our landing pages are entirely
options (and FREE) so the choice is yours. You will earn up to 40% of the available
commission from every game played on YOUR game site.

Inviting people to your game site     option 1: (BEST OPTION!)

You can invite people to our special landing pages we ve created. Check out the instructions
of how to invite people, here:

Inviting people to your game site     option 2:

The website to invite people to play games direct is:

(replace GuestID with your guest ID and this will track your guests to YOU). Tip: Test your
URL and you should see YOUR NAME welcomes you . If you do not see your name as a
welcome message on the game site, you re not using the correct Guest ID. See how to find
your Guest ID at

             Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Inviting people to see the uVme business
Inviting people to your business opportunity       option 1 (BEST OPTION):

The best way to get people interested in the uVme business opportunity is to invite them to
register at our business opportunity landing page at:

Replace GuestID with your uVme Guest ID and this will track your guests to YOU. (Visit to see how to get your Guest ID if you don t know what it is.)

When people enter their name and email address at landing page, they are
immediately instructed to visit YOUR official uVme business site and encouraged to register
there. They will receive automatic follow up emails over a period of days and weeks
reminding them to register if they have not already done, plus they will receive invaluable
information by being given full access to our training and support at

This takes the burden of training off of you and them and leaves you to be able to focus on
attracting more people to check out the amazing business opportunity.

Inviting people to your business opportunity website        option 2:

You can invite people direct to your uVme business site if you prefer.

The URL of your business opportunity site is:

Replace GuestID with your uVme member ID. (Visit to see how
to get your Guest ID if you don t know what it is.)

Why invite others to your business opportunity site?
uVme does not spend any money
on advertising. Instead, they reward
their associates for finding game
players. By introducing other like
minded business people to the
uVme opportunity, the company
shares revenue from the spending
of game players introduced by the
network     Associates     in   your
 organisation .

Being a uVme Associate is like
owning a franchise which allows you
to introduce other Associates which
effectively lets you earn income on a
whole network of game sites, not just your own game site. Over time, this means you can be
earning commissions from tens of thousands of game players all around the world.

             Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Advertising your business and game sites.
There are lots of different ways of advertising your game and business sites and whilst
we can give you plenty of suggestions, how you decide to advertise your business is
entirely up to you.

Go to our exclusive training and support area at and
pick up some ideas from there.

TheGameBiz is purely a training, support and advertising resource for you and your team to
help grow your business faster - please be aware it is not produced by uVme, but is in
addition to the tools and websites they offer.

Purchasing domain names.
We also recommend you purchase at least two domain names to use with your advertising.

It s far easier to advertise a domain name such as than it is

We recommend and for buying domain names. Then
set up web forwarding or web redirect to point your domain name to the relevant uVme
game and business site URLs. There are tutorials on the domain name sites showing you
how to do this

If you wish to purchase a domain name from then we also recommend you
first join BigCrumbs as a FREE member and then purchase your domain name via the links
on the BigCrumbs website as this will earn you cash back on your purchase. Here s the link to

            Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Following Up!
Every time someone registers to play games at your uVme game website or registers an
interest in the business opportunity at your uVme business site, you receive an email
confirming their name and email address.

They in turn will automatically receive a welcome email (addressed from you), but we also
recommended you send a personal welcome email too to say Hi .

This business is all about people and if you show you re a real person just like them, they are
far more likely to become fully involved and active either as game players, business
associates, or both! Just be yourself people will instantly spot if you are fake .

Following up with a new game player:

When you re notified a new a game player has registered on your game site, log into your
game site and send them a game challenge as soon as you can and email them to let them
know there is a challenge waiting for them (they will also get an automatic email saying a
challenge is waiting for them). It makes good sense to encourage your game players to
actually play the games after they ve registered.

Following up with a prospective associate:

When you re notified of a new Business Associate, it s recommended you make contact with
them as soon as you can. You may want to use this email as an example:

Hello NAME

Welcome to uVme. I m the person who introduced you to uVme and I thought I d send you a
personal email to say Hi .

As you re probably already aware, you don t need any previous experience of running your
own online business as we are part of a team who ensure you are in business for yourself,
but not by yourself.

uVme is a fantastic opportunity that has been years in development and your timing is perfect.

There s a lot to take in at the start, but if there s anything you are unsure about or have any
questions, please ask. If you ve not already registered for free training and support I suggest
you register here:

It s great to have you on board and I look forward to helping you anyway I can.

By the way, how much are you looking to earn per month?

Best regards,

Your Contact details.

I recommend one of the key things you ask them in your welcome email is this one question:
  how much are you looking to earn per month? . This serves two purposes 1) it helps
them see uVme from what THEY want to achieve with it and 2) their answer will give you an
indication of how serious they are and whether you want to dedicate more time with them

             Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Tough questions?

If they come back with questions you can t answer, just email the question (along with your
name and uVme ID) to the person who introduced you to uVme (your sponsor) and if your
sponsor can t help, then send an email to admin at or call the company
(telephone number on the main company website) and you will get an answer. Don t make up
answers but be polite and tell the person you don t know but you will find out for them.

            Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
How to make a profit in your first 14 days!
When you join uVme as an Associate, you have a 14 day cooling off period when you can
cancel and receive 100% of your money back, no questions asked. This is a NO RISK
business opportunity.

A key target is to aim to qualify as an Active Associate as soon as you can. This is very

Step 1: Achieve Active Status .
To reach Active Status (AS), all you have to do is have at least 2 game
players who spend a total of 20 (£,$ or Euros) in game play fees (no more
than 10 £,$ or Euros from any one game player counts for qualification
status). To make it even easier, one of the game players can be yourself!
Check out our video to see how easy it is to qualify here:

It is entirely possible to achieve Active Status within 30 minutes of joining uVme.

Step 2: Introduce 4 associates who achieve Active

You will have seen from just how easy it is to
achieve Active Status. If you introduce just 4 people who achieve Active
Status within 28 days of their joining date, you will receive Fast Start
Bonuses equal to the cost to join the business in the first place, plus you
will receive Game Fee Revenue which will put you in profit!

Remember you do not have to introduce any other Associates if you don t want to,
but this is a simple and easy to achieve target that will show you real results, very quickly.
This will then boost your confidence and motivation to go on and achieve far greater things
with uVme.

             Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,
Other things you MUST do:
        Watch the quick start tutorials at
        Subscribe to the RSS or email feed at this will keep you up to
        date with news direct from the company
        Check out the events happening around the world online
        conferences, offline meetings etc. and get yourself in touch with all the training and
        support being given by the company
        Check out our training and support site (if you re
        not currently registered for access to the training and support site, go to
        Get to know your way around the members area of your uVme business site log in
        at with your uVme ID and password.
        Play some games at (log in using your uVme guest ID and
        Set yourself some easy to achieve goals and make a commitment! E.g. to find 2
        game players a week plus 1 business associate? Then set yourself more ambitious
        goals as you gain in experience and confidence. Re-invest 25%-35% of your earnings
        back into your business.
        Define your medium and long term goals with uVme. If you don t have a really strong
        desire or reason for doing this (ideally write this down e.g. to pay the mortgage , to
        quit my full time job etc), experience tells us, you will almost certainly become one of
        the failures.
        Realise that if you treat this business as a professional and you will receive a
        professional income. Treat it as a hobby and you will receive a hobby income. Do not
        expect to earn a Doctor s salary in 4 weeks! It takes many months and may be years
        to earn a LARGE income with ANY business!!!

FINALLY, and very importantly, make sure
you achieve Active Status to receive your
commission from uVme it s easy!!!!
To be Active you must have at least 2 game players who meet the minimum game spend
requirement (see the full details in the company pay plan).

This is really easy to do, but make sure you don t miss out.

If you haven t introduced at least 2 paying game players, then you can qualify by simply
playing a few uVme games yourself watch the tutorials at

             Quick Start Guide Version 1.8 produced by Paul Hardingham,

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