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                                 Baby Blues Connection
                                  Helping Mothers and Families Since 1994

February 2011                                                                                               Editor: Angie Fitzpatrick

Board Members                                                                                                        Volunteer
and Staff                                                     Letter from
Board President
Marcia Kahn
                                                             Marcia Kahn:                                   Adriana Azcarate-Ferbel

Secretary                                                   Board President                                         Alison Dohman
                                                                                                                         Amy Curtis
Cindy Fontenot                                                                                                        Chandra Ham
                            Please join with me in securing the future of Baby Blues Connection.                  Ann Obuchowski
Treasurer                   To remain vital and expand services to ever more mothers and
Rebekah Garringer                                                                                                  Ashley Freeborn
                            families, we need you. We can no longer rely on a handful of generous                       Brooke Noli
Board Members               individuals and institutions to make up the bulk of our budget. We can                       Carol Lurix
Meg Poehler                 no longer lose one large donor and scramble to fill the gap.                     Caroline Ponzini-Beck
Gloria Borg Olds
Teri Sprouse                                                                                                            Chris Olson
Linda Roffe                 Yet if each person who receives this notice becomes a member for as                     Christy Shaffen
Lianne Swanson              little as $35.00 annually, we will be able to count on a stable financial                 Crissy Shaffer
Katie Raetz                 base. Our long-term plan to expand services to additional families in
Katrin Rollins                                                                                               Elsa Menedez Humara
Bonnie Reagan               need will come alive. If we are to fulfill that pledge, we need you, a                Emily Chenoweth
Lori Burr                   devoted group of individuals willing to make a commitment to BBC.                       Ginna Hoffman
                                                                                                                     Jocelyn Mozak
Board Consultants           With your annual donation, we can direct our energies into creating                         Karin Calde
Diane Solomon
Anne Chapman                better services and programs for those we serve. With your donation,                       Kate Gardner
Larisa Wohlgemuth           we can turn our attention to improving, increasing, and strengthening                 Katherine Stewart
Jean Rosenbaum              the services we do provide. With your commitment, we can stop the                       Krista Joy Arias
Laurie McLary               constant stress and drain of scrambling to find funds to cover our                         Kristen Beck
Eliana Fromer
                            deficit each year.                                                                          Leslie Oattis
Program Director                                                                                                           Lisa Coss
Angie Fitzpatrick           By becoming a sustaining member of Baby Blues Connection, you                              Mariko Clark
Administrative Assistant    make a small annual gift that ensures you feel great about your work                 Meghan Campbell
Lisa Coss                   and your dollars. And we can depend on a minimum annual budget                       Meredith Caldwell
                            that allows us to respond to women and families that need us.                   Michell Wasson-Messer
Founding Director
Wendy Davis
                                                                 Her Story:                                          Misty Menashe
                                                                                                                  Paula Wagenbach
                                                                                                                   Rachel Goldberg
                                                                 Lisa Coss                                         Monday Cyphers
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 information/message line
                                                                                                                     Stephanie Sass
                            It started with my labor. I thought I was having a totally normal                       Susie Miyanaga
  Serving the Portland &
     Vancouver areas        pregnancy. I thought I would have some sort of birth experience like I                      Tacey Jones
         toll free          envisioned but instead I felt pressured into having a c-section. My baby                Tammy Graham
                            was two weeks overdue. They thought he was large. I lost all my                            Thelma Vega
  866-616-3752              confidence in having any sort of labor experience like the one I                           Richard Coss
      PO Box 1122           envisioned. After a failed induction, I had a c-section. I felt very much                   Sarah Keller
    Portland, OR            like I left my body at that time to deal with everything that was                        Christy Khalifa
    97207-1122              traumatic. I went into a downward spiral with anxiety.                                     Robin Gibler
                                                                           Read more of Lisa’s story here
Baby Blues Connection
                                                            BBC Provider:
is a Portland based non-                                    Kathy Kelley
    profit focused on
supporting pregnant and                                                                                Mama
 postpartum moms with
depression and anxiety,     Kathy Kelley, PMHNP, has worn a lot of hats in her career: a              Makeover
as well as helping the at
     risk children by
                            community health nurse, childbirth educator, lay mid-wife. As a
                            community health nurse, she did home visits with new parents and           2011
 strengthening the bond     babies. She found that what she most enjoyed about this job, and          Benefits BBC
  between mothers and       what was most important to her clients, was the supportive
   their children at this   relationship that she formed with them over time. Eventually she
 vulnerable and critical    returned to school and got her master’s degree as a Psychiatric
           time.            Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). She has been in
                            private practice for a year and a half. As a PMHNP, Kathy Kelley
                            can prescribe medications and offer psychotherapy.

                            Some of her clients come to her for therapy alone; others are
                                                                                                      One lucky mama will
                            primarily in need of medication, while they are in therapy with
                                                                                                       be chosen to receive
                            another therapist. Some of her clients seek out both therapy and
                                                                                                    the transformation of a
                            medications. In all cases, she tries to get to know each client as an
                                                                                                     lifetime-over $5000 in
                            individual. “I don’t feel like medications work if you don’t have a
                                                                                                    holistic treatments and
                            relationship with the person prescribing them.” Kathy believes her
                                                                                                    services. This includes:
                            background as a nurse helps her look at her clients holistically and
                                                                                                    Private Pilates sessions,
                            helps her develop a plan, which involves referral to community
                                                                                                      chiropractic care, Spa
                            classes or groups, such as Baby Blues Connection, as well as
                                                                                                          treatments, Life
                            therapy and/or medication. “It is not natural for a parent to be at
                                                                                                    coaching, acupuncture,
                            home alone with young children for prolonged periods”, she states,
                                                                                                         MORE! We want
                            and social isolation contributes to too many cases of postpartum
                                                                                                       mamas to know that
                            anxiety and depression.
                                                                                                      there are options and
                                                                                                    support for proper birth
                            Kathy has a special interest in attachment and early parental
                                                                                                      recovery. Sound like
                            relationships. Recently, she completed a yearlong collaborative
                                                                                                      something you could
                            training in child-parent psychotherapy. This therapy, which works
                                                                                                       use? If not, tell your
                            with parents together with young children, works to resolve issues,
                                                                                                        sisters, friends and
                            which can impact the parent/child relationship, such as trauma,
                            prolonged separations, or untreated mental health issues.
                                                                                                         Applications are
                                                                                                    accepted THROUGH
                            Kathy’s office is in Lake Oswego. It’s easily accessible yet
                                                                                                             FEB 28th:
                            secluded, backing up to a creek where the wooded area provides a
                            calming environment. She sees clients Thursday, Friday and
                            Saturday and welcomes non-mobile children attending sessions if              www.mama-

                                                                                                      Proceeds to benefit
                                                                                                    Baby Blues Connection

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                                          Baby Blues Connection
                                              May 7th, 2011
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                         This year we’re rockin’ into the ‘60s! Dig out those bell bottoms
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                         auction items while giving to a great cause.

                                              2010 Donors
                                                  $5000 and up

                             Cedar Hills Hospital Women’s Program
           $2500 and up                             $1000 and up                              $500 and up

 Marcia Kahn & Howard Rosenbaum,          Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital        Command Management Services,
           Leila Salmon                      & Legacy Woman's Services,              Providence Health & Systems,
                                          James Rosenbaum & Sandra Lewis             Dale Oller, Sarah Oller Scott,
                                                                                            Diane Solomon
                                                    $350 and up

    2 Monkees, Raizie Axman, Gaby Donnell & Laurie Cox, Ann Howard & Perry Holbrook Howard, Bonnie Reagan,
                                                Sam Rosenbaum
                                                    $200 and up

 Nicole Cirino, Cindi Berkovich-Parry & Seth Cohen Tad & Wendy Davis, Cindy Fontenot, Fromer Family, Kathy Kelley,
 Victoria Lane, Katie Miller, Andrea Moore, Gloria Borg Olds, Oregon Pediatric Society, Glenda Peterson, Meg Poehler,
                       Kathleen Raetz, , Colby Rauch, Linda Roffe, Jillian Romm, Lois Rosenbaum
                                                    $100 and up

 Sue Blindheim, Ellen Boggs, Susane Bobenrieth, Mary & Henry Breithaupt, Anne Chapman, John Eskew, Heidi & Daniel
   Evans, Lisa Hansen, Joanna Hatfield, David Hess, Susanna Levin, Katie Miller, Harry Rinehart, Steven Rosenbaum,
                              Candy Seigel, Kerri Smith, Zenana Spa and Wellness Center
                                                     Under $100

Isadore Appelhanz, Melissa Baxter, Judy Beaudette, Lori Burr, Karin Calde, Jennifer Nunes Carbone, Lisa & Richard Coss,
Kara Creamer, Carrie Cromwell, Kathy Danze, Annette Epifano, Krista Escobar, Julie & Doug Fairman, Nurit Fischer, Tony
& Jennifer Fuentes, Barbara Hein, Rita Hill, Kate Horspool, Sofia & Brian Jamison, Elizabeth Joyce, Sharon Chatkupt Lee,
 Christina Lion, Sheri Louis, Susan Love, Scarlett Lynsky, Janet Martin, Ron Martinez, Cora Meritt, Allison Mudrick, Jane
      Payne, Ann Petrillo, Rachel Rosenbaum, Tara Querin, Lola Scobey, Michelle Slingerland, Ty & Joan Steinbach,
                                                   Lynne Phillips-Werbel

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