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C H E E S E   &     W I N E
          CHEESE AND WINE –
          ideal for every occasion
    In today’s hectic world, there is probably no
  easier, tastier and more affordable way to spend
a few sociable hours with friends than by entertaining
with cheese and wine. We all have a need to share,
and a cheese and wine party is the ideal way to get
    together and honour our social commitments.

The hostess simply decides beforehand whether the
 occasion will be large or small, formal or informal,
 inside or out, and what budget is available. Cheese
 and wine are so versatile that the possibilities are
literally endless. This brochure has been compiled by
  Clover, South Africa’s leading manufacturer and
             marketer of dairy products.

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  mentioned, simply give us a call at 086 011 7533
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Entertaining friends means sharing precious time that you
would possibly not normally spend. While there is no
guarantee of success, it is the memory of the occasion, the
hospitality and thoughtfulness of presentation that make a
lasting impression.

Budget is always important in the planning and presentation
of the event. Luckily, success does not necessarily depend
on buying the most expensive products. The hostess must
decide how much she wants to spend, and then apply the
available funds wisely to obtain the best value.

This is where the value of dairy products should not be
underestimated. Cheese remains one of our most
economical protein foods, and with a little initiative it can be
applied in many innovative ways.

Besides saving money, time and labour, a cheese and wine
party also offers health benefits. One kilogram of Elite
Cheddar, for example, contains as much protein as 1,5 kg of
red meat, 1,5 kg of fish or 3 dozen eggs, plus many
essential vitamins and minerals. Served with wine and such
snacks as biscuits, potato chips, bread, dips and salad,
cheese can in fact form the main ingredient of a complete,
nutritious meal.

Like cheese, wine is one of the oldest natural food types,
with health benefits which are only now being properly
                                    investigated. Although an
                                    entire culture has
                                    developed around the
                                    tasting and appreciation of
                                    wine, you don’t have to be
                                    an expert to present or
                                    enjoy a cheese and wine
White and red wines are usually served, but sparkling wine,
punch or even fortified wines such as port and sherry may
be added. Remember to always provide non-alcoholic drinks
as alternatives to allow guests to make their own choice.

1. Plan the event according to the resources available to
    you: funds, equipment, space, etc.

2. Choose a theme according to the taste and age of your

3. Invite the guests well in advance. State the time they
    should arrive, the type of dress and the occasion, for
    example a birthday or anniversary.

4. Do as much as possible beforehand. Lay the table(s),
    for example, and ensure that the table decorations are in

5. Plan the menu for a large event to prepare some of the
    dishes beforehand. Restrict dishes that need last-minute
    attention to the minimum.

6. It is better to prepare a few tasty courses than a whole
    variety of uninteresting dishes.

7. Ensure that the colours and flavours of dishes comple-
    ment one another and provide variety.

8. Hot and cold courses on one menu should be chosen
    with care. Hot food should always be served properly

9. Quantities should be carefully planned to avoid
    embarrassment and prevent wastage.
The number of guests is important when planning. This
determines the quantities of food and drink purchased,
where the event will be held, etc.

A table of 2,5 m x 80 cm is sufficient for 25 persons. If there
are more guests, simply increase the number of tables
accordingly. Tables arranged in a zigzag pattern are more
interesting than in a straight line.

To speed up serving, make sure guests can move around
the tables. Choose a colour scheme and carry it through in
the tablecloths, napkins and table decorations.

An arrangement of fruit on a three-tiered cake stand, in a
glass container or vase adds a festive, colourful touch to the
cheese and wine table, and can replace or complement a
flower arrangement.

The fruit should be clean and edible and could be cut into
smaller bite-size portions, or choose smaller fruit such as
small bunches of grapes, strawberries, apricots, etc. It is not
necessary to provide a portion of fruit for each guest.

White platters, cheese boards or attractive silver or glass
platters are equally suitable, depending on how formal or
informal your party will be. Always place the cheese board in
such a position that it is easy to cut the cheese.

Allow two cheese knives per board. If cheese knives are not
available, ordinary vegetable knives may be used.

Approximately 100 g of cheese is recommended per person.
In addition to the well-known Cheddar, Gouda and Mature
Cheddar, Clover also manufactures a wide variety of other
cheeses such as Blaauwkrantz, Edam, Tusser’s, Emmental
and a range of Italian cheeses, which are well worth trying.
Many imported cheese varieties are also available in the
larger centres. Excess is, however, unnecessary. A selection
of 6 to 8 types of cheese should be ample.

Place the cheese on the boards in large pieces of 200 g -
400 g and serve at room temperature. Never arrange
cheese on lettuce leaves or let it come into contact with cut
tomatoes, as it becomes damp and unappetising.

Peppadews™ sweet piquant peppers, fresh herbs, baby
tomatoes and other vegetables are all suitable for
garnishing, provided they are kept separate from the cheese.
Ensure that the vegetables are crisp and fresh, as your
guests may want to enjoy them with their cheese.

Remove the wax layer from the tops and bottoms of cheeses
such as Gouda and Mature Cheddar, but leave the strips on
the sides to facilitate identification and handling.

The edible crust of cheeses such as Camembert and Brie
should of course not be removed, and these exotic cheeses
may be placed on the cheese board in their foil wrappings.
The following cheese quantities are sufficient for a cheese
and wine party lasting 3 hours and longer (line 1), and 1 - 3
hours (line 2), where no other protein food is served:

Cheese Type                                           Guests
Cheddar                                      3 hours: 500 g
(nutty flavour, not too sharp)               1-3 hrs: 350 g
Mature Cheddar                                         500 g
(flavourful, sharper than Cheddar)                     350 g
Gouda, Tusser’s                                        500 g
(pleasant taste, not sharp)                            350 g
Blaauwkrantz                                           300 g
(sharp, tangy, salty taste)                            250 g
Camembert, Brie                                        175 g
(mild, piquant, flavoursome)                           125 g
Process cheese                                         225 g
(creamy, may be flavoured, e.g. with biltong)          175 g
Edam                                                   300 g
(mild, delicate, nutty flavour)                        250 g
Pecorino                                               300 g
(strong, piquant flavour)                              250 g

Clover manufactures some of the country’s most popular
cheeses, and most are available from supermarkets and
delicatessens countrywide. A selection from the following
Clover favourites will grace any cheese and wine table:

•   Zoetvlei Gouda heads
•   Zoetvlei Baby Gouda
•   Elite Baby Edam
•   Elite Gouda 300/500 g vacuum pack or 25 g portions
•   Elite Cheddar 300/500 g vacuum pack or 25 g portions
•   Elite Mature Cheddar or Fox & Crow wedge
•   Elite Emmental
•   Tusser’s 300 g vacuum pack or 25 g portions
•   Lichten Blanc low fat or 25 g low fat portions
•   Fox & Crow Cheddar 5 kg head
•   Blaauwkrantz
•   Pecorino
•   Parmesan
50                 100                   200
1 kg               1,75 kg               3 kg
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
1 kg               1,75 kg               3 kg
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
1 kg               1,75 kg               3 kg
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
500 g              1 kg                  1,75 kg
350 g              600 g                 1 kg
250 g              500 g                 750 g
400 g              750 g                 1,25 kg
225 g              400 g                 750 g
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
500 g              1 kg                  1,75 kg
600 g              1 kg                  2 kg
500 g              1 kg                  1,75 kg

For a large party
Always recommended
Always recommended
Always recommended
Always recommended
Recommended for those who prefer mature Cheddar
Always recommended
Always recommended
Recommended for those who prefer cheese with less fat
For a large party
Always recommended
Always recommended
Recommended for those who like a very strong cheese
Accompaniments such as biscuits, bread, dips and snacks
are equally important:

 Accompaniment                                Guests

 Mixed crackers                     3 hours: 750 g
                                    1-3 hrs: 500 g

 Mixed nuts                                   375 g
 (recipe on next page)                        250 g

 Potato crisps                                2 pk (150 g)
                                              1 pk (150 g)

 Olives (mixture of black,                    200 g
 green and stuffed)                           150 g

 Bread                                        1 x 3 types
 (2 - 3 types)                                1 x 2 types

 Butter                                       250 g
 (includes flavoured butter)                  250 g

 Dips                                         1
 (1 = 1 x recipe on next page)                1
50       100     200

1,5 kg   3 kg    5 kg
1 kg     3 kg    4 kg

600 g    1 kg    1,5 kg
500 g    750 g   1 kg

4 pk     7 pk    12 pk
3 pk     5 pk    9 pk

400 g    750 g   1 kg
300 g    500 g   750 g

2x3      4x3     8x3
2x3      4x3     6x3

500 g    1 kg    2 kg
375 g    750 g   1,5 kg

2        4       7
2        3       5
These cocktail treats are easily prepared ahead of the party.

Cheese and brinjal rolls

Cut brinjal lenghways into 5 mm slices. Brush with olive oil
and grill on a preheated griddle pan or place on a baking
tray and grill under a preheated element for 5 - 10 minutes
or until brinjal is cooked through. Remove from heat and
allow to cool. Cut Clover Feta Cheese into fingers and place
each with a slice of sun-dried tomato on top of a brinjal slice.
Roll up and secure with a cocktail stick. Prepare a mixture
of half balsamic vinegar and half olive oil. Sweeten mixture
slightly with honey and sprinkle over brinjal rolls. Refrigerate
overnight and serve. Allow 11/2 per person.

Stuffed Peppadews™ sweet piquant peppers

Spoon chunky Clover Cottage Cheese into mild
Peppadews™ sweet piquant peppers. Arrange on a serving
platter and sprinkle with chopped fresh mint. Allow 2 per

Cheese and vegetable kebabs with sour cream dip

Cut Clover Cheddar, Tusser’s, Elite Edam and Emmental
into cubes. Alternately thread cheese cubes, cherry
tomatoes, cucumber slices and red and yellow peppers onto
skewers. Space cheese and vegetables on skewers to
prevent cheese from getting soggy. Prepare dip by mixing
Clover Sour Cream with chopped fennel, salt and freshly
ground black pepper to taste. Allow 1 skewer per person.

Crostini with toppings

Cut a French loaf or Italian loaf into slices. Butter on both
sides with lemon and herb or garlic flavoured Butro. Toast on
both sides until golden brown, using a preheated griddle pan
or grill. Spread with Clover Cottage Cheese and top with one
of the following:
• Rare roast rump steak slices, topped with horseradish
• Grilled chicken strips combined with paw-paw slices
• Grilled vegetables and Elite Emmental Cheese
• Smoked salmon and chopped chives
• Sliced peppered salami and rocket leaves.
Allow 1 per person.
Spiced nuts

Stir-fry mixed nuts in
heated butter in a
heavy-based frying pan
for 2 - 3 minutes.
Season with salt,
cayenne pepper and
chopped fresh
rosemary. Serve warm.

Easy cheese spread/dip

For spread, mix together 250 ml Clover Smooth Cottage
Cheese, 60 ml mayonnaise, 60 ml lemon juice, 60 ml
chopped parsley, salt, freshly ground black pepper to taste
and one of the following:
• 125 ml grated biltong
• 125 ml chopped crisply fried bacon (cooled)
• 1 wedge Blaauwkrantz Cheese, crumbed
• 125 ml grated Fox & Crow Cheese and 50 ml fruit chutney
• 50 ml sun-dried tomatoes and 15 ml fresh basil.

For dip, add 250 ml Clover Sour Cream to basic mixture.
Serves 8 - 10.

Flavoured butter

Mix 250 g Elite Butter with one of the following:
• 10 - 15 ml crushed garlic and 20 ml chopped parsley
• 20 ml chopped mint
• 25 ml tomato paste, freshly ground black pepper
• 25 ml chopped coriander
• 25 ml lemon juice, 5 ml
    grated lemon rind and
    15 ml freshly chopped
    mixed herbs.
            There is
        probably no
       easier, tastier
           and more
     affordable way
      to spend a few
     sociable hours
   with friends than
    by entertaining
         with cheese
           and wine.
Beverage                          Guests
Wine (white and red)     3 hrs:    16 bottles (12 l)
                       1-3 hrs:    12 bottles (9 l)
Fruit juice or punch               10 litres
                                    7 litres
White wines are usually served chilled, red wines at (cool)
room temperature (18°C). Red wines are opened about an
hour before serving to allow them to "breathe". Usually about
40% of the available bottles are placed on the table to
facilitate serving and create an attractive appearance.

Allow approximately 350 ml of wine and approximately
300 ml of fruit juice or punch per person. If sparkling wine
or fortified wines are served, the quantity of wine may be
reduced. Wine in cartons may be poured into glass
containers and placed on the table. Remove the empties
and replenish regularly. Place the glasses in small groups on
the tables. One glass per person is sufficient, but keep a few
clean ones in reserve just in case.

At an informal party, guests pour their own wine and select
their own combinations of cheese and biscuits or other
accompaniments. Bread may simply be broken by hand, or it
may be sliced and even buttered beforehand. Garlic loaves,
focaccia, Italian and rye bread are popular.

If hot courses are served, planning should obviously allow
for plates, cutlery and seating. If preferred, coffee and
perhaps something sweet may be served at the end of the
party. Good quality chocolate, truffles or strawberries dipped
in chocolate or caramel sugar can be served with coffee.

 50                        100                    200
 30 b (22,5 l)             50 b (37,5 l)          90 b (67,5 l)
 20 b (15 l)               38 b (28,5 l)          75 b (56 l)
 18,5 litres               35 litres              65 litres
 12 litres                 22 litres              40 litres

                       Combining unusual cheeses, wines and dishes in an original
                            way is part of the fun of a cheese and wine party.
                         From this short discussion it will already be obvious that
                              a cheese and wine party can fulfil virtually any
                           requirements – all you need is a little imagination.

                         Over the years, Clover has built up a large collection of
                          recipes that can add to the success of a cheese and
                               wine party. For more information, please call
                             Clover’s Consumer Service at 086 011 7533 or
                                       visit us at

                          Until then, good luck with your cheese and wine party!
CYCAD - 011 880 2070

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